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Día Internacional de la Mujer Trabajadora

Argentina, 07.03.2008 20:39

Trece Rosas Rojas

Bellinzona: Officine in sciopero!

Switzerland, 07.03.2008 19:07

Le FFS Cargo cancellano 126 posti di lavoro alle Officine di Bellinzona. Si è arrivati a questa situazione dopo anni di privatizzazione e di smantellamento di questo servizio pubblico.

Appena appresa la notizia l'assemblea dei dipendenti delle officine ha deciso di iniziare uno sciopero.

Per sabato 8 marzo alle 16'00 è prevista una manifestazione a Bellinzona.
Trasferta collettiva da Lugano: maggiori info
> Guarda il sito speciale di SEV/UNIA

7.3 - : Immagini dallo sciopero di oggi
7.3 - Appello solidale da sottoscrivere
7.3 - Binari saldati
7.3 - Inizia lo sciopero, direttore sommerso dai fischi
5.3 - :Resoconto e foto della manif a Bellinzona

Approfondimenti: UNIA - Solidarietà - PS Sonvico - Rivoluzione!

Who Owns Our Water? The Global Grassroots Struggle to Take Back the Tap

Boston, 07.03.2008 17:09

The "water wars" are on the horizon. Just like oil today. We suffer a moral predicament as big corporations reap windfall profits from privatizing water while billions go thirsty. But who owns our water in the first place? How can we protect this common resource for all, now and forever? There is no one better to address this issue and provide us with hopeful direction than world renowned global expert on water rights, Maude Barlow. Maude discussed how protecting our water sources from corporate interests is as crucial as curbing greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, she laid out the actions that we as global citizens must take to secure a water-just world - a "blue covenant" for all. LISTEN TO AUDIO:

Gobierno de Uribe es asesino y violador de la soberanía de las naciones hermanas

Venezuela, 07.03.2008 16:07

March in San Jose to Plead for Leniency in Sentencing Would-Be Firefighter

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.03.2008 15:41

A community march and rally will take place in San Jose on March 8th to ask for mercy for Joshua Herrera, who faces 25-years-to-life for a first-time offense. His family believes that such a sentence would be far too harsh for the driver of a car whose passengers confronted a man who was physically abusing another of the defendants in the case. Joshua stayed in the car and was not part of the confrontation, while the intended victim escaped unharmed. Protesters will gather outside of the Hall of Justice at 10:30 on Saturday morning.

8 de marzo

Euskal Herria, 07.03.2008 15:40

Una vez m�s, llega la conmemoraci�n del D�a Internacional de la Mujer Trabajadora, aunque esta vez, no est� exenta de pol�mica (M�s info). Con las elecciones a la vuelta en el estado espa�ol, coincide este a�o con la jornada de reflexi�n. Reflexionar para decidir entre lo malo y lo peor.

Lo que parece no hay duda es que se tratar� de una jornada de reivindicaci�n; al menos del derecho al aborto libre y gratuito. Porque las mujeres contin�an sin poder ejercer el derecho a decidir sobre su cuerpo, en el marco de un sistema que, entre muchas otras cosas, reprime opciones pol�ticas, niega el di�logo, reconoce la libertad de expresi�n a grupos fascistas o levanta audiencias con pantomimas televisivas.

A pesar de la desafortunada elecci�n del 9 de marzo para convocar elecciones (�por qu� no el 2 de mayo?), en EH el 8 de marzo, este a�o, tambi�n se celebra. Convocatorias: |Bilbo|, |concentraciones prohibidas|, |Comunicado de Euskal Herriko Bilgune Feministak|.

Gefühlte Teuerung, berechnete Inflation

Germany, 07.03.2008 15:40

Bei jedem Tanken, bei jedem Lebensmitteleinkauf sehen wir, dass unser täglicher Bedarf teurer geworden ist. Die große Mehrzahl der Menschen schätzt die gegenwärtige Teuerung auf 5 bis 8 Prozent. Die Medien halten unserer Alltagserfahrung die Berechnungen des Statistischen Bundesamtes entgegen, das für das letzte Jahr eine Inflationsrate von 2,4 Prozent errechnet hatte.
"Gefühlte" Teuerung und berechnete Inflationsrate klaffen weit auseinander. Stimmen Gefühl und Erfahrung von vielen Millionen oder stimmen die von Wenigen errechneten Zahlen?

Hintergrund: Was ist Inflation? -

New Telecom Whistleblower Describes Possible Gateway for Massive Surveillance of Cell Phone Calls and Customer Information

DC, 07.03.2008 15:10

Babak Pasdar, a computer security consultant, has gone public about his discovery of a mysterious "Quantico Circuit" while working for an unnamed major wireless carrier. Pasdar believes that this circuit gives the U.S. government direct, unfettered access to customers voice calls and data packets. These claims echo the disclosures from retired AT&amp;T technician Mark Klein, who has described a "secret room" in an AT&amp;T facility.

Mulheres da Via Campesina em luta

Brasil, 07.03.2008 14:38

Via Campesina

8 de março: aborto livre e gratuito

Galiza, 07.03.2008 12:12

Perplejas asistimos á ilegalizaçom das manifestaçons do Día da Mulher Trabalhadora, data tam institucionaliçada coma ainda necesaria. Diferentes colectivos feministas chamam á desobediencia contra este atentado á nossa liverdade de expressom para visiviliçar a luita cotiá contra o (hetero)patriarcado que nos oprime.A Marcha Mundial das Mulheres organiza um acto em diferentes cidades no que se presentarám autoinculpaçons polo aborto nos Xulgados ante as últimas ofensivas orquestadas pola Conferencia Episcopal. Cada mulher é dona do seu corpo, aborto livre e gratuito já! + info:

PSU Student Action Alert -3/7

Portland, 07.03.2008 11:38

PSU Students,
Stand in Solidarity with the Professor's Union tomorrow at 11AM.
As the struggle continues between the professors and administration, your support of the faculty is critical. The Oregon University System (OUS) is holding a Board Meeting tomorrow. The union will be making a statement. Show that you care about quality higher education!

Date: Friday, March 7
Time: 11:00 a.m. (the meeting is 8:30-1:00, but the union is planning on making a statement)

Place: PSU, Smith Memorial Student Union rm. 328

South American anarchists and anti-militarists say NO to war

Portland, 07.03.2008 11:38

Declaration of Latin American anti-militarists: We don't need another war:

We don't need another war. We, conscientious objectors and anti-militarists from Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela and the whole of Latin America and the Caribbean together, categorically refuse to participate in belligerent escalades that will lead to a war that, again, will attempt to divide us. We have enough with hunger, corruption, rampant militarism, the obscene military budget, insecurity, the continuous violations of human rights by our governments, for them to give us yet another armed conflict.

The truth is that bellicose rhetoric favors both Uribe and Chavez, the latter perhaps more so. The truth is that the Comandante's revolutionary discourse has seen better days. After the December 2nd defeat, the first electoral thrashing he has got, the floodgates of discontent within chavismo have swung open. Not the discontent seen on TV with high sounding declarations, but that of the people who abstained and caused the constitutional reform defeat, the same people who are tired of empty supermarket shelves and abandoned Missions while the Boli-bourgeoisie drives expensive cars. The same people who denounce corruption and confront the Ministry of Labor bureaucracy and get shot by the National Guard in return. The very same people who those chavistas closest to the presidency accuse of being left deviationists, ultra-left or anarchists, of whom it is said it isn't ready for socialism after nine years waiting for some real moves, and who get desperate seeing Chavez flirting with the right in the past few months.

Help needed on Sunday: Iraq Body Count Exhibit Setup

Portland, 07.03.2008 11:38

The Iraq Body Count Exhibit will be displayed at Portland State University from March 9th until March 20th. Using 120,000 surveyor flags, the Exhibit represents American and Iraqi deaths caused as a result of the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

"Passer byes are awe-struck when they see how large the Exhibit is and how many people have died in this war. It is much different from reading a number in a newspaper" said Rudy Dietz, an organizer of the Exhibit. The numbers used by Iraq Body Count Exhibit are based on The Lancet Medical Journal's 2006 study that interviewed over 1800 Iraqi households, using widely accepted statistical methods (1). More recent surveys by British research firm ORB have cited numbers as high as 1.2 million (2).

The Students for Unity at PSU are sponsoring the Exhibit, and are helping to recruit the over 200 volunteers required to set up on the 9th. Volunteers are welcome to help out for an hour, or the entire day. Those who are interested in volunteering can meet at PSU in front of the Millar Library (1875 SW Park) at 9:00 am on Sunday March 9th.


Athens, 07.03.2008 09:09

ΑΣΦΑΛΙΣΤ(Ρ)ΙΚΟ? ΟΧΙ ΕΥΧΑΡΙΣΤΩ! (δε ζούμε για να δουλεύουμε)

Coalition of Groups Call For End to Colombian Civil War, U.S. Aid to Uribe

NYC, 07.03.2008 02:38

An estimated 130 people held a demonstration against the Colombian government on Thursday, March 6, 2008. The protest was held at East 57th Street and Lexington Ave. The demonstrators voiced opposition to various injustices perpetrated by the government of Alvaro Uribe Velez, the President of Colombia. The demonstrators were united in their calls for peace and an end to the civil war that has lasted for over 35 years.

Eco Defence

Perth, 07.03.2008 02:09

Indy correspondence from the waters off Antarctica - Sea Shepherd Perth Crew

dones (ca)

Barcelona, 07.03.2008 01:09

Importen els drets de la dona treballadora?

Enguany, les persones que vivim en aquest Estat, i especialment les dones, estem més que fartes i cansades de tanta campanya electoral hipòcrita i de tants atacs als nostres drets més bàsics. Tots els partits s'omplen la boca d'igualtat per les dones, però la realitat, fins i tot en un 8 de març, dia de la dona treballadora, és molt diferent. El president del Govern decideix convocar les eleccions el dia 9 de març, impossibilitant o dificultant les tradicionals marxes, reivindicacions i actes del 8 març, per allò de la jornada de reflexió. El partit a l'oposició les il.legalitza. Els partits de govern les instrumentalitzen i fins i tot les intenten traslladar al 7 de març. Què passa amb els drets de les dones treballadores? importen o no importen? A nosaltres ens importen i és necessària la lluita, i a vosaltres?

[6 i 7 març] Convent de Sant Agustí. Femelek 2008 Festival de Dones i música electrònica
[8març]Nou Barris Reobertura del Casal 3 voltes rebel
Actes Plataforma Revolucionària 8 de març

[8març]18h Pça Universitat. Manifestació

notícies relacionades Vilafranca: Actes 8 de març + Actes CAJEI arreu: El jovent donem la cara! + Valls: El jovent en lluita contra el sexisme + Actes 8 març a Poblenou + Actes 8 març a Olot + Universitats en lila + Jo també he avortat + Feminicidis per CCAA

+info: >>>dones

mujeres (es)

Barcelona, 07.03.2008 01:09

¿Importan los derechos de la mujer trabajadora?

Este año, las personas que vivimos en este estado, y especialmente las mujeres, estamos más que hartas y cansadas de tanta campaña electoral hipócrita y de tantos ataques a nuestros derechos más básicos. Todos los partidos se llenan la boca de igualdad para las mujeres, pero la realidad, hasta en un 8 de marzo, día de la mujer trabajadora, es muy diferente. El presidente del Gobierno decide convocar las elecciones el dia 9 de marzo, imposibilitando o dificultando las tradicionales marchas, reivindicaciones y actos del 8 de marzo, por aquello de la jornada de reflexión. El partido en la oposición las ilegaliza. Los partidos de gobierno las instrumentalizan y hasta las intentan trasladar al 7 de marzo. ¿Qué pasa con los derechos de las mujeres trabajadoras? ¿importan o no importan? A nosotrxs nos importan y es necesaria la lucha, ¿y a vosotrxs?

[6 y 7 marzo] Convento de Sant Agustí. Femelek 2008 Festival de Mujeres y música electrónica
[8marzo]Nou Barris Reapertura del Casal 3 voltes rebel
Actos Plataforma Revolucionària 8 de marzo

[8marzo]18h Pza. Universitat. Manifestación

noticias relacionadas Vilafranca: Actos 8 de marzo + Actos CAJEI: ¡Los jóvenes damos la cara! + Valls: La juventud en lucha contra el sexismo + Actos 8 marzo en Poblenou + Actos 8 marzo en Olot + Universidades en lila + Yo también he abortado + Feminicidios por CCAA

+info: >>>mujeres

Tacoma Jury Convicts Briana Waters of Arson; Hangs on Other Counts

Portland, 07.03.2008 00:40

Tacoma, WA - A federal jury was unable to reach a decision on conspiracy and transportation of a destructive device but convicted Briana Waters, a 32-year-old mother and violin teacher and former resident of Olympia of arson. The government charged her with being a lookout in connection with the May, 2001 arson of the Center for Urban Horticulture at the University of Washington in Seattle. If convicted on all counts, Waters would have faced a sentence of 35 years. The two informants who testified against her in the case, who admitted to participating in the arson, face between three and seven years. Ms. Waters' sentencing is set for May 30.

Without any physical evidence linking Ms. Waters directly to the arson, the government built its case on the testimony of the two informants, and a number of pieces of circumstantial evidence. The defense argued that the informants falsely accused Waters in order to avoid 35-year prison sentences themselves, and that their testimony was demonstrably false. "The government's case was primarily based on character assassination and guilt by association," said civil rights attorney Ben Rosenfeld, a member of the Board of Directors of the Civil Liberties Defense Center. "Evidence of other people's writings never should never have been allowed to be used against her."

Dr. Al-Arian Begins Hunger Strike

DC, 07.03.2008 00:10

ACTION ALERT March 4, 2008 On Monday, March 3, 2008, Dr. Sami Al-Arian began a hunger strike for justice to protest continued government harassment. Earlier in the day, Dr. Al-Arian was informed that he would be called to testify before a third grand jury in Virginia, only weeks before his scheduled release date. Under his plea agreement, Dr. Al-Arian should have been released last April at the latest. However, because he has not testified, his sentence was suspended as he served one year for civil contempt. Dr. Al-Arian’s current release date is April 7, 2008, but it will likely be pushed back indefinitely when he is called before a grand jury sometime in the coming weeks.


Colombia, 06.03.2008 23:08

Multitudinarias movilizaciones

Biofuels: A wolf in sheep's clothing!

United Kingdom, 06.03.2008 19:08

The start of the new year has seen environmental campaigners from around Manchester taking action to raise awareness of the threat to global ecosystems posed by plans for increased bio-fuel production. Biofuels were initially viewed by many as a clean, sustainable solution to an impending oil crisis: emissions produced by their combustion are lower, and CO2 is absorbed by the fuels as they are grown. However, further investigation shows large-scale industrial production of biofuels to be potentially more harmful than the use of conventional fossil fuels. Campaigners have attempted to expose the EU's plans for increased biofuel production as a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Pictures - Times Square Armed Forces Recruiting Station Bombed

NYC, 06.03.2008 17:09

Bringing the war home, a hooded bicyclist bombed the Times Square Armed Forces recruiting station this morning. There has been no statement regarding this thus far, and perhaps there will not be, although in this case, perhaps the medium is the message. Unlike the bombs dropped by the US armed forces on various brown people around the world, no one was hurt.

SFSU Fee Hike Protest

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.03.2008 15:40

On Wednesday, March 5th, 2008, several students at San Francisco State University came together to Reclaim the Quad in protest of the fee hikes . Since 1992 fees have gone up 94% making education inaccessible and unaffordable to working class students. The latest fee increases and budget cuts have caused students to pay more for less and as a result students on campus have been organizing to demand an end to the fee hikes using direct-action and educational outreach.

Colombia: en el marco de la crisis continental

Argentina, 06.03.2008 12:09

Homenaje a las miles de víctimas de los paramilitares

Israel keeps its promise of a 'Holocaust' in Gaza

United Kingdom, 06.03.2008 11:39

After months of inhuman siege and daily attacks, Israel last week mounted a massive offensive against the Gaza Strip, which has claimed the lives of over 100 Palestinians, including many civilians and children. Israeli officials had threatened the Palestinians with "a holocaust" if home-made rockets fired at nearby Israeli towns did not stop. As the aggression continues, so do solidarity protests throughout the world.

From the Newswire: Children gassed and shot in Gaza solidarity protests | Blockade on Gaza: Crime against humanity | The Gaza Strip's People are dying, Help us! | Palestine in darkness | Israel's policy in Gaza: at least as evil as it is self-defeating | Still no justice for October 2000 killings | Palestine society not allowed in Birmingham
Audio: Indy Global Report from Bethlehem | Palestine Today & This Week in Palestine | Flashpoints

Recent solidarity protests: London: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | Manchester | Sheffield: 1 | 2 | Wales

Links: International Middle East Media Centre | Palestine News Network | Electronic Intifada | End Gaza Siege | Indymedia UK's Palestine topic page

New Zealand transport workers lead Iranian embassy protest in Wellington

Aotearoa, 06.03.2008 11:09

On Thursday New Zealand transport workers led a protest outside the Iranian embassy in Wellington as part of an international day of action by the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) for the freedom of Iranian unionist and bus driver Mansour Osanloo.

Osanloo and his fellow bus drivers led protests that increased bus workers’ pay by fifty dollars a month, persuaded employers to provide work clothes, and got casual workers signed to two-year contracts. They argued for forty-dollar childcare allowances to be paid to women workers. However, Osanloo has been threatened, attacked and now imprisoned for five years for fighting for basic workers rights.

Another worker detained by the Iranian government is Mahmoud Salehi who was arrested in 2004 after distributing leaflets at a peaceful demonstration to celebrate May Day.

Links: Act NOW! Iran: Release workers! Respect rights! | World support for Osanloo release | FreeOsanloo

Support the Evergreen 5

Portland, 06.03.2008 08:38

On the morning March 5th, 2008, five individuals were arrested by the Thurston County Sheriffs office on charges related to the incident following the Dead Prez show at the Evergreen State College. After much media hype about the events that occurred in the morning of February 15th, the police are finally taking action to ensure the blame be put on the community they attacked. Video taken after the concert clearly shows that police officers attacked a peaceful crowd of people without issuing an order to disperse or giving any warning. The so-called riot that ensued was a direct result of police violence, and an indirect result of racism on the part of the police. Both the incident itself and the response demonstrate a systematic abuse of police power, as officers from Washington State, Thurston County, Evergreen, Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater were all involved and have yet to be held accountable.

The Valentines Day incident began when an unmarked 'security' person pointed out an individual who he accused of starting a fight with him over smoking a joint. At this time Evergreen police arrested Kaylen Williams, who maintains that he only tried to break up a fight that security started with another person in the crowd. Protests to free Williams after the concert were entirely non-violent until the Olympia Police Department responded to the scene. When OPD arrived they began clubbing and pepper spraying the crowd. Many of the concertgoers suffered chemical burns and one young man was hospitalized with internal bleeding.

Events Around the Bay Area to Observe International Women's Day and Women's Month

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.03.2008 06:38

Saturday, March 8th is International Women's Day. The first IWD in the United States was observed in 1909, after a declaration by the Socialist Party of America. The day is observed in countries all over the world, with celebrations taking political, social, and cultural forms. In many cities around the world, women participate in a Global Women's Strike. Some organizers focus on the situation of women in countries such as Iran.

Local Vet, Camilo Mejia, Featured in Documentary at Miami Film Festival, March 6 &amp; 7

Miami, 06.03.2008 02:37

Local Vet, Camilo Mejia, Featured in Documentary at Miami Film Festival, March 6 & 7

criminalització i repressió (ca)

Barcelona, 05.03.2008 22:09

Abans de gris, Avui de blau...

Nova onada repressiva dels mossos d'esquadra

Els autobuseros de TMB en vaga per exigir els 2 dies de festa setmanals i els estudiants de l'Autònoma tancats en contra del Pla de Bolonya són els escollits de la setmana per rebre els cops i agressions per part del cos policial i "democràtic" Mossos d'Esquadra. Els dos col·lectius afectats més altres que s'hi sumen, han convocat una Manifestació unitària Antirrepressiva

Manifestació Dijous 6 de Març'08 a les 12h Plaça Universitat

Notícies relacionades: mossos carreguen a la UAB+Els conductors de TMB es manifesten davant la seu del PSC+Saura i Herrera repressors de debò+Consell de Govern de la UAB+Endavant condemna l'actuació dels mossos+Comunicat SEPC+Comunicat Joventut Comunista+Solidaritat precarixs UAB+La PTP publica un comunicat insolidari amb els autobuseros



+info: >>>criminalització i repressió

criminalización y corrupción

Barcelona, 05.03.2008 22:09

Antes de gris, Hoy de azul...

Nueva ola represiva de los mossos d'esquadra

Los autobuseros de TMB en huelga para exigir los 2 dias de fiesta setmanales y los estudiantes de la Universidad Autónomoa encerrados en contra del Plan de Bolonya son los elegidos de la semana para recibir los golpes y agresiones por parte del cuerpo policial y "democrático" Mossos d'Esquadra. Los dos colectivos afectados y otros que se han sumado, han combocado una Manifestación unitaria Antirrepressiva.

Manifestación Jueves 6 de Marzo'08 a les 12h Plaça Universitat

Noticias relacionadas: mossos carreguen a la UAB+Els conductors de TMB es manifesten davant la seu del PSC+Saura i Herrera repressors de debò+Consell de Govern de la UAB+Endavant condemna l'actuació dels mossos+Comunicat SEPC+Comunicat Joventut Comunista+Solidaritat precarixs UAB+La PTP publica un comunicat insolidari amb els autobuseros



+info: >>>criminalitzación y represión

Black Riders Demand Release of the LA-3, Court Hearing this Thursday

LA, 05.03.2008 21:09

Black Riders Demand Release of the LA-3, Court Hearing this Thursday


Oost-Vlaanderen, 05.03.2008 20:38

Hongerstaking in gesloten centrum van Vottem

Interview with FARC Commander Raul Reyes

DC, 05.03.2008 20:09

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), a peasant-based guerrilla army with an estimated 18,000 fighters, has been waging war against the Colombian government for more than 40 years. In recent years, Colombian President Alvaro Uribe and US President George W. Bush have both intensified their efforts to defeat the FARC as part of the so-called war on terror. Interview with slain FARC leader.

11th Annual National Conference on Organized Resistance (NCOR)

DC, 05.03.2008 20:09

The 11th Annual National Conference on Organized Resistance (NCOR) will be held March 7-9, 2008 in Washington, DC! The National Conference of Organized Resistance is an annual event that brings together people from all backgrounds for a weekend of learning and discussing local and international social justice issues through workshops, panel discussions, and skillshares. NCOR is held on the main campus of American University in northwest Washington, DC. Workshop Schedule:

Solidariedade com o povo e o governo do Equador - Uribe NÃO é Colombia

Brasil, 05.03.2008 20:08


STAR WARS PROTEST: Vandenberg Air Force Base

LA, 05.03.2008 19:38

STAR WARS PROTEST: Vandenberg Air Force Base

STAR WARS PROTEST: Vandenberg Air Force Base

LA, 05.03.2008 19:38

STAR WARS PROTEST: Vandenberg Air Force Base

Protesty przeciw &quot;Tarczy&quot; - Warszawa, Słupsk, Waszyngton

Poland, 05.03.2008 19:10

Zbliża się cała seria wydarzeń skierowanych przeciwko próbom instalowania w Polsce systemu obrony antyrakietowej "Tarcza".

Ocupação, reintegração de posse e repressão policial em Piracicaba

Brasil, 05.03.2008 18:38


Demand Justice! Free the SF8 info day.

Portland, 05.03.2008 18:38

Join us for a discussion about the case with Hank Jones of the SF8, Claude Marks and Maisha Quint of the Committee to Free the Eight, and former head of the Portland Black Panter Party Kent Ford. SF8 info day event presented by KBOO and Circle A Radio: Eight former members and supporters of the Black Panter Party now known as the San Francisco 8, have been targeted in a vindictive prosecution in San Francisco for their political activities of over 35 years ago.

Join us for a discussion about the case with Hank Jones of the SF8, Claude Marks and Maisha Quint of the Committee to Free the Eight, and former head of the Portland Black Panter Party Kent Ford.

Sunday March 9th
1-3 pm
Liberty Hall, 311 N. Ivy St.

Barbara Seaman, women's health activist, dies at age 72

Portland, 05.03.2008 17:38

Extraordinary women's health advocate, activist, journalist, writer founder of NWHN died Febraury 28. Barbara Seaman, author of "The Doctor's Case Against the Pill" and "The Greatest Experiment Ever Performed on Women" has died. She was 72.

"The Case Against the Pill" resulted in hearings on the risks of birth control pills, and warnings placed on birth control pill packaging.
She disclosed the risks of cancer and Hormone Replacement Therapy in "The Greatest Experiment Ever Performed on Women". She compares use of HRT in the US and Europe. In Europe, HRT is treated for a short period of time and women are told to taper off the medication once menopause is over. In the United States it has become a money making industry, with doctor's prescribing long-term, cancer inducing medication to women. Menopause in the US is treated like a disease.

Seaman founded the National Women's Health Network in 1975.
She was a journalist, activist, organizer, mother and grandmother.

To read more about Barbara Seaman go to

Peter Young Speaks in Santa Cruz

Portland, 05.03.2008 17:38

On February 23rd, Peter Young, an animal liberation activist and former Green Scare prisoner, spoke at the Louden Nelson Center in Santa Cruz before a screening of "Behind the Mask" at a benefit for the SHAC 7.

Peter grew up in Los Gatos, California and moved to the state of Washington at the age of nine. He went to college at the University of Washington where he became involved in animal rights activism. In 1997, Peter and a friend liberated over 8,000 mink and foxes from various fur farms in a two-week road trip across three midwestern states. In 1998, indictments were handed down for his arrest and of accomplice, Justin Samuel. After nearly 7 years on the run, Peter was captured in San Jose in 2005 and served almost two years in prison until his release in early 2007.

Report Back From Backbone Campaign Procession for the Future

Portland, 05.03.2008 17:38

Assembling at Pioneer Square, the Procession for the Future wound through through downtown Portland, finishing off at Portland State University where they transformed the Park Blocks into a Festival for the Future, an activist theme park and training ground. Immigration Rights and much more. Conspicuous at the head of the march was an enormous U.S. Constitution, probably 20 feet wide by 50 feet in length, carried by eight people. Organized by the Backbone Campaign, this Portland Procession for the Future was the first, and as it traveled through the city it drew smiles of support and approval of all complexions from those who in their daily course of life happened upon it.

At the PSU campus, Billl Moyer of the Backbone Campaign gives a brief synopsis of the group. "The organization was started by artists in 2004 to provide creative tools for the Progressive movement nationwide. We believe that regardless of who sits in the White House, that we the People, have an essential role in transforming this country into a true decent society and a responsible member of the world community."
Audio file is about 3 minutes in length.

Bill Moyer, RealPlayer
Bill Moyer, MP3

Miami youth to RALLY for Restorative Justice at School Police Hdq re: Student arrests

Miami, 05.03.2008 15:07

Miami youth to RALLY for Restorative Justice at School Police Hdq re: Student arrests

End Of The Road For ASBO

United Kingdom, 05.03.2008 10:08

According to an undisclosed source, squatters at the ASBO centre have been given notice to quit the premises by 27th Feb.

Social activists, who initially squatted the building to provide a community space, have long since left. The remaining occupants have been implicated in a string of violent attacks against the Sankofa Foundation, a project supporting asylum seekers in the lower part of the building. An attempt to reopen another part of the building was also violently repelled.

The disastrous end of the squat has prompted some to question why the wider community who benefited from the ASBO haven't helped to sustain the project.

Newswire: Sankofa Foundation in Crisis | ASBO, The Last Days | asbo squat - end of days

Previous feature articles: YES, we're open ! | Abandoned for over 7 years...

Background: Chief Executive of Nottingham City Council drops by at the ASBO | ASBO welcomed by community! | Nottingham Squatting Project, The Tidy-Up :: The pictures | Council serve eviction notice | New Squatting Project in Nottingham | Notts Indymedia Free Spaces Topic Page

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Another Motueka Is Possible: Grassroots Resistance to McDonalds

Aotearoa, 05.03.2008 08:09

"Guerilla gardeners invaded the proposed McDonalds site in Motueka to show another Motueka is not only possible, but preferable. Community gardens, or another Big Mac???" [ Photos ]

Community gardeners opposed to the construction of a McDonald's fast-food restaurant in the small South Island town of Motueka have invaded the proposed construction site, and established a community garden on the spot. McDonald's is the world's largest chain of fast-food restaurants. Yet they have been humbled and humiliated by organised grassroots direct action in an out of the way corner of Aotearoa.

Links: McSpotlight | McVideogame | Community Action for People and Planet (Motueka)

8. März: Frauen, die kämpfen, sind Frauen, die leben!

Switzerland, 05.03.2008 07:07

Der 8. März feiert sein fast 100-jähriges Bestehen. Der 8. März erinnert an einen Streik von Textilarbeiterinnen 1908 in New York, bei dem 129 vom Fabrikleiter eingeschlossene Arbeiterinnen bei einem Brand ums leben kamen. In den ersten Jahren stand das Frauenwahlrecht und eine klare Positionierung gegen krieg im Mittelpunkt der Proteste.

Zürich: 8. März 13.30 Uhr Hechtplatz | Aufruf [ 2 ] | Mobilisierungsvideo || Queer Party 21 Uhr Kalkbreite

March 8th: Video and Discussion on the San Francisco Eight

Seattle, 05.03.2008 06:38

On Saturday, March 8th, at 6:30 pm at CAMP (Central Area Motivation Program), there will be a showing of the 28 minute DVD “Legacy of Torture” and the following panel discussion about the current issues, the Black Panther Party (BPP), and COINTELPRO, with Hank Jones of the San Francisco 8, Claude Marks and Maisha Quint of the Committee to Free the Eight, and former Black Panther Party and Seattle George Jackson Brigade member Mark Cook.

This event will be held at the old fire station up on 18th off Cherry at 722 - 18th Ave. in Seattle.

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