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ILWU to Shut Down West Coast Ports May 1 Demanding End to War in Iraq, Afghanistan

LA, 02.03.2008 01:09

ILWU to Shut Down West Coast Ports May 1 Demanding End to War in Iraq, Afghanistan

Final settlements in landline sale to FairPoint yield $362 million in new commitments from Verizon

New Hampshire, 01.03.2008 23:39

Proletarian Solidarity Against the Repression in Cameroon

Portland, 01.03.2008 22:39

On Saturday, February 23, the prohibition of a meeting of the opposition in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon, was followed by bloody repression and confrontations. A private TV channel that had the misfortune to broadcast a report on this subject was immediately banned by the authorities. At the beginning of week the transportation unions (taxis, motorbike-taxis, primarily) called for the strike to protest against the rise in the price of fuel. Very quickly and spontaneously, apart from any instruction from the trade unions or political parties, the strike overflowed from the owner/operators of taxis to be followed by a large part of the poor population. With several thousand people against the high cost of living, the demonstrators and strikers establish barricades with their slogans "We are hungry!", "Lower the price of staple foods", "No to high cost of living and the reducing to beggary of Cameroonians!", as well as anti-government slogans: "Biya must leave!" "Popaul you will be hung along with your constitution", etc. The forces of capitalist disorder responded by shooting at the demonstrators. The port of Douala, which is the economic heart not only of Cameroon, but also of all the countries of the sub-region, was paralyzed. During the riots, shopping centers were attacked and plundered, various public buildings attacked (the Taxation Center and the sub-prefecture of Douala V were burnt), enterprises belonging to the Biya family, symbols of French presence, etc.

Skillshare Radical Botany -Week 6: Plants for clothes, shoes and utility- Plant: Cattail

Portland, 01.03.2008 21:38

Radical Botany: Arising from or going to a root or source; Arising from the root or its Crown: radical leaves. Favoring or effecting fundamental or revolutionary changes in the current practices.

GRASSES,REEDS, RUSHES and SEDGES- The plants of utility

For Thousands of years First Nation people's created everything they needed in their lives from plants, rocks, earth, water and fire. They used fire and rock to forge the tools they needed for harvesting the raw materials. Plants gave them the bulk of the materials they needed to create clothes, shoes, blankets, hats, protection from the elements, home furnishings, storage containers and cookware. These people lived simple lives, uncluttered with "stuff" that would poisoned their world. Everything they created decomposed back to the earth, so there was no need for collecting and discarding garbage into unsafe environments. There was no collection of vast islands of plastic and metal collecting in landfills, oceans and streams. People kept these utilitarian objects for years, patching them and only creating new when absolutely necessary. Elders passed on favorite tools or baskets to youth. The young felt blessed by such a gift. Along with the gift of the tool or basket came wisdom and valued knowledge about the natural or spirit world. How were plants used?

La empresa castiga los intentos de organización sindical

Argentina, 01.03.2008 18:39

Despidos sin respuesta y amenazas de represión en Gafa

La empresa castiga los intentos de organización sindical

Argentina, 01.03.2008 18:39

Despidos sin respuesta y amenazas de represión en Gafa

Tenants' Voice Column (Indypendent issue #116)

NYC, 01.03.2008 17:39

Are your lights out in the hallway? Is there a non-payment notice posted on the door? If a bad landlord has got you down, you are not alone. And soon you will have legal recourse.

Downward Arch (Indypendent)

NYC, 01.03.2008 17:39

In what was billed as a “memorial” for Washington Square Park, an estimated 100 people gathered at Judson Memorial Church Feb. 6 to protest plans to radically redesign one of Greenwich Village’s most iconic public spaces.

Mañana festival en apoyo en Plaza San Martín

Argentina, 01.03.2008 15:09

Nueva jornada por la lucha de Mafissa

xarxes i llibetat

Barcelona, 01.03.2008 09:08

Cultura lliure ja i sense repressió

Ens cobren el Canon per enregistrar les nostres fotos i ens denuncien els nostres espais de communicació. La SGAE i les societats de gestió tenen cada dia més gent en contra. Ves i digues la teva a la jornada lúdico-reivindicativa que es convoca.

[2 de Març 17h] Concentració davant de totes les seus de la SGAE

col.labora en la difusió ::

cibertires i imatges / email per enviar a amics / Manifest / Comunicat de Premsa / galeria (traduccions al català, castellà, gallec i euskera a textes i imatges s'actualiza) / fòrum sobre l'acció a compartiresbueno / consells per campanyes per actes contra la SGAE / la notícia a meneame / El que pagues pel Canon i a potser no ho saps

altres notícies :: repressió : La SGAE demanda a la CNT per ofenses al seu "honor" / comunicat de la CNT / La SGAE contra la cultura popular catalana : adeu al Pellofa de Carnestoltes de Mataró / descarregar música d'internet o fotocopiar un llibre està més penat que robar, agredir o la persecusió sexual
reivindicaciones : a la xarxa pagaràs canon pel teu treball? o per les teves fotos? SIGNA CONTRA EL CANON / la SGAE torna a la primera posició al GOOGLE "ladrones" i pateix un defacement a la seva web al carrer : No tens disfressa per Carnestoltes?? Disfressat d'inspector de la SGAE / [inspector de l'sgae a Mataró] fotos, audios i text als bars i botigues : dòna aquest cartell als bars i botigues de prop de casa a les jornades : Jornades Albedrio :: Per una cultura lliure (Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla)

+info:: >>>xarxes // compartiresbueno // todos contra el canon // la asociación de internautas // albedrio // convocatorias de alasbarricadas // cnt

redes y libertad (es)

Barcelona, 01.03.2008 09:08

Cultura libre ya y sin represión

Nos cobran el Canon por grabar nuestras fotos y nos denuncian en nuestros espacios de comunicación. La SGAE y las sociedades de gestión tienen cada día más gente en contra. Ve y expresate en la jornada ludico reivindicativa que se convoca.

[2 de Marzo 17h] Concentración delante de todas las sedes de la SGAE

colabora en la difusión ::

banners e imagenes / email a enviar a amigos / Manifiesto / Comunicado de Prensa / galeria (traducciones a catalán, castellano, gallego y euskera en textos e imágenes, se actualiza) / foro sobre la acción en compartiresbueno / consejos para campañas para actos contra la SGAE / la noticia en meneame / Lo que pagas por el Canon y a lo peor no sabes

otras noticias :: represión : La SGAE demanda a la CNT por ofensas a su "honor" / comunicado de la CNT / La SGAE contra la cultura popular catalana : adios al Pellofa del Carnaval de Mataró / descargar música de internet o fotocopiar un libro está más penado que robar, agredir o acosar
reivindicaciones : en la red ¿vas a pagar canon por tu trabajo?¿o por tus fotos? FIRMA CONTRA EL CANON / la SGAE vuelve en primera posicion en el GOOGLE "ladrones" y sufre un deface en su web en la calle : No tienes disfraz para Carnaval?? Disfrazate de inspector de la SGAE / [inspector de la sgae en Mataró] fotos, audios y texto a los bares y comercios : da este cartel a los bares y comercios cerca de tu casa a las jornadas : Jornadas Albedrio :: Por una cultura libre (Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla)

+info:: >>>redes // compartiresbueno // todos contra el canon // la asociación de internautas // albedrio // convocatorias de alasbarricadas // cnt

Peter Young Speaks at SHAC 7 Benefit in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 01.03.2008 09:08

On February 23rd, noted animal rights activist Peter Young spoke in Santa Cruz about his experiences with the animal liberation movement. His talk was followed by a screening of the film "Behind the Mask", a thought provoking film that gives an in-depth look at the lives and motivations of animal liberationists. The event was a benefit for the SHAC 7; six individuals whose 1st Amendment rights were violated when they were sent to prison for defending animals by merely drawing attention to the horrors that go on at an animal testing facility called Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Tre Arrow Arrives in Portland

Portland, 01.03.2008 06:38

Tre Arrow will be given a warm "welcome back" to Portland by his many friends, family and supporters. Tre is a grassroots activist, known foremost for his environmental protection work in the forests of Northern Oregon. Following several years of peaceful activism by Tre, the U.S. Government labeled him an "eco-terrorist" and charged him with multiple counts of arson, conspiracy to commit arson, and possession of destructive devices (i.e. incendiaries).
Tre has been a prisoner for four years in Canada fighting extradition to the U.S., fearing that he would not be given a fair trial in light of the "eco-terrorist" label. Tre is awaiting trial in Portland, Oregon, vigorously fighting his criminal charges. Tre states, "As winter holds the land in its grasp, the bare hardwoods stand strong and beckon the spirit of Spring. Likewise, as my life enters a new season, my strength and life force are flowing through my veins and invigorating my body, mind, and spirit for the upcoming challenges. The time has come to prepare for trial in Portland. I am returning from Canada ready to assist my lawyers in this process."

Tre has consistently denied any guilt and always asserted that he is innocent of all charges. Tre states, "I have maintained my innocence from the onset of this ordeal. My legal team presented my plea for asylum in Canada based on the political persecution I am facing. But, it is abundantly clear that the Canadian Government is complicit in the atrocities and injustices perpetrated by the US government. My faith in the Canadian authorities to act with a conscience in a fair and objective manner has not been realized. The time has come to prove my innocence once and for all."

Students and Workers Block Road at UCSC to Protest Poverty Wages

Santa Cruz, CA, 01.03.2008 06:09

On February 28th, UC Santa Cruz workers represented by the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 3299, and backed by students, demonstrated for justice, dignity and a fair working contract. Over 350 people took part in the largest demonstration of the school year in support of UCSC's most underpaid workers. Instead of making demands outside the Chancellor's office, workers and students got UCSC's attention by lining McLaughlin Drive and twice shutting down Hagar Drive. Students and workers felt empowered by seeing how easily they can bring UCSC to a halt.

10th Annual EarthVision International Environmental Film Festival

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.03.2008 06:09

EarthVision 2008, which marks ten years of inspiring environmental films, will be held March 3rd - 8th in Watsonville and Santa Cruz. The festival will be screening films from 13 countries, including 7 produced in the Monterey Bay area. The films are powerful educational tools for Santa Cruz, as entries are shown throughout the year on Community TV.

Briana Waters Trial: Notes from 2/27 PM

Seattle, 01.03.2008 03:38

Notes from 2/27 of Waters Trial: Briana Waters testimony
Court reconvenes after lunch break. Briana Waters takes stand. Defense Atty. Bloom examines.
Disclaimer: Since this testimony was recorded through handwritten notes and the actual spoken testimony went faster than some notes could be transcribed, some questions and answers may appear incomplete. However, the bulk of the testimony appears as it was said in court.
Defense= D
Briana Waters = B

2-29-08 Briana Waters trial is in deliberations.

Seattle, 01.03.2008 03:38

February 29, 2008 -- Brianna Waters trial is in deliberations and could be done today. The trial part of the Briana Waters case is over as of this morning when the jury was given last instructions by the court to begin deliberations. This morning, The defense objected to the prosecution's closing statement and called for a mistrial.

Pforzheim: Zwischen Repression und Opfermythos

Germany, 01.03.2008 03:08

Alljährlich gedenkt am 23. Februar die Stadt Pforzheim den Opfern, welche 1945 durch ein Bombardement der Royal Air Force auf Pforzheim starben. Dabei werden allerdings die Hintergründe des Bombardements systematisch ausgeblendet und eine Umkehrung der Täter-Opfer Zuschreibung geschaffen. Eine konsequente Aufarbeitung der Rolle Pforzheims im Nationalsozialismus findet nicht statt.
Anläßlich des Gedenkens startete dieses Jahr das Bündnis Kritik und Aktion (BKA) und das Antifaschistische Aktionsbündnis Baden-Württemberg (AABW) die Kampagne Gegen jeden Geschichtsrevisionismus, um unter anderem den Umgang der Stadt mit der eigenen Geschichte zu kritisieren. Den Abschluss der Kampagne bildeten ein Aktionstag und eine Demonstration am 23. Februar an der sich etwa 600 Menschen beteiligten.

Bündnis Kritik und Aktion | Interview mit BKA bei Radio Querfunk | Interview mit Überblick bei Radio Dreyeckland | Rechtsextremismus in Pforzheim und Umgebung, 1974 - 2002
2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007
Aufrufe zur Kampagne

Radical Homosexual Agenda Flips HRC the Bird, Demands Trans Rights

NYC, 01.03.2008 01:38

On the evening of Saturday, February 23rd, noise reverberated throughout the enclosed entrance to the midtown Hilton Hotel as approximately 50 motley LGBT demonstrators hoisted three-foot tall, pink-painted cardboard middle fingers, drummed and chanted to protest a fundraiser for the Human Rights Campaign, a national gay rights group.


DC, 01.03.2008 00:09

The above is not a baseball score, but an update on District rat and bedbug infestation. Rat and bedbug curtailment city-wide, except for federally-controlled land, is the job of the D.C. Department of Health and the Department of Consumer &amp; Regulatory Affairs (DCRA). Rat abatement on federal lands falls to the NPS. Bedbug infestation in apartment buildings is now becoming pandemic in the District, and is an increasing public health concern, to say nothing of the rat problem.

Judge Tells District to Settle Benning Library Case

DC, 01.03.2008 00:09

On Friday, February 15, Superior Court Judge Judith E. Retchin handed plaintiffs in Tingling-Clemmons v. Fenty another victory when she ordered the District government to "provide language for relief" in settlement of the final count of the suit over the future of the Benning Library. Judge Retchin's order will, in effect, require the government to address community concerns about the size and services of the new library, the rumored sale of the library land for redevelopment, and the loss of the book collection, including an important collection of African-American literature.


DC, 01.03.2008 00:09

On October 17, 2007 the Prince William County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved anti-immigrant legislation directing PWC police to investigate a person’s immigration status. These policies have opened a ‘Pandora’s Box’ of hate and racism. According to an official police report, more than 400 people have been arrested in last 6 months with more than 380 being delivered to ICE. Mexicanos Sin Fronteras urgently needs your support and solidarity.

February 27th UNITE-HERE! Picket and Demonstration reportback

Baltimore, 01.03.2008 00:08

A brief reportback on the February 27th City Center Sheraton UNITE-HERE! picket and demonstration for adequate rights, job security, decent wages, and affordable health care.

Eco Defence

Perth, 29.02.2008 14:39

College Grove Tuart action escalates in Bunbury

II Congresso do MSTB

Brasil, 29.02.2008 13:08


Leap Day Actions in Portland

Portland, 29.02.2008 07:09

This leap day *February 29* imagine everyone who feels smothered living a mediocre life within the current insane system rising up to resist in whatever way they can. Take leap day off work and live life like it really mattered. Spend the day as a free and whole being. Maybe that means spending time alone, or maybe it means with friends, or with your whole block, or even the whole city. Maybe it means tearing down the forces that seek to force you back to work and back onto you knees on March 1. Maybe living free for a day means spending the day creating new structures, new ideas, new forms of cooperation and a whole new reality which make you happier and freer. You don't have to wait for tomorrow, and you don't have to ask anyone for permission.

We are going to meet at Critical Mass at 5:30pm under the West Side of the Burnside bridge. Then ride round and round, where the action stops nobody knows.

Public Hearing TODAY on the Police Review Board- 2 PM, CITY HALL

Portland, 29.02.2008 07:09

Today at City Hall (1221 SW 4th St) at 2 pm, citizens will ask our city commisioners to accept the findings of a recent audit on the Police Review Board. We demand more transparency and accountability of Portland police! Be there to make your voice known!

A long-awaited assessment report on the "Independent" Police Review Division (IPR)--Portland's "Civilian Police Review Board"-- was released on January 24. It contains a lot of useful information, with some basic concerns about the IPR system community members have been pointing out for years. This includes that the IPR doesn't do independent investigations, its 9- member Citizen Review Committee (CRC) doesn't have enough power, the public doesn't know the system exists, and those who use it are far less satisfied than the officers who do. It reveals that officers are sometimes not disciplined even after they admit to or are found to have violated Bureau policies. And, perhaps most clearly, it shows that the system is nearly impossible to understand and tends toward "behind the scenes" work instead of being open and transparent to the public.

On the other hand, the report doesn't go far enough. The mistrust the report wisely notes that the community has for the system is based on the IPR's dependence on the Police Bureau. Currently, all investigations of civilian complaints go to the Bureau's Internal Affairs Division (IAD). The report's recommendation is for some investigations to be done by civilian investigators, not all.

The Verdict: Portland's system of ensuring police accountability is desperately flawed | 186 page report

FUNK THE WAR! March 19th War Anniversary Action

Portland, 29.02.2008 07:09

On the 5th Anniversary of the Iraq war, Portland's radical community will be taking on Portland's war profiteers. While were at it, we plan to throw the one of the best parties the streets of Portland have ever seen.

Portland Guide to War Profiteers

II Congresso do MSTB

Brasil, 29.02.2008 06:38


Are Tumors, Abscesses, and Downed Cows in your Hamburger?

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.02.2008 06:08

143 million pounds of recalled meat may be just the beginning. This story calls into question the practices of a Fresno meat processing plant where workers say downer cows, tumors, and abscesses are being ground into hamburger. The general manager of the Fresno plant says the workers are wrong and that they would never do anything like that.

3rd International Day in Solidarity with the Haitian People

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.02.2008 05:08

Friday, February 29th will be the 3rd International Day in Solidarity with the Haitian People. On that day, there will be "coordinated protests on 4 continents on the 4th anniversary of the ongoing US/UN invasion, coup, and occupation against democracy in Haiti." Haiti Action Committee will be at the Marine Recruiting Station in Berkeley (64 Shattuck Square, 1/2 block south of University Ave. in Berkeley), starting at 7:30am, for a day of civil resistance and protest four years after the latest invasion of Haiti, which was led by US Marines.

Jeffrey Free Luers has been resentenced to 10 years!

United States, 29.02.2008 03:37

February 28, 2008 (Eugene, OR)- This morning at 9:00am in Lane County Circuit Court the re-sentencing hearing for Jeffrey Luers took place in front of Judge Billings. This followed an Oregon court of appeals ruling in February 2007 that Luers original sentence of 22 years 8 months by Judge Lyle Velure was illegal, and the appeals court remanded the case back to Lane County Circuit Court for re-sentencing. Following the appeals court decision, negotiations have resulted in the decision today to reduce Luers sentence to 10 years, bringing his release date to late December 2009.

In June 2001, then 23 year-old Jeffrey "Free" Luers was arrested for the burning of three trucks at a Eugene car dealership. His stated purpose was to raise awareness about global warming and the role that SUVs and trucks play in that process. Despite the fact that this action hurt no one, caused only $28,000 in damages and the cars were later resold, Luers received the draconian sentence. Luers gained support locally as well as all over the world as a political prisoner. It is widely believed that Luers received such a drastic sentence because of the political nature of the action he took. Following his original sentence, Amnesty International and the Eugene Human Rights Commission (EHRC) issued letters of support citing that the sentence appeared to be politically motivated. Read More>>

A un año de su asesinato

Argentina, 29.02.2008 02:10

“Todas somos Sandra”

La Toma de los Estudiantes Continúa

Venezuela, 29.02.2008 00:39

cirkels van stilte

Oost-Vlaanderen, 28.02.2008 21:37

Overzicht Cirkels van Stilte

Jeffrey &quot;Free&quot; Luers Sentence Reduced to 10 Years

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.02.2008 21:08

February 28, 2008 (Eugene, OR)- This morning at 9:00am in Lane County Circuit Court the re-sentencing hearing for Jeffrey Luers took place in front of Judge Billings. This followed an Oregon court of appeals ruling in February 2007 that Luers original sentence of 22 years 8 months by Judge Lyle Velure was illegal, and the appeals court remanded the case back to Lane County Circuit Court for re-sentencing. Following the appeals court decision, negotiations have resulted in the decision today to reduce Luers sentence to 10 years, bringing his release date to late December 2009.

especulació i ocupació

Barcelona, 28.02.2008 20:08

Ni casa, ni vida, ni res, no arribem a fi de mes!

Manifestació, Dissabte 1 de Març. 17:00 hrs. Plaça Catalunya

El dret a l'habitatge se segueix vulnerant de forma sistemàtica arreu de Catalunya. La població veu com dia a dia s'encareix el cost de la vida i com creixen les dificultats per pagar la hipoteca i el lloguer, mentre els bancs segueixen tenint beneficis del 30% anual.

Les mesures que es presenten des de la classe política només beneficien als promotors i especuladors que se segueixen enriquint a costa d'un dret vulnerat.

És per això que cal tornar a sortir al carrer per a reivindicar mesures estructurals que garanteixin l'accés a un habitatge digne a tothom i impedeixin la especulació.

Notícies relacionades: 26F Diada contra les malalties d'origen inmobiliari ::: Entrega de xoriços al conseller Baltasar ::: Manifestació contra la especulació a la barceloneta, 7 de març ::: Els hotels fan fora les veïnes de ciutat vella ::: La Revoltosa resisteix

+info:: >>>especulació ::: Vdevivienda ::: Foro Vdevivienda

especulación y ocupación (es)

Barcelona, 28.02.2008 20:08

Ni casa, ni vida, ni nada, ¡no llegamos a fin de mes!

Manifestación, Sábado 1 de Marzo. 17:00 hrs. Plaza Catalunya

El derecho a la vivienda se sigue vulnerando de forma sistemática en toda Cataluña. La población ve como dia tras dia se encarece el coste de la vida y como crecen las dificultades para pagar la hipoteca y el alquiler, mientras que los bancos siguen teniendo beneficios del 30% anual.

Las medidas que se presentan desde la clase política sólo benefician a los promotores y especuladores que se siguen enriqueciendo a costa de un derecho vulnerado.

Es por esto que hace falta volver a salir a la calle para revindicar medidas estructurales que garanticen el acceso a una vivienda digna para todas e impidan la especulación.

Noticias relacionadas: 26F Día contra las enfermedades de origen inmobiliario ::: Entrega de chorizos al conseller Baltasar ::: Manifestación contra la especulación en la Barceloneta, 7 de marzo ::: Los hoteles echan a las vecinas de Ciutat Vella ::: La Revoltosa resiste

+info:: >>>especulación ::: Vdevivienda ::: Foro Vdevivienda

RNC Welcoming Committee Comes to the Northern California

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.02.2008 20:08

On September 1-4 of 2008, the Republican Party is holding their convention in Minnesota. The RNC Welcoming Committee wants to make sure that "this time the fear-mongers will be met with their own biggest fear: people mobilized, organized, and taking the future back into their own hands".
From March 2-8, the RNC Welcoming Committee's Infotour will make five stops in the Northern California to share their plans and get input to take back to Minneapolis on their preparations to crash the convention in the Twin Cities in September.


Colombia, 28.02.2008 20:08

¡Es hora del Acuerdo humanitario!

Panel On Homelessness In Ashland Consensus?

Rogue Valley, 28.02.2008 19:39

The League of Women Voters of Ashland's panel discussion on "Homeless in Ashland" seemed to reach a consensus that the current paradigm of how services are provided doesn't have a solution. The leading promises are programs that give the homeless power and responsibility in providing services.

Unite for Peace Conference

Rogue Valley, 28.02.2008 19:39

Building Together The World We Seek
February 29 and March 1, 2008
Southern Oregon University, Stevenson Union, Rogue River Room

Report Back/Photos: Green Resolutions Ride

LA, 28.02.2008 19:39

Report Back/Photos: Green Resolutions Ride

Briana Waters Trial: Notes 2/25 (2PM onwards) &amp; 2/26

Seattle, 28.02.2008 19:08

Briana Waters Trial – Summary Notes (not comprehensive)
Notes from February 25, beg. approx. 2:00pm, and from all day February 26, 2008

Briana Waters Trial notes Monday Feb. 25th 9 AM till 2pm

Seattle, 28.02.2008 19:08

Summary Notes from the morning and a little of the afternoon of Monday. (not comprehensive)

Wednesday should be a very interesting day. Briana may testify this afternoon, and all are encouraged to show up to support her. The trial is drawing to a close, and the next couple days are very important. Thanks

Photo: Tanks in Tacoma

Seattle, 28.02.2008 19:08

While filming at the Port of Tacoma for the video project on union busting, I noticed several dozen large tanks beyond the shipping terminals, bound for departure.

Convictions For Activists - Climate Criminals Walk Free

United Kingdom, 28.02.2008 17:39

On the 10th April 2007, 11 people walked into the Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station and locked on to the coal conveyor and assorted plant there. Their objective was to take direct action to halt operations and thus to diminish the CO2 emissions of the E-on plant, the greenhouse gas thought to be largely responsible for climate change. They were all charged with aggravated trespass and throughout the court case (which lasted for 3 days), the defendants argued that yes, they did take these actions, but employed the defence of "duress of circumstances" or necessity, and pleaded not guilty.

On Monday 25th Feb, 10 defendants (one having had the charges dismissed due to lack of evidence) returned to court to receive the judgement. Judge Cooper had earlier said that he wished to compliment all the defendants on the way they had handled themselves and on the presentation of their case. However all were found guilty.

Audio: Featured in #2 'the March Show' on Riseup Radio (available 1st March)

Features: Clean Coal On Trial | Climate Activists Bring Powerstation Operations To A Halt

On The Newswire: Power station 10 found guilty | Ratcliffe Power station Climate Action, The Verdict | Ratcliffe Power Station Court Case : Nottingham Magistrates [day 1] | Ratcliffe Power Station Court Case : Nottingham Magistrates [day 2] | Ratcliffe Power Station Court Case : Nottingham Magistrates [day 3]

Links: Eastside Climate Action


Arizona, 28.02.2008 17:07

March 1-2 event will bring together hundreds at Arizona State University

manipulation &amp; media

Barcelona, 28.02.2008 16:10

Journalists & media condemned to be mercenaries

With the illusion of democracy it was also promoted the hope of the free and worthy practice of the journalism. The Constitución, in its 20th article, seemed to collect the freedom of speech basic rights like professional secrecy, the end of previous censorship...But the big economic corporations, who dominate the media and the distributors, and the successive electioneering governments, had doomed journalists and media to be mercenaries of its economic and politic interests, or to censorship and unemployment. However, there are still several free media to explore and to born...

[Feb 9]22h. 17h Contrabanda FM birthday

[march] 3rd videoactive exhibit

free media: Podcast: How to make people appropriate the free radios ::: we continue occupying television waves ::: participate in la directa weekly magazine ::: To google news & yahoo news, indymedia is not an information source... ::: witness project

related news: constrastant is back! ::: Barcelona kiosk vendors united ::: Brad: another one more night in the barricades ::: information is power ::: harassment to photographers

+info:: >>>media & manipulation + + contrabanda fm + contrastant

Unsere Solidarität gegen ihre Repression!

Switzerland, 28.02.2008 16:07

"Mit Präventivverhaftungen und immens grossem Polizei- und Militäraufgebot soll jede Bewegung im Keim erstickt werden. Im Vorfeld observierte AktivistInnen, mindestens 250 Verhaftete in Bern, mehrere Dutzend in Zürich, mindestens 66 Verhaftete in Basel, darunter TouristInnen, Journalisten und Minderjährige; so lautet die Bilanz 2008." Die Proteste gegen das World Economic Forum (WEF) dieses Jahr waren einmal mehr geprägt von staatlicher Repression. Nun ruft ein Bündnis zu einer Demonstration gegen Polizeirepressionen für den 1. März in Basel auf.

Dieses Feature versucht einen groben Überblick über die wichtigsten Repressionsereignisse seit Anfang 2007 zu schaffen. Das Jahr 2007 - und bis jetzt auch 2008 - hinterlässt - was die Repression betrifft - einen bitteren Nachgeschmack. Angefangen hat die Repressionswelle letzten Frühling mit Hausdurchsuchungen und Verhaftungen aufgrund des §129a im Vorfeld des G8-Gipfels. Der Sommer und Herbst waren - vorallem in Genf und Luzern - geprägt von massiver Repression gegen besetzte Häuser und Kulturprojekte. Weiter gings ab Herbst dann auch mit ersten "Polizeiübungen" für die Euro 08.
Die Repressionswelle scheint in nächster Zeit auf jedenfall kein Ende zu nehmen. Es ist anzunehmen, dass im Zuge der Euro 08 vermehrt auf das BWIS (Hooligangesetz) zurückgegriffen werden wird. In Luzern soll nun ebenfalls der berüchtigte Wegweisungsartikel eingeführt werden und im Kanton Zürich tritt nach der Abstimmung vom 24.02. das neue Polizeigesetz in Kraft.

Termine: Fr. 29.2. Infoveranstaltung und soliparty zur repression in berlin und "mg - Bremgarten | Sa 1.3. Demo gegen Polizeirepression - Basel / Veranstaltung zur Repression in Berlin - Winterthur | Mi 5.3. Sind wir alle 129a? - Bern | Do 6.3. Wissenschaftliche Arbeit unter Terrorverdacht - Bern | Sa 8.3. GPG-Workshop - Bern

Inhalt: 1. März - Demo gegen Polizeirepression | Repression gegen das WEF 2008 | Artikel 129a | Repressionswelle gegen Alternativkultur | EURO 08 - Repressionsspielwiese | Aotearoa (Neuseeland) - Weitere Verhaftungen | Marco Camenisch im Hungerstreik

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