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Dignity in Resistance - Zapatista Photo Exhibition in Poneke

Aotearoa, 05.04.2008 01:11

Dignity in Resistance is an exhibition of photographs taken in Zapatista Communities 2006-7 by Jen Bell, Julie Webb-Pullman, and Julien, that will be on display in Poneke/Wellington, from Monday 14 April.

In 1994 the Zapatista’s said “Enough!!” and stood up to attempts to further dispossess them of their indigenous lands and culture. Within days of the 1 January armed uprising, a peace deal was brokered, since when they committed to pursue a peaceful path, constructing from below and to the left a “world in which many worlds fit”. Despite their public commitment to peace and inclusion, they have suffered, and continue to suffer, ongoing repression and attack from military and paramilitary alike.

Through the eye of the camera, this exhibition captures rare glimpses of largely unknown aspects of Zapatista life – at home, at church, at school, in the fields and the kitchens, and sharing their struggles and achievements at ‘Encuentros’, as well as the more familiar protests in the streets.

The photos have been selected for the strength, dignity, humanity and spirit of the subjects and their environment, in their struggle not only to survive, but to build a better world.

Place: Thistle Gallery, Cnr Cuba and Arthur Streets, Wellington
Dates: 14-19 April
Launch: 5.30pm Monday 14 April
Closing: 7pm Saturday 19 April

Links: Chiapas and the Zapatista rebellion | ZNet Chiapas | Upping the Anti: Mexico

“With his body he said no more”

Boston, 04.04.2008 17:10

(From Eddie Vedder’s “No More” song, written with Iraq War Veteran Tomas Young for bodyofwarmusic) In the year 2003, over 70% of America pointed the finger at those who dared voice their opinion against a war in Iraq and deemed them “unpatriotic.” They were looked at in disgust and told that they were not being supportive. “Un-American” people yelled at them; “Terrorist Lovers” added others. “You’re fired” are probably the ones Phil Donahue heard.

5/9 Death House Door

Houston, 04.04.2008 16:43

May 9th: At the Death House Door

April 4th: Oaxaca Solidarity Event

Seattle, 04.04.2008 16:09

"Paz Sin Justicia" (“Peace Without Justice”) is a documentary edited and filmed by indigenous women and youth, who examine the corruption, institutionalized repression, and economic slavery found in the current state of Oaxaca, Mexico. This film documents the resistance of Oaxacans as they strive for self-determination, autonomy, popular power, and the dignity that comes with rising up from below. Simón Sedillo, activist and filmmaker, will be presenting this film.

Thursday April 3rd at 7pm
Wyckoff Auditorium (ENGR 2nd floor)
Seattle University

VIDEO: Wishing War Away-April Fools Day

Seattle, 04.04.2008 16:09

"We The People," a ragtag band of patriots, hit the streets in Port Townsend, Washington on April Fools Day to remind us all that we need to fight for our democracy.

Nottingham's Zimbabwean Community Responds to Rigged Elections

United Kingdom, 04.04.2008 15:39

On March 29 Zimbabwe went to the polls. The election was widely criticised with accusations of vote rigging, state orchestrated media bias and violent intimidation of opposition activists. The outcome was generally considered a foregone conclusion, which would have little to do with the opinions of most Zimbabweans and early indications are that these concerns were well placed, although events now seem to have taken a more complicated turn.

In Nottingham the Zimbabwean community used the election to draw attention to the situation in their country and camapaign against the threat of deportation which many Zimbabwean asylum seekers face. They organised a meeting at the Sumac Centre on March 28 and held at protest at Nottingham's new speakers corner on March 28.

Audio: Interviews at demonstration | NIMC interview with Zimbabwean Activist

Newswire: Nottingham’s Zimbabwean Community stand together | Zimbabwean Asylum Rights Demo @ Speakers Corner, Nottingham | Notts Indymedia Migration Topic Page

Previous Features: Refugees In Need Of Community Protection? | Situation in the Congo is worsening as deportations continue | Nottingham Protest against Deportations to Northern Iraq (Kurdistan) :: Pictures

Links: No Borders Nottingham | Nottingham and Notts Refugee Forum | Nottingham Refugee Campaign Group | The Zimbabwean | Zimbabwe Indymedia (archive)

&quot;Quero ver quem vai me tirar&quot;

Brasil, 04.04.2008 14:42


Fossil Fools Day Direct Action from around the US and tidbits worldwide

Portland, 04.04.2008 14:42

[April 1st] was "fossil fools day" an international day of protest against the dirty energy industry for their promotion of climate change and resource wars, the protest was called for by Rising Tide and many other groups. Globally 100 fossil fools protests took place on April 1.

Al Gore suggested such tactics last summer.

Around a hundred actions -- include about a dozen involving civil disobedience -- took place around the world.

In North Carolina, protesters who had chained themselves to bulldozers at a coal plant under construction were tasered by police despite being immobilized while "locked-down" to bulldozer.

With the only a few years to turn our emissions around and the growing focus on civil disobedience, the movement to stop climate change appears is heating up.

8 Arrested as North Carolina, USA Residents Shut Down Construction at Cliffside Coal Plant
Activists Blockade Bank of America to Protest Funding of Coal, Boston, Massachusetts, | Billionaires for Dirty Energy blockade Citibank in New York, USA. 2 arrested | Banner drop and "Cheat Neutral" action in Portland, OR, USA | Plum Creek Receives "Fossil Fool's Award", Maine, USA | Tar Sands Targetted in Waterloo, ON, Canada | Protesters Shut down open-cast coal mine, Wales. 2 Arrests | Cambridge, UK Fossil Fools Day Protest at RBS Bank | EV-EON Carbon Capture launched on Southbank! (UK) | Bristol Rising Tide blockade Aberthaw power station, Wales, UK

Estudantes ocupam a reitoria da UnB

Brasil, 04.04.2008 13:38


Critical Mass April Ride

Miami, 04.04.2008 13:37

Critical Mass April Ride

Critical Mass April Ride

Miami, 04.04.2008 13:37

Critical Mass April Ride

From the Newswire

Perth, 04.04.2008 07:09

Apartheid Actions in the Alice

All Power to the Imagination! Radical conference April 4-6 in Sarasota, Florida

Miami, 04.04.2008 07:07

All Power to the Imagination! Radical conference April 4-6 in Sarasota, Florida

[Bucarest] Répression contre les activistes anti-OTAN

Liege, 03.04.2008 23:41

Après Bruxelles où, à l'appel du collectif Vredesactie, une action contre le quartier général de l'OTAN a donné lieu à 500 arrestations et un certain écho dans la presse mainstream, c'est à Bucarest que les activistes NoGlobal se sont donnés rendez-vous du 2 au 4 avril pour perturber le sommet de l'OTAN qui s'y déroule.

26 апреля – Международный день действий против атомной промышленности (&quot;Чернобыльский день&quot;)!

Belarus, 03.04.2008 22:07

Animal Torturers in Town - TONIGHT 630pm

Portland, 03.04.2008 21:38

Animal Torturers in Town - TONIGHT 630pm BridgePort Brewing Company 1313 N.W. Marshall
Tonight!!! 6:30Opm

LAMA - The Laboratory Animal Management Association, (AKA - the professional dog/cat/mouse/primate torturer/killers of Amerika).....
are having a party this week in our town.

TONIGHT, they will be attending a comedy show at:

BridgePort Brewing Company
1313 N.W. Marshall
Portland, OR 97209
Phone (503) 241-7179

ASVAB is Military's Stealth Recruiting Tool

Arkansas, 03.04.2008 18:09

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is the military's most valuable recruiting asset. You can stop this predatory practice.


Colombia, 03.04.2008 17:38

¡Es hora del Acuerdo humanitario!

People Can Say NO When Police Launch Door-to-Door Searches

DC, 03.04.2008 17:10

The Metropolitan Police Department says that officers will go to Eckington, Columbia Heights, Washington Highlands (and possibly other neighborhoods) to ask residents’ permission to search their homes. They will ask residents to sign a consent form. The form says that someone could be charged with a crime as the result of the search, but too many people may not understand this. Training by ACLU, DC ACORN Saturday, April 5, 2008 12:30-1:30 pm St. James Episcopal Church, 222- 8th Street NE


Colombia, 03.04.2008 17:09

Solidaridad con el pueblo y el gobierno de Ecuador


Colombia, 03.04.2008 17:09

La ACVC defiende el territorio y los derechos del campesinado, ¡defendamos a la ACVC!


Colombia, 03.04.2008 16:39


Ночные акции в защиту прав животных. ОРОЗиЖ

Belarus, 03.04.2008 16:07

Со второго на третье апреля 2008 года в городе Минске Было проведено несколько акций прямого действия против убийства животных!Группами радикальных активистов по всему городу были совершены прямые действия.

Scientology is a corporation - not a religion!

Scotland, 03.04.2008 15:10

12 of April will see further protest against Scientology's effect on families following up where the successful international campaign on March 15th [pics] left off. In Edinburgh the "Hubbard Academy of Personal Independence" on South Bridge was picketed by 130 protesters from EdinburghLulz on 10th of February. On that day over 9000 people worldwide have shown their opposition to the totalitarian, mafia-like organisation, which also employs extreme methods to intimidate, harass and silence critics. Later in the month Anonymous also picketed the CoS stall on Glasgow's pedestrian zone.

[ | The Profit - film about Scientology | Wikipedia | CoS operation manual leaked ]

Last Rebels of the Caribbean

Ireland, 03.04.2008 14:39

Garifuna Fighting for their Lives Enclosing the co ...

Four Activists Shut Down Bank of America for Fossil Fools Day Action

Boston, 03.04.2008 14:09

On Tuesday April 1, a t about 8:40am, four activists took direct action against the Bank of America in Copley Square, by locking themselves to the front door to protest the banks funding of coal power in the US. The action was done with support from Rising Tide North America, the Rainforest Action Network, and the Energy Action Coalition.

Candlelight Vigil honoring Jordan Case, dead at 19

Portland, 03.04.2008 05:38

Invitation to peaceful candelight vigil for Jordan Case. Help us stand up for our rights so others may have what he was denied. Friday, April 4th, Terry Schrunk Plaza.

Before he died on Oct. 22, 2006, the unarmed aspiring physicist was Tasered 12 times, hit with nine beanbag rounds and shot four times. In a federal lawsuit to be filed April 3, Case's parents claim their son's death was totally unnecessary.

Funeral de Jhonny Cariqueo Yañez

santiago, 03.04.2008 05:09

Basta de Tortura, Abusos Policiales, Montajes y Terrorismo de Estado

Landslides continue in Colton

Portland, 03.04.2008 04:41

Hult Road out in Colton is still closed and the hope for it ever opening again is dim. As reported here last December, this area was destroyed by the careless logging of a steep hillside by Ronald and Vina Mitchell. Permits were given to the Mitchells for this logging by the Oregon Department of Forestry. Today we hiked up the road to check on the damage caused when the clear cut area was washed out by winter rains of 2006.

Its closure has been very inconvenient to people living in the rural area and has forced service vehicles to drive out of their way to provide bus service for school children and mail service for homes. But as I walked up there this morning, I noticed a California Jay flying by with nesting materials. I heard quail calling in the low brush. I would imagine that quite a few fellow creatures are more than happy that we are not driving our vehicles back and forth on this road. What this comes down to, though, is the vast stretch of erosion which was 'permitted' and paid for by citizens of this state. [ Read More | Clear cut causes road closure ]

Demonstration Against the Proposed Slaughter of Sea Lions

Portland, 03.04.2008 04:41

Today, the PDX grassroots animal liberation organization, The Portland Animal Defense League (PDX-ADL), announces demonstrations against the proposed killing of Sea Lions by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

The planned killing of Sea Lions by the US Fish and Wildlife Service is simply a mistake that most Portlanders oppose.

Record level over-predation by human fishing, combined with the impact of dams have reduced the wild Salmon's numbers to a fraction of their historical populations.

Now, the US Fish and Wildlife Service plans to "avenge" the remaining population of Salmon by slaughtering our Sea Lions.

This is simply an emotional, political, irrational, and totally ineffective response to a very serious ecological issue.

ΒΟΥΚΟΥΡΕΣΤΙ: Ενάντια στη σύνοδο του ΝΑΤΟ

Athens, 03.04.2008 04:17

Βίαιη εισβολή στο κέντρο των διαδηλωτών με συλλήψεις


Perth, 03.04.2008 03:39

Feminists oppose the use of Jim Beam party girls at SouthBound

Saturday April 5: Free Tibet Protests Ahead of FTA Signing

Aotearoa, 03.04.2008 01:09

Just days before the Prime Minister Helen Clark is due to sign a free trade agreement with the Chinese state, demonstrators will take to the streets in Auckland and Wellington to protest the government's continued silence over the brutal Chinese occupation in Tibet and violent repression of human rights activists and trade union organising.

6º encuentro de la U.A.C.

Argentina, 03.04.2008 01:08

"Contra el saqueo, la destrucción y la contaminación"

6º encuentro de la U.A.C.

Argentina, 03.04.2008 00:39


6º encuentro de la U.A.C.

Argentina, 03.04.2008 00:39


Fossils Fools Day of Action

United States, 02.04.2008 22:37

Countries around the world observed Fossil “Fools” Day yesterday, which is an international day of protest focused on climate change and energy issues. Actions were intended to challenge and disrupt the fossil fuels industry, which scientists say is primarily responsible for global warming. Many participated in actions while some were arrested in acts of civil disobedience, while blocking coal plants and mines, gas terminals, energy companies, and corporations representative of an unsustainable fuel industry. IMC COVERAGE: New York: Climate Activists Take on Citibank in Manhattan | Houston: Fossil Fools Day | Maine: Plum Creek Receives "Fossil Fool's Award" For Contributions To Climate Change | Portland: Stumptown Earth First!'s Fossil Fool's Day Action | Worcester: Photos from "Fossil Fools Day" anti-coal rally | Boston: Activists Blockade Bank of America to Protest Funding of Coal FOSSILS FOOLS DAY COVERAGE: RELATED: Houston: Encuentro Highlights State's Environmental Justice Campaigns

Дружный против пестицидов: теперь с собственным сайтом

Belarus, 02.04.2008 22:37

Как вы, наверное, знаете рядом с поселком Дружный собираются построить завод по производству (а еще и утилизации) пестицидов. В поселке живут замечательные жители, которые проявляют просто невероятную для Беларуси активность с тем, чтобы недопустить строительства этого (можете представить насколько вредного) завода рядом со своим поселком.

Недавно они сделали свой сайт, на котором можно ознакомиться со многими документами кампании, а также следить за последними новостями кампании. Еще не все разделы сайта работают, но там уже есть много интересной информации.

И одной из последних новостей является как раз то, что сегодня, в четверг 3 апреля там пройдет очередная попытка провести "общественные слушания" по вопросу строительства завода. Причем об этом мероприятии жителям стало ивестно только вчера.. Слушания начнутся в период с 15 00 до 17 00 в ДК поселка.

Fossil Fools Take On E.ON In Nottingham

United Kingdom, 02.04.2008 22:08

Activists from Rising Tide called for a day of action against the fossil fuel industry on April 1st. "They would have us believe that we can escape climate change with techno-fixes, market mechanisms and offset schemes - all technocratic acrobatics that distract us from the truth: the only real solution to climate change is to keep fossil fuels in the ground."

In Nottingham, over 30 people under the banner of Eastside Climate Action blockaded energy company E.ON's offices on Mount Street. People covered in green paint to represent E.ON's greenwash, locked onto the front entrance to the call centre offices and stood in front of other entrances preventing hundreds of workers from getting to work. Two people who were locked onto the front entrance were arrested and later in the afternoon the police entered and searched their homes in search for 'evidence' in relation to their arrest. Both were charged with public order offences and are to appear at Nottingham Magistrates Court on April 14th.

Audio: Fossil Fools Blockade E.On Offices in Nottingham (an audio piece) | Abuse from E-On Staff

Photos: Pictures 1 | Pictures 2 | Pictures from EOn protest

Also on the newswire: Police Searches Houses After Arrests At E.On Blockade | Eastside Climate Action blockade E-on workers as part of Fossil Fools Day | Fossil Fools Day - April 1st | Direct Action in Nottingham this Spring | Notts Indymedia Climate Chaos Topic Page

UK Indymedia feature: Fossil Fools Take On Fossil Fuels

Previous features: Convictions For Activists - Climate Criminals Walk Free | 'Clean' Coal On Trial | Climate Activists Bring Powerstation Operations To A Halt

Links: Camp for Climate Action | Climate IMC | Eastside Climate Action | E.ON | Fossil Fools Day | Network for Climate Action | Rising Tide


Argentina, 02.04.2008 21:38

Repudios al seminario de la derecha neoliberal


Argentina, 02.04.2008 21:08

Repudios al seminario de la derecha neoliberal

Buscamos a Natalia

Argentina, 02.04.2008 21:08

USA vs Al Arian

Houston, 02.04.2008 18:38

April 26th: USA vs Al-Arian

Three Cops Versus An Entire Community

United States, 02.04.2008 17:37

Nearly a year ago, on March 30, 2007, when a 17 year-old black youth was stopped in Douglass Park, pepper sprayed, and sent to the hospital by Champaign police, it put the issue of police brutality in the spotlight just two weeks before an election for several seats on the Champaign City Council. read more

Fossil Fools Take On Fossil Fuels

United Kingdom, 02.04.2008 17:08

Rising Tide called for a day of action against the fossil fuel industry on April 1st. "They would have us believe that we can escape climate change with techno-fixes, market mechanisms and offset schemes - all technocratic acrobatics that distract us from the truth: the only real solution to climate change is to keep fossil fuels in the ground."

And what an action packed day it was.. Banners were dropped in Lancaster and Wrexham and in Edinburgh 4x4 were targetted and clowns caused foodmile havoc in supermarkets. Petrol stations were targetted in Plymouth and Sheffield and in Cambridge and Manchester activists took action at Royal Bank of Scotland branches. In Nottingham activists blockaded city centre offices of E.On and in London Rising Tide played a spoof game of football outside the FA HQ to point out what their sponsor E.On are up to. London Rising Tide also payed a visit to the offices of Y&R advertising who are currently trying to convince the public of Landrover’s green credentials. People and Planet staged a 'No New Coal' protest in parliament square to oppose the proposed powerstation at Kingsnorth and others payed a visit to the offices of a company who partly run one of the biggest opencast coal mines in Europe, in Ffos-y-Fran, Merthyr Tydfil (Wales).

At the mine itself in Merthyr Tydfil protesters halted work, with the intention to remain on the site for several days. Activists also blockaded the UK's largest off shore gas terminal at Bacton (Norfolk). They blockaded the main road outside the site preventing construction workers and shift workers from arriving. In Hull, which was hit badly by flooding last year, people draped banners and handed out leaflets. In Norwich, activists from Rising Tide sent out a spoof press release announcing that Norwich Unions would be withdrawing all of its £6.1 billion investment in the fossil fuel industry and then organised a press conference at their HQ. See full feature article for more detailed info about the actions.

Audio: Fossil Fools Blockade E.On Offices in Nottingham

Reports: Bacton (Norfolk) | Cambridge | Edinburgh: [1] [2] | Hull | Lancaster | London: FA Cup protest [1] [2] + EV-EON Carbonated Water Launch + Welsh Opencast Mine protest + Kingsnorth protest + Y&R office action | Manchester | Merthyr Tydfil (Wales): [1] [2] [video] | Norwich | Nottingham | Plymouth | Sheffield | Wrexham | Fossil Fools Day action roundup

Indymedia links: Climate Chaos topic page | Climate IMC

Other Links: Fossil Fools Day website | Days Of Climate Action | Camp For Climate Action | Rising Tide | London Rising Tide | Eastside Climate Action

Ruling Against Mumia Shows: No Justice in the Capitalist Courts

Arkansas, 02.04.2008 16:09

On March 27, the U.S. appeals court in Philadelphia reaffirmed the frame-up conviction of Mumia Abu-Jamal, the former Black Panther Party spokesman and world-renowned radical journalist who has been locked up on Pennsylvania’s death row for more than a quarter century. After previously rejecting Mumia’s request to present evidence of his innocence, as well as a host of issues showing that he was railroaded by a racist court, the Court turned down Mumia’s request for a new trial. It upheld the 2001 ruling by a federal district judge that ordered a new hearing on the sentence, but limited the “choice” to the living hell of life imprisonment without parole … or execution. Mumia is innocent. He was declared guilty and sentenced to die because of his revolutionary politics and because for years he had been a thorn in the side of the racist rulers of the misnamed “city of brotherly love.” Around the world, millions have come out in defense of Jamal. This latest ruling, like all those that preceded it, shows that the exploited and oppressed must have no faith in the racist injustice system. We call on the workers movement to mobilize its power to free Mumia now!

Climate Activists Take on Citibank in Manhattan

NYC, 02.04.2008 15:08

Organized by the Rainforest Action Network (RAN), the demonstration against Citibank was one of more than 150 actions and street performances staged across the world April 1 as part of Fossil Fools day, an environmental day of remembrance and action, organized by International Rising Tide Network and the Energy Action Coalition, dedicated to public pranks and humorous protest against the fossil fuel industry.

WZBC 's Audio of March 19 Commons Vigil

Boston, 02.04.2008 14:09

492 Cafe has posted a 30 minute audio condensation of the event available for free at This also aired on WZBC’s Truth and Justice radio, which runs Sundays from 6-10 am at 90.3 MHz FM. Audio is recorded directly from the sound board, with some audience participation included.

Arresto de Acevedo Vilá

Puerto Rico, 02.04.2008 10:10

Atrapado el Gobernador

Würde für Franco-Opfer, aber nur in Katalonie

Germany, 02.04.2008 10:09

Da ein neues Gesetz in Spanien zur Rehabilitierung der Opfer der Diktatur sehr kurz greift (, hat die Regionalregierung Kataloniens eine Erweiterung beschlossen. Damit soll den Opfern der Repression die Würde zurückgeben werden, die in Massengräbern verscharrt wurden. Die sozialistische Zentralregierung hatte sich erneut nicht getraut, gegen die Postfaschisten und gegen die mächtige katholische Kirche ein wirkliches "Gesetz zur Wiederherstellung der historischen Erinnerung" zu verabschieden ( Doch auch wenn das katalanische Gesetz etwas weiter geht, kritisieren die Opferverbände erneut, dass auch mit diesem Gesetz die Opfer des Faschismus mit den im Kampf zur Verteidung der Republik getöteten Täter gleichgesetzt werden.

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