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Marie Vesco RIP

United Kingdom, 13.06.2008 14:08

Marie Vesco was killed by a car on Wednesday 4th June while cycling to Brighton. Active in various London social centres, Whitechapel and Brixton Food Not Bombs, she now had plans to open a new social centre.

Marie was part of a group of twelve cyclists who left Brixton in the early hours of the morning to join the Smash EDO demo. They were on the A23 by Burgess Hill when an impatient gas guzzling imbecile swerved across two lanes straight into Marie, then another car hit her. She died instantly, there was nothing her friends could have done. The driver of the second car got straight on his phone as soon as he came to a halt - not for an ambulance but to call his lawyer. He then started pushing Marie's mates around. One driver has been arrested.

Newswire: Marie Vesco RIP | Smash EDO Press Release - Death of Marie Vesco

Lisbon Referendum results: early tallies show victory for No campaigns

Ireland, 13.06.2008 12:38

Is Lisbon -II on the cards? Ballots are being coun ...

Encontro com Organizacoes Populares

Brasil, 13.06.2008 12:08


Shell Expelled from Ogoni Land

Aotearoa, 13.06.2008 10:10

After years of nonviolent struggle against the injustices committed by Shell in Ogoniland, the Nigerian Government decided to oust the multinational oil company. Street parties have broken out in Nigeria. Placard- "Bye bye to Shell"

The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) has today commended the Federal Government's decision to appoint another operator in place of Shell for the Ogoni area, describing it as a bold step that stands the brightest chance of quickening the resumption of oil activities in Ogoni. - STATEMENT FROM THE MOVEMENT FOR THE SURVIVAL OF THE OGONI PEOPLE - June 5, 2008

Links: Factsheet on the Ogoni struggle | Remember Ken Saro Wiwa | Shell to Sea - The fight against Shell continues | UNPO - Shell ousted from Nigeria

JUNK boat set sail Sunday

LA, 13.06.2008 05:09

JUNK boat set sail Sunday

CopWatch Activist In Sonoma Faces Charge

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.06.2008 04:09

Copwatcher and member of the Free Mind Media Center (a Santa Rosa based radical infoshop and bookstore) Ben Saari, was arrested on May Day while doing Copwatch and has charges pending against him.

Free Speech Radio News in Crisis

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.06.2008 03:39

Free Speech Radio News (FSRN) is facing closure after its major supporter substantially reduced funding. FSRN has been given notice by the financially-strapped Pacifica Foundation that its funding will be cut by more than $13,500 a month - effective immediately. The reduction represents about a 25% cut in income for the grassroots news collective. Since FSRN is barred from on-air fundraising, it must seek to offset the cut with income from affiliates, foundations and individuals. A massive cut in funding from Pacifica on a moment's notice will make it impossible for Free Speech Radio News to produce a daily half-hour newscast.

Berkeley Rally Against Bevatron Structure Pulverization

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.06.2008 03:39

On, June 10, Berkeley residents & activists gathered at Berkeley City Hall to protest UC Berkeley's plan to pulverize LBNL's Bevatron structure. Protesters are worried about the environmental and health impacts of the University's plans to demolish, and haul away, the Bevatron and its contents -- which include radioactive material, asbestos, lead, mercury, PCBs, and chlorinated VOCs.

Berkeley Protests ICE Raids

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.06.2008 03:39

On May 22, more than 2,000 Berkeley High School students of all different nationalities streamed out of class and formed a human chain around the school to protest the escalating attacks on immigrants. As they linked arms, they chanted "Immigrants are people!" A young woman with the group Fighting for Immigrants' Rights and Equality (FIRE), which organized the protest, said, "Most of the school went out with us... Ooooh it made the whole school feel good, like we were a family, no matter what race you are or nothing, like we were together."

Palo Alto Residents Work To Protect Historic Building

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.06.2008 03:39

On June 6, a Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge voided a demolition permit for the historic Juana Briones home. Juana Briones de Miranda was a Latina businesswoman, humanitarian, and landowner who built a rare earthen-walled house in the 1840s in what later became Palo Alto.

&quot;Stop The Spray&quot; March Across the Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.06.2008 03:39

On May 31st, nearly a thousand protesters marched across the Golden Gate Bridge to protest the proposed spraying of the Bay Area for light brown apple moths. Groups gathered on both sides of the bridge and marched to the middle carrying signs protesting the proposed aerial spraying of a moth pheromone as part of a statewide campaign to wipe out the moth.

Benefit Gig for Victims of Police Terror Raids Tomorrow

Aotearoa, 13.06.2008 02:10

Awesome benefit gig for the arrestees of the State Terror Raids on Te Urewera (October 15th 2007 and twice in 2008!) Tomorrow at 2pm at the Adelaide in Wellington there will be a benefit gig featuring Cop Car, Snowfield, the Feminazis, Dyke Dyke Dyke, and Panda/Battle/Battle/Panda. The show is $5 and proceeds go to support the October 15th Solidarity crew - to cover arrestee support, legal and political work. On October 15th 2007, hundreds of police raided houses and arrested activists across the country. From the first day, the police were talking terrorism. The terrorism charges were unsuccessful. In order to save face the police laid Arms Act charges against 20 people. The police used the Terrorism Suppression Act (TSA) to gain surveillance warrants on activists. The New Zealand state used the events of September 2001 to justify massive increases in the budgets of the SIS and Police, and pass the TSA. This anti-terrorism legislation and money has been used to harass political activists who support Tino Rangatiratanga. More Links: October 15 Solidarity | Land of the Long White Lie

Popcorn Strike Tonight at St Lukes Sky City Cinema

Aotearoa, 13.06.2008 01:10

Workers at Sky City Cinemas St Lukes will be going on strike tonight at 6:30pm. [More] Unite Union is asking cinema patrons to boycott the confectionery sold at cinemas in support of what the union calls a “popcorn strike” until their members are able to get a better pay offer from the Cinema employers. Unite union members in the SkyCity Cinema chain have overwhelmingly rejected their employer’s final offer made in this year’s round of bargaining. “The so-called ‘offer’ was no more than the legal minimum wage for a majority of workers” said Unite National Director Mike Treen. “If the offer was accepted cinema workers would be paid significantly less than those in the fast-food industry who are also represented by our union. “Cinema attendants are asking for a very modest pay rise with more secure hours of work. All the company has offered these staff is a discounts on parlor ice cream!” said Mr Treen. Mechelle Warlich, Unite delegate at Skycity’s Henderson complex said, “the company’s offer is laughable. The supervisors would lose their relativity against the minimum wage and the cinema attendants would get no service-pay, no matter how long they have been employed – so much for loyalty”. Earlier in the week workers at the Henderson Cinema went on strike.

Tacoma: Activist Being Held By ICE

Portland, 12.06.2008 23:40

Jonah has been in Northwest Detention Center for about a week and a half now. During this time, he has been buying overpriced ramen noodles and trading meat for small cups full of green beans at meals. He has sent in requests for vegan food several times and they have all been denied. Today he's starting hunger strike. He's already feeling weak from lack of nutrition, so please help by calling GEO at 253 396 1611 and telling them to feed him good food!! You'll need his A# - 88737285 and his full name - Jose Alberto Larrama Portillo.

Also, he needs supporters from all over to write letters - On a computer or typewriter, not hand written - to the judge. In these letters you should include who you are, what your citizenship status is, your contact info, how long you have known Jonah and how much he rules.. Include things about how he feeds the hungry and teaches you new tricks and is ridiculously helpful and selfless with everyone. You need to write them to "Honorary Immigration Judge." Sounds silly, I know. "Dear Honorary Immigration Judge," And send them to him. Three copies.

And please keep sending letters of support.

Jose Alberto Larrama Portillo
1623 East J St, Suite 5
Tacoma, Wa 98421

Mesa de diálogo es logro de la movilización de los trabajadores

Venezuela, 12.06.2008 23:37

Culebra en Pie de Lucha

Puerto Rico, 12.06.2008 23:10

Siguen los Problemas de Acceso a las Playas de Culebra

SCOTUS Ruling on Guantanamo Bay Restores Right to Challenge Detention

NYC, 12.06.2008 21:40

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that foreign terrorism suspects held at Guantanamo Bay have rights under the Constitution to challenge their detention in U.S. civilian courts.

The University is Unsustainable: A Presentation by Darwin BondGraham and Will Parrish

Santa Cruz, CA, 12.06.2008 18:09

On June 2nd, the Education for Sustainable Living Program (ESLP) class at UC Santa Cruz hosted an evening entitled "The University is Unsustainable: militarism, nuclearism, corporatism and the UC." Student researchers Jono and Leah presented on UCSC's Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) while UCSC alumni Will Parrish and Darwin BondGraham focused on the University of California from 1868 to 2008, from the genocide of Indigenous Nations, the Spanish American War and the Manhattan Project, through to the present: a time of renewed nuclear-militarism and increasing corporatization and privatization of the University.

Execution of Karl

Houston, 12.06.2008 17:40

Texas Executions Start with Karl Chamberlain, Continue though Summer

Daniel McGowan Transferred - Threat of Madison Grand Jury

NYC, 12.06.2008 15:39

Daniel McGowan has been moved to the Columbia County Jail in Portage, Wisconsin. The reasoning for his move is unknown, but could be related to an as yet to be convened grand jury in nearby Madison.

Crain failure/System failure

NYC, 12.06.2008 15:39

Why are young construction workers falling from the New York City skies? Why do the gleaming hirises of this city have workers blood pooled on the sidewalks in front of them? Read the story you won't get in the mainstream media, from a worker/activist/writer on the inside....

BNP Withdraw Festival Licence Application in the Face of Protests

United Kingdom, 12.06.2008 15:09

On Tuesday June 10, Amber Valley Borough Council met at the Town Hall, Market Place, Ripley to hear the premises licence application for the BNP's Red, White and Blue Festival, scheduled to take place on land owned by party member and former Tory-councillor Alan Warner at Denby, Derbyshire from the 15th to the 17th August 2008.

Security at the meeting was tight. Protesters gathering outside were greeted by several van loads of Derbyshire's finest, evidence gatherers and a FIT Team. Inside, the police, who had initially raised no objection to the licence, claimed to have received "significant intelligence" which had forced them to reconsider their position. Fearing conflict between the BNP and anti-fascists they wished to see the imposition of new conditions including the erection of a seven-foot high fence around the site and the installation of temporary security lighting. When invited to sum-up their position the BNP representatives withdrew their application and stormed out of the meeting, insisting they would go ahead without the licence.

Newswire: Red White & Blue festival - Licence Refused | Red White Blue Festival licence refused | Protest Against the BNP: June 10 | Notts Stop the BNP objection to BNP licence application | Object to the BNPs "festival" | Notts Indymedia Anti-Racism Topic Page

Previous features: East Mids Campaigners Up The Anti as BNP Make Electoral Gains | Midlands and Yorkshire organise against the BNP | Broxtowe BNP Councillor Expelled From Party | Anti-fascists successfully blockade BNP meeting venue | BNP wins seat in Broxtowe

Links: Amber Valley Borough Council | Antifa | Stop the Red White and Blue Campaign

The Degeneration of the Russian Revolution

Boston, 12.06.2008 14:09

The Russian revolution go from an extreme popular democracy to the horrors of Stalin’s totalitarian state capitalism. How did this happen and when did this happen? What does this tell us about the nature of socialism? How did the Russian revolution go from an extreme popular democracy to the horrors of Stalin’s totalitarian state capitalism? The Russian revolution of 1917 involved vast numbers of people. It included almost all the working class of the cities, most of the peasants, and the mostly-peasant ranks of the military (swollen by the needs of World War I). The working people created delegated representational councils (soviets), along with factory committees, unions, regimental councils, peasant village councils, and cooperatives.

American Harvest: a naïve, incomplete, and shamefully ignorant portrait of agriculture in the United States

United States, 12.06.2008 09:38

I am writing to express my deep, deep disappointment with the film American Harvest, which opened in Rochester last Saturday at the Little Theater. I am a paralegal and outreach worker at Farmworker Legal Services of New York, a nonprofit law office based in Rochester. From my two years of providing legal services to farm workers in the Rochester area and beyond, I can say—from personal experience—that American Harvest presents a naïve, incomplete, and shamefully ignorant portrait of agriculture in the United States.

The film’s director, Angelo Mancuso, appears to have begun this project with honorable intentions, and I’m sure he feels his film is supportive of the mostly immigrant workers who plant and harvest America’s crops. But, as revealed in scene after scene of his movie, Mr. Mancuso fundamentally fails to understand the nature of our agricultural system and the brutal conditions suffered by its labor force. Essential facts are omitted, crucial context is lacking, and rosy clichés about farm workers’ satisfaction with their lot in life go unquestioned [... ] Mr. Mancuso has made a 95-minute movie—purportedly dedicated to explaining how the “American Harvest” gets harvested—that contains not one word regarding the abuses of workers’ rights and human rights that are the norm, not the exception, in this line of work. How is this possible? Read More>>

Una carovana europea in Chiapas

Switzerland, 12.06.2008 06:07

Mentre l'Europa perde la testa nel pallone, in Messico silenziosamente la guerra sporca avanza.
Una guerra a bassa intensità che continua a colpire quotidianamente.
Infierisce sui movimenti della Otra campaña messicana che costruiscono cammini di autonomia e solidarietà.
Per rompere il silenzio, l'Europa Zapatista promuove, rispondendo all'appello lanciato dal CAPISE, una carovana che a partire dal 27 luglio percorrerà alcuni fra i luoghi più colpiti dalla repressione.

Intanto in Europa, a partire dal 14 di giugno, per una quindicina di giorni, sono in calendario varie attività che si propongono di lanciare la carovana e rompere il silenzio sulle impunità del governo messicano.

Anche la rete svizzera di appoggio al Chiaps si sta muovendo, per rinforzare la solidarietà con l’altro messico, l’altra europa e l’umanità intergalattica altra.

Sabato 14 il Collettivo Zapatista Marisol di Lugano, propone una serata che presenterà la situazione attuale e la possibilità di partecipare alla carovana europea in Chiapas.

:: Approfondimenti ::
- [Luglio 2007] Il Messico che lotta e non si arrende
- [Gennaio 2007] Il Messico in fermento
- [Ottobre 2006] La battaglia di Oaxaca
- [Agosto 2006] Profumo di rivoluzione a Oaxaca
- [Giugno 2006] Messico: contro i fiori e i professori

:: Collegamenti utili ::
- Collettivo Zapatista Lugano | Europa Zapatista | Indymedia Chiapas | Frayba

Anti-War Protestors Acquitted!

Aotearoa, 12.06.2008 05:09

Six members of the group known as the Raytheon Nine have been unanimously acquitted today of destroying property belonging to multinational arms company Raytheon. They were each found not guilty of causing criminal damage to the building and offices and an employee`s car in Derry, Northern Ireland, in August 2006.

Impact March and Protest in Cork

Ireland, 12.06.2008 04:41

IMPACT union workers in Cork staged a lunc ...

Response of Raytheon 9 to their acquittal

Ireland, 12.06.2008 04:41

Statement issued by the DAWC, calling for Raytheon ...

2012: Free Internet Ends - unless we fight for &quot;net neutrality&quot;

Miami, 12.06.2008 02:07

2012: Free Internet Ends - unless we fight for "net neutrality"

Cyclist Tased tonight, 9:30ish, on SE 7th

Portland, 11.06.2008 18:39

My friend just called saying that she was stopped by a copcar for riding her bike without lights. She was pulled over around SE 7th and Morrison. As they were writing her a ticket another biker was biking North on 7th. They used him as an example how bikers cannot be seen without lights. So the cops told the other cyclist to stop and when he did not stop quickly enough/was confused why they were telling him to stop, they ran after him, pulled him off his bike, threw him against a nearby wall and tased him multiple times. When my friend called I could hear him screaming in the background and the cops yelling at him.

One commenter says: "I'm pretty sure I heard somebody talking about this experience on the bus late this evening, at least it was somebody with a similar story, he was like talking to somebody on a cell phone or something & said the paramedics had a hell of a time carving the taser barb out of his chest. Said he was charged with assaulting an officer for touching the motherfucker's boot while he was writhing around on the ground screaming. Sounded like a really fucked up event, yet another example of how tasers are just torture toys for sadists.."

From the Newswire

Perth, 11.06.2008 16:40

ROAR condemn PETA's sexist campaign

Utter Injustice - Police do NOTHING!

Portland, 11.06.2008 16:39

This past Saterday on June 7th 2008 at [about] 9:40pm i was about
to board the #15 bus at SE 34th & Belmont, on my way to work. Before i
can make it on the bus, i get jumped by these two drunken a**holes, coming out of some sports bar from across the street! I'm
trying to fight these two off, defending myself, with dozens of people
everywhere [including the bus' occupants]. They push me into a storefront
window, smashing it. I suffer a laceration on my lip & left ear. When
the two take off, heading east towards 39th., i call 911. Many people,
including the bus driver call 911. I'm on my cellphone talking to the
dispatcher, telling her what just happened to me.

I stay on the scene, waiting for the police to arrive. As soon as
they do, i approach them. But within seconds they ARREST ME! They force me
to the ground, i'm completely subdued & they TASER ME!!!

Nepal's Revolution in Progress, a Global Perspective

NYC, 11.06.2008 15:09

Something remarkable is happening. A whole generation of people has never seen a radical, secular, revolutionary movement rise with popular support. And yet here it is – in Nepal today. This movement has overthrown Nepal’s hated King Gyanendra and abolished the medieval monarchy. It has created a revolutionary army that now squares off with the old King’s army.

Addressing Violence in Prison

Boston, 11.06.2008 15:09

Usually when I talk about prisons I begin with a whole bunch of numbers and statistics. 2.4 million people in prison, 1 million Black people in prison, 1 in 9 Black men between the ages of 18 and 34 are in prison. Women of Color are the fastest growing population in prison. 25% of people in women’s prisons are raped during their sentence, 20% of people in men’s prisons are raped during their time. Nearly 100% of out queer and transgender people in men’s prisons experience some form of sexual assault. The numbers and statistics go on and on. I have pages and pages of them if you want. When we talk about systems of oppression it is often so much easier to talk about numbers rather than people. Whether we’re talking about the millions killed in war, the high percent of people losing their homes, or the rate at which people are losing access to food and water sources, we continuously use numbers to hide faces. [Reposted Sermon from The Community Church of Boston at]

The Radical Side of Harvard Commencement

Boston, 11.06.2008 14:08

Last week was Commencement week in Cambridge, with MIT’s service last Friday, and Harvard University last Thursday. I attended the Harvard Graduation Ceremony. In the interest of full disclosure, I did so as an employee of the video crew. Nonetheless, I was impressed and moved by some of the speeches from both the student body and the key note address. Thomas Allen Victor , a gradutating Senior, talked about the history of Harvard, and the ghosts of the crimes against humanity that were committed in the past. He was proud to say that 21st Century students think different. [LISTEN: Chuck's audio report.]

Apoyo a la casa Ederrena de Lakab

Euskal Herria, 11.06.2008 14:08

Durante la noche del pasado 1 de mayo un incendio accidental acab� con la casa Ederrena de Lakabe, uno de los edificios m�s importantes del pueblo. Ahora piden ayuda para reconstruirla ya sea con trabajo o con dinero. Para participar en el auzolan (trabajo comunitario) desde el 2 de junio al 15 de julio, avisa al tel�fono 948 392 002. Para ayuda econ�mica el n� de cuenta 3035 0058 31 0581005544 a nombre de la Asociaci�n Lakabe.

El pueblo de Lakabe estuvo abandonado hasta 1980, cuando un grupo de j�venes se fue all�, a las monta�as de Navarra, con intenci�n de vivir de acuerdo con unos ideales de no-violencia, igualdad y ecolog�a. Desde entonces, Lakabe se ha consolidado como pueblo y como una referencia para los movimientos sociales de Nafarroa, entre otras cosas por su activa participaci�n en la lucha contra el pantano de Itoitz.

M�s informaci�n: |Entrevista con habitantes de Lakabe (Tas-Tas irratia, 2/04/2008)|



Argentina, 11.06.2008 07:41

Nueva y brutal agresión a camarógrafo de Indymedia Rosario

Chachi 2

Argentina, 11.06.2008 07:41

Continúa destaque anterior


Argentina, 11.06.2008 07:41

Nueva y brutal agresión a camarógrafo de Indymedia Rosario

From the Newswire

Perth, 11.06.2008 03:12

Nuclear waste dump for Territory or South Australia?

Evening of Solidarity with Free, June 14th

Portland, 11.06.2008 02:39

There will be an evening of Solidarity with eco-prisoner Jeff Luers, Saturday, June 14th, at Laughing Horse Books, Featuring Rob los Ricos and Riotcop! As part of the International Day of Solidarity for Jeff Luers ("Free"), Riotcop will perform at Laughing Horse Books on Saturday June 14th. Snacks will be provided and Rob los Ricos will give a talk. The event is scheduled to begin around 7 p.m. and end around 10. Free will need help getting settled in to life in Eugene after his release, and this is our chance to show him a little solidarity and kick him down some much-needed cash. Suggested donation is $3-5, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Come out, have fun and GET THOSE SNACKS!

Waning interest in the fight to free China/Tibet?

Portland, 11.06.2008 02:39

Has Portland interest in the human rights abuses in China/Tibet really waned, or are action groups not making themselves apparent? Recently, while combing through Indymedia in search of Portland groups for the liberation of China/Tibet, I was shocked by the absence of (or apparent absence) of such existing movements. There doesn't seem to be much going on at all. I've been organizing a demonstration (set for the first week in August) to protest U.S. involvement in the 2008 Olympics. So far, my search for other groups to network with has been unfruitful. I've found some older posts about events protesting the Olympics (like the Human Rights Torch Relay and the protest that was held downtown April 12) but I was disappointed to find nothing listed on the calendar for the upcoming months. Has interest really waned or are groups just not posting anticipated events? If anyone is interested in coordinating efforts, please feel free to contact me at the e-mail listed, we would love to hear from you.

İsyan! Mehmet'le dayanışmaya!

Istanbul, 11.06.2008 01:40

Mücadele edilecekler cephelerin önündekiler değil cephelerin arkadasındaki tüm bürokratlar!

KPTV: Blatant, pathetic, totally transparent corporate media propaganda

Portland, 11.06.2008 01:39

KPTV just ran a report on PADL's protests against Ungar furs. It was the most pathetic piece of yellow journalism I've seen since Kyle Iboshi uttered the words, "Was Fouad Kaady on drugs?" The premise of the story was that PADL, "unlike In Defense of Animals," has a stated goal of shutting down Ungar furs. (IDA, you will remember, carefully stated their goal in the Schumacher's campaign as being to educate the public, not to shut down Schumacher's. This was a very useful tactical move, if you ask me. To express the desire to actually shut down the business would have triggered any number of legal repercussions, which might have stopped the demonstrations. Instead, the public became educated to the horrific realities of the fur trade, elected not to shop at Schumacher's, and the end result: Schumacher's shut down.)(And, to make clear a point that KPTV seems not to have understood, the Schumacher campaign was a grassroots response to the fur trade, engaged in by many different people, and was not just IDA.)

City Council and Garda abuse of Travellers in Cork City.

Ireland, 11.06.2008 01:09

A Traveller couple in their late 50s, and their fa ...

Small but Significant Victory re: Politics &amp;amp; Prose canceling Palestinian's Book talk

DC, 11.06.2008 00:10

Politics and Prose bookstore owner Carla Cohen has reversed her decision to cancel Palestinian- American author Saree Makdisi's talk on his new book, "Palestine Inside Out: An Everyday Occupation". Pasted below are Carla's editorial in the Friday edition of the Washington Post admitting her mistake and Saree's from the Sunday edition reflecting on the episode. This wouldn't have been possible if it hadn't been for all your calls and emails.

Barack Obama, the lesser evil for undocumented migrant workers... or not

Boston, 11.06.2008 00:09

To express an opinion about which of the two presidential candidates in the U.S. will be better for the more than 12 million undocumented migrant workers and their families first we have place the question within the right context. The context is a presidential contest in a country whose democracy is determined by a two-party system destined to preserve, promote and expand capitalism. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party are therefore two variations on the same theme. Likewise, the electoral contests are determined not by popular will but rather by economic interests.

Nader in Cambridge: More Fire in the Belly

Boston, 11.06.2008 00:09

In 2004, Nader met with Kerry and “provided over 20 pages of issues ranging from environmental protections, labor, healthcare and tax reform to Kerry. He told Kerry that if he highlighted three of these issues in his campaign [Nader] would refrain from running. Kerry failed to act…” Why? Because unlike the good burghers of Newark 40 years ago, the Democratic leadership understands that they have no reason “to keep a lid on progressive anger.” As always, they’ll damn the Democrats up and down for easy acquiescence on the war, on tax cuts, on SCOTUS nominations, on the Patriot Act, on the Farm Bill, on the military budget–and they’ll turn up in November to lend their tacit support for more of the same. Words without bricks mean nothing... [RELATED VIDEO: See Ralph Nader campaign stop at First Parish Church, Cambridge, June 6 2008:]

Via Campesina ocupa Complexo Portuário do Pécem, Ceará

Brasil, 10.06.2008 23:10


[Lois terroristes] L'État belge instaure un climat de peur et criminalise certains acteurs politiques

Liege, 10.06.2008 23:09

On se souvient encore de l'affaire des écoutes des militants altermondialistes pendant la présidence belge de l'Union Européenne en 2001. Trois militants participant à l'organisation des manifestations "S22 vers D14" et un journaliste avaient été mis sur écoute et leurs activités avaient été surveillées. Pour ces surveillances, les forces de police avaient utilisé les nouvelles lois "anti-terroristes". Deux ans après les faits, la justice a reconnu le caractère abusif de cette opération policière. [ De la schizophrénie au surréalisme judiciaire, l’affaire des altermondialistes sur écoute | ].

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