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National Petition to End Sweatshops and Slavery in the Fields

Boston, 08.04.2008 15:09

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) - an organization of low-wage workers based in Immokalee, Florida - has launched a national petition campaign to demand that Burger King and other food industry leaders work with the CIW to improve the wages & working conditions of the workers who pick their tomatoes, and join with the CIW in an industry-wide effort to eliminate modern-day slavery & human rights abuses from Florida's fields.

National Petition to End Sweatshops and Slavery in the Fields

Portland, 08.04.2008 14:39

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) - an organization of low-wage workers based in Immokalee, Florida - has launched a national petition campaign to demand that Burger King and other food industry leaders work with the CIW to improve the wages & working conditions of the workers who pick their tomatoes, and join with the CIW in an industry-wide effort to eliminate modern-day slavery & human rights abuses from Florida's fields.

Farmworkers are among the poorest workers in the United States, and have very few labor protections. Most workers earn sub-poverty wages and do not have the legal rights to overtime pay, to organize, or to bargain collectively. in the most extreme conditions, workers are forced to work under conditions of modern-day slavery, receiving little or no pay through violence & threats of violence.

The petition not only calls on Burger King & other food industry leaders to join McDonald's & Yum Brands (parent company of Taco Bell) in addressing human rights abuses in the fields where their tomatoes are picked, but will serve as notice that the petitioners are "prepared to stop patronizing Burger King now, and other food industry leaders in the future, should they fail to do so."

To read & sign the petition, visit

Coalition of Immokalee Workers

S.F. banner drop protesting Olympic Games &amp; China's policies toward Tibet &amp; Sudan

Portland, 08.04.2008 14:39

[Ruckus Press Release]: Right now three activists, including one of our beloved Ruckutistas, are climbing up the suspension cables of the Golden Gate Bridge in an action to support Tibetan independence. San Francisco is the only city hosting the torch in the United States, and Students for a Free Tibet are responding. The message is clear and visionary: "One World, One Dream: Free Tibet"

Actions in Paris and London have already shown one of the ugly truths of standing up against injustuce - the bravery of nonviolence is met with the cowardice of violence. This is true in Tibet, where 180 people have been slaughtered since March in their attempts to send a message to the world through the layers of repression of Chinese rule.

The Tibetan dream of independence is our common dream, and we're asking you to do one thing if you are moved by the strength and perseverance of the Tibetan people and Tibetan-led Students for a Free Tibet: donate to support today's action and the actions to come.

Banner Hang photos: 1, 2

Statement from Students for a Free Tibet | more protests are planned Extinguish the Flames of Genocide in Darfur! | Guardian Commentary | Guardian Coverage of Paris Protests of Olympic Torch relay | UK Indymedia coverage of 4/4/08 protests | Free Tibet Prisoners - Callout for Independent Media in Tibet

Olympic Torch Greeted by Tibet Protests in London

United Kingdom, 08.04.2008 13:08

On April 6 the Olympic torch was to be paraded through the streets of London in what Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell described as a celebration of the "Olympic spirit." Protesters angered by recent Chinese repression in Tibet sought to undermine this Chinese propaganda exercise. As it made its way through London, the flame was greeted by a wave of protest.

Demonstrators disrupted the torch's journey along the thirty one mile route. There were attempts to seize the torch, extinguish the flame and to prevent it making its way through the city with 37 people being arrested. Although Tibet was the main focus of protests, attention was also drawn to Chinese support for Sudanese atrocities in Darfur and Burma's brutal military dictatorship.

Video: Video of the attempted Olympic flame grab!

Photos: Olympic Relay Free Tibet Rally | Olympic torch protests in London - pics | Tibetan Freedom Torch Relay, London April 6, 2008 | Olympic Torch Relay: Heated Arguments in Trafalgar Square | Chinese Torture Torch Relay Shames Olympic Ideals | Police compete in olympic farce | Olympic Torch Chased off the Streets, pics from Fleet Street | Torch Protest hits Whitechapel

Also on the Newswire: Torch Went Out in London Too! | Olympic torch relay protest timeline | Tibet Protest Great, But.... | "Freedom wins" says the Sun | Tibetan Freedom Torch Rally | 36 people arrested so far during the Olympic torch relay in London | Police Manhandle Press at Tibet Demonstration | Brilliant pro Tibet protest ongoing in London today

Links: Beijing 2008 Olympic Games (official site) | Free Tibet Campaign | Students for a Free Tibet

Boikot Obor Olimpiade, Boikot Beijing!

Jakarta, 08.04.2008 08:09

22 April Api Olimpiade tiba di Jakarta Solidaritas Global mendukung anti kekerasan Pemerintah Komunis Cina terhadap Tibet. Boikot Api Obor Olimpiade Beijing 2008. ...


Tijuana, 08.04.2008 08:08


Franklin Shelter residents grill Mayor's man at presentation

DC, 08.04.2008 04:16

On Sun, April 6, residents of Franklin Shelter were invited to a pair of presentations by a Department of Human Services spokesman, concerning the Mayor's plan to close the shelter by Oct 1. Audio(from presentation and interviews)10:54


Argentina, 08.04.2008 04:16

Manifestación con Incidentes y Voces Silenciadas

Street Medic Training April 18th-20th

Seattle, 08.04.2008 04:15

This is a full 20 hour street medic training course, and you must preregister. The class will be Friday evening, all day Saturday, and most of the day Sunday.

Indymedia Presents

Seattle, 08.04.2008 04:15

Indymedia Presents is PepperSpray's weekly public access TV show. It is a collaboration between Seattle's Independent Media Center and Pepperspray Productions. Locally, Indymedia Presents appears in Seattle/King County on SCAN TV (Channels 77/29) on Wednesays at 8:30 PM, Bainbridge Island (Channel 12), Port Townsend, WA (Channels 47 & 48), and Vancouver, WA (Channel 11).


Argentina, 08.04.2008 03:38

Manifestación con incidentes. Voces silenciadas


LA, 08.04.2008 03:08

Laguna Beach Contractor Sued By State For Employee Rip-off

Animal Rights Activists Harassed at George Mason University - Help Urgently Needed

DC, 08.04.2008 00:09

Animal Rights activists were harassed by campus police officers and Virginia state troopers over the weekend. Officers arbitrarily threatened arrest, stalked protesters, and continuously harassed them.

S.F. banner drop protesting Olympic Games &amp; China's policies toward Tibet &amp; Sudan

Portland, 07.04.2008 22:38

SAN FRANCISCO -- Three protesters are climbing up the suspension cables of the Golden Gate Bridge as part of an advance protest to the coming Olympic torch relay.

The protesters are wearing helmets and one of is carrying a suitcase with him. All three of the protesters are tethered together.

One of them has pulled out a Tibetan flag.

Authorities are pushing reporters back from the scene.

Commentary: Three protesters climbed suspension cables of the Golden Gate Bridge on this morning as part of an advance protest to this week's Olympic torch relay here and unfurled two large banners that said "One World One Dream. Free Tibet" and "Free Tibet."

more protests are planned Extinguish the Flames of Genocide in Darfur! | Guardian Commentary | Guardian Coverage of Paris Protests of Olympic Torch relay

Dirty hands in Bydgoszcz

Torun, 07.04.2008 22:07

Four Activists Shut Down Bank of America for Fossil Fools Day Action

New Hampshire, 07.04.2008 20:39

On Tuesday April 1, at about 8:40am, four activists took direct action against the Bank of America in Copley Square, Boston, by locking themselves to the front door to protest the banks funding of coal power in the US. The action was done with support from Rising Tide North America, the Rainforest Action Network, and the Energy Action Coalition. diario da un paese nel pallone

Switzerland, 07.04.2008 19:40

Gli europei di calcio che si disputeranno a giugno in Svizzera ed Austria sono ormai alle porte. Questa grande manifestazione non rappresenterà un mero evento sportivo: nuovi stadi securizzati sono stati costruiti sul territorio, corposi finanziamenti pubblici sono stati varati per rifacimenti ed abbelliture di dubbio gusto, nuove leggi sono state approvate ed entreranno in vigore per contrastare lo spauracchio del cosiddetto fenomeno dell'"hooliganismo", una quantità esorbitante di militari e poliziotti, provenienti anche dall'estero, verranno dispiegati per la sicurezza interna.
Oltre ai tifosi, pare evidente che anche chi non seguirà questo evento sportivo sarà per forza di cose assorbito dal grande circuito messo in atto per questa manifestazione. Non solo a causa del palinsesto massmediatico che ci bombarderà di non-notizie di ogni genere, ma soprattutto perché sia durante, sia una volta calato il sipario sugli effimeri europei, saremo confrontati con i nuovi strumenti repressivi che saranno invece permanenti e quasi sicuramente estesi ad altri ambiti della vita sociale.

Le voci critiche a tal proposito sono rare, soffocate dalle notizie "folkloristiche" e "di colore" di questo grande business e dai deliri dei tifosi occupati nella caccia ad uno dei pochissimi tagliandi adisposizione per l'accesso agli stadi.

Dalla consapevolezza e contro questo triste scenario è nato il progetto diario/blog, spazio d'informazione critico e contenitore collettivo di riflessioni, articoli di giornale, testimonianze, materiali multimediali di quanto sta accadendo e di quanto accadrà fuori dal rettangolo da gioco rispetto a tematiche quali repressione, limitazione dei diritti e non solo.

- Collabora al progetto iscrivendoti alla mailing list di coordinamento
- Inoltra i tuoi articoli/testimonianze a: euro08[at]
- Spiegaci perché anche a te euro08 ha già rotto le palle


Arizona, 07.04.2008 18:37

Peabody Coal Seeking to Expand Operations; Resistance to Forced Relocation Continues


Arizona, 07.04.2008 18:37

In honor of "Fossil Fools Day", Tucson activists hung banners condemning two proposed highways from each side of the city’s iconic “Snake Bridge”

Soja-Konflikt in Argentinien

Germany, 07.04.2008 11:38

Hunderttausende blockierten während der vergangenen Woche die Strassen Argentiniens um gegen die Erhöhung der Exportsteuern auf Soja und Getreide zu protestieren. Präsidentin Christina Kirchner will indessen unter keinen Umständen auf die zerstörerische Massnahme verzichten. Die Proteste halten daher weiter an...

Santa Cruz Wells Fargo Paint Bombed

Santa Cruz, CA, 07.04.2008 08:08

anonymous anarchists write, "A Wells Fargo in downtown Santa Cruz was paintbombed during the night. Wells Fargo invests in the GEO Group, the contractor which runs the gulag in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. In addition to running GTMO, the GEO Group is also contracted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement to run its immigration detention facilities."


LA, 07.04.2008 06:08


Fur Free Auckland – Two Weeks, Two Arrests

Aotearoa, 07.04.2008 05:09

It would seem that AAA’s Fur Free Auckland campaign has been attracting some unwanted (and unwarranted) state attention of late. Following last weeks arrest of a Fur Free Auckland protester Newmarket Police were back again this week for another round.

After last week’s success at Modes and Alannah Hill we moved on to Saks, who are once again stocking garments trimmed with factory farmed rabbit fur. All was normal, placard holding, chanting and leafleting until somehow blood was spilt and the chalk came out. The arrival of the Police on the scene signaled all was not well; a conversation between Police Officers stated that there were five more cars on the way (two had already arrived). Talk about overkill; but then Saks is a business owned by rich white people so I guess they do need to be protected from people with morals. After a few moments inside the Police returned and pulled aside an activist who had been singled out for allegedly committing the crime of willful damage. This was later changed to disorderly behaviour because I think even they knew they were pushing it to claim that chalking the pavement was damage.

Links: Auckland Animal Action | 2008: Fur Trade Death Trade: AAA hit New Market with a fur free message | 2007: Anti-Fur Activist Arrested for Exercising Right to Protest | 2004: Activists assaulted during fur protest

Jackson County votes for Censorship &amp; Ignorance

Rogue Valley, 07.04.2008 04:16

Jackson County (located in Southern Oregon on the California border and I-5 corridor) gained new distinction in April, 2008 when elected officials decided NOT to support a proclamation for "Independent Media Week - 2008". By a vote of 2 to 1 Jackson County Commissioners were succinct with their 2007 decision to embrace censorship. Last year the entire Jackson County Library System was shut down for 6 months with officials citing a "lack of funds" as the reason. The library system later opened with greatly reduced hours and services, but only after privatizing the entire operation.

Site Work

LA, 07.04.2008 02:09

Publishing is Down for a Bit


Miami, 07.04.2008 01:37


Confronting Racist Bar Owner

Pittsburgh, 07.04.2008 01:10

Antiracists respond to "Wetback Wednesdays"

A un año del fusilamiento del docente Neuquino

Argentina, 07.04.2008 00:38

Carlos Fuentealba PRESENTE

A un año del fusilamiento del docente Neuquino

Argentina, 07.04.2008 00:08

Carlos Fuentealba PRESENTE

&quot;In Memoriam: 4,000 US Soldiers Dead in Iraq&quot;

Rogue Valley, 06.04.2008 14:39

April 5, 2008
Medford, Oregon

Thanks to the 45 to 50 folks who turned out on another gray, rainy, cool day to participate in the "In Memoriam: 4,000 US Soldiers Dead in Iraq" event. While it wasn't a big crowd, it was an enthusiastic one. The mall security made us abandon our plans to have our program before the march in the little parking lot, so we moved out to the sidewalk and it was fine.


No Pasaran

Scotland, 06.04.2008 12:09

Last Saturday the BNP attempted to sell their newspaper in the centre of Glasgow. They were driven away by an angry crowd, saying 'No place for fascism on Glasgow's streets'

Food Not Bombs National Gathering reportback

Portland, 06.04.2008 09:38

By nearly all accounts the Food Not Bombs National Gathering that took place at the end of March was a smashing success: Activists of all types and ages from FNB chapters all over the country were brought together in Nashville, TN for a Critical Mass bike ride, no-pants dance party, a day of workshops, a group meeting, scavenger hunt, huge food sharing downtown and a march through the streets.

Local organizers arranged the opening date of the gathering to coincide with the monthly Critical Mass bike ride and even built dozens of bicycles for those who couldn't bring their own. Visitors and locals, including Nashville Rat Patrol, made their way from the West side of Nashville to the East side in the rain, going right down Broadway through the heart of the city...

Bike rides in the rain, a dance party, communal meals, late nights, teaching each other, challenging each other and marching together provided bonding experiences for activists from all over the country who believe that food is a right, not a privilege. I think I can safely say that many of the people in Nashville this past weekend; from veterans of the movement, involved for years or even decades, to those that just prepared their first food sharing the week prior to the gathering--felt that they were part of something larger than themselves, finding inspiration to continue building a better world.

Aerial Spray Program Imposed by CDFA May Violate Human Rights and Incur Liabilities

Santa Cruz, CA, 06.04.2008 07:08

A groundbreaking independent report prepared by the Environment and Human Rights Advisory outlines 23 international human rights that may be violated by the aerial spraying program conducted by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) for the Light Brown Apple Moth. These are in addition to other potential violations of US and California constitutions and state statutes.

Plan Presented at Second Meeting to Save the Beach Flats Community Garden

Santa Cruz, CA, 06.04.2008 07:08

The second public meeting to save the Beach Flats Community Garden took place on April 3rd. At the meeting, the gardeners put forward a bilingual plan for the garden to be managed by the gardeners. Reyna Ruiz of the Beach Flats Community Center said that the plan was something that she could work with and present to the Santa Cruz City Parks and Recreation as well as the Seaside Company which claims ownership over the land. The gardeners asked Brent, a supportive neighbor of the garden, to accompany Reyna when she presents the plan to the Santa Cruz City Parks and Recreation Department.

Films and Presentation on Oaxaca Today with Simón Sedillo

Santa Cruz, CA, 06.04.2008 07:08

On April 6th, 7th and 9th,, filmmaker Simón Sedillo will lead a bilingual multi-media presentations in San Francisco, Berkeley and Santa Cruz that include scene selections from three films, "El Enemigo Común" (2005), "El Machete" (2007) and "Paz Sin Justicia" (2008), in order to illustrate neoliberal atrocities and community based resistance to them in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Presidente, no somos terroristas, y no nos financia la CIA

Venezuela, 06.04.2008 04:13


DC, 05.04.2008 23:09

March 24, 2008 was a red-letter day for tenants when District Rent Administrator, Grayce Wiggins, issued a new Magna Carta against landlord barons, by declaring a so-called “Voluntary Agreement” “patently coercive” and “contradictory to rent control.” This landmark legal victory for D.C. Tenants not only put a spike in outrageous landlord rent control abuses, but signaled welcome new rental housing law enforcement by a heretofore weak regulatory agency. Hopefully this action will chill the ardor of landlords to convert rent-controlled affordable housing into luxury apartments, by pressuring tenants into “voluntary agreements” and signing away the rights of other tenants.


DC, 05.04.2008 23:09

Tom Lewis Artist Activist, Presente!

DC, 05.04.2008 23:09

Tom Lewis, long-time peace and social justice activist, died April 4, 2008

A Hidden History of Social Centres In Ireland…

Ireland, 05.04.2008 22:39

Ireland & Social Centres: Synonymous? Not exactly… ...

Estudantes do Norte-Nordeste dizem não ao projeto de transposição do Rio São Francisco

Brasil, 05.04.2008 22:38


Toyota y Calentamiento Global

Puerto Rico, 05.04.2008 19:40

Toyota y el Cinismo del "Greenwashing"

latin america (en)

Barcelona, 05.04.2008 19:08

CCIODH returns to Chiapas
Comissió Civil Internacional d'Observació pels Drets Humans

CCIODH is doing his sixth observation visit to Mexico from February 1st to 16th 2008. Composed by 51 people, it goes trough MexicoDF, Chiapas and Oaxaca. In the last two, they will visit several state regions and they'll held interviews with the organizations, communities, people and institutions. CCIODH announces its sixth visit to Mexico to evaluate the application of the reports made about Chiapas, Atenco and Oaxaca and to make a new report on the human rights situation in Mexico based on this three cases.

previous reports :: 1st Visit: Acteal -- 2nd Visit: Chiapas -- 3rd Visit: Chiapas -- 4th Visit: Atenco -- 5th Visit: Oaxaca

related news :: What have zapatistas achieved? -- Pressing the mexican government for Torture. Women's Link Worldwide presents a lawsuit front the Audiencia Nacional -- Women meeting at la Garrucha Chiapas. i Oaxaca -- A review about the Zapatist Women Meeting -- anti=social and psychopath corporation Coca Cola -- (documental) Brad, another night more in the barricades -- solidarity action in Athens against repression in Mexico -- The conqueror's return -- Juan Camilo Mouriño, Government Secretary, new colonialist

+info: >>>Latin America -- imc-chiapas -- http:// --

Greetings Dooda Desert Rock Supporters,

New Mexico, 05.04.2008 18:08

Greetings Dooda Desert Rock Supporters

Sea Lion Demo Report-Back: <i>Don't Be Dumb--It's the Dams.</i>

Portland, 05.04.2008 16:38

...BPA seemed like a good place to start the campaign to save the sea lions. The Bonneville Power Administration is, after all, responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of salmon each year. The dams are the single largest killer of salmon on the Columbia river. But rather than going after BPA and forcing the removal of the dams (or at the very least, forcing the redesign of the fish passage through the dams), officials have been seeking permission to kill sea lions. Although there is no scientific reason for targeting sea lions, there are plenty of political reasons: Sea lions do not bend the ears of Northwest legislators, while large power corporations do.

It was good to see so many people there today, in a world where humans seem to have such difficulty living in harmony with those around us. Of all the hundreds and hundreds of people who passed by as demonstrators lined the sidewalk, virtually all of them seemed to be very supportive. In spite of all the propaganda spewing forth from the BPA and the fishing industry, there is a lot of support out there for the sea lions. [ Other articles about the Sea Lions ]

The Imminent Closing of Franklin School Shelter

DC, 05.04.2008 16:09

As you may know, Mayor Fenty announced his tenuous plan for ending chronic homelessness on April 2nd. That plan involves the closing of Franklin School Shelter. As it turns out, many of the residents of Franklin are uninformed about things that affect their future and/or disconnected from the planning process. I, along with others, am involved in an aggressive effort to inform them and involve them in the planning process.

Violent Repression At NATO Summit in Romania

United Kingdom, 05.04.2008 09:42

At approximately 12:30pm on 2nd April hundreds of Romanian police violently raided a convergence center in Bucharest, the country's capital. The convergence space was set up to facilitate an anti-NATO gathering and was legally rented. It is reported that during the raid at least two protesters were hospitalized. Various reports state people are badly beaten while in custody and even while taken to hospital. Numerous people are reported to be seriously injured and some have been refused medical assistance while in custody.

It is estimated that 46 people have been arrested. No demonstration or action had happened before the raid and all the arrests were made inside the convergence center. Police officers were masked and reportedly very aggressive towards journalists trying to access the scene. The convergence center is located near the center of Bucharest, which is hosting a NATO summit that just got underway today. It is estimated that up to 27,000 police officers, military, snipers and secret police are 'guarding' the city. The security alert code yellow has been announced, meaning that all demonstrations are forbidden in the whole city amongst other restrictive laws.

Indymedia articles: Riot police storms convergence centre at Bucharest anti- NATO protests | Massive Repression during the NATO Summit in Romania | Anti-NATO Convergence Centre in Bucharest attacked by Anti-Terror Police | Breaking News: Mass Arrests during NATO summit in Bucharest, Romania | Mass Arrest of demonstrators in Bucharest | Anti NATO activists faced police brutality

Other media: Massive Repression during the NATO Summit in Romania | Videos of the raid on the convergence centre | Photos of mass arrests | Info for anyone going to Romania | Solidarity demo in Berlin | Protests at police stations

Links: Indymedia Romania (english)

Scientology's corporate exploitation hurts people

United Kingdom, 05.04.2008 09:42

Scientology is a totalitarian, mafia-like organisation, which silences its critics by extreme intimidation and harrassment, claim several thousand Anony-mouses during their series of worldwide protests. About 8000 people picketed the institution in 17 countries and 108 locations on 10th of February, and on 15th of March they embarked on "Operation Party Hard". With "Operation Reconnect" on 12th of April protesters want to point out the brainwashing cult's disasterous effect on families with their "Policy of Disconnection".
Despite countless reports of members forced into bankrupcy, broken families and suicides, Birmingham City Council Endorses the sinister Cult with reports of the second biggest base of Scientology to be established in Mosley and Scientology's exhibition coming to a shopping centre in West Bromwich.
Britain-wide summary of protests against Scientology:
[ London 15th of March and 10th of February | Birmingham | Edinburgh | Glasgow | global summary of protest on]
Campaign groups:
[ BritLulz | Edinburgh | Manchester | Birmingham | London ]
[Scientology shuts down alternative news site | CoS operation manual leaked | The Censored film "The Profit" appears on Internet | Scientology given direct access to E-Bay Database | Scientology Injunction Denied Against "Anonymous" ]
Background Info:
[ | Wikipedia | Operation Clambake | theunfunnytruth | scientology lies | The scandal of scientology |
[ Bristol's Evening Post a front for Scientology? | The war on scientology | Scientology - what it is and why we fight it | Scientology's Gulags: inside the Rehabilitation Project Force | Fighting Scientology - an anarchist perspective | Scientology as Sci-Fi Fascism (corrected) | What's wrong with Narconon | Narconon off Southwark Council site]

Matías Catrileo Quezada, Presente

santiago, 05.04.2008 02:09

Velatón contra la Impunidad

Radical Botany: Skillshare-Seeds and wild plants-Valuable?

Portland, 05.04.2008 01:38

A friend recently was complaining about how everyone is talking about buying gold to protect themselves from economic collapse. He told me a story about his elderly aunt who had lived through several holocausts. She was Jewish and one of only a few who survived in her family. As a child she and her mother first fled the Nazi's and ran into Russia, then fled the Russian's and fled into France and finally they came to the U.S. They had few things with them. The woman told my friend that she and her mother survived starvation, which killed many refugees, not by hoarding gold, but by secretly carrying seeds in the fold of their clothes. People around them, even the enemy let them live because they had a skill that was much needed... the knowledge of how to raise their own food. [ Radical Botany ]

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