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Republicans Come Unhinged by Kennebunkport Protest

New Hampshire, 11.10.2004 17:27

Jamilla's account of a small-town protest. Jamilla is also organizing the transportation to the Million Worker March for Southern Maine and New Hampshire, which happens this weekend.

indymedia @ INFO WARROOM tonight in De Balie!

Netherlands, 11.10.2004 17:02

Debates about US elections effects on the planet in Amsterdam

National Memorial Tour To Iraq War Dead Comes to Atlanta October 19th

Atlanta, 11.10.2004 16:53

#media_7060;left# 1063+ Pairs of Empty Combat Boots Representing U.S. Soldier Deaths in Iraq & “Wall” Listing 10,000 Iraqi Civilian Deaths To Be Displayed The American Friends Service Committee sponsored exhibit, which opened in Chicago’s Federal Plaza with 500 pairs of boots in January, will continue growing as the death toll continues to rise. The tour has been to over twenty cities and towns including Cleveland, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Boston, New York, Indianapolis, and many others. Press Conference features veterans, families [Article] Click here for more information on the exhibit.

Queer Teens and their Supporters Rally Against Gay Marriage Ban

Atlanta, 11.10.2004 16:22

#media_7058;right#A large and spirited crowd decries Constitutional Amendment to ban Gay marriage. On Sunday afternoon at 4:00 PM approximately 150 to 200 people gathered on the steps of State Capitol beneath the baleful bronze eye of Tom Watson’s statue to register their opposition to a proposed amendment to Georgia’s constitution banning gay marriage. The crowd was overwhelmingly youthful with most participants appearing to be in their teens or early twenties. Sponsored jointly by Youth Pride (YP) and the anti-war organization Not In Our Name (NION).

Debates' Avoidance of Global Warming Threat and Poverty Stinks to High Heaven

Madison, 11.10.2004 15:42

The presidential candidates and vice presidential candidates managed to escape two of the most distressing problems for America and the world in the three televised debates the corporation controlled "Commission on Presidential Debates" has commandered for them thus far: poverty and global warming.

Measure 26-64: What effect it will have on People?

Portland, 11.10.2004 15:28

Colombian Coke Workers back in Ireland

Ireland, 11.10.2004 15:27

Sinaltrainal leader to seek union and public support for Coke boycott Edgar Paez a leader of the Colombian Coca Cola workers’ union Sinaltrainal is due to visit Ireland to meet with Irish trade unionists and to address the Irish public. The international boycott of Coke products launched by Sinaltrainal last year has received the support of three unions that operate in Ireland. Edgar Paez a leader of the Colombian Coca Cola workers’ union Sinaltrainal is due to visit Ireland to meet with Irish trade unionists and to address the Irish public. The international boycott of Coke products launched by Sinaltrainal last year has received the support of three unions that operate in Ireland. So far, Unison, NIPSA and the TUI have backed the boycott at their annual conference. The decision by the TUI was the most public and controversial decision. SIPTU officials have brought pressure ot bear on the TUI and have tried to get the union to reverse its conference decision. Edgar Paez was invited here by the Latin America Solidarity Centre to meet those trade unionists and student organisations that have given their support to the boycott. The boycott campaign has met with fierce opposition from sections of SIPTU. The food and drinks branch has been to the forefront in that campaign. However, it would seem that their position is not by any means the unanimous view of the Irish trade union movement. On Thursday 7th of October a motion was put to the Dublin Regional Conference of SIPTU to disinvest from Coke and sell their shares. The same trade-unionists who said that their disagreement with the boycott was tactical also opposed disinvestment. However, despite a concerted campaign by the Regional Executive the conference only narrowly voted not to sell its shares in Coke. The vote was 156 against the motion and 142 in favour. It would seem that the “position of the ICTU” might not be in line with that of many of its members. Edgar Paez has requested a meeting with the workers of Coca Cola in a letter to Jack O Connor the president of SIPTU. A meeting has duly been arranged for just before the public meeting on Monday. He has also arranged to meet people from the TUI and NIPSA during his visit. Sinaltrainal have had a tough time from trade union officials as outlined by its president Javier Correa who has accused some IUF (International Union of Food and Drink Workers) officials of having a similar ideology to Coke. Coke have also recently contracted Jack Otero - a leading trade unionist from the AFL-CIO in the USA - to run its counter-campaign. Edgar will also speak at Wynne’s Hotel, at 7.30 PM on Monday October 18th. This event is organised by Lasc and all are welcome. Indymedia Ireland Archive on the battle between Coke and Colombian workers

Israel Destroys Palestine’s Children

Palestine, 11.10.2004 15:13

Israel Destroys Palestine’s Children

Terrorism Began at Deir Yassin

Palestine, 11.10.2004 15:11

Terrorism Began at Deir Yassin


Palestine, 11.10.2004 14:50

STOP THE WALL"Flags Project For Peace In Palestine


Athens, 11.10.2004 14:47

Italy and Switzerland Requested Indymedia's Server Seizure


Athens, 11.10.2004 14:40

FBI Seizes IMC Servers in the UK

GOPUSA shows its fear of Nader appeal to reluctant Bush voters

Portland, 11.10.2004 13:38

Free Speech Exercisers

NYC, 11.10.2004 12:38

Public spaces are for political speech, says the No Police State Coalition. After two dozen arrests they’re testing their contention in court.

Geoffrey Blank of the No Police State Coalition goes back to 100 Centre Street on October 19. It’s not his favorite place in the city, but over the past few months, Manhattan Criminal Court is where the 30-year-old activist and teacher has done some of his best work.

What are you doing on Today? COME SUPPORT INDIGENIOUS DAY!

Portland, 11.10.2004 12:34

A Solution to Poverty, or an Effort to Run Women's Lives?

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.10.2004 11:00

The Bush Administration's Healthy Marriage Initiative

Indian Resistance from Colorado to Venezuela

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.10.2004 09:24

Indigenous Peoples Day

Indian Resistance from Colorado to Venezuela

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.10.2004 09:22

Indigenous Peoples Day

Take Back The Media calls for Channel 15/20 Boycott

Urbana-Champaign, 11.10.2004 03:14

The boycott has been called against all sponsors of Sinclair owned and/or operated TV stations. In addition to Channels 15 in Champaign and 20 in Springfield, these include WYZZ-43 in Bloomington/Peoria, KDNL-30 in St. Louis, WVTV-18 and WCGV-24 in Milwaukee, WMSN-47 in Madison, and KGAN-2 in Cedar Rapids/Dubuque

Election machine equipment recommendation committee meeting report

Urbana-Champaign, 11.10.2004 03:12

I am the delegate from the Prairiegreens (the local Green Party chapter) to the Champaign County Election Equipment Recommendation Committee. This unelected committee features people from a variety of political groups and civic organizations in Champaign county. We will make a recommendation to the County Board so they will know what voting machines to purchase. Champaign county will use punch cards in November 2004 but we will switch to electronic voting machines for the following elections.

Federal Election 2004

Perth, 11.10.2004 02:58

Howard's Reign Continues

Encuentro nacional de mujeres en Mendoza

Argentina, 10.10.2004 23:54

Sábado 9 de Octubre de 2004 | Cobertura
Encuentro nacional de mujeres en Mendoza

Take Back The Media calls for Channel 47 Sponsor Boycott

Madison, 10.10.2004 22:32

The Boycott has been called for Sinclair owned and/or operated stations, also including Channels 18 and 24 in Milwaukee.

Federal Elections

Sydney, 10.10.2004 22:30

Australian Voters Choose Howard

Holocaust survivor stands for Palestinians

Michigan, 10.10.2004 22:05

Late in August a friend suggested that I contact Hedy Epstein, 80-year-old Holocaust survivor, to stand with us on Saturday, October 2nd. Our group is Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends, and we have been holding a weekly silent vigil at Beth Israel congregation in Ann Arbor for over a year. A pessimist at heart, I never believed the innocuous suggestion would lead to such a remarkable weekend.

Occupation of Blue River Face Timber Sale continues

Portland, 10.10.2004 21:50

From the Newswire

Manila, 10.10.2004 21:27

100 Days ni Gloria, Pahirap sa masa, TAMA NA!


Brasil, 10.10.2004 21:25

FBI apreende servidor do CMI

Mel &amp; Floyd, October 8, 2004

Madison, 10.10.2004 19:01

Listen for Mel & Floyd each Friday on WORT at 1pm. This week's show features the return of Floyd, back from assignment, and topics including bizzare WORT pledge premiums, voter apathy, George W. Bush's sixth grade-level reading skills, and that mysterious bulge on his back during the first Presidential debate. All of that and much, much more...

Click here for the audio.

Is Bush Wired?

Portland, 10.10.2004 18:49



Thessaloniki, 10.10.2004 17:12

Απεργία πείνας πολιτικών κρατουμένων

Ambazonia Liberation party [ALIP] Launched

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 10.10.2004 16:35

That it is due to this perennial dereliction of duty and incompetence, that the concept of taping directly into the PEOPLE’S GRASSROOTS POWER through the handle of the AMBAZONIA LIBERATION PARTY {ALIP} was devised and launched in the Colony in July 2004. People were excited to know that ALIP is now fully operational inside and outside the colony with the European Branch having preceded the USA in the launching of ALIP.

Dave Lippman will be performing at a benefit for WRFU

Urbana-Champaign, 10.10.2004 16:24

Political folk-singer Dave Lippman will be performing at a benefit for WRFU, low-power community radio, one night only! Accompanied by the anti-folk singer, George Shrub (boo! hiss!) Tuesday, October 12th 8pm Channing-Murray Foundation Southeast corner of West Oregon and Matthews in Urbana, Illinois Tickets are on sale for a suggested donation of $5-20 at Record Swap, 110 South Race St, Urbana (open seven days week!) or at the door or from Socialist Forum members Profits from the show will go to build WRFU, a new community radio station that will begin broadcasting on 104.5FM by June 2005. Cosponsored by Channing Murray Foundation, Socialist Forum, and WRFU

Pedro Jaime Mosquera

Colombia, 10.10.2004 15:03

Asesinado el vicepresidente de la Asociación Campesina de Arauca

G8 arrestees go to court

Atlanta, 10.10.2004 13:04

From Tampaindymedia
Fifteen of those arrested protesting the G8 summit in Brunswick, Georgia last summer have been called to court on Thursday, October 14th, at 9:30a.m. Glynn County officials are resuming trying the case despite the fact that State Homeland Security Director Bill Hitchens has admitted to the fact that it was not illegal to cross the causeway connecting Brunswick to Sea Island. Atlanta IMC 2004 G8 Coverage: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Anti-GE protestors target Inghams again (and again)

Aotearoa, 10.10.2004 10:54

October 9-10 was the Trans-Tasman Days of Action against Ingham and KFC. Australian owned, Ingham is the second largest chicken producers in New Zealand. Tests commissioned by Greenpeace have shown that about 70% of the soy used by Inghams is from GE sources. Both KFC and supermarkets buy their chickens from Ingham.

Protest actions were held throughout New Zealand as well as Perth, Australia.

In Auckland the Auckland GE Free sticker brigade stickered Inghams products at seven supermarkets, while Auckland GE Action protested at Ponsonby KFC. Protesters also visited Ingham’s headquarters on Friday afternoon.

"This isn't just a health issue or a labelling issue, it's also an environmental and social justice issue" a member of the Auckland Cell of the Sticker Brigade said.

Actions also occured in Rotorua, Hamilton, Taupo and Huntly.

Further south members of Wellington Against Genetic Engineering visited both the Taranaki Street and Manners Mall KFC restaurants, scaling the roofs and cordoning off the entire restaurants.

FBI server seizure

QC, 10.10.2004 08:22

FBI Seizes IMC Servers in the UK

Girl removed from Bush Event for Wearing Wellstone T shirt

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 10.10.2004 03:47

A high school girl was removed from Bush's campaign event in Chanhassen, Minnesota for wearing a Wellstone T shirt.

FannyAnn Eddy

Istanbul, 10.10.2004 02:46

Sierra Leone: Lezbiyen aktivist öldürüldü


Brasil, 10.10.2004 02:29

Encontro de Rádios Livres

Inymedia sunucuları

Istanbul, 10.10.2004 01:59

Indymedia sunucularını kapattıranlar: İtalya ve İsviçre

Poco a poco se destapa el telón de APEC.

santiago, 10.10.2004 01:46

Bomberos bajo fuego de la APEC.

MKE: Soundbytes From Barak Obama Rally

Madison, 10.10.2004 01:09

4 short audios captured at Washington Park in North Milwaukee, Saturday, 9oct04

Ceres FNB

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.10.2004 01:02

Ceres Police Harass Ceres Anti-Authoritarians

Italian, Swiss Authorities Requested IMC Server Seizure

NYC, 10.10.2004 00:29

More information continued to trickle out today regarding the October 7 seizure of Indymedia's servers.

The FBI acknowledged yesterday that a subpoena had been issued by a U.S. District Court and served by the FBI, but claimed it was at the request of Italian and Swiss authorities. "It is not an FBI operation," Bureau spokesman Joe Parris told the Agence France Press. [Good Analysis of the Cross Border Legal Issues From]

The reasons for the court order or who actually holds the servers now are still unknown to Indymedia, according to a statement on the Global IMC site.

Encuentro nacional de mujeres en Mendoza

Argentina, 09.10.2004 22:47

Sábado 9 de Octubre de 2004
Encuentro nacional de mujeres en Mendoza

El FBI incauta servidores de Indymedia en Inglaterra

Argentina, 09.10.2004 22:09

Jueves 7 de Octubre | Una nuevo ataque a la libertad de informar
El FBI incauta servidores de Indymedia en Inglaterra

indymedia server

Istanbul, 09.10.2004 21:50

FBI İngiltere'deki Indymedia sunucularını durdurdu

Quadriplegic man dies in DC jail serviing sentence for first time pot offense

DC, 09.10.2004 21:35

Jonathan Magbie who has been quadriplegic and on a ventilator since age 4 was sentenced by Judge Judith Retchin to ten days in the DC jail for possession of marijuana which he says "made him feel better".

F.B.I apreende material do Centro de Média Independente Português

Portugal, 09.10.2004 21:12

F.B.I apreende material do Centro de Média Independente Português

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