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VIDEO: Union Busting at the Port of Tacoma

Seattle, 28.02.2008 04:38

Security guards trying to unionize at the Port of Tacoma are threatened with termination if they do not accept the union that the company chooses for them. This video features an interview with a worker who was fired earlier this month.

New Santa Monica Law Would Make it Illegal for Homeless To Speak in City Downtown

LA, 28.02.2008 03:38

New Santa Monica Law Would Make it Illegal for Homeless To Speak in City Downtown

Pentagon's troubling role in Haiti

Miami, 28.02.2008 03:07

Pentagon's troubling role in Haiti

Continua el reclamo a la empresa TBA

Argentina, 27.02.2008 23:38

“El tren blanco es volver a casa”


DC, 27.02.2008 22:09

Today was the long awaited trial for the charges of defacing public property for defendants Tina Richards and Adam Kokesh and assaulting a police officer for defendant Ian Thompson.

Community discussion- local sustainability group wants advice- Friday 29th

Portland, 27.02.2008 21:38

The Social Permaculture Advocacy Collective is hosting a community discussion on whether or not it needs a nonprofit status to accomplish its goals- first and foremost to assemble a library, study and meeting place. What is the S. P. A. C.? It's a new collective based in Portland, interested in researching what REAL sustainability will look like and then making it happen- not "going green," buying energy efficient light bulbs, but replacing civilization itself with community, equality & sustainability; learning how we as the descendants of imperialism can take responsibility for our and our ancestors wrongdoings on this land.

The S.P.A.C. wants to do a number of things, like assemble a library and host free workshops dealing with how we as inhabitants of an increasingly degraded ecosystem and social environment can learn to change our behavior in order to stop destroying nature and in order to survive without civilization.

Declaración Pública

santiago, 27.02.2008 20:40

A Movilizarse el 29 de Febrero

Vultures hovering over Cuba after Fidel Castro steps down

Portland, 27.02.2008 19:38

On Tuesday, February 19, Fidel Castro announced he was resigning his position as President of Cuba. This comes 19 months after Castro underwent stomach surgery. In fact he has not been in public since then. The media coverage since Castro announced his retirement has been sickening. No mention of the real social gains of the revolution, but plenty of talk about brutal dictatorship and so on.

Immediately upon hearing of Castro's retirement, George W. Bush announced that this should begin a democratic transition and that, "Eventually this transition ought to lead to free and fair elections. And I mean free and I mean fair." He added that, "The United States will help the people of Cuba realize the blessings of liberty." The blessings of liberty indeed! We may ask whether he is referring to the kind of blessings bestowed on the Iraqi or Afghan people.

The hypocrisy of the man has no limits. Everyone knows that irregularities took place when Bush was elected, so he has no authority to give lessons on democracy to anyone. Furthermore, the recent elections in Pakistan witnessed blatant vote rigging, which we can be sure was organised with the help and advice of US "experts".

Radical Workshops in Eugene Starting Friday

Portland, 27.02.2008 19:38

Join Lane Community College Students for a Democratic Society, the Civil Liberties Defense Center, and the LCC Peace Commission in a series of workshops.

Friday Feb. 29th, 2008 2:00pm - 3:30pm
"Battle for the Port"with Leah Coakley & Patrick Edelbacher, Tacoma Students for a Democratic Society. This interactive workshop focuses on the diverse and effective acts of resistance at the Ports of Tacoma and Olympia. After analyzing the organizing and sharing the story of the actions, the workshop will look at what worked and what challenges remain. An emphasis will be placed on the potential of meaningful large group actions and other issues relevant to the group.

Friday Feb. 29th, 2008 3:45pm - 5:15pm "Civil Rights & Liberties Post 9/11: Practical Steps to Restore the Constitution" with Lauren Regan, Executive Director Civil Liberties Defense Center & Dave Fidanaque, Executive Director ACLU Oregon. Civil rights and liberties have been under grave attack for the last several years. Panelists will illustrate the rollbacks to our civil liberties through specific cases and legislation they have worked on recently including the Green Scare, SHAC 7, the Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, and many others. Come learn how your rights have been eroded since 9/11 and why we are no safer.

Huelga inminente en Sidor

Venezuela, 27.02.2008 19:37

Continua el reclamo a la empresa TBA

Argentina, 27.02.2008 18:38

“El tren blanco es volver a casa”


Arizona, 27.02.2008 17:07

Weeklong Memorial to be Held Outside of Federal Courthouse in Memory of Francisco Javier

Professora é condenada injustamente por denunciar condições desumanas em cadeia

Brasil, 27.02.2008 16:38


labour issues (en)

Barcelona, 27.02.2008 16:09

Dismissals, precarization, harassment, beating...Demonstrate!

TMB: CGT's Criminal lawsuit against Mossos d’esquadra who beat a TMB bus driver ::: video summary of January 3rd & 4th strike ::: To inform about the demonstration of february the 9th and the bus driver demandscations ::: to all the metro workers
frape: The dismissals in Frape, some keys to understand the case and the collaboration between the company and La Generalitat ::: Antecedents and current situation of the conflict that workers held with the multinational Frape-Behr ::: Despite the 92 dismissals the Frape workers still fight ::: Solidarity with FRAPE workers: the company begins to notify the dismissals and the workers' close continues
others:Nissan: business plans for the new year and new firings ::: The 68 workers fired from Seat are still fired and about to lose the dole ::: CGT gathers the January 10th outside the SEAT's dealers in the whole country to demand the re-admission of those fired in the 2005 ERO ::: Hunger Strike for the re-admission of those fired from SEAT

[Feb 9th] 18h universitat Sq. Demonstration in support of the bus driver minimum break

[Feb 1feb] Beginning of the hunger strike for the workers fired from Seat
[Feb 7feb] La teixidora. Poblenou Speaker,dinner & kafeta for the bus-drivers 2-day break per week
[february] UB Cinema & labour world
[february] Temporary immigrant workers indefinite strike

related news: unemployment & precarious contracts ::: Protest picket in New York for repression to the Cananea striking miners (Mexic) + Communique in support to the TMB workers + INTERVIEW: María Jesús Paredes, CCOO's ex-secretary on banking: "CC OO is not a leftist labour union; is just a labour union" + The cleaning strike in Madrid's metro ends without the sign of CNT due to the "social peace" clause

+info : >>> labour issues ::: xarxa contra els tancaments (network against closings)

WYPR Listeners Call for Marc Steiner’s Return at Feb. 20 Public Meeting

Baltimore, 27.02.2008 14:08

Fifty-plus people voiced their outrage to the representatives of WYPR’s Community Advisory Board, and unanimously calling for the return of the recently-cancelled Mark Steiner Show. The Feb. 20 meeting was the first time public-radio listeners got to voice their opinion directly to WYPR, beyond the emails and phone calls, since the news show's abrupt cancellation.

Protesters Greet WYPR's Replacement for Marc Steiner

Baltimore, 27.02.2008 14:08

Public-radio station WYPR aired its new radio host from noon to 2 p.m. on Monday, Feb 25. The new host and cancellation of The Marc Steiner Show was greeted with vocal, syncopated protests.

Karlsruhe: Schallende Ohrfeige für den Überwachungsstaat

Germany, 27.02.2008 10:39

(Karlsruhe) Am 27.02.2008 hat das Bundesverfassungsgericht, wie von vielen Kritikern erhofft, die Wünsche der Überwacher negiert. Das Gericht hat für die heimlichen Onlinedurchsuchungen hohe Hürden gestellt. So bedarf es einer Gefährdung eines übergeordneten Rechtsgutes wie etwa Menschenleben oder die Existenz des Staates um eine solche Maßnahme zu rechtfertigen. Ob es tatsächlich hinreichende Belege für eine solche Gefährdung gibt wird durch Richtervorbehalt entschieden.

Aktuelle Berichte: Spiegel - Online | Heise | TAZ

Mehr zum Thema im Feature.

Occupation Begins at Canterbury University

Aotearoa, 27.02.2008 06:11

University of Canterbury students set up camp in the English and History courtyard at 3:30pm today to protest University restructuring plans, that are likely to result in the closure of the American Studies and Theatre and Film Studies departments. Otautahi Food Not Bombs was there to distribute tasty kai (food). They will continue updating Indymedia with reports from the occupation. More The occupation continues tonight with plans to show some documentaries about student struggles around the globe. More

Interview With A Hacktivist

United Kingdom, 27.02.2008 05:09

I recently conducted an interview with 'Shai', Liverpool's resident hactivist. He's organising a hactivism evening at the city's social centre, Next To Nowhere, on Wednesday 5th March. I talked to him about his plans for the event, his ideas for improving activists' use of technology, and asked what's so damned exciting about all those zeroes and ones anyway...

Miami Film Festival’s new category WORLD ISSUES (Social Justice - Environmental)

Miami, 27.02.2008 03:34

Miami Film Festival’s new category WORLD ISSUES (Social Justice - Environmental)

Universidade para quem?

Brasil, 27.02.2008 01:16


WEDS: Clackamas Co. to hold hearing on Use of Deadly Force

Portland, 26.02.2008 23:38

ALERT: Public hearing on Wednesday re: the use of deadly force in Clackamas County. The hearing begins at 5:30 pm in Courtroom 5 of the Clackamas County Courthouse, 807 Main Str., Oregon City.

The hearing will be held by the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office and will address the county's draft of a new policy re: the use of deadly force. According to the O, the new policy was drafted "to satisfy a 2007 state law aiming to bring uniformity and fairness to the processes following a police shooting."

Draft copies of the plan will be available at the hearing and afterward at: A two week public commenting period follows.

Police use of deadly force accounted for 40% of the homicides in Clackamas County in 2005, the year Fouad Kaady was gunned down so cruelly and needlessly. Since June of last year, Clackamas Co. deputies have been involved in 3 lethal force cases. To my knowledge, every officer involved in a lethal force case in Clackamas County has been cleared of wrong doing by secret grand juries.

RNC Welcoming Committee comes to Portland

Portland, 26.02.2008 23:38

On September 1-4 of 2008, the Republican Party is descending upon
Minnesota to celebrate their latest conquests in global domination and
exploitation. The RNC Welcoming Committee wants to make sure that this
time the fear-mongers will be met with their own biggest fear: people
mobilized, organized, and taking the future back into their own hands.

The RNC Welcoming Committee will be at the Blue Heron Infoshop on
Thursday, Feb 28th at 6pm to present subversion, critical analysis, and
ideas for how the future is taken back today. All are invited to the
free presentation

Blue Heron Infoshop
Reed College-3203 SE Woodstock BVLD
Grey Campus Center room 34

Winter Soldier - Public Testimonies in Washington from Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans.

Ireland, 26.02.2008 22:54

Please support generously. As many as 100 veterans ...

Suzanne Carey September 10 1973 – February 24 2008, Animal Liberationist

Aotearoa, 26.02.2008 22:18

It is with a saddened heart that we tell you our friend Suzanne Carey, Auckland Animal Liberationist and Direct Actionist passed away on Sunday February the 24th of 2008. At 1.30am, Suzy lost her battle with a long-term illness.

Solidaridad con los Trabajadores de Minera Loma de Niquel

Venezuela, 26.02.2008 22:08

Scottish climate activists convicted

Scotland, 26.02.2008 18:03

On the 25th of February 10 people, including Scottish activists, who had blockaded a power station in Ratcliffe-on-Soar, were convicted of Aggravated Trespass. They have been fined a total of £2670, despite arguing the necessity of breaking the law in the face of climate change.

[ Ratcliffe Power Station Court Case: day 1 | day 2 | day 3 | IMC-Nottingham: 'Clean Coal on Trial' | imc-UK: 'Ratcliffe Power station Climate Action, The Verdict' ]


Athens, 26.02.2008 17:01

Η ελεύθερη διακίνηση ιδεών δεν θα φιμωθεί!

NYPD Officers Who Killed Sean Bell Start Trial

NYC, 26.02.2008 17:00

Check out NYC IMC's exclusive coverage of the Sean Bell case below.

Direct Action to Stop the War Protests on Iraq War Anniversary

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.02.2008 15:32

This winter, a group of Bay Area activists re-started Direct Action to Stop the War (DASW), with an eye towards two actions to protest the anniversary of the US-led war and occupation of Iraq. Two "mass direct actions" are being planned for the fifth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. On March 15th, DASW, along with community organizations, will be taking direct action against the Chevron refinery in Richmond. For March 19th, 2008-the fifth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq-DASW is organizing a day of decentralized, multiple-target direct action against government offices and war profiteers in downtown San Francisco.

On site reports from the trenches at Rath Lugh

Ireland, 26.02.2008 15:32

There are fences across the proposed route each s ...

Carlos livre XA!!

Galiza, 26.02.2008 10:44


As amigas e amigos, familiares, vizinh@s e colectivos sociais da cidade da Corunha, queremos manifestar, por em comúm de toda a cidadanía que, Carlos Cela Seoane detido o pasado 23 de Janeiro coma presunto membro dos GRAPO, numha operaçom mediático-antiterrorista, leva dende entom preso sem provas que demostrem a sua pertença a este grupo armado.

|Vídeo da mani 23F/2008| |Sucesso da mani do 23F/2008|

Hands Off Iraqi Oil!

United Kingdom, 26.02.2008 09:39

On Saturday 23rd February, a number of actions took place in the UK and Netherlands, in solidarity with the Iraqi peoples' struggle against the plunder of their oil reserves. The callout for action by the Hands Off Iraqi Oil Campaign resulted in actions in, Birmingham, London, Liverpool, Wrexham, Coventry and Amsterdam.

In February 2007 the Iraqi cabinet approved an oil law which, if passed into law, would allow the likes of Shell, BP and Exxon to take over control of most of Iraq's oil reserves, depriving ordinary Iraqis of scores of billions of dollars. Shell and BP, with the help of the UK Government have been actively pushing for this law and these contracts since 2003.

Action reports: 1 |2 |3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | Audio reports: London tour

Hands Off Iraqi Oil | Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions | Stop the Iraqi Oil Law | The Stirrer coverage | 2007 IMC article

From the Newswire

Perth, 26.02.2008 07:09

Pine Gap 4 Convictions Overturned

Antwerpse brandweer voert actie

Antwerpen, 26.02.2008 00:08

Antwerpse brandweer voert actie

The Jarama at Peace, February 2008

Ireland, 25.02.2008 23:38

Over 40 people flew out to Madrid last weekend to ...

Tweede Stop de Armoede aan Antwerps Stadhuis

Antwerpen, 25.02.2008 23:37

Tweede Stop de Armoede aan Antwerps Stadhuis

Louis Guthrie, nativist for constable

Houston, 25.02.2008 22:39

2/25 Candidate for Precinct 4 Constable makes common cause with US Border Watch

VIDEO Report Back from the End the Siege on Gaza Demonstration

Seattle, 25.02.2008 22:38

February 23rd, 2008 was the Global Day of Actions to end the inhuman siege imposed on 1.5 million civilians in the Gaza Strip. Individuals in over 30 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the two Americas participated. Here is Seattle, activists demonstrated their solidarity and sympathy for the people of Gaza at Westlake Park.


Arizona, 25.02.2008 21:07

Presentation Will Challenge and Combat Climate Change Collaborators


Arizona, 25.02.2008 21:07

Volunteers Ticketed for Littering, Chastised for Cleaning Up Trash

Este miercoles desalojo del Gaztetxe de Olabeaga: ven a defenderlo!!

Euskal Herria, 25.02.2008 20:08

Parece que las amenazas de desalojo que en los �ltimos meses llevaban rondando al Gaztetxe de Olabeaga se har�n realidad este mi�rcoles 27 de febrero, a las 9 de la ma�ana. Por ello, desde la Gazte Asanblada del barrio de Olabeaga se hace un llamamiento a acercarse ese d�a a protestar por el desalojo.

M�s informaci�n: |Entrevista a Josu, miembro de la Gazte Asanblada del barrio bilba�no de Olabeaga|, |Mani en defensa del Gaztetxe: Fotos|, |Noticia y video en El Correo|, |Noticia en Deia|


Police Raid Activist House in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 25.02.2008 17:40

On February 24th, police broke through the front door of a home on the 700 block of Riverside Avenue in downtown Santa Cruz. Police declined to comment on their reason for being there, other than to say it was an "ongoing investigation." The word going around is that the police followed protesters home from a legal street protest encompassing animal rights and vivisection (animal testing by inflicting distress unto an animal to research the effects of a variable).


Antwerpen, 25.02.2008 17:40


Waar gaat Uw Post naar toe?

Antwerpen, 25.02.2008 16:09

Waar gaat Uw Post naar toe?

Brigadisten gegen Paramilitärs, Chiapas

Germany, 25.02.2008 14:38

Brigadisten aus allen Teilen der Welt kommen nach Chiapas um zapatistische Gemeinden vor Gewalt und Terror zu schützen.

Wie das in der Praxis aussieht kann Mensch hier nachlesen.

nato game over

Oost-Vlaanderen, 25.02.2008 11:37


1000 'Go Ape' Over Park Plan

Scotland, 25.02.2008 07:10

On Sunday 17th of February, around 1000 people gathered at Pollok Park to protest the building of the Go Ape treetop adventure course, which they say is a bad deal for Glasgow and has had a badly flawed consultation.

Protesters disrupt AMREN Nazi Conference in Herndon

DC, 25.02.2008 07:10

On the morning of Saturday, Feb 23, protesters from around the area descended on the Crowne Plaza Dulles Airport, a hotel in Herndon hosting the racist American Reneassance Conference. Just like last time, drums and loud bullhorns resounded with enough volume to disrupt ALL guests of the offending hotel. Audio 5 min:

Brecht Forum Panel Discusses Left Views on the Economy

NYC, 25.02.2008 07:09

The economy’s been in the news recently. But most economic discussion is from the perspective of investors and other profit-makers, who generally assume that falling housing prices are universally bad, and that free markets are good. At the Brecht forum in Manhattan on Thursday night, February 21, a full house of 40-50 people heard a panel of speakers including Lewis Lapham, Doug Henwood, Nomi Prins and Noah Rosenblatt offer leftist analysis on the topic "The Big Bust: Is the Economy About to Crash?"

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