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Indymedia Anvers doit-il être retiré du net ?

Liege, 06.05.2008 13:07

Un manager fâché exige, par des voies judiciaires, 10.000 euros à des participants d'un centre de média alternatif et participatif.

1ero de mayo

Puerto Rico, 06.05.2008 12:11

1ero de Mayo: Día Proletario


Puerto Rico, 06.05.2008 12:11

Radican Nuevos Cargos Contra Joven Socialista

Animals Confiscated from Watsonville Slaughterhouse Find Refuge at California Sanctuaries

Santa Cruz, CA, 06.05.2008 06:08

Farm Sanctuary, which operates the largest rescue and refuge network for farm animals in North America, and Animal Place, a nonprofit sanctuary for abused and discarded farmed animals, have responded to a call from Santa Cruz Animal Services and are coming to the aid of 14 neglected animals confiscated from a Watsonville slaughterhouse on May 1st. The rescued animals-12 goats, one cow and one sheep-were discovered at the Lee Road slaughter facility on May 1st by Todd Stosuy of Santa Cruz Animal Services, when he noticed a cow with a bloody horn from the road and initiated an investigation.

On This Anniversary of the Kent State Massacre

Santa Cruz, CA, 06.05.2008 04:43

Thirty-eight years ago, on May 4, 2008, at Ohio's Kent State University, the National Guard opened fire on students protesting the US war in Vietnam. The students were shot from distances of 275 to 400 feet, giving lie to claims that the students posed a threat to the Guardsmen. Four students were murdered and nine were injured. Nobody ever did time for those murders.

UN Suspends Aid to Gaza due to Lack of Fuel (cartoon by Latuff)

DC, 06.05.2008 04:09

The United Nations stopped distributing aid to the Gaza Strip after running out of fuel as the Israeli terminal that supplies the besieged Palestinian territory remained shut… Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's state terror. High resolution version for printing purposes here:

Alert-MAJOR POLICE RAID on Luke's home!

DC, 06.05.2008 04:09

Today, Monday, May 5th, Montgomery County Police, seemingly under the command of a detective from the DC police(MPD), raided my home in Maryland while I was not present, seeking to steal any and all electronic devices capable of storing audio or video.

ARISE! New Orleans Indymedia Launches Print Project

New Orleans, 06.05.2008 01:42

ARISE! New Orleans Indymedia Launches Print Project

Palestine Film Fest '08

Houston, 06.05.2008 01:09

Film Festival Brings Palestine to Houston

May Day: Boston for Workers Rights Unite!

Boston, 05.05.2008 21:08

Boston, Mass.--About 100 Anarchists, Socialists, Union Orgainzers, Immigrant Rights Workers and Anti-War activists gathered in Boston to celebrate and / or protest the issues of the day. It was hard to tell which was more prominent. During the march through the streets, the Second Line Social Aid and Pleasure Society Brass Band, certainly gave the event a celebratory feel, but at the rally at Boston Common, there were somber calls for human rights for immigrants, and better working conditions for all – citizens and immigrants alike. DOWNLOAD AUDIO REPORT (or click on "Ready full article" to listen):


Torun, 05.05.2008 20:07

Marcha realizada el 1ro de mayo en Carabobo

Venezuela, 05.05.2008 19:07

Nottingham Celebrates Mayday

United Kingdom, 05.05.2008 18:38

Mayday has been celebrated in one form or another for thousands of years. Pagans marked the day as the end of the hardships of winter. Following the struggle amongst American workers for the eight hour day and the murder by the US state of four anarchists involved in that struggle in 1886, the day has come to be marked as International Workers' Day.

In Nottingham this year, there were two Mayday events, both organised by the Mayday Organising Committee, an off-shoot of the Nottingham Refugee Campaign Group. As has happened for the past few years, there was a march and rally, starting and ending at the Brewhouse Yard on the Saturday May 3. The second event was a public meeting held on May 1 itself, addressed by local asylum seeker Amdani Juma and former Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg.

Newswire: Nottingham May Day 1 Pictures - Event | Nottingham May Day 2 Pictures - Parade | Mayday march and rally in Nottingham | Nottingham Celebrates Mayday with Moazzam Begg

Previous Features: Mayday! Mayday! Celebrations in Nottingham (2007) | Mayday in the East Midlands (2006)

Links: Nottingham Refugee Campaign Group | Wikipedia on Mayday

Breaking News: Six Sea Lions Dead

Portland, 05.05.2008 17:39

Four California sea lions and two Steller sea lions were found shot to death below Bonneville river at noon today. The area is now sealed off as a crime scene, since the killing involved gunshots at a federal facility. The sea lions were found dead at the traps. the TRAPS.
This killing is a direct result of the government's recent proposal to kill sea lions. This is what we all knew would happen, up and down the river, from now on. A killing frenzy. Sea lions have been scapegoated for the human-induced salmon crisis, and fishermen have whipped themselves up into a frothing vengeance. As we knew it would, they have taken the government's decision as permission to kill. As they were meant to.

These, by the way, are the very fishermen who have been screaming about how "aggressive" the sea lions are when they try to haul out into their boats. I think it's pretty clear which species is truly aggressive, and truly destructive here. The sea lions were apparently caged in the traps at the time of the shooting, and although the finger on the trigger was apparently some beer-soaked fisherman (who remains free tonight) rather than an ODFW official, the government is directly to blame for putting these sea lions into harm's way in this manner. Please let them know what you think.

And please get to the river and keep watch. There will likely be more shootings like this now. Do what you must to protect the sea lions from human aggression.

VIDEO-No Peace No Work

Seattle, 05.05.2008 17:08

The ILWU (International Longshore and Warehouse Union) of Seattle stopped work on May Day to get across the message that the war has to end.

Report Back From the ILWU May Day March

Seattle, 05.05.2008 17:08

The 1st day of May is traditionally the International Workers’ Day, a day when working people remember, commemorate and celebrates the achievements of the labor movement. However, May Day 2008 was different. This year ILWU (International Longshore and Warehouse Union) led the march against war.

Report Back from the May Day Immigrant March

Seattle, 05.05.2008 17:08

On May Day, several thousand demonstrators marched through downtown Seattle to advocate for immigration reform and to protest deportations.

[EuroMayDayAachen] Plus de mille activistes contre le prix Charlemagne

Liege, 05.05.2008 15:08

Plus de mille activistes se sont retrouvé.e.s à Aachen ce premier mai pour participer à la manifestation "Shut down forteress Europe" et/ou à la parade EuroMayDay visant à dénoncer la remise du prix Charlemagne à Angela Merkel, avec la bénédiction de Sarkozy. Malgré un important dispositif policier, les manifestant.e.s ont réussi à perturber la cérémonie officielle glorifiant l'Europe impériale, sécuritaire et néolibérale. Compte-rendus:

Objeci�n fiscal. Desobediencia civil

Euskal Herria, 05.05.2008 09:09

Para dejar de sostener unos gastos militares sin sentido. Para denunciar p�blicamente los atropellos militares. Para no darles los recursos que ponen en marcha la maquina militar, este a�o de nuevo los grupos antimilitaristas nos animan a realizar la objeci�n fiscal en estos d�as que comienza la campa�a de la declaraci�n de la renta.

A la hora de rellenar la declaraci�n, aunque salga a pagar o a cobrar, se debe presentar un escrito donde te declaras que quieres hacer objeci�n fiscal y la cantidad correspondiente a los gastos militares (calculada cada a�o seg�n los presupuestos del estado) se propone desviarla a alg�n proyecto alternativo de las cada vez m�s organizaciones, sindicatos, ONGs... que a�o a a�o se animan a apoyar la objeci�n fiscal. La justificaci�n de haber ingresado el dinero junto con el escrito declarandote objetor@ fiscal se presentan en Hacienda para certificar esta manera de hacer desobediencia civil.

El gobierno no recorta por ello los gastos correspondientes a los militares, al contrario, cada a�o son m�s grandes, pero por lo menos nos ponemos en marcha para denunciar las guerras y el control en los que se basa esta sociedad.

Para informarse:

  • Kakitzat: llamar al 652 762 232
  • Grupo de objecci�n fiscal de Gipuzkoa (KEM-MOC): escribeles o llama al 666-619586
  • KEM-MOC de Bilbo : escribeles o llama al 94-619586
  • Grupo de objecci�n fiscal de Iru�a KEM-MOC: escribeles, llama al 948 21 05 30 o pasate alg�n martes por Bakearen Etxea, Merced 18 bajo en Iru�ea.

M�s informaci�n:

|Unas cuantas respuestas sobre la objecion fiscal (euskera)|, |Entrevista a un objetor fiscal|, |No a las guerras|, |Triptico de la campa�a de este a�o|, |Campa�a de la CGT|.

Coverage of May 1 Immigrant events

DC, 05.05.2008 04:09

The Mayday Immigrant marches and rallies in DC featured a strong Indigenous/Native American component. Two years ago, white racists whined about Mexican and Salvadoran flags in the May 1 march, now they face a growing Pan-Indigenous consciousness that could prove their worst nightmare! Audio 9 min 56 sec:

Massive Critical Mass chokes pre-game stadium traffic

DC, 05.05.2008 04:09

On Friday, May 2 the DC Critical MAss ride drew between 50 and 100 riders, including a crew from College Park, riders on "choppers" and high bikes, and so many more.

Ploughshares 3 get bail!

Aotearoa, 05.05.2008 02:09

Adrian Leason, Peter Murnane and Sam Land were bailed from the Blenheim District Court this morning after almost one week in jail. They have non-association orders, are not to go within 100m of a defence facility, not to go to Marlborough except for court or lawyer and report to a Police station twice a week. They will appear in court for a pre-deposition hearing on 9th June.

On Wednesday the three entered the Waihopai spy base and used sickles to cut one of the two 30-metre white domes. Damage is estimated at $1 million. "We are responding to the Bush administration’s admission that intelligence gathering is the most important tool in the so-called War on Terror. This war will have no end until citizens of the world refuse to let it continue. The ECHELON spy network including Waihopai, is an important part of the US government’s global spy network and we have come in the name of the Prince of Peace to close it down. The base is funded by New Zealand tax payers and located on New Zealand soil which makes New Zealand a target through our association with the UKUSA intelligence cooperation agreement."

About 60 people attended a demonstration of solidarity and support for the three men arrested for deflating the protective balloon covering the satellite at the Waihopai spy base last week in Wellington on Saturday.

Links: | Ploughshares Penetrate Waihopai Base Deflate Satellite Dome | Make tea, not war!

Tre Arrow -Trial date changed

Portland, 04.05.2008 23:39

Tre's Legal Update.
From Paul Loney, Tre's attorney...

Hi folks,

Tre's 5/6/2008 Jury Trial has been reset for 7/8/2008 at 09:00AM
before Judge James A. Redden. We needed to set a new trial date
because additional time is needed for pretrial investigation and trial
preparation. So there is no court appearance for May 6th. The July 8th
date is also subject to change.

Letter To Olympia From An Anarchist

Portland, 04.05.2008 23:39

I attended the march in Olympia on May Day. As I was involved in absolutely no illegal activity on that day, I feel no fear in speaking my mind. I saw everything that happened and was present from the beginning to the end of that day's activities. What I saw inspired, sickened and encouraged me. There were many good things that happened, just as there were many bad things. But most of those bad things were initiated and enacted by the police. I do not wish to give a blow-by-blow recounting of the actions of those involved, given that others have done this already. I wish to ask some questions.


Oost-Vlaanderen, 04.05.2008 22:37

Actieoproep voor top over biodiversiteit – Bonn mei 2008

Mothers call for Mother’s Day boycott of Israeli settlement-builder Leviev

NYC, 04.05.2008 22:09

Women distributed the boycott call today at Leviev New York. The call states: M’azuza Abu Rahmeh, a mother from Bil’in, explains, “I hope that on this important day for mothers that no women in the world will have to live through this type of experience and that instead they will live with their families and homes, in security and peace.” Halima Husain, a mother from Jayyous, adds, “I hope that free people around the world will boycott Israel’s occupation and will not support businesses of wealthy Israelis like Leviev who is building the settlement of Zufim, and that they will stand with us to lift this shadow and darkness that hangs over the Palestinian people.”


Athens, 04.05.2008 21:39

Αλληλεγγύη στους διωκόμενους της Θεσσαλονίκης 2003


Oost-Vlaanderen, 04.05.2008 20:38

Anarchistische federatie? Laat de discussie beginnen!


Colombia, 04.05.2008 17:38

Pastors For Peace Cuban Caravan

Rogue Valley, 04.05.2008 17:09

A film series and talks on Cuba are being planned, leading up to the arrival of this year's Cuba Caravan. Dates for the film showings at Peace House, all at 7 pm, are Monday May 12: “Looking for Cuba”, Monday May 19 :“Bloque” , and Monday June 9: “Mission Against Terror”.
The talks/discussion on Cuba will be hosted by Socialist Action and will also be held at the Peace House. The dates for the talks are Wednesday, May 21st 7pm : "Che Guevara and the Cuban Revolution" and Thursday, June 5th 7pm: "Cuba: The Case for Socialism"

Animal Rights Advocates Demonstrate Against Shrine Circus' Cruelty to Animals

United States, 04.05.2008 13:07

This past weekend, April 25-27, animal rights advocates from around the region (ARA-UNY) were at the Blue Cross Arena demonstrating against the Shrine Circus.

According to advocates, performances on Friday and Saturday seemed very low. After a cop and a clown told advocates that there were no animals being used in performances, further investigation by advocates revealed the circus using "bears, horses, dogs, tigers, and more," while pointing out how untrustworthy police and clowns are. It was learned that these animals were leased from "Hawthorn Corp," "who, in 2004, were brought up on animal cruelty charges by USDA, and by 2007 had turned all their elephants over to sanctuary," according to the report back. Read Full Report | | Photos of Shriners or people in their employ taking photos of Animal Advocates: 1 | 2 | 3

Additional Information: Cruelty Under the "Big Top" | The Circus: it's modern slavery | List of localities that ban animal circuses | Complete list of animal-free circuses | The Circus is No Place for Animal Abuse

Eco Defence

Perth, 04.05.2008 05:39


Alien Visitor (review)

LA, 04.05.2008 05:39

I Wish More Science Fiction Films Were Like This

Code Pink Protests As Democratic Leaders Arrange For Largest War Funding Bill Yet

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.05.2008 05:38

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is helping put together the largest Iraq war spending bill yet. The aim appears to be to fund the war for nearly six months into the next president's term to prevent a new Democratic President from having to vote for the war without risking the war actually ending. On April 28th, Code Pink started a peace vigil on the front porch of Pelosi's house in San Francisco to urge her to not give the President another blank check for the occupation of Iraq

ILWU to Shut Down West Coast Ports May 1 Demanding End to War in Iraq, Afghanistan

LA, 04.05.2008 04:39

ILWU to Shut Down West Coast Ports May 1 Demanding End to War in Iraq, Afghanistan

May Day 2008 Actions in Santa Cruz and Watsonville

Santa Cruz, CA, 04.05.2008 03:38

The Movement for Immigrant Rights Alliance (M.I.R.A.) called for a rally at UCSC and march to Santa Cruz on May 1st, May Day, to demand the DREAM Act be passed in U.S., a stop to ICE raids, the construction of a day laborer center in Santa Cruz, a fair contract for AFSCME workers and an end to the militarization of borders. Hundreds of families, students and workers participated in May Day activities in Watsonville which included free legal consultations, a rally in the plaza with speakers, musicians, face painting and a brinkolin (jump house) for kids.

Israel, Steve Emerson and David Project Emails Attacking Muslims of Boston

DC, 04.05.2008 03:09

Emails between Israeli Consulate of Boston, Steve Emerson, the David Project and others trying to prevent the opening of a mosque in Boston.

All Charges dropped against Jason Paschal

Santa Cruz, CA, 04.05.2008 03:08

Jason Paschal, an African-American tarot card reader, has successfully ended a 9-month battle to beat charges against him--after he called the Santa Cruz police last summer to complain that a patron of O'Neill's Sports Shop on Pacific Avenue called him a "nigger" and spat on him.

After six years, Al-Jazeera cameraman freed from Guantanamo

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.05.2008 02:38

On Thursday May 1st, Al-Jazeera reporter Sami al-Haj was released after six and a half years at Guantanamo. Al-Hajj, arrived in Sudan early on Friday, was carried off a US air force jet on a stretcher and immediately taken to a hospital. Al-Hajj told reporters at the hospital that "rats are treated with more humanity", than the inmates at Guantanamo, whose "human dignity [is] violated". 10 journalists have been held for extended periods by the U.S. military and then released without charge. The U.S. military continues to hold Jawed Ahmad, a journalist for Canada's CTV, at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan.

Marcha por la despenalización de la Marihuana en Santiago del Estero

Argentina, 04.05.2008 02:08

Movimiento canábico de floración autónoma


DC, 04.05.2008 01:10

Desiree Fairooz was convicted today for calling out Condi

Marcha por la Marihuana en Santiago del Estero

Argentina, 04.05.2008 01:09

Movimiento canábico de floración autónoma

Amid Humanitarian Disaster in Somalia, US Assassinations Keep War Going

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.05.2008 00:09

On May 1st, the US assassinated Aden Hashi Eyrow, one of senior leaders of Somalia's Islamist movement in an air strike that killed at least 10 other people. Many in Somalia have taken up arms to resist a US backed occupation by Ethiopian troops. Somalia has a United Nations-backed transitional government that had little local legitimacy and controlled only one town at the time of the Ethiopian invasion. The transitional government has lost almost all support by Somalis following its continued support for the Ethiopian occupation, even after several well documented atrocities.

Longshoremen Proceed with May Day Action, Close all West Coast Ports to Protest War

Portland, 03.05.2008 22:38

[May 1, 2008] Minutes ago, I spoke with Clarence Thomas of the ILWU executive board. "The rank and file action against the war is indeed happening right now", he said. And today the workers will write history.

In an attempt to head this off last night the PMA went to court, "Employers, represented by the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA), will not agree to it, and threatened union leaders with court action under Taft-Hartley if they don't call it all off."

but the judge refused to take any action, until there is concrete action by the union in violation of their contract. This is a rank and file action by union members who are united by their opposition to the war. They disagree with the decision of the arbitrator who has dis-allowed the choice of May Day, by the ILWU, as a "day for union business" for workers at all 29 ports on the west coast. A "day for union business" is allowed by their contract. Their original intent was to use this day for their official protest, but official or not, the protest is on. Protests in the Bay Area began early today, led by Direct Action to Stop the War. DASW organized the famous march on Washington that gathered 500,000 people from groups across the nation. Today, they will close down the war effort in San Fransisco. Their effort to shut down the Union Pacific Rail lines began at sunrise this morning. Indybay reported:

May Day Protests in Arcata

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.05.2008 19:09

On May Day, a series of protests began with Arcata Food Not Bombs serving a vegan meal on the Plaza. The Infernal Noise Brigade marched from the Plaza to the HSU Quad where they met up with Humboldt United Students Against Sweatshops (HUSAS) . Together, they then marched up to President Rollin Richmond's office to deliver a petition demanding no more sweatshop labor products at HSU. The students want Richmond to endorse the Designated Suppliers Program, which promotes living wages and freedom of association.

Reclaim the Streets In San Francisco

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.05.2008 18:39

On May Day, there was a Reclaim the Streets action. A little over 100 people participated in total. The mobile party started in Civic Center and went all the way to golden gate park.

San Francisco State Students Walk Out, Join Workers on May Day

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.05.2008 18:39

Over 600 SFSU students walked out of their classes and blocked traffic May 1st to protest further cuts to California's education system. The students protested a proposed increase to next semester's fee increase, which is an increase of 113 percent since 2002. The proposed increase of student fees are a part of a $14.65 million cut to next year's SFSU budget and part of a larger $4.8 billion budget cut to California's education system. As a result essential services will have to be cut, people will lose their jobs, students will have fewer classes and be forced to pay more for less.

May 1 - UC Berkeley primate vivisector Jack Gallant home demo

Portland, 03.05.2008 15:39

The campaign against animal torture at the University of California-Berkeley continues on, despite the "terrorist" label being thrown at the activists, and the passage of AB 2296 (California Animal Enterprise Protection Act), which makes it a crime to run a campaign of this nature.

In the evening on Thursday May 1, activists demonstrated outside the lavish home of UC Berkeley primate vivisector Jack Gallant, in the hills near the Oakland/Berkeley line.

Gallant's research is especially frivolous and cruel. The macaque monkeys victimized by Gallant are confined to restraint chairs and denied the most basic freedom of movement. They are denied water. These sentient beings have holes drilled in their skulls and electrodes inserted into their brains. These animals suffer because of Gallant's greed.

This campaign continues on. No matter how many laws they are able to push through. No matter how many activists they attempt to jail.

Native Women Challenge Buffett at Diamond Store

Portland, 03.05.2008 15:39

Omaha, NE - Tonight a group of Native women from the Klamath River Basin will stage a protest over Warren Buffett's fish killing dams on the Klamath River in Northern California. The event will be held during a cocktail party at Buffett's local diamond retail Borsheims.

"Wealthy women come here to shop for their jewelry. Wealthy women from the Klamath River make our jewelry from the plants that grow along the river banks and the shells of mussel and abalone," says Yurok Tribal member Georgiana Myers. "Now the river is so polluted from Buffett's dams we are worried about harvesting the plants we need for our jewelry and regalia."

The women, many of whom are mothers, hope to convince the Buffett family to consider their appeals to meet and discuss a dam removal plan that would serve in everyone's best interests.

Students at Pacific U. Denounce LNG

Portland, 03.05.2008 15:39

In Forest Grove - the location of Pacific University - we live in direct contact with communities threatened by the largest dirty energy project proposed for Oregon: Liquefied Natural Gas. Yesterday, a group of us set out to educate our campus about the problems with LNG development.

Farmers and property owners in western Washington County - as in many other parts of our state - face the prospect of having their land seized through "eminent domain" to make way for LNG pipelines. Here in Forest Grove, we don't have to look to the oil fields of Ecuador or the coal-ravaged towns of Appalachia to find real people being displaced by the fossil fuel industries; they are right here, almost literally in our backyard.

To show just what an LNG pipeline means for property owners, our student group constructed a fake section of pipeline which we laid out on an often-frequented path. We strung out a length of red ribbon 25 feet to either side of the pipeline, marking off the size of the property "easement" rendered permanently unusable for tree farming and other practices involving deep-rooted crops or ploughing. The text accompanying our display asked viewers to "Imagine this is your property," and also spelled other problems with LNG development, which include contributions to global warming, and an increase in our dependence on foreign fuels. This dirty energy source means bad news for Oregon all around, and its time to let ALL our elected officials know it.

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