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May 24th: Tacoma Wobblyfest 2008 - A Poor and Working People's Gathering

Seattle, 20.04.2008 16:08

The Industrial Workers of the World (I.W.W.) was founded over 100 years ago as a labor organization that believes in industrial unionism, industrial organizing, direct action and universal working class solidarity. The I.W.W. has sought to organize workers internationally into a One Big Union for the purpose of carrying on the day-to-day labor struggles from the greatest possible strength that can be organized and to build a new society within the shell of the old where class conflict no longer exists. Tacoma has had a long history in the I.W.W. After a few years of decline, a new Tacoma Area I.W.W. Group has formed.

All people are welcome to join this public gathering of education and music. The agenda includes workshops, spoken word and music.

Military Test is Mandatory in Hundreds of High Schools

Miami, 20.04.2008 14:37

Military Test is Mandatory in Hundreds of High Schools

New Old Coal for Notts

United Kingdom, 20.04.2008 11:39

A coal mining firm is considering reopening a pit in Nottinghamshire which could be the deepest in the UK and one of the largest in Europe. According to the BBC, Doncaster-based UK Coal are looking at reopening the Harnworth pit which closed in 2006. The pit is likely to reopen later this year, and could, they claim, create 400 jobs, although production would not actually be restarted for a further three years. Studies are being carried out at the moment, but the company believes there could be as much as 40 million tons of coal available at the pit.

Previously on the newswire: Power firm's 465 deaths boost | New Coal Power Station for Notts?

Links: Camp for Climate Action | Climate IMC | The Coal Hole | Eastside Climate Action | Network for Climate Action

Bumbling Private Eyes Exposed Again - Cash for information on climate campaigners

Aotearoa, 20.04.2008 09:10

At the same time as State-owned Solid Energy prepares to dramatically increase mining and exports of coal, revelations have surfaced that private investigators, Thompson and Clark Investigations (TCIL), attempted to get Christchurch activist Rob Gilchrist to inform on fellow Save Happy Valley campaigners and animal rights groups for $500 a week.

The relevations come just weeks after UK climate campaigners exposed a spy working within their anti-airport campaign. [ UK Indy: Heathrow Protesters Uncover Spy Plot ]

"Over the past couple of years we've found men lurking in bushes near our camp, pretending to be on an army exercise; we've uncovered a hidden camera pointing at our track; and discovered that a member of our group was in fact a spy employed by Thompson and Clark", commented Save Happy Valley Coalition spokesperson Alan Liefting.

"Helen Clark and Trevor Mallard both said at the time that spying was not an acceptable tactic, but it appears Solid Energy and Thompson and Clark didn't listen. Solid Energy must end their contract with Thompson and Clark, and Don Elder should resign immediately."

More: SHVC Media Release | Save Happy Valley Coalition | SST: Private investigators still digging on West Coast

Previous AIMC Coverage: Spies exposed in local activist groups | Private investigators in court over corporate spy scandal | Hidden Camera Found At Protest Site

Massive Police Presence Protects Paltry Nazi March; Mall Tourists Join Antifascists in Opposition

DC, 20.04.2008 05:09

On April 19, 20-30 Nazis from the National Socialist Movement(NSM) marched from the Monument to the Capitol protected by security that reminded many of the Pope's security mobe. As the Nazis arrived, a huge number of tourists on the Mall joined activists in marching against the Nazis, probing for a way in to block them. WSQT Audio for broadcast 5 min 10 sec: Interview with witness to cop using club in illegal and dangerous manner-22 sec:

Un-Dam the Klamath Film Nights Reach PacifiCorp Ratepayers on the Oregon Coast

Portland, 20.04.2008 03:38

Klamath Riverkeeper and the Karuk Tribe reached hundreds of citizens on the Oregon coast last week with a series of film nights aimed at connecting fishermen and Pacificorp ratepayers to the campaign to un-dam the Klamath River. The film nights were preceded by mailings to all of PacifiCorp's customers on the Oregon Coast. The mailer stated, "There's Something Fishy About Your Power Bill" and featured a tear-off postcard telling the Oregon Public Utilities Commission to reject increased power rates for keeping the Klamath dams.

The film nights, held in Astoria, Newport, Coos Bay, and Brookings, showed how PacifiCorp's dams are hurting salmon on the Klamath River, as well as how the Klamath's declining Chinook salmon runs impact commercial fishing communities from southern California to northern Oregon. Filmgoers also learned about how PacifiCorp is planning to pay for upgrading and re-licensing its aging dams by increasing power rates to its customers.

Both the California Energy Commission and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission have shown that overhauling the dams to meet current federal fish passage standards may cost hundreds of millions of dollars more than simply removing the Klamath dams and buying replacement power. PacifiCorp can use "cost recovery" to pass these increased costs on to its customers, a practice which must first be approved by the Oregon Public Utilities Commission (PUC).

Fresno Police Kill Student at Local High School

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.04.2008 03:08

The Carrisalez family and their supporters held a press conference today to discuss the shooting of Jesse Carrisalez at Roosevelt High School by a Fresno Police Department officer. Elisa Ortega, Jesse's sister, said "my brother shouldn't have died. He was too young. He was a good kid that wanted to live."

May 1st: SOLIDARITY DEMO with ILWU Anti-war Work Stoppage (Tacoma)

Seattle, 20.04.2008 02:38

In recognition of this bold stand by the International Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU), Peace Action Coalition Tacoma (PACT) proposes a MAYDAY Solidarity Demonstration…

Thursday, May 1st from 5-7 PM

PACT proposes a DEMONSTRATION for the rights of ALL workers, and against another dumb bosses’ war on Pacific Ave. over Interstate 5. The demonstration will be followed by a short march to the Federal Courthouse where a vigil will be held. Dockworkers Union to Shut Down Ports on May 1st!

Rally to Stop Eviction of Family Home in Dorchester

Boston, 20.04.2008 02:08

Boston, Mass - On April 16, residents and supporters rallied at 200 Norfolk Street in Dorchester to stop the eviction of the Meyers family from their home. Living in the house are 4 brothers and sisters as well as 6 children. There is also a licensed day care center in the building. Before the morning rally US Bank and Premier Asset Services backed off their planned forced eviction. The Banks have finally agreed to negotiate to try to settle the matter. The organization City Life/Vida Urbana plans to continue fighting evictions.

Daniel Ellsberg to Headline Impeachment Event in Concord

New Hampshire, 19.04.2008 22:39

NH State Representative Betty Hall is hosting Dr. Daniel Ellsberg, Vietnam War critic, for a special event at the Capitol Center for the Arts Monday April 14 at 7pm. It was Ellsberg who released the Pentagon papers which helped end the Vietnam War. Ellsberg will be headlining a group of supporters for Betty Hall's HR24. If passed, HR24 will represent the first time that a state legislature would have invoked the special privilege to ask the US House for investigations to begin with a President and Vice-President.

Help Start a Peace Vigil in Hampton

New Hampshire, 19.04.2008 22:39

Hello All Residents of Hampton, Hampton Falls, North Hampton and other surrounding towns, I would like to start a Peace Vigil in Hampton. Either in the Gazebo in down town Hampton, or perhaps in front of the Methodist Church on Lafayette Rd, or any other place that anyone else may think is good. I am open to times/day/evening/frequency etc... Hoping that enough people would be interested so that no one person would have to be available at all times. I say this, considering the BUSY schedules of so many people, including myself as a state representative.

NH experiences an acute housing shortage

New Hampshire, 19.04.2008 22:39

Talking Points on Affordable Housing in NH NH has an acute shortage of housing stock, especially of housing (both for home ownership and for rental) affordable to households earning less than area median income. In the past decade we have built fewer than 900 new multifamily units, and some of those have been luxury apartments.

FBI Agent Arrests Animal Rights Activist at George Mason University

DC, 19.04.2008 22:09

An FBI agent arrested an animal rights activist on Saturday, April 5, at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA.

Condi Must Go!

DC, 19.04.2008 22:09

Join CODEPINK 2pm every friday at the State Department in Washington DC to demand the resignation of Condoleeza Rice.

Virginia Activists Prepare to Cross US-Mexico Border

DC, 19.04.2008 22:09

(Espanol abajo) Two immigrant justice activists from the organization The People United prepare to cross into the United States from Mexico without passing through an authorized port of entry early Saturday morning, April 19th. Jeff Winder from Nelson County and Sue Frankel-Streit from Louisa County will walk forty miles of migrant trails through the Sonoran Desert to a Border Patrol highway checkpoint. They will carry only the water and food they can on their backs. The crossing will officially end at May 1st demonstrations being organized by Mexicans Without Borders in Washington, DC.

Mañana a las 17 hs reunión multisectorial

Argentina, 19.04.2008 21:38

MAFISSA: 18 detenidos acusados de "coacción agravada"

USA vs Al Arian

Houston, 19.04.2008 20:39

HIMC Presents: USA vs Al-Arian 2/26 7pm @ Rice Cinema

Earth Day Activists Arrested!

NYC, 19.04.2008 20:38

Two activists participating in a canoe launch into the Harlem River were arrested at approximately 1:45pm on April 19 for trespassing on an abandoned stretch of pier near 135th Street in the Bronx.

Mañana a las 17 hs reunión multisectorial

Argentina, 19.04.2008 18:38

MAFISSA: 18 detenidos acusados de "coacción agravada"

HIMC Radio Workshop

Houston, 19.04.2008 18:10

Houston IMC Radio Workshop: 4/26 @ TEJAS

Del campo a la ciudad

Argentina, 19.04.2008 17:09

Urgente: 11 detenidos y 20 heridos

Argentina, 19.04.2008 17:09

Represión en fábrica recuperada IMPA

Se aprobó la Ley contra el Tráfico y Trata de personas

Argentina, 19.04.2008 16:40

Los proxenetas tranquilos, el tío Sam satisfecho

Se aprobó la Ley contra el Tráfico y Trata de personas

Argentina, 19.04.2008 16:40

Los proxenetas tranquilos, el tío Sam satisfecho

Streets A Beach - The Indymedia Story

United Kingdom, 19.04.2008 15:38

Ever wondered just how indymedia started? or where it came from?

Monday 5th May Free

As part of a season of events exploring the political and cultural legacies of 1968, this free Monday Love Special at the

Roxy Bar & Screenfrom the hills of Chiapas to Reclaim The Streets, Genoa and the G8
with guest attendant and Master of Ceremonies, the footsoulja from 1968's underground, MC Lee Harris

Live music and DJ's till 1am


Journalists for Mumia Newspaper Released! Donations Urgently Needed!

Portland, 19.04.2008 14:43

I am excited to announce today's release of the Journalists for Mumia newspaper, "Abu-Jamal News," published as a special emergency edition responding to the Third Circuit's unjust ruling denying Mumia a new guilt-phase trial, and just in time for the April 19 mass-demonstration here in Philadelphia.

We urgently need funds to pay for these newspapers! The International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal (ICFFMAJ) is strongly supporting this fundraising and Pam Africa (ICFFMAJ Coordinator) is personally making a special request urging supporters to help pay for this emergency issue of the newspaper by donating whatever they can. We need several hundred dollars to pay for the 10,000 newspapers, and we need this money within JUST ONE WEEK!

newspaper PDF |

Chavez re-nationalises SIDOR - historic victory for the workers

Portland, 19.04.2008 14:43

At 1.22am Venezuelan time on Wednesday, April 9th, Venezuelan vice-president Ramon Carrizalez announced the decision of president Chávez to renationalise the giant steel plant SIDOR located in the southern state of Bolivar.

The decision was taken as the Argentinean-Italian multinational group Techint (the majority shareholder of SIDOR) refused to make concessions to the workers in the collective bargaining agreement.

Vermont AFL-CIO Calls on Workers to Support West Coast Work Stoppage Against The War

Portland, 19.04.2008 14:43

The Executive Board of the Vermont AFL-CIO, representing thousands of workers in countless sectors across Vermont, have unanimously passed an historic resolution expressing their "unequivocal" support for the first US labor work stoppage against the war in Iraq. The work stoppage, [which was] being organized by the Longshore Caucus of the International Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU), will seek to shutdown all west coast ports during the day on May 1st 2008. The Vermont AFL-CIO is the first state labor federation to publicly back the Longshoremen; other state federations are expected to follow.

The resolution, among other things, calls the war in Iraq "immoral, unwanted, and unnecessary", states that the vast majority of working Vermonters oppose the war, and contends that the war will only be brought to an end by "the direct actions of working people." Many other Vermont labor unions and organizations, including the Vermont Workers' Center, have also made official statements condemning the war.

"Workers in Vermont and all across this nation are against this war. We have already demanded that the government end it, but they have consistently failed to heed our words. Therefore working people are beginning to take concrete steps to make our resistance known. If the war does not immediately end we, the unions and working people of Vermont, will also be compelled to take appropriate action," said David Van Deusen, District Vice President of the AFL-CIO.

Related: ILWU Antiwar Shutdown of West Coast Ports on May Day is Blocked
Airline Workers to lead General Strike?

Victory! Activists Get TEN-01 to Drop Foie Gras from Their Menu

Portland, 19.04.2008 14:43

Activists with Portland Animal Defense League were out in full force tonight [April 18] to let the City of Portland know the cruel truth about foie gras. Armed with signs, fliers, video, and a high spirit, the night began at TEN-01. Before a "Pledge to Not Serve Foie Gras" was even handed to the owner, he came out to engage the activists and promised to keep it off the menu forever. While he refused to sign the pledge, he went on film and conceded to the activists demands. "I will not serve foie gras," he stated. It was victory at TEN-01!

Charged up and ready to demo, the activists went on to Bluehour, a restaurant that has been asked to take foie gras off its menu in the past. A letter was handed over to the manager but he was able to promise nothing, so a demo ensued that was full of spirit and fun chants. The public reaction was overwhelmingly good and a clear point was made. We will be back to Bluehour again.

The night ended at yet another high-priced restaurant in the Pearl, Fenouil. Again, activists handed a letter to the management but their response was that foie gras would stay on the menu. Chants started up and another charged protest began. One man was so angered by the protesters presence, he began to call them each pathetic, one by one. He was clearly a fan of the fatty liver. Activists coulnd't help but to chuckle and continue the demo. We will be back to Fenouil again.

Bayern: Neues Versammlungsrecht – ein Überblick

Germany, 19.04.2008 10:09

Die bayerische Statsregierung plant als erste Landesregierung in Deutschland ein neues Versammlungsgesetz. Neben dem ebenso abstrusen wie strikten „Militanzverbot“ sind weitere Verschärfungen der bisher geltenden Regularien geplant. Das der Gesetzesentwurf recht schnell Realität werden wird, scheint Angesichts der Mehrheitsverhältnisse im bayerischen Landtag klar zu sein. Wer jetzt schon sagt: „Ach, die Bayern wieder...“, sollte sich dessen bewusst sein, dass es nicht das erste Mal wäre, wenn in Bayern erfolgreich ausprobierte repressive Maßnahmen zum bundesweiten Maßstab würden. Der folgende Artikel soll einen Überblick über die geplanten Änderungen geben und den Versuch einer Einordnung in einen gesellschaftlichen Kontext wagen.

Mega Cops, heated words at Foreclosure protest

DC, 19.04.2008 05:09

On April 16, protesters showed up at the convention of the Mortgage Bankers Association to demand a moratorium on the skyrocketing foreclosures that are making so many people homeless. WSQT Broadcast audio: Rev Hagler's Speech: Pamela Africa's speech: A homeless veteran speaks:

Olympia Anarchist Bookfair Starts Today

Portland, 18.04.2008 23:39

Join us for the 1st annual Olympia Anarchist Bookfair!

We will be gathering from Friday, April 18th to Sunday, April 20th to share skills, give workshops, and to nurture the growth of our communities.

We welcome those interested in becoming self-reliant and developing healthy, radical, anti-authoritarian alternatives to the dominant social order. Those who are curious about or new to anarchism, or may not identify as anarchists but have similar goals are especially welcome. There will be limited housing available to travelers and lots of free food!

Friday, April 18th @ Eagles Hall 2:30pm-5:00pm

Jornada Nacional de Lutas - 12 anos de Eldorado dos Carajás

Brasil, 18.04.2008 22:08


Salta: Fallo contra Seaboard Corporation

Argentina, 18.04.2008 20:38

Restituyeron 52 hectáreas a la comunidad Iguopeigenda

Biosprit - Verbrechen gegen die Menschheit

Germany, 18.04.2008 18:09

IWF und die Weltbank sind besorgt, dass die steigende Zahl von Hungernden die politische Stabilität vieler Länder gefährdet. Den Auftakt bildeten die starken Proteste vor gut einem Jahr in Mexiko (, als die Preise für Mais so stark stiegen, dass sich viele Menschen ihre Tortillas kaum noch leisten konnten. Doch derzeit kommt es in vielen Ländern zu Aufständen und Protesten, wegen steigender Lebensmittelpreise. In Haiti führten die Hungerunruhen der letzten Tage zur Absetzung des Ministerpräsidenten, in Ägypten mündete ein Generalstreik ( in heftige Zusammenstöße mit der Polizei. Proteste gibt es auch schon in Bangladesh, Philippinen und Indonesien und in etlichen afrikanischen Ländern ( Der Internationale Währungsfond und die Weltbank (IWF / warnen, die Hungerrevolten könnten die politische Stabilität vieler Länder gefährden. Dabei ist der IWF für die fatale Situation mitverantwortlich, kritisiert der UN-Sonderberichterstatter für das Recht auf Nahrung deren Politik und er nennt die Erzeugung des so genannten Biosprit ein "Verbrechen gegen die Menschheit".

Hungerrevolte und Ernährungskrise

Germany, 18.04.2008 17:39

Die weltweite Krise des Kapitalismus hat einen zweiten Namen: Zur Kreditkrise gesellt sich die Ernährungskrise. Über Widerstand und Protestaktionen gegen die Kreditkrise in den wohlhabenderen Ländern ist bisher nichts bekannt. Auf die Ernährungs- und Lebensmittelkrise reagieren die Menschen in vielen Ländern der Welt mit Unruhen, Protestbewegungen und Streiks. Über diese Protestaktionen soll hier berichtet werden.

Salt söz ile değil; iktidarlara ve onların savaşlarına karşı doğrudan eyleme!

Istanbul, 18.04.2008 16:09

Salt söz ile değil; iktidarlara ve onların savaşlarına karşı doğrudan eyleme!

Okupazioa martxan!!

Euskal Herria, 18.04.2008 12:38

Muchas son las novedades que en estos �ltimos d�as estamos viviendo en torno a la okupacion con desalojos, derribos, nuevas ocupaciones....

Y este fin de semana se celebra el Gaztetxe Eguna en Kukutza con conciertos, talleres, graffitis... y un mont�n de actividades que no animar�n los debates y conversaciones sobre todo lo ocurrido en estos �ltimos d�as. Okupazio aurrera!!!

Miami Earthfest 2008: Celebrate Earth Day and PEACE on April 20th

Miami, 18.04.2008 12:07

Miami Earthfest 2008: Celebrate Earth Day and PEACE on April 20th

Designing Green Competition (redesign demolished homes) Kickoff Party April 26

Miami, 18.04.2008 12:07

Designing Green Competition (redesign demolished homes) Kickoff Party April 26

FCC Discusses Future of the Internet at Stanford

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.04.2008 11:38

The Federal Communications Commission met at Stanford University on April 17 to hear discussion on the future of the Internet. Scores of local Internet users and activists spoke out for 90 seconds each on network neutrality and other concerns. After packing an east coast public hearing with hired seat-warmers, Comcast, AT&T and other industry heavyweights did not show up this time around.


Istanbul, 18.04.2008 09:09



Colombia, 18.04.2008 06:08

Continúa la arremetida del gobierno contra la educación pública

From the Newswire

Perth, 18.04.2008 04:17

2020 - the world's first 39 second summit

Call Issued to Take Over Bay Tree Plaza in Response to UCSC's 4/20 Lockdown

Santa Cruz, CA, 18.04.2008 03:38

Addy writes, "Since the administration is closing campus on 4/20, the UCSC students are extending an invitation to everyone to come up on Friday, April 18th to take over the quad. We'll have our 4/20 celebration early, to let them know that it is our campus, that we pay THEM. This new 4/20 policy is draconian and unnecessary as there have been no issues in the past."

April 21st: Week of Action Against I.C.E. and the N.W.D.C. Begins (Tacoma)

Seattle, 18.04.2008 03:08

The itinerary for next week's Week of Action against ICE (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement) has been released. Everyone is welcome to come and Smash ICE. The week includes Spanish language instruction, a teach-in, workshops, music, and (of course) the alignment of the community against the ongoing outrages occurring at the Homeland Security Detention Center in Tacoma.

From the Newswire

Perth, 18.04.2008 02:09

WA Government Abandons Promise on Uranium Mining

concentran en 7 y 48 repudiando la represión

Argentina, 18.04.2008 01:38

Represión e intento de desalojo en MAFISSA


Argentina, 17.04.2008 23:09

URGENTE: Convocatoria contra la represión y el desalojo de los trabajadores de Mafissa

Indymedia: Schritt für Schritt zur Dezentralisierung

Germany, 17.04.2008 20:38

 Wir dokumentieren die Einladungsmail zum Gründungstreffen von, einem Independent Media Centre für Südwestdeutschland. Das Treffen findet vom 23.-25. Mai 2008 im Autonomen Zentrum KTS Freiburg statt. Vorher gibt es am 25. April ab 20 Uhr eine Infoveranstaltung im Café Gegendruck in Heidelberg. Dezentralisierung jetzt!

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