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neuquen resiste

Argentina, 27.03.2008 04:08

El Galpón no se mueve

24 de mayo de 1975: la fuga

Argentina, 27.03.2008 04:08

"Paseo" del Buen Pastor: una fuga hacia la memoria (II)

April 2nd: King's Last Stand -- Labor, Civil Rights, and the Poor People's Campaign

Seattle, 27.03.2008 03:09

Most people learn in school that King was a man who preached love and nonviolence. In truth, Dr. King's political ideas were far more radical than American textbooks let on. In the last year of his life, King spoke, fought, and organized for the billions of dollars needed to solve the economic problems of African Americans. It was this orientation that brought him to Memphis, where he was assassinated on April 4, 1968 – 40 years ago.

Join us for a discussion of this important chapter of King's life and the lessons we can draw for today's struggles.

7pm, Wednesday, April 2
Room 4156, Seattle Central Community College (Capitol Hill @ Broadway & Pine)

VIDEO: Report Back from Tacoma Anti-Hip Hop Rally

Seattle, 27.03.2008 03:09

Video from the anti-hip hop rally two Mondays ago with supporters from Rottweiler Records. Information about the bill 27-12 is included along with interviews with supporters.

Don’t drink USA tap water: Fluoride Horror Stories Report - lowers IQ, causes cancer

Miami, 27.03.2008 01:08

Don’t drink USA tap water: Fluoride Horror Stories Report - lowers IQ, causes cancer

Cobertura de la marcha a 32 años del golpe de estado

Argentina, 27.03.2008 00:44

24 de mayo de 1975: la fuga

Argentina, 27.03.2008 00:44

"Paseo" del Buen Pastor: una fuga hacia la memoria (II)

24 de mayo de 1975: la fuga

Argentina, 27.03.2008 00:44

"Paseo" del Buen Pastor: una fuga hacia la memoria (II)

Copenhague: vers une nouvelle Ungdomshuset ?

Liege, 27.03.2008 00:42

"Il est clair qu'il n'y aura pas de reddition face à la bureaucratie - si les politiciens insistent pour délayer de nouveau le processus, ils vont sûrement bientôt se retrouver à devoir ramasser les morceaux carbonisés de Copenhague".

IVAW protests war at Lafayette to remember 4000 dead

DC, 26.03.2008 22:09

On March 24, George Bush refused to lower the White House flag to half mast in memory of the 4000 US soldiers who have died in Iraq. In the evening, Iraq Veterans Against the War protested both this, the refusal of Bush to attend GI funerals, and the war itself in Lafayette Park. Audio 3 min 43 sec:

PBS's &quot;Bush's War&quot; Review

DC, 26.03.2008 22:09

Lots of Sound but no Fury

ICE Raid Intensifies Fear in the Prince William County Latino Community

DC, 26.03.2008 22:09

This past Monday morning, an Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE ) raid was conducted with the assistance of Prince William County authorities. According to John Steinbach of Mexicanos Sin Fronteras,“This raid has only served to inflame and intensify the fear in the Latino community.” The thirty four families impacted by the raid have been desperate trying to locate the husbands, brothers and sons who left for work in the morning and never returned. Calls to ICE generated little information that could be of use to the families. That very day men were shipped out to detention facilities in New York State and throughout Virginia before they even had a chance to contact family members.

anti NATO timeline

Romania, 26.03.2008 20:40

Intre 2 si 4 Aprilie va avea loc Summitul NATO la Bucuresti. Activisti anti-nato au initiat saptamana anti-NATO intre 28 martie si 5 aprilie.

Textul de mai jos este de fapt o compilatie ce va fi actualizata zilnic cu tot ce se intampla legat de anti-nato.

Access to Indymedia İstanbul is banned!

Istanbul, 26.03.2008 19:38

Access to Indymedia İstanbul is banned!

İstanbul Indymedia'ya erişim engellendi!

Istanbul, 26.03.2008 19:08

İstanbul Indymedia’ya erişim engellendi!

Штраф за графіці

Belarus, 26.03.2008 17:37

У Горадні на 35 базавых адзінак (1 мільён 225 тысяч рублёў) аштрафавалі Аляксея Сарнова, які 17 сьнежня мінулага году напісаў на сьцяне “Вярніце льготы”.

Сёньня судзьдзя Ленінскага раённага суду Горадні Дзьмітры Кобрынец палічыў, што гэта было зроблена А.Сарновым з хуліганскіх меркаваньняў, і аштрафаваў яго.

Easter Commemorations Cork City

Ireland, 26.03.2008 15:39

Easter Sunday, Cork: 4 hours and 4 commemorations ...

Beach Flats Community Garden Threatened

Santa Cruz, CA, 26.03.2008 07:38

The Beach Flats Community Garden is being threatened with closure. Locals who've farmed there for fifteen years arrived last week and saw a notice saying they should turn in their keys by the end of March. The community and gardeners want to maintain the garden in order to have a public gathering space and food for the Beach Flats community.

Tainted/Compassion Medicinal Edibles Owner to Change Plea on March 26th

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.03.2008 06:08

Michael Martin of Tainted/Compassionate Medicinal Edibles faces a Change of Plea Hearing in Oakland on Wednesday, March 26th. He plans to accept a plea deal that was offered by the US Attorney. As he is unable to speak freely about the medicinal nature of Tainted's products in his defense, the alternative would be a jury that could assign him a ten year mandatory minimum sentence. Michael is hoping that the community will go to court to show support for him. The hearing will take place on Wednesday at 2:30pm in Judge Wilken's courtroom at 1301 Clay St. in Oakland.


Colombia, 26.03.2008 05:39

Nueva y macabra ola de asesinatos de sindicalistas


Uruguay, 26.03.2008 05:15

Comunicado de Ecos frente a la ley de radios comunitarias

“4,000 Too Many,” Boston Mourns U.S. Deaths in Iraq

Boston, 26.03.2008 02:09

Vigils across the United States yesterday and today marked the 4,001 death of a U.S. soldier in Iraq. Called by several peace groups and military members against the war, people in almost every single state mourned the loss of life in a war that for most Americans has become unjust and meaningless. “By grieving in public, many families have found comfort,” said Carlos Arredondo, father of Lance Corporal Alexander Scott who died while serving in Najaf, Iraq at the young age of twenty—the 974th U.S. death of the Bush administration’s war. Indeed, many in Boston attended today’s vigil because it comforts them to stay alert, to show support, to represent the troops in a way that calls for their safe return home.


Istanbul, 26.03.2008 00:09


19 Ocak 2008: Hrant Dink anma eylemi

Istanbul, 26.03.2008 00:09

Hrant Dink'i anma eyleminde polis terörü

Artık Yeter!

Istanbul, 26.03.2008 00:09

Korkunun Çemberini Yıkalım; Doğrudan, İsyancı Özgürlük Mücadelesine!

Tacize karşı mor iğne

Istanbul, 26.03.2008 00:09

Tacize karşı mor iğne

ÖSS Karşıtı Forum

Istanbul, 26.03.2008 00:09

ÖSS Karşıtı Forum: “24 Şubat'ta ÖSS'ye Karşı Söz ve Karar Bizim!”

Vicdani Ret Total Ret Haktır!

Istanbul, 26.03.2008 00:09

Bir, İki, Üç; Daha Fazla İtaatsizlik Daha Fazla Özgürlükçü İsyan!

16 Mart katliamları protesto edildi

Istanbul, 26.03.2008 00:09

16 Mart Beyazıt ve Halepçe katliamları protesto edildi

Uluslararası Gezici Filmmor Kadın Filmleri Festivali

Istanbul, 26.03.2008 00:09

Uluslararası Gezici Filmmor Kadın Filmleri Festivali

Liberter Komünizm!

Istanbul, 26.03.2008 00:09

Mücadele Bir Çember Gibidir Başladığında sondasın; fakat hiçbir zaman en son noktada!

Vicdani retçi İsmail Saygı tutuklandı

Istanbul, 26.03.2008 00:09

Virginian Citizens to Cross the Desert into the U.S. without Documentation

DC, 25.03.2008 23:09

Immigrant rights activists from Virginia will travel to Mexico and then cross the desert into the United States without carrying government-issued identification. Two Virginia residents, Patrick Lincoln of Harrisonburg and Virginia Leavell of Charlottesville, recently returned from a scouting trip to Tucson, Az. and Nogales, Mx. “With the climate in Virginia becoming increasingly racist and anti-immigrant, we need a creative, dramatic action to challenge injustice and spark more resistance among citizens.”

Closing P.R.Harris

DC, 25.03.2008 23:09

Hello,My name is Deamonte Gibson and if you close down P.R.Harris there would be many difficulties in the south east area.First,If you close down P.R.Harris there would not be many schools in the southeast area that go from Pre-K to eighth grade.

feed your mind - expose yourself to alternative media

Aotearoa, 25.03.2008 23:09

Indymedia ia a "grassroots organization committed to using media production and distribution as a tool for promoting social and economic justice. It is our goal to further the self-determination of people under-represented in media production and content, and to illuminate and analyze local and global issues that impact ecosystems, communities and individuals. We seek to generate alternatives to the biases inherent in the corporate media controlled by profit, and to identify and create positive models for a sustainable and equitable society. With heaps of cool events in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch over the next few weeks, there are plenty of opportunities for people to get out there and expose themselves to alternative media and the organisations that are working to create social change. Don't hate the media, be the media!


Poneke/Wellington Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland

[April2008] Actiedagen voor kraken en vrije ruimtes

Netherlands, 25.03.2008 23:08

Op 11 en 12 april worden in de meeste Europese landen, Canada en Nieuw Zeeland actiedagen voor kraken en vrije ruimte georganiseerd.

Vanuit de vorig jaar bedreigde vrijplaats Les Tanneries in Dijon werd eind vorig jaar een oproep gelanceerd om in april 2008 doorheen heel Europa acties te organiseren rond kraken en vrije ruimtes. Na een internationale meeting in november werd beslist dat de actiedagen op 11 en 12 april zouden doorgaan.

Ook in Nederland wordt er druk gewerkt aan publieksgerichte acties rond kraken en vrije ruimtes, onder meer in Zaandam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Nijmegen, Den Bosch en Amsterdam worden kraakpanden en vrije ruimtes in de kijker gezet.

Bij wijze van kick-off trekt er de week voordien, op 5 april een demonstratie door Amsterdam.

Indymedia zal, in samenwerking met Radio Patapoe de actiedagen op de voet volgen. Er zal ook heel nauw samengewerkt worden met vrije media en lokale radiostations uit de andere deelnemende landen. Samen willen we een zo goed als mogelijk totaaloverzicht brengen van wat er tijdens het actieweekend overal te beleven valt.

[website april2008|wishlist Amsterdam]

Southern Oregon Assembly on Free Trade and Job Loss

Rogue Valley, 25.03.2008 22:10

A Town Hall Forum on the Local Impacts of Free Trade Agreements

Saturday, March 29, 2008
2:00 - 4:00 pm

Jackson County's Medford Library
205 South Central
Medford, OR

Join displaced workers from Roseburg, Grants Pass, Medford and elsewhere to discuss the negative impacts that free trade agreements like NAFTA are having on southern Oregon communities -- and what we can do together to finally put an end to destructive trade policies once-and-for-all.

This town hall is an opportunity for the community to come together and examine how free trade agreements are eliminating Oregon jobs and otherwise harming the region. It is also a chance to work together for fair trade policies that reflect the values of our state.


LA, 25.03.2008 22:09


Vigils Mark 4,000th US Military Death in Iraq War

LA, 25.03.2008 22:09

Vigils Mark 4,000th US Military Death in Iraq War

Week of Action and Demonstration Against the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma

Portland, 25.03.2008 21:39

Monday 4/21: public teach-in

Tuesday 4/22: High-School teach-in @ Mad Hatter Tea Co. (1130 Commerce St, Tacoma) 4pm
show @ Pitchpipe Infoshop (621 MLK Jr. Way, Tacoma) in the evening, details TBA

Wednesday 4/23: bake sale & crafts workshop @ Pitchpipe Infoshop
there may also be a speaker coming to UWT added to our itinerary for this day

Thursday 4/24:
Media meeting @ Kings Books, 4pm (218 St Helens Ave, Tacoma) all are welcome to sit in.
Know Your Rights! Workshop & Vegan Potluck @ Pitchpipe Infoshop, 6:30pm

Saturday 4/26:
rally 12pm @ People's Park (9th and MLK, Tacoma) & march downtown 1pm

Interview: Left Wing Blogging and Irish Left Review

Ireland, 25.03.2008 20:08

Over the last few years, blogs and bloggin ...

The Common Enemy and the Machete: Neoliberalism and Indigenous Resistance in Oaxaca Mexico

Portland, 25.03.2008 19:38

This multi-media workshop/presentation is intended to introduce the audience to neolibearlism through the eyes of a popular resistance in Oaxaca, Mexico. The workshop will include scene selections from three films: "El Enemigo Comun" (2005), "El Machete" (2007) and "Paz Sin Justicia" (2008) in order to illustrate neoliberal atrocities and community based resistance to them. The first film documents some paramilitary activity in Oaxaca from 2000-2005, leading up to the arrival of Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, Oaxaca's current governor. The second film has been filmed and edited by indigenous women and youth from communities in Oaxaca, during the winter of 2007, and documents a more profound look at the day to day struggles for land, water, transportation, culture, dignity, justice, liberty, and peace.

"Paz Sin Justicia," a 41 minute film by the Committee in Defense of the Rights of the People - CODEP, examines what Oaxaca looks like today, and what it really means for Oaxaca to return to normal after the 2006 uprising. Corruption, institutionalized repression, and economic slavery are the standard through which, a weak government attempts to hold itself together, and stay in power.

All the while the Oaxacan People's Popular Assembly APPO, along with Oaxacans in general, wait for the next moment to practice what they have already begun: self-determination, autonomy, popular power, and the dignity that comes with rising up from below.

Thursday the 27th
7-9pm 5040 se Milwaukie
(corner of SE Mitchell & Milwaukie in the Watershed warehouse

Vigils Mark 4,000th US Military Death in Iraq War

LA, 25.03.2008 19:11

Vigils Mark 4,000th US Military Death in Iraq War

Tent City Residents Evicted, Dwellings Bulldozed

LA, 25.03.2008 18:38

Tent City Residents Evicted, Dwellings Bulldozed

Brief Reportback on SDS: A graphic History @ 2640

Baltimore, 25.03.2008 13:08

Brief report back on Paul Buhle's Graphic history of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), and discussion with current young generation of activists.


Athens, 25.03.2008 11:09

Εμπρησμός στην κατάληψη Πραποπούλου! Θα μας βρουν μπροστά τους!

Police in California Must Return Medical Marijuana Seized from Legal Patients

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.03.2008 06:08

On Wednesday, March 19th, the California Supreme Court decided not to review last year's landmark return of property decision in Garden Grove v. Superior Court. By affirming the appellate court's decision, the Supreme Court has made protection against seizure of medical marijuana by law enforcement legally binding throughout the state of California.

Labour Party conference to be held responsible for Operation 8

Aotearoa, 25.03.2008 03:10

The Labour Party is due to hold its election year conference in Wellington on the weekend of April 11-13. This conference will be the staging ground for protests and demonstrations specifically relating to Operation 8.

Events in Wellington in April

  • Fundraising Gig with Emma Paki, the Klezmer Rebs, Vorn and Plum Green | Saturday - 5 April | 2pm | The Adelaide | 114 Adelaide Road Newtown
  • Public Meeting: Police raids, terrorism and the Labour Party conference with Valerie Morse (October 15th Solidarity) Don Franks (Workers Party) and Teanau Tuiono (Conscious Collaborations) | Tuesday - 8 April | 6pm | Arlington Hall - Taranaki Street (across from Wellington High School sport fields)
  • Crash the Labour Party's Party - Protest against the Labour Party Congress | Saturday - 12 April | 12noon | meet at Te Aro Park (between Ghuznee St and Manners St)
Links: | Te Mana Motuhake ō Tūhoe | Workers Party | Conscious Collaborations | Call Out | Accommodation in Wellington | Resources | The escalating history of Labour Party conference protest

Tinkuyaku III

Argentina, 25.03.2008 02:39

El agua también es un derecho humano


Athens, 25.03.2008 02:10

Παρακολουθήσεις, καταστολή, αστυνομία και χρυσή αυγή...

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