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The Board of Maryland Public Radio WYPR Meets, Ignores Community

DC, 25.05.2008 23:09

WYPR's board of directors met on May 21st, the second meeting since the public radio station fired station co-founder and iconic radio host Marc Steiner. While last time they closed their meeting midway after an eruption of catcalls and boos, this time they simply did not discuss the issue.

Direitos Sexuais e Reprodutivos: desafios para a cidadania

Brasil, 25.05.2008 23:08


Hundreds of telephone workers demonstrate against shifting burden of health care costs to employees

Boston, 25.05.2008 16:08

Telephone employees across Massachusetts spearheaded a day of action on May 22 to protest efforts by Verizon and many other employers to force workers to pay more for their health insurance premiums or increase co-pays and deductibles. Earlier this year, Verizon proposed raising premium costs and out-of pocket medical expenses for employees. [IBEW and CWA unions, Jobs with Justice join with reform organizations in call for health care for all!]

Utah Phillips has left the stage

Santa Cruz, CA, 25.05.2008 05:38

Utah Phillips, a seminal figure in American folk music who performed extensively and tirelessly for audiences on two continents for 38 years, died Friday of congestive heart failure in Nevada City, California a small town in the Sierra Nevada mountains where he lived for the last 21 years with his wife, Joanna Robinson, a freelance editor.

[Riveraction] &quot;Progress on the Rogue&quot;

Rogue Valley, 25.05.2008 03:10

Removal of Savage Rapids Dam will being in April of 2009.

WaterWatch is also working with the state to transfer 800 cubic feet per second of water rights associated with Savage Rapids Dam to an instream water right to protect streamflows in the Rogue forever.

Just upstream from Savage Rapids Dam, permitting is almost complete to allow removal of the Gold Hill Diversion Dam at Powerhouse Rapids. This dam will also be replaced with pumps. Removal begins this summer starting in mid-June.

CIW Burger King penny a lb protest Over: BK and CIW to work together

Miami, 24.05.2008 21:08

CIW Burger King penny a lb protest Over: BK and CIW to work together

A Love Letter from Garden Gnome, or Why I Hate the Baby Boomers

New Hampshire, 24.05.2008 20:09

Writers Note: When I say Baby Boomers, you know who you are are: Middle class and rich white liberals and conservatives. The ones we ALWAYS hear about. If you are a baby boomer who is a member of some oppressed group, I ain't talkin' about you. Dear Baby Boomers, Just when you thought hating on you was only a pastime for Generation X, it turns out those of us in "Generation Y" aren't impressed with you either. As I am sitting here finishing the last papers of my college career, I reflect on what I have to look forward to in my adult life on account of your megalomania.

Navy to launch nuclear attack sub named for NH

New Hampshire, 24.05.2008 20:09

Saturday, June 21: The Virginia class submarine named after New Hampshire will be "christened" at Electric Boat in Groton, CT. The Trident Resistance Network will be organizing a presence.

20,000 University of California Workers Vote to STRIKE June 4th and 5th

Santa Cruz, CA, 24.05.2008 19:41

University of California patient care and service staff announced the results of a statewide strike vote that took place between May 17th and May 22nd. Results were tabulated at midnight on May 22nd, and an overwhelming majority of voters voted to authorize the strike. The workers gave UC Executives notice that a strike could begin as soon as June 4th for the 20,000 workers at the University's five hospital/ten campus system.

Polisi menyerbu kampus Universitas Nasional

Jakarta, 24.05.2008 17:08

200 lebih mahasiswa ditangkap Dini hari (24/05/08), polisi dengan brutal menyerbu masuk kampus Universitas Nasional (UNAS) di Pejaten, Jakarta selatan. Polisi melakukan penyerangan dengan mendobrak gerbang kampus sekitar pukul 05.00 sambil meneriakkan kata-kata kasar dan makian, serta merusak bangunan kampus. Berawal dari aksi mahasiswa sekitar pukul 21.00 Jumat (23/5) malam, merespon kenaikan harga BBM yang diumumkan pemerintah. Polisi mulai melakukan penjagaan di depan kampus sekitar pukul 21.30. ...


Colombia, 24.05.2008 16:09

No más tratamiento de guerra para los pueblos indígenas

Students HUNGER STRIKE for $3 million for Peer to Peer

Baltimore, 24.05.2008 15:08

Students will HUNGER STRIKE starting May 30^th, 2008 if the Mayor does not add $3million into the Budget for Peer-to-Peer Youth Enterprises. The Starting location is the Amphitheater 5:30 p.m. on Friday, May 30th . Demonstrators will then march to the base of the Legg Mason building 100 Light St. (on the corner of Light St. and Pratt St.) where the hunger strikers will be stationed. We no longer accept officials denying responsibility for the well-being of Baltimore's youth. All responsible officials should come together until funding is found for youth jobs in the knowledge-based economy. We demand that 3 million dollars be added to the City's budget to fund Peer-to-Peer Youth Enterprises.

Make Memories, Not War Games

Baltimore, 24.05.2008 15:08

"…My intent in going there was to save lives. A person may break the law to save lives." - Tom Lewis, quoted in Daniel Berrigan's The Trial of the Catonsville 9

On Saturday May 17, anti-war activists gathered in Maryland to mark the 40th Anniversary of the Catonsville draft card burning action, and to remember Tom Lewis, one of the "Catonsville 9," who died on April 4 of this year. Read more below and watch the video here

Victima de la negligencia médica y el incumplimiento de las leyes

Argentina, 24.05.2008 12:38

Santa Fe: A un año de la muerte de Ana María Acevedo

Evergreen Occupation: Day 2

Seattle, 24.05.2008 04:08

May 22, 2008 -- The sit-in surrounding the office of Art Costantino, Vice President for Student Affairs at the Evergreen State College (TESC) goes into its second day. There are approximately 20 to 30 students and community supporters at any given time occupying the top floor and roof of the SEM I building on the Olympia campus, with an alternating cast of approximately 50 to 60 people taking shifts, and additional people outside providing support. The sit-in, which was organized by Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), is an attempt by the group and its supporters to draw attention to the diminishing rights of students at TESC and to regain SDS’ status as a student organization.

PMR Targeted for Prosecution Following Questionable Arrest

Seattle, 24.05.2008 04:08

May 17, 2008 – Sisters Katie and Patsy Hutchison are being targeted for prosecution following questionable arrests during the November 2007 Port Militarization Resistance (PRM) Protests in Olympia. While 66 arrests were made during 11 days of Civil Resistance, three individuals – Shyam Khanna, Patsy Hutchison and Katie Hutchison are being selected for prosecution.

En la Facultad de Periodismo de La Plata

Argentina, 24.05.2008 01:38

Presentación del documental "Monte Culebra" y debate

Anarchists oppose China trade deal

Aotearoa, 24.05.2008 01:09

The Wildcat Anarchist Group presented its submission on the China-NZ free trade agreement to the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Select Committee today as an intepretive dance.

After a brief dance depicting trying to fly with one wing, fast footwork, a strangled worker and a collapsed economy, the group's representative answered several questions from the committee.

The group believes the FTA with China threatens to undermine local manufacturers and workers and leave New Zealanders uninformed about the products they buy, says spokesperson Sam Buchanan.…“It is ridiculous that the government is encouraging the import of cheap manufactured goods while at the same time running a ‘Buy NZ’ campaign. The latter campaign implicitly suggests that the government perceives the purchase of local products to be in the interests of New Zealanders generally.

Read More

El martes 27 en la facultad de periodismo

Argentina, 24.05.2008 01:08

Presentación del documental "Monte Culebra" y debate

VBC Speech: &quot;Key to Growing Food is Awareness&quot;

Portland, 23.05.2008 23:39

I have been asked to speak here tonight because of the way I have been spending my time lately, which is growing vegetables, fruit, and herbs in a bunch of different plots around Southeast, and doing most of the traveling, hauling, etc., by bike. "Bicycle-based urban agriculture," it has been called. I am running the operation as a CSA. A CSA -- which stands for "Community Supported Agriculture" -- is a business arrangement in which a set of households provide resources, fiscal and otherwise, to a farmer in the Winter and Spring and in return recieve produce throughout the Summer and into the Autumn.

Together with my farming partners, who also ride their bikes everywhere, we are growing food for 40 households out of all these plots. We also have "The Staple Foods Project", with its own set of supporters, which is intended to raise survival foods such as quinoa, soybeans, sunflowers-for-oil, soup peas, lentils, and more. The overall goal of these projects is food independence, for a small number of people anyway, by this winter. Also, we will share whatever it is we learn with whomever wants to know. When it comes to food growing, none of us can afford to make any trade secrets.

romanii adevarati din primarie

Romania, 23.05.2008 23:38

Azi am mers la Primaria Generala a Capitalei sa iau autorizatia pentru mars. Am ajuns aici total intimplator, dupa ce am dat un telefon si am aflat cu stupoare ca joi, cind credeam ca vom fi convocati pentru obtinerea autorizatiei, nu urma sa se tina nici o comisie. Urmatoarea comisie se intrunea de abia luni, 26 mai. Adica too late...pentru marsul nostru.

Ocupação do Hotel Brisa Mar em Aracaju

Brasil, 23.05.2008 23:08


FBI Wants Informants To Spy On RNC Protesters

Portland, 23.05.2008 20:38

"This is all part of a larger government effort to quell political dissent," says Jordan Kushner, an attorney who represented Ganley and other Critical Mass arrestees. "The Joint Terrorism Task Force is another example of using the buzzword 'terrorism' as a basis to clamp down on people's freedoms and push forward a more authoritarian government."

Related: Earlier post about Marie Mason Case: The National Lawyers Guild has established a hotline, 888-NLG-ECOL, for individuals arrested, subpoenaed or questioned for offenses related to environmental or animal activism. We encourage people to call the NLG hot line if you are contacted by law enforcement and would like to consult with an attorney on these matters.

Tenant Alert: Landlord Lobby pushes for Rent Increases via Submetering

DC, 23.05.2008 20:09

A measure in Mary Cheh's committee will give the green light to landlords to install submeters in your apartment and RAISE YOUR RENT.

Anti-GM protest shuts down BASF UK headquarters

Portland, 23.05.2008 19:40

This morning 30 protesters from Earth First! have shut down the BASF UK headquarters (1) at Cheadle Hulme near Manchester (2), to highlight the company's role in pushing GM onto our plates. BASF is planning to run the UK's only trial of GM crops this year, a trial of blight resistant potatoes.
The protesters arrived early in the morning at the flagship offices and have since been blockading the gate by sitting in front of it and locking on sing d-locks and other equipment. They are successfully preventing any staff from entering and are demanding the company pull out of GM immediately. They have also hung a giant 30 x 10ft banner reading "No To GM". The protesters are planning to blockade the gate for several hours.
<a href=" ">uk indymedia</a>

Córdoba: Aumento del transporte

Argentina, 23.05.2008 19:08

Cospelazo Y Represión

Protests Continue in the Wake of 'Killer Cops' Acquittal

NYC, 23.05.2008 18:38

A crowd of 50 protesters took it to the streets on Thursday afternoon, in what has been one of many protests following the complete acquittal of 3 police officers in the shooting death of Sean Bell. Bell, age 23, was killed in a hail of 50 police bullets on November 25, 2006, the morning of what would have been his wedding day. On April 25, 2008, the 3 officers indicted in the killing were acquitted on each of the 8 counts which had been brought against them for the incident.

Cospelazo y represión

Argentina, 23.05.2008 18:08


Brasil, 23.05.2008 16:08


New York State March for Peace Report Back

United States, 23.05.2008 13:37

"New York State Marches for Peace" was more than a ten-day peace walk through Upstate. The project aimed to strengthen bridges between anti-war activists and members of the military and their families in the struggle against the illegal and unconstitutional occupation of Iraq. Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) and Military Families Speak Out (MFSO) were involved in planning the walk, along with activists from New York State Direct Action for Peace. The audiences for this bridge-building effort were rural Upstate New York communities along the walking routes from Rochester, Ithaca and Utica heading north to Fort Drum. Spontaneous participation from community residents was amazing and inspiring.

WYPR Board Meets About Revenue, Ignores Community Outrage

Baltimore, 23.05.2008 13:08

WYPR's board of directors met on May 21st, the second meeting since the public radio station fired station co-founder and iconic radio host Marc Steiner. While last time they closed their meeting midway after an eruption of catcalls and boos, this time they simply did not discuss the issue.

Indymedia (eo)

Barcelona, 23.05.2008 12:09

Arestitaj aktivuloj de Indymedia-Ekvadoro

Mardon la 6an de majo pli ol 40 policanoj el la especiala grupo 'Grupo de Intervención y Rescate' (GIR) de la ekvadora polico arestis kvin aktivulojn de Indymedia-Ekvadoro, kiuj pretis marŝi al Pint-kunveno de la Popoloj en Peruo. La policanoj, armitaj per mitraletoj kaj maskitaj per lan-kaskoj, batis kaj mort-minacis la aktivulojn, kondukis ilin peraŭte al iliaj domoj ne klarigante la kialon kaj tie prenis al ili komputil-diskojn, librojn, KDojn kaj eĉ glu-bildojn. Post tuta nokto izolite kaj nepridemandite, kvar el ili estis liberigitaj sen akuzo. Unu el la aktivuloj, Antonio, kolombia civitano, ankoraŭ estas arestita, akuzita pri havo de falsan dokumenton. Indymedia denuncas tiun troigan kaj perfortan agadon de la polico kaj petas klarigon al la ekvadora registaro. Malantaŭ tiu agado, krom la kriminaligo de la alternativajn amasmediojn, sin kaŝas pli kompleksaj interesoj de organizoj kiel Interpol aŭ CIA, kiuj celas etendi ilian t.n. 'kontraŭ-terorisman militon' ankaŭ en Ekvadoron.

rilataj novaĵoj:::Novaĵo en IMC-Barcelono + Komunikoj de IMC-Ekvadoro + Komuniko de Indymedia Global Project.

+ infoj : >>>indymedia + Indymedia-Ekvadoro

Campaign Against Vivisection at UC Berkeley Continues to Grow

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.05.2008 10:09

The campaign against science experiments on animals at the University of California continues to grow stronger, but not without opposition. Over the last several months, activists have been conducting frequent demonstrations outside the homes of UC animal researchers -- a handful of people with signs, a bullhorn and some literature to hand out to neighbors.

Bay Area Janitors Go On Strike

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.05.2008 09:14

On May 15th, contract talks for more than 6,000 janitors collapsed when the Bay Area's largest cleaning companies refused modest pay and benefit improvements to janitors who currently make $347 a week ($23,000 a year). On May 17th, janitors voted to strike and on May 21st, over four hundred workers walked out of a dozen locations in the South Bay. On May 21st, striking janitors staged a morning protest at the annual Intel shareholders meeting for in Mountain View.

State Limits for Possession and Cultivation of Medical Cannabis Ruled Unconstitutional

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.05.2008 09:14

On May 22nd in Los Angeles, the California Court of Appeals ruled that the state limits on medical marijuana possession and cultivation that were established under state law SB 420 are unconstitutional. In the case People v. Patrick Kelly, the court overturned the defendant's conviction for possessing 12 ounces of dried marijuana, saying that the prosecutor had improperly argued that the defendant was guilty because he possessed more than the 8-ounce limit established in Health & Safety Code Section 11362.77 and did not have a doctor's recommendation that authorized more. The court wrote, ""The prosecutor's argument was improper... because the CUA [Compassionate Use Act] can only be amended with voters' approval."

40 years ago this month in Paris….Mai 68

Ireland, 23.05.2008 09:13

“Be realistic, demand the impossible” If you were ...

The other America - MP3 tales from the south, mid-west and west coast

Ireland, 23.05.2008 09:13

Back in March I published a compilation of the fir ...

June 14, 2008: Day of Solidarity With Jeffrey Free Luers and All Eco-Prisoners

Santa Cruz, CA, 23.05.2008 07:46

June 2008 marks the 8th anniversary of the imprisonment of Jeffrey Free Luers. Each June for the past 8 years, a Day of Solidarity has been held to garner support for Jeff and other eco-prisoners. June 14, 2008 will mark the kickoff to a campaign to raise money to help Jeff with his education and living expenses upon his release, as well as call attention to the many eco-prisoners still facing time behind bars and repression by the state.

Відэаролік супраць пабудовы ГЭС на Нёмане

Belarus, 23.05.2008 03:08

Peace Activist arrested and held for interrupting Gen. Petraeus

DC, 23.05.2008 02:10

Toby Blome, Code Pink activist, arrested and held over night Thursday for interrupting Petraeus hearing.

Brutalmente golpeado hijo de cacique yukpa

Venezuela, 23.05.2008 01:07

Ambientalista interpelado pela Secretária do Meio Ambiente de Fortaleza

Brasil, 23.05.2008 00:39


Protestors Tell Shareholders NW Natural's LNG Plan &quot;Stinks!&quot;

Portland, 22.05.2008 22:38


-Portland, OR.- Protestors from Stumptown Earth First! sneak into shareholders meeting and disrupt with stink devices in protest of the company's investment in proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects slated for Oregon. NW Natural has been making greenwashing claims, including "foreign LNG is a green alternative to the already existing domestic gas." Protestors say "there is nothing green about LNG."

Activists with Earth First! declare that "This action is just the beginning of what's in store for this LNG proposal. We are here to defend the land, the rivers, and the natural habitats, and we will not stop until LNG is dropped!"


Occupation at Evergreen State College

Seattle, 22.05.2008 22:09

Olympia SDS and supporters are occupying the administrative offices as we speak.

Ante el inminente aumento del cospel

Argentina, 22.05.2008 18:40

More May Day Coverage

United States, 22.05.2008 18:38

Coverage of the revival of May Day organizing in the US continues to flow on the indymedia wires. Here are several overview pieces that set the shift in context, as well as more local dispatches.

May Day Revival on Three Fronts: The work stoppage at all 29 West Coast ports on May 1, 2008 by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) was an historic turning point for the U.S. labor movement. For the first time in more than seventy years, a major U.S. trade union led marches and a system-wide strike on May Day. And for the first time ever, it was not for economic reasons, but for the political demand to end the disastrous and debilitating U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. read more>>

A Tale of Two Marches: Last Thursday was May Day. I went to the rally (pro labor, pro immigrant, antiwar) on Boston Common, then marched with a few hundred anarchists to Copley Square, raising all kinds of noisy hell. Saturday was occasion of the 40th Annual Walk for Hunger. I went for a twenty-mile jaunt through some of Boston’s most attractive neighborhoods with 40,000 others, raising in the neighborhood of 3.5 million dollars. The anarchist event involved a lot of sound and fury signifying plenty but accomplishing, seemingly, nothing. The Walk puts millions of dollars of food into regional food pantries, and at the same time draws together an extraordinarily diverse crowd... read more>>

Also: MAY THE FIRST: A Reflection On Olympia And The Future | | | May Day Becomes an Annual Tradition for Immigrant and Workers' Rights | | | More Local Coverage: New Orleans | Sarasota, FL | Vermont | | | First Roundup: May Day Actions Nationwide call for Peace, Dignity | | | Global Roundup: May Day 2008 Parades

Photo: "Santo Romero, Against All Injustice" from El Pueblo Unido: Images of May Day 2008 by Michael Gould-Wartofsky

Proposed rule-change allowing USED books into Oregon prisons - your input is needed!

Portland, 22.05.2008 15:39

Dear Friends,

There is a comment period that ends May 26th for a rule change being
proposed by the Oregon Department of Corrections that would make the
efforts of Books to Prisoners volunteers a whole lot easier! This rule
change would also greatly benefit Oregon prisoners.

This rule would allow prisoners to receive USED books! Please voice your support for this rule change by copying and modify the sample letter below and getting it in the mail by no later than Saturday May 24th, so it is sure to arrive by the deadline of May 26th -
Even if you don't have a stamp or the time, please just write the letter (now) and email it to us at with your name and address - then we'll print it off and mail it for you!

These have to arrive by next monday May 26th, so letters need to be in the mail by saturday may 24th.

Radio Free Palestine Broadcasts 18 Hours of Al-Nabka

Boston, 22.05.2008 15:10

On Thursday, May 15th from 12am until 6pm (EDT), "Radio Free Palestine" broadcasted on the 60 years of the Palestinian Nakba, when eighty-five percent of Palestinians living in what is today the state of Israel became refugees. To listen to an archive of this program:

criminalization &amp; repression (en)

Barcelona, 22.05.2008 14:09

In the past wearing grey, Now blue...

New mossos d'esquadra repressive wave

The TMB bus drivers in strike demanding the 2-days break per week and the Autonoma University students closed again Bologna Plan are the ones chosen this week to receive the blows of the "democratic" police force Mossos d'Esquadra. The two affected collectives and others who join them in the call for an Unitary Antierrepressive Demonstration.

Demonstration Thursday March the 6th, 2008 at Univeridad Sq, noon

Related news: mossos charge at the UAB + The TMB bus drivers demonstrate outside the PSC headquarters+ Saura and Herrera real repressors + UAB Government Council + Endavant condemns the mossos intervention + SEPC Communique + Communist Youth Communique + Solidarity towards UAB precarious + PTP releases an unsolidary communique with the bus drivers



+info: >>>criminalization & repression

10,000 Strong Boston - A Call to Action

Boston, 22.05.2008 14:09

It is time to stand up, take responsibility and be accountable. Who Cares? We do. We doin' good in the hood. Are you tired of the drugs, guns, violence, crime, broken families, lack of guidance and direction. Are you in need of service? Will you serve? Do you need support? Will you support? Together we are 10,000 strong. If one can make a difference, what will 10,000 strong do? Think of it as a mini Million Man March for Boston. A Rally...A Gathering... A Call to Action: Sunday June 22, 2008, Franklin Park.

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