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EE.UU en Chaco y Chaski

Argentina, 29.04.2008 00:12

We Are All Sean Bell: Images of People's Justice, Part 1

NYC, 29.04.2008 00:11

"We Are All Sean Bell": Images of the People's Justice March that took the streets of Queens on Friday, April 25, 2008. The spark: The acquittal of the three cops who fired 50 shots into an unarmed Black man on his wedding day in 2007.
The demand: Justice for Sean Bell and All Victims of Police Brutality. Community Control of the Police.

(Part 2 coming soon with images from the breakaway march through Jamaica, Queens)

Harlem Protests Council Members Efforts to Gentrify Their Communities

NYC, 29.04.2008 00:11

The threat of community displacement and gentrification has been rearing its ugly head across all of Harlem. The three Council Members, Melissa Mark-Viverito, Robert Jackson, and Inez Dickens, who supposedly represent the three districts that make up Harlem: West Harlem, Central Harlem, and East Harlem, have banded together time and again to support gentrification and displacement.

KOOPKR8! 1 mei 2008

Antwerpen, 28.04.2008 22:41

KOOPKR8! 1 mei 2008

1º de Maio de Luta em Goiânia

Brasil, 28.04.2008 22:08


Stop de Armoede Nu: thema: Gezondheidszorg

Antwerpen, 28.04.2008 22:08

Stop de Armoede Nu: thema: Gezondheidszorg

Actie van de personeelsleden van stedelijke kinderdagverblijven aan Stadhuis van A

Antwerpen, 28.04.2008 22:08

Actie van de personeelsleden van stedelijke kinderdagverblijven aan Stadhuis van A

Reaction to Sean Bell Verdict Continues

NYC, 28.04.2008 21:39

Reaction to Sean Bell Verdict Continues Calls for justice continue to sound in response to Judge Cooperman's acquittal of 3 of the 5 NYPD officers involved in the murder of Sean Bell, announced Friday morning, April 25. That evening, hundreds gathered in Queens to voice their outrage. From there they walked several miles past Queens Boulevard to the heart of Jamaica, where the shooting took place. Reports from Friday's Protest: Calls for Justice Are Loud in Sean Bell Case from People's Justice with photos by Thomas Marczewsk | Sounding the Bell for Justice by Yonathan Dessalegn & Amy L. Dalton | PICS: Confrontation at Police Precinct | Rebellion in Queens from Infoshop

Other actions: Update from Harlem

Past Coverage: Three Cops Acquitted In Killing of Sean Bell (pics and discussion) | Coverage from the Indypendent

Related: Obama Supports Sean Bell Verdict | "What Are You Trying To Force Us To Do?" comments by Louis Louis Farrakhan

Candle-Light Vigil for Animals in Labs at Eliot Spindel's House Last Night

Portland, 28.04.2008 19:39

In a last chance to commemorate World Lab Animal Liberation Week and World Week for Animals in Labs(WWAIL), local activists took to Lake Oswego's streets, & sidewalks to deliver their message of compassion toward animals and disgust for vivisectors, to Eliot Spindel's house, a ONPRC Researcher for OHSU. Standing across the street, in silence, after a brief intro, vigil attendees held signs, cameras, and candles. The event even sparked a flame in a local neighbor to quickly go inside and make a sign, then came back out and join-in. (holding a sign that read "you suck" over at Spindel's house.)

Video from the March 15 Antiwar Demo in Concord

New Hampshire, 28.04.2008 18:09

New Hampshire Indymedia has produced a video of the March 15 antiwar demonstration in Concord.

To view it, click here.

May 1 Rally for Immigrant Workers' Rights in Manchester

New Hampshire, 28.04.2008 18:09


May Day On Merseyside

United Kingdom, 28.04.2008 18:09

This week, people on Merseyside and around the world will be celebrating International Workers' Day - or May Day - an event that has been held every year since 1890. It was originally intended to be a strike day, commemorating the 'Haymarket martyrs', who were framed and then killed by the state of Illinois for their part in the struggle for the eight hour working day.

Report Back from the Tacoma Smash ICE Demonstration

Seattle, 28.04.2008 16:09

Tacoma Smash ICE and others marched Saturday as part of the Week of Action against ICE (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement) and the Northwest Detention Center. The purpose of the march was to bring attention to the existence of the ICE Detention Center, an immigrant detention center on the tide flats of Tacoma housing 1000 immigrants. It was a spirited march, despite the presence of cops of bicycles and a plastic-shielded riot squad who sought to keep everyone on the sidewalk, no matter what.

Police officers acquitted for killing a Black man...AGAIN?!

Boston, 28.04.2008 15:10

Police violence against Black men is heinous but by no means surprising. Cases of unarmed Black men being shot a ludicrous number of times by police officers (of all races) are all too common. Amadou Diallo shot 41 times, NYC, 1999. Johnny Goodwin age 21, Chicago, 2007. Kevin McCoullough age 27, Chattanooga 1998. Bert W. Bowen, Boston 2004. Marquis Barker, Boston 2007. (To name a few).

pobles (ca)

Barcelona, 28.04.2008 13:09

Accionem la resposta popular: Franki llibertat!

Els mossos han detingut en Franki sense la notificació ordinaria prèvia per, així, frenar la resposta popular.
Sense proves fefaents, el 2005, Francesc Argemí fou condemnat a dos anys i set mesos de presó per haver ultratjat la bandera espanyola i atemptat contra l'autoritat el 2002. Fa dues setmanes, El Tribunal Suprem espanyol va denegar que s'admetés a tràmit el recurs interposat el 2005 per la seva advocadessa, Montserrat Salvadó, i ara estava a l'expectativa de rebre la notificació oficial d'ingrés a presó.
Ha començat la concentració davant la Model i hi ha previstes noves convocatòries.

Convocatòries de solidaritat amb en Franki
[28abr]18h, Concentració davant la Model

notícies relacionades: entrevista a franki el 2006 + veure el vídeoreportatge de'n franki a vilaweb + mostra de solidaritat durant el judici el 2005: nues davant la justícia + solidaritat als carrers de Terrassa + 2008: campanya contra l'empresonament de'n franki + Els mossos segresten durant 26h a un professor de la Rovira i Virgili

+info : >>>pobles + >>>criminalizació i repressió alerta solidària +

pueblos (es)

Barcelona, 28.04.2008 13:09

Accionemos la respuesta popular: Franki libertad!

Los mossos han detenido a Franki sin la notificación ordinaria previa para, así, frenar la respuesta popular.
Sin pruebas fehacientes, el 2005, Francesc Argemí fue condenado a dos años y siete meses de prisión por haber ultrajado la bandera española y atentado contra la autoridad en el 2002. Hace dos semanas, el tribunal supremo español denegó la admisió a trámite del recursi interpuesto el 2005 por su abogada, Montserrat Salvadó, y ahora estaba en la expectativa de recibir la notificación oficial de ingreso a prisión.
Ha empezado la concentración ante la Modelo y hat previstas nuevas convocatorias.

Convocatorias de solidaridad con Franki
[28abr]18h, Concentración ante la Modelo

noticias relacionadas: entrevista a franki el 2006 + ver el vídeoreportage de franki en vilaweb + muestra de solidariad durante el juicio el 2005: desnudas ante la justicia + solidaridad en las calles de Terrassa + 2008: campaña contra el encarcelamiento de franki + Los mossos secuestran, durante 26h, a un professor de la Rovira i Virgili

+info : >>>pueblos + >>>criminalización + alerta solidària +

“50 Shots Equals Murder!” Sean Bell Supporters Take It to the Streets on Friday

NYC, 28.04.2008 12:08

The march had finally stopped as people assembled in a small plaza located between several of the South Jamaica Houses to listen to speakers who climbed atop a childrens’ jungle gym. It was a surreal, almost cinematic moment, as an NYPD helicopter circled over the projects, its powerful spotlight moving across the crowd. Veteran revolutionary Carl Dix exhorted those present to change the world. “The system has no future!” He cried out to a roar of applause. “What has a future is revolution!”

UTIER en Pie de Lucha

Puerto Rico, 28.04.2008 08:40

AEE vs. UTIER: La verdad frente a la mentira

UTIER en Pie de Lucha

Puerto Rico, 28.04.2008 08:40

AEE vs. UTIER: La verdad frente a la mentira

The Indypendent Issue #119: Subprime Color Line

NYC, 28.04.2008 04:19

The latest issue of the Indypendent is out, with a cover story on how the foreclosure crisis is ripping off blacks and seniors. Also, included in the culture section are reviews of movies and books. In addition, a story from Ethiopia on how global climate change is sparking conflict.

The Benefit of the Doubt

NYC, 28.04.2008 03:38

As NYPD rolls out police with machine guns in the subways, police in the Sean Bell shooting are acquitted on all charges. Is the NYPD trying to send a message with the timing of their new Operation Torch?

Demonstrations Against Oxy

LA, 28.04.2008 03:08

Two Demonstrations to Save Rainforests/Indigenous People

Demonstrations Against Oxy

LA, 27.04.2008 23:09

Two Demonstrations to Save Rainforests/Indigenous People

Demonstrations Against Oxy

LA, 27.04.2008 23:09

Two Demonstrations to Save Rainforests/Indigenous People

manifestatie tegen de opsluiting van kinderen

Antwerpen, 27.04.2008 21:08

Manifestatie tegen de opsluiting van kinderen

Miami Critical Mass - Monthly Bike Ride May 10th

Miami, 27.04.2008 20:37

Miami Critical Mass - Monthly Bike Ride May 10th

Volunteers set up Iraq Body Count Exhibit

Rogue Valley, 27.04.2008 16:40

Part of the SOU campus was covered in flags to commemorate the senseless deaths of the Iraq war.

May 10th: MRESJF Luncheon: asking for testimony on &quot;JENA IS EVERYWHERE!&quot;

Seattle, 27.04.2008 16:38

Michael Randall Ealy Social Justice Foundation 9th Annual Luncheon and Meeting: We are asking for your testimony on the theme "JENA IS EVERYWHERE!"

Saturday, May 10, 2008
Center Park Residence, 2121 26th Ave. S (at S Hill St., one block north of S Walker St. & MLK Way S)

Tacoma: Anti-ICE March Attacked

Portland, 27.04.2008 13:39

Police Attack March

The march today in Tacoma has just ended. There have been two confirmed arrests. There are still people unaccounted for. The massive police presence attacked the march at its end. There will be another update when we have confirmed everything.

~ Tacoma Smash ICE

The conspiracy to divide Bolivia must be denounced

Portland, 27.04.2008 13:39

The conspiracy to divide Bolivia must be denounced

The process of changes in favor of the Bolivian majority is at risk of being brutally restrained. The rise to power of an Indigenous president with unprecedented support in that country and his programs of popular benefits and recovery of the natural resources have had to face the conspiracies of the oligarchy and United States interference from the very beginning.

In recent days the increase in conspiracy has reached its climax. The subversive and unconstitutional actions of the oligarchic groups to try to divide the Bolivian nation reflect the racist and elitist minds of these sectors and constitute a very dangerous precedent not only for the country's integrity, but for other countries in our region.

History shows with ample eloquence, the terrible consequences that the divisionary and separatist processes supported and induced by foreign interests have had for humanity. Faced with this situation the signers below would like to express their support for the government of Evo Morales Ayma, for his policies for change and for the sovereign constituent process of the Bolivian people. At the same time we reject the so-called Santa Cruz Autonomy Statute due to its unconstitutionality and the attempt against the unity of a nation of our America.

Support Bolivia:

Queens, NY: Rebellion over Sean Bell verdict

Portland, 27.04.2008 13:39

Rebellion in Jamaica, Queens last night.

Breakaway march of hundreds of mostly Black youth took to the streets after the official march dispersed. At the invitation of local organizers, a good number of anarchists stayed on to support all the way. People from the community marched through the "40 Projects" and on to the 103rd Precinct. Street battles broke out along the way. Local youth fighting back with rocks, bottles, and impromptu barricades along Jamaica Avenue. Many arrests.

Full report and photos to come later.

We are all Sean Bell, NYPD go to hell.

ALF Cascadia - 40 Mink Freed in Jefferson,OR

Portland, 27.04.2008 10:38

anonymous communique: "04-21-08: We, the masked avengers of the Animal Liberation Front released around 40 Blue Iris mink from the breeding stock at Jefferson Fur Farm, 1477 SE Talbot Road, Jefferson, OR. Breeding records containing genetic history were also permanently destroyed. It will be a hard road ahead for these mink and their offspring, but with our help they now have a chance at survival. These animals are not capitalist commodities to be bought and sold for fashion or vanity, but unique individuals deserving of liberation from human exploitation. Even if some of the mink do not make it we feel it is better to die free, then at the hands of their speciesist captors.

To the Posches, owners of Jefferson Fur Farm: Consider this your first warning. Tear down this death camp and let the mink live free. If you don't we will be back to finish the job.

We want to make it very clear that we will not be intimidated by the states continued witch hunt against the earth and animal liberation movements. Draconian prison sentences and repressive legislation will not deter us from our goal of total earth, animal, and human liberation. For every liberator you throw in prison, there will two more to take her place. For every activist's house you raid, there will ten times that many cages emptied. You can take our freedom, but you will never extinguish the flame that burns in our heart. Let your passion mirror the animals oppression and our persecution. ~ALF-Cascadia"

UCSC Reunion Luncheon Interrupted to Demand Fair Wages for Workers

Santa Cruz, CA, 27.04.2008 10:08

The All-Alumni Reunion Luncheon held in the College 9/10 multipurpose room at UC Santa Cruz on April 26th was interrupted when students marched in demanding fair contracts for UCSC's underpaid service workers. The luncheon was part of the annual UCSC Reunion Weekend where alumni were invited back to campus to "learn how innovation is going global, sip wine, tour new facilities on campus, explore the "unnatural" history of UCSC, and more..." The brief interruption was widely supported by alumni who clapped, smiled, listened, and took souvenir photos as students passed out flyers, chanted and spoke on stage to inform alumni about the contract campaign for UC service workers.

West Papuan movement meets in Vanuatu

Aotearoa, 27.04.2008 04:18

West Papua Leaders Summit: April 2008: Port Vila, Vanuatu West Papua shares the island of New Guinea with Papua New Guinea, on the western rim of the Pacific. A former colony of the Dutch, it was taken over by Indonesia in the 1960s. West New Guinea, as it was then known, had already held national elections and inaugurated its own New Guinea Council in April 1961. The Morning Star flag of the proposed new nation of West Papua was raised next to the Dutch Tri-colour on 1st December 1961. Photo above left Frontpage of Vanuatu's daily newspaper But Indonesia gained Western support for its claim and was granted control of the territory on the condition that an act of self determination would be held. A fraudulent “Act of Free Choice” in which less than 1% of the West Papuan voted under duress was held in 1969. The West Papuans have never stopped struggling for their freedom even though they have paid dearly in the loss of more than 100,000 lives. Today the people are repressed by a heavy military and militia presence and outsiders have limited access. West Papua now suffers a HIV/AIDS epidemic and many of its tribal communities are under threat from illegal logging. The West Papua leaders summit held outside the country in Port Vila, Vanuatu was a historic step for a broad movement which has not always achieved unity of strategy and aims. Photo below right Vanuatu's Foreign Minister Hon. George A. Wells meets with West Papuan delegates The 28 groups represented included the Free Papua Movement, or OPM, the human rights group ELSHAM, and coalitions representing tribal organisations, students, women and former political prisoners. The gathering achieved a higher degree of unity among the political organisations and the NGOs as well as a strong plan of action in the diplomatic arena. The representatives reaffirmed their commitment to the West Papua National Coalition for Liberation (WPNCL) formed last year. Links: Towards a United Front in West Papua| West Papua National Coalition for Liberation settles new leadership| Vanuatu’s foreign minister vows to push West Papuan self-determination at MSG| Time to right the great Melanesian wrong| Free West Papua Campaign

Climate campaigners set to walk into Happy Valley

Aotearoa, 27.04.2008 04:18

The Walking the Walk crew are still on track to arrive at Westport on the South Island's west coast on Tuesday 29 April and then walk into Happy Valley, arriving on Thursday.

The walkers who have spent the last three months walking down from Auckland to Happy Valley will join other climate campaigners and ecologists who have been occupying the Valley for the last two years.

The walkers who have been raising awareness about climate change and coal mining have had many adventures along the way including getting shot at in Palmerston North. The Save Happy Valley campaign welcomes more occupiers, and more support will be needed if Solid Energy begin to construct an access road into the valley. Your support is needed…

More: Walking the Walk | Walk the Walk Blog | Save Happy Valley Campaign!

Anti-vivisection protest at Auckland University marks World Lab Animal Day

Aotearoa, 27.04.2008 04:18

Auckland Animal Action held animal abusers to account in its last week of actions. Throughout World Lab Animal week protests were held to highlight animal testing carried out by GlaxoSmithKline and Auckland University. The protests were carried out for the quarter of a million animals killed every year in New Zealand in animal testing.

On Saturday starting at 9am a picket was held outside of one of the directors of GlaxoSmithKline. Protesters held placards and banners and leafleted morning joggers as well as all the local shops and cafes. Almost everyone we talked to was supportive and shocked when they heard about the testing carried out on behalf of GSK. This protest is part of an international campaign to shut down Huntington Life Sciences a British animal testing lab which does work for GSK. One protester was arrested for taking a photo of someone knocking on the directors door.

On Monday a protest was held outside the downtown offices of GlaxoSmithKline. For two and a half hours we leafleted everyone going in and out of the company and held placards showing the kind of abuse GSK is responsible for.

On Friday about 20 people participated in a banner drop and information picket outside the Auckland University Medical Health department to highlight ongoing vivisection practices.

Two protesters scaled on top of the Medical Science building and held a banner titled "Torturing animals, It's not science". The banner was displayed for over an hour until the police came and arrested them

Calls for Justice Are Loud in Sean Bell Case

NYC, 27.04.2008 03:08

Following yesterday morning's announcement of Judge Cooperman's "not guilty on all counts" acquittal verdict of 3 of the 5 NYPD officers involved in the murder of Sean Bell, hundreds gathered in Queens to express their outrage


Colombia, 26.04.2008 21:09

Más agresiones....

Tala de árboles

Puerto Rico, 26.04.2008 20:40

La Ley Empieza por la Casa

Crimen y Clases

Puerto Rico, 26.04.2008 20:40

El Día Menos Pensado Cualquiera Podría Estar en la Cárcel

Notts Workers Join National Strike

United Kingdom, 26.04.2008 18:38

On April 24, teachers, further education lecturers and civil servants took coordinated national strike action against the public sector pay freeze. The decision by the National Union of Teachers (NUT) to call the first national teachers' strike in twenty-one years, attracted the most interest, but they were also joined by the University and Colleges Union (UCU) and the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS).

The strikes follow a central government directive to keep annual cost of living pay increases below 2% at a time when the Retail Price Index places inflation at over 4%, meaning in effect that public sector workers are expected to take a pay cut.

In Nottinghamshire, dozens of schools were closed by strike action, with many more partially closed. While their were few pickets of schools, there was a presence at a number of colleges and outside government offices in the city. A march from the Forest Recreation Ground to the Congregation Hall, Church Gate for a rally was well attended despite the inclement weather

Newswire: Photos of April 24 Strike in Nottingham | Strike to close one third of Nottingham schools | Interview with NUT activist | Notts Indymedia Worker's Movements Topic Page

Previous Features: Public service workers out to protect pensions | All-out unofficial strike at Cottam Power Station near Lincoln

Links: Nottingham City NUT | Nottinghamshire NUT | NUT | PCS | UCU

ILWU To Shut Down All West Coast Ports To Protest War

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.04.2008 15:39

On May 1, all 29 ports on the U.S. West Coast are to be shut down by the ILWU in protest against the U.S. war on Afghanistan and Iraq. The Bay Area ILWU local was the first American union to condemn the war. In April 2003, as invading U.S. troops reached Baghdad, six longshoremen were injured and a union official was arrested as police fired on hundreds of antiwar protesters in the port of Oakland. Supporters of the ILWU will meet in San Francisco at Mason and Beach at 10:30 am on May Day. There will then be a march to an 11am rally in Justin Herman Plaza.

Sud Ribelle, liberi tutti! Siamo tutti sovversivi

Switzerland, 26.04.2008 13:37

Giovedì 24 aprile, dopo oltre 4 anni di udienze, è stata emessa la sentenza per il processo al Sud Ribelle, con assoluzione per tutti i 13 imputati "perchè il fatto non sussiste".

L’accusa per i 13 attivisti era quella di "Cospirazione politica mediante associazione, al fine di impedire l’esercizio delle funzioni del Governo italiano durante il G8 a Genova nel luglio 2001, creare una più vasta associazione composta da migliaia di persone volta a sovvertire violentemente l’ordinamento economico costituito nello Stato."
Per gli ex imputati il PM Domenico Fiordalisi aveva richiesto complessivamente 50 anni di carcere.

- L'archivio di Supporto legale sul Processo al Sud Ribelle
- Ftr Indymedia Calabria: Tutti assolti, il fatto non sussiste.

- G8: Il processo ai 25: 102 anni di galera
- I processi di Genova

ALF keepin the heat on HLS: Staples delivery truck firebombed

Portland, 26.04.2008 13:08

Sunday 4/20/2008: An incendiary device was left under a Staples delivery truck in Garden Grove, CA.

We did this due to Staples continued support of Huntingdon Life Sciences (the notorious animal murder and torture laboratories). Unmarked Staples trucks have been spotted making deliveries to the HLS lab in the UK. Trying to sneak in with unmarked vans... shame on you Staples executives. Now you have to think about this, do you, as a company with stores and warehouses filled with paper, want to take a stand against those of us who are notorious for bringing fire???
DO THIS: Cut your ties with HLS... -ALF"

Central Washington University Students protest Rodeo

Portland, 26.04.2008 13:08

In a town where animal cruelty is the claim to fame, a couple of students stand up with (gasp)sidewalk chalk! The College Rodeo is this weekend and, in a town where rodeos are the biggest thing happening, its difficult but more necessary than ever for a couple people to stand up for the animals.

Two students went out in the middle of the night (Sunday April 20th) to simply lay the truth out... on the sidewalk... with chalk. These students were once members of the Animal Rights Club but had recently resigned due to disagreements with the president over MULTIPLE issues. These students covered the sidewalks on campus with text including "Animal Cruelty is not Entertainment", "The Rodeo is not a Sport", "Don't Support Animal Cruelty" in addition to others.

The following day both students received phone calls from the police, saying that they had been informed that these students were involved in "grafitti" on campus and that they'd heard that these students have been involved in animal rights protests before. The students told the police that they were, in fact, responsible for the display and that this was MUCH less harmful that what is done to animals in the rodeo.
The following day the attached article came out in the campus paper.... more animal rights "grafitti" showed up on the sidewalks early this morning in addition to some phrases about FREEDOM OF SPEECH
The police are looking for these unruly anarchists.

RIP Roger

Portland, 26.04.2008 13:08

Roger Troen, a long time animal activist in the Portland area, died April 23. He will be missed.

Roger Troen put the 'active' in activist. He never gave up, he never stopped believing that we would make a difference and bring about change for the animals. His voice was always heard above everyone else at protests, no one would ever call him the 'strong, silent type'. He had something to say and he wanted to make sure he was heard. Goodbye, Roger. You gave your all to the animals who you so loved and protected.

EVENT - This Sunday 5pm WWAIL Candle Light Vigil!

Portland, 26.04.2008 13:08

In remembrance of countless beings who have and continue to live, suffer, and die in labs throughout the world.

In recognition of our commitment to- and solidarity with those who suffer - You are invited to a very special candle light vigil this Sunday at an undisclosed location.

- Meet 5pm Sunday at Red & Black Cafe 400 SE 12th Ave, Portland, OR
- Bring $5 for public transportation
- Wear comfortable walking shoes
- Dress warm enough to be out for several hours
- Bring a few candles :-)

Please plan to come out and voice our opposition to the continuing, failed disgrace that is animal testing!

Pre-Mayday Community-building Event Sunday April 27

Portland, 26.04.2008 13:08

2 more days until Mayday! Mayday!

A great opportunity to see what is happening with the radical community here in Portland! Listen to music, eat good food, watch presentations by some of Portland's amazing radical and revolutionary organizations! We will be starting promptly at 7:30pm!

Please join us Sunday April 27th at 7:30pm at Liberty Hall (311 N. Ivy) for an evening of food, music, speakers and tables. We aim to promote community building, communication and solidarity within the Portland radical community. Come and enjoy tables and presentations by some of Portland's amazing radical and revolutionary organizations. Come and show support for these groups, ask questions, get involved or network. All are invited and encouraged to attend! Help us to prepare for our favorite holiday and to celebrate Portland's radical past, present and future! We will see you there!

May 1st OLIN Event at 1st Unitarian Church: MAYDAY 2008 GUELAGUETZA! | Noon on Mayday -radical anarchist picnic @ north park blocks

March Against ICE: Saturday, April 24th, Tacoma

Portland, 26.04.2008 13:08

Rally @ 12 PM---March @ 1 PM
This coming Saturday there will be a rally starting in People's Park at 12 PM in the Hilltop district of Tacoma. At 1 PM we will leave the park and head down the hill.

As it stands right now, no one even knows about the existence of the Northwest Detention Center. The families affected by the raids and those who support them are aware of its existence. But the general population does not know.

This blackout and secrecy has gone on for too long. Those of us with the privilege and ability to do something have done nothing. Those of us least affected by the raids have sat by for too long while the process of detention, removal and terror continues unabated.

BREAKING NEWS: Sea Lions safe for now

Portland, 26.04.2008 13:08

Judge overturns Mosman's ruling

Last week, Judge Mosman refused to grant an injunction to postpone the killing of sea lions until the trial has come to a close. This week, another judge granted an appeal to that ruling, allowing safety to the sea lions for now. Still a lot of work to be done, so don't rest yet!

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