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Ganó el pueblo en la UCV

Venezuela, 12.05.2008 22:07

Indymedia Journalists Targeted in Ecuador, Five Arrested

Torun, 12.05.2008 22:07

LA Indymedia Film Screening: Bastards of the Party, This Friday

LA, 12.05.2008 18:39

LA Indymedia Film Screening: Bastards of the Party, This Friday

Update: Portland City Hall Homeless Protest

Portland, 12.05.2008 18:38

Yesterday 7 people were arrested when the Portland Police came to post 72 hour "Illegal Campsite" notices and alert us that our homeless encampment at City Hall was not within lawful compliance. We have been camping on the sidewalks for 15 days to protest the unconstitutionality of the sit/lie ordinance and to demand the repeal of the anti-camping law that makes being without a home a crime. Long term solutions to the affordable housing/greed crisis in downtown Portland however is the primary goal that has brought everyone who is down at City Hall together. So far, many creative ideas have been offered and discussed over the past weeks, and over the course of time the number of protesters has grown from 15 at the beginning into the upwards of 100. Although yesterdays police presence seemed to disperse protesters, the peak head count last night was 84.

"We aren't leaving until they give us what we want" is our general consensus, although the diversity of our growing crowd has brought many new angles as to how we would accomplish such. Mayor Potter has basically refused dialog, and continues to be narrowly focused on the federal mandated "Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness," as well as on opening temporary shelter beds which do nothing over the long-term.

Last night our entire camp met to discuss issues and decide what's next.

Letter asking Mayor Potter for Dialog

Aksi Menolak Kenaikan BBM

Jakarta, 12.05.2008 17:38

Peringatan 10 tahun Tragedi Trisakti Hari ini 12 Mei, tepat 10 tahun peristiwa tertembak dan terbunuhnya mahasiswa Trisakti, ribuan mahasiswa kembali turun ke jalan. Lebih dari 5000 orang yang tergabung dalam pelbagai organisasi mahasiswa, ormas, buruh, rakyat miskin kota, dan organisasi kepemudaan, berunjuk rasa di depan Istana Negara, menolak kenaikan BBM, turunkan harga, dan menuntut pengusutan kasus tragedi Trisakti dan Semanggi. ...

May Day revival on three fronts

LA, 12.05.2008 16:39

May Day revival on three fronts: labor, immigrant, and antiwar

Fighting In Lebanon As US-Backed Government Clashes With Hezbollah

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.05.2008 15:39

Monday, May 12, 2008 :In Lebanon, armed clashes over the past week have left at least 81 dead. Fighting erupted last week during a general strike called by the General Federation of Labor Unions to protest the high cost of living. On May 8th, Hezbollah leader Nasrallah held a press conference in Beirut and condemned a decision by the Lebanese cabinet to outlaw Hezbollah"s telecommunication network and dismiss the head of Airport security for his alleged ties to the party. Nasrallah said their private communication network was critical to their success during the July 2006 war with Israel. Hezbollah-led opposition forces quickly overpowered pro-government militias and took over large parts of the capital city of Beirut before handing over control to the Lebanese army.

May Day Revival on Three Fronts: Labor, Immigrant, and Antiwar

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.05.2008 09:39

The work stoppage at all 29 West Coast ports on May 1, 2008 by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) was an historic turning point for the U.S. labor movement. For the first time in more than seventy years, a major U.S. trade union led marches and a system-wide strike on May Day. And for the first time ever, it was not for economistic reasons, but for the political demand to end the disastrous and debilitating U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

From the Newswire

Perth, 12.05.2008 03:09

Illegal Drilling on Aboriginal Site must be Stopped

america llatina (ca)

Barcelona, 11.05.2008 23:39

Aixecament popular contra els terratinents a Bolivia

Bolivia crema :: L'oligarquia de terratinents que posseeixen la majoria de terres a les zones més pròsperes del país estan movent fitxa. El diumenge 4 de maig a la província de Santa Cruz han celebrat un suposat "referèndum autonòmic", promogut pels més visibles representants dels poderosos i finalitzat a formalitzar la independència de la regió. Aquests latifundistes tenen un menyspreu absolut cap als indígenes, mantenen molts d'ells en situació d'esclavitud, i tenen al servei grups armats declaradament fascistes, creats durant les dictadures, i que estàn disposats a utilitzar les armes per reprendre el control absolut del país. A moltes zones de la província, sindicats i organitzacions indígenes s'han aixecat per enfrontar-se directament contra el projecte dels terratinents, cremant les urnes i les seus de la consulta.
Mireu Indymedia Bolivia i la secció >>>pobles i cultures i >>>Amèrica Llatina d'IndyBcn

Últimes notícies: 28abr Ni Evo ni la oligarquia: els miners d'Oruro plantegen la via revolucionària :: 30abr Preparació del referèndum: la oligarquia canta victòria :: 4maig Enfrontaments durant la vetlla pel referèndum :: 18 ferits, 40 detinguts, i un mort :: 5maig Declaració contra els referèndums de les autonomies racistes :: 6maig Sobre el referèndum :: Els punts del estatut d'autonomia :: En las urnas / En la calle :: Traicion a la patria :: Es consolida el poder dual :: 8maig Bolivia al borde de un ataque de nervios :: 9maig Y si marxen tots? :: Reflexió: per entendre els intents autonòmics :: 10maig Sobre els grups armats feixistes :: La Coordinadora de Juventudes Antifascistas declara l'estat d'emergència :: Enllaços útils: Econoticias Bolivia :: Ukhampacha Bolivia :: Indymedia Bolivia

américa latina

Barcelona, 11.05.2008 23:39

Alzamiento popular contra los terratenientes en Bolivia

Bolivia arde :: La oligarquía de terratenientes que posseen la mayoría de tierras en las zonas más prósperas del país estan moviendo ficha. El domingo 4 de mayo en la provincia de Santa Cruz han celebrado un supuesto "referendum autonómico", promovido por los más visibles representante de los poderosos y cuyo fin es formalizar la independencia de la región. Estos latifundistas tienen un desprecio absoluto hacia los indígenas, mantienen a muchos de ellos en situación de esclavitud, y tienen a su servicio grupos armados declaradamente fascistas, creados durante las dictaduras, y que estan dispuestos a utilizar las armas para retomar el control absoluto del país. En muchas zonas de la provincia, sindicatos y organitzaciones indígenas se han alzado para enfrentarse directamente contra el proyecto de los terrateninentes, quemando las urnas y las sedes de la consulta.
Mirad Indymedia Bolivia y las secciones >>>pueblos y culturas, >>>América Latina de IndyBcn

Últimas noticias: 28abr Ni Evo ni la oligarquía: los mineros de Oruro plantean la via revolucionaria :: 30abr Preparación del referéndum: la oligarquía canta victoria :: 4maig Enfrentamientos durante la velada por el referéndum :: 18 heridos, 40 detenidos y un muerto :: 5mayo Declaración contra los referéndums de las autonomias racistas :: 6mayo Sobre el referéndum :: Los puntos del estatuto de autonomía :: En las urnas / En la calle :: Traición a la patria :: Se consolida el poder dual :: 8mayo Bolivia al borde de un ataque de nervios :: 9mayo Y si se van todos? :: Reflexión: para entender los intentos autonómicos :: 10mayo Sobre los grupos armados fascistas :: La Coordinadora de Juventudes Antifascistas declara el estado de emergencia :: Enlces útiles: Econoticias Bolivia :: Ukhampacha Bolivia :: Indymedia Bolivia

Community Responds to ICE Raid in Richmond, VA

United States, 11.05.2008 23:38

Calling the 33 undocumented workers arrested during a federal immigration raid earlier this week "disappeared," more than 50 Richmond protesters demanded to know where those people are being held and for immediate reunification with their families. The raid occurred at the construction site of a new federal courthouse at Seventh and Broad streets. Read More & Pics: ICE rounds up workers in Richmond | Richmonders stand against ICE raid

"This tactic of separating families is an old tactic. (The government) did it during slavery to make profit and to demoralize people. (The government) did it to the Native Americans to assimilate people and take away their values. Here we are again in present times where the (ICE) raids repress workers and families." — Ana Edwards of the Defenders for Freedom Justice and Equality

Related: SF Protests Against I.C.E. Raids | SDPD and Border Patrol collaborate on arrest in City Heights

Eric McDavid Update

DC, 11.05.2008 23:09


santiago, 11.05.2008 23:09

Movilizaciones a nivel nacional en contra de la LGE

Tens of Thousands March on Mayday for Immigrant Rights, Labor Rights

Chicago, 11.05.2008 19:08

May 1, 2008 saw tens of thousands of people participate in Chicago Mayday events. The flagship action was a large march starting from Union Park, and marching across Chicago to a rally in Federal Plaza, though many other events were also held.

Two main threads of the march and of the holiday — immigrant rights and labor rights — were more explicitly connected in 2008. The scale of the protest evokes the massive marches and rallies in 2006 and 2007.

Videos: Video posted of Immigrant Rights March | Mayday March for Immigrant and Labor Rights | Video Flyer

Photos: Pics of LGBT contingent in Immigrant Rights March | Photos of May Day March Day Laborer Contingent


Argentina, 11.05.2008 18:38

UK Celebrates Mayday

United Kingdom, 11.05.2008 16:38

Mayday has been celebrated in one form or another for thousands of years. Pagans marked the day as the end of the hardships of winter. Following the struggle amongst American workers for the eight hour day and the murder by the US state of four anarchists involved in that struggle in 1886, the day has come to be marked as International Workers' Day.

Mayday in the UK has generally been a restrained affair compared to some European celebrations. Nevertheless, there are trade union marches across the country. In recent years, issues of immigration and free movement have become increasingly prominent on these demonstrations.

Newswire: May Day Demo Manchester | A Couple More May Day Pictures | Nottingham May Day 1 Pictures - Event | Nottingham May Day 2 Pictures - Parade | Mayday march and rally in Nottingham | 436,000 Liverpool Residents Snub May Day March | West Midlands IWW celebrate Mayday in Birmingham | Glasgow May Day | Nottingham Celebrates Mayday with Moazzam Begg

Regional Features: Nottingham Celebrates Mayday | May Day On Merseyside

Previous Features: Mayday 2007 | Mayday Weekend 2006

Links: EuroMayDay | Wikipedia on Mayday

Callout for support at the City Hall Encampment

Portland, 11.05.2008 16:38

Portland Coalition Against Poverty is calling out for solidarity with the homeless camped out in front of City Hall. The police are planning a crack down sometime on Tuesday, and we want to have as many non-homeless folks as possible around to show support and monitor police abuses.

On Sunday at 5:00pm at Terry Shrunk Plaza (the park across the street from City Hall) we're having a solidarity meeting to get folks together and coordinate our efforts- feel free to show up, and camp out that night if you choose. Monday night is the power night, where everyone who can should come and flop down a sleeping bag, in case the police decide to sweep early on Tuesday morning. We'll be camping out that night for sure, and, starting Tuesday morning we'll be circulating a petition of support for the homeless around downtown. Even if you can't camp, show up Tuesday at noon to pick up a clipboard and circulate petitions.

City Council Members Join PSC Budget Effort to Stop CUNY Cuts

NYC, 11.05.2008 12:38

Fourteen City Council Members joined more than 150 City University of New York (CUNY) faculty, staff and students at a City Hall press conference today calling on the Mayor and the City Council to restore budget cuts to CUNY that the Mayor proposed in his Executive Budget last week, and to provide additional, urgently needed funds for our city’s university.

Widerstandsfrühling 08: Hessen gentechnikfrei

Germany, 11.05.2008 11:38

Es war ein Mal ein Bundesland mit einer ambitionierten Universität in der Mitte, die sich gern als Global Player in Sachen "Agro-Biotechnologie" aufspielen wollte. Darum plante ihr Vorzeige-Gentechniker, Vize-Präsident und BASF-Patenteinhaber, Prof. Kogel, ein Versuchsfeld mit Gerste, mit dem er neue gentechnische Methoden entwickeln wollte. Sein Kollege Friedt war ein Jahr später mit zwei Maisversuchen zur Stelle. Da ließ sich auch die weltführende Gensaatenfirma Monsanto nicht lumpen und bereitete einen Versuch vor. So ging es ins Jahr 2008 - vier Versuchsfelder waren zu erwarten. Doch das Märchen der Genlobbyisten und -konzerne ist ausgeträumt. Ein überraschend starkes Frühjahr des Protestes hat alle vier Versuche vom Tisch gefegt - und das weitgehend ohne die Hilfe der üblichen FunktionärInnen. Es waren die BürgerInnen selbst sowie entschlossene FeldbesetzerInnen, die den Versuchen den Garaus machten.

Tag der Landlosen in Basel

Germany, 11.05.2008 11:38

Am 17. April, dem internationalen Tag der Landlosen, nahmen Menschen an über 50 Aktionen in 25 verschiedenen Ländern teil. Eine davon fand vor dem Hauptsitz des Schweizer Agrarkonzerns «Syngenta» in Basel statt. Hauptanlass dazu war die Ermordung eines Landlosen in Brasilien im Bundesstaat Paraná, durch eine von Syngenta beauftragte Sicherheitsfirma. Syngenta hatte im Bundesstaat Paraná in Nähe eines Naturschutzgebietes genmanipuliertes Saatgut ausgebracht, obwohl es dort per Gesetz verboten ist. LandbesetzerInnen der Landlosenbewegung MST protestierten dagegen; der Konzern setzte die Sicherheitsfirma auf sie an, die einen Aktivisten erschoss und andere verletzte. Anlässlich der UN-Biodiversitäts-Verhandlungen MOP4 und COP9, die im Mai 2008 in Bonn stattfinden, ruft ein Bündnis aus sozialen Bewegungen und AktivistInnen unter dem Motto «Natur für Menschen - nicht fürs Business» zu weiteren Protesten auf.

Inhalt: Der Tag der Landlosen | Syngenta: Pestizide, Patente und Geschäfte | Süchtige Pflanzen - abhängige Bauern | Der Konflikt in Santa Teresa do Oeste | Der tödliche Angriff | Protest im Herz der Bestie | Es geht immer weiter | Ergænzungen

Links: Autonome Antifa Freiburg | cine rebelde | Via Campesina | Erklärung von Bern | FreundInnen von MST, Deutschland | Longo Mai

Takaparawha: Maori Autonomy Thirty Years On

Aotearoa, 11.05.2008 10:09

Last week marked the thirtieth anniversary of the reoccupation of Takaparawha/Bastion Point in Orakei, Tamaki Makaurau. As Ana comments,

the occupation certainly cemented the momentum and Maori drive for self determination, Takaparawha also showed the strength of solidarity with union placing green bans in support of the protest and support of many non Maori.It was a very visible reassertion of identity, pride & collective power. For a haapu that had been made virtually landless by the colonial imposition of Auckland, Takaparawha demonstrated the importance of fighting for the ahi kaa in our whenua and ourselves [ Read More ]

More: Uriohau: Noho Whenua ki Takaparawha | TV Footage of Police Invasion | Radio NZ Archived Coverage | People's History of Auckland

A Weekly Vigil is Launched for Haiti

LA, 11.05.2008 05:38

A Weekly Vigil is Launched for Haiti and Kidnapped Human Rights Activist

A Weekly Vigil is Launched for Haiti

LA, 11.05.2008 05:38

A Weekly Vigil is Launched for Haiti and Kidnapped Human Rights Activist

Capital X March for Life

Houston, 11.05.2008 04:41

5/10 Capital X March for Life - New Jersey to Texas

LNG: Making Progress

Portland, 11.05.2008 01:39

Governor, State Agency Says There is No Need For LNG. They also demand a new EIS for Bradwood LNG. Learn more:

LNG for Oregon? Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG): Oregon at a Crossroads.
[Tuesday] May 13, 2008 6:30pm,
First Unitarian Church
, 1011 SW 12th Ave, Portland.

Just in time for this event, the Governor's office and Oregon Department of Energy yesterday demanded a new Environmental Impact Statement for the Bradwood LNG proposal. They cited multiple changes in the project proposal that are making it impossible for the public to get a clear sense of the project... a big help to the folks fighting the project... the report does acknowledge the excessive greenhouse gas impacts of LNG. The report, however, does conclude that Oregon needs more gas. Still, it will go a long way to undermine the false claims of LNG speculators. The Oregonian described it yesterday as a "potentially fatal blow" to LNG.

Speakers will include community activists, Bill Bradbury, and former Enron prosecutor John Kroger. All will address the importance of moving Oregon away from LNG and towards conservation, efficiency, and renewables. Come by and learn more about the push to reject LNG, "the next fossil fuel."

VIDEO - Indigenous Warriors block international shipping in solidarity with Tyendinaga

Portland, 11.05.2008 01:39

Video Entitled "This is Coast Salish Territory"

On Monday April 28th, 2008 Indigenous Warriors on Coast Salish Territory blocked a vital intersection used for commercial shipping to the United States. The action was done in solidarity with the Tyendinaga Mohawk community. Five Warriors from Tyendinaga had been arrested and attacked by the OPP days before. SWAT teams and paramilitary units were on Tyendinaga Territory surrounding dozens of other unarmed Warriors who were peacefully occupying a rock quarry claimed to be on their territory.

Solidarity actions also happened in Six Nations and Guelph. With the mounting pressure from coast to coast, and steadfast position of the Tyendinaga Mohawks the SWAT teams and paramilitary units left Tyendinaga Territory without additional attacks.

Since their arrest, three of the five Warriors have been released on strict bail conditions. Two Warriors, Clint Brant and Shawn Brant are still in state custody. | | |

Community Responds to ICE Raid in Richmond, VA

United States, 11.05.2008 00:39

Calling the 33 undocumented workers arrested during a federal immigration raid earlier this week "disappeared," more than 50 Richmond protesters demanded to know where those people are being held and for immediate reunification with their families. The raid occurred at the construction site of a new federal courthouse at Seventh and Broad streets. Read More & Pics: ICE rounds up workers in Richmond | Richmonders stand against ICE raid

"This tactic of separating families is an old tactic. (The government) did it during slavery to make profit and to demoralize people. (The government) did it to the Native Americans to assimilate people and take away their values. Here we are again in present times where the (ICE) raids repress workers and families." — Ana Edwards of the Defenders for Freedom Justice and Equality

Coalition Against Privatization Protests GHI/HIP Privatization

NYC, 11.05.2008 00:08

On May 9th, a group of determined protesters gathered in front of the office of State Superintendent of the Insurance Eric Dinallo at 25 Beaver Street in Downtown NYC to oppose the proposed conversion of GHI & HIP to a new for-profit company.


Arizona, 10.05.2008 20:07

Circulated Petition to be Presented to Governments of the United States and Mexico

60 Year Old Homeless Woman Says Police Broke Her Arm

Santa Cruz, CA, 10.05.2008 19:08

Robert Norse writes, "Donna Deiss called in last night to report that yesterday (May 9th) around 5pm, Officer La Moss (Badge #114) assaulted her, broke her arm, and then put her in handcuffs when he attempted to question her at "Three Tree Lot" near Lighthouse Field in Santa Cruz. Deiss was taken to the Watsonville hospital, where she waited hours for x-rays, which confirmed her arm was broken."

Richmonders stand against ICE raid

DC, 10.05.2008 07:09

A protest was held on Friday to oppose recent ICE raids that targeted workers in downtown Richmond.

Direct Action: Mother’s Day rescue, piglets saved from horror

Aotearoa, 10.05.2008 07:09

New Zealand Open Rescue has conducted an undercover investigation into an intensive piggery in Auckland, uncovering gruesome evidence and rescuing two female piglets.

“Our investigation revealed death, cannibalism and immense suffering,” says New Zealand Open Rescue spokesperson Deirdre Sims.

“We witnessed sows in farrowing crates anguished in extreme confinement. These mother pigs were unable to walk or turn around, let alone able to interact with their babies. Our team also documented many dead piglets, one of which had been severely cannibalized."

More: Open Rescue | Meat Free Media | Video

Eyewitness Beirut.

Ireland, 10.05.2008 00:08

The General Strike started on May 7th when unions ...

Indynewswire: 5.9.08 Kathy Redmond on the De Anza Rape Case

Santa Cruz, CA, 09.05.2008 22:09

The indynewswire show airs weekly on Freak Radio, Friday mornings 10-12 noon, broadcasting news and opinion from independent media worldwide, focused on indymedia sites but also drawing from other websites. On May 9th, danielsan interviewed Katherine Redmond of the National Coalition Against Violent Athletes (NCAVA) on the De Anza Rape Case, closed last week by the CA attorney General Jerry Brown's office, citing lack of evidence. More than a year later, Katherine Redmond discusses this and other cases nationwide.

Civil Disobedience Pray-In Over Acquittals in Sean Bell Killing (photos)

NYC, 09.05.2008 20:08

MAR/7/08 - Fueled by outrage over the acquittals of NYPD officers involved with the killing of Sean Bell thousands of people staged a dramatic rally and pray-in at One Police Plaza near the base of the Brooklyn Bridge and six other locations in the city. Surrounded by a swarm of reporters and cameras dozens were arrested for civil disobedience while praying in the street including Nicole Paultre-Bell, Joseph Guzman, Trent Benefield and the Reverend Al Sharpton.

ICE rounds up workers in RIchmond

DC, 09.05.2008 19:09

Thirty three people were detained during an ICE sweep Wednesday in downtown Richmond.


Argentina, 09.05.2008 16:38

Qué se disputa en el “conflicto del campo”


Argentina, 09.05.2008 16:38

Qué se disputa en el “conflicto del campo”

A Tale of Two Marches

Boston, 09.05.2008 15:08

Boston, Mass.--One of the obvious reasons for the historical success of the Walk for Hunger (and biggest differences between it and the May Day event) is its wholly non-ideological nature. But hunger doesn’t occur in a vacuum, ideological or otherwise. It isn’t natural, and it isn’t desirable, but there it is, and it’s growing. Hunger is rooted at a nexus of political, economic, scientific, technological, and spiritual ideologies, making that one hell of a busy rotary indeed. [Essay on the May Day march in Boston and & Walk for Hunger on the following Saturday. Full text with images, live links and edited video montage of May Day event appears on]

Venha prestigiar o novo cartão postal da sociedade do automóvel

Brasil, 09.05.2008 14:38


Protesters Return to Nottingham Weapons Manufacturer

United Kingdom, 09.05.2008 10:38

On Tuesday May 6, anti-arms trade activists returned to the offices of small arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch, Nottingham Small Arms Facility, Unit 3, Easter Park, Lenton Lane, Nottingham NG7 2PX (map). Campaigners met at Abbey Bridge before marching to the office where they staged a protest. A similar event had been held at the same location in July last year.

Despite remaining entirely peaceful, the protest was heavily policed and campaigners were graced by the presence of a team of Evidence Gatherers from Nottinghamsire Police alongside Sergeant Ian Skivens (CO5494) from the Metropolitan's Forward Intelligence Team (FIT) and Paul Mather (4551) from Staffordshire Police.

Upcoming Event: Heckler & Koch Campaign Meeting, Tuesday May 13, 8pm at the Sumac Centre. See article for more info.

Newswire: Smash EDO interview | You can have your pigs back Boris | Surveillance at Demo at Heckler & Koch weapons manufacturers HQ in Nottingham | Demo at Heckler & Koch weapons manufacturers HQ in Nottingham | No arms trade - Shut Down Heckler & Koch! Demonstration Tuesday May 6th

Previous Feature: Protesters Target Nottingham Weapons Manufacturers

Links: NottsAntiMilitarism | Campaign Against the Arms Trade | FIT Watch | Heckler & Koch | Wikipedia on Heckler & Koch

Mission Street &quot;Bikes May Use Full Lane&quot; Bike Ride on May 13th

Santa Cruz, CA, 09.05.2008 07:09

Two experienced cyclists have been killed on Mission Street in Santa Cruz in the last year. According to People Power, Santa Cruz County's advocate for human-powered transportation, both of these deaths could have been avoided had the City designed the street six years ago with bike lanes. People Power also asserts that both deaths could have been avoided if the cyclists had felt safe riding in the middle of the right hand lane. On Tuesday, May 13th, bicyclists will converge at the Santa Cruz Clock Tower at 6pm for a group ride taking up the right lane of Mission Street, and eventually ending at the City Council meeting to ask that "BIKE MAY USE FULL LANE" signs be posted on Mission Street.

fueron liberados luego de declarar

Argentina, 09.05.2008 04:45

Detienen arbitrariamente y allanan viviendas de cuatro integrantes de Indymedia Ecuador

fueron liberados luego de declarar

Argentina, 09.05.2008 04:45

Detienen arbitrariamente y allanan viviendas de cuatro integrantes de Indymedia Ecuador


Argentina, 09.05.2008 04:45

11 de mayo – 1974 – 2000 – 2008

CSU East Bay Holds Mock Marriage for Marriage Equality

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.05.2008 03:39

On May 8th on the Cal State East Bay (CSUEB) campus, the Queer/Straight Alliance (QSA) sponsored a Mock Marriage for Marriage Equality and a LGBT Resource Fair. Five couples, of varying sexes, genders, and sexualities were mock married and three ceremony types were utilized: a Jewish ceremony, a Pagan hand fasting, and a Christian ceremony. There were also participants of varying ethnicities within the ceremonies.

Eric McDavid Sentenced to 235 Months

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.05.2008 01:39

On May 8th, Eric McDavid was sentenced to 235 months. He was convicted in September of "conspiracy to damage or destroy government property by means of fire or explosives." The "conspiracy" was fabricated by "Anna," an FBI informant who was paid over $65,000 to entrap him. Now that the sentencing is over, Eric will be able to start the appeals process. In the near future, Eric will likely be sent to a federal facility. His supporters are hopeful that the move will bring many improvements in his overall standard of living.

FBI Withdraws Unconstitutional National Security Letter After ACLU and EFF Challenge

United States, 09.05.2008 01:07

Gag Order Lifted on Internet Archive, Allowing Founder to Speak Out for First Time

The FBI has withdrawn an unconstitutional national security letter (NSL) issued to the Internet Archive after a legal challenge from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). As the result of a settlement agreement, the FBI withdrew the NSL and agreed to the unsealing of the case, finally allowing the Archive's founder to speak out for the first time about his battle against the record demand.

"The free flow of information is at the heart of every library's work. That's why Congress passed a law limiting the FBI's power to issue NSLs to America's libraries," said Brewster Kahle, founder and Digital Librarian of the Internet Archive. "While it's never easy standing up to the government -- particularly when I was barred from discussing it with anyone -- I knew I had to challenge something that was clearly wrong. I'm grateful that I am able now to talk about what happened to me, so that other libraries can learn how they can fight back from these overreaching demands." Read Full Report from Electronic Frontier Foundation

Comunicadores de Indymedia Ecuador arrestados

Venezuela, 09.05.2008 00:07

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