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Colombia, 13.03.2008 18:08


Anti-War Activists Attack 4 Targets In Edinburgh

Scotland, 13.03.2008 17:10

Anti-war activists from the Fuck the War Coalition attacked four sites across the Capital to mark the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq, saying that they want to bring the war home to those that profit from imperialism.

Fuck the War Coalition Communique

Previous Fuck the War Coalition actions:
[ Arms Company | US Consulate | Army recruitment centre | Pro-War MP's Offices Smashed ]

Central American Solidarity Activists Dispute Department of Justice Order, Denounce Possible Repeat of Illegal Harassment

Boston, 13.03.2008 15:09

Grassroots Group Accused of Being Foreign “Agent” of Leftist Political Party in Lead-up to Contentious Salvadoran Presidential Elections. Washington DC: The Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES), illegally targeted in the 1980’s by the largest FBI Internal Security investigation of the Reagan era, has in recent months again received threatening communications from the U.S. Department of Justice. Citing the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, a letter sent to CISPES in January questions the organization’s relationship with the leftist Salvadoran political party known as the Farabundo Marti Front for National Liberation, or FMLN. CISPES received similar inquiries in the 1980s which eventually led to an illegal FBI investigation into its activities.

NO G8! Action Japan : Nous sommes partout!

Liege, 13.03.2008 15:08

Après le relatif succès des blocages orchestrés lors du dernier sommet à Heiligendamm en Allemagne, où l'on a vu une mobilisation moins grande mais plus radicale, cette année, ce sont les nippons qui s'y collent pour le désormais traditionnel blocage du G8.

From the Newswire

Perth, 13.03.2008 10:09

Refugee Rights: Dump GSL, shut Villawood

AUSA calls for immediate release of Afghan student journalist

Aotearoa, 13.03.2008 09:09

New Zealand's largest student association, Auckland University Students Association is deeply concerned over the fate of 23 year old Afghan journalism student Mr Sayed Parwez Kambakhsh. He faces execution after being convicted by an Afghan religious court of downloading an article that discussed the compatibility of women's rights and Islam.

In letters to Helen Clark and the Afghan ambassador to New Zealand, AUSA has called for the immediate release of Kambakhsh, especially in light of New Zealand's continued deployment of soldiers in the Bamyan province of central Afghanistan.

Links: Auckland University Students Association | Online Petition

Interview with Three Santa Cruz Roller Girls on Freak Radio

Santa Cruz, CA, 13.03.2008 08:08

On March 10th, Roxy Scarmichael, Robin YoLife, and Charlie Red Stick, three members of the Santa Cruz Roller Girls (SCRG), spoke about the art of roller derby, creating SCRG and their upcoming first season starting March 15th at the Civic in Santa Cruz.

Chicago Peace Activists Win Key Legal Victory Over 2003 Protest

Chicago, 13.03.2008 06:10

Efforts and struggles continue in court over the legendary 2003 Chicago peace protest on Lake Shore Drive and the subsequent repressive police response. On March 10, activists and National Lawyers Guild attorneys won another key victory when a Chicago federal judge rejected a class action request in a City of Chicago countersuit against hundreds of peace activists.

Quoting a newswire post: "In response to a class action suit brought by hundreds of anti-war protesters who were illegally arrested that night, the City of Chicago took the unusual step of counter-suing against the demonstrators."

An attempt to have the counterclaim dismissed was itself dismissed, but U.S. District Judge Virginia M. Kendall dismissed the class action request in the countersuit. The city claimed that activists were "liable for the expenses incurred by the city in responding to such alleged legal violations as failing to obtain a permit for the march, obstructing traffic and jaywalking.".

This setback marks the latest in a series of legal setbacks by the city and the police efforts in the wake of the 2003 protests. All charges against protesters were dismissed, and a lawsuit against the city by some 500 peace protesters itself won class-action status. Read more

Additional Resources: Chicago Free Speech Zone Coverage | National Lawyers Guild - Chicago chapter | The Emmy nominated film: "Where We Stood - Chicago's Resistance Against The War In Iraq", 2, 3

Nnandia: reabre rádio indígena fechada por retransmitir a APPO

Brasil, 13.03.2008 05:09

Oaxaca - México

Students Plan Rally Outside UCSC's Off-Campus Hearing for Cruz Molina

Santa Cruz, CA, 13.03.2008 05:09

Cruz Molina, one of two UCSC freshman targeted for supporting anti-expansion protests, has a student hearing on March 13th at 4pm at the UCSC Inn in Santa Cruz. Supporters of Cruz say he is being scapegoated and that the UC is trying to hold him responsible for all past, present and future actions of the tree-sit protest. Students will rally at the UCSC Inn from 3-5pm to show their solidarity.

Political Repression at TESC: Administration and Police Move Against SDS

Seattle, 13.03.2008 05:09

The Evergreen State College administration has specifically targeted Olympia Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) for political repression by canceling events and threatening to suspend its student group status. This is an attack on student activism and free speech generally and on SDS' political statements and affiliations specifically. After the events of February 14th, SDS discovered that the administration had encouraged the police to investigate the organization as well as prominent activists from the Port of Olympia demonstrations. SDS was the first group to come out publicly against the administration's cooperation with law enforcement and police racism, sexism, and violence. The fact that SDS has been singled out for scrutiny highlights the administration's focus on repressing dissent.

Condi Says Congress Will Have No Say in Plans for Iraq: Liveblogging

DC, 13.03.2008 01:09

10:20 a.m. I'm in an appropriations hearing where Condoleezza Rice is testifying on the need for more money to do more damage in Iraq. About 15 Code Pinkers are here. We all have red hands that we're holding in the air (when not typing), and signs: "KBR: No Laws? No Money!" "Condi Kills Kids" "War Criminal" "Thou Shalt Not Kill" "Sanctions Kill Kids" Etc. One of the Repubs asked for the "protesters" to be removed, but the chairwoman said that if we didn't stand up or say anything, we could stay and hold things up. Condi is running her mouth in response to friendly questioning so far.

Muestra fotografica

Argentina, 13.03.2008 00:41


Un registros de las políticas neoliberales

Argentina, 13.03.2008 00:41


14th Annual Women of Color Film and Video Festival at UCSC

Santa Cruz, CA, 13.03.2008 00:09

As the longest running festival of its kind, the UCSC Women of Color Film and Video Festival has sparked dialogue across communities - locally, nationally, and trans-nationally - by providing a platform for critical explorations at the intersections of race, nation, class, gender, ethnicity, and sexuality. The festival will take place March 14th and 15th at UC Santa Cruz along with spoken word and hip-hop on Friday night at the Hide Gallery in Santa Cruz.

Presos Politicos em greve de fome em Chiapas

Brasil, 12.03.2008 23:38

Presos/as Politicos/as: Liberdade!

Cincinnati &quot;Green Scare&quot; Arrest

United States, 12.03.2008 22:37

At approximately 11:38 AM est. [3/10/08] long time environmental activist and community organizer Marie Mason was arrested by federal agents. At the same time at a separate location Agents from the FBI, Dept. of Homeland Security and Cincinnati Intelligence Unit executed a search warrant on Marie's home, detaining Marie's 16 year old daughter for close to an hour before releasing her. Agents left with several boxes full of items from Marie's home as well as a computer. Roughly two months ago, Marie and her daughter were detained at gun point in their front lawn after discovering a plainclothes officer from Cincinnati's Police Dept. Intelligence Unit planting a GPS tracker on her car (See more). This represents the latest in a long and escalating line of harassment by the agents of the state. At the time of writing, she is being transported by Federal Agents to Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is unknown at this time what charges Marie is facing. Read More>> | More on | More Photos |


LA, 12.03.2008 19:39


Celebrating Feminism

Ireland, 12.03.2008 16:09

A report on the International Women's Day Feminist ...


Argentina, 12.03.2008 16:09

Nueva ofensiva judicial contra la comunidad mapuche Santa Rosa

Spokane: Anarchist Sentenced For Damaging Recruiting Center

Portland, 12.03.2008 15:40

On Wednesday a Spokane man plead guilty to one count of damaging government property.

Travis Riehl was then sentenced to 1 year probation and ordered to pay $5,000 restitution. This stems back to an incident in 2005 in which someone smashed a window out of a Washington Air National Guard building and spray painted anti-war slogans on it's walls.


Communiqué from ALF activists: Ask The Duck

Portland, 12.03.2008 15:40

As the Frente de Liberacion Animal Mexico (FLAM) we feel that if to save animals from being mistreated, tortured, persecuted, hunted, imprisoned and murdered is to be a terrorist, then that is what we are and we love it!

Throughout history all the progress of civilization has come from attacks against laws and each liberator has been listed as an illegal; this is why as a militant, clandestine group, we put our freedom at stake to avenge and give freedom to other living beings victimized by the ego-centrism and the degenerated feelings of the human animal influenced by capitalist, neo-liberal globalization.

The sun has already been hidden a thousand times, said the duck, while he watched the cars pass. He watched the people stop and with feelings of pity say: What a pretty imprisoned duck; the sad duck sleeps with no one for company, without knowing what it is to be truly free, waking every morning and looking at the sky, admiring his bird brothers and sisters flying from one side to the other. They stop in the trees and look for food; he listens to them singing happy songs; he dreams that some day freedom will arrive and pining to go from the cage where he is shut away, the body will mend itself from this monotony. On the night of March 2, while he was sleeping, he heard noises. Some humans dressed in black, with ski masks covering their faces approached. They jumped a gate; the duck quacked saying Free me immediately I don't want to be here! The humans wrapped him with a blanket, put him in a box and they carried him away.

Portland Animal Defense League Organizing Meeting- 3/12

Portland, 12.03.2008 15:40

You're Invited to the Collective Organizing Meeting
Wednesday, March 12th

Red & Black Cafe
SE 12th and Oak

You are invited to the PDX-ADL weekly collective organizing meeting where we will be discussing current and future campaigns on behalf of animals, as well as trainings and upcoming events.

The agenda is packed, but still bring your ideas. Please join us!

Eugene Police Randomly Assult Naked Bike Ride of 100

Portland, 12.03.2008 15:40

During a mass Naked Bike Ride at 7:30 PM Saturday in Eugene officers harrased the procession and "attempted to arrest" some of the participants. Early evening event "protesting oil dependency and celebrating human body" was assulted Saturday. The local newspaper reports that as cyclists wended, "...down Charnelton, one officer stopped his car in the middle of the intersection, got out and ordered the cyclists to stop and women to put their tops on."

Several additional police and police vehicals showed up to act as voyeurs. "Most of the riders kept going, but when an officer grabbed one of hem, an angry group of naked bicyclists surrounded the officer, shouting and chanting for him to let the biker go." The officer released the cyclist free, but then, "grabbed the rear rack of another rider's bike." A policeman tackled Cassandra Hurd, a 21 year old Eugene student wearing only panties, to the ground. "Another officer trained his Taser on a naked man, who approached the scene.

The other cyclists chanted, "Leave her alone! Leave her alone!" After the brief assult, the policeman released her, without charge, and the riders continued. "We attempted to make arrests but the crowd turned on the two officers... they elected to disengage before someone got hurt." Eugene police Lt. Rich Stronach told the press later, covering the department's rear.

Police admit fault in killing 2 California cyclists, no drug test, no answers given yet

Portland, 12.03.2008 15:40

Police in California report that an officer accidentally crossed the median and killed 2 cyclists Sunday March 9, 2008. A 3rd cyclist was seriously injured. An initial news report stating the "The group collided with the deputy's car" has been corrected. Despite this one correction the news media are not reporting if the officer was given a medical/blood test.

Upcoming Cascadia Rising Tide Meetings

Portland, 12.03.2008 15:40

There are a bunch of meetings coming up and we thought all y'all radical folks out there might be interested.

**Fossil Fool's Day Organizing Meeting: Tuesday, March 11th, Red & Black Cafe, 6-8p

**Climate Convergence Organizing Meeting, Sunday, March 16th,
Lucky Lab, 2-4p

**General Cascadia Rising Tide Organizing Meetings, Tuesday, March 18th, Red & Black Cafe,

Visiting and writing to Tre Arrow

Portland, 12.03.2008 15:40

How you can support Tre...Tre is currently at Multnomah County Detention Center. It is likely that he will be moved soon (and we will let you know when that happens) but in the meantime, please feel free to write and visit him. Note the info below and click on the links for more detailed instruction. Please be mindful that all correspondence and visits will be copied and recorded. Thank you for your support!

Letters, preferably on scrap paper, (Tre's choice), or tree-free, can be written:

Tre Arrow (He was booked into MCDC under that name)
SWIS #640393
Multnomah County Detention Center
1120 S.W. 3rd Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97206

Letters can be mailed or dropped off at MCDC.

Breaking news: Marie Mason arrested!

Portland, 12.03.2008 15:40

At approximately 11:38 AM est. long time environmental activist and community organizer Marie Mason was arrested by federal agents. At the same time at a separate location Agents from the FBI, Dept. of Homeland Security and Cincinnati Intelligence Unit executed a search warrant on Marie's home, detaining Marie's 16 year old daughter for close to an hour before releasing her. Agents left with several boxes full of items from Marie's home as well as a computer. Roughly two months ago, Marie and her daughter were detained at gun point in their front lawn after discovering a plainclothes officer from Cincinnati's Police Dept. Intelligence Unit planting a GPS tracker on her car.

This represents the latest in a long and escalating line of harassment by the agents of the state. At the time of writing, she is being transported by Federal Agents to Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is unknown at this time what charges Marie is facing.

Comment:p> Well known American Earth First! activist, Frank Ambrose, (who has been wrongfully accused of ELF actions in the past) told ELP he has been charged on three counts of arson and conspiracy to commit arson. Other people listed in the indictment include Marie Mason, Aren Berthwick, Stephanie Sultz, and an "un-named participant known to the grand jury."

Photos: 1, 2,3,4,5

update from supporters - repost from | coverage

Verizon Employment Numbers in Massachusetts Don't Add Up to the Secure Jobs Our Communities Need

Boston, 12.03.2008 15:09

Verizon management recently boasted to the news media about adding new services and new jobs in Massachusetts. On February 28, Verizon announced it "is completing the hiring of an additional 200 union-represented customer service employees in Andover, Springfield, Taunton and Worcester," as part of "a major capital investment of $200 million in new broadband technology for Massachusetts in 2008." The company enlisted support from union members for the expansion, yet less than two weeks later management informed employees that it would eliminate over a hundred jobs at thirty work locations in Massachusetts.

Ab nach Moskau!

Germany, 12.03.2008 12:38

Reisen bildet, und wer will bestreiten, dass es in Moskau gerade sehr interessant ist? Darum habe auch ich mich auf den Weg gemacht und will hier mal ein paar Erfahrungen weitergeben.

weitere Berichte:Impressionen aus Moskau | Deutscher in Moskau verhaftet! | Moskau: Feste und Faschos

G8 2001: 50 Jahre Haft im Cosenza-Verfahren?

Germany, 12.03.2008 12:38

Derzeit werden noch 4 Verfahren rund um den G8-Gipfel 2001 in Genua vor italienischen Gerichten verhandelt. Eines davon ist das sogenannte "Cosenza-Verfahren" gegen 13 italienische AktivistInnen. Vorausgegangen waren 18 Monate Ermittlungen, die 2002 in Hausdurchsuchungen und Festnahmen endeten. Gegen 42 Beschuldigte wurden zunächst Untersuchungsverfahren eingeleitet, 13 von ihnen letztlich nach Anti-Terror-Paragraphen wie dem 270 und 289 angeklagt: "Politische Verschwörung vermittels einer Organisation, mit dem Ziel die Amtsausübung der Regierung zu stören, subversive Propaganda zu betreiben, die wirtschaftliche Ordnung des Staates gewaltsam umzustürzen". Ihre "politische Verschwörung" soll 20.000 Mitglieder gehabt haben.

Die Beweislage ist äußerst dünn (einziger konkreter Vorwurf: die Polizei mit Gemüse beworfen zu haben), es handelt sich um ein Gesinnungsverfahren ("psychische Beteiligung"). Mit dem Verfahren wird versucht, den Angeklagten die Organisierung des "Black Bloc" zu unterstellen, sie sollen gar mit Strukturen der Roten Brigaden vernetzt sein.Staatsanwalt Fiordalisi fordert insgesamt 50 Jahre Haft. Ein Urteilsspruch wird nun für den 24. April 2008 erwartet.

Смертники по воле ГАИ

Belarus, 12.03.2008 10:37

Library Staff Speak Out Against Uniforms and Management Bullying

United Kingdom, 12.03.2008 09:08

Over a year ago, a rumour was doing the rounds in Nottingham libraries about the introduction of uniforms for library staff. The union reps looked into it and it was brushed aside as 'not going to happen for ages'. A couple of months ago they were surpised to hear that the uniforms would suddenly be introduced by March. No consultation, no advanced notice. So why does the council feel there is a need for uniformed staff in our libraries? And why does it threaten its own staff members with dismissal if they were to speak openly about these changes?

One library assistant did decide to speak out. Barbara, who's identity we cannot reveal, has worked in Nottingham's libraries for many years. She told Notts Indymedia in an interview about her anger over the decision by the City Council to introduce uniforms. In addition, she talked about the depletion of library service resources and the bully tactics employed by City Council managers to keep its staff in line.

Interview: Nottingham Library Assistant Speaks Out About Uniforms And Bully Tactics

From the newswire: Changes To The Library Service | Nottingham Library workers still resisting uniforms | Make nottingham Real, not PR stunts, uniforms & pool closures

Links: Nottingham Library Service | Unison | Evening post coverage: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Sign the petition in support | Download poster (PDF)

March 22nd: Blueprint for Truth - The Architecture of Destruction

Seattle, 12.03.2008 06:08

Architect Richard Gage will hold a Brown Bag Lunch Discussion Group regarding how the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers were accomplished by controlled demolition.

Everyone is welcome.

City/State: Seattle, WA
Date: Saturday, March 22, 2008
Time: 7:00 PM
Topic: 9/11: Blueprint for Truth – The Architecture of Destruction
Speaker: Richard Gage, AIA
Venue: Museum of History and Industry

McCurdy Park
2700 24th Ave. E
Seattle, WA

Día Internacional de la Mujer Trabajadora en Rosario

Argentina, 12.03.2008 05:51

"Más derechos, menos flores"

Grannies Return to Recruiting Office on Good Friday

Portland, 12.03.2008 04:38

Save the Date! On Good Friday, March 21, the Seriously Pissed Off Grannies and Friends will hold the second annual vigil at the Army/Marine Recruiting Office at 1317 NE Broadway in Portland. Come show your support for bringing our soldiers home. Join the Grannies on March 21st at 11:00 at the NE Broadway Recruiting office.

In 2006 the Grannies were arrested for placing red tempera pint handprints on the windows of the recruiting office. They were charged with a misdemeanor and a violation. A jury found them innocent of the misdemeanor charge, but a judge fined them $100 each, calling their political speech "graffiti." That decision is under appeal.

ILWU to Shut Down West Coast Ports May 1 Demanding End to War in Iraq, Afghanistan

LA, 12.03.2008 04:09

ILWU to Shut Down West Coast Ports May 1 Demanding End to War in Iraq, Afghanistan

'The Wire''s War on the Drug War

DC, 12.03.2008 03:09

If asked to serve on a jury deliberating a violation of state or federal drug laws, we will vote to acquit, regardless of the evidence presented. Save for a prosecution in which acts of violence or intended violence are alleged, we will — to borrow Justice Harry Blackmun's manifesto against the death penalty — no longer tinker with the machinery of the drug war. No longer can we collaborate with a government that uses nonviolent drug offenses to fill prisons with its poorest, most damaged and most desperate citizens.

DC Schools Ban the Military's ASVAB Test

DC, 12.03.2008 03:09

School officials dump Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) after discovering true nature of test.

Oh, That Trillion Dollar Financial Bubble, It’s Leaking!

Baltimore, 12.03.2008 03:09

Author Charles R. Morris calls the current financial crisis, “The greatest credit bubble in history!” The roots of the coming financial crisis reach back through recent Republican history.

El 4 de Marzo el Banco Ciudad iba a rematar Roca Negra

Argentina, 12.03.2008 02:09

Roca Negra Logro La Suspensión del Remate


Argentina, 12.03.2008 02:09

Ellerbe Case Verdict

Pittsburgh, 12.03.2008 01:10

Jury says Michael Ellerbe was shot intentionally by State Troopers

March 13-16: Winter Soldier - Watch and Listen to Eyewitness Accounts

DC, 11.03.2008 23:09

Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan will be broadcast live. Here's how you can watch and listen:

WHAT ABOUT KRISTEN? New York Sex Worker Organizations Respond to Spitzer Scandal

NYC, 11.03.2008 22:09

New York, NY - In the last few days, Governor Eliot Spitzer has publicly admitted to being associated with an escort agency and is considering resignation. As sex worker advocates, we are concerned about the representation and fate of "Kristen" and sex workers who are being thrust into the spotlight because of the investigation into the Governor. We also share the widespread concern for Governor Spitzer's family.

March 12th: Briana Waters' Detention Hearing w/ Full update

Seattle, 11.03.2008 22:08

This is an update for those who have been following the trial of Briana Waters, a wonderful mother and violin teacher from the Bay area who to this day maintains her innocence of these charges she was just convicted of. We are going to continue doing our best to support her in the ongoing legal battle for justice.

5-year anniversary of Sparrow's death (aka Carson McCann)

Portland, 11.03.2008 20:39

5 years ago this morning, many people were mourning the loss of our dear friend Sparrow, aka Carson McCann. We have been mourning him ever since.

5 years ago this morning, many many people were mourning the loss of our dear friend Sparrow, aka Carson McCann. We have been mourning him ever since. But that does not mean we have not put our sorrow into action - and the action began just a few days after his death as you can see in this previous post.

Sparrow is in our thoughts and in our hearts with every day that passes, every precious forest that we hike through, and every sparrow that flies across our path. We love you and miss you Sparrow.

Forest defense community mourns the loss of our friend Sparrow | friends of Sparrow announce occupation of Straw Devil timber sale


Arizona, 11.03.2008 20:07

Event Will Document 24 Years of Zapatista Uprising; All Proceeds Will Directly Benefit Zapatista Communities

14 de marzo de 2008: D�a de protesta contra el BBVA!!

Euskal Herria, 11.03.2008 17:39

Este pr�ximo viernes, 14 de marzo, se celebrar� en Bilbao, en el Palacio Euskalduna, la junta de accionistas del BBVA. La fiesta del dinero!!! Este a�o celebrar�n que el BBVA gan� el a�o pasado 6.126 millones, un 29,4% m�s que en 2006, pese a la desaceleraci�n econ�mica.

Seg�n el economista mexicano Braulio Moro, que estuvo recientemente en una serie de charlas por Euskal Herria, estos enormes beneficios son fruto del ?expolio gracias a las alianzas entre el BBVA y las oligarqu�as de diferentes pa�ses centro y sudamericanos?. Actualmente el BBVA tiene una presencia muy importante en Am�rica Latina siendo el segundo banco en vol�menes gestionados y el primero en la gesti�n de planes de pensiones y seguros. El BBVA tiene bancos en todos los pa�ses sudamericanos (un total de 15), y sucursales y oficinas en otros 21. El BBVA es adem�s financiador en este continente de compa��as y proyectos de un gran impacto ecol�gico y humano como las petroleras Repsol YPF (hasta 2006) y Petrobr�s, finalmente expulsada de ecuador por sus impactos y la energ�tica Iberdrola, todas ellas extendidas por todo Latinoam�rica. Tambi�n financi� oleoductos que supusieron delitos ecol�gicos importantes como el OCP (Ecuador), el Gasyrg (Bolivia) y el de Camisea (Per�) donde adem�s financi� un proyecto de gas licuado (Bloque 88) en plena Amazonia. Tambi�n financi� en un 50% de la megafactor�a de celulosa de la espa�ola ENCE en Uruguay, y minas a cielo abierto en Chile y Per�.

Por todo esto una serie de colectivos (Ekologistak Martxan, Kakitzat, Komite Internazionalistak, KEM-MOC, Pakea eta Duintasuna, STEE-EILAS y CGT) han convocado para ese mismo viernes a las 10:30 una concentraci�n frente al Palacio Euskalduna. Acudamos a fastidiarles un poco la fiesta del expolio!!!!

M�s informaci�n: |BBVAghhh!!|

&quot;Five Years Is Too Many&quot; Rally - Marking the 5th Anniversary of the Iraq War

Rogue Valley, 11.03.2008 16:39

Medford peace rally will mark 5th anniversary of Iraq War

Saturday, March 15, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Gather at Alba Park, 8th & Holly Streets
Medford, Oregon

A father whose son is in harm's way in Iraq, several Veterans for Peace, the Rogue Valley Peace Choir, a history professor and a Republican turned anti-war activist will headline the "5 Years Too Many: End the War NOW!" rally and march this Saturday, March 15th in Alba Park. The event will feature a colorful march through downtown Medford.

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