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SAS funeral March

Houston, 02.04.2008 06:38

3/31 Students Against Sweatshops Funeral for Worker Rights

Fossil Fools Day

Houston, 02.04.2008 06:38

Fossil Fools Day Houston Action Takes on Dynegy


Argentina, 02.04.2008 05:38

Housing Battle Succeeds in North Seattle

Seattle, 02.04.2008 05:08

Saturday morning, March 1st, some of us with the Seattle Solidarity Network got together a delegation to present a list of demands to a large property owner in north Seattle.

Marcelo Pomar, militante do Movimento Passe Livre Floripa

Brasil, 02.04.2008 03:38


Brutalidad Policial

santiago, 02.04.2008 03:08

Jhonny Cariqueo Yañez, Asesinado por Carabineros en Pudahuel

Mais censura na internet: Indymedia bloqueado na Turquia

Brasil, 02.04.2008 01:38


Iniciada jornada de movimentos urbanos no dia 28 de março

Brasil, 01.04.2008 21:38


Plum Creek Receives &quot;Fossil Fool's Award&quot; For Contributions To Climate Change

Maine, 01.04.2008 21:37

Fairfield, ME - Volunteers with the Native Forest Network (NFN) staged a mock "Fossil Fool's Day" awards ceremony today at the offices of the Plum Creek Timber Company to draw attention to the potential impacts of the company's Moosehead region development proposal on the regional and global climate. If approved by the Land Use Regulation Commission, the group says, Plum Creek's plan would increase Maine's total carbon emissions by nearly 8%-- a growth in climate-altering pollution that the state's communities and ecosystems cannot afford.

Stumptown Earth First!'s Fossil Fool's Day Action

Portland, 01.04.2008 20:38

As part of Fossil Fool's Day, Stumptown Earth First! in protest of the LNG Oregon Pipelines, performed a four-story banner hang off of the Burnside Bridge in downtown Portland, OR. The banner reads No New Pipelines with a no LNG logo directly in the middle. The Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Pipeline is a proposed project that involves three LNG processing terminals and over 600 miles of new pipeline throughout Oregon.

April 5th Tribute to 4000 Dead U.S. Soldiers

Rogue Valley, 01.04.2008 20:09

Dear Friends of Citizens for Peace & Justice,

Please join us at 1 pm this Saturday, April 5th, at the Rogue Valley Mall in the parking lot north of the Shell station off Crater Lake Highway. We'll gather for the reading of the names of Oregonians who have died in Iraq and Afghanistand and a song or two each by Beth Baker and Pete Herzog. Then we'll walk around the perimeter of the mall property with our signs and our chants.

See our website: for more information.

The 'Fossil Fools' Day of action

Scotland, 01.04.2008 18:09

The April 1st 'Fossil Fools' Day of Action has seen a good deal of fun and pranks in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

34 gas guzzling 4x4's and swanky sports cars were 'disarmed' in Edinburgh last night by pranksters. [1] A banner was hung from Charing Cross motorway intersection in central Glasgow this morning. [2] The Glasgow Fossil Fools presented their local Climate Change Criminals with Awards for their contribution to Climate Chaos. [3]

Actions have been taking place all over the UK, including the blockade of e-on offices [4], Bacton gas terminal [5], and the Ffof-y-fran open cast coal mine. [6] The day of action was called by Rising Tide [website]

Activists Blockade Bank of America to Protest Funding of Coal

Boston, 01.04.2008 18:08

Boston, MA –April Fools! As of 9:00AM, in conjunction with a downtown rally, four activists locked themselves to the front entrance of the Bank of America branch in Copley Square. They were protesting the bank’s funding of coal and energy companies who are among the worst contributors to climate change, and directly responsible for innumerable human rights abuses in communities where coal is extracted and burned. Four were arrested, some loaded into the police wagon still locked to each other.

Brad Will at the barricades

Houston, 01.04.2008 17:38

April 8th: Brad: One More Night at the Barricade

1er mai 2008 - nous voulons la révolution sociale !

Switzerland, 01.04.2008 16:37

Le 1er mai est la journée internationale des travailleurs, une manifestation et une cuisine populaire sont organisées à Lausanne au parc de Milan dès 12h30.

Appel pour la manifestation de Lausanne | Coordination pour un 1er mai révolutionnaire

Origine En 1886, manifestent, à Chicago, plus de 100’000 personnes pour la journée de huit heures. Le 3 mai, à Chicago, deux travailleurs sont tués par la police ; en réaction une manifestation a lieu le 4 mai. Lors de celle-ci, une bombe est lancée dans le Haymarket Square par des inconnus. Sept policiers sont morts et plus de 70 ont été blessés. La police répond en tirant dans la foule, quarte ouvriers tombent. Suite à ces événements, sept anarchistes sont arrêtés et condamnés à mort ou à la prison à perpétuité sans preuves.

LA IMC Meeting

LA, 01.04.2008 15:08

LA IMC Meeting

Fry and Shafer Released on Bail Pending Appeal

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.04.2008 14:08

On March 19th, Dr. Marion "Mollie" Fry and Dale Schafer walked out of a US Court in Sacramento free on bail pending appeal after being sentenced to a five-year mandatory minimum for conspiracy to cultivate and dispense medical cannabis. US District Judge Frank Damrell deplored the sentence as a "tragedy" that should "never have happened." Judge Damrell released the defendants on bail. Doctor Fry has stopped writing medical cannabis recommendations as a condition for release.

Police Raid D-Q University: Eighteen Students, Elders and Supporters Arrested

Santa Cruz, CA, 01.04.2008 09:10

At 9:45 in the morning of March 31st, a large force of Yolo County Sheriffs stormed the buildings at D-Q University, battering their way into the hallway of the large dorm with guns drawn, and arresting 18 students, community supporters, and elders. In a similar incident on February 20th, Sheriff's deputies came onto the sovereign campus and arrested three students. The students arrested on February 20th have their court date on Wednesday, April 2nd at 7:30am at the Woodland Courthouse and they have put out a call for supporters to attend. The court date for the 18 people arrested on March 31st is not yet known.

Labor Complaints Point to Human Rights Abuses at Lakeside Organics

Santa Cruz, CA, 01.04.2008 09:10

Public complaints made against the Watsonville-based Lakeside Organics corporation point to systematic human rights abuses on the organic farm. These complaints serve as a reminder that organic certification often does always take into consideration abusive labor conditions.

Tambores Tintos festejó su tercer aniversario

Argentina, 01.04.2008 07:39

Ensenada vibró al ritmo del candombe

Tambores Tintos festejó su tercer aniversario

Argentina, 01.04.2008 07:39

Ensenada vibró al ritmo del candombe

Arrests in Otautahi/Christchurch at Christchurch Fossil Fools Day protest.

Aotearoa, 01.04.2008 07:11

Word has just come through that apparently 3 people were just arrested at the Christchurch Fossil Fools Day protest. It is not yet known why they were arrested or what (if any) charges have been laid. More info as it comes to hand…

Update: 6:51pm - 3 confirmed arrests, possibly a 4th. According to people who were there, the Police got "very violent" and "vicious".

7.39pm - It sound like 5 or maybe 6 arrests. Apparently they will be released in 3 hours. We have no idea what the charges are.

7.56pm - Around 10 people are outside the Christchurch central police station waiting for activists' release. Go down and support them!

From the call-out: "Confronted with melting ice caps, unprecedented species extinction, droughts and extreme weather, climate change threatens our very survival. The fools at the head of the fossil fuel empire continue to plunder the earth, with the governments as willing court jesters at their side. […] Celebrate International Fossil Fools Day on 1st April, walking and cycling through the streets of Christchurch. Express your disapproval of the War for Oil, fossil fuel dependency and celebrate the sustainable future for all. Bring your children, it's their future."

Brad Will at the barricades

Houston, 01.04.2008 06:38

April 8th: Brad: One More Night at the Barricade

Enviro Encuentro

Houston, 01.04.2008 03:39

3/31 Encuentro Highlights State's Environmental Justice Campaigns

I Need Your Help

DC, 01.04.2008 00:09

Elizabeth is an activist. She’s been organizing feedings for the homeless on weekends for years, but she did not participate at that or at any other time in any kind of robbery to get the food for the feedings. The action against Whole Foods occurred over the weekend activists from all over were in town for the World Bank IMF protests. The police were closely monitoring protest activity that weekend, as a police officer has testified. On the eve of the October 22nd No War No Warming actions, she was arrested off the street by undercover officers in an unmarked police vehicle. The unit of the MPD that monitors protest activity had mistaken her for a woman who drove a getaway from a group shoplifting excursion that occurred at a DC Whole Foods Market earlier that day. Fundraiser: April 8th - 7:00 p.m. Bobby Fisher Memorial Bldg, 1644 North Capitol St. NW

Students and Protesters Confront War Criminal Karl Rove at GW

DC, 01.04.2008 00:09

On Friday several members of CAN at GW and other antiwar students gained admission to a speech by Karl Rove, hosted by the campus chapter of the ultra-right Young America's Foundation at George Washington University. In the middle of Rove's speech -- during which he continued to defend long discredited claims about WMDs in Iraq, in addition to attacking the president of the NAACP and presidential candidate Obama -- the students inside unfurled a banner that read "War Criminal," and read Article 6 of the Nuremberg Trials defining war crimes. Audio from WSQT:

Pics from PDC Free Mumia rally, March 28, downtown NYC

NYC, 31.03.2008 21:38

A demonstration called by the Partisan Defense Committee on March 28, 2008, near City Hall in Manhattan rallied support for activist Mumia Abu-Jamal in the wake of a recent court decision against him. On March 27, 2008, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia upheld Mumia Abu-Jama's conviction of murder. The ruling, should it withstand appeal, disallows further challenges to the conviction despite a preponderance of evidence pointing to Mumia's innocence and to a police misconduct in investigating and prosecuting the case. It leaves Mumia facing two stark choices: life in prison or death by execution.


Arizona, 31.03.2008 21:37

Tucson Community Builds Autonomous Park In Path of Proposed Roadway

Agenda social y política del Alto Valle

Argentina, 31.03.2008 21:08

Nottingham City Council: Mired in Corruption

United Kingdom, 31.03.2008 12:08

Nottingham City Council Chief Executive, Michael Frater, is to resign from the Council £230,000 better off after Councillors agreed the details of a pay-off earlier in the month. In spite of the Evening Post's attempts to present Frater as the hero, battling against evil Council Leader Jon Collins, some people aren't so sure.

Claims have been made that Frater engineered a series of confrontational situations in order to secure his departure. Whatever the truth of the matter, he has supported a number of highly expensive and unpopular projects during his time in Nottingham, including spending £52,000 on a beach party in Cannes to promote the city, £387,000 commissioning an instructional play for Council staff, £350,000 on turning the Market Square into an ice rink not to mention £25,000 on the dreaded library uniforms.

This is not to let Jon Collins or the rest of the council off the hook. When not trying to buy votes, Collins and co are busy closing public facilities for their corporate chums to start more profitable developments.

Newswire: Michael alternative version?? | Make nottingham Real, not PR stunts, uniforms & pool closures

Previous feature articles: Library Staff Speak Out Against Uniforms and Management Bullying | Council Under Fire From Campaign To Save Leisure Centre | Nottingham City Council Silences Welfare Advice Row | Nottingham City Council Recycling .. .... Bottom of the Class again!

Links: Nottingham City Council | Telford & Wrekin Council Watch

L'UDEP lance sa télévision

Liege, 31.03.2008 12:07

US Court Rules Against New Trial for Political Prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal: International Solidarity Needed Now!

Aotearoa, 31.03.2008 07:12

Last week the US Third Circuits Appeals Court refused to grant death row inmate, former Black Panther member and journalist, Mumia Abu-Jamal a new trial. Mumia has been on deathrow since 1982, after being convicted, in a trial labelled by Amnesty International as 'completely flawed', for the murder of Philadelphia Policeman, Daniel Faulkner. At the time of the incident Officer Faulkner was beating Mumia's younger brother. In Mumia's original trial the Prosecutor claimed that Mumia's membership of the Black Panthers, as a teenager in the 1960s, was evidence that he was guilty. The trial judge, Albert Sabo, had an obvious conflict of interest as he had been a member of the Fraternal Order of Police Officers for many years. A court stenographer testified that she heard him say "I m going to help them fry the nigger." After the trial investigations revealed the Philidelphia Police force was riddled with corruption. Ever since then Mumia has been held in a cell, the size of a toilet. He has gained international fame as an articulate writer and commentator on social issues. The Third Circuit Appeals Court refused to see new evidence on the case, despite the fact a number of crime scene photos that contradict the police version of events have come to light. The court decision paves the way for a new hearing where it will decided if Mumia is to be executed or held for life in prison without parole. Decision No Victory Protests against the decision have been held across the US. Mumia's supporters plan to hold a large demo on April 19th in Philadelphia to co-incide with the state's Democrat Presidential Primaries. In Wellington 15 people protested outside the US Embassy. Report Links:Mumia's Prison Radio Broadcasts | Amnesty Internationl on Mumia|Mobilisation to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal| NYC Free Mumia Coalition| Journalists for Mumia Abu-Jamal| Ruling Shows No Justice in the Capitalist Courts

Anger at Harvey Norman Stocking illegally Logged Rainforest Wood Products

Aotearoa, 31.03.2008 06:40

Last Saturday members of the Indonesia Human Rights Committee held a demonstration outside Harvey Norman Manukau to call for the store to stop stocking outdoor furniture made from kwila wood, illegally plundered from the rainforests of West Papua. Kwila is logged from one of the last undisturbed wilderness areas in World. Recently several new species of mammals have been discovered in the pristine wilderness of the Foja mountains. However, logging barons, working hand in hand, with the Indonesian Military continue to defy Indonesian environmental laws, plundering the rainforests, destroying unique eco-systems and displacing indigenous Papuans from their land. The finished products of this destruction end up for sale as decking material and outdoor furniture in New Zealand. The Indonesia Human Rights Committee calls for a complete boycott of all products made from kwila wood. Letter to Harvey Norman Manager| Social and Environmental effects of Illegal Logging| Report on Illegal Logging and Corruption| Greenpeace Good Wood Guide

March 28th: Emergency Rally to DEFEND Mumia ABU-JAMAL!

Seattle, 31.03.2008 05:38

Journalist, former Black Panther, and political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal was denied a new trial by a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals.

At the same time, the panel refused to reinstate the death sentence against Mumia. But the threat of the death penalty is not gone! The prosecution is free to pursue it again through a new jury trial that would be limited to reconsidering only Mumia’s sentencing and not his conviction. The only options would be life in prison or execution.

Rally Friday, March 28, 4:00 – 7:00pm
Federal Courthouse, 700 Stewart St., Seattle

Half New Orleans Poor Permanently Displaced: failure or success?

New Orleans, 31.03.2008 05:09

Half New Orleans Poor Permanently Displaced: failure or success?

Voices of the Innocent: a documentary play from exonerated people

New Orleans, 31.03.2008 05:09

Voices of the Innocent: a documentary play from exonerated people

Public Housing Protestors from City Council &quot;Riot&quot; Convicted

New Orleans, 31.03.2008 05:09

Public Housing Protestors from City Council "Riot" Convicted

Día del Joven Combatiente

santiago, 30.03.2008 23:44

Contra el Olvido, la Impunidad y el terrorismo de Estado

KBOO interviews Joe Anybody about camera taken by police

Portland, 30.03.2008 19:39

"Independent Media Under Attack" ... is the audio from KBOO 90.7 community radio and video from the event that caused police to take camera from me ... an Independent Videographer here in portland. This interview with KBOO 90.7fm is in my own words, the video is my own tape I share this with my community in hopes of raising awareness and in gaining support As I push for peace and justice and a free press that is not intimidated in our city.

[ Read More | Walk Out part 10 "The Roadblock" | Video Journalist Joe Anybody Has Camera Taken By Police | ]

NYers protest Leviev's Israeli settlements, commemorating Palestinian &quot;Land Day&quot;

NYC, 30.03.2008 18:08

Forty New Yorkers commemorated the Palestinian national holiday Land Day Saturday with the eighth protest at the Madison Avenue jewelry store of Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev. The protest included songs, theater and testimonials from villages threatened by Leviev’s settlements. Land Day marks Palestinians' ties to their land, in defiance of Israeli efforts to displace them.

Zatrzymani w Słupsku

Torun, 30.03.2008 14:07

Brigadas 2008

Euskal Herria, 30.03.2008 13:08

Un a�o m�s las organizaciones internacionalistas Askapena, Euskadi-Cuba y Komite Internazionalistak (KI) organizan brigadas internacionalistas que en estos meses de verano visitaran muchos pa�ses como Palestina, Kurdistan, Sardinia, Pa�sos Catalans, Irlanda, Mexiko, Panam�, Kuna Yala, Kuba, Ekuador, Venezuela, Kolonbia, Bolivia, Wall Mapu, Argentina, Uruguay y Brasil.

Por ahora solo est� abierto el plazo de inscripci�n en Askapena, pero pronto se abrir�n las inscripciones en las otras organizaciones. M�s informaci�n: |Para apuntarse en Askapena|.

net &amp; freedom (en)

Barcelona, 30.03.2008 11:09

Free culture and free of repression right now

We have to pay the Canon to record our photos and they sue our communication spaces. SGAE and management societies have more and more people against them. Go and say what you think at the reivindicative and festive day.

[March 2, 17h] Gathering outside every SGAE headquarter

collaborate spreading :: banners & images / email to send to friends / Manifest / Press release / gallery (translations in Catalan, Spanish, Galego and Euskera in both text and image get updated) / forum about the action at compartiresbueno / advice for campaigns and acts against SGAE / the new at meneame / What you pay for the "Canon" and maybe you don't know

other news :: repression : SGAE sues CNT for "honour offence" / CNT's communiqué / SGAE against Catalan popular culture : bye,bye to the Mataro's Pellofa de Carnestoltes / to download music from internet or to photocopy a book is more punished than stealing, beating or even sexual harassment
claims: in the net will you pay for your own work? for your photos? SIGN AGAINST THE CANON / SGAE gets back to the first position in google "ladrones" (thieves) and suffers a defacement in its website in the street : Haven't got a costume for carnival??? Dress up like an SGAE inspector / [sgae inspector in Mataró] photos, audio & text in bars and shops : give this poster to bars and shops close to your home in the conferences: Albedrio Conferences :: For a free culture (Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla)

+info:: >>>freedom & the net // compartiresbueno // todos contra el canon // la asociación de internautas // albedrio // alasbarricadas call // cnt

labour issues (en)

Barcelona, 30.03.2008 11:09

Two Break days RIGHT NOW!

Strike from March 3rd to 7th for the two-days break (events calendar)

Yesterday (February 29th) video of the Drivers Meeting at the Zona Franca's depot ::: From March 3rd to 7th: The bus drivers will show again to the management and their trade unionists that we want the two-days break ::: Dos Dies! (Two Days): Free newspaper form the TMB bus drivers ::: The TMB management refuses to negotiate front the new March 3-7 calls for strike ::: V I D E O The Barcelona bus drivers strike continues ::: Front the carelessness of both the company and the City Council, the worker thrill and imagination (TMB)

+info: >>>labour issues + + cgt

IV Jornadas Feministas de Euskal Herria

Euskal Herria, 30.03.2008 09:08

Aunque pueda parecer extra�o, fue en el siglo pasado, hace ya 13 a�os que se celebraron las �ltimas Jornadas Feministas de Euskal Herria. Son muchas las personas que no solo no las recuerdan sino que desconocen que se hubieran celebrado. Es por esto que la Coordinadora Feminista de Euskal Herria ha decidido que ya va siendo hora de celebrar unas cuartas jornadas donde reencontrarse y encontrase, donde conocerse y debatir, donde reivindicar y disfrutar.

Todo ello los pr�ximos d�as 12 y 13 de abril en la facultad de N�utica de la UPV entre Portugalete y Santurtzi (Bizkaia). Habr� talleres, ejes para el debate, manifestaci�n, fiesta, etc...

M�s informaci�n: : [Escucha las cu�as: |1|, |2|, |3|, |Sitio web de las jornadas|, |Blog de las jornadas|, |Ubicaci�n y c�mo llegar| , |D�nde quedarse|, |Programa|, |Inscribirse|, |Entrevista a las organizadoras en La Haine|.

2008.ko Brigadak

Euskal Herria, 30.03.2008 09:08

Beste behin ere, Askapena, Euskadi-Cuba eta Komite Internazionalistak (KI) talde internazionalistek, Kurdistanera, Sardiniara, Pa�sos Catalansera, Irlandara, Mexikora, Panam�ra, Kuna Yala-ra, Ekuadorera, Boliviara, Wall Mapu-ra, Argentinara, Uruguayera, Brasilera, Bretainara, Palestinara, Kubara, Mexikora, Kolonbiara edo Venezuelara joateko elkartasun brigadetak antolatu dituzten.

Oraindik, bakarrik Askapenak apuntatzeko epea irekita dauka, baina laister beste erakundeek irekiko dute epea. Informazio gehiago: |Askapenarekin apuntatzeko|.

Friends of Brad Will Release Secret Documents of Proposed US/Mexican Military Aid

Santa Cruz, CA, 30.03.2008 07:38

The international network demanding accountability for the murder of US journalist Brad Will released secret documents detailing proposed military support for Mexican security forces implicated in murder, torture and continuing arbitrary detentions.

Students Label Auckland Council “Climate Criminals”

Aotearoa, 30.03.2008 06:09

Student activists of Greens on Campus, assembled outside a council meeting on Thursday 28 March, to protest Auckland City Council’s decision to cancel several climate change prevention initiatives. The students are also concerned that the Council is cutting funding for sustainable transport projects, such as bus lanes and cycle ways.

Using humour to get their point across, the students staged a mock debate on Queen Street between the councilors of 2008, dressed in suits, and the councilors of 2050, dressed in togs, snorkels, and flippers.

From the Newswire

Perth, 30.03.2008 02:09

Leaching the Land: Uranium mining and Water

Teachers and Cleaners on strike - there is power in a union!

Aotearoa, 30.03.2008 01:09

Teaching staff at the Kaplan Aspect English Language School in Parnell Auckland went on strike on Tuesday in support of their Collective Employment Agreement claims. The teachers, members of Unite decided to take industrial action after the company announced a “restructuring” which Mike Treen, National Director of Unite, the teachers' union, called a blatant attempt to get around good faith negotiations.

Mediation between Spotless Services Ltd and the Service and Food Workers Union (SFWU) to avoid strike action failed yesterday. As a result over 800 cleaners across the following hospitals will be striking for 24 hours on Wednesday the 2nd April.

Although Spotless agrees with the rates cleaners are entitled to, they are refusing to pay those rates because of a funding dispute with the District Health Boards. "It is totally unacceptable that low-paid workers in our public hospitals are being forced to lose income and put patient safety at risk because Spotless and the DHB's can't do simple arithmetic."

Links:Unite | Service and Food Workers Union | 800 Hospital cleaners locked out after strike action (July 07)

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