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International Women's Day

United States, 17.03.2008 00:07

Women Together/Mujeres Unidas celebrated with a potluck and share of stories at the Pleasant Street Neighborhood Network Center. Around thirty women told wonderful stories of strength honoring their mothers and grandmothers. From an Indian poem , the mothers of Plaza de Mayo story, to anonymous immigrant mothers and their struggle to survive with their children made an energy of unity flow among us. Read More

More IWD08 Coverage: From Philly IMC: March 8 Events Connect the Dots Between War and the Oppression of Women Worldwide and Iraqi Women Quietly Endure Horrors of War | | | From LA IMC: Women Close Downtown LA Street; Brave NY Storm in 8th March Commemoration and Women Say Fund Caregiving Not War & Occupation | | | From Indybay: Events Around the Bay Area to Observe International Women's Day and Women's Month

Portland Police and the radicals 3/15

Portland, 16.03.2008 22:39

The Portland Police Bureau wasted no time in singling out the "black bloc." (Which was really just a group of people, mostly dressed in black, as the black bloc is a tactic, not a group.) They did this by having officers stand on all sides of the gathering that did not lead into the tent/tabling area, which had a foot patrol circling it. It bears mentioning that the radicals numbered about 15 to 20, as did the number of police assigned to watch them.

When the march began, the radical contingent joined in near, but not at the front of the parade. They were quickly flanked by bicycle cops, who seemed to favor the right side of the march. A group with a banner tried to take to the sidewalk. The police, using their bikes as a weapons, forced them back to the sidewalk. Around the next corner the police created a hostile situation by aggressively removing a single individual from the sidewalk, which according to city ordinance. is a part of the parade route. However, calmer heads prevailed, and the cops did not get the fight they were looking for. The rest of the parade went without altercation, though at least one group was followed by police as they were leaving.


Portland, 16.03.2008 22:39

After 5 years of protesting, another KFC has closed down. We met at NE 7th & Weidler today and looked at what remains of the old KFC there...not much! Signs, Colonel and grisly pictures of animal parts, are gone. What remains is merely a ghostly shadow of its former tacky self.

Thank you, volunteers, for sacrificing 5 years of grueling, tedious, sometimes hilarious and deeply rewarding work on behalf of the world's most abused animals: chickens. Activists have staged more than 12,000 protests in front of KFCs since the launch of the campaign in 2003. They've crawled into cages, tied on bikinis in freezing cold, walked around on stilts and stood for hours in drenching rain, aging the chicken costumes.

(Fast Food update -- It was announced herein that 60% of all fast food produced in the U.S. is shipped to China and India. On March 13, 2008 it was announced on NPR that Brazilian company JBS plans to acquire two more U.S. meat-packing companies, giving this company 30 percent of the American market.)

Candlelight Vigil this Tuesday in Ashland

Rogue Valley, 16.03.2008 21:09

Candlelight vigil on the Plaza in Ashland

Alternative Media Blossoms in Nottingham

United Kingdom, 16.03.2008 20:08

A number of alternative media projects have sprung up in Nottingham over the past months. In February the Riseup Radio project was launched, and this month sees a new edition of the Nottingham Sparrow, and steps towards the launch of a GreenZine aimed at young people.

Meanwhile, Notts Indymedia continues to go from strength to strength, with an astonishing number of contributions. In February, we hosted the UK Indymedia gathering, during which we were approached to produce a Nottingham pullout for The Mule newspaper. We hope that all of these projects flourish in the year to come, but they all need people to help make them work. That's where you come in!

Feature: Nottingham Hosts UK Indymedia Gathering

Newswire: GreenZine Open Meeting | Rebel bulletin The Nottingham Sparrow - March 2008 - No.3 | Riseup! Radio: #2 The March Show Now Online | Notts Indymedia Indymedia Topic Page

Links: The Mule | Riseup Radio | Nottingham Sparrow

March 15 World Without War: A Day of Resistance and Hope

Portland, 16.03.2008 19:38

Stop the War,
Bring the Troops Home Now!
South Park Blocks, Portland
March 15th, 2008

PDX Peace coalition is hosting an all-day event with an action camp, march and rally, and more opportunities for Portland to explore what we can do to end this war and prevent the next one. Can you help build a World Without War? Spread the word! New posters, flyers, handbills, stickers and buttons are now available! Download flyers or find pick-up location.

Speakers at the 2:00 PM rally include:
*Zahra Sultan, Iraqi Social Worker, director of
* Sean Lewis, First Gulf War Veteran, member of Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans for Peace Chapter 72
* Bob Watada, father of Lt. Ehren Watada, the first Commissioned Officer to refuse deployment to Iraq
* Andrea Cano, Executive Director, Oregon Farm Worker Ministry
* Youth organizers Terell Wilson, freshman at Madison H.S. and Lizo Wallace, United Voices Youth Program
* Barbara Dudley, Professor in the Hatfield School of Government, former Executive Director of Greenpeace USA
* Tom Chamberlain, President of Oregon AFL-CIO

Intifada comes to Tibet 30 dead

Arkansas, 16.03.2008 16:09

China ordered tourists out of Tibet's capital Saturday while troops on foot and in armored vehicles patrolled the streets and confined government workers to their offices, a day after riots that a Tibetan exile group said left at least 30 protesters dead.

201 Layoffs Loom for PVUSD Teachers, Nurses and School Support Staff

Santa Cruz, CA, 16.03.2008 13:08

Maestra writes, "The Pajaro Valley Unified School District board of trustees voted to send pink slips to 201 teachers, nurses, and school support staff. In a desperate move to balance a budget and save their own jobs, the administrators of PVUSD have decided not to trim the fat from the top of the pyramid, rather preserving their high salary positions while instead removing a possible 130 teachers from the classroom. What does this look like for students? Larger class size, for one."

Попытка нападения на акцию ЕВБ

Belarus, 16.03.2008 11:07

ESL Teachers To Go On Strike

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.03.2008 08:08

Teachers at the San Francisco Institute of English will go on strike starting Monday, March 17 at 8:30 am to demand livable wages and the return of health care benefits. The English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers have not had a cost-of-living adjustment in 12 years and have been without health care benefits since 2004. The strikers are asking for community support on the picket line and for their strike fund.

Sixth Annual Rally in the Valley for Peace and Justice ... Now!

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.03.2008 05:13

The Sixth Annual Rally in the Valley for Peace and Justice ... Now! was organized by Peace Fresno. Shortly before the event Scott Key, Peace Fresno president, said "once more we will Rally to insist that enough is enough. We must stop the immoral and unjust Occupation of Iraq. We must stop the immoral, unjust, and senseless killing of more than a million Iraqis and of more than four thousand of our own troops. We must stop spending $1 trillion plus per year on war and preparing for war and on subsidizing the wealthy corporations that support this military killing machine. As a nation, we must take the lead in establishing peace and justice for all, both nationally and globally."


santiago, 16.03.2008 03:38

Detienen a 2 personas relacionadas con el asesinato del Cabo Moyano

Protests Mark Five Years of US War on Iraq

LA, 16.03.2008 03:08

Protests Mark Five Years of US War on Iraq

Imagenes Marcha del Dia de la Mujer

Argentina, 15.03.2008 22:08

Protest marks anniversary of brutal Iraq occupation

Scotland, 15.03.2008 21:09

Around a thousand people attended a demonstration in Glasgow to mark the fifth anniversary of the start of the brutal occupation of Iraq, and to call for troops to get out of Iraq, Afghanistan and freedom for Palestine. One polish anarchist was de-arrested at the demo.

Aotearoa Anarcha-Feminist Gathering in Otautahi / Christchurch

Aotearoa, 15.03.2008 21:09

An anarcha-feminist gathering will take place in Otautahi / Christchurch iver ANZAC weekend. [ Call Out ]

Dates: Friday 25 April – noon Sunday 27 April 2008 (ANZAC weekend) Starts at 10am on Friday. The programme goes til noon on Sunday (for those who need to leave) but we will stay to 4pm (for those who can) to fit in all the bits that no doubt spill over, and cleanup.

Venue: The Old Vicarage, 8 Governor's Bay-Teddington Road, Governor's Bay (On Banks Peninsula, 30 mins drive from central Otautahi / Christchurch). We will be surrounded by gardens, with hills all around and a view of the sea. Close to a very lovely swimming beach.

Links: Call Out | Anarcha-feminist Stitch'n'Bitch (2005) | Join the Anarcha-feminist network of Aotearoa | | infoshop |


Arizona, 15.03.2008 19:37

Patagonia, Santa Rita Mountains Under Threat by Open Pit Mining

Renewed protests against depleted uranium

Scotland, 15.03.2008 19:09

DU testing in the south of Scotland happened again for the first time in 5 years, conducted by QinetiQ on behalf of the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Renewed protests occurred from the Coalition Against DU and Green MSP's speaking out in the Scottish Parliament. The testing occurs as the banning of the hazardous ammunition is discussed by the United Nations [1]

Citizen Weapon Inspectors breached security at the Dunnaedan testing range [2]

International Coalition Against Depleted Uranium website

Migration to new Server

Houston, 15.03.2008 15:40

2/28 Houston IMC has Migrated to a new Server!

Democratic Process Sweeps Harris County

Houston, 15.03.2008 15:40

3/5 Democratic Process Sweeps Harris County, will return in 4-8 years

The Movement Against Apartheid in Palestine

Houston, 15.03.2008 15:40

The Movement Against Apartheid in Palestine

5 years too many

Houston, 15.03.2008 15:40

5 years too many: Houston events marking the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq

Berlin: Abzocke durch Wassergeheimverträge

Germany, 15.03.2008 14:38

Der Berliner Senat hat das Volxbegehren "Unser Wasser" zur Offenlegung der Geheimverträge der teilprivatisierten Berliner Wasserbetriebe abgelehnt. Der rot-rote Senat, will das "Eigentumsrecht" der Konzerne RWE/Veolia schützen. Nicht schützenswert hingegen seiner Ansicht nach, das Eigentum aller Berliner_innen. Nach Informationen des Berliner Wassertisches sind die Preise durch die Renditezahlungen an die Konzerne um 30,9 Prozent zu hoch. Kein Wunder, dass die Verträge daher im Giftschrank verbleiben.
Fast 40.000 Unterschriften (36.062 gültige Unterschriften)wurden in der ersten Stufe für das Volxbegehren "Schluss mit Geheimverträgen - Wir Berliner wollen unser Wasser zurück" zur Zulassung gesammelt. Der rot-rote Senat lehnte die Zulassung jedoch aus fadenscheinigen juristische Gründen ab. Jetzt folgt der Schritt, die Zulassung vor dem Verfassungsgericht einzuklagen.
Ältere Indyartikel zum Thema Privatisierung von Wasser 1 | 2 | 3

Direct Action and Rally Planned at Chevron Richmond Refinery

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.03.2008 10:08

A coalition which includes health, environmental and anti-war organizers are calling for people to shut down the Chevron refinery for the day of Saturday, March 15th in support of community efforts to stop Chevron from expanding its Richmond refinery, which will increase pollution and cause asthma, cancer and rising death rates in surrounding communities. Protest organizers say that Chevron is driving the war and occupation in Iraq, refining over a million barrels of stolen Iraqi oil in Richmond a month, and actively lobbying for the privatization of Iraq's oil fields. Chevron's Richmond refinery produces over two million pounds of climate-poisoning, smog-forming and toxic air and water pollutants each year.

Sammy Galvan Wrongful Death Lawsuit Dismissed

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.03.2008 10:08

A Federal jury delivered their verdict on March 14 in the Sammy Galvan wrongful death lawsuit. The jurors unanimously agreed to dismiss the lawsuit, agreeing with the defense that the officers who shot and killed Sammy Galvan, were justified and did so because they believed their lives were in danger.

GI RIGHTS RALLY On 5th Anniversary of the War

Seattle, 15.03.2008 03:38

1) Info on GI Rights Rally at Ft. Lewis, WA
2) Other NW 5th Anniversary of the War events

Whaling Season Comes To A Close

Seattle, 15.03.2008 03:38

There are less than 10 days left in the Japanese whaling season, and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s ship, the Steve Irwin, has reached the limit of its fuel reserves.

“We have no alternative but to retreat from the Southern Ocean,” said Captain Paul Watson, Founder and President of Sea Shepherd. “We have just enough fuel to make it back to port. We’ve done everything we can do down here for this season, and it has been an enormous success. I believe we have saved the lives of over 500 whales.”

Freiburger Strassenpunx ziehen auf den Eselswinkel

Germany, 15.03.2008 00:09

 Nach mehreren Jahren haben die Freiburger Strassenpunx ihren Kampf für einen Wagenplatz im Februar 2008 endlich gewonnen. Der Zuzugsstopp für den städtischen Wagenplatz Eselswinkel wurde nach mehr als drei Jahren aufgehoben. Anfang März sind die Strassenpunx auf dem Eselswinkel eingezogen.

Inhalt: Vorgeschichte (1995-2006) | Besetzungen (2006-2008) | Widerstand hat Zukunft | Bisher | Ergænzungen

Links: Chronologie der Strassenpunx | Strassenpunx Artikelsammlung

godz. 13.00, Sob 15 marca 2008r. @Warszawa: Globalny protest. Nie chcemy być okupantem. Nie chcemy być tarczą. Nie chcemy atak na Iran!

Torun, 15.03.2008 00:08

guerra (ca)

Barcelona, 14.03.2008 22:09

Manifestació aturem la guerra: Ara, com fa 5 anys... No a la guerra!

Dissabte 15 de març, 17h - Plaça Universitat

* Tropes fora de l’Iraq i d’Afganistan * Cap atac a l’Iran * Justícia per a Palestina

Fa 5 anys milions de persones d'arreu del món van aixecar la seva veu contra l’amenaça de guerra contra l’Iraq. Ara, és evident que la guerra només ha empitjorat la situació a la regió.

A Iraq, milions de persones són refugiades; desenes de milers de iraquians són presoners dels ocupants; i els sistemes sanitari i educatiu estan destruïts. L'any passat a Afganistan hi va haver més combats que en qualsevol moment desde l'inici de l'ocupació al 2001. A Palestina, la població pateix els efectes del boicot econòmic i dels atacs israelians, duts a terme amb el suport dels governs d'EUA i Europa. Arreu del món, els atacs als drets humans s'estenen cada cop més; fa poc s'ha complet el 6è aniversari de la presó de Guantánamo...

Les mentides ara són les mateixes que fa 5 anys i mentre les guerres i les ocupacions continuin, les protestes també!

+info:: Aturem la guerra ::: Guerra

guerra (es)

Barcelona, 14.03.2008 22:09

Manifestación paremos la guerra: Ahora, como hace 5 años...No a la guerra!

Sábado 15 de marzo, 17h - Plaza Universitat

* Tropas fuera de Iraq y Afganistan * Ningún ataque a Iran * Justicia para Palestina

Hace 5 años millones de personas de todas partes del mundo alzaron su voz contra la amenaza de guerra contra Iraq. Ahora, es evidente que la guerra solo ha empeorado la situación en la región.

En Iraq, millones de personas son refugiadas, decenas de miles de irquianes son presos de los ocupantes y los sistemas sanitario y educativo estan destruidos. El año pasado en Afganistan hubo más combates que en cualquier momento desde el inicio de la ocupación en el 2001. En Palestina, la población sufre los mismos efectos del boicot económico y de los ataques israelianos, llevados a cabo con el apoyo de goviernos de EUA y Europa. En todas partes del mundo, los ataques a los derechos humanos se extienden cada vez más; hace poco se ha cumplido el 6o aniversario de la prisión ilegal de Guantánamo...

Las mentiras ahora son las mismas que hace 5 años y mientras las guerras y las ocupaciones continuen, las protestas también!

+info:: Aturem la guerra ::: Guerra

Scott Ritter, former UN Weapons Inspector, Speaks in New Orleans

New Orleans, 14.03.2008 20:40

Scott Ritter, former UN Weapons Inspector, Speaks in New Orleans

Indian shipyard workers accuse their employer of human trafficking and forced labor

New Orleans, 14.03.2008 20:40

Indian shipyard workers accuse their employer of human trafficking and forced labor

Represión en SIDOR. La huelga es un derecho.

Venezuela, 14.03.2008 19:37

WYPR President Chats About Their New Host With a Protester

Baltimore, 14.03.2008 19:08

WYPR President Tony Brandon refuses to reverse his Feb. 1, 2008 decision to eliminate the important Maryland public-radio news program: The Marc Steiner Show. Today he spoke with a protester.

Demonstrate outside City Hall on Tuesday in Favor of Housing for ALL

Baltimore, 14.03.2008 19:08

Come join us on Tuesday outside of City Hall to demand that Baltimore City not close down the Code Blue Shelter and to demonstrate in favor of permanent, affordable housing FOR ALL!

¿Una policía fuera de control? - Segunda parte -

Argentina, 14.03.2008 18:09

Esa maldita costumbre

Protests During 5th Anniversary of US Bombing and Invasion of Iraq

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.03.2008 17:08

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008 marks the five-year anniversary of the beginning of the US war and occupation of Iraq. Events will be held all over the United States to observe and protest the ongoing war and its environmental, societal, and financial tolls. The Iraq war is the second longest in U.S. history. It has killed more than one million Iraqis and 4,000 U.S. troops. The cost of the war is now running at more than $400 million per day, nearly $5,000 per second. In San Francisco, there will be direct actions throughout the day on the 19th, as well as an ANSWER march.

Winter Soldier: Iraq &amp; Afghanistan

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.03.2008 17:08

In 1971, Vietnam veterans held a conference that they called the Winter Soldier Investigation, to speak out about what was really going on in the Vietnam War. 37 years later, Iraq War vets are holding their own Winter Soldier: Iraq & Afghanistan, at which US veterans will testify about their experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan. The conference is taking place from March 13th through 16th in Washington, D.C. A group of Vietnam vets from Portland stopped in Fresno on the way to Winter Soldier. KPFA will be suspending regular programming to broadcast Winter Soldier.

Protesters Take On Arnold's Proposed Cuts To Education

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.03.2008 17:08

On March 11th, hundreds of protesters gathered in San Francisco, calling for the state to prioritize California's children and their education and demanding job security for educators. Governor Schwarzenegger's 2008-09 budget proposes a $4.8 billion cut in state education funds. Preparing for this eventuality, the San Francisco Board of Education sent out 535 pink slips to teachers and administrators this week.


Oost-Vlaanderen, 14.03.2008 16:07

Geslaagde directe axie te Brussel tegen agrobrandstofmarkt

NEWSFLASH Confirmed Prisoner taken through Shannon for Torture

Ireland, 14.03.2008 13:08

Amnesty Report Amnesty International have announce ...

Peoples Property campaign and venders protest inside City Hall

DC, 14.03.2008 11:11

JIM GRAHAM'S NEXT RE-ELECTION SLOGAN: "CAN YOU DIG IT?" Beginning at noon on March 13, a joint protest of the People's Property Campaign and opponents of proposed draconian new vending regulations converged on the Wilson Building, taking over the halls going from one council office to another… Audio via 87.9FM, "the SQUAT"

Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy, NY Closed by City for Controversial Art Installation

United States, 14.03.2008 11:07

Troy, NY -- An art installation closed by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute last Thursday (March 5) was shut down this morning (March 11), a day after it re-opened at The Sanctuary for Independent Media. The shutdown happened the day after a top Troy official organized a protest condemning the piece, by Iraqi-born artist Wafaa Bilal, as pro-terrorist. The censorship has set into motion a struggle for free speech and against city corruption.

Bilal's "Virtual Jihadi" video-art is part of of a month-long celebration of art, freedom and democracy at The Sanctuary for Independent Media -- which features culture jammers The Yes Men, film maker Pam Yates and the Critical Art Ensemble's Professor Steve Kurtz -- and is itself designed to raise issues of government intimidation and censorship under the guise of counter-terrorism. Read More with Audio | | | Video: From TroyisFree | From Sanctuary TV | | | Feature from Rochester IMC | Censored Art Stirs the Pot in Troy, NY | Wafaa Bilal: Speech in a Democracy | Free Troy Letters Blog | Virtual Jihadi Wiki

Long Live Melbourne Indymedia

Melbourne, 14.03.2008 05:48

The Life and Times of Melbourne Indymedia

Critical Mass Miami: Coral Gables Ride on Saturday March 15th

Miami, 14.03.2008 05:07

Critical Mass Miami: Coral Gables Ride on Saturday March 15th


Arizona, 14.03.2008 05:07

Prayer Gatherings, Panel Discussion, and Benefit Concert Planned in Flagstaff to Support Indigenous Rights

15 de marzo: No a la guerra!! no a la ocupaci�n!!

Euskal Herria, 14.03.2008 00:09

El pr�ximo d�a 20 de marzo se va a cumplir el quinto aniversario de la guerra contra Iraq. Cinco a�os despu�s los muertos ya no caben en los informativos y al contrario de lo que dec�a la propaganda oficial, la guerra no ha tra�do ni m�s paz ni mas democracia en Oriente Medio sino que se ha convertido en la cobertura para justificar la ocupaci�n del territorio y el expolio de los recursos naturales y energ�ticos de Iraq.

El mundo no es definitivamente un lugar mas seguro; el recorte de libertades y derechos, la criminalizaci�n de la disidencia, las detenciones ilegales, la tortura, los secuestros, las prisiones secretas y las que no lo son tanto...todo vale en la lucha contra el "terrorismo", todo vale para imponer un nuevo orden mundial.

Hace 5 a�os, millones de personas de todo el mundo alzaron su voz contra la amenaza y posterior invasi�n de Irak. A�o tras a�o seguimos denunciando esta situaci�n de ocupaci�n y guerra y este a�o seguimos protestando frente a esta barbarie y frente a un orden internacional basado en el incremento de las desigualdades sociales, el militarismo y la guerra. En Euskal Herria los movimientos sociales tambi�n quieren mostrar su rechazo a este intervencionismo y los desastres que acarrean:

  • BILBO: Martxoak 15 Arriaga Plazan 17:30etan
  • DONOSTIA Martxoak 15 Boulevardean 18:00etan
  • IRU�EA Martxoak 15 Plza del Castillo 18:00etan

M�s informaci�n: |Komite Internazionalistak|, |Rueda de prensa en Bilbo|, |Irak: cinco a�os despu�s, seguir reivindicando el no a la guerra|, |Comunicado de la concentraci�n de Madrid|.

Plan Announced To Spray Toxic Biological Chemicals Over San Francisco

Santa Cruz, CA, 13.03.2008 20:39

On January 24th, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Chuck Conner announced the availability of $74.5 million in emergency funding to combat the light brown apple moth (LBAM) "infestation" in California. President Bush's recent budget proposal sent to Congress sets aside $330 Million to eradicate plant pests, like the LBAM. It is unprecedented to design a long term plan to spray chemicals on people, which are untested for safety.

Terra Sim Barragem Não

Brasil, 13.03.2008 20:38


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