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Good Friday Anti-War Vigils In Boston

Boston, 22.03.2008 17:09

On Good Friday yesterday , two religious vigils against war were held in downtown Boston. The first was the annual Quaker Witness For Peace, held every Good Friday since 1961, by the Beacon Hill Friends Meeting. About 40 peace activists stood in dignified silence on Boston Common from 11:30am-2pm to stand in solemn witness against war. Leaflets were handed out to passersby explaining the vigil's purpose. Then, a block away in front of the State House, from 1pm-2pm,the Catholic peace group Pax Christi held a solemn reading of the 15 stations of the cross--each of the 15 stations had an anti-war and social justice theme. Participants held banners expressing religious opposition to war.

Eight Activists Arrested in New York City War Profiteer Blockade

NYC, 22.03.2008 17:09

On Wednesday, March 19, at approximately 8:30 am, over 30 young activists from the Anti-Profiteering Spirit Squad staged a massive nonviolent blockade in New York City at the international headquarters of the sixth largest war profiteer and defense contractor in the United States, L-3 Communications Corporation, at 3rd Ave. and 40th St.

Entrevista a Benjamín Ramírez, de ULA TV

Venezuela, 22.03.2008 16:37

Macri presentó la Policía Metropolitana

Argentina, 22.03.2008 03:08

Más represión y menos cultura

Chicago to warmongers: five years of war is five too many

Chicago, 22.03.2008 02:09

Thousands of Chicagoans turned out on March 19 for a rally and march to mark — and oppose — five years of war and Iraq. The action, convened by a broad coalition of local groups, didn't quite wind down as local cops had hoped — instead, members of the radical feeder march kept the protest rolling into the night.

Activists set aside March 20 for a day of direct action and guerilla theater, with more than a dozen actions throughout the city. Locals kicked the day off with an early morning action at the Millenium Flame off the Kennedy Expressway to honor the memory of Malachi Ritscher, who burned himself to death in late 2006 in the tradition of Buddist monks a generation earlier to oppose the war.

Columbia students brought the reality of waterboarding home with street theater. Peace activists staged a lockdown at the office of congressman Rahm Emanuel, one of Congress's biggest boosters of war and occupation. The question of the day at this action? How many cops does it take to unchain a congressman's office.

Other actions included a penny poll — and sit-in — at the Federal Plaza, a banner drop and protest at the local headquarters for Boeing, a protest against a Ratheon-affiliated research lab at UIC, and a protest at a local recruiting center.

More photos | Labor Beat/CIMC joint video coverage Part 1 and Part 2 | One of many banner drops

Tinkuyaku III

Argentina, 22.03.2008 01:08

El agua también es un derecho humano

Tinkuyaku III

Argentina, 22.03.2008 01:08

El agua también es un derecho humano

Funk The War - March 19th

Portland, 21.03.2008 21:38

As the anti war march with horns playing and drums beating moved into the street in front of Wells Fargo Bank on 4th street & Columbia ( I think ) so did the cops. IMMEDIATELY they confronted the group in the street. Within minutes more police on motorcycles and then more in Riot gear

They started pushing the crowd ...ripping their signs from them and yelling get out of the street. The moved their big white van up to the line and were using the speakers to yell stuff. Cops with bikes pushed their bikes towards the peoples..pushing aggressively ...pushing ...pushing.... a few horses came in from the side ...right into the crowd...i didn't see them tromp on anyone but they were right butted up to the peoples from around the back side.

Soon the pepper-spray was flying... Read More

Funk The War Photos: 1 | 2

Related Articles: Cops knowingly give illegal orders, & pepper spray crowd. Contact city now! | breaking newswire info 3-19-08 | Pepper Spray Aftercare Information | Thanks Medics

Fuck the Corporate Media M20

Portland, 21.03.2008 21:38

KOIN, KGW, and KPTV have announced that only 300 hundred protesters (while really it was more like 1,300 protesters) "boycotted school." They mentioned that there were accounts of people fighting the police. And that "juveniles" were arrested for being in the street when we were on the sidewalk.

Fuck the corporate media. You slimy bastards.

photos from Washington County Peace Vigil

Portland, 21.03.2008 21:38

Over 150 people attended the Washington County Peace Vigil last evening recognizing the 5 year mark of the most misguided foreign policy decision in my lifetime.New faces were everywhere as we gathered for an hour at 5th and Hall in Beaverton.This marks our 136th weekly vigil and I hope that we will not be here a year from now.It is time to leave Iraq and let the healing begin.

Reportback: Student Walk-out - March 20th

Portland, 21.03.2008 21:38

The student movement lives! Todays walkout/protest for students was the most high spirited and most energized protest I've ever been to. 1500/2000 students walked out of school today in Portland, to show Oregon and the world that the student movement does have a voice and a loud one as well.

As we arrived to the elephant at North Park Blocks, over a thousand high school students were already lining the sidewalks giving peace signs to cars passing by. As more and more students flooded in, we began doing speeches atop a trash can. Students talked about the costs of war, and I mentioned the corporate influence on the war as well as the growing student movement. We began the march shortly afterwards... Read More

Student Walkout- a brief report

By the time I made it downtown, the demonstration was already approaching City Hall. It was an impressive wave of (mostly) young people. The East side of City Hall was saturated with demonstrators, with several scaling the wall, up onto the balcony. The spirited crowd eventually moved on to the Wells Fargo Tower and beyond.

Police presence was heavy. I don't remember seeing any Robocops, but the bike, horse, motorcycle, squad-car, and foot officers were all there. There was even one Homeland Security vehicle that passed by a couple of times. Overall, they behaved even worse than they did yesterday, from what I saw. Read More

Video: 1

Related Articles: Walkout Update | | sergeant fender's badge number | Olympia SDSer Arrested!

Other Actions: All hopped up

Critical Mass Miami: &quot;Fla Bike Month&quot; ride to Florida City, Saturday March 29

Miami, 21.03.2008 21:37

Critical Mass Miami: "Fla Bike Month" ride to Florida City, Saturday March 29

One M19 Participant's Impressions

DC, 21.03.2008 21:10

I attended the antiwar actions in DC on 3/19. This is an account of my experience.

Праўда і хлусня аб Беларускай Народнай Рэспубліцы

Belarus, 21.03.2008 21:08

South Central Farm

LA, 21.03.2008 19:38

South Central Farm

Five Years Too Many!! the US anti-war movement steps it up

United States, 21.03.2008 19:07

On the 5th anniversary of the Iraq invasion, anti-war protesters across the United States stepped up actions of civil disobedience to make their voices heard. From Washington D.C. to San Francisco to Boston, hundreds of people blockaded streets; targeted federal building, corporate headquarters and military recruitment stations; staged walkouts; and kept vigil in resistance to the war. See Below for Roundup of Indymedia Coverage

These actions followed nationwide protests against the war on International Women's Day, as well as the Iraq Veterans Against The War's "Winter Soldier" hearings — probably the most important anti-war action since the onset of aggressions, but virtually ignored by the corporate media. According to the latest poll in March, 64% of Americans are opposed the war in Iraq, yet its coverage in corporate media has anything but declined in the past year. A statement released by students in Portland, OR, reads: "We as students also believe that anti-war efforts have been too moderate and passive to make a difference."

» Ashland, OR: Candlelight vigil on the Plaza
» Boston, MA: Boston Unites for Peace | Harvard/Boston Protests | Residents Shut Down Tremont Military Recruiting Station
» Chicago, IL: Dispatches from M20 day of creative actions | No! To Five Years of Illegal War - Protest and March in Chicago | Video by CIMC and Labor Beat
» Denver, CO: Cost of War Rally
» Houston, TX: Rice for Peace marks 5th anniversary of US invasion | Voices from the Bridge
» Los Angeles, CA: Protests Mark Five Years of US War on Iraq
» Miami, FL: Arlington South: Iraq War 5th Anniversary Memorial Service-Candlelight Vigil
» Minneapolis/St. Paul: Photos from MPLS Antiwar Demos, 3-15-08
» New York, NY: Raging Grannies Knit-in | Pics from 3 protests
» Philadelphia, PA: Moratorium to commemorate Fifth year of Iraq War
» Portland, OR: Student Walkout against the war
» San Francisco, CA: Reports from Direct Action to Stop the War | Community Protests Chevron's Role in War, Warming, Toxics and Human Rights | Students Demand a Democratic UC Board of Regents and No More Nuclear Weapons; 12 Lockdown
» Seattle, WA: Female and Fearless Against War: Blockaders of Military Shipments Speak Out
» Tacoma, WA: Video: Report Back From Recruiting Center Action
» Washington, DC: 5 Years of War and Occupation Brings Resistance in the Streets of DC, March 19 | Five Minutes of Stillness Remembering Five Years of War
» Worcester, MA: Five Activists Arrested at Federal Building | Anti-War Youth and Student March Takes The Streets

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war anniversary events 08

Houston, 21.03.2008 18:09

2/21 Houston Observes the 5th anniversary of the Iraq War and occupation

March 19 Marine Recruitment Protest in Berkeley

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.03.2008 17:38

The battle to shut down the Marine recruiting station in Berkeley continued on March 19th, the fifth anniversary of the start of the Iraq war. Hundreds, including many Berkeley High school students, took part in actions during the day to shut down the recruiting station in Berkeley and to stop the war in Iraq. Several students spoke powerfully to why the marine recruiters should be considered "unwelcome intruders" in Berkeley.

Vigil at Glasgow Fatal Accident Inquiry

Scotland, 21.03.2008 15:09

50 people held a vigil at Glasgow Sheriff Court on Monday 17th March, at the start of the Fatal Accident Inquiry into the death of Graham Meldrum. Graham was killed at work at Allied Bakeries in Glasgow in July 2005. The Graham Meldrum Memorial Campaign and Families Against Corporate Killers organised the vigil for Graham and all workers killed for profit. "Don't let employers get away with murder!" they urge.

Interview: Unmaking Myth

Ireland, 21.03.2008 15:08

David Zeiger on The Vietnam Era GI Revolt Some wee ...

Piquete Contra la Guerra

Puerto Rico, 21.03.2008 08:39

A Cinco Años del Inicio de la Guerra

Interview with Owl, a Tree-Sitter at the Science Hill Tree-Sit

Santa Cruz, CA, 21.03.2008 08:08

In early March, Finnish filmmaker Hannu Hyvönen came to Santa Cruz to participate in the EarthVision International Environmental Film Festival. While visiting Santa Cruz, Hannu recorded a video interview with Owl, a tree-sitter at UCSC's Science Hill. On March 13th, Uncle Dennis spoke with Owl and fellow treesitter Stitches during an Earth First! Radio Special broadcast on Free Radio Santa Cruz.

Students Demand a Democratic UC Board of Regents and No More Nuclear Weapons; 12 Lockdown

Santa Cruz, CA, 21.03.2008 04:38

Outraged over the undemocratic nature of the University of California Board of Regents and the Regents' continued management of the national nuclear weapon labs, on March 19th, students from the Coalition to Free the UC took nonviolent direct action at the UC Regents meeting at UCSF Mission Bay campus in an attempt to obstruct their ability to meet. Over 100 students from five UC campuses participated in the day of action as part of March 19th Direct Action to Stop the War.

Billy X to speak at PSU

Portland, 21.03.2008 01:38

Learn about how to organize against fascist, sexist, racist, homophobic, ableist and other forms of white male U.S. capitalist imperailism. Bill X is a former panther, revolutionary, activist and archivist. He is coming from Cali to rap with you all about how to get off your ASS before it's NAILED to the ground. He will have films, photos, and so on. Please use this kind resource.

Where: Smith Center Multi Cultural Room 228
When: Friday, March 21 from 6 to whenever you're done asking questions

Berlin: Revaler Viereck - Gentrification here we come

Germany, 21.03.2008 00:09

Gentrifizierungsprozesse in Berlin am Beispiel des Revaler Vierecks. Ein ehemaliges Bahngelände, das seit 10 Jahren für Soziokultur, Kunst, Sport, Konzerte und Veranstaltungen genutzt wird, ist akut betroffen: Die neue Eigentümerin will die z.T. 150 Jahre alten Industriebauten abreißen lassen, um Wohnungen und ein Fitnesscenter für Einkommensstarke zu bauen...

Raging Grannies Knit-in

NYC, 20.03.2008 23:38

The NY Granny Peace Brigade organized a Knit In in response to the 5th anniversary of the war. Grannies were knitting stump socks, booties, sweaters and other items for wounded veterans and their families and for Iraqi Children. "Every stitch will be a symbol of our determination to end this war, restoring our nation's priorities to constructive action, responsibility and caring for all." (Source: Granny Peace Bridgade Flyer.) These pictures document some of the grannies and other protestors who joined them at their Knit-In.

March 19th Protests

NYC, 20.03.2008 23:38

Protesting the 5th Anniversary of the War in Iraq

Confronting Empire Speaker Series--Harvard Law School March 17-19

Boston, 20.03.2008 22:09

To mark the 5th anniversary of the U.S. invasion into Iraq, Harvard Law students from the group Unbound, HLS Peace, Justice for Palestine, and the National Lawyers' Guild sponsored a three-day lecture series called Confronting Empire: Five Years of War with Iraq. The third day, March 19, fell on the actual anniversary date, and the lecture this day was called "US Foreign Policy and Intervention in the Middle East." It featured Irene Gendzier, Boston University Professor and Author of "Notes from the Minefield: United States Intervention in Lebanon and the Middle East," and Howard Zinn, historian and author of "A People's History of the United States." DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN TO AUDIO:

5 years retrospective

Houston, 20.03.2008 21:38

Five years later; looking back at the anti-war movement in Houston

Um ano da prisão política de Cesare Battisti

Brasil, 20.03.2008 19:38


5 Years of War and Occupation Brings Resistance in the Streets of DC, March 19

Baltimore, 20.03.2008 19:09

On March 19, antiwar protesters hammered War profiteer's Row in the K st area in DC along with blockades at the IRS and paint bombs at a military recruiter. The morning started off a little slow, with 30+ arrested from traditional non-violent CD. Activists said there wasn't enough people at first, but as the day went on, way more people showed and succeeded in a couple serious blockades, roving tours visiting warmongers, a demonstration of waterboarding in front of the White House, and several mini stoppages of the daily business of downtown DC.

Morning Picts from M19
Connecticut and K blockaded-been holding an hour
Images: Street Blockcade @ 17th and K
Paint bombs hammer Bechtel, Recruiter
WSQT coverage of March 19 protests
Photos from March of the Dead, arrests by US Capitol
Photos from M19 —- Afternoon —-
Photo From Caterpillar Die-In Today at About 1pm (Palestine Action)
This was the best protest I've ever been to.
street arrest, March 2008
Adam Kokesh Demands Impeachment

Five years on...

United Kingdom, 20.03.2008 18:38

It is now five years since the invasion of Iraq and its consequences are obvious for all to see. Estimates of the death toll, suggest that more than a million Iraqis may have been murdered since the invasion. In addition, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimates that more than 2.2 million Iraqis are internally displaced, with a further 2 million having fled to neighbouring states, particularly Syria and Jordan. The explanation for these stark figures lies in the surge in sectarian conflict, widespread state repression, ongoing US-UK military operations, endemic criminality and growth of Islamic fundamentalism, all of which have been facilitated, if not actively encouraged, by the US-UK occupation.

This carnage has not taken place without opposition. The anti-war movement globally, nationally and locally has campaigned against US-UK imperialism in Iraq since the possibility of an attack was first mooted shortly after September 11th. The movement's concerns echoed in Nottingham as they did elsewhere, encouraging many local residents to get active.

Newswire: Stop the War: Five Years on (report) | Stop the War: Five Years on (photos 1) | Stop the War: Five Years on (photos 2) | Notts Indymedia Iraq Topic Page

Links: Nottingham CND | Nottingham Stop the War Coalition | Nottingham Student Peace Movement | Veggies Against War

Boston Unites for Peace

Boston, 20.03.2008 17:08

On March 19, 2008, about 150 Bostonians gathered at Park Street, in the Common to “celebrate” (to quote John Kerry) a Birthday: March 19th marked the 5-year anniversary of the Iraq War -the one which mission we are supposed to have won over 4 years ago. WATCH VIDEO (by Michael Borkson):

Dispatches from M20 day of creative actions

Chicago, 20.03.2008 15:08

9:10 AM - The morning Emanuel action is effectively over with the blockade broken up and all participants apparently arrested.

9:02 AM - Update from Emanuel's office: Police have warned independent media and observers to stay at least 20 feet from the Emanuel blockade. 16 — now 17— squad cars are on site (!) for a protest of four people. Arrests are now being made.

8:57 AM - Video of the Malachi Action is already online here.

8:54 AM - Boeing actions near the downtown Boeing HQ are underway. About 50 people are participating in a drum circle and protest, outnumbered by police and private security.

8:52 AM - Debris was placed in the road in the LSD action, which may have led to a traffic crash. None of the participants have evidently been arrested. 12 people were involved according to corporate news accounts.

8:43 AM - Police have arrived at Irving Park Road at the morning's Emanuel Action. Four squads and three undercover cars have arrived. Things are about to "go down". Irving Park Road is completely blocked by police presence.

8:40 AM - The northbound lines Lake Shore Drive are being blockaded. A group of about 10 people are involved in the blockade. Police have arrived. Jail solidarity and legal support is underway.

8:34 AM - 4 people are locked arm-in-arm outside of Rahm Emanuel's office on Irving Park Road. CPT and VCNV are involved. Corporate and independent media are on the scene.

7:00 AM - A group of five people held a banner saying "We Heard You Malachi" at the Millennium Flame near the Kennedy Expressway, in homage of the peace martry Malachi Ritscher. The action was in place for about eight minutes, before traffic police intervened. A phone call to get to WBBM newsradio was also made.

En finir avec les armes nucléaires et les guerres impériales : NATO Game Over

Liege, 20.03.2008 15:07

Vredesactie (Action pour la paix) a mené pendant dix ans la campagne Bombe-spotting, nous avons lancé « McMilitary, non à la mondialisation de la guerre » contre la politique d'intervention militaire, nous avons pris des risques avec les actions des Trainstoppers, ... Nous avons obtenu énormément de résultats. Le Parlement belge est le premier organe parlementaire au sein de l'OTAN à avoir approuvé une résolution demandant le départ des armes nucléaires. Des centaines de personnes ont suivi une formation à l'action non violente comme préparation pour participer à nos campagnes. Des milliers de personnes ont participé à des actions de désobéissance civile.


santiago, 20.03.2008 13:11

Cada Día Nace un Joven Combatiente

The Warmongers Fear US: PR and 5 Years Too Many in Iraq

New Hampshire, 20.03.2008 12:39

We are not just a candle in the darkness, we are the majority that oppose this war, that have serious concerns that this war is self-defeating at least if not also completely unjustified, illegal and amoral. This majority is overwhelming globally, but also exists nationally and locally. There is a pattern of absurd PR efforts even just in the local area, illustrating that that warmongers are afraid that we, the populist peace movement, might derail their war of terrorism.

5 Years of War and Occupation Brings Resistance in the Streets of DC, March 19

DC, 20.03.2008 03:09

The morning started off a little slow, with 30+ arrested from the traditional way of non-violent CD. Anti-war activists said there wasn't enough people to pull of today's actions. But it got better as the day went on, with a couple serious blockades, roving tours visiting warmongers, a demonstration of waterboarding in front of the White House, and several mini stoppages of the daily business of downtown DC. Meanwhile, DOD said they were "extraordinarily blessed to have a President…who will not tire, who will not waiver." Morning Picts from M19 Connecticut and K blockaded-been holding an hour Images: Street Blockcade @ 17th and K Paint bombs hammer Bechtel, Recruiter WSQT coverage of March 19 protests Photos from March of the Dead, arrests by US Capitol Photos from M19 —- Afternoon —- Photo From Caterpillar Die-In Today at About 1pm (Palestine Action) Video

Boston Residents Shut Down Tremont Military Recruiting Station

Boston, 20.03.2008 03:08

Boston, Mass -- This afternoon, a group of Boston-area residents shut down the Tremont Street Military Recruiting Station for one hour before being arrested by Boston Police. At 3:15 PM, five Boston-area residents re-enacted the scene of a massacre on the sidewalk in front of the Tremont Street Military Recruiting Station, across from Boston Common. Dressed as slain Iraqi civilians, an Iraqi mourner, a slain U.S. soldier and a U.S. mourner, the protesters laid in silence as red dye stained their clothing.

March 20th: Female and Fearless Against War: Blockaders of Military Shipments Speak Out

Seattle, 20.03.2008 03:08

Thursday, March 20, Shizuno Wynkoop, Patty Imani and others from the Port Militarization Resistance (PMR) of Olympia will discuss the forefront role they and other women played in face-offs with police, the army and right-wingers to stop military transports through their streets. At 7:30pm, join the dialogue on the role of direct action and how women can revitalize the antiwar movement.

A delicious dinner, with vegetarian option, will be served at 6:30pm for a $6.50 donation. The meeting will be held at New Freeway Hall, 5018 Rainier Ave. S., Seattle. (4 blocks south of S. Alaska St. at the Hudson stop of the #7 busline.

Banning abortion does not stop abortion

Ireland, 20.03.2008 00:39

Ban instead results in "traumatic and more dangero ...

Neuseeland: Das Land der langen Lebenslüge

Germany, 20.03.2008 00:39

Am 15. Oktober 2007 führte die neuseeländische Polizei eine beispiellose Reihe landesweiter Razzien in 60 verschiedenen Häusern durch und verhaftete 17 indigene und anarchistische AktivistInnen. Die Verhaftungen basierten auf Überwachungs- und Abhörmassnahmen, die unter dem 'Terrorism Suppression Act' (Anti Terrorismus-Gesetz) erlassen wurden. Dies war das erste mal, dass dieses Gesetz angewendet wurde, das unmittelbar nach den Ereignissen vom 11 September 2001 erlassen wurde und sich direkt darauf bezieht.

Links: | Aotearoa IMC | Te Mana Motuhake ō Tūhoe

Solidarität mit Indymedia-Kolumbien

Germany, 20.03.2008 00:39

Die paramilitärische Gewalt in Kolumbien spitzt sich wieder einmal zu. Angesichts der Massenproteste gegen die Gewalt des Staats haben die Paras nicht eben wenige deren GegnerInnen zu "militärischen Zielen" erklärt, darunter auch Indymedia- Kolumbien...

Esquel: No a la Mina

Argentina, 20.03.2008 00:38

Quinto aniversario de la consulta popular


Athens, 19.03.2008 23:09

Από το μνημόσυνο στη νίκη... από την ανάθεση στην αυτοοργάνωση

March 20th Student Walkout against the war

Portland, 19.03.2008 22:38

Over the past 5 years, the student movement has been growing in Portland. The youth of America are the ones who will feel the true scorns of the war, as we are the ones expected to pay off this debt, our education is being cut, and we are the ones fighting this war. On March 20th, at 11 AM hundreds of students city wide, and thousands nation wide will be walking out of school, directly resisting our planned day to day events. By walking out, students not only take a stand against the war, but also assert our own power as a community determined to enact change. Students are willing to disrupt our education for one day to take a stand against five years of mounting death tolls.

We as students also believe that anti-war efforts have been too moderate and passive to make a difference. This protest (starting at 1 PM by the elephant in the North Park Blocks) has not been registered by the city of Portland, as we do not wish to host a parade. We wish to start a movement that is no longer about feeling good about yourself, but making a change in the world. Patting yourselves on the back after marching in a permitted area is not likely to directly affect war profiteers or anything for that matter. This is why we feel it necessary to make this stride.

Breaking News From March 19th

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.03.2008 17:39

On March 19, Direct Action to Stop the War staged a day long series of actions to mark the 5th year anniversary of the U.S. occupation of Iraq. Indybay is providing continuous coverage of the day's events.

Archived Braking News: 5th Anniversary Anti-War Actions

7:46am: Bike contingent leaving at 7:45 and heading west down Market St. Police are cutting people out of lockboxes at the Federal Reserve right now and arresting them.
7:42 am: FM transmission will be down for about an hour. 8-10 patrol cars and 2 police wagons are at Federal Reserve. 15-16 locked down at UC Regents' Meeting. One arrest so far, 3 more on the way.
7:32 am: A police platoon is moving to Justin Herman Plaza, where a bicycle ride is starting at 7:30.
7:31 am: Police are gathering in Mint Alley. A firetruck is on its way to UCSF Mission Bay. Arrests at Federal Building.. Heaving police staging at Pine and Sansome and Market and Sutter.
7:30 am: People scheduled to meet at Sansome and Market in SF
7:24 am: At UCSF Mission Bay, people are locked down to the community building, cops are trying to use bolt-cutters to get them out. Support still needed.
7:23 am: A banner has just been dropped at the corner of Fremont near Bay Bridge entrance
7:20 am: Police are on scene at the Federal Reserve lockdown at Market and Main Sts., cops are reportedly sending "photo officers."
7:12 am: Police presence at army recruiting center at 670 Davis, police are responding to Federal Reserve lockdown at 101 Market.
7:09 am: Federal Reserve at Market and Main is shut down!
7:07 am: There are 12 people outside of the E-Trade building
6:55 am: Cops have been sighted at locations such as the B of A at California and Kearny. Police motorcycle brigade at Sansome and Market. Cops also at Post and Market. There's an action this morning to shut down the University of California Regents' meeting, UCSF Mission Bay at 1675 Owens near 16th and 3rd Streets. Support needed.

Annoucement: H.O.Y.E. Native Games

Rogue Valley, 19.03.2008 15:09

Red Earth Descendants Presents
“Help Our Youth Excel”

March 22, 2008
11 am to evening feast

2165 Hwy 99, Ashland
(field next to Jackson Wellsprings)

Park Avenue Protest of Fundraiser for the Israeli Military

NYC, 19.03.2008 14:38

A mixed group of approximately 200 activists chanted, waving signs and flags, outside the Waldorf-Astoria hotel on Tuesday evening, protesting the $1000-a-plate fundraiser which was being held.

Interview with the Scheduler

Ireland, 19.03.2008 13:38

Hacking Cable - talking to the future of televisio ...

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