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Río Piedras vs Santini

Puerto Rico, 05.07.2008 06:11

Santini y su Río 2012

MCG denuncia a Policía de PR

Puerto Rico, 05.07.2008 06:11

Madres Contra la Guerra Denuncia Atropello a Familia Humacaeña por la Policía de Puerto Rico

David Gray complains about the use of music as torture in the “War on Terror”

DC, 05.07.2008 06:11

Singer-songwriter David Gray has taken a brave stand by complaining about the use of his music as torture by the US military in "War on Terror" prisons in Guantánamo, in Iraq, and in secret prisons run by the CIA.

Shaw ANC Commission Decries Poor Library Design Process

DC, 05.07.2008 06:11

ANC-2C, in the heart of Ward 2's Shaw neighborhood has made a public declaration decrying the poor design process for the new Watha T. Daniel / Shaw Library.

Community Mobilizies do defend day laborers from Borderwatch

Houston, 05.07.2008 06:10

Community Mobilizies to defend day laborers from Borderwatch

globalization (en)

Barcelona, 05.07.2008 06:10

G8 Summit in Japan

Between July 7th and 9th will take place in Japan, in the Hokkaido island, the G8 summit, a group formed by the State's Heads of Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, the United States, United Kingdom and Rusia. They meet again to decide our future based on their interests. The global economy, the climate change and the Africa development will be some of the priority subjects in the Summit.

related news ::: First feature from Japan, looking for the G8... :: June 29 - Demonstration in Tokyo against the G8 :: Esperanto anarchists persecuted in the G8 :: Detained during the preparations :: [G8-2001] a race against the clock

Japan G8 videos ::: G8 2008 Japan Trailer :: Clownsarmy in Heiligendamm -- Preparing for G8 2008 :: No G8 Japan 2008 - Lake Toya promo

+info ::: Counter-Summit agenda :: Location :: Media net :: G8 day by day :: NO G8 action Japan :: G8 Action Network :: >>>globalization

False Hope and the Odds of Change: Obama Veers to the Right

LA, 05.07.2008 06:10

False Hope and the Odds of Change: Obama Veers to the Right

Santa Clara Hyatt Regency Demand Fair Process To Choose A Union.

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.07.2008 06:10

On July 2, hundreds of Hyatt workers and community supporters rallied in front of the Santa Clara Hyatt Hotel. More than 300 demonstrators circled the entire front entry access of the hotel where they passed out leaflets to hotel guests and visitors.


Colombia, 05.07.2008 06:10

La Madre Tierra se tiñe una vez más de sangre

Cobh's toxic dump - photos

Ireland, 05.07.2008 06:09

Photos taken Thursdaymorning from Cobh ...

Grandson of State-Sponsored Terrorism Victim Visits Nottingham

United Kingdom, 05.07.2008 06:09

Just two weeks after the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) released a report by their Historical Enquiries Team (HET) on the McGurk’s Bar Bombing in 1971, Robert McClenaghan, grandson of Phillip Garry, one of the victims, visited Nottingham to speak at the ICC. He was representing An Fhirinne (The Truth), an organisation of relatives of people murdered by loyalist paramilitaries where there is evidence of collusion between the paramilitaries and British state forces. An Fhirinne and other relatives’ organisations are calling for an Independent International Truth Commission into the slaughter of their loved ones. They believe that a British government inquiry could not possibly be independent, and neither could a government of Ireland one, as they have done little to uncover the truth of killings in the twenty six counties.

Robert visited Nottingham as part of a tour of four English cities as a guest of the Troops Out Movement (TOM), the British- based organisation which campaigns for British withdrawal from Ireland. He showed a very harrowing video of relatives speaking of their lost loved ones. It showed to people in England the reality of what was done in their name.

Newswire: Grandson of Collusion Victim in England - Guest of Troops Out Movement | Truth & Justice for Collusion Victims

Links: Troops Out Movement | An Fhirinne | Notts Indymedia Repression topic page

Lockdown against Weapons Manufacturer in Anoka

United States, 05.07.2008 06:07

At approximately 7:30 am on Wednesday, July 2nd, 8 people locked down to the driveway outside ATK (Alliant Tech Systems), a weapons manufacturer in Anoka, MN. The protesters, who call themselves People to Stop the War Industry, were locked in until approximately 9:30 am, after which police officers from two different departments cut them out. The action disrupted the flow of equipment and supplies to ATK, which is the largest producer of cluster bombs in Minnesota, as well as other ammunition. read more

Trabajadores, Ministerio del Trabajo y Tribunal difieren orden de desalojo en Fundimeca

Venezuela, 05.07.2008 06:07

Keep Public Parks Public!

NYC, 04.07.2008 08:09

Keep public parks public was the rallying cry Wednesday Night at the “Push Back Picnic” organized by the Community Improvement District and Reverend Billy to stop the privatization of Union Square park.

Happy July 5th!

NYC, 04.07.2008 08:09

Jennifer Steverson, Public Programs Curator at the Weeksville Heritage Center, and this year, Weeksville’s July 5th Celebration coordinator, would like to invite all to join together this Saturday to commemorate the emancipation of African Americans in New York State. This event will take place at the Weeksville Heritage Center located in Bedford Stuyvesant in Brooklyn with festivities beginning at 5pm and wrapping up around 8pm.

8,500 University of California Service Workers Announce Five-Day strike

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.07.2008 05:39

8,500 University of California workers announced today that they will hold a five-day strike at UC's ten campuses and five medical centers. The strike could begin at anytime, but workers still hope an agreement can be reached. The service workers, who have been negotiating in good faith since August, 2007, voted by 97.5% to authorize the strike in late May. If service workers strike, thousands of medical workers could individually honor the picket lines and not cross it. Negotiations are currently deadlocked.

New Developments At The Memorial Oak Tree

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.07.2008 05:09

In the recent week, attempts to bring food and medication to the tree sitters at the Memorial Oak Grove have failed. Three tree sitters negotiated coming down of the tree. One in a desperate need of medical attention.

Denuncian provocaciones por parte del gobierno

Argentina, 04.07.2008 04:09

Escrache por Cromagnón

Acto y movilización a seis años de la “Masacre de Avellaneda”

Argentina, 04.07.2008 03:38

La lucha sigue, Darío y Maxi presentes

July 20th Indybay Orientation &amp; Meeting

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.07.2008 03:09

On July 20th, Indybay will have an orientation in Oakland for those interested in learning about the site and getting involved in media production and editorial work. The meeting will be at 3pm at 570 14th St suite #3.

Modesto Police Target Bikers

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.07.2008 21:09

This week, motorcycle bike clubs, riders, and supporters in the Modesto and greater Central Valley area made a historic show of solidarity against the police harassment of local bike club, "Most Envied", of West Side Modesto.

Chamber of Commerce CAN'T Block 1st Amendment!

Rogue Valley, 03.07.2008 19:10

ASHLAND, OREGON, Independence Day 2008--

Ashland Chamber of Commerce told it CAN NOT Block Freedom of Speech!

The Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice (SOJwJ) and the ACLU have told the Ashland Chamber of Commerce they are in violation of our First Amendment. They can not charge 4th of July parade participants different fees based on the content of the entrant's message. This discrimination has been the practice of the Chamber and it must stop NOW!

From the Demand Letter sent to the Ashland Chamber of Commerce: "The ACLU and the SOJWJ, therefore, respectfully demand that, first, the Chamber alter its fee structure so as not to discriminate based on the content of entrants' message, and second, the Chamber refund the additional payment of $70 paid by SOJwJ for the 2007 Ashland Fourth of July Parade. If the Chamber fails to do both of these things, the ACLU of Oregon and SOJwJ are prepared to file a lawsuit to obtain this relief, plus the recovery of reasonable attorney fees."

Continue to read the full letter...

TASSC commemorates the International Day for Torture Survivors

DC, 03.07.2008 16:09

Human rights activists shows solidarity with survivors of torture and opposition to U.S. policies.

Japonia: wydarzenia przed szczytem G8

Poland, 03.07.2008 10:39

W tygodniach poprzedzajacych rozpoczynajacy się 7 lipca szczyt G8, japońskie władze dokonaly licznych aresztowań lokalnych aktywistów, zatrzymano również wielu zagranicznych reporterów z mediów niezależnych i osób, które przybyły, by wziąć udzial w planowanych protestach przeciw polityce państw "ósemki". Wśród zatrzymanych przez służby imigracyjne jest przynajmniej 6 niezależnych dziennikarzy i 10 naukowców, w tym - Andrej Grubacic, profesor socjologii z Uniwersytetu San Francisco.


Argentina, 03.07.2008 08:38

Pueblos indígenas ante la encrucijada nacional

Акция прямого действия на Гамарника

Belarus, 03.07.2008 08:37

Попытка сооружения башенного крана, блокирован въезд фур с конструкциями на территорию стройки.

globalització (ca)

Barcelona, 03.07.2008 08:09

Cimera del G8 al Japó

Entre els dies 7 i 9 de juliol tindrà lloc a Japó, a la illa de Hokkaido, la cimera del G8, grup format pels caps d'estat del Canadà, França, Alemanya, Japó, Itàlia, els Estats Units, el Regne Unit i Rússia. Es reuneixen altre cop per a decidir el nostre futur en base als seus interessos. L'economia mundial, el canvi climàtic i el desenvolupament d'Àfrica seran alguns dels temes prioritaris de la cimera.

notícies relacionades ::: Primera crònica des del Japó, a la cerca del G8... :: 29 de Juny - Manifestació a Tokyo contra el G8 :: Anarquistes del Esperanto perseguits al G8 :: Arrestats als preparatius :: [G8-2001] una carrera contra-rellotge

Videos del G8 Japó ::: G8 2008 Japan Trailer :: Clownsarmy in Heiligendamm -- Preparing for G8 2008 :: No G8 Japan 2008 - Lake Toya promo

+info ::: Agenda de la contracimera :: Localització :: Xarxa de medias :: dia a dia del G8 :: NO G8 action Japan :: G8 Action Network :: Globalització

globalització (es)

Barcelona, 03.07.2008 08:09

Cumbre del G8 en Japón

Entre los días 7 i 9 de julio tendrá lugar en Japón, en la isla de Hokkaido, la cumbre del G8, grupo formado por los cabezas de estado de Canadá, Francia, Alemania, Japón, Italia, los Estados Unidos, el Reino Unido i Rúsia. Se reúnen de nuevo para decidir nuestro futuro en base a sus intereses. La economía mundial, el cambio climático y el desarrollo de Africa seran algunos de los temas prioritarios de la cumbre

Notícias relacionadas ::: Primera crónica dede Japón, en busca del G8... :: 29 de Junio - Manifestación en Tokyo contra el G8 :: Anarquistas del Esperanto perseguidos en el G8 :: Arrestados durante los preparativos :: [G8-2001] una carrera contra reloj

Videos del G8 Japón :: G8 2008 Japan Trailer :: Clownsarmy in Heiligendamm -- Preparing for G8 2008 :: No G8 Japan 2008 - Lake Toya promo

+info ::: Agenda de la contracumbre :: Localización :: Red de medios :: dia a dia del G8 :: NO G8 action Japan :: G8 Action Network :: Globalización


Colombia, 03.07.2008 04:10

El rescate de Ingrid no rescatará a Uribe

The Role of Homeland Security in the May 30 Arrest of anti-Pesticide Demonstrators

Portland, 03.07.2008 03:40

Only yesterday did I - one of the three arrestees from the May 30th Taser Incident - finally get to read the police reports on the incident. I have to admit, if I had not been there and witnessed things with my own eyes, the police reports would seem very compelling. However, because I was there, I notice clear falsehoods, misleading statements, and plenty of probably honest mistakes in the reports. In this letter I will address several key falsehoods/mistakes. I will begin with the biggest shocker: THE KEY ROLE PLAYED BY HOMELAND SECURITY in not only my arrest, but in instigating the entire ugly affair. I will point out several verifiable falsehoods in their reports.

Death of the 4th - Video Report

Portland, 03.07.2008 02:10

It was week 50 for the Impeachment Vigil It was also the Funeral for the fourth Amendment
A ceremony was held outside Earl Blumenauer's Office and it proceeded to the Federal Building in downtown Portland Oregon. This event was for FISA spying immunities and permission given to the president to spy on citizens of the US with no warrants or respect to the 4th.

Trabajadora de Fundimeca agredida por sicarios durante huelga brinda declaración

Venezuela, 02.07.2008 22:08

Los Angeled Independent Media Center Meeting

LA, 02.07.2008 21:10

Los Angeled Independent Media Center Meeting

Iraq War Resisters Seek Refuge in Canada: First Deportee Scheduled for July 10

Boston, 02.07.2008 18:08

#media_15506;left# Corey Glass is a former sergeant from the Los Angeles California National Guard, who arrived in Canada in August 2006. "When I joined the national guard, they told me the only way I would be in combat is if there were troops occupying the United States," Corey said. "I signed up to defend people and do humanitarian work filling sandbags if there was a hurricane; I should have been in New Orleans, not Iraq." Now he faces deportation.

7 Groups Call on Susan Sarandon to Follow UNICEF &amp; Cut Ties with Leviev

NYC, 02.07.2008 17:39

As seven diverse groups committed to justice, human rights and peace, and representing hundreds of organizations and tens of thousands of people in the US, Palestine and Israel, we call on you as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, to follow the lead of UNICEF which told Reuters on June 20th that it was cutting all ties with Israeli billionaire and diamond mogul Lev Leviev. UNICEF took this action due to Leviev’s companies’ construction of Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian Territory.

28J - jornada de libertaçom sexual

Galiza, 02.07.2008 17:13

Máis um ano as propostas contra o régime heteropatriarcal sairom as rúas da Galiza. Na Corunha, Maribolheras Precarias organiçarom umha nova convocatoria a que se sumarom moreias de grupos e áreas de movimento de toda Galiza. As acçons das Mulheres Transgredindo ou Nomepisesofreghao confirmam presenças activas.
Em Ourense, as Lerchas () marcarom com umha nova acçom o día central dos actos de emancipaçom LGTB.

||Video da mani de Queerunha: A igreja mata, apostata!!! || Fotos||

Editoriais anteriores:
*Des-Genere na GZ:
* 28 de Junho: Subvertindo e desestabilizando identidades, irrompem as práticas queer

Save Jeff Wood

Houston, 02.07.2008 16:40

Jeff Wood - On Death Row from a Law of Parties Conviction


Argentina, 02.07.2008 16:40

The Worst Cop I have ever met - PPB Ofc Reisten #31663

Portland, 02.07.2008 15:39

So, I am riding my bicycle home from work on the afternoon of June 30th, 2008 through Waterfront Park when I hear the tell tale signals that the pedestrian path on the lower Steel Bridge is raising. Instead of sitting in the sun waiting for the barge to pass I stop short of the bridge to stand under the shade of a tree. This is when I notice about 50 feet away two uniformed officers talking to an black couple laying down in the park. I look to see what is going on as it is very strange how the officers are treating them and this is when I identified Ofc Reisten from the Joe Anybody? video in May. [ Read More ]

Surveillance in South Crown Heights

NYC, 02.07.2008 14:08

Shortly after midnight, a police helicopter began circling the Jackie Robinson apartment complex on Empire Boulevard in the Lefferts Gardens area of Brooklyn. We're now used to police standing on corners throughout our summer and fall, lest something undecorous happen in an otherwise quiet residential community that is, for the most part, entirely peaceful. But are we supposed to get used to helicopters with searchlights circling our homes every night?


Colombia, 02.07.2008 12:39

No a la impunidad

Ronnie White, Accused of Killing Cop, Lynched in PG County Jail

DC, 02.07.2008 11:09

Ronnie L White was accused of ramming and killing a Prince Georges County, MD cop who tried to stop his car on foot. He was arrested – and within 24 hours was found dead in his cell. Evidence shows he was lynched.


Portland, 02.07.2008 07:39

What is the GAP in logic? How can we really increase the amount of board feet that we have harvested from our nationally "managed" forests. Even a federal emergency does not grant the GAP my pardon. You are sick, sick, sick!

The Gap
Three months ago
On all the major corporate TV news shows
They reported that water in the Sierras was at 90 percent capacity.
Everyone who has had any longevity or science background
Knew that this was to blow a cool breath of relief against
The squinting view of Global Warming
Even as I said that the glaciers were all but dead
They said they measured and we were fine

Life as Gift, not Possession

Portland, 02.07.2008 07:39

In "Kaspar Hauser," Jacob Wassermann describes a town suffering from a long drought. With the wells dry, the town becomes enmeshed in violence and recrimination until a little boy plays so beautifully on his flute that water rises again in the wells.

Consumerism, trickle-down mythology and the market as a self-healing panacea or elixir have led to social paralysis in monopoly capitalism. Profit eclipses social welfare. Concentration of power has led to the domination of corporate media and corporate inevitability. Convinced "there is no alternative," (Margaret Thatcher's phrase implying that society isn't a reality, only individuals) people are caught in the mythology of CEOs as "job creators" and workers as "cost-factors." This language distortion is a product of our "elite democracy," where definitional power is exercised by capital and elites. Since the market is stylized as sacrosanct and self-healing, all problems are explained as interferences with the market.

false-flag move telegraphed?

Portland, 02.07.2008 07:39

There is prattle about a possible "suitcase nuke" in the news lately. Prattle, I say, because a "suitcase nuke" is very nearly (though not quite) a unicorn. It IS possible to miniaturize a fission/fusion weapon, but it takes a high-tech/high-investment effort typical only to well-financed governments. It isn't something that some yahoo could do in a garage. Furthermore the components of any Cold War era miniaturized nuke would be heavily degraded by now--everything in it would be subject to heat (say 300-400F) and neutron irradiation, degrading everything from "shaped" explosives to control components.

SAS in North Hampton

Houston, 02.07.2008 04:41

Students against Sweatshops take message to presidents doorstep

Flor da Palavra da Vila Pescoço começa neste sábado dia 5

Brasil, 02.07.2008 02:39

Flor da Palavra


Athens, 01.07.2008 19:41

Στο δρόμο για την ελευθερία, κανείς αιχμάλωτος του κοινωνικού πολέμου δεν θα είναι μόνος του...


Oost-Vlaanderen, 01.07.2008 19:39

Andersglobalistentop in Gent?

Rally Tomorrow (7/1) against Today's ICE Raid in Annapolis

Baltimore, 01.07.2008 16:09

Forty-six workers were rounded up this morning from their worksites and homes in the Anapolis area by the ICE, in conjunction with the local police force in Annapolis. We are calling together an emergency rally tomorrow morning to protest the break-up of families and call for an end to these half-measures to enforce immigration law.

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