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Puerto Rico en la ONU

Puerto Rico, 10.06.2008 22:41

Reanudarán Debate en la ONU Sobre Caso de Puerto Rico


Athens, 10.06.2008 20:10

Η βρώμικη ιστόρια των "πιο" βρώμικων XYTA

The hollow rhetoric of 'centres of excellence'

Ireland, 10.06.2008 15:41

Unmasking the national cancer strategy The governm ...

Day of Action on Food and Climate Change

United Kingdom, 10.06.2008 15:40

Climate activists took action across the country and beyond to coincide with the start of the UN Conference on World Food Security, Climate Change & Bio-energy in Rome. "As world leaders and corporations come together to talk more hot air, people across the UK are taking real action on food and climate change.

In Girton, Cambridge, Earth First! activists visited the laboratory and offices of the National Institute for Agricultural Botany (NIAB), others came together for a protest outside Newham town hall in East Ham to object the UK's first biofuel-fired power plant to be built, in Beckton. Manchester saw some guerilla gardening as well as free food giveaways in London, Sheffield, Bistol, Nottingham, Glasgow, Liverpool and Amsterdam. Ready, Steady, Skip!, a new film and website about the joys of skipping was also launched from Nottingham to coincide with the "Days Of Climate Action" food day.

Newswire: Protests against planned agrofuel power plant in Beckton | Food & Climate Change Action - London | Day of Action on Food and Climate Change: food giveaway & anti-Tesco demo | Ready Steady Skip: Trailer and website launched! | 3rd June Food Climate Change Day of Action in Nottingham | Free Food and Guerrilla Gardening! | Day of Action on Food & Climate Change 3rd June

Previous Features: Fossil Fools Take On Fossil Fuels | UK Takes Action While World Leaders Continue To Produce Hot Air | Day of Local Action against 'The Oil and Gas Bank'

Links: Days of Climate Action | Climate Camp | Network for Climate Action | Read Steady Skip! | Eastside Climate Action | Manchester Climate Action | Earth First! UK | UK Indymedia Climate Chaos topic page

Medford, Oregon Says NO to Racial Based HATE!

Rogue Valley, 10.06.2008 15:09

-Medford, Oregon, Saturday June 7, 2008

We were a couple minutes late when we found parking on Saturday near Union Park in west Medford, Oregon. As we exited the car and made our way towards the gathering in the city park the entire neighborhood was bathed in song. It kept getting louder as we got closer. What an experience to walk along on this warm sunny Saturday and to hear a chorus of voices singing: "WE SHALL OVERCOME"

Brenda and I joined in the crowd of 100 who stood in a circle right there in Union Park. Dave Marston with guitar in hand led the gathering with songs of support. Medford's public response to racism was strong and clear. There will be Zero Tolerance for racism here!

Continue for more & click photos to make them larger...


santiago, 10.06.2008 14:44


Unkosher Meat, Unkosher Politics

United States, 10.06.2008 14:09

The Rubashkin meatpacking plant in Postville, Iowa, which has been the biggest supplier of allegedly kosher meat in America, has violated many moral, ethical, and legal codes of conduct — American and Jewish. It has tortured the animals it is supposed to kill painlessly and has exploited its workers, many of whom are undocumented immigrants who were fearful of complaining. It has even had the chutzpah to collect union dues from some workers and then pocket the money instead of passing it on to the unions.

Rubashkin is under serious criticism from major parts of the Jewish community... Read More by Rabbi Arthur Waskow | Take Media Action

Related from the Jewish Daily Forward: News From Postville May Be Treyf, but Kosher Consumers Keep Buying

Mehmet Bal açlık grevinde

Istanbul, 10.06.2008 12:40

Vicdani Retçi Mehmet Bal açlık grevinde

Blackwater Opens Large Training Facility in San Diego

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.06.2008 10:09

On June 5th, after a federal judge cleared the way, Blackwater Worldwide, the 'World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army', opened a large training facility in San Diego, just three blocks from the border that separates California and Mexico. Blackwater is setting its sights on the so-called "war on drugs" and recently opened its own private CIA, called "Total Intelligence Solutions," marketing "CIA-type services" to Fortune 500 companies. On Wednesday, June 11th, local groups in San Diego are organizing a major protest outside the Blackwater facility at 7685 Siempre Viva Road in Otay Mesa.

From the Newswire

Perth, 10.06.2008 09:41

Rudd Govt accused of supporting repression in Burma

Seruan Aksi Anti-G8, Juli 2008

Jakarta, 10.06.2008 09:39

Toya Lake, Hokkaido, Jepang Pada bulan Juli 2008 mendatang, para pimpinan negara-negara yang memonopoli dua per tiga kekayaan bumi ini akan berkumpul di Toya Lake di Hokkaido Jepang. ...

Felton Prevails in Six-Year Fight to Acquire Water System from Cal-Am and RWE

Santa Cruz, CA, 10.06.2008 05:40

The community of Felton prevailed in its six-year fight to acquire its water system from California-American Water (Cal-Am), a subsidiary of the German multinational corporation RWE. Cal-Am and the San Lorenzo Valley Water District (SLVWD) announced a purchase agreement on May 30th, less than a week before the planned start of an eminent domain trial where a jury would have set the value of the water system. "This win, combined with the failure of RWE to efficiently and affordably deliver water to the residents of Felton is yet another example of why water utilities should be managed by the public," said Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director of Food & Water Watch.

A Gathering of Friends in San Jose

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.06.2008 05:40

On June 8, at Chai House in San Jose, Jewish and Japanese American survivors of the camps of World War Two and their families met to tell their stories and reach common understanding. The South Bay Holocaust Survivor Group and the Japanese American Museum of San Jose were sponsors of the meeting, and the group was about evenly mixed between the two communities represented.


santiago, 10.06.2008 04:40

Santa Cruz City Council to Consider Resolution for an End of US Military Aid to Colombia

Santa Cruz, CA, 10.06.2008 02:39

Armed with bazookas, instruments and colorful posters, residents of Santa Cruz will show their support on Tuesday, June 10th at 3:30pm in favor of a pending city resolution requesting that all US military aid to Colombia be re-directed to domestic drug prevention and rehabilitation programs, which have been shown to be more effective in the "war on drugs." Bert Muhly of Tres Americas will speak on the issue, as well as Sandra Alvarez, long time Colombia activist and Ph.D candidate at the University of California Santa Cruz.

Extreme Cuts to Vital Mental Health Services for Santa Cruz County Residents Planned

Santa Cruz, CA, 10.06.2008 02:09

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Santa Cruz County and mental health advocates will rally on Tuesday, June 10th at 9:30am in front of the County Government Building on Ocean Street to call for the protection of mental health services in Santa Cruz County. Children, incarcerated individuals, and individuals with mental illness are losing their services or will receive reduced services.

Sierra Leone Movement Under Attack!

Boston, 09.06.2008 19:09

Slanderous news media has appeared in a government linked newspaper and a campaign of rumors has been initiated, obviously designed to undermine and isolate the Africanist Movement and its director, Chernoh Alpha M. Bah. Sierra Leoneís neocolonial government is apparently moving to criminalize the Africanist Movement in order to justify jailing and/or otherwise destroying these courageous leaders of our struggle for African self-determination.

Justica Determina o Despejo da Ocupação Camilo Torres

Brasil, 09.06.2008 19:08


InteligenCIA y ContrainteligenCIA, Revolución y Contrarrevolución

Venezuela, 09.06.2008 18:07

another world is here (en)

Barcelona, 09.06.2008 17:09

3 Days of Action in Esplugues Against the Caufec Plan

On Monday the 19th, Tuesday the 20th, and Wednesday the 21st a total of 36 activists chained themselves to huge buckets of cement, fences, and construction equipment in order to halt the construction of the urban megaproject pla Caufec in Esplugues del Llobregat. The struggle against the Caufec Plan began with various neighborhood organizations over 17 years ago when the city local government (PsoE) began promoting the destruction of the St. Pere Martir mount. The plan includes the development of high rises, offices, posh apartments, and a huge commercial center. The action was part of the active defense of collserola and demanded the freedom of Franki among other things. The activists were arrested and charged with disobedience, co-action, and public disorder and damages.

Demonstration against Caufec Plan SATURDAY 24 may 18h in the town hall place of Esplugues de Llobregat

Previous News: The first chained people are evicted - video:: Second day: 8 people chained :: Third day: 24 people chained :: Do you want to know how Esplugues' jails are? [photos]

May 24 anti-speculative calls ::: 12h Inauguration of the Barris en Lluita workshop at Forat de la Vergonya :: 18h demonstration against Caufec plan at Esplugues Town Hall square :: 23h, Popular Botifarrada to speculation!

+info:: >>>another world is here + No al Caufec + Entre Bastidors

indymedia (en)

Barcelona, 09.06.2008 14:08

Arrested Activists from Indymedia Ecuador

On the 6th of May, more than 40 agents of Ecuador´s Grupo de Intervencion y Rescate (GIR) arrested 5 activists from Indymedia Ecuador. The activists were about to leave for the Cimera de los Pueblos in Perú. The agents; armed with machine guns and sporting face masks, beat and threatened the life of the activists before driving each activist to his or her respective domicile. The activists were no given information as to the motive of their arrest and computer hardware, CD´s, books, even stickers were confiscated. After a night in jail, were the activists were kept incomunicado and interrogated, 4 were released without charges. The remaining activist, a columbian by the name of Antonio, is, suposedly, accused of moving with false documentation. Indymedia denounces the disproportionate amount of violence used by the police force and demands an explanation from the equatorian government. Behind this action, a side from the criminalization of alternative media, are hidden more complex interests and entities like Interpol and the CIA; who look to extend their "war on terror" to the Equatorian terrirory.

Previous News:::New to IMC Barcelona + Communicate from IMC Equador + Communicate from Indymedia Global Project.

+info : >>>indymedia + Indymedia Equador

Midwinter Multimedia: For those left out in the cold

Aotearoa, 09.06.2008 10:09

As Midwinter approaches and rain and winds push us (mostly) off the streets and into our homes, why not dash out for an evening to various events that seek to raise awareness about those people left out in the cold by society and those for whom war and colonisation pushes to the margins; homeless people, female factory workers in Mexico, refugees, Tuhoe and Latin American anti-imperialists.

Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland:

Kirikiriroa/Hamilton:Te Whanganui-a-Tara/Wellington:Otautahu/Christchurch:

A daughter's wish for her missing father on Father's Day

Aotearoa, 09.06.2008 09:10

Lorena "Aya" Santos, aged 25 from the Philippines, has written an open Father's Day letter to her father, Leo Velasco who 'disappeared', after being abducted last year by soldiers and has not been seen since. Father's Day occurs in June in the Philippines. Mr Velasco is a consultant for the National Democratic Front Philippines (NDFP), in its peace negotiations with the government. The NDFP is the umbrella political wing of a number of left organisations, including the bannedCommunist Party of the Philippines (CPP) in its peace negotiations with the Philippines government. Her mother is currently being detained at a military camp. [Abductions and Summary Executions of Suspected Communists] Since 2001 death squads linked to the Armed Forces of the Philippines have murdered over 900 peasant leaders, unionists, community activists, student leaders and clergy people. Many more have simply 'disappeared' never to be seen again. Brutal counter-insurgency operations, with US backing, supposedly aimed at the CPP and Muslim rebels in the Southern Island of Mindanao, have killed many civilians. Aya writes to her father: We understand each other how painful it is to long for missing parents. We share the same rage against your abductors and their bosses and this repressive system. We wonder how these people can make our loved ones disappear and can still sleep at night (with their own families beside them, I imagine.) I know we are all connected because of this tragedy of enforced disappearance, a state practice that should be stopped and never repeated. I feel we are all siblings and that they are also your sons and daughters too. We are the children of the Desaparecidos. We are also the children whose parents have fought for their principles and have served the oppressed. [Aya's Father's Day Letter]

Airport Foodcourt Workers Strike Against Medieval Conditions

Aotearoa, 09.06.2008 08:09

Two dozen workers at Auckland Airport’s foodcourt staged a lightening strike on Saturday 7 June, in protest at medieval working conditions. The strikers marched through the foodcourt calling for their rights and were applauded by the public. Employers and security tried unsuccessfully to silence the upbeat strikers. The company is a joint venture between HMSC, a mega-corporation with businesses around the world, and Auckland International Airport. Mike Treen of Unite Union said the workers had the worst employment contract the union had come across. The workers have a start time but no finish time. They may work for one hour or for 10 hours at the whim of the company. Unite has succeeded in getting breaks established for staff who earlier were working up to 7 hours with no breaks. Most are on the minimum wage or slightly above and have no security of hours. Some have worked 38 to 40 hours a week for several years but are denied permanent positions. The strikers are calling for a pay increase, security of hours for long serving staff and improved breaks. TV3 News Coverage of Strike

War brewing in Chiapas:Mexican Army attempts to invade zapatista territory and promises to return

Aotearoa, 09.06.2008 06:10

Last Wednesday, June 4 an estimated 200 military units including soldiers, various levels of police, tanks and intelligence attempted to enter la Garrucha Caracol and surrounding autonomous Zapatista communities, territories reclaimed by the Ejercito Zapatista de Liberacion Nacional (EZLN) in 1994. This marks an alarming escalation in violent hostility from the Mexican State that we have seen developing since last August.

Take note also that this mid-year marks 3 years since the Zapatistas put out their Sixth Declaration and called for The Other Campaign, a revolutionary process framed as non-violent. (Obviously it's difficult to be non-violent when the army is killing your people and stealing your land!) Last Wednesday the army was driven away by the strong response of zapatista autonomous support bases (Bases de Apoyo) who blocked the road.

The army did however promise their return in 15 days saying that they have evidence to believe that there are marijuana plantations in Zapatista territory. Outrageous! This is how the army controls Mexico these days: if it's not supposedly chasing drug cartels in the big cities (ie. urban military occupation) it's invading and terrorising rural communities (especially autonomous ones).

Expect a global call out for solidarity actions in the next week or so. The situation is possibly the most serious that it has been since 1995.

For current information in English | Spanish | Anarchist view of EZLN | Chiapas indymedia[bi-lingual] | Narco News

Student Health Insurance at UCSC will Cover Transgender Healthcare

Santa Cruz, CA, 09.06.2008 06:09

The UC Santa Cruz administration officially accepted a joint proposal of the Graduate Student Association, UAW and STIHC (Students for Trans-Inclusive Healthcare) for GSHIP (Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan) and USHIP (Undergraduate Student Health Insurance Plan) benefits. Effective this fall, GSHIP and USHIP will include a $75,000 lifetime benefit for transgender healthcare.

From the Newswire

Perth, 09.06.2008 04:50

Rudds betrayal opens nuclear-waste toxic floodgate

Sean Bell Summer

NYC, 09.06.2008 02:39

More than a month after the notguilty verdict in the Sean Bell case, community organizations are trying to build momentum to implement NYPD reforms, including establishing an independent prosecutor’s office and reducing the presence of armed police in schools, while starting neighborhood initiatives to film police activities.

Timeline - SmashEDO Carnival Against the Arms Trade

United Kingdom, 08.06.2008 20:08

The SmashEDO Carnival Against the Arms Trade was held in Brighton on Wednesday 4th June. Over 500 people marched from The Level to the EDO/ITT factory in Moulescombe. Police plans to contain everyone in a pen outside a neighbouring unit were foiled, and protestors managed to get to the factory. The factory gates were mysteriously opened, and a police van attempted to block the entrance to the EDO/ITT car park but protestors seized the opportunity to enter the car park and vent their rage against the arms company. A few arrests were reported.

Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | Video | More videos | FIT watch Video
Arrests updates: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
Smash EDO Press Releases: 10 Still in Custody over EDO Protest | Death of Marie Vesco | All Arrested Released Without Charge

Nottingham Student Banned from Travelling by Israel

United Kingdom, 08.06.2008 20:08

Wissam Abuajwa risks losing a place at Nottingham University because Israel will not allow him to leave Gaza. He has a place, a scholarship (from the London-based charity Karim Rida Said Foundation, and a British visa to study for an MSc in Environment and Research Engineering at the University of Nottingham's School of Chemical and Environment Engineering, beginning in September.

However, his place could at risk because the Israeli authorities have prevented him from leaving Gaza to travel to the UK. Abuajwa's situation is, unfortunately far from unique. Abir Abu Warda, 29, has a Ford Foundation-funded place at London Metropolitan University, which is at risk for the same reason. In the US, seven students from Gaza who had previously been told that they would lose their Fulbright scholarships because of the travel ban have now had them reinstated by the State department. The US now claim to be working "closely" with Israel to secure exit permits (which you can interpret however you want).

UC Workers and Students Block California Highway 1 in Santa Cruz to Protest Poverty Wages

Santa Cruz, CA, 08.06.2008 20:08

On June 6th, George Blumenthal was inaugurated as the 10th Chancellor of UC Santa Cruz during a ceremony on the East Field overlooking the Monterey Bay. Students and workers, organized through the Student and Worker Coalition for Justice (SWCJ) and the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), rallied at UCSC, marched to the Chancellor's Inauguration and blocked California Highway One during a 10-hour day of action to end poverty wages at the University of California.

Northwest Winter Soldier: Iraq Veterans Speak Out

Seattle, 08.06.2008 17:09

On May 31st, over 600 people listened to Iraq War Veterans speak about what it is like to be a soldier in Bush's endless war. The veteran's experiences were traumatic and sometimes horrifying. They spoke with great honesty, bringing tears to some audience members as soldiers described the killing of children and other civilians.

Federal Judge strikes down 2 Miami-Dade County anti-demonstration laws

Miami, 08.06.2008 08:38

Federal Judge strikes down 2 Miami-Dade County anti-demonstration laws

First Black Nominee for Major Party Endorses Apartheid in Speech to AIPAC

DC, 08.06.2008 03:10

Senator Barack Obama, making history as the first black nominee for one of the two major parties in the U.S., used his first speech on the first day as the nominee to make a major political declaration -- his unwavering support and approval of racial separatism.

A Victory for Public Education

NYC, 08.06.2008 02:08

Opponents of a plan that would relocate one of the city’s most successful experiments in public education in order to make way for a new Hunter College science center won a victory on May 21 when members of Community Board 8 voted in favor of a resolution opposing the plan.

The Indypendent Issue #121: Gitmo On Trial

NYC, 08.06.2008 00:08

Sometime later this month, the U.S. Supreme Court is set to rule on the rights of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. On June 6, 2008, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other defendants began war crimes trials for their alleged involvement in the planning of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Mohammed was one of the prisoners the C.I.A. water boarded in a C.I.A. “black site.” To bring attention to the torturous conditions at Guantanamo Bay, 85 people were arrested in January at the Supreme Court. 34 activists were put on trial and convicted. Ellen Davidson, one of the 34, reports for the Indy. “Our trial, like our Jan. 11, 2008, action in which a total of 85 were arrested, was a vehicle to draw attention to the hundreds of men who have been held for years without charges and tortured at the U.S. interrogation center at Guantánamo Bay in Cuba. On that day, which marked the sixth anniversary of the opening of the prison, we carried no identification, and we each gave the police the name of a prisoner at Guantánamo, bringing these men’s names into the U.S. courts for the first time,” writes Davidson. For more, see the link below titled “Jumpsuit Justice Has To Go.”

Also in the latest issue of the Indy, a report on how some members of Congress are attempting to censor the Internet in the name of combating “home grown terrorism,” and an article on Angola Prison. See below for much more!

Deadly Experiments: A Review of the Body Hunters || International Briefs || Age Ain’t Nothin’ But a Number: A Review of Grandmothers Against the War || Is Queer Nation Swinging Right? A Review of That’s Revolting || Big Issues, Short Films || Congress Approves Plan Mexico || Fighting Hell in Angola: Prison Activism Yesterday and Today || War-on-Terrorism Moves to Internet || A Victory for Public Education || HIP Replacement || Sean Bell Summer || Reader Comments || Community Calendar || Guilty Until Proven Innocent: The Transcript of Arkin Mahmud’s Hearing || Guantanamo: A Threat to Us All || A History of Bush’s Tortured Logic || Jumpsuit Justice Has To Go

Pittsburgh Food Not Bombs under attack!

Pittsburgh, 07.06.2008 18:40

Pittsburgh Food Not Bombs under attack!

Raytheon 9 - On Trial

Ireland, 07.06.2008 18:08

They're on Trial For Us, We're on the Loose for Th ...

Eugene Police Taser UO Student Organizer at anti-Pesticide Rally

Portland, 07.06.2008 16:39

On May 30 Eugene police repeatedly tasered a UO student organizer at a peaceful downtown rally supporting an end to toxic roadside pesticide spraying in Lane County, Oregon. EPD wrongfully arrested 2 students and one community member collectively known as "The Kesey Three" -- as the events took place at Eugene's Ken Kesey "Free Speech" Plaza.

2 Gatherings for Peace in Support of "The Kesey Three":

  • Gathering for Peace in Support of "The Kesey Three": Thursday, June 5 from 12 - 3 at the EMU Amphitheater, University of Oregon, Eugene; Come wear a white armband to speak out against police brutality and the use of tasers in policing.
  • Gather in Support of "The Kesey Three" on Saturday, June 7 in Kesey Square (Willamette / Broadway) at 12 noon. We will gather together silently. Many will have an "X" painted over their mouths or will be wearing tape over their mouths as a statement of how the police are trying to silence free speech with their violence.
Flyers will be silently handed to those with questions.

Youtube Video of May 30 events

The SIG at it again

Aotearoa, 07.06.2008 09:09

The capitalist media reports that "an Iraqi man convicted of immigration fraud after an investigation by police into possible terror links is fighting to stay in New Zealand." "Salam Mansoor Abdelabbas Al-Bawi was sentenced to six months' home detention in March after admitting coming to New Zealand on a false Danish passport and later applying for citizenship and a passport using the fake name John Joseph. The Department of Internal Affairs is investigating his citizenship, beginning a process that could lead to his deportation." It turns out that Al-Bawi was investigated by Detective Sergeant Aaron Pascoe and the Special Investigation Group (SIG). Pascoe and the SIG are of course also behind the raids on Tuhoe and activists around the country on 15th October 2007. In February 2006, detectives from the SIG searched Al-Bawi's Remuera home and found the false Danish passport and other apparently fake documents. But how did this become an 'anti-terrorist' operation with a potential 'threats to national security'? The Special Investigation Groups were established in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in January 2005. In the year ending 30th June 2006, "Police [were] involved in two regional policing operations that have potential implications for New Zealand's national security in a regional context." (Police Annual Report 2006) Was Al-Bawi one and Operation 8 the other?

Rice shuts down Chertoff protest

Houston, 07.06.2008 05:39

Students banned from protesting Michael Chertoff at Rice

Fresno Homeless Residents Win Settlement Over City's Destruction of Personal Property

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.06.2008 04:40

The homeless and their advocates achieved an enormous victory today. A Federal Court in Fresno approved a settlement of over $2 million for the destruction of their personal property. The settlement is the largest of its kind in the entire country.

Italiens Antiziganismus

Germany, 07.06.2008 04:39

Seit den landesweiten Wahlerfolgen der Rechten in Italien kommt es vermehrt zu rassistischen Ausschreitungen. Nach den rassistischen Ausschreitungen gegen Zigeuner/innen-Lager hat die Regierung von Silvio Berlusconi jetzt gesetzliche Anweisungen zur Lösung des "Zigeunernotstands" erlassen. "Neo"(?)-Faschismus in Italien, ethnische Säuberung Schritt 1...

Abschiebehaft: Italien prescht vor | Nazimob wütet in Roms Stadtteil Pigneto | Rassistische Pogrome in Italien

Seit die Rechten wieder an der Macht sind, nehmen neben rassistischen Pogromen auch Übergriffe auf Linke wieder zu:
Angriff an der römischen Uni La Sapienza | Erneuter faschistischer Angriff in Rom | Erste Proteste nach mehreren Morden: Verona, 17.Mai: Antifa Demo

Italienische Indymedias: Rom | Napoli | | Ligurien | Emilia RomagnaToscana | Piemonte

Eugene Police Taser UO Student Organizer at anti-Pesticide Rally

Portland, 07.06.2008 02:39

On May 30 Eugene police repeatedly tasered a UO student organizer at a peaceful downtown rally supporting an end to toxic roadside pesticide spraying in Lane County, Oregon. EPD wrongfully arrested 2 students and one community member collectively known as "The Kesey Three" -- as the events took place at Eugene's Ken Kesey "Free Speech" Plaza.

Tre Arrow Accepts Plea Bargain

Portland, 07.06.2008 02:39

Tre Arrow accepted a plea bargain at the Federal Courthouse this morning. Here's his message to everyone: A warm blessing to you all - i thank you for your support and for being here today. Some may look at this non - cooperation plea agreement as a victory. Some may see it as a defeat. It's really neither! It's simply another step in this journey as i walk my path of conscience. You see, it's never been about me. From before the days of the ledge-sit, right thru 'til today, this has been and will always be about the commitment to leave our Earth Mother in a healthier, more beautiful state then when i arrived. This is about taking back our power from the government and corporate entities that would have us believe that monetary wealth and the acquisition of material objects is more important than the health of the planet, it's people and the billions of life forms with whom we share this home. This is about being a voice for the trees, our animal friends, the waters, mountains and blue skies. This is a calling to consider our children grandchildren and the generations to follow. This is living up to our divine potential. This is an opportunity to be a voice for truth, compassion and respect in the face of profound corruption and disregard for the sanctity of life that permeates the governments and corporations of the world.

HUNGER STRIKE DAY 4: Broken Feather Interview outside NW Natural

Portland, 07.06.2008 02:39

Two part video interview at the NO LNG Hunger Strike This is a 10 day fast (Hunger Strike) that is "on going." The next person will start after 10 days. I stopped in on Day 4 of the first person who is fasting on (Wed 6/4/08). It is in downtown Portland Oregon Right outside of the NW NATURAL Gas Company's office. These two videos have lots of good facts about this ugly project Heidi and Broken Feather are two of the participants.

Homeless and supporters march on City Hall for protest-and voter registration

DC, 07.06.2008 02:09

Around noon on June 5, homeless people and supportersmarched from thew Father McKenna center off North Cap st to City Hall. Upon arrival, the picket and speeches were a backdrop to voter registration! Raw Audio-speeches(download): WSQT Broadcast Audio: Police Are Interrogating Media Around Franklin Shelter

Iraq-style Checkpoints put the &quot;occupied&quot; in Occupied DC

DC, 07.06.2008 02:09

"Operation Blue Curtain" is neighborhood vehicle/passenger ID checkpoints beginning this weekend and beginning in Trinidad. Pedestrians are not explicitly targeted but should expect harassment if NYC's experience with this sort of thing is any guide. WSQT Download Audio:

Alert from the Zapatistas: 200 Soldiers Invade Zapatista Lands, Resisted and Ejected by the People

Boston, 07.06.2008 01:08

Comrades of the Other Campaign in Mexico and other countries, we ask you to be on the alert because the soldiers said they’ll be back in two weeks. We don’t want war. We want peace with justice and dignity. But we have no other choice than to defend ourselves, resist them, and eject them when they come looking for a confrontation with us in the towns of the Zapatista support bases...All we can tell you is to look and see where the provocation is coming from. We’re now informing you of what’s going on, hopefully in time. [This is one of many police operatives carried out in the past months in Chiapas. See for more information]

From Youth Offer Dixon an Opportunity to Act

Baltimore, 06.06.2008 21:08

All eyes are on Mayor Sheila Dixon and the group of young people known as Peer-to-Peer Enterprises following the suspension of the student hunger strike. The strike went on for 5 days before the mayor agreed to sit down and discuss the students’ $3 million demand. In a bold move, the city council then called off the budget vote Wednesday night—buying some time and possibly signifying that the mayor and the council may now understand the importance of what could be the most revolutionary development in youth employment programs to date. (Originally published at

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