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un altre món (ca)

Barcelona, 19.05.2008 10:09

Tornen a aturar les obres del pla Caufec - Porta BCN

Abans de les set del matí, quatre persones s'han encadenat a dos bidons de ciment a les entrades i sortides d'un sector de les obres del pla Caufec a Esplugues de Llobregat. Estan aturant part de les obres del megaprojecte urbanístic al qual s'hi oposen diferents Associacions Veïnals des de fa 17 anys quan el govern local (PSOE) va promoure la destrucció de la muntanya de Sant Pere Màrtir a base de gratacels, oficines, habitatges de luxe i un gran centre comercial. L'acció forma part de la defensa activa de Collserola i per exigir l'alliberament immediat d'en Franki de Terrassa. Aquestes persones tenen intenció de deslligar-se per poder anar a la manifestació convocada el proper dissabte 24 de maig a les 18h, així com a la Botifarrada a l'especulació amb correfoc i concerts posterior.

Concentració a las 19:30h AVUI 19 de maig a la plaça de l'Ajuntament

Manifestació contra el pla Caufec DISSABTE 24 maig, 18h plaça de l'Ajuntament

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indymeida (ca)

Barcelona, 19.05.2008 09:10

Detencions d'activistes a Indymedia Equador

El dia dimarts 6 de maig, més de 40 agents del Grup d'Intervenció i Rescat (GIR) de la policía d'Equador van detindre a cinc activistes d'Indymedia Ecuador que estaven a punt de marxar cap a la Cimera dels Pobles a Perú. Els agents, armats amb ametralladores i amb les cares cobertes amb passamuntanyes, després de colpejar i amenaçar de mort als activistes, van portar-los en cotxe fins a les seves cases, sempre sense informar-los de les raons de la detenció, i allí van sequestrar discs durs, llibres, CDs i fins i tot enganxines. Després d'una nit incomunicats i sota interrogació, quatre d'ells van ser alliberats sense càrrecs. Un dels activistes, Antonio, de nacionalitat colombiana, continua en aquest moment empresonat, acusat suposadament de tenir un document fals. Indymedia denúncia la desproporció i la violència de la actuació de les forces policials i demana una explicació al govern equatorià. Darrera d'aquesta actuació, a part de la criminalització dels mitjans alternatius, s'amaguen interessos més complexos, d'entitats com la Interpol i la CIA, que busquen extendre la seva "guerra al terrorisme" també al territori d'Equador.

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indymedia (es)

Barcelona, 19.05.2008 09:10

Detenciones de activistas de Indymedia Ecuador

El día martes 6 de mayo, más de 40 agentes del Grupo de Intervención y Rescate (GIR) de la policía de Ecuador detuvieron cinco activistas de Indymedia Ecuador que estaban a punto de marchar hacia la Cumbre de los Pueblos en Perú. Los agentes, armados con ametralladoras y con las caras cubiertas por pasamontañas, después de golpear y amenazar de muerte a los activistas, los llevaron en coche hacia sus casas, siempre sin informarlos de las razones de la detención, y allí secuestraron discos duros, libros, CDs e incluso pegatinas. Después de una noche incomunicados y bajo interrogación, cuatro de ellos fueron liberados sin cargos. Uno de los activistas, Antonio, de nacionalidad colombiana, sigue en este momento preso, acusado supuestamente de tener un documento falso. Indymedia denuncia la desproporción y la violencia de la actuación policial y pide explicaciones al gobierno de Ecuador. Detrás de esta actuación, a parte la criminalización de los medios alternativos, se esconden intereses más complejos, de entidades como la Interpol y la CIA, que buscan extender su "guerra al terrorismo" también al territorio de Ecuador.

noticias relacionadas:::Noticia en IMC Barcelona + Comunicados de IMC Equador + Comunicado de Indymedia Global Project.

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Update 5-17-08: Homeless Protesters Sending Call Out for Protest Monday 8am

Portland, 19.05.2008 02:40

Here is an update that I videotaped from the Park on 3rd street on Saturday evening regarding the still in progress "protest to repeal the no-camping and sit-lie laws"

Here is an YouTube video Update from a few of the protesters on Saturday evening

They are letting the community know of the Monday morning City Hall Protest starting at 8:00 am

Numerous homeless advocates have been arrested over this push for human rights and dignity

Support and Solidarity is still needed

MAY THE FIRST: A Reflection On Olympia And The Future

Portland, 19.05.2008 02:39

Disclaimer: In no way does the following account accurately portray what took place in Olympia on the the first of May, 2008. There is far too much involved in what took place for any account to fully describe it. This author does not wish to claim any more accuracy in her accounting than another person who was there that day. This author merely wishes to share her thoughts. This account is purely fictional.

MAY THE FIRST 2007-2008: Or, A Reflection On The Future

The Walk to Freedom: The Fight for Criminal Record Reform

Boston, 19.05.2008 02:09

A coalition of Massachusetts organizations have organized a four-day walk from Worcester to Boston to mobilize for CORI reform, a criminal record checking system that advocates say have kept many workers, mostly people of color, out of jobs. The walk began Sunday in Worcester City Hall and is expected to arrive to Bunker Community College by Thursday around 10:30 am. One of the participating organizations, EPOCA (Ex-prisoners and Prisoners Organizing for Community Advancement), is hoping to mobilize as many members of the community as possible on its way to Boston.

They are rich because we are poor

Aotearoa, 19.05.2008 01:11

Just weeks after the Child Poverty Action Group released a report on child poverty in New Zealand and Auckland City Councillor Cathy Casey announced her resignation as Auckland City Council's child and family advocate, after the council's Community Services Committee voted down a motion requesting officers report to the committee on ways in which the council could contribute to alleviating child poverty in Auckland city, No Right Turn has reported that, "New Zealanders will now be subsidising the racing industry - and specifically, its richest breeders and horse owners - to the tune of $9 million a year…by directly subsidising prize pools." And the King of Tonga is shamelessly splashing out more than NZ$4 million on his coronation while New Zealand will be forking out $11.5 million in aid money to the regime this year. Horse Racing | Aristocrat's Party ]

From the report: "In the last decades of the 20th century New Zealand had the fastest growth in income and wealth inequality in the OECD. Little has been done to improve the situation since then. Child poverty remains a major concern in New Zealand, even after the implementation of Working for Families (WFF). In 2001, NZ ranked near the bottom of the rich nations’ index measuring infant mortality, children’s health and safety, teenage pregnancy, and immunisation. It also ranked bottom in the percentage of 15-19 year olds in full- or part-time education, and in the number of deaths from accidents and injuries. Despite the better economy and significant increase in paid employment, between 2000 and 2004 the proportion of all children in severe and significant hardship increased by a third, to 26 percent." [ CPAG Report ]

Ante el atropello policial

Argentina, 19.05.2008 01:10

Indymedia Córdoba denuncia

Ante el atropello policial

Argentina, 19.05.2008 00:39

Indymedia Córdoba denuncia

Charges Dropped Against the Last Defendant from Cinco De Mayo 2006 Copwatch Case

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.05.2008 23:40

Two years after six local activists were arrested on Cinco de Mayo at Story and King Roads on the Eastside of San Jose, the Santa Clara County District Attorney's office dropped all charges against the last of the defendants, Brian Helmle. The charges stem from Mr. Helmle's arrest, along with five others, for their participation in a speakout against police brutality and copwatch on May 5, 2006.

Berkeley Protests Against John Yoo

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.05.2008 23:40

On May 17th, Act Against Torture, World Cant Wait, Code Pink, and Vet's for Peace participated in a demonstration at the UC Berkeley School of Law graduation to demand that Professor John Yoo, author of the legal memo justifying the Bush administration's use of torture, be fired, disbarred and prosecuted for war crimes.

The Indypendent Issue #120: 'We Are All Sean Bell'!

NYC, 18.05.2008 20:40

The unjust acquittals of three police officers in the death of Sean Bell galvanized activists who took to the streets in angry protest on April 25. A few weeks later, Al Sharpton led city-wide civil disobedience actions that were intended to "shut the city down." Nicholas Powers reports on the aftermath of the acquittal. Also in this issue, what is the Catholic Worker doing at age 75? An update on Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards project by a community activist and co-founder of Develop, Don't Destroy Brooklyn, analysis of the New York Times' reporting on Iran as it beats the drums for a third war, a look back at the historic May 1968 movement in France, and a in-depth report on a Caribbean community's struggle against neo liberalism.

The Poor Line Preacher's Pockets || Discontent to Disobedient || Retro Reporter || Slums Then and Now || Public Places Without People || Hanon Reznikov, 1950-2008 || International Briefs || Looking Back at 1968: Imagining Revolt || Bolivia Begins to Unravel || Vanishing Worlds || Spirited Sounds: Garifuna Music || Last Paradise: The Mega-Tourism Industry Threatens a Caribbean Community and Culture || Pastor Pop Quiz! || Justice Dept. Targets El Salvador Activists || Real ID Reality Check || Deja Vu: NYT Sells Pre-emptive War Against Iran || All the Propaganda That Is Fit to Print || Reader Comments || Community Calendar May-June 2008 || Indy Reporter Tapped for Project Censored Award || This One Time, At Activist Camp... || CUNY Protest Against Bloomberg Budget Slash || Billionaire Land Grab Crashes || The Catholic Worker at 75 || Going Through the Motions: Prosecutor's Strategy Doomed Bell Verdict || Preventing the Second Death of Sean Bell || A Review of "Take Out"

Third Trial of Black Activist Patrick Thompson Under Way

United States, 18.05.2008 15:38

On Monday, May 12, 2008, the third trial of Patrick Thompson began with no coverage in the mainstream media. The local press took great interest in 2004 when two black activists, Patrick Thompson and Martel Miller, produced the copwatch video Citzen’s Watch and, as a result, were charged with felony eavesdropping. read more

Nakba Commemoration On the Mall

DC, 18.05.2008 03:09

This afternoon on the National Mall, just across the reflecting pool from the Capital, about 250 people commemorated 60 years of Nakba (“catastrophe”) that the Palestinian people have suffered.

LA Indymedia Film Screening: Bastards of the Party, This Friday

LA, 18.05.2008 02:39

LA Indymedia Film Screening: Bastards of the Party, This Friday

Conscientious Objector Status—Who Should Decide?

DC, 17.05.2008 20:10

It is a fallacious and legalistic straw man ploy for any society or organization (such as the Department of Defense) to arrogate, as definition, that an individual must oppose “all” war on religious or ethical grounds to be considered a “conscientious objector”. Simply to be “conscientious” means to act from one’s “own” conscience—not from the collective hearsay of any particular group or on legalistic grounds of some corporate presumption. The individual conscience is the moral compass of conscientious authority.

Superman Found Dead in Iraq: cartoon by Carlos Latuff

DC, 17.05.2008 20:10

High-resolution version for printing purposes here:

Nightmare on 14th st-upscale shops that resemble concentration camps

DC, 17.05.2008 20:10

On Thursday, May 15, I was shocked by what I saw 2125 14th st, where a new upscale shopping center has opened. I found the architecture offputting until I realized where I had last seen this sort of thing-the Holocaust Museum!

Kpft pledge drive summer '08

Houston, 17.05.2008 18:09

Support Grassroots Radical Community Radio HIMC and KPFT

Indymedia Activists Targeted in Ecuador, Five Arrested

United Kingdom, 17.05.2008 17:38

Ecuadorian police detained five journalists associated with Ecuador Indymedia late Tuesday night, May 6th. Four of the five were released from custody on Wednesday afternoon. The government says that the four activists were detained because of their relationship with the fifth detainee, Ecuadorian resident and Colombian national Antonio Alcívar.

The government at first refused to issue a statement on the matter or inform the detainees of the reason for their arrests. The Regional Foundation for Assistance in Human Rights (INREDH) noted that this was a violation of the detainees' constitutional right to be clearly informed of the reason for their detention along with the identities of those who ordered and carried out the arrests.

For a detailed account of the violent arrests see the English translations of the communiques from IMC-Ecuador (Sp): 1 | 2 | 3 | 4.

Solidarity On The Cork Docks

Ireland, 17.05.2008 11:38

In mid April, Cork dock workers took action in sup ...

[Culture à Liège] L'An Vert menacé de fermeture

Liege, 17.05.2008 11:38

Alors que des débats ont lieu autour de la question de la culture à Liège (dans le cadre du projet "Liège capitale culturelle européenne 2015", voir ici et là), un des derniers lieux culturels alternatifs à Liège, l'An Vert voit son existence menacée.. Peut-être est-ce l'occasion de réagir?

Bikers in Santa Cruz Take the Lane for Safety and Awareness

Santa Cruz, CA, 17.05.2008 08:39

On May 13th, a huge mob of cyclists rolled peacefully through the streets of Santa Cruz after a 6pm convergence at the Clock Tower. Bikers spanned city blocks in the right lane of Mission Street to raise awareness about California Vehicle Code Section 21202, cyclists may use the full right lane when the lane "is too narrow for a bicycle to safely ride to the side of a motor vehicle." Many people wore yellow shirts with a figure of a bike and the words "MAY USE FULL LANE cvc 21202."

Tree Cutting Photos from the McHenry Library Addition

Santa Cruz, CA, 17.05.2008 06:38

There is a story that the UCSC tour guides still occasionally tell about the founding UCSC Chancellor Dean McHenry: Allegedly, during initial construction in 1964, any tree on campus over 12 inches in diameter had to have the chancellor's personal approval before it could be cut. In the construction of the road to the small parking lot behind the main library, there was a spot where the road was squeezed between a second growth redwood and a steep bank. The construction crew and campus planners asked the chancellor for approval to cut the tree, and he allegedly refused and told them to find another way.

May 24th: Native Peoples Alliance Benefit for the Cuban 5

Seattle, 17.05.2008 04:46

On May 24, Native Peoples Alliance with Friends and Allies plus NW AIM will host a fundraising event at El Centro de La Raza in support and Solidarity with the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five.

&quot;Chango&quot; Recognized with &quot;Marciano Cruz Day&quot; on May 12 in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 17.05.2008 02:09

Marciano Cruz was born in Oaxaca, Mexico. For over 20 years, Marciano, also known as Chango, has been working to improve the lives of people in the greater Santa Cruz community. He is currently a staff member at the Resource Center for Nonviolence (RCNV). Marciano is being honored for his work as founder, chief organizer and president of La Liga de La Comunidad, a countywide soccer league for youth and adults.

Lastpost ontruimd

Netherlands, 16.05.2008 21:39

April2008 - actiedagen krijgen een bitter staartje

Op vrijdag 11 april werd in het kader van de April2008Nijmegen gekraakt en meteen omgetoverd tot een Sociaal centrum met weggeefwinkel en exporuimte.

Reeds de volgende dag werd het pand al bedreigd met ontruiming. De kraker gingen echter niet bij de pakken neerzitten en kwamen in actie. Die nacht nog werd een spandoek opgehangen.Op de avond van 13 mei werd de ontruiming voorbereid, maar na overleg met de gemeente leek de onmiddelijke dreiging voorlopig van de baan. Later die week werd het duidelijk dat de gemeente alsnog wilde laten ontruimen op 429 omdat het gebouw af en toe gebruikt werd voor brandweeroefeningen. De kraker betwijfelden of dat wel tructureel gebruik is en spanden een kort geding tegen de staat aan. Ondertussen werden de activiteiten gewoon verder gezet. Op 3 mei ging er zelfs al een festival door.

Op woensdag 7 mei besliste de rechter in het nadeel van de krakers. Op vrijdag 9 mei probeerden drie politie-agenten het pand binnen te komen. De de volgende donderdag werd duidelijk dat de dag erop /a> zou worden.[video] Met een druk bezochte en militantelawaaidemo maakten de Nijmegers duidelijk dat de Lastpost er tijdens zijn korte bestaan in geslaagd was een belangrijke plek te worden voor heel wat mensen.

Camp Titnore birthday protest!

United Kingdom, 16.05.2008 21:39

CAMP TITNORE, the eco-protest site near Worthing, West Sussex, is celebrating its second birthday on Saturday May 24.

To mark the occasion, a party is being held on the steps of Worthing Town Hall in Chapel Road.

International Workers Day in New Orleans

New Orleans, 16.05.2008 20:12

International Workers Day in New Orleans

Portland, Lets kick Foie Gras out of town!

Portland, 16.05.2008 16:39

Portland Animal Defense league will be continuing its anti-foie gras campaign this Friday, May 16th. Please join us and let Blue Hour know that the torture of ducks and geese for the "delicacy" of foie gras will not be tolerated in Portland!

We will be meeting at 6:30 at the courner of 10th and Davis. That is in the Pearl district downtown. We will then walk to the restaurant 'Blue Hour' where foie gras is prominently featured on their menu.

Buffalo Advocates Rally in Helena

Portland, 16.05.2008 16:39

With banners and tombstones in hand, and strong hearts that have withstood a season of tremendous buffalo slaughter, Buffalo Field Campaign volunteers trekked to Montana's capitol, Helena, on Wednesday, May 15, for a rally to draw attention to Montana Governor Schweitzer's role in the shameful slaughter of America's last wild bison. Buffalo Field Campaign was joined by other friends of buffalo, including local residents and members of a newly formed citizen action group, Buffalo Allies of Bozeman.

At the end of the event, people walked into the capitol and up to the Governor's office to present this [Buffalo Bill] "award" to Montana's Governor Brian Schweitzer for his role in the largest wild buffalo slaughter since the 1800s. This is the same governor who promised "more tolerance" for wild bison in Montana. Of course, the Governor was out of the office and unable to receive his token in person, but an intern was sent out to hear our concerns in his stead.

Zatrzymania aktywistów ekwadorskich Indymediów

Poland, 16.05.2008 15:40

5 uczestników Indymedia Ekwador zostało aresztowanych w zeszły wtorek, 6 maja. Zatrzymano ich na ulicy, skąd następnie zostali przewiezieni do własnych mieszkań, gdzie dokonano rewizji, a potem do aresztu. Aktywistom nie podano powodu ich zatrzymania, co wg INREDH - lokalnej organizacji obrony praw człowieka stanowi pogwałcenie ich konstytucyjnych praw (w tym prawa do informacji nt. podstawy aresztu i tożsamości oraz przynależności organizacyjnej osób dokonujących zatrzymania). Akcję przeciw działaczom IMC przeprowadzili wspólnie funkcjonariusze Interpolu i specjalnych jednostek policji. W trakcie nalotu zarekwirowano należące do wolontariuszy rzeczy: komputery, dyski, książki, plakaty, ziny etc. W czasie przetrzymywania dziennnikarzy IMC w więzieniu, nie pozwolono im na kontaktowanie się z adwokatami, zostali rozdzieleni, zmuszono ich do poddania się przesłuchaniom w obecności prawnika policji.

Werthein: Fábrica en lucha

Argentina, 16.05.2008 14:39

Cipolletti: por un salario digno del trabajo

Sacked Workers Recommence Hunger Strike at Unite offices

Ireland, 16.05.2008 10:38

Socialist Party claim that Unite renege on deal Th ...

San Francisco protest demands freedom for Dr. Binayak Sen

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.05.2008 09:39

May 14th was the first anniversary of the incarceration of Indian human rights and public health activist Dr. Binayak Sen. People gathered in front of the Consulate General of India in San Francisco to protest his continued imprisonment by the Indian government. Protesters presented a petition demanding, "Free Dr. Binayak Sen," to the Indian Consul General.

Nous sommes des crapules qui défendons des crapules

Liege, 16.05.2008 08:42

Certes, ce n’est pas de gaieté de cœur que nous avons recours à ce langage peu châtié, mais nous nous sentons tout à fait à notre place dans la confrérie des insultés inaugurée lors de la manifestation des sans-papiers, à Bruxelles, le 29 avril, alors qu’un avocat qui s’inquiétait du droit des étrangers s’est vu traité de crapule qui défend des crapules par un représentant de la police. Ce serait un honneur, vraiment, d’y figurer. [ Voir ici ]

Senate just throws out FCC ruling that would have allowed MORE media consolidation

Portland, 16.05.2008 05:38

Many of us went up to Seattle to fight the FCC, knowing all along that the deck was stacked. They wanted to hand over a huge victory to the corporate police state: They wanted to allow anyone with enough riches to take control over all of the media they want. That means, they would have been able to control what we see, hear, learn, and think. And they had the votes to override the voices of millions of citizens who opposed the plan. ...Or so they thought.

While the FCC ignored all of our voices and pushed the rule changes ahead in spite of monumental outcry, it seems we have been heard anyway. Moments ago, the Senate votes to throw out the FCC's decision.

Here is a communique from Free Press Action: Just moments ago, by a near-unanimous vote, the Senate stood up to Big Media. They voted to throw out the FCC decision to let the largest media companies swallow up even more local media. This is simply an astounding victory, and it would not have happened without the massive grassroots effort by you and thousands of others who called their senators, sent more than a quarter million letters, posted thousands of pictures and stories on, and testified at public hearings held by the FCC.

It was your dedication that made today's Senate win possible. Today was a huge step forward, but there is still much to do. The fight against the FCC now moves to the House, where our elected representatives need to hear from us.

Rise UPP!

Portland, 16.05.2008 05:38

After the Portland Police department swept protestors from City Hall at 5:30am, [on Thursday May 15th] the United Poor People have regrouped and continued their protest. We are calling for new ways to address the lack of adequate housing for the people of Portland in the hopes that it can serve as a model for other cities. More long-term solutions are being debated by UPP such as searching for ways to provide affordable housing for people who are poor. Innovative changes must be addressed with proper representation for the poor instead of solely allowing existing service providers to make decisions.

The protest has been ongoing for over 20 days, starting April 25th, since police performed sweeps at many of the common camp sites that people were staying at. Larger issues have become key such as the lack of adequate housing, shelters that provide space for those with mental and physical health issues, couples and people with pets, as well as for sexual minorities and increased space for women. The existing shelters, which police gave information for during the sweep, are already full as are the beds that Mayor Tom Potter has trumped up for the media.

Protesters have stated that they would stop sleeping at City Hall if a temporary Green Zone was approved to allow those without houses to camp in a safe environment. This would require repealing the Camping ordinance and protesters would like to see the Sit and Lie ordinance repealed as well. Please come out to support members of your community because this issue effects all people. Any time is good for people to come down but especially on Wednesday morning for the City Council meeting at 9:00am.

For more information please contact

[ Previous articles: More articles on homeless camp ]

Refugee Rights

Perth, 16.05.2008 05:09

Temporary Protection Visas Abolished

Labor Unions Fighting State Budget Cuts

LA, 16.05.2008 05:08

Labor Unions Fighting State Budget Cuts

Army Sgt. Matthis Chiroux Refuses His Deployment to Iraq

NYC, 16.05.2008 05:08

Sgt. Matthis Chiroux, a 24-year-old who spent nearly five years serving in the U.S. Army, publicly refused his orders to deploy to Iraq today. Chiroux made the statement in the rotunda of the Cannon Building of the House of Representatives, just minutes after 8 members of the Iraq Veterans Against the War testified about the realities of the U.S. occupation of Iraq to members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.05.2008 03:38

Representative Barney Frank (D-MA) and a small bi-partisan coalition of Members of Congress introduced H.R. 5842, the Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act in April. The legislation will help protect individuals who use or provide medical cannabis in accordance with their state law.

CASS Releases Economic Impact Report on LBAM Pesticide Spray Program

Santa Cruz, CA, 16.05.2008 01:39

On May 5th, Foster Gamble and the Economic Action Team of the California Alliance to Stop the Spray (C.A.S.S.), released a forty page report on the economic impact to the state of California in response to the CDFA/USDA plan to spray multiple California counties with a micronized concoction of synthetic "pheromone" and chemicals to "eradicate" the Light Brown Apple Moth - a moth with zero history of causing crop damage anywhere in the world.

Court Rules That Same-Sex Partners Can Marry in California

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.05.2008 01:39

On May 15th, the California State Supreme Court ruled that laws that have excluded same-gender couples from the right to marry were unconstitutional. Gatherings will be held around the state to celebrate the ruling. The California court cited the state's equal protection clause in striking down the discrimination. It also ruled that marriages performed outside of the state must be recognized as legal by the State of California.

Provisional Lineup for Grassroots Gathering 2008 (Friday &amp; Saturday)

Ireland, 15.05.2008 23:08

Provisional Lineup for Grassroots Gathering 2008 ( ...

Day 2 of &quot;Operation Occupation&quot;: Demanding Baltimore City Restore Funding to Peer2Peer Educational Programs

Baltimore, 15.05.2008 22:08

"Operation Occupation"--led by students from the Baltimore Algebra Project and other youth in Baltimore City "peer2peer" educational programs--continued into its second day today. It included an afternoon of students speaking out against the structural underfunding of the public education system, followed by an impromptu meeting with Baltimore City Councilman Bill Henry.

El Pueblo Unido: Images of May Day 2008

NYC, 15.05.2008 21:39

Photo essay on the immigrant freedom marches and rallies that brought thousands into the streets across New York City, on International Workers Day, May 1, 2008.

From the Brooklyn Bridge to Chinatown to Union Square to ICE, the people united demanding: Stop the Raids & Deportations. Legalization For All Immigrants. Justice For All Workers. Let the people speak for themselves.

Hostigamiento hacia indígenasYukpa

Venezuela, 15.05.2008 21:38

Persecución y la criminalización de la protesta

Argentina, 15.05.2008 18:38

Estudiantes presxs por pintar contra el cospelazo

or recomposición salarial

Argentina, 15.05.2008 17:38

Cerámica Neuquén en Lucha

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