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Oost-Vlaanderen, 22.05.2008 13:38

Coupure Links!

CUNY Protest Against Bloomberg Budget Slash

NYC, 22.05.2008 13:08

Fourteen New York City Council Members joined more than 150 City University of New York (CUNY) faculty, staff and students at a City Hall press conference May 7 calling on the mayor and the City Council to restore $44 million in budget cuts to CUNY that the mayor proposed in his Executive Budget in early May and to provide additional urgently needed funds for the city’s university.

This One Time, At Activist Camp...

NYC, 22.05.2008 13:08

Want to learn how to change the world without having to set foot in a regular classroom? Opportunities abound this summer. Depending on your tastes, you can find workshops and discussions that range from the very theoretical to the intensely practical, from the urban to the outdoors.

Billionaire Land Grab Crashes

NYC, 22.05.2008 13:08

Bruce Ratner’s $4 billion, 22-acre, 16-skyscraper Atlantic Yards proposal is in jeopardy due to a perfect storm: turmoil in the credit markets, the demise of the real estate boom, the astronomical increases in construction material costs, a lack of available tax-free housing subsidies, relentless community opposition and vigorous state and federal litigation.

Latin-Ameriko (eo)

Barcelona, 22.05.2008 12:10

Popol-leviĝo en Bolivio kontraŭ la bienuloj

Bolivio brulumas :: La bienula oligarĥio posedanta la plej grandan parton de la tero en la plej riĉaj regionoj de la lando reagas. Dimanĉon la 4an de majo en provinco Santa Cruz (ep. santa krus') oni kunvokis tiel nomatan 'priaŭtonomian referendumon', instige far la plej konataj reprezentantoj de la povuloj kaj celante sendependigi la regionon. Tiuj bienuloj misvaloras la praloĝantidojn, sklavigas ankoraŭ multajn el ili, dungas klare faŝismajn privatajn armeojn kreitajn dum la diktaturoj kaj pretas perarmile rehavi la absolutan kontrolon sur la lando.
Kromvidu en Indymedia Bolivio kaj en la fakoj >>>popoloj kaj >>>Latin-Ameriko de Indymedia Barcelono

Rilataj novaĵoj: La Coordinadora de Juventudes Antifascistas (Kunordiga Komitato de Kontraŭfaŝismaj Gejunuloj)deklaras alarmo-staton :: Pri la faŝismaj privataj armeoj (+ fotoj) :: Usono instigas la sendependigojn :: Ĵurnalisto savas praloĝantidon el rasisma agreso [+fotoj] :: Nek Evon nek oligarĥion: la ministoj el Oruro proponas la revolucian vojon Utilaj ligiloj: Econoticias Bolivio :: Ukhampacha Bolivio :: Indymedia Bolivio

Legu la tuton (en la kataluna)...

Local ICE Raids: Five Detained in Watsonville, Two in Capitola

Santa Cruz, CA, 22.05.2008 11:08

danielsan writes, "Migrawatch heard about it first, sending a message Tuesday night to be on alert. Turns out five people were disappeared by the Feds in Watsonville, plus two in Capitola, fifteen in Seaside, two in Salinas, and another in San Jose. As always, they claim they are selectively targeting dangerous criminals and those who have defied orders to be deported, yet the Santa Cruz Sentinel quotes Lori Haley of ICE, saying "Six of the people arrested had criminal convictions." What about the other nineteen people?"

[Chômeur, pas chien!] Soutien aux inculpés de l'ONEM

Liege, 22.05.2008 10:38

[Appel à soutien d'un des inculpés]

RIP Pauline Campbell 1948-2008

United Kingdom, 22.05.2008 09:39

It is with great sadness that Indymedia UK learnt of the death of Pauline Campbell, a tireless campaigner against deaths in custody

Audio of Pauline Cambell leading demonstration outside Holloway women's prison on 16th of Jan 2008 in memory of Jamie Pearce.

Links: Pauline Campbell 1948-2008 | Prisons campaigner Pauline Campbell found dead beside daughter's grave | The 4WardEver Campaign UK remembrance page

Kapatarak kurtulamazsınız!

Istanbul, 22.05.2008 08:47

Ne tersaneleri ne de gözlerinizi kapatarak kurtulamazsınız!

Estudiantes en Lucha

santiago, 22.05.2008 06:41

Solo la Lucha nos hace Libres

На пути в неолиберальный рай

Belarus, 22.05.2008 06:07

Сбывается мечта Я. Романчука и прочих рыночных фундаменталистов. Единая ставка подоходного налога на уровне 12% может быть установлена в Беларуси. В Минфине уже подготовлен проект, но окончательное решение по этому вопросу ещё не принято.

Сейчас белорусы отчисляют налог в государственную казну по прогрессивной системе (Прим.: как в подавляющем большинстве развитых стран). Для физических лиц в зависимости от дохода действуют пять ставок – от 9 до 30 %.

Возможность перехода к единой ставке подоходного налога в Беларуси финансисты рассматривают уже не первый год. Однако проект реформы ещё будет согласован в правительстве. Как сообщают в Министерстве финансов, изменения в налогообложении можно ожидать только в начале будущего года.

Источник информации

*PS: Говоря попросту, “плоская” шкала подоходного налога означает, что он вырастет для бедных (на 3%) и снизится для богатых (для некоторых аж на 18%). Это вызовет дополнительный рост социально-…

10 мая. Брест

Belarus, 22.05.2008 06:07

10 мая в Бресте должен был пройти большой open air "4 года BrestCityHardcore". Заранее была проведена хорошая реклама, приехало большое количество человек со всей Беларуси, России и Украины. Однако в день концерта стало известно, что концерт отменён без объяснения причины. Организаторы громаднейшими усилиями перенесли концерт в клуб "Паутина". Но и тут поступил звонок "сверху" и концерт был отменён. Далее был найден ещё один клуб, но и там уже перед самым началом приехавшая милиция сказала, что концерта не будет. Что произошло дальше, рассказал мне тов. К-н.

"После Паутины К-я сказал, что концерт будет в Диско. И только все собрались и даже занесли аппаратуру, как приехавшие мусора начали говорить про какие-то "беспорядки, которые мы устраиваем" и затем отменили концерт. Руководствуясь тем, что "ВЫ УЁБКИ СОВСЕМ ОХУЕЛИ!" начали крутить народ. Поначалу крутили пьяных. Но как только схватили П-а мы решили подорваться. Когда мы вырвали П-а, они начали орать "Суки, вам всем жопа!". Схвати…

Free Skool Picnic &amp; Running a Free Skool - Saturday and Sunday

Santa Cruz, CA, 22.05.2008 03:38

Free Skool Santa Cruz writes, "Saturday May 24th join us for our Free Skool Community Picnic at noon at Ocean View Park. This is our quarterly potluck where students, teachers, organizers, and community member get together to enjoy food, music, and companionship with new and old friends. The next day, Sunday May 25th, we are hosting our Running a Free Skool workshop from 11am to 2pm at the Big Yellow House."

Climate Action in Australia

Aotearoa, 22.05.2008 03:10

This coming July, the Students of Sustainability Conference and Camp for Climate Action will be taking taking place one right after the other in Newcastle, just North of Sydney.
Students of Sustainability is an annual five day educational conference for anyone interested in building a more ecologically and socially sustainable world, and Climate Camp is an intensive six days of workshops and direct action against climate change. If you can make it over for these events, or are already planning on being in Australia in July, you really should go!

Links: Students of Sustainability Conference | Camp for Climate Action

Death of Ka Bel Mourned Around the World

Aotearoa, 22.05.2008 03:10

"If helping the poor is a crime, and fighting for freedom is rebellion, then I plead guilty as charged." Ka Bel Unionists and progressives across the World are mourning the sad death of the Filipino Congressman and longtime militant union leader Crispin B. Beltran, popularly known as Ka Bel (Comrade Bel). Ka Bel died in hospital on Tuesday from head injuries sustained after falling from his home's roof, while repairing a leak. He was 75 years old. For over 50 years he was involved in struggles against injustice, repression and the inhuman treatment of workers. During World War II Ka Bel was a courier for the guerrillas fighting the brutal Japanese occupation of the Philippines. In 1980 he helped form the militant trade union, the KMU (May 1st Movement). In 1982 he was imprisoned by the tyrannical US backed dictator Ferdinand Marcos. He escaped from prison in 1984 and lived underground until Marcos was overthrown by a popular 'People Power' uprising in 1986. Between 1987 and 2003 Ka Bel was the KMU's leader. During the first decade of the 21st Century he was a Congressman for the Anakpawis (Toiling Masses) Party, who drafted many bills to improve the lot of the oppressed. He was a staunch opponent of the US War on Terror and the presence of the US troops in the Philippines. [Anakpawis Tribute to Ka Bel] Between February 2006 and June 2007 Ka Bel was illegally imprisoned after the corrupt Arroyo regime declared a state of emergency. Protests calling for his freedom occurred around the World, including in Aotearoa during President Arroyo's May 2007 visit. [Protests Haunt Arroyo Tour] The KMU says Arroyo is responsible for Ka Bel's death because his health deteriorated considerably during his detention making him frail. [KMU Press Release] The Philippines Solidarity Network of Aotearoa, (PSNA) who hosted Ka Bel on a speaking tour of Aotearoa in 1999, described him as a 'great man who was a much finer leader than any of the Presidents who make it their mission to oppress, exploit, assault, abduct, torture, imprison, frame and murder workers and the poor. [PSNA Tribute] Links: Free Ka Bel Movement | Workers Party Tribute to Ka Bel | Indonesia Human Rights Committee Solidarity with Ka Bel

Rally Against Pesticides in Lane County

Portland, 21.05.2008 22:39

"Cide" means "to kill." Pesticides are poisons, and herbicides are one kind of pesticide used specifically to kill "weeds." Crazy People for Wild Places urges you to join them in opposing public pesticide poisoning, especially along our roadways, as it is a violation of our human rights! JOIN THE CALL FOR NO PESTICIDE USE!

Gather at Eugene's Kesey Square (Broadway and Willamette) on Friday, May 30 at 12:00 to hear speakers from Pitchfork Rebellion and the Oregon Pesticide Action Working Group and see compelling maps compiled from decades of spray tracking by Forestland Dwellers and then continue by bike to Harlow Bridge over Coburg Road. Costumes welcome.


Colombia, 21.05.2008 16:08

El Silencio de los asesinos

Mid East Peace Activists cast a Shadow of Mourning over “Israel at 60” Celebration

United States, 21.05.2008 13:37

As supporters of how Israel was created, were celebrating down the Ben Franklin Parkway, Palestinians and solidarity activists sent a cloud of 1000 black balloons into the sky to mark the 60th anniversary of Palestinian dispossession, when the Israeli military uprooted and killed Palestine's indigenous population to make way for the Israeli state. Sixty years later this occupation and dispossession continue. Today there is growing public recognition of this reality, which Palestinians have know all along. Read Report by Philly Al Nakba Coalition | See photos by Joe Piette

ALSO SEE: II II Philadelphia SUSTAIN II Dissident Voice series (1, 2, 3)

More Coverage of 60 Years: Nakba Commemoration On the Mall from DC-IMC | 60th Anniversary Protest from Seattle IMC | Architecture of the Nakba and Occupation: Carving Israel Then and Now from Rustbelt Radio

October 15th Solidarity - State Terror court update

Aotearoa, 21.05.2008 07:13

The court case against 20 people facing charges under the Arms Act continues. A one-day call-over court hearing was held in the Auckland in the District Court on 19th May. Most of the defendants were excused. However, several went to court and supporters from Auckland and Ruatoki were there too.

The following day, two defendants had a hearing in the Wellington High Court to challenge their non-association order. A dozen friends and supporters were there. The hearing was not resolved and a further hearing will take place within the next few days.

Links: | Te Mana Motuhake ō Tūhoe | Imminent Rebellion

No Olympics on Stolen Land

Aotearoa, 21.05.2008 06:10

No Olympics on Stolen Land! Overview The 2010 Winter Olympics, to be held in Vancouver-Whistler Canada from February 12-27, 2010, is today a very real threat to Native peoples, the urban poor (many of whom are also Native), and the environment. While cutting social services, healthcare, education, etc., the British Colombia Liberal government is at the same time providing billions of dollars to construction companies & other Olympic-related industries. The capitalists are making millions, while the poor are literally dying in the urban & reservation ghettos. Already, more land has been destroyed for the expansion or construction of highways, ski resorts, & Olympic venues. The Olympic organizers operate with a budget of almost $2 billion, and other costs to government surpass $6 billion. Despite all the Olympic-related mega development, Vancouver is now home to North America’s fastest growing homelessness crisis. Indigenous people account for 30% of this homeless population, despite making up only 2% of the total population in the province. Much of the resistance to the Olympics is recognition for the real intentions of such games; to further the colonial process, and to produce massive profits for the private sector at the expense of the people and the land. The Campaign The campaign is currently in an outreach and community building stage as Indigenous and allied groups organize to disrupt the Olympics. A convergence is being planned during the Olympics and the Indigenous community asks that as many allies as possible be present during this action. Meanwhile, the Canadian state is organizing the largest security operation in the country’s history. Anti-terror threat assessment squads have stated that Indigenous groups and anti-capitalist activists in the No Olympics campaign to be the single greatest threat to security. 12 500 police, military and security personnel will be deployed in 2010 including Emergency Response Teams, riot cops, helicopters and armoured vehicles. Despite this, the scale of the Olympics is so great that the opportunity for disruption and creative resistance is considerable. Background BC is unique in Canada in that most of the province is unceded, non-surrendered Indigenous territories. The national government chose to introduce the Indian Act of 1876 as a means of extending government control over all Natives in Canada. Natives were dispossessed of their land, which came under the control of the government. At the same time, the Indian Act imposed the band council, reserve and status systems, and authorized the relocation of Native children & youth into Residential Schools. Aotearoa Context The 2010 Olympic games is a further example of colonial repression of indigenous peoples around the world. Through the guise of the Olympic spirit the manifestations of neo-liberal policies are rammed down peoples throats. However, alliances between Indigenous Peoples, Anarchists, environmentalists and other social justice movements continue to grow both here and abroad. From anti-colonial and anti-capitalist campaigns, to Indigenous solidarity work, the No Olympics campaign can provide useful lessons. Links: | |

Critical Mass Miami: International Ride of Silence - May 21st

Miami, 21.05.2008 04:45

Critical Mass Miami: International Ride of Silence - May 21st

Resource Depletion

Perth, 21.05.2008 02:40

Will Perth Be Ready for Post Oil?

Anger Over &quot;Terror Arrests&quot; at Nottingham University

United Kingdom, 20.05.2008 22:38

Two people (one of them a student) who were arrested on the Nottingham University campus last Wednesday using "anti-terror" powers have today been released without charge. After seven days of incarceration, the two men (aged 22 and 30) were released from custody. The manner of the arrests, the intimidating police presence on campus, and the gullible media coverage have raised serious concerns and anger amongst the student body, the academic faculty, and the general public in Nottingham.

The arrests were carried out due to the alleged possession of "radical material" by a student. Despite their own admission that there was no threat to local communities, the police decided to launch a full-blown "terror" operation and put the students, their families and many friends through a colossal amount of stress. Meanwhile, police on campus searched bags and dominated a central area, creating great fear amongst the student community that was totally disproportionate to the apparent ‘threat’ of radical material. The harassment of friends and relatives by the police also raised serious concern.

One of the two was rearrested on his release under "immigration legislation."

Newswire: Students Released After 7 Days Incarceration Without Charge | Terror Arrests on Campus

Previous features: Nottingham Students Organise Conference on Civil Liberties Crackdown | Protesters Demand Freedom of Expression at University | Heavy Handed Police Condemned Over Peaceful Protest

Links: Campaign Against Criminalising Communities | Nottinghamshire Police | Nottingham University | Notts Indymedia Repression topic page


Argentina, 20.05.2008 22:38

Es Hora de Justicia


Argentina, 20.05.2008 22:38

Es Hora de Justicia

Визит олигарха

Belarus, 20.05.2008 20:07

Беларусь считает перспективным сотрудничество с ОАО “Русские машины”, заявил президент страны Александр Лукашенко сегодня на встрече в Минске с председателем Наблюдательного совета компании “Базовый элемент”, председателем Совета директоров ОАО “Русские машины” Олегом Дерипаской, сообщили правительственному (дез)информагентству БЕЛТА в пресс-службе главы государства.

“Мне давно известны ваши предложения, интерес российских компаний к белорусскому машиностроению”, – отметил глава государства.

“Мы готовы строить отношения на основе рыночных, цивилизованных методов, – сказал Александр Лукашенко, обращаясь к Олегу Дерипаске. – Меня привлекают предложения, которые вы сделали еще год назад”. По словам президента, сдерживающим фактором для развития отношений тогда было то, что аналогичные предложения…

Daniel McGowan is Being Moved

Portland, 20.05.2008 14:48

Hello, all -

We just found out that Daniel has been transferred out of FCI Sandstone.
This was completely unexpected, and we do not know what his final destination will be. Please hold off on mailing letters for the time being; we'll send out an update as soon as we have one.

Family & Friends of Daniel McGowan

United Poor People Rise UPP!

Portland, 20.05.2008 14:48

This is the text from the UPP 3-fold pamphlet which will soon be made available as an online readable pdf.

The UPP was founded as a people's response to the crisis of poverty and homelessness in Portland. We recognize that this is a national crisis which needs immediate, viable solutions, not promises of future recognition.

We meet in Chapman Square, across from City Hall every day at 10:00am and 6:00pm. Our meetings are consensus based and open to the public and we encourage and request that YOU come join us and help develop solutions that will WORK.


worker owned raw vegan cooperative

Portland, 20.05.2008 14:48

Lets work together to make raw food something that all can enjoy, not just the super privileged.

Hi all! I'm looking for folks who want to start a radical worker owned raw food cooperative in portland, or although people from neighboring towns are welcome to participate.

Projects that I had been brainstorming for the coop would be making handmade zines and ebooks, foraging workshops, cheap donation based underground cafe and well as maybe renting spaces for fancy raw food meals. Doing benefits for animal and earth rights prisoners and hosting talking events about GMO issues, etc. Also we can order food in bulk and share the wealth and discounts.

This is not about making money, so it need not be a full time job for anyone.We also really need someone who can make a website or blog page. Decisions in the group will be made on consensus basis not majority rule. Profits made by the coop will be distributed to those in the coop who express the most need at a particular time as well as putting them into future projects. All interested can email me at circleakitchen(at)

Grassroots Radio Conference in Portland this July! Submit workshop proposals now

Portland, 20.05.2008 14:48

Grassroots Radio Conference— GRC-13: Call for proposals

The Grassroots Radio Conference is being held in Portland, OR, July 25 - 27th, at the Native American Student and Community Center, at Portland State University. The Grassroots Radio Conference is an annual gathering of community radio activists in support of this mission:

" More than audio outlets, volunteer-based community radio stations are cultural institutions in their communities, reflecting the unique concerns and passions of the people who live there. With a system of governance based on openness and collaboration, and diverse programming produced by volunteers and funded by listeners, these stations are cornerstones of participatory democracy, offering ordinary citizens the chance to exercise First Amendment rights in a mass medium and audiences the opportunity to directly support the programming that is of importance to them."

Each year, the conference provides skill building workshops, space for important discussions and information exchange, and panel presentations on a variety of relevant topics. We are currently soliciting panel participants and workshop leaders in the following topic areas:

Demonstration Against Proposed LNG Development at NW Natural Offices

Portland, 20.05.2008 14:48

Tell NW Natural Shareholders that LNG is a bad investment!

*Demonstration Against Proposed LNG Development at NW Natural Offices*
220 NW 2nd Ave in Portland
Thursday, May 22nd @ 1pm

Stumptown Earth First! will be joining community members to let the shareholders of NW Natural know just how bad of an idea it is to invest in a non-renewable resource project. This Thursday NW Natural shareholders will be having their annual meeting and we will be there to show the that the communities being impacted by their investment in LNG are organized, motivated and oppose these projects!

There have [been] handfuls of great successes in the recent weeks
-- new city resolutions passed, a courtroom victory announcing
the constitutionality of our referendum efforts in Clatsop
County, a successful PDX LNG Teach-in, and an Oregon Dept. Of Energy
report finding that there is no need for LNG in Oregon...the list goes on.

Come to NW Natural's offices for our 1pm rally -- bring your signs,
tractors, kids, neighbors, anti-LNG shirts & buttons and let's tell our utility's shareholders that LNG is a BAD INVESTMENT!

Really Really Free Market comes to Springfield, Oregon!

Portland, 20.05.2008 14:48

RRFM is a non-hierarchical collective of individuals who form a temporary market based on an alternative gift economy. The RRFM movement aims to counteract capitalism in a non-reactionary way. It holds as a major goal to build a community based on sharing resources, caring for one another and improving the collective lives of all. Markets often vary in character, but they generally offer both goods and services. Participants bring unneeded items, food, skills and talents such as entertainment or haircuts. A RRFM may take place in an open community space such as a public park or community commons.

Saturday June 7, 11-3pm
200 West B Street
Island Park, Springfield [OR]

bring food,music,skills,clothes, love and more!
everything for free!

more info or if you want to help out with his event please email,

City of Corvallis Unanimously Adopts Anti-WOPR Resolution

Portland, 20.05.2008 14:48

On April 21 the Corvallis City Council passed a resolution opposing the Bureau of Land Management's Western Oregon Plan Revisions. The draft Plan would increase old growth logging in Western Oregon by 700% and reduce riparian reserves and habitat for endangered species. In March, members of the Coast Range Association and the Benton Forest Coalition presented the resolution to councilors, who referred the measure to the Legislative Committee. After hearing testimony from seven local residents, including a forester, a plant pathologist, and representatives from the American Hiking Society and the Audubon Society, the Legislative Committee returned the resolution to the Council with a stamp of approval.

The City Council voted unanimously to adopt a slightly modified version of the Eugene resolution, originally penned by Josh Laughlin of the Cascadia Wildlands Project. Councilors cited concerns about ecotourism and the impact of proposed increases in logging on BLM lands on adjacent city owned watersheds.

maps of affected forests | Old Growth Giveaways in Oregon's Heritage Forests | background | background and press releases, including video/audio clips

First Tree Sit Erected on I-69 Construction Site!!!

Portland, 20.05.2008 14:48

Clearing for the first 1.77 miles of I-69, the NAFTA Superhighway, in Southern Indiana began in mid-March. If completed, the highway will stretch over 1700 miles from the Canadian border crossing of Port Huron, Michigan to the Mexican border crossing of Laredo/Brownsville, Texas. In Indiana alone, 450 families stand to be dislocated and nearly 10,000 acres of forests and farms are slated for destruction. The road is widely unpopular, with 94% of public comments to the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) opposed to the new terrain route. Concerned residents have vowed to never let them build this road. The first aerial defense encampment on the route was established last night.

From Socialist Alternative: An interview with Baltimore Political MC Son of Nun

Baltimore, 20.05.2008 13:09

Politically Minded — An Interview with Hip-Hop Artist Son of Nun Apr 4, 2008
By Joshua H. Koritz
Son of Nun (SON) is a former Baltimore City School teacher and current MC performs class-conscious, revolutionary hip-hop. (see his MySpace at: and his website at In addition to building for the next show, SON is also active in the anti-war movement as well as being an activist with several other causes. He recently performed at the Winter Soldier hearings put on by Iraq Veterans Against the War, and has appeared on stage with artists ranging from Dead Prez to Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, as well as activists like Howard Zinn and Cindy Sheehan. Joshua Koritz interviews SON for Justice Newspaper:

Dozens gather at Worcester City Hall to kickoff CORI reform march

United States, 20.05.2008 10:37

Dozens of Worcester residents, including several politicians, gathered at City Hall this morning to kickoff a march by the ex-prisoners group EPOCA, who are walking to Boston in support of reform of Criminal Records (CORI) laws. They will arrive in Boston Thursday. Political figures speaking at the kickoff included Worcester City Councilor Gary Rosen, State Rep. Jim O'Day, and former gubernatorial and City Council candidate Grace Ross. read more & video

More Coverage: The Walk to Freedom: The Fight for Criminal Record Reform from Boston Indymedia

Gira informativa del movimiento Anti-G8 por Euskal Herria

Euskal Herria, 20.05.2008 08:09

Entre los d�as 7 al 9 de Julio, se celebra la cumbre del G8 en la localidad de la isla de Hokkaido (norte de Jap�n). Miembros de Acci�n Global de Madrid, visitar�n Euskal Herria invitados por "Euskal Herriko Antikapitalista eta Antifaxista Mugimendua" del 22 al 25 de Mayo para informar y presentar los actos organizados contra el G8.

As� podremos conocer las �ltimas noticias de lo que se est� organizando en Jap�n con las gentes de Madrid que viajar�n all� el proximo junio. Charlas:
  • Beasain. Eguna: Maiatzak 22 Ordua: 19:30etan Lekua: Beasaingo Gaztetxea . Katea kalea 10, Beasain (Gipuzkoa)
  • Leioa Eguna: Maiatzak 23 Ordua: 11:30etan Lekua: UPV/EHU-Leioa. GGZZ fakultateko 2.5 gelan.
  • Bilbo. Eguna: Maiatzak 24 Ordua: 12:00etan Lekua: Zazpi Katu Gaztetxea . Solokoetxe eskailerak (Bilbo *Alde Zaharra). Despues del desalojo de Zazpi Katu Gaztetxea, "Euskal Herriko Antikapitalista eta Antifaxista Mugimendua" quiere solidarizarse con Zazpi Katu Gaztetxea y la mejor forma (si el tiempo nos acompa�a) es mantener la txarla para asi expresar activamente nuestro apoyo al proyecto que representa Zazpi Katu Gaztetxea. Si la meteorologia no nos acompa�ase este acto lo trasladariamos a la Ekoetxea Pelota kalean, 5 (Alde Zaharra * Bilbo) - Zazpi Katutik bost minutura.
  • Iru�a. Eguna: Maiatzak 25 Ordua: 13:00etan Lekua: ALDEA lokala . Doctor Labayen kalean 12, (San Jorge auzoa)

Las fechas de las actividades organizadas para la contra cumbre son:

  • Junio 26-27 (Kyoto) Anti-Foriegn ministers Meeting, Rally and March
  • Junio 28-29 (Tokyo) Anti-G8 Rally and March
  • Julio 1-4 (Sapporo) themed Actions (Rally and March)
  • Julio 5 (Sapporo) International Action Day EKINTZA EGUN INTERNAZIONALAK, UZTAILAK 5 * BILBO (EUSKAL HERRIA).
  • Julio 7-9 (Lake Toya) Blocking the G8
  • Julio 6-8 (Sapporo) Alternative Summit

M�s informaci�n: |G8 AKATU!!|, |No G8 action Japan|, |G8 media network |.

Smash capitalism! Contra el capital! Stop G8! Kapitalismoa Akatu !


santiago, 20.05.2008 06:39

Justicia para el Pueblo de Chile, justicia para Victor Jara

Anarchist Publishing Around Aotearoa

Aotearoa, 20.05.2008 02:10

In the past few weeks a number of anarchist collectives around the country have been busy producing publications. Rebel Press has just released Issue #9 of the irregular anarchist magazine, Imminent Rebellion. It is the largest issue ever, with over 100 pages. Included are a moving account of the October 15 raids by an anarchist who was arrested, articles on the Tongan riots, autonomism in Germany, a critique of NGOism, supporting rape survivors, the Tuhoe struggle at Lake Waikaremoana and much more! Download for Free or Buy Hard copy Online Issue #3 of The Auckland Anarchist is now out with articles, photography and artwork on ,subjects such as, state repression in the Philippines, the L38 Squat in Italy, Christian anarchism arguments for and against. Auckland Anarchist Issue #2 of Rivet, a zine produced by the Garage Collective, is now online for download. Nigel from Opotiki has just released the third issue of his punk anarchist zine, Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing. It features interviews with a whole range of Australian and New Zealand punk bands, as well as zine reviews, a feature on medicinal plants in Aotearoa, an article on life inside Mt. Eden prison and a wide-ranging essay on anarchism, politics, primitivism and revolution. More Info


Athens, 19.05.2008 22:09

Οι επιθέσεις κράτους και παρακρατικών δεν μας τρομοκρατούν!

60th Anniversary Protest

Seattle, 19.05.2008 21:08

The names of over 470 destroyed Palestinian villages literally surrounded Seattle’s Benaroya Symphony Hall on May 7th. Inside the hall, a local Jewish Federation was hosting the largest of several local Israel At 60 celebrations.

Bangor Naval Base Ground Zero Mothers Day Demonstration

Seattle, 19.05.2008 21:08

Activists converged on the Naval Base Kitsap - Bangor to call for the end to the Trident II Nuclear Missile System.

Civil resisters entered the roadway in a symbolic effort to shut down Trident.

MAY THE FIRST: A Reflection On Olympia And The Future

Seattle, 19.05.2008 21:08

Disclaimer: In no way does the following account accurately portray what took place in Olympia on the the first of May, 2008. There is far too much involved in what took place for any account to fully describe it. This author does not wish to claim any more accuracy in her accounting than another person who was there that day. This author merely wishes to share her thoughts. This account is purely fictional.

May 30th: Benefit Show for the May Day 6 (Tacoma)

Seattle, 19.05.2008 21:08

On Friday, May 30th, at 7:00 PM there will be a benefit show at the Pitch Pipe Infoshop for the May Day 6, a group of innocent individuals arbitrarily targeted by the Olympia Police Department on May 1st. All money will got towards their legal defense. $5 suggested donation. Please feel free to give more.

Is fear trumping fact about cougars, wolves?

Rogue Valley, 19.05.2008 19:10

Are cougars, bears, wolves, and other big wildlife really threats? Or can we learn to live with them?

WHAT: “Is Fear Trumping Fact?” is a forum that will separate fact from fiction about wildlife, reveal the realities of wildlife “management,” showcase the ecological importance of predators, and offer tips for living among them. Includes stunning wildlife images and disturbing visuals of animal “control” programs.

popoloj (eo)

Barcelona, 19.05.2008 18:09

Ni instigu la popolan respondon: liberon por Franki!

La polico kaptis Franki-on sen la deviga antaŭa sciigo por tiel eviti la popolan respondon.
Sen decidaj pruvoj, en 2005, Francesc Argemí estis kondamnita al du-jara-kaj-sep-monata prizon-puno kvazaŭ kulpinto, en 2002, malrespekti la hispanan flagon kaj atenci kontraŭ aŭtoritatulon. Antaŭ du semajnoj, la hispana Kasacia Kortumo malakceptis la apelacion prezentitan en 2005 far la advokatino de Franki, Montserrat Salvadó, kaj nun oni atendas la oficialan ordonon iri en prizonon.
Ekis la amasiĝo antaŭ prizono Model kaj antaŭvidatas novaj kunvokoj.

Kunvokoj solidaraj kun Franki
[je la 18a]Amasiĝo antaŭ prizono Model

Skribu al Franki!

rilataj novaĵoj: intervjuo al Franki en 2006 + filmeto pri Franki en Vilaweb + solidara ago dum la proceso en 2005: senveste antaŭ la justico + solidare sur la stratoj en Terrassa + 2008: kampanjo kontraŭ la enprizonigo de Franki-on + Policanoj kidnapas dum 26 horoj profesoron de universitato Rovira i Virgili

+ infoj : >>>popoloj + >>>kriminaligo kaj subpremo + >>>alerta solidària

spekulado (eo)

Barcelona, 19.05.2008 17:09

Ne tuŝu al ni La Fibran

Manifesto antaŭ la proceso + Pres-konferenco (14-03-2008) + Amasiĝo ĉe la juĝejo (27-03-2008) + Manifestacio (29-03-2008) + Koncerto : La Carxofa Reggae Festival (29-03-2008) + web + lastminute :: venketo : garantio malpliigita de 30 000€ ĝis 150€ kaj proceso prokrastita al la 17a de aprilo

(29-03-2008 je la 17a) Manifestacio de la OSC La Fibra en Mataró
(11 kaj 12 de aprilo de 2008) Alvoko al malcentraliza agado apoge al okupantoj kaj aŭtonomaj ejoj

Amsterdamo : squating action + Barcelona Squat : squatting + gnu/linux + radio + free radio : Migrant tot Migrant (migrante migri)

+ infoj :: >>>spekulado

kontraŭfaŝismo (eo)

Barcelona, 19.05.2008 17:09

15 jarojn post la murdo de Guillem Agulló-n

"Guillem Agulló, nek forgeso nek pardono", jen la frazo memoriganta nin pri la morto de Guillem Agulló. Antaŭ 15 jaroj Guillem estis murdita far Pedro Cuevas, faŝisto kiu post nur 4-jara kondemno daŭrigas sian faŝistan agadon kaj sin prezentis kiel kandidato al lokaj balotoj en ekstrem-dekstra partio.
Tiu frazo, krome, memorigas nin pri la manko de justico kaj pri la senpuno de la faŝistajn agresojn, antaŭajn kaj nunajn, kaj pri la daŭro de la faŝista teroro kiu ne ĉesas. Sed memorigas ankaŭ ke la kontraŭ-faŝismo ne forgesas la murditojn, nek la agresintojn kaj ke daŭras ilia lukto por ĉesigi la senpunon kaj tiun faŝismon malaperendan de nia lando.

ne forgesu: enretigu en vian ttt-blogon aŭ ttt-ejon

ĉieaj rilataj novaĵoj kaj aranĝoj:

[11an aprilo] Gràcia Amasiĝo + [12an aprilo] Gramenet Omaĝo al Guillem Agulló en Jam Session + Omaĝo en Capellades + Burjassot Manifestacio, omaĝo kaj koncertoj + Murpentrado memore al Guillem + Kontraŭfaŝismaj aranĝoj 5 monatojn post la murdo de Carlos-on + Memorante la morton de Roger + Proceso al la junularo, tri malpliaj faŝistaj strat-nomoj + faŝistaj murdoj en Moskvo kaj Milano

+ infoj: >>>kontraŭfaŝismo + >>>popoloj + >>>

Contra la Educación de Mercado

santiago, 19.05.2008 16:09

Estudiantes Secundarios de Movilizan

otro mundo (es)

Barcelona, 19.05.2008 11:08

Vuelven a parar las obras del plan Caufec - Puerta BCN

Antes de las siete de la mañana, cuatro personas se han encadenado a dos bidones de cemento en las entradas y salidas de un sector de las obras del plan Caufec en Esplugues de Llobregat. Estan parando parte de las obras del megaproyecto urbanístico al cual se oponen diferentes Asociaciones Vecinales des de hace 17 años cuando el govierno local (PSOE) promovió la destrucción de la montaña de Sant Pere Màrtir a base de rascacielos, oficinas, habitages de lujo y un gran centro comercial. La acción forma parte de la defensa activa de Collserola y para exigir la liberación immediata de Franki de Terrassa. Estas personas tienen intención de desatarse para poder ir a la manifestación combocada el próximo sábado 24 de mayo a las 18h, así como a la Botifarrada a la especulació con "correfoc" y concierto posterior.

Concentración a las 19:30h HOY 19 de mayo en la plaza del Ayuntamiento

Manifestación contra el plan Caufec SÁBADO 24 mayo, 18h plaza del Ayuntamiento

noticias relacionadas:::S'encadenen 4 persones a les obres+Treuen a les primeres 2 persones

+info::: AltreMon + No al Caufec+ Entre Bastidors

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