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A impunidade prosegue

Galiza, 27.06.2008 20:39

The Indypendent Issue 122: Selling Off New York: Three Tales of a City for Sale

NYC, 27.06.2008 19:40

“Cranes fall. Billion-dollar corporate giveaways are negotiated behind closed doors. Greedy politicians and executives seek to dismember a not-for-profit healthcare company utilized by millions of people. Each of these stories and a hundred others like them are presented randomly by the media. Yet, a single-minded logic flows through them all. As our city is auctioned off to the investor class, is there room for any other concern besides maximizing profit?”

The Indypendent has a three-part article series on the “Carving Up Of New York,” with analysis on news on the pending GHI-HIP merger, a “sweetheart deal” for Verizon from NYC, and the building boom that has led to construction accidents.

Also, Nicholas Powers writes on Senator Barack Obama, William Bell, and Father’s Day. In International News, the battle over Mexico and the privatization of oil is heating up, and G.I. resisters in Canada find themselves in legal limbo. And as the June Gay Pride activities near, what radical queer books are worth reading? Kenyon Farrow reviews a handful of radical queer books. See below for much, much more!

City Workers Face Costly HIP Replacement || No Crane, No Gain || Verizon’s Sweetheart Deal || Community Calendar: Late June-July 2008 || Brooklyn Human Rights Lawyers Head to Court || Obama’s Father’s Day Rap Overlooks Sean Bell || Happy July 5th! || Tenants Talk Back || Deck Stacked Against Tenants || American Nightmare: Exploited Indian Workers Demand Justice || Radio Shock: FSRN Battles Staggering Budget Cut || Confrontation Over Mexican Oil Privatization Plan Intensifies || GI Resisters Face Legal Limbo in Canada || A Partial Awakening: A Review of “Brick Lanke” || Reading Gay Pride: New Books for the Queer Left

Donna Deiss Facing 'Resisting Arrest' Charge; All Other Charges Dropped

Santa Cruz, CA, 27.06.2008 19:09

HUFF (Homeless United for Friendship and Freedom) member and vehicular dweller, Donna Deiss, who had her right humerus bone fractured by Officer Christian LeMoss on May 9th, 2008 at the Three Trees parking lot on W. Cliff Dr. has had all charges but one dropped. She now faces a single charge of 148 (a) PC or resisting arrest. Misdemeanor charges of battery on a police officer and possession of marijuana have been dropped without explanation. Deiss is still scheduled for arraignment on July 2nd at 8:30AM on the lone remaining charge of 'resisting arrest.' "I plan to plead 'Not Guilty' and seek a jury trial," she told HUFF members.

Boston Area Multinational Lionbridge in Union Busting Scandal

Boston, 27.06.2008 19:09

Waltham based Lionbridge Technologies is target of international protest. Labor activists in Poland have made the call for solidarity actions and protest letters to a MA based multinational, Lionbridge Technologies. The globalization giant, which provides services for Microsoft, Google and other corporations, apparently did a little union busting in the birthplace of Solidarity.

Reponse to &quot;Queer Liberation and Anarchist Communism&quot;

Boston, 27.06.2008 19:09

Parts of this article I would agree with or appreciate as a queer and trans person, though other parts are simply offensive. I am glad NEFAC can show solidarity for queer liberation struggles (read as struggles based in sexuality, gender identity or representation). I feel social justice struggles are inevitably connected and working towards an analysis which embraces this is beneficial, nurturing and necessary for any revolutionary movement to occur.

Clear Channel says NO! to the Iraqi Children's Campaign

Portland, 27.06.2008 17:39

The Iraqi Children's campaign efforts to put up a prominent billboard in the Portland Metro area ran into a roadblock last week when Clear Channel refused to allow the billboard. The proposed billboard is on our website and features a frightened Iraqi child with the words, "Every child matters!"

This billboard is tasteful and simply shows a frightened iraqi child and conveys the message that every child matters regardless of their nation of origin. But Clear channel has decided that the people of Portland don't need to be reminded of the pain and suffering of children in their name. They claim that the design is "not right for the market at this time" which is of course utterly absurd.

Longest Held Political Prisoner up for Parole!

DC, 27.06.2008 15:09

Former Black Panther Romaine "Chip" Fitzgerald is the longest held political prisoner in the United States. Sentenced to life with parole he goes before the California Parole Board on July 2, 2008. Listen to these interviews with former BPP Chairwoman Elaine Brown and Stic. Man of Dead Prez. Sign the Petition!!!!!

Mehmet Bal açıklama

Istanbul, 27.06.2008 14:09

''Bu ölecek bunu idareye verelim''

Dublin Pride campaigning for equality 25 years on

Ireland, 27.06.2008 14:08

A bit of rain didn't stop thousands from taking to ...

Arrests As International Whaling Commission Fails To Protect Whales

United Kingdom, 27.06.2008 13:08

Fifteen people were arrested by police at a meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC), held this year in Santiago, Chile. The protesters were supposedly trying to 'storm' the meeting but other reports state that the mere presence of people in front of the meeting's venue was seen as a 'security threat'.

The IWC meets annually to regulate the whaling industry and make decisions on conservation of whale populations. So far the meeting hasn't reached any agreements and the commission continues to be strongly devided between the pro- and anti-whaling nations. Skye Bortoli, an activist from Teens Against Whaling described the meeting this year as 'pathetic', saying "this body will be known in the future as a small group of ecologically arrogant people who are condemning the world’s whales to agony and oblivion for petty politics and a few lousy bucks."

Related Audio: Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson Talks in London | Interview With Nottingham Activist On Return From Whale Saving Mission

Related Newswire: Iceland Defies Moratorium On Commercial Whaling - Whale Hunt Started | Norway Starts Whale Hunting Season

Previous Features: Armed Canadian Coast Guard Storms Conservation Vessel | Nottingham Activist Returns From Whale Saving Mission In Antartica | Injured Among Sea Shepherd Crew As Japanese Military Open Fire | Activists Held Hostage By Japanese Whalers In Southern Ocean

Links: IWC official website | Wikipedia on IWC | Teens Against Whaling | Sea Shepherd Conservation Society | Greenpeace | Santiago Indymedia | Indymedia Ocean Defence


Colombia, 27.06.2008 09:43

Cohecho hecho está

UNICEF cut ties with Israeli billionaire.

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.06.2008 06:38

On June 19, a senior advisor to UNICEF stated that UNICEF will not accept any financial support from Israeli Billionaire Lev Leviev. Leviev, who is the chairman of Africa Israel Investments, is in charge of at least one company which the Arab rights advocacy group Adalah-NY claims built Jewish settlements on West Bank land.

Death of the 4th

Portland, 27.06.2008 06:09

Come join us at the Earl's Den to say goodbye to the 4th Amendment. There will be two ceremonies---- one at high noon at Rep. Blumenauer's office and the second about 2:15-2:30 at the fed building. Many of us will join members from Veterans for Peace and Code Pink at the fed building.

Congress, as a whole, has abandoned us for whatever reason---fear, power, money, or just plain stupidity, I don't care what the reason is, they all have to go. That will be my rallying cry from now until November. When people see that a politician has the word incumbent after his/her name they will get sick at the thought of voting for them.

The action starts at:

729 SE Oregon St. (Earl's Den)
@ high noon
2:15-2:30 we will be at the fed building to show that we loved the 4th Amendment and want to pay our respects.

4th Amendment:
- Protection from unreasonable search and seizure.
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Dixie Mattress Emblems covered with MLK JR Portrait, Quote

Portland, 27.06.2008 06:09

On sunday afternoon two guerrilla artists brought ladders and a message to dixie mattress company store front on se belmont: they covered the two confederate flag emblems flanking the entrance with two metal sheets spray painted with portraits of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the phrase "I have a dream" amidst onlookers.

Trabajadoras encadenan portones de empresa para defender sus derechos

Venezuela, 27.06.2008 02:37

Sedition Books moves to the trose

Houston, 27.06.2008 02:10

Help Sedition Books move! (workdays 6/28-6/29)

All out against the raids

Houston, 27.06.2008 02:10

ICE Raids detain more than 150 workers, Houstonians organize against repression


Uruguay, 27.06.2008 01:39

Si estoy en tu memoria, soy parte de esta historia.

NYC Venezuelan Consulate to Sponsor Independence Day Celebration Monday June 30

NYC, 27.06.2008 00:09

Venezuela, along with our sister countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, is building paths toward a new independence from neo-colonialism. Find out more about this process Monday night from Bernardo Alvarez, Venezuela's ambassador to the U.S., Dr. Adina Bastidas, Executive Director of the Inter-American Development Bank, Maria Fernanda Espinosa, Venezuela's ambassador to Ecuador and Sen. Piedad Cordoba of Colombia who is working to facilitate a just and peaceful end to her country's civil war. This free event starts at 6:30 p.m. and will be held at the SEIU-32BJ Building at 101 Avenue of the Americas, one block north of Canal St. Trains: A, C, E. 1 to Canal St.

PTH &amp; RHA Turn The (Buffet) Tables On Bloomberg's LGBT Dinner

NYC, 27.06.2008 00:09

A coalition of homeless people and their allies, queers and straights, lined the streets in front of Gracie Mansion. Inside, Mayor Bloomberg welcomed LGBT constituents for a dinner and a reception. On the streets, Nikita Price, an organizer with Picture the Homeless, led us in raucous chants so loud they could be heard even behind the mansion.

sexualities (en)

Barcelona, 26.06.2008 22:10

28th of june, 2008: heteropatriarchy under question

" front of the proposed false "equality" and rethorical "rights" we should activate the extraordinary subvertive potential of our bodies and desires. We should be conscious about the fact that patriarchy and capitalism suffocates us and that only fight will make us sexually free. But this is not an exclusive task of lesbian, gay and trans activism, but of everybody. We all suffer our sexualities repression. Do not give more opportunities to machism, sexist violence, homofobia and transfobia...

[28jun]Pça Universitat. Demonstration
[27jun-12jul] 28 of june Actions in Vilafranca

notícies relacionades: From rights to Freedoms. A historical Review New book ::: Manifesto endavant-maulets-CAJEI ::: Antripatriarchy and Revolotionary Platform Manifesto ::: For a future without churches, apostate! ::: Ilegitimating Sexual Identity disorder ::: transfobia kills! stop impunity!

més info sexualities + + guerrilla travolaka

News. It's Not Just for Corporations Anymore.

United States, 26.06.2008 21:37

Update from Indymedia Newsreal: Indymedia Newsreal, a monthly television series, brings progressive grassroots organizing, going on in your backyard, to a national television audience. Each program is comprised of segments submitted by video-makers throughout the world, and covers actions taken in local communities, by ordinary people, to address critical issues like air and water pollution, war, reproductive rights, homelessness, for-profit prisons, sweatshops, racism, police brutality, indigenous struggles, and more. Newsreal is a longstanding collaboration between the Independent Media Center and Free Speech TV, and is shown on Free Speech TV every first Thursday at 5pm PST. Read More about how you can participate | View July 2008 Indymedia Newsreal

sexualitats (ca)

Barcelona, 26.06.2008 21:09

28 de juny del 2008: l'heteropatriarcat en qüestió

"...davant la falsa ‘igualtat’ i la retòrica dels ‘drets’ que se’ns proposa, cal que activem el potencial de subversió extraordinària dels nostres cossos i dels nostres desitjos. Cal que prenguem consciència que el patriarcat i el capitalisme ens ofeguen i només la lluita ens farà sexualment lliures. Però aquesta no és una tasca exclusiva de l’activisme gai, lèsbic i trans sinó de totes les persones. Totes patim la repressió vers les nostres sexualitats . No donguem més oportunitats al masclisme, a la violència sexista,a l’homofòbia i a la transfòbia..."

[28jun]Pça Universitat. Manifestació
[27jun-12jul] Actes pel 28 de juny a Vilafranca

notícies relacionades: Dels drets a les llibertats. Una històrica Nou llibre ::: Manifest endavant-maulets-CAJEI ::: Manifest de la Plataforma Antipatriarcal i Revolucionària ::: Per un futur sense esglésies apostata! ::: Deslegitimant el transtorn d'identitat sexual ::: La transfòbia mata! prou impunitat!

més info sexualitats + + guerrilla travolaka

Brigada Militar elabora relatório que liga MST ao Narcotráfico para criminalizar Movimentos Sociais no RS

Brasil, 26.06.2008 18:38

Direito a Terra


Colombia, 26.06.2008 16:38



Colombia, 26.06.2008 16:38



Uruguay, 26.06.2008 16:09

Si estoy en tu memoria, soy parte de esta historia.

UN Urges US to Change Policies on Military Recruiting

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.06.2008 14:39

On June 6, responding to an ACLU report on recruiter abuses, the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child issued a report urging the U.S. to make sweeping policy changes regarding domestic military recruitment practices. Although the U.S. signed the UN's Optional Protocol on the involvement of Children in Armed Conflict in 2002, military recruiters still target children under 18 years of age for enlistment with techniques that include false promises and coercion.

Nader Rallies NYC Supporters, Suggests Obama Will Be 'Greatest Disappointment'

NYC, 26.06.2008 13:09

About 100 diehard Naderites welcomed their hero on June 18, when he came to New York’s Upper West Side to tout his third-party campaign for the White House. Ralph Nader and his running mate Matt Gonzales will be on the Independent Party ticket. For the man on the top of the ticket, his vision for the future is simple; he wants “to wage peace, not war.” Nader is against anything becoming “corporatized,” a process that has reached its peak under President Bush. Nader also had strong words for the Democrats presumptive nominee, saying he wished the Senator well, but thought “Obama will be the greatest disappointment.”


Colombia, 26.06.2008 12:39


SF Residents Want To Put Bush's Name On Sewage Plant

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.06.2008 09:09

A group of San Francisco residents are gathering signatures for an initiative to be put on the November ballot. The Initiative will ask to rename Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant the George W Bush Sewage Plant. The group has managed to collected so far 8.500 signatures (15.000 are needed for an initiative).

Japan: No G8 beginnt unerwartet

Switzerland, 26.06.2008 09:07

Eine spontane Demonstration von ArbeiterInnen in Nishinari entwickelt sich zu einer – für „japanische Verhältnisse“ - unerwartet entschlossenen Auseinandersetzung. Damit beginnt auch aus Sicht der GipfelstümerInnen der Protest gegen die G8 unerwartet: mit solche einer kämpferischen Stimmung zum Beginn der G8-Tage hat niemand gerechnet. Die Ironie der Geschichte ist, dass nicht eine Koordination zwischen den NoG8-AktivistInnen und den ArbeiterInnen von Nishinari, sondern das Auftreten der RiotPolizei in G8-Stimmung den Zusammenhang hergestellt hat.

G8'08 beginnt anders | Repressionen des Alltags | Tipps zur Einreise nach Japan | Weitere Informationen zum G8 in Japan


Argentina, 26.06.2008 05:39

“Usamos muchos recursos de la publicidad para emitir otro tipo de mensajes”


Argentina, 26.06.2008 05:09

“Usamos muchos recursos de la publicidad para emitir otro tipo de mensajes”


Argentina, 26.06.2008 05:09

“Usamos muchos recursos de la publicidad para emitir otro tipo de mensajes”

Students Oppose Oppression of Homeless

Rogue Valley, 26.06.2008 04:10

EUGENE, OR – The Lane County Coalition Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) are hosting a rally and a march on Sunday, June 29th from the EMU on the University of Oregon Campus. They intend to draw awareness to the impact of the Olympics on the poor and homeless communities locally and globally.

Southern Oregonian relates to the Eugene story:

Ashland Homeless Sweep
Jackson County Sheriff Dept., Ashland police and fire just raided homeless camps above Lithia Park yesterday morning. On federal land they do not even need to warn people to remove their tents and sleeping bags and can just confiscate and destroy them. Heaven forbid we should allow people to sleep outside legally within Ashland city limits. The sky might fall or something...
vanessa houk>

Keep on reading for the FULL story from Eugene...

Adalah-NY: ADL demand that UNICEF reinstate Leviev as donor outrageous

NYC, 26.06.2008 04:09

The New York rights coalition Adalah-NY today labeled as “hypocritical and outrageous” the June 24 demand by The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) that UNICEF reinstate Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev as a donor. In a June 24 press release, ADL Director Abe Foxman criticized UNICEF’s decision to sever ties with Leviev, saying that it "smacks of selective political discrimination.” UNICEF announced last week that it would no longer accept donations from Lev Leviev due to his involvement in the construction of Israeli settlements in violation of international law. UNICEF’s decision came after they received letters criticizing Leviev’s activities from groups including Adalah-NY, Jews Against the Occupation, Jewish Voice for Peace, and a visit by UNICEF officials to Jayyous, one of the West Bank Palestinian communities where a Leviev company is building Israeli settlements.


Uruguay, 26.06.2008 04:09

Solidaridad y Apoyo a la ocupacion.

Official Statement from Rebel Diaz on Police Attack

NYC, 26.06.2008 01:09

An official statement from Rebel Diaz on the recent armed, warrantless raid on Gonzalo Venegas (aka G1)'s apartment.

New York Jews Support UNICEF's Decision to Cut Ties to Leviev

NYC, 26.06.2008 01:09

New York Jewish human rights organization Jews Against the Occupation today released a statement supporting UNICEF's decision to cease accepting money from billionaire Lev Leviev, whose companies build illegal Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land, mine diamonds under appalling conditions in Angola, and displace neighborhoods in NYC through gentrificondo projects from Gowanus to the Upper West Side. Replying to the Anti-Defamation League's recent attack on UNICEF for the decision, JATO/NYC called on the ADL to follow UNICEF and OXfam's lead and cut its ties to Leviev.


Colombia, 26.06.2008 00:09

El TLC Canadá-Colombia: otra traición

Gallery Place/Chinatown Metro Station gets some Smithfield Justice

DC, 25.06.2008 22:10

In the DC Metro system one sees ads done by many different groups. From defense contractors advertising at the Pentagon Metro station to the AMA (who used to oppose universal healthcare) now calling for universal health coverage of some sort. Sometimes you even see good organizations championing their causes in this case, Smithfield Justice.

Metro Watch 5/29/08 89.3FM - Sam Jordan, Benning Library

DC, 25.06.2008 22:10

Sam Jordan of the Ward 7 Development Advisory Committee speaks to Gloria Minot of 89.3FM's Metro Watch show on May 29, 2008.

Protest Against Scientology

LA, 25.06.2008 21:09

Protest Against Scientology

Video: Justice for Janitors Day 2008

Seattle, 25.06.2008 20:38

Janitors working in King County rallied to commemorate Justice for Janitors Day. After dancing to mariachi, folks listened to several speakers. They included:
Sergio Salinas, President of SEIU 6
Charles Parnell, janitor and Vice President of SEIU 6
Isabel Quijano, janitor and SEIU 6 member
David Rolf, President of SEIU 775

In the second video, Rebecca Saldaña, Labor Liason for Rep. Jim McDermott, reads a letter of support from the Congressman.

Vets Against the War Put Tombstones Around Greenlake

Seattle, 25.06.2008 20:38

Vets Against the War set-up an extra-ordinarily moving memorial to all the official war dead at Greenlake.

A 6 años de la masacre de Avellaneda

Argentina, 25.06.2008 19:39

Jornadas en memoria de Dario y Maxi

I Jornada Tribal de Arqueologia do Planalto e do Cerrado

Brasil, 25.06.2008 18:38


Seguimos reclamando justicia

Argentina, 25.06.2008 18:08

6 años del asesinato de Santillan y Kosteki

Rally Against Tommy Thomas

Houston, 25.06.2008 17:39

Rally against abuses by Sheriff's Office demands resignation of Tommy Thomas

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