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Vigil to Honor the Life of Anita Gay

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.06.2008 02:09

On June 16th, around a dozen protesters gathered at Ashby and MLK in Berkeley to protest the shooting of Anita Gay, grandmother, mother, and resident of Berkeley. She was killed on February 16, 2008 by a Berkeley Police officer who is now back on the street.

Bloomsday Doomsday

Ireland, 17.06.2008 00:39

PPP Protest For further information contact: Rita ...

Shell to Sea court cases - 11th June

Ireland, 17.06.2008 00:39

Below is a rundown on a Shell to Sea case heard la ...

Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-North Dakota) Says No Impeachment of Bush

DC, 17.06.2008 00:11

As Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-North Dakota) left Fox News Sunday (6/15/08), Sam Husseini of asked him a series of questions about impeachment… Audio The Heinous Crimes of George W. Bush in 35 Articles of Impeachment


DC, 17.06.2008 00:11

Yes, we are in an energy crisis. If there were ever any doubt about it, remember the spectacle of our maximum leader going to the Saudis, hat in hand, oil can in the other, and coming back without a drop. Now come District landlords with an epic plan to solve the energy crisis: submeters to put energy cost increases on the backs of tenants. There are many things to be said about this subterfuge. The first is that it is nothing more than a flagrant end-run around rent control to disguise an illegal rent increase. The second is that it flies in the face of the vast majority of tenant leases which specify that rents include all utilities.

Avances del Control Obrero en Sidor

Venezuela, 17.06.2008 00:07

¡¡Capitalistas… Enriqueceos!!

Venezuela, 16.06.2008 23:38

Struggle and Repression for Social Centres and Autonomous Spaces

United Kingdom, 16.06.2008 17:09

Mill Road, a new squatted social centre in Cambridge, lost against Tescos in court last week but are confident about holding onto the place a while longer yet. They have however been experiencing violent attacks from anonymous cowards. There have been quite a few reports of attacks on autonomous spaces recently. In Greece there have been heavy police repression and fascist arson attacks against autonomous space (more). In Amsterdam, the Citex squat was attacked and illegally evicted by Police. Just a few days ago in Rome, fascists were caught planting a bomb in the front yard of the Loa Acrobax social centre.

The tide turned briefly during action days for autonomous spaces in Berlin. Hundreds of people from Berlin and elsewhere went on the offensive and instigated ">six days of diverse and often militant action. In a city which has one of the harshest anti-squatting policies in Europe (the Berlin Line - where squats can be evicted immediately and brutally) people showed they were undaunted and defiant. (more)

London has seen the eviction of two squatted social centres recently (1, 2) but last week a new squatted community space opened in Nunhead. Also in south London, the Spike is under threat and raising it's profile as part of it's strategy to hang onto the site. The Bowl Court social centre located at the heart of Londons city fringe expansion lost their David and Goliath courtroom battle against property giant Hammerson on the 12th June and is now considering next moves (background). Meanwhile, the long running rampART social centre in East London marked it's 4th anniversary but is considering voluntary closure as it has been suffering from neglect, theft and lack of use since the owners were granted a possession order way back in January.

The UK gutter press followed the Tory party inciting hatred towards squatters. The squatted church on London Road in Brighton is still hanging in there and generating somewhat better press coverage. Meanwhile the UK Social Centres Network have produced a booklet 'What's this Place' (PDF). Kebele in Bristol (which has had a big revamp) is offering to host the next UK Social Centres Network gathering in September. Also taking place sometime in September will be a follow up to last months international 'interspace' gathering near Berlin which followed the April2008 mobilisations(more).

Websites of mentioned spaces: Bowl Court, rampART, Mill Road, The Spike, 88 London Road, Loa Acrobax

Portal sites : UK Social Centres Network website | Autonomous London


Boston, 16.06.2008 15:09

Copley Sq. Boston - Activists in Boston joined the Global Hunger Strike Relay today by having a public fasting event in Copley Square. From 10:30am-12:30pm, students and professionals affiliated with Amnesty International and Association for India's Development publicly fasted and asked Boston residents to call the Indian Prime Minister to ask for justice in Bhopal.

Parteienkrise und Staatskrise

Germany, 16.06.2008 14:40

An den sächsischen Kommunalwahlen im Juni 2008 beteiligten sich nur knapp 46 Prozent der Wahlberechtigten. Bei den Kommunalwahlen in Schleswig-Holstein vom 25. Mai 2008 lag die Wahlbeteiligung ebenfalls unter 50 Prozent. Geringer werdende Wahlbeteiligung ist ein langfristiger Trend unserer Demokratie. Organisiert und genutzt werden Wahlen jedoch von Parteien. Parteien sind der Kitt und die Verbindungsschicht zwischen Staat und Gesellschaft. Der gesellschaftliche Einfluss der Parteien bröckelt nach allen Seiten weg. Die Parteien sind in der Krise und die Parteienkrise ist der Vorläufer einer Staatskrise.

Corporate &quot;Sponsors&quot; Infest Capitol GLBT Pride Parade and Festival

DC, 16.06.2008 12:09

Like every "Capitol Pride" parade in the past decade or more, corporate sponsors floats and booths nearly crowded out representatives of the GLBT community's traditional values and institutions. Even a Nationals fan group was present-this after their precious stadium exterminated an entire Gay neighborhood!

DIstrict Attorneys Office Shows Its Hatred or Trans People

Portland, 16.06.2008 05:38

On Monday at 9pm at court room 508, Lee Iacuzzi, Not a Good Queer will be on trial for violation of stalking order. Please come to protest in a nonviolent action outside and inside the Mult. District Court House.

Otherwise got to Google and type in">Not a Good Queer. Lee Iacuzzi won two cases with the state of Oregon for gender discrimination.

Reach's management committed perjury with another tenant to get a stalking order on Not a Good Queer. Not a Good Queer was arrested in his/her own lobby where he/she resides for violation of stalking order where he/she already spent 29 days in jail.


Smashed ATMs on UCSC Campus

Santa Cruz, CA, 16.06.2008 05:38

Evening of June 14. As part of an ongoing local and international momentum of revolutionary solidarity with social prisoners as well as POWs of ecological struggles, the Bank of America and Wells Fargo ATMs on the University of California Santa Cruz campus had their screens smashed by a chunk of granite.

From the Newswire

Perth, 16.06.2008 04:10

Deported asylum seeker suicide: Australian govt farce

Congress Hotel Strike Marks Fifth Anniversary

Chicago, 16.06.2008 04:09

Hundreds of people from Chicago labor unions, social justice groups, and religious communities all gathered in front of the Congress Hotel in downtown Chicago on June 12, 2008.

They expressed their solidarity with UNITE HERE Local 1, the labor union local which marked the fifth anniversary of their strike against hotel owners who froze employee wages and cut employee benefits.

The strike, which began on Father's Day 2003, stands as the longest-active labor strike in America.

Coverage: Press Release | Video Dispatch

Additional Resources: Congress Hotel Strike website | Progress Illinois Coverage

Une directive européenne de la honte

Liege, 16.06.2008 03:07

Voici un bel appel des Andes de l'ami Evo (Morales, président de la Bolivie) aux européens, un bel espoir dans notre lutte que je vous invite à lire ce matin pour se redonner un peu d'entrain, en ces temps où nos perspectives semblent aussi grises que les nuages pleins. Evo nous raconte une belle histoire et joint les actes aux paroles et nous en rappelle une moins belle qui est aussi la nôtre...

Brasília: Resistência indígena frente ao lobby da especulação imobiliaria

Brasil, 16.06.2008 01:09


The Emperor Has No Clothes! - Off to Belfast to Confront a Butt Naked Bush!

Ireland, 15.06.2008 20:39

Raytheon Outta Derry, U.S.Military Outta Shannon, ...

Finding Something to be Proud of at Pride

Portland, 15.06.2008 18:39

It's easy to look at queer Pride festivals and see the commodification. Every other booth is trying to sell you a rainbow. Smirnoff, Starbucks and Safeway are all over the place along with many many more businesses. However there are lots of other groups involved with Pride. They just don't have as big of logos as the businesses do.

I was walking around the Pride NW festival today at the waterfront park, not really paying attention to the businesses because I didn't have a dollar to give them anyway. However, I did notice the social service and community organizations that were there.

Activist Being Held at Northwest ICE Detention Center in Tacoma

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.06.2008 18:09

"Jonah" Larrama, a traveler who spends most of his time in SF and NY, is being held at the Northwest ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] Detention Center in Tacoma, WA. He is known locally from Food Not Bombs, Homes Not Jails, and various tenants' rights, homeless rights, bike rights and animal rights activities among other things. He was arrested at the end of May for trespassing to watch the sunset from a roof of a building in Seattle and spent some time in county jail. An ICE raid took place at the jail and he was transported to the Northwest Detention Center because his citizenship status is in question.

dodgin shiny mercs on dale st

United Kingdom, 15.06.2008 17:08

13 bikes, 1 man on wheels & a million angry drivers...

Shepard Fairey’s Image Problem

NYC, 15.06.2008 15:39

As if Wal-Mart didn’t have enough controversies to deal with, imagine the consternation in the PR war room when news hit that the retail giant was selling t-shirts bearing a Nazi SS skull. As the story unraveled, it turned out that Wal-Mart’s designer had ripped off the image from pop art superstar Shepard Fairey, whose reference for the Gestapo logo was 1960’s “biker culture.” Oops.

Worcester Residents Join New England Transpride Rally

United States, 15.06.2008 05:37

On Saturday, June 7th, local transgender rights organizers joined others from across New England for the First New England Transgender Pride March, which was held in Northampton, MA.

"Remember Stonewall?" That was us!" stood as the march and rally's theme. Bet Power, Director Sexual Minorities Archives in Northampton, and a event steering committee member highlighted that history, "A transgender woman, Sylvia Rivera threw a bottle at a cop in 1969 after being prodded by his nightstick, and the whole world changed. Her's . . . Sylvia's, was the first act of resistance at the Stonewall Inn, sparking several nights of riots that started Gay pride."

Event participants focused on statewide efforts to pass House Bill 1722, which seeks to end gender-based discrimination and hate crimes. Additionally, Worcester organizers announced plans to hold a July fundraiser for the Worcester's Transgender Emergency Fund. Read More & Video | Earlier: FAE-RYLAND ~ the Transgender Journey

UnB aprova eleições paritárias

Brasil, 15.06.2008 02:08


Geografia da fome, 2008

Brasil, 15.06.2008 01:38


Cracks in the Edifice- Beginning of the end for the fossil fuel economy- A News Roundup

Aotearoa, 15.06.2008 01:10

Currently, much of the mainstream discourse surrounding the sky-rocketing fuel prices in the West is expressed through complaints of domestic and business transport costs. We are now being hit with a sustained rise in living costs and it seems this is only the beginning of what will be a very difficult transition to a different economy not based the consumption of fossil fuels. Much more vulnerable populations in the global south are now experiencing the full impact of these changes which you can read all about in this week's news roundup;

Punishment of Operation Eight Arrestees Continues

Aotearoa, 15.06.2008 01:10

While discussion of last October's nationwide Police raids has largely died down in the mainstream media, the unjust curtailment of freedom for those arrested continues. Since their arrest in October 2007, all of the people accused in the so-called ‘anti-terror raids’ have had non-association orders in place relating to each other. This means that friends and family members who are jointly charged in the case are not allowed to associate for any purpose. There have been several minor exceptions to this, but in the main, the defendants have been extremely isolated from the very people who could provide them with some support through this intensely difficult and emotionally trying time. These non-association orders have made it very difficult to organise a solidarity campaign and to co-ordinate on-going legal matters. In most cases, there is no evidential basis for the non-association orders; they are there simply to stop people talking to each other and a means by which the Crown can further punish these people. [More ] Links: October 15th Solidarity | | Global Peace and Justice Auckland | Personal report of an anarchist of the 15th October 2007 17 arestees

Ontruimingsdreiging Halleweg 11 Leiden

Netherlands, 14.06.2008 23:09

Op zaterdag 14 juni werd het reeds jaren leegstaand en sterk verwaarloosde oud papiergebouw aan de Halleweg 11 te Leiden gekraakt. De politie wil ontruimen op basis van art 429.

Binyam Mohamed — the last UK resident in Guantánamo Bay — threatened with death penalty

United Kingdom, 14.06.2008 21:09

The 11th June Sheffield Guantánamo protest highlighted the case of Binyam Mohamed who, after years of torture is facing the threat of the death penalty. On 31 May over 100 people attended a public meeting concerning his plight and Reprive have organised a protest in Trafalgar Square to take place on Sunday 15th June to highlight the suffering of Binyam Mohamed. The London Guantánamo Campaign are asking for urgent action to be taken for Binyam Mohamed.

Articles: Urgent appeal for British resident Binyam Mohamed, “close to suicide” in Guantánamo | Guantánamo: Torture victim Binyam Mohamed sues British government for evidence | Binyam Mohamed’s letter from Guantánamo to Gordon Brown | Meeting Report: Binyam Mohamed: The Last Londoner in Guantánamo Bay | Take URGENT ACTION for Binyam Mohamed! | New report details torture of Guantánamo prisoner Binyam Mohamed
Links: | The National Guantanamo Coalition | Reprieve | Andy Worthington

Jackson Lee / Plan Mexico

Houston, 14.06.2008 20:39

Sheila Jackson Lee Supports the Merida Initiative


Colombia, 14.06.2008 17:09

Marcha Cut y Uneb

Police critics arrested, home seized in police raid!

United States, 14.06.2008 17:07

Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 14:19:36 -0700 (PDT)
From: Prometheus Radio Project <<a href="">>
Subject: Police critics arrested, home seized in police raid.

Police critics arrested, home seized in police raid.

June 13th, 2008. Philadelphia Police descended upon the home of homeowners
who have been questioning police tactics in Mayor Nutters new "stop and
frisk" program. 4 residents were arrested in their home at 17th street and
Ridge Avenue, and the police are in the process of  sealing the building.
The homeowners are being held at the police station, no charges have yet
been filed.

Homeowners had been circulating petitions calling upon Mayor Nutter  and
Police Commissioner  Ramsey to attend community meetings on the use of
excessive force, surveilance cameras, and the new "stop and frisk"
policy. The mayor and police chief have declined to attend these community
forums,  but instead have seized the home and possessions of those who
question "Stop and Frisk," and are currently holding them in jail. While
many civil liberties advocates and residents of affected neighborhoods
have questioned the new police tactics, few imagined that simple criticism
of a city policy could result in the seizure of one's home and subject
residents to arrest.

More details coming soon.
Danielle Redden 267-243-5231
Jade Walker 215-939-2386

Prometheus Radio Project
"Freeing the Airwaves from Corporate Control!"


P.O. Box 42158 Philadelphia, PA 19101


Byrd 10 year anniversary Film

Houston, 14.06.2008 16:40

June 21: Byrd: The Life and Tragic Death of James Byrd Jr.

laboral (ca)

Barcelona, 14.06.2008 16:40

Vaga indefinida de transportistes des del 6 de juny

Els i les camionerxs van convocar a la vaga no només contra l'augment del preu del gasoil, sinò també en contra de l'estructura de subcontratació i compra-venda de serveis amb la qual especulen les empreses de logística; que just abans de la vaga van reunir-se al Saló Internacional de la Logística, del 3 al 6 de juny a la Fira de Barcelona. Camioners autònomxs i petit empresarixs són els més afectats i els menys representats pels sindicats; tant a la CETM, filopatronal, com Fenadismer, que recolza la vaga però negociant amb el govern.

Seguiment de la vaga a la pàgina de Plataforma

Notícies a IndyBCN :: Comunicat de Plataforma para la Defensa del Sector del Transporte convocant la vaga :: Comunicat Plataforma sobre transportista atropellat :: Manifestació de solidaritat amb vaguista atropellat a Granada, dimecres 11 a BCN :: Sobre Plataforma i la vaga del transport :: Mitjans: la Cuatro contra el dret de vaga :: Mitjans: El País escriu informs de guerra :: No va en broma la vaga del transport :: Reaccions a la vaga en el Portal del transporte y la logística. Noticies a Kaosenlared: Última hora CGT sobre la vaga del transport :: Qui convoca la vaga del transport? :: Vaga de transport i les contradiccions del capitalisme :: Enllaços: Plataforma :: Fenadismer :: CGT :: Mira també secció laboral

laboral (es)

Barcelona, 14.06.2008 16:39

Huelga indefinida de transportistas desde el 6 de junio

L@s camioner@s convocaron a la huelga no sólo contra el aumento del precio del gasoil, sino también contra la estructura de subcontratación y compra-venta de servicios con la cual especulan las empresas de logística; que justo antes de la huelga se reunieron en el Salón Internacional de la Logística, del 3 al 6 de junio en la Feria de Barcelona. L@s autonom@s y pequeñ@s empresari@s son l@s más afectad@s y menos representad@s por los sindicatos; tanto en la CETM, filopatronal, como en Fenadismer, que apoya la huelga pero negociando con el gobierno.

Seguimiento de la huelga en la página de Plataforma

Notícias en IndyBCN :: Comunicado de Plataforma para la Defensa del Sector del Transporte convocando la huelga :: Comunicado Plataforma sobre transportista atropellado :: Manifestación de solidaridad con huelguista atropellado en Granada, miercoles 11 en BCN :: Sobre Plataforma y la huelga del transporte :: Medios: la Cuatro contra el derecho de huelga :: Medios: El País escribe partes de guerra :: No va en broma la huelga del transporte :: Reacciones a la huelga en el Portal del transporte y la logística. Noticias en Kaosenlared: Última hora CGT sobre la huelga del transporte :: Quién convoca la huelga del transporte? :: Huelga del transporte y las contradicciones del capitalismo :: Enlaces: Plataforma :: Fenadismer :: CGT :: Mira también sección laboral

Anarşist Vicdani/Total retçi Mehbet Bal Adana Askeri Cezaevi'nde.

Istanbul, 14.06.2008 16:10

Anarşist Vicdani/Total retçi Mehbet Bal Adana Askeri Cezaevi'nde.

Huivestingsdebat open gebroken

Netherlands, 14.06.2008 15:39

Ook al probeert het toenemende verbale en fysieke geweld van de verschillende overheden de media en de publieke opinie iets anders te laten geloven, toch gaat de essentie van kraken nog steeds over woonstrijd.

Op zaterdag 14 juni heeft de actiegoep "breek het debat open" een aantal woningen gekraakt in een huizenblok dat symbool staat voor de huidige evolutie in de huisvestingsproblematiek. Het doel van deze actiekraak is het organiseren van een "Guerilla Huisvestingsconferentie" waarbij krakers, huurders, internationaal gerenomeerde academici uit binnen- en buitenland en, wie weet, politici met elkaar in debat gaan. Huurders en krakers zijn van plan hun plek in het debat terug te veroveren.

Woningcorporatie Ymere wil aan de Derde Oosterparkstraat, door sloop en renovatie, een groot aantal sociale huurwoningen omtoveren in een veel kleiner aantal dure koopwoningen.

Dit is geen op zichzelf staand gegeven. Zo doet bijvoorbeeld De Key precies hetzelfde met het zogenaamde Citexblok aan de Eerste Oosterparkstraat, is Eigen Haard iets gelijkaardigs van plan met het sociale woonblok aan de Verbindingstraat en heeft de AWV uitgevoerd wat speculant Bakker met de Bakkerblokken van plan was. In Utrecht heeft woningcorporatie Mitros in ondiep zelfs een hele buurt gesloopt met als doel sociale huisvesting te vervangen door dure koopwoningen. Zo goed als alle woningcorporaties dragen hun steentje bij aan de gentrificatie van de Nederlandse steden.

De ad hoc actiegroep "Breek het Debat open is een samenwerkingsverband tussen krakers, huurders en academici die het debat rond kraken weer willen terugvoeren naar waar het eigenlijk om gaat. De basisbehoefte aan huisvesting en de manier waarop daarin voorzien moet worden.

Miami Locals Mobilize Against Mayors Conference/ 100's Rally For Community Resources

Miami, 14.06.2008 13:37

Miami Locals Mobilize Against Mayors Conference/ 100's Rally For Community Resources

Leave it in the Ground: Drax Coal Train Halted

United Kingdom, 14.06.2008 13:10

On 13th June 2008 protestors halted a coal train carrying fuel for Drax power station in Yorkshire, the single biggest source of CO2 in the UK. Dressed in white overalls and canary outfits, the protestors used safety signals to stop the train on a bridge overlooking the power station, before climbing on board and dumping coal off onto the tracks.

The train was stopped on a branch line used exclusively for delivering coal to Drax. Protestors used a network of climbing ropes to suspend themselves under the bridge from the train to prevent the train from moving. The last report from the action was about the police evicting the protestors.

The protest comes six weeks before the 2008 Camp for Climate Action at Kingsnorth power station - which will also highlight how using coal to supply energy will be a disaster for the planet. Meanwhile the UK Government has "eviscerated" the Climate Change Bill and abandoned 2°C maximum target for global temperature rise as scientists warn that a safe CO2 level might be a maximum of 350ppm — we are already at over 380ppm, the Arctic permafrost is melting and "we're seeing events predicted for the end of the 21st century happening already", according to Barry Brook.

Photos: 1 | 2
Reports: 1 | 2
Links: The Coal Hole | Climate Camp

Alia mondo eblas (eo)

Barcelona, 14.06.2008 10:11

Aktivuloj rehaltigas la laborojn pri Pla Caufec - Porta BCN

Antaŭ la sepa matene, kvar homoj kateniĝis al du betonujoj en la enirejo kaj elirejo de labor-areoj de Pla Caufec en Esplugues de Llobregat. Ili duonhaltigas la laboron de tiu urbo-plana projektego al kiu kontraŭas diversaj najbar-asocioj de antaŭ 17 jaroj, kiam la urbestraro (PSOE) instigis la detruon de la monton Sant Pere Màrtir-on per altegaj konstruaĵoj, oficejoj, luksaj loĝejoj kaj granda komerco-centro. Tiu agado kontribuas al la aktiva defendo de la montaron Collserola-n kaj al la postulo de tujan liberigon por Franki de Terrassa. Tiuj homoj celas malkateniĝi por iri al la manifestacio kunvokita sabaton la 24an de majo je la 18a kaj al la Kolbas-manĝado kontraŭ spekulado kaj al la sekvaj fajro-spektaklo kaj koncertoj.

20-opo da homoj rekateniĝas al maŝinoj laborantaj por la plano Caufec!
post 3 tagoj... la plano Caufec restas haltita!

Subtena amasiĝo ĉi-vespere 21an de majo je la 16:30a antaŭ la policejo de Mossos en Esplugues

Manifestacio kontraŭ la plano Caufec SABATON la 24an de majo je la 18a en pl. de l'Ajuntament

lastaj novaĵoj: 20an de majo: 20an de majo je la 19:30a en pl. de l'Ajuntament de Esplugues:::je la 06:00a: En tiu momento aliaj 4 homoj kateniĝas al betonujoj por haltigi la planon Caufec ::: 12 homoj sinkatenitaj defendante la montaron Collserola-n (ep. kojserola) kaj por la liberigo de Franki-n

rilataj novaĵoj:::4 homoj kateniĝas ĉe la laboroj+ La du unuaj malkatenigitoj

+ infoj::: Alia mondo eblas + Ne al plano Caufec+ Entre Bastidors (Postkulise)

ETAN Protests Promotion of New Indonesian Special Forces Commander

Aotearoa, 14.06.2008 04:10

June 13, 2008 - The New York based, East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (ETAN) today said the promotion of Brigadier General Pramono Edhie Wibowo to chief of Kopassus, Indonesia’s notorious Special Forces unit, the latest example of Indonesia’s failure to deal with its military’s sordid past. “The promotion of Pramono Wibowo is yet another example of the failure of Indonesia to deal with its military’s long and sordid history of human rights violations in East Timor and elsewhere,” said John M. Miller, National Coordinator of ETAN. “Instead of promoting alleged rights violators, Indonesia should make sure that senior military officials responsible for the past rights crimes are brought to trial.” Wibowo's appointment as head of Kopassus by his brother-in-law President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was announced earlier this week. In April, the U.S. government ruled Kopassus off limits to U.S. military training. Late last year, ETAN revealed U.S. plans rain Kopassus, which the group called “the worst of the worst among Indonesia’s security forces.” U.S. law prohibits the training of military units with a history of involvement in human rights violations. However, the provision has been long been interpreted as narrowly as possible. In 1999, Wibowo headed Kopassus Group 5, which deployed to East Timor in 1999 at the time of the UN-organized referendum on independence. According to the book, Masters of Terror, Group 5 “slipped into Dili on September 5, 1999, the day before Bishop Belo’s house was attacked.” The Indonesian military’s campaign of terror surrounding the 1999 vote resulted in the murder of over 1,400 civilians, the forcible displacement of hundreds of thousands, and the destruction of 75 percent of East Timor’s infrastructure. Kopassus received training from the US during the occupation of East Timor. Kopassus, played a key role in the crimes against humanity in East Timor. The unit has been directly involved in training and equipping militia’s in places like East Timor and West Papua – where its soldiers murdered independence leader Theys Eluay. Links: ETAN | Tapol | Indonesia Human Rights Committee New Zealand | Action In Solidarity with Asia and the Pacific

Mass Protests Shake South Korea

Aotearoa, 14.06.2008 04:10

Up to a million people gathered across South Korea on Tuesday of this week to commemorate the 21st anniversary of the 1987 June Struggle. The June Struggle was a milestone in the history of democracy in South Korea. It ended the Military dictatorship and brought many democratic reforms. Above all, it gave working people confidence that they have the power to stop oppression and exploitation. It inspired a generation of social and political activists. This year, however, people are not just commemorating what happened 21 years ago. Instead, they are re-enacting the struggle in real life – and many are hoping to bring down the current right wing government of president Lee Myung-bak. The candlelight protest movement that began in early May started as a campaign against the new government’s decision to lift the ban on US beef imports – which are rightly seen as risking mad cow disease and as dangerous to people’s health. The movement has now grown to became a mass protest for democracy and wider change. More than 200,000 people gathered in the center of Seoul last Saturday to support a 72 hour siege of the City Hall plaza which continued over the long holiday weekend. [More] In the south-western city of Gwangju union truckers have been on strike for a week already. Gwangju has a long and distinguished history as a center of militant working-class action, and has just commemorated the 28th anniversary of the Gwangju insurrection, when, in the face of a military dictatorship and fighting off US backed soldiers, for five days Korean students and workers created the "Paris commune" of east Asia. Links: More Protest Photos | BBC Footage of Massive Protest

Byrd 10 year anniversary Film

Houston, 14.06.2008 03:10

June 21: Byrd: The Life and Tragic Death of James Byrd Jr.

Activist Being Held In NW ICE Detention Center

Seattle, 14.06.2008 00:09

Local activist, Jonah Larrama, who has been involved with SF FNB and Homes not Jails, among many other things, was arrested in Seattle in late May on a petty charge and was taken to the Northwest Detention Center, a notorious privatized ICE facility owned by the GEO Group, after an ICE raid of the jail he was in.

He needs letters of support, friends, calls for vegan meals. He is on a hunger strike, and needs legal aid locally (Tacoma).

Hike the Pipe! This weekend - June 14/15

Portland, 13.06.2008 22:39

Hike the Pipe is a Bark event to raise awareness of the threats to old-growth forests and some of our most scenic rivers and hiking trails by the controversial liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals and pipelines proposed for Oregon. We invite you, your family and your friends to join us along a segment of the proposed 40-mile pipeline route through Mt. Hood National Forest.

Bark, the watchdog group of Mt. Hood forests, announces Hike the Pipe, an event to raise awareness of the threats to Oregon's old-growth forests, scenic rivers, and hiking trails by the proposed pipeline connecting to liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals on the coast.
Across western Oregon citizens are uniting against building a 210-mile pipeline through public and private lands. Palomar, a subsidiary of Northwest Natural and TransCanada has proposed a pipeline route that crosses over steep slopes and will require miles of new road-building, adding to the 4,000 miles of crumbling roads already threatening Mt. Hood's forests.

A group of trained "groundtruthers" will be surveying the proposed route, including crossing several major creek and riverways.The camp-out site will be near Timothy Lake.

Help Stop the War on Iran!!!

Rogue Valley, 13.06.2008 22:10

Seems like we have been here before. Shrub's drumbeat for the war on Iran continues and this all smells so familiar. Remember how we got into Iraq?

Take a look at "our" lobbyist in Washington D.C. and the great work that Kate Gould and FCNL are doing to stop this next war. FCNL is the Friends Committee on National Legislation. Kate is from the Rogue Valley and is working full time to stop this next war. Let us all help Kate with this important work...

Call your senators to urge them to cosponsor legislation supporting diplomacy with all of Iraq's neighbors, including Iran, as recommended by the bi-partisan Iraq Study Group.

Keep reading, there is more...

Host (filling in for Faye Williams) of Spirit in Action

DC, 13.06.2008 22:10

In this edition Spirit in Action (Tuesday, 6/10/08) hear: Part I: Parisa Norouzi of Empower DC and Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas discussing the important legislation that CM Thomas will introduce on June 23rd at 9am (let's pack it in to support Empower DC and the Thomas bill!) In Part II hear Gary Imhoff of The Mail (which you can read at and Johnny Barnes of the ACLU debate CM Harry Thomas over the police tactics in Trinidad (which is in Ward 5).

US Supreme Court Affirms Rights of Foreign Detainees

United States, 13.06.2008 22:07

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that foreign terrorism suspects held at Guantanamo Bay have rights under the Constitution to challenge their detention in U.S. civilian courts. The decision comes after years of efforts by legal workers and human rights activists to expose the extreme violations of human and civil rights taking place there.

From ACLU Blog of Rights: In a stunning blow to the Bush Administration in its war-on-terrorism policies, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday that foreign nationals held at Guantánamo Bay have a right to pursue habeas challenges to their detention. The Court, dividing 5-4, ruled that Congress had not validly taken away habeas rights. Read Full Entry/a>

From the Newswire: The "not so good" part of the news from the Opposition is that the US Government is looking for other options to avoid the law in order to continue its illegal detainment and torture of the prisoners at Guantanamo. The Court has already ruled twice previously, that people held at Guantanamo without charges have a right to go into civilian Courts to ask that the government justify their continued detention. Each time, the Administration and US Congress have changed the law to try to prevent the prisoners and their lawyers from reaching the Courts.
Read Full Report

More: Roundup of Past Coverage from NYC-IMC | Statement by Center for Constitutional Rights

antifascism (en)

Barcelona, 13.06.2008 18:09

15 years since Guillem Agulló murder

"Guillem Agulló, nor oblivion nor forgiveness", the sentence that remembers us Guillem Agulló's death. It was 15 years ago when Guillem was killed by Pedro Cuevas, a fascist who after being in jail for only 4 years, has continued his fascist practice and has stood as a political candidate in municipal elections with extreme right-winged party.
This words, moreover, has became a reminder of the lack of justice and the impunity of fascist aggressions, in the past and now, and the perpetuation of fascist terror la manca de justícia i impuntitat de that doesn't stops. But also that the anti-fascists doesn't forget the murdered people, nor their aggressors, and that their struggle to get rid of the impunity and the fascism which should have disappeared already.

don't forget: publish it on your blog or web

related news and acts:
[Apr 11] Gràcia Gathering + [April 12l] Gramenet Homage to Guillem Agulló at Jam Session + Homage at Capellades + Burjassot Demonstration, homage and Concerts + Mural in memory of Guillem + Anti-fascist acts 5 months before Carlos murdering + Remembering Roger's death + A trial to youth, three fascist streets less + fascist murders at Moscow and Milano

+info: >>>antifascism + >>>people & cultures

Professores são espancados em eleição da APEOESP

Brasil, 13.06.2008 15:08


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