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Five Minutes of Stillness Remembering Five Years of War

DC, 19.03.2008 13:09

Five Minutes of Stillness Remembering Five Years of War March 19th, 2008 5pm

G8 Exhibition open in Edinburgh

Scotland, 19.03.2008 12:09

From Monday March 18th until the 30th the gallery space at the Forest Cafe in Edinburgh is hosting an exhibition of 50 photos from last years anti-G8 protests in Rostock, Germany.

Reacciones ante el atentado de ETA

Euskal Herria, 19.03.2008 09:08

Debido a la gran cantidad de comentarios, la pluralidad y diversidad de opiniones de la red de usuarias de Indymedia EH en relaci�n al atentado de ETA a Isaias "ex-concejal" en Arrasate, desde el equipo editorial hemos decidido recopilarlos para reivindicar la importancia del dialogo y de la escucha para ir tejiendo discursos, posicionamientos y actitudes que suscitan las acciones de ETA.

Porque nos incube a personas, movimientos sociales y pol�ticos que somos de y vivimos en Euskal Herria, y vistas las posturas divergentes de estos �ltimos d�as en Indy EH, creemos importante superar nuestras rencillas, prejuicios y miedos y tratar de compartir nuestros disensos y posturas enfrentadas.

Esto tiene mayor capacidad de hacer pa�s si se realiza en las calles y espacios comunes de la vida en sociedad, pero se ha constatado, una vez m�s, que espacios como Indymedia EH pueden ser una herramienta para construir nuestro futuro mediante el di�logo y la discusi�n. Somos conscientes que un medio horizontal y libre como Indymedia se hace dif�cil de leer dado lo engorroso de algunos de estos debates. M�s alla de los insultos, malas contestaciones y t�picos de algunas de las discusiones; creemos que es importante presentarlas tal y como han llegado.

Anarchy Week in the Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.03.2008 05:17

Every March, anarchists from around the Bay Area and the Americas come together for a week in which they celebrate anarchism with a number of different kinds of events. 8 Days of Anarchy begins and concludes with discussions at the Long Haul in Berkeley. The Anarchist Cafe will return to San Francisco on Friday night, March 21st. The Anarchist Bookfair will again take place on both Saturday and Sunday. The BASTARD Conference will be held at UC Berkeley on Sunday, March 24th.

BREAKING NEWS: Anti-War Actions in SF, Berkeley

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.03.2008 05:17

BREAKING NEWS: Anti-War Actions in SF, Berkeley, Bay Area

8:30 am: Bikes Not Bombs assembling at Justin Herman Plaza in SF
8:00 am: Two snake marches leave Sansome and Market, one north on Sansome in the street and one west on Market sidewalk
7:30 am: People meeting at Sansome and Market in SF

GREECE: Fight against the reform of the social insurance

Athens, 19.03.2008 03:59

The state and your boss remind you: "Working makes you free" ("arbeit macht frei")

CALL TO ACTION! Protest Vicente Fox's Visit to PDX

Portland, 19.03.2008 03:59

Join local groups this Wednesday, March 19, at 5:30 PM, to protest the former head of Latin American Coca Cola and ex-president of Mexico Vicente Fox's lecture at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. Fox is known for his hand in creating the exploitative Plan Puebla Panama, his support of FTAA and NAFTA, and his readiness to answer grassroots resistance with violent repression in Texacoco, Atenco, Chiapas, and Oaxaca. Fox will be speaking on "Border Crossings: Immigration, Free Trade, and Security". Let's show him the door, in solidarity with those he has oppressed.

Funk The War is Almost Here!

Portland, 19.03.2008 03:59

It's almost time for Funk the War! Meet at 12:30 tomorrow at Terry-Shrunk Park (SW 3rd and Madison) to say no to war and disrupt business as usual for local war profiteers (the specific local war profiteer will be announced at the park). No more profiteering in Portland! No more funding of war in our community!


Uruguay, 19.03.2008 03:59

Alto a los asesinatos y amenazas contra los organizadores de la marcha del 6 de marzo!!!

Report back from Gluaiseacht Anti Shell actions in London

Ireland, 19.03.2008 03:59

Gluaiseacht travellers home from succesful trip to ...

SBB Cargo: Streik in Bellinzona

Switzerland, 19.03.2008 03:58

Die SBB-Tochtergesellschaft SBB Cargo will über 400 Stellen abbauen. Betroffen sind die Standorte Bellinzona (Lokomotiv- und Güterwagen-Werkstätte), Fribourg (Kunden Service Center), Biel (Kesselwagen-Unterhalt) und Basel (Hauptsitz). Am 7. März 2008 ist die gesamte Belegschaft im Industriewerk (IW) Bellinzona in den Streik getreten. Dies ist der erste Streik im Bahnsektor seit dem Generalstreik 1918.

March 17-19 Schedule of Protests on 5th Ann of Iraq War and Other Events

DC, 18.03.2008 17:09

Add to list. Updated regularly.

Liberter Komünizm!

Istanbul, 18.03.2008 17:09

Mücadele Bir Çember Gibidir Başladığında sondasın; fakat hiçbir zaman en son noktada!

Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan

NYC, 18.03.2008 16:38

Photos by Gabriella Spzunt

Starhawk deported from Israel

Portland, 18.03.2008 15:40

Starhawk has been deported from Israel, where she was scheduled to teach a permaculture course in Palestine. Author, activist, and Reclaiming co-founder Starhawk has been refused entry and deported from Israel. Starhawk (born Miriam Simos, a descendant of Russian Jewish immigrants), who was there to teach a permaculture course in the northern West Bank, has long been critical of Israel's policies concerning the Palestinian-controlled West Bank and Gaza. A stance that very likely prompted the deportation order.

"Starhawk, author of many works celebrating the Goddess movement and Earth-based, feminist spirituality arrived in Tel Aviv Wednesday, 12 March. She was here to help teach a permaculture course in the northern West Bank as well as working with earth activists to develop a project in the Bethlehem area. Dr. Joanne Taylor, a British psychologist commented on the deportation "clearly the Israeli authorities are paranoid even about letting people grow crops and conserve rainwater on their own land." Declaring herself as 'a peace, environmental, and global justice activist and trainer, a permaculture designer and teacher, a Pagan and Witch', perhaps this earthy combination was just too threatening for the powers that be."

Square dance funraiser for IWW Restaurant Workers

Portland, 18.03.2008 15:40

Square dancing with a cause!!!

IWW Restaurant Workers Fund-raiser Square Dance (and Bake Sale!)
[Saturday] March 22nd Liberty Hall (311 N. Ivy) 6:30-10pm

Portland Animal Defense League Meeting

Portland, 18.03.2008 15:40

You are invited to the PDX-ADL bi-weekly collective organizing meeting where we will be discussing current and future campaigns on behalf of animals, as well as trainings and upcoming events.

Please join us!

Wednesday, March 19th
Red & Black Cafe, SE 12th and Oak

Radical Eco-Feminist West Coast Spring Tour 2008

Portland, 18.03.2008 15:40

This Spring, two womyn from the Portland Animal Defense League, Rising Tide North America and Stumptown Earth First! will be on tour in your area with an interactive and engaging presentation. They will be offering a two hour presentation on radical eco-feminism and environmental ethics. Eco-feminism is the social movement that regards the oppression of women and nature as interconnected. It is one of the few movements and analysis that actually connects two movements. Consequently it is now better understood as a movement working against the interconnected oppressions of gender, ethnicity, class and nature.

This is a two part workshop which dives into recognizing the need for radical analysis over reformist thinking- working to drastically change the system rather than working within it. Using the method of popular education called a mind-map, the presentation draws direct links and parallels between radical-feminism and environmentalism exploring eco-activisms' need for radical feminism. And finally, it displays the reasons it is so important to include animal liberation into the radical-feminist-environmental analysis. It is interactive and provides plenty of time for discussion.

You may have seen part of this workshop at the EF! Rendezvous in Indiana or on the Rising Tide North America Climate Justice Action Tour last summer.

Northwest stops include:

  • March 22- Portland- PSU
  • March 23- Olympia- Evergreen
  • March 24- Portland- Reed College
Interviews available by email.

Direct Action Campout Wednesday at Portland National Guard Camp

Portland, 18.03.2008 15:40

Camp Withycombe is an Oregon Army National Guard camp in SE Portland, just south of Clackamas, and it is so close to where we live, there is no excuse not to blockade it right NOW! You can even ride the BUS there. So we're GOING to blockade it. Read on... Yeah, it's short notice. So what? Everyone's been itching for more action and now they're gonna get it.

After the "Funk the War" event in downtown Portland this Wednesday, everybody is invited to join an action to blockade the gates of the Oregon Army National Guard's Camp Withycombe just south of Clackamas Town Center. This is presuming the dance-actions at the offices of local war profiteers are going to be over too quick and be far too symbolic to satisfy many of us. By all means we should keep those actions going as long as we can, but if they run out of steam there's a surefire way to liven things back up: we can square off against the military ITSELF.

Clearing up Misinfo | more on Camp Withycombe "Military Museum" | More info on the Camp | San Fransisco Anti-authoritarian call to Action March 19th

Anarchist group claims responsibility for torched police cars

Portland, 18.03.2008 14:39

A group calling itself Collectif Ton P?re has claimed responsibility for torching six Montreal Police cruisers in Hochelaga Maisonneuve early last Friday. Hours after the cars were set on fire at Station 23 on Hochelaga St., the group sent a message to Indymedia-Qu?bec, an alternative news outlet on the Internet, claiming they were behind the attack.

"This was an action against increasing oppression in the neighbourhood and everywhere else exploitation exists," the message wrote. It also urged people to torch not only police cars, but the "homes and hotels of capitalists." The arson attack occurred a day before a protest against police brutality where 47 people were arrested.

According to the message sent to Indymedia-Qu?bec, the group was also acting in "solidarity with aboriginals who are fighting for their freedom and autonomy."

original post at

Raw Vegan Food not Bombs

Portland, 18.03.2008 14:39

every tuesday! free raw vegan food!

5:30 at nw couch and nw park, by the elephant and across from Powells technical books.

IVAW Winter Soldier Harvard Square Support Action

Boston, 18.03.2008 14:08

On March 13-16 in Washington, DC, the Iraq Veterans Against The War conducted the "Winter Soldier" hearings on the 5th anniversary of the Iraq war. Former US military who were in Iraq and Afghanistan testified about US war crimes in the 2 wars and dramatically condemned the Bush administration and Pentagon for starting the wars. The DC hearings were broadcast live on the internet and they were seen by the public at the Universiyt of Massachusetts Boston on Friday and the First Parish Church in Harvard Square, Cambridge on this past Saturday 3-15. A good turnout showed up in Cambridge Saturday to watch the IVAW Winter Soldier hearings. Local media, including the Boston Globe, covered the event. People took anti-war signs and a bullhorn outside to Harvard Square to make the public aware of the Winter Soldier proceedings.

Vicdani retçi İsmail Saygı tutuklandı

Istanbul, 18.03.2008 11:38


Athens, 18.03.2008 11:09

"Arbeit macht frei" - Το Κράτος και τ' Αφεντικά σας ενημερώνουν ότι "Η Εργασία Απελευθερώνει"

Free Tibet Protests across Aotearoa - 19th March 2008

Aotearoa, 18.03.2008 10:08

Thousands of Tibetans are rising up against Chinese oppression right now. Chinese authorities are cracking down heavily on protests in Lhasa that began on March the 10th. This appears to be the largest uprising in Tibet since 1989, and if unconfirmed reports are true, there may be more Tibetan casualties in the streets of Lhasa than at any time since 1959. The protest comes at a time of escalating human rights abuses in Tibet, despite China's promise of improvements in human rights ahead of the Olympics. While political leaders in the US, Canada and Australia are speaking out, New Zealand remains silent. What message does this send to China, the country about to host the Olympic games?

Tibetans in NZ, and all over the world, their friends and family, Buddhists, supporters of Tibet, human rights advocates and peace activists are calling for the Chinese government to stop the oppression now.

Protests in Aotearoa on Wenesday, 19th March 2008

  • Wellington: 5.30pm Parliament
  • Auckland: Aotea Sq, 5.30 pm
  • Christchurch: Cathedral Sq, 5pm
  • Dunedin: Otago Uni lawn, 12.30


Uruguay, 18.03.2008 03:38

Alto a los asesinatos y amenazas contra los organizadores de la marcha del 6 de marzo!!!

From the Newswire

Perth, 18.03.2008 02:39

Tibetans rise up: 60 years of pain and suffering

16 Mart katliamları protesto edildi

Istanbul, 18.03.2008 01:39

16 Mart Beyazıt ve Halepçe katliamları protesto edildi

It Rained On Our Parade Today.........

Portland, 17.03.2008 23:38

Thousands of people gathered together in the South Park Blocks near Portland State University in Portland Oregon today, March 15, 2008, to commemorate the 5th year of the Iraq invasion and Occupation, which began on March 19, 2003. Despite the drizzle, the rain, the downpours and even the hail at one point, the event was well attended.

The Palestinians, the Iraqi, the Tibetans, refugees from oppression worldwide stood beside and in support of the Immigrant and the beleaguered American worker, victims of unfair Trade policies and Corporate greed. Everywhere I walked there Youth stood up and out, perhaps more than I have ever seen before, as it should be. They are the hope, not the Obama's and Clinton's, the mis-elected Democratic and Republican lackeys, steeped in cash and Corporruption.

Veterans stood out and delivered their message from inside the beast they once mistakenly served, these brave souls who have been to the battlefields of Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan, have arrived victorious from the battlefields of their own doubts and uncertainties and now rise above the derision and ridicule of hawks and chicken hawks.

Estudiantes en Lucha

santiago, 17.03.2008 22:39

Universidad de Valparaiso: EN TOMA

Arlington South: Iraq War 5th Anniversary - Memorial Service-Candlelight Vigil March 19

Miami, 17.03.2008 22:37

Arlington South: Iraq War 5th Anniversary - Memorial Service-Candlelight Vigil March 19

Protests Mark Five Year Anniversary of US Invasion of Iraq

LA, 17.03.2008 22:08

Protests Mark Five Year Anniversary of US Invasion of Iraq

Uluslararası Gezici Filmmor Kadın Filmleri Festivali

Istanbul, 17.03.2008 21:39

VIDEO: Remembering Rachel Corrie 1979-2003

Seattle, 17.03.2008 21:08

"We should be inspired by people... who show that human beings can be kind, brave, generous, beautiful, strong-even in the most difficult circumstances." -- Rachel Corrie

Video: Report Back From Tacoma Mall Anti-War Protest

Seattle, 17.03.2008 21:08

Tacoma anti-war activists shut down the military recruiting center at the Tacoma Mall for the day, March 15th 2008. Warning: humor ahead.

International Womens Day

Houston, 17.03.2008 18:09

3/8 International Womens Day

Libres y Vivos

santiago, 17.03.2008 17:39

Declaracion Publica en apoyo a los compañeros perseguidos por el estado chileno

Winter Soldier Eyewitness Accounts event in Silver Spring

DC, 17.03.2008 17:09

Silver Spring - Amidst the repeated detailed graphic descriptions and confessions, with date/time/place, of random killing of civilians, torture, and war crimes, Iraq vets in IVAW, remind us that these incidents were done under an "Occupation" of Iraq and Afghanistan, not a war. They said over and over, that these were not isolated occurances, but normal daily abuse and killing of civilians, under constantly changing Rules of Engagement. They put the blame on the overt racism of their command, going all the way to the top of the chain of command, Gen Casey calling Iraqi people "Hajis". The soldiers consider their testimony the highest form of patriotism; and doing this took the most courage of anything they've done so far. In between the panels, there are also short video testimonies from Iraqis who were victims of US soldier violence. Video Edits of Testimony: Video Edits: Blog: Blog: Video of Testimony from Iraqi people:

Vicdani Ret Total Ret Haktır!

Istanbul, 17.03.2008 15:39

Bir, İki, Üç; Daha Fazla İtaatsizlik Daha Fazla Özgürlükçü İsyan!

opnieuw russische antifa vermoord

Oost-Vlaanderen, 17.03.2008 15:37

russische nazi's moorden opnieuw

Bushwick Teens Resist Recruiting (Indypendent)

NYC, 17.03.2008 14:08

Military recruiters are a familiar site in Bushwick, Brooklyn, a predominately Black and Hispanic immigrant neighborhood where nearly 30 percent of residents live below the poverty line. The area is serviced by two recruiting stations, one on Myrtle Avenue and one in neighboring East New York. Recruiters approach students after school in major shopping thoroughfares like Knickerbocker Avenue, while high schools students receive visits from former students who have joined the military.

Aguilas Negras

Colombia, 17.03.2008 08:08

¡Alto a los asesinatos y amenazas contra los organizadores de la marcha del 6 de marzo!

Prefeitura de São Paulo discute modelos de urbanizações de favela sob a ótica do mercado imobiliário

Brasil, 17.03.2008 06:08


Climate Change Campaigner Shot at With Slug Gun

Aotearoa, 17.03.2008 05:25

On Friday we visited Massey University in Palmerston North to expose government greenwash and stir up some action among the student population, who we have heard havn't been up to much activism lately. You will find a picture attatched of myself, painted green from head to toe, emlazoned with "Expose Greenwash" and wearing nout but a pair of very short shorts. I am standing in front of our banner which reads "No Coal, Mining, Burning & Trading" and a washing line covered in the government's most filthy laundry sporting slogans like "Clean Coal" "Happy Valley" "Pyke River" and "Clean Green NZ".

I let rip for about an hour on the megaphone about the hypocracy of our government regarding Climate Change and our environment, and persuaded students to take off their shoes, dip their feet in green paint and put a footprint on a banner saying "Stop Greenwash, No Coal, Massey University Students, Palmerston North". Each footprint is signed, and we will be bringing this to Parliament when we hit Wellington on the 27th-30th March. We also had the chip wagon parked nearby pumping some chilled out, revolutionary music with it's eco-friendly chip powered spare battery.

That night there were some hostilities, and although I'm not sure they were directed at our cause, they were definitely directed at me. I was busking across the road from where we had been camping in the square, playing Bob Marley's Redemption Song, when a black car drove past containing 4 young men with shaved heads, dressed in camoflage. I saw one of them lean out the rear passenger side window and point a gun at me, while looking me straight in the eye. I didn't know if he was just trying to freak me out but when he pulled the trigger I moved my head to the side and a slug gun pellet brushed past my ear and made a dent in the wall behind me. So, it wasn't a real gun but it could have done some real damage where he was aiming it, at my eyes! Lucky I dodged it because he was a crack shot. I must remember that not everybody loves peaceful hippy chicks with natty dreadlocks.

The following night, we made it about 12 k out of Palmy to a beautiful lookout point atop a hill beset with a forest of wind turbines. From our camp we could see both Mt Ruapehu and Mt Taranaki, and Palmerston North spread out in front of us looked like a fairy city by night.

Apart from the idyllic location however, all was not peachy. We saw a white ute drive into the turn around we were camping near about three times in the evening, checking us out, but not stopping to talk. They were young guys, looking drunk as skunks. It wasn't until 5am when we were all in bed that they had the guts to approach, and when they did it was to sneakily steal our "climate camp, Haere Mai" banner and hoon off cackling like hyena's when Mick heard a disturbance and leapt up, telling them "You leave that there!"

So if anybody sees this banner being hung up anywhere, please return it to us, care of state highway one.

The Indypendent's Issue #117: 5th Anniversary of the Iraq War

NYC, 17.03.2008 04:08

As the occupation of Iraq enters its 6th year, and the bloodshed of Iraqis and Americans alike continues, the Indypendent devoted an expanded issue of the paper to coverage of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This 24 page issue includes: Media illustrations and graphics that shed light on the wars, an article by longtime UN reporter Donald Paneth on the effect of war on children, an exclusive interview with an veteran of the Iraq War who is participating in the Winter Soldier hearings that started March 13, 2008, coverage of counter-recruitment efforts, reports from Iraq from Iraqis, a comprehensive overview of the Iraqi resistance, and much, much more. The Indypendent's been covering the Iraq debacle for the past 5 years, laying to waste the corporate media's cheerleading of the destruction of Iraq. Check out the new issue below for more of the Indy's excellent coverage of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Also, don't forget to check the Indy Blog ( for blog reports from the Winter Soldier Hearings by Erin Thompson.

Students Ramp It Up || This Is Our War || By The Numbers || Women Face War || War Torn Playgrounds: Children Brave Conflicts Worldwide || Iraq's Wrecked Environment || The War All Around Us || Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind: Media Analysis on Iraq Coverage || Free Fire Fallout Vets Grapple With Atrocities: Interview With An Iraqi War Vet || Bushwick Teens Resist Recruiting || A Brief History Of The Iraq War || Anti-War Calendar: Take Action Now! || Taking On Movie Made Iraq || Beyond Countering Recruitment: Teaching Youth To Imagine A Different Future || 'Every Minute Of Iraq Is War' || How Bush Won Iraq And Lost The World || Indebted By Blood || Meeting The Resistance


Arizona, 17.03.2008 02:39

Messagengers of Hate Marauded with Gaily Merriment - Fascists Forlorn

PDX Trans/Genderqueer performers needed for a Camp Trans benefit April 12th!!!!

Portland, 17.03.2008 01:38

PDX Trans/Genderqueer performers needed for a Camp Trans benefit April 12th!!!!

We're calling on the queer and trans community to come together for a day of action, critical analysis and fun focused on fighting patriarchy and questioning transphobia and misogyny in our communities.

We want to call attention to particular double binds that transwomen and transfeminine folks end up in caught between heteronormative
gender roles and transphobic vitriol from the queer women's community. We want to celebrate transwomen's participation in women's spaces, and their contributions to our communities and the world at large. We want to get a bunch of awesome people together to show solidarity with transwomen in the feminist community, and to celebrate gender deviancy of all kinds.

Sea Lions: The Guns Could Begin Firing Within Days

Portland, 17.03.2008 01:38

I want to introduce you to someone. This is C404. He is a unique, intelligent being. In this photograph, you get a sense of his playful nature. He's like this. More than many sea lions, he seems to seek out human contact. I've known him for years, and although I always try to maintain a respectful distance from my wild neighbors, this guy has often followed me in the water when I am out on the river. The Columbia river is his home at this time of the year, as it has been home to countless generations of sea lions before him, for thousands, upon thousands of years. And he is in danger. Wildlife officials want to kill this being, perhaps as soon as next week,unless you stop them.

Salmon have been on the Columbia river for at least 100 million years.
Sea lions have been on the Columbia river for at least 10 thousand years. After at least ten thousand years of co-existence with sea lions, the salmon runs of the Columbia nevertheless numbered tens of millions of fish. Commercial fleets and capitalism came to the Columbia river about a century and a half ago, and more than 200 dams began cropping up in the region about a half century ago. While the sea lions were able to live with the salmon for at least 100 centuries without reducing the runs, the humans took only one century to drive the runs down from 20 million fish to roughly 1 percent of their historical levels. Human predation, under the demands and strange incentives of capitalism, has led the salmon toward extinction. The only way to lead the salmon away from that brink is by curbing human predation. Not by killing sea lions.

Clowns off to court - Trial 18/19 March

Aotearoa, 17.03.2008 01:09

On 15th October 2006, 12 anti-war protestors dressed as clowns were arrested in Wellington for clowning around outside Neal Garnett's place, the chairman of the New Zealand Defence Industry Association (NZDIA) and organiser of the annual Defence Industry weapons conference which was held at Te Papa Tongarewa that year. Outragous bail conditions included non-association orders. However, these were challenged in the High Court in time for the protests against the weapons conference protests. Charges have been dropped and changed several times. Currently, afterr dropping the "unlawful assembly" charge last year and six activists taking diversion, six activists face "intimidation charges".

The trial is scheduled for 18/19 March 2008 at 10am in the District Court, Wellington. It may well be, that the police will throw out the intimidation charge, too. Somali Young, who infiltrated Peace Action Wellington at the time of theses protests for Thompson & Clark Private Investigations Limited, has been called as a witness by the defendants. She was part of the protest at Garnett's house but managed not to get arrested. At lunchtime (1:00pm) on Tuesday (18 March), members of Peace Action Wellington will hold a demonstration against war and militarism outside the District Court in commemoration of the 5th year of the occupation of Iraq.

Links: Peace Action Wellington | Court case 18/19 March | 12 peace protestors arrested | Illegal bail conditions | Activists may face jury trial

Report Back From The Camp Out At City Hall

Seattle, 17.03.2008 00:43


March 13, 2008 - It was a chilly, rainy Seattle evening, but that did not deter the 100 to 150 people setting up tents outside City Hall. They joined the estimated 2,600 homeless persons who spent the night outside because they were unable to get into a shelter. During the speak out, the Reverend Rich Lang gave a fiery speech which called for the homeless, low income, and middle class to fight the policies of the rich that are destroying our communities.


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