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2008 Gay Pride Parade Pictures

Seattle, 01.07.2008 16:08

A collection of pictures from the Pride Parade on June 29th.


Colombia, 01.07.2008 15:39

McCain no es bienvenido en Colombia

No Salute to Israel, 60 Years of Apartheid is Nothing to Celebrate

United Kingdom, 01.07.2008 15:38

Today, a series of non-violent protest actions disrupted the 'Salute to Israel' parade. The parade celebrated 60 years since the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. Activists wished to remind the public that since its inception, Israel has been maintained through the constant oppression of the Palestinian people, in particular through ethnic cleansing.

The 'Salute to Israel' parade was a shameful show of support to a government engaged in war crimes. Sponsors included the Jewish National Fund, an organisation deeply involved in the colonisation of Palestinian land as well in anti-Palestinian discrimination within Israel. Activists wish to stress that the British government's authorisation, protection and support of this event is entirely unacceptable.

En route, the parade was greeted by activists with red dye on their hands to symbolise the blood of Palestinians killed by the Israeli government. In Tafalgar Square, both fountains turned red and a Palestinian flag was unfurled at the entrance of the National Gallery. An activist climbed up a big screen which had to be turned off for most of the event. Also, another group attempted to get onto the roof of the National Gallery in order to unfurl a banner but were arrested in the process.

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Links Palestine Solidarity Campaign | Boycott Israeli Goods Campaign | Jews for Justice for Palestinians | Action Palestine| Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods | Friends of Al Aqsa | Palestine-UK Twinning Network |


Boston, 01.07.2008 15:09

The La Riva/Puryear PSL Presidential Campaign is proud to announce that we have achieved ballot status in Arkansas, Vermont and Colorado! We are also in the final stages for ballot status in Utah, Florida, New Jersey and Iowa. Over the next two months, we will be working to gain ballot access in many additional states, including Washington state, New York, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, California and other states.

O Santuário não se move! - Declara a Jornada de Arqueologia

Brasil, 01.07.2008 13:38



Oost-Vlaanderen, 01.07.2008 08:37

Mindy's Mega blokkade

Arrests and detentions of activists and independent journalists in Japan

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.07.2008 07:39

In the lead up to the G8 Summit in Japan from July 7th through 9th, Japanese authorities have arrested domestic activists and have detained numerous foreign independent media journalists and anti-G8 protesters. At least six independent journalists and ten academics have been detained by Japanese immigration officials in the past weeks, including Andrej Grubacic, professor of sociology at the University of San Francisco.

Police arrested eight protesters on June 28, as 1,000 people marched against the G8 Summit the Tokyo's fashionable Kabuki-cho district. Earlier this month, workers in Kamagasaki clashed with police and security in the face of violent repression and brutality against at least one worker.

Japan's security budget for the G8 Summit is at least 30 billion yen ($283 million), topping the 113 million euros ($186 million) Germany spent as host the summit of the world's most powerful "democratic" nations.

4th Annual Old Time American Flag Burn on July 3

Santa Cruz, CA, 01.07.2008 05:08

The 4th Annual Old Time American Flag Burn takes place on Thursday, July 3rd at the Far West Fire Ring on Seabright Beach in Santa Cruz. This BYOF (Bring Your Own Flag) event is a ritual celebration of the First Amendment to the Constitution which protects freedom of speech, including the burning of the United States flag. Instead of flag desecration, this is flag consecration.

Free Skool Distro Day at the Farmer's Market on July 2

Santa Cruz, CA, 01.07.2008 04:51

Free Skool Santa Cruz is a completely grassroots effort, a bunch of individuals deciding to act collectively and autonomously to create a skill-sharing network beyond institutional control. Classes are informal, egalitarian, and are held in homes, social spaces and parks.

South Central Farmers vs. Ralph Horowitz, 2 Years Later: Round 2

LA, 01.07.2008 03:09

South Central Farmers vs. Ralph Horowitz, 2 Years Later: Round 2

Rochester's Anti-Racist Movement Visits WHAM

United States, 01.07.2008 03:07

The Rochester Anti-Racist Movement (ARM) went to the offices of WHAM radio today to talk with the station management about Bob Lonsberry's recent racist, sexist and classist remarks. After the meeting ARM gave a press conference, calling for him to be removed from the air. Below is a summary of ARM's position:

The recent (June 10, 2008) comments made by Bob Lonsberry on WHAM 1180 were an unacceptable continuation of Mr. Lonsberry’s history of on- air racism, sexism and classism. For far too long Mr. Lonsberry has been permitted to cross the boundaries of decent discourse. It is apparent that he feels entirely comfortable, to say nothing of completely justified, in making hateful, hurtful, and erroneous statements about people of color, women, and people who are poor. His expressed views both tap and reinforce an undercurrent of hostility, which serves to perpetuate the social divisions of our community and calls to question our community’s resolve to eradicate those divisions.

Therefore, it is with a high degree of resolve that ARM calls for the removal of Bob Lonsberry from the public airwaves. The offensive content of Mr. Lonsberry’s remarks will not be allowed to hang, unchallenged, in our communal air. No individual should have the sense of entitlement that permits them to continually pollute that communal air.

O Retorno de Indymedia Italia

Brasil, 01.07.2008 01:39


Solidarity rally with workers from the Colonade Hotel

Boston, 01.07.2008 01:09

Skilled trades and maintenance workers at the Colonade Hotel are united in the Area Trades Council. Hotel management is refusing to agree to a contract that would provide fair wages and benefits based on area standards. Union and community supporters came to a rally to show support for fairness and put pressure on management to treat employees with dignity and respect.


Athens, 01.07.2008 00:09

Φασιστική επίθεση σε αυτοδιαχειριζόμενο χώρο

Immigration Issues Debated at Alwan for the Arts

NYC, 01.07.2008 00:09

Professionals and scholars were brought together by Alwan for the Arts, an Arab awareness group, on Thursday June 26 to discuss immigration in the United States. Alwan had previously organized three similar events, with the intention of promoting frank discussion among the participants. The focus group included residents form Long Island, Westchester County and Manhattan, hailing from backgrounds as diverse as medicine, finance, real estate, art and law.

Der Häuserkampf in Basel geht weiter

Switzerland, 30.06.2008 21:07

Die seit 6 jahren leerstehende Aktienmühle an der Gärtnerstrasse in Basel wurde am 29.06. besetzt. Etwa eine Stunde nach der erfolgreichen Besetzung waren schon die ersten Kastenwagen im Anmarsch. Die Besetzer_innen verbarrikadierten den Eingang und schmückten das Eingangstor mit dem Transparent "seid sand im getriebe". Als die Polizei zwanzig Minuten später mit grossem Aufgebot antanzte, wurden sie von den Besetzer_innen mit einem weiteren Transparent begrüsst. Viele Schaulustige säumten die Strasse. Als sich eine Gruppe von Sympatisant_innen mit Wasser und Lebensmitteln näherte, eskalierte die Lage. Die Polizei griff agressiv durch und setze Hunde, Schlagstöcke und Pfefferspray ein. Mehrere Menschen wurden verletzt und festgenommen. Im Verlaufe des Montags (30.6.) wurde das Haus von der Polizei gemäss Berichten geräumt.

Gleichzeitig scheint die Villa Rosenau nun definitv nicht geräumt zu werden. In einem Brief an die Villa Rosenau schrieb Regierungsrätin Schneider, dass die Villa vorläufig bleiben kann und dass für die Nutzung des Areals höchstens einen symbolischen Betrag zahlen müssen. Eine Demonstration wurde darauf abgesagt; das Camp bei der Villa Rosenau findet allerdings statt. "Weiterhin sind jedoch viele Freiräume bedroht und neue Häuser zu besetzen ist mit zunehmender Repression immer schwieriger. Deshalb bleibt unser Anliegen nach Freiraum bestehen. Wir solidarisieren uns mit La Biu in Biel und der Hegistrasse in Winterthur. Des weiteren solidarisieren wir uns mit den Freiraumkämpfen in Barcelona, Berlin und Kopenhagen. Weiterhin sind jedoch viele Freiräume bedroht und neue Häuser zu besetzen ist mit zunehmender Repression immer schwieriger. Deshalb bleibt unser Anliegen nach Freiraum bestehen. Wir solidarisieren uns mit La Biu in Biel und der Hegistrasse in Winterthur. Des weiteren solidarisieren wir uns mit den Freiraumkämpfen in Barcelona, Berlin und Kopenhagen."

Agresión a trabajadora huelguista

Venezuela, 30.06.2008 21:07

Represión y persecuciones

Argentina, 30.06.2008 19:39

Japón: Hacia otra cumbre del g8

Primera Cooperativa de Trabajo de travestis y transexuales

Argentina, 30.06.2008 18:39

Cosiendo futuro

Represión y persecuciones

Argentina, 30.06.2008 18:09

Japón: Hacia otra cumbre del g8


Uruguay, 30.06.2008 18:09

Nunca Mas Terrorismo de Estado

Rising Moon Organics: Delicious Food, Waste Free

Portland, 30.06.2008 17:11

Rising Moon Organics (RMO) has served the finest ravioli and desserts at the Oregon Country Fair (OCF) since 1992. RMO was formerly one of many food booths producing mountains of trash over the 3 day festival, but changed their approach in 1993 to pursue a trash-free mission.
As a result, RMO has saved over 100,000 plates, cups and forks from going to the landfill. RMO marked its 15th year at the Oregon Country Fair in 2006, by becoming a not-for-profit booth donating all profits to local organizations.

RMO has been instrumental in creating a sustainable fair with less trash that supports the OCF in furthering its trash-free mission. The process began in collaboration with the Fern Ridge School District to wash most durables off site. And that was just the beginning for greening the practices of feeding thousands of hungry fair goers.

Portland Police Bureau Harasses Houseless

Portland, 30.06.2008 17:11

The Portland Police Bureau has continued its criminalization of houselessness, by sweeping 50 folks from under and atop the Burnside Bridge on 6/24, and sweeping almost 50 more folks from the Hawthorne and Morrison Bridges the following night. Their possessions were confiscated and thrown away. The Portland Coalition Against Poverty is hosting a demonstration to demand an immediate end to police harassment of poor and houseless people. It is on Wednesday, July 9th, at 5pm, in the North Park Blocks.

Pirate Utopia on the Coast of Cascadia: What Could Be Cooler?

Portland, 30.06.2008 17:11

Out on the edge of Cascadia, there is a pirate raft being built from recycled material, that will ferry people up and down the Columbia. There's an eco village with a composting toilet and a kite powered water pump. There's a thrift shop/ media center/ potlatch. And if you're looking to start a new life, there's an open invitation to you:

Get thee out to Ilwaco.

There, the Nutrinos and friends are laying the groundwork for a community on the water, centered around activism, anti capitalism, egalitarianism, hard work, and fun. Lots and lots of fun.


Uruguay, 30.06.2008 16:08

Nunca Mas Terrorismo de Estado

BAAM # 10 out!

Boston, 30.06.2008 15:09

We are proud to release BAAM # 10. PDF downloadable plus plain text, below. This month's articles: -Aramark Workers Strike at Boston’s Convention Centers; -Barack Obama, the lesser evil for undocumented migrant workers... or not; -IU 460 Fights for Fairness; -Chalking Against the BU Biolab Now A Crime: The Story of the Crayola Two.. .

Aramark Workers Strike at Boston’s Convention Centers

Boston, 30.06.2008 15:09

On June 21st, hundreds of food service workers initiated a strike against the Philadelphia-based Food Service company, Aramark, walking off the job and picketing at Boston’s two biggest convention centers: the Hynes Convention Center (HCC) and the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC). 350 food workers at the two convention centers, members of Unite Here Local 26, have been without a contract since October, and the company called off all negotiations in May. [Reposted from BAAM! newsletter: Print your own personal copy from article below!]

Aksi Internasional Menentang Pertemuan G8 telah dimulai

Jakarta, 30.06.2008 13:10

Aksi protes terhadap pertemuan G8 2008 telah dimulai. Pada hari kamis, demonstrasi menentang pertemuan Menteri Luar Negeri Negara-negara G8 telah dilakukan di Kyoto. Terdapat tiga kamp protes di Sapporo, kota terdekat dengan Lake Toya, dimana pertemuan G8 akan dilaksanakan mulai tanggal 7-9 Juli. Alternative Media Centre di Sapporo dan Tokyo telah di siapkan dan jaringan pengacara untuk kondisi darurat telah siap mendukung aksi demonstrasi ini. Bahkan, beberapa konferensi dan aksi demonstrasi telah dijadwalkan minggu depan. Berbagai aktivis dari seluruh dunia telah terbang ke Jepang, diantaranya serikat buruh dan kelompok anti otoritarian dari negara-negara Asia. ...

sexualidades (es)

Barcelona, 30.06.2008 09:10

28 de junio de 2008: el heteropatriarcado en cuestión

"...frente a la falsa 'igualdad' y la retórica de los 'derechos' que se nos propone, hay que activar el potencial extraorinario de subversión de nuestros cuerpos y nuestros deseos. Hay que tomar conciencia de que el patriarcado y el capitalismo nos ahogan y sólo la lucha nos hará sexualmente libres. Pero esta no es una tarea exclusiva del activismo gay, lésbico y trans sino de todas las personas. Todas sufrimos la represión hacia nuestras sexualidades. No demos más oportunidades al machismo, a la violencia sexista, a la homofobia y a la transfobia..."

[28jun]Pza. Universitat. Manifestación
[27jun-12jul] Actos por el 28 de junio en Vilafranca

noticias relacionadas: De los derechos a las libertades. Una histórica Nuevo libro ::: Manifiesto endavant-maulets-CAJEI ::: Manifiesto de la Plataforma Antipatriarcal i Revolucionària ::: Por un futuro sin iglesias: ¡apostata! ::: Deslegitimando el transtorno de identidad sexual ::: ¡La transfobia mata! ¡basta de impunidad!

más info sexualidades + + guerrilla travolaka

Se inauguró la primera Cooperativa de Trabajo de travestis y transexuales &quot;Nadia Echazú&quot;

Argentina, 30.06.2008 02:08

Cosiendo futuro

Alberta Last Thursday Street Fair &quot;guerrilla&quot; street closure

Portland, 30.06.2008 01:09

Last Thursday on Alberta, attendees discovered that the usual street fair there had become a temporary carfree district. But definitely not on the initiative of city officials...

More pictures here

The 6th World Archaeological Congress (WAC), Tara and the M3

Ireland, 29.06.2008 22:08

The privatisation of Irish archaeology and corrupt ...

LaborFest 2008

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.06.2008 21:38

LaborFest will take place this year between July 15th and July 31st. LaborFest was established in 1994 to institutionalize the history and culture of working people in an annual labor cultural, film and arts festival.

Charges Dropped Against Those Behind Haditha Massacre

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.06.2008 20:39

On June 17th, 2008, a U.S. military judge dismissed charges against another Marine connected to the massacre of twenty-four unarmed Iraqi civilians in the town of Haditha. Of the eight Marines originally charged in the case, only one still faces prosecution. Criminal charges have been dismissed against six of the Marines and a seventh Marine was acquitted.

Scheduled downtime for RogueIMC

Rogue Valley, 29.06.2008 19:09

The RougeIMC web site will be off line this weekend June 28, 29 as we migrate our server to new hardware. This migration may take a few hours or it may take a few days.

While down, Rogue IMC recommends you get your news at the following Indy sites:

Portland IMC, our friends to the north-
San Francisco Bay Area IMC, our friends to the south-
Indymedia US, IMC features from across the United States-
Global IMC, covers planet Earth-

Defend the right to form a Trade Union!

Ireland, 29.06.2008 17:38

This Friday, the 4th of July marks the start of a ...

Indymedia Italia torna online

Switzerland, 29.06.2008 17:37

Dopo la chiusura nel 2006, è ormai da più di un anno che i nodi italiani di Indymedia hanno ricominciato a lavorare sui territori riportando in contesti locali le pratiche e i principi che animano il lavoro del Network Internazionale di Indymedia.

I nodi italiani nati in questi anni hanno ora deciso di aprirsi ad un progetto nazionale attraverso la costruzione di un aggregatore, che oltre a rispondere al bisogno di un progetto in grado di superare le pur importanti specificità dei progetti di informazione indipendenti locali, è uno strumento in grado di offrire un'occasione di produzione, elaborazione e diffusione dei contributi legati ad un modo orizzontale di gestione della comunicazione.
Il processo di ridefinizione dei mezzi e degli scopi di Indymedia Italia si è concluso.
Il 4 luglio 2008 Indymedia Italia ritorna online.

Voi fate i piani - noi la storia

- Il comunicato di rapertura di Indymedia Italia
- Il wiki di Indymedia Italia
- Report dell'ultimo indymeeting italiano 1 - 2 - 3
- L'archivio di Indymedia Italia

Ultrarechte versuchen Schwenk in die Mitte

Germany, 29.06.2008 15:08

Die konservative spanische Volkspartei (PP) soll nach dem Willen des gebeutelten Parteichefs Mariano Rajoy das Ultra-Image ablegen. Die Partei, in der sich nach dem Tod Francos die Anhänger der Diktatur gesammelt haben, ist bisher die Bastion der katholischen Kirche, die auch über sich die PP das überkommene franquistische Familienmodell der heterosexuellen Zweierfamilie propagiert hat und mit ihr gegen die Homoehe, Abtreibung und Scheidungen und gegen die Rehabilitierung der Franco-Opfer zu Felde zog.

Protests in Nottingham as Zimbabwe Goes to the Polls

United Kingdom, 29.06.2008 15:08

On Friday June 27, Zimbabwe went to the polls in the second round of its presidential election. This followed a first round in March. Concerned about the scale of state-directed violence against supporters, the opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai had withdrawn on Sunday June 22, making a victory by the incumbent Robert Mugabe inevitable.

In Nottingham, the election was marked by the recently formed Nottingham Zimbabwe Community network (NZCN) who held a protest against deportations to Zimbabwe in Old Market Square and organised a public meeting at the Sumac Centre to discuss the situation in the country.

Newswire: Demonstration Against Deportations to Zimbabwe | Report on Zimbabwe Film Showing | Stop Deportations To Zimbabwe Protest 27.06.08

Previous Feature: Nottingham's Zimbabwean Community Responds to Rigged Elections

Links: Nottingham Zimbabwe Community Network | No Borders Nottingham | Nottingham & Notts Refugee Forum | Nottingham Refugee Campaign Ground | National Coalition of Anti-Deportation campaigners | Notts Indymedia Migration topic page

Sears Island &quot;deal&quot; oppo swells; JUPC-ites confronted at 6/25/08 pub info mtg.

Maine, 29.06.2008 07:07

Harlem Is Not For Sale: Images from People's March Against Ethnic Cleansing

NYC, 29.06.2008 04:09

On June 21, the people took to the streets to voice their opposition to ethnic displacement and corporate centered development sweeping through Harlem.

Con Edison Workers and the Real Face of Privatization

NYC, 29.06.2008 04:09

One can only hope that the Utility Workers Union is serious about its strike threat. Pulling the workforce off the job for a protracted amount of time may help New Yorkers see that vital city functions such as the operation of utilities cannot be run privately.

Stand with HERE Hotel Workers July 2nd

DC, 29.06.2008 02:10

Following in the footsteps of the Baltimore City Center Sheraton, the massive hotel corporation Columbia-Sussex is clamping down on hotel workers at the Hilton in Crystal City. And, just like Baltimore, the workers have voted to endorse a boycott of their own hotel. Come stand with them at 5PM, July 2nd, to protest Columbia-Sussex and defend the rights of hotel workers!

Defend Maine's Water from Nestle's Poland Spring

New Hampshire, 28.06.2008 22:39

Defend Maine's Water and Sand and Gravel Aquifer's from Nestle's Poland Spring Water. Rally and Press Conference June 25th Kennbunk 92 Main Street 2 pm

June 30th: DNC Disruption Tour in Seattle

Seattle, 28.06.2008 17:39

Are you thinking of going to Denver for the DNC in August? Considering Direct Action? Come to south Seattle this Monday, June 30th to hear what some of the plans are and meet up with others from Seattle who might be going.

July 12-13: Tacoma Anarchist Bookfair

Seattle, 28.06.2008 17:39

Tacoma is hosting its second anarchist book fair!

July 12-13
11AM to 5PM
King's Books
218 St Helens Ave
Tacoma, WA

The book fair will include a plethora of distros (feat. literature, music, crafts, etc.) and many splendid workshops (including but not limited to medicinal herbs, consent, (anarchist)creative writing, tacoma gentrification, self defense, etc.). It will be a literary gathering of epic proportions.

From the Newswire

Perth, 28.06.2008 09:40

Climate Action at Muja coal power station

Stop warehouse on old South Central Farm Land

LA, 28.06.2008 07:08

July 2nd - Stop warehouse on old South Central Farm Land

Miami Final Dispatch: March on the Mayors Conference

Miami, 28.06.2008 06:37

Miami Final Dispatch: March on the Mayors Conference


NYC, 28.06.2008 06:08

BAYAN USA, a national alliance of Filipino organizations in the US, together with several other allied groups, coordinated R.A.T.s in several cities in protest of Arroyo's visit, claiming the President will funnel any foreign aid, especially US aid, towards the proliferation of human rights violations, including militarization, counter-insurgency, politically-motivated killings, and abductions in the Philippines. Ironically, the Philippine government was recently elected a vice-presidential post in the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), a major point of controversy for the families of over 1000 victims of extra-judicial killings and enforced disappearances in the Philippines.

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