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Jornada Nacional de Lucha CONTRA el HAMBRE y la MISERIA

Argentina, 08.07.2008 18:09

Reprimen a organizaciones piqueteras en Plaza de Mayo

July 4th in the Park

NYC, 08.07.2008 16:39

In Central Park by the Upper Westside entrance near 72nd street, people stop to honor John Lennon at Strawberry fields. On July 4 roughly 100 people gathered to continue he message of peace.

Marcha en repudio a la represión contra piqueterxs en Plaza de Mayo

Argentina, 08.07.2008 15:39

More Arrests at G8 as 20,000 Police Seal Off Mountain Resort

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.07.2008 14:40

Japanese police continue to escalate repression against protesters of the Group of 8 Summit, part of a growing trend of human rights suppression in Japan. Police in full riot gear are supported by the Japanese Army, called the Self Defense Forces (SDF). Air and sea missions near the Summit are being carried out in a joint deployment of the SDF and the US military.

US War Resisters Face Deportation Despite Official Welcome by Canada's Parliament

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.07.2008 14:39

Canada's ruling conservative government may try to ignore the will its citizenry despite the passage of an historic motion to support US war resisters. On Wednesday, July 9th, activists will convene at 13 Canadian Consulates across the U.S. to protest the planned deportation of AWOL GIs back to the U.S., where they would face court martial and imprisonment. In San Francisco, Courage to Resist, Veterans for Peace, and the Raging Grannies will demonstrate from noon to 1pm, 580 California Street and send a delegation into the Consulate.

Free the Black Riders 3 - Solidarity Festival

LA, 08.07.2008 11:09

Free the Black Riders 3 - Solidarity Festival

Feinstein, Piera-Avila oppose warehouse at South Central Farm

LA, 08.07.2008 07:38

Feinstein, Piera-Avila oppose warehouse at South Central Farm

Alien Visitor (review)

LA, 08.07.2008 07:38

I Wish More Science Fiction Films Were Like This

Jornada Nacional de Lucha CONTRA el HAMBRE y la MISERIA

Argentina, 08.07.2008 05:08

Reprimen a organizaciones piqueteras en Plaza de Mayo

Comunidade Guarani é expulsa da beira de uma estrada pela Justiça Estadual em Eldorado do Sul (RS)

Brasil, 08.07.2008 04:08


Tee Pees on the Mall and The Longest Walk

DC, 08.07.2008 03:10

In order to inform passersby of The Longest Walk 2, which will arrive in D.C. on July 11, the leaders have erected three Tee Pees near the Washington Monument on 15th Street and Constitution Avenue. Please stop to visit or volunteer.


Uruguay, 07.07.2008 23:39

Malvenida... mandataria

London Solidarity Protests Against the G8 Summit 2008

United Kingdom, 07.07.2008 23:08

The G8 2008 is taking place in Hokkaido, Japan, from July 7th to July 9th. As in the past years, people from all over the world are protesting this summit and the capitalist system it represents, both in Japan and in many places around the globe. For more information check the ">IMC-UK's G8 2008 Feature.

On Saturday the 5th of July, the International Day of Action Against the G8,there were protests worldwide against this year's G8 Summit, including London. A picket outside the Japanese embassy took place on Friday the 4th, and for Saturday the 5th, and despite previous harassment by the Metropolitan police, a London Fete Against the G8 was called by London No Borders and other groups to demonstrate in solidarity with the protests in Japan, for the Freedom of Movement, and against Fortress Europe. The Day of Action around the UK Borders Agency started with a Critical Mass bike ride from Brixton to Croydon, the nerve centre of the Home Office's UK Border Agency, where several protests unfolded.
Report | Photos 1 and 2 | Video

Further plans for days of action and blockades are continuing from Monday 7th to Wednesday 9th around the Summit location next to the Lake Toya in Hokkaido, whilst the Japanesse 'No! G8 Legal Team' has issued an international Call for Solidarity actions during this week's Summit blockades . A daily NO!G8 cafe in London has been organised to coincide with the G8 mobilisations at the Bowl Court Social Centre, with films, discussions and screenings of footage from Japan.

Check the Ticker, the G8MediaNetworkTV and IMC-Japan [Timeline] for updates of worldwide actions and protests.

La justicia es patronal en FUNDIMECA

Venezuela, 07.07.2008 21:37

Movilización contra la visita de Uribe

Venezuela, 07.07.2008 21:37

Badgers Saved In England, What About Wales?

United Kingdom, 07.07.2008 20:38

The Secretary of State for DEFRA, Hilary Benn, announced today that he has decided against a cull of badgers in England to control TB in cattle. The decision came after protest actions last month with a rally attended by over 300 supporters and the sabotaging of five offices owned by the National Farmers Union (NFU) and the Farmers Union of Wales (FUW). Mr Benn also has resounding public support for sparing badgers. A DEFRA public consultation on the issue received submissions from 47,000 respondents, ninety-five per cent of whom opposed a cull. Despite this, The Welsh Assembly has voted to allow badger culling to go ahead in Wales.

Newswire: Benn confirms Badgers saved in England | Badgers saved in England, but not in Wales | Badgers spared - Thank you ALF! | Anti-Badger Cull Demo Action Report | ALF target farming union offices over badger cull | Rally For Badgers - Stop The Cull!

Links: Viva | Animal Liberation Front (ALF) | Animal Aid | The Badger Trust

Report from the National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance

DC, 07.07.2008 20:09

Thanks to all of you who were able to risk arrest or to support such protests against the Iraq War. Let us continue to take the risks of peace. This list of appeals, arrests and legal cases is not all-inclusive. Included are arrests and pending cases in 2008.

Critical Mass 2-Year Anniversary This Saturday!!

Miami, 07.07.2008 19:07

Critical Mass 2-Year Anniversary This Saturday!!

Critical Mass 2-Year Anniversary This Saturday!!

Miami, 07.07.2008 19:07

Critical Mass 2-Year Anniversary This Saturday!!

Mohammed Omer, former Vermont Guardian correspondent, assaulted by Israeli security forces

United States, 07.07.2008 19:07

July 1 -- Inter Press Service (IPS) reports award winning journalist Mohammed Omer, Rafah, was assaulted and abused by Israeli security forces at the Jordan-West Bank checkpoint Thursday, June 26. Omer was on his way home from a Netherlands trip sponsored by the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs and the Dutch Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Mohammed Omer is the joint winner of the 2008 Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism and previous recipient of the New America Media’s Best Youth Voice award. Mohammed was a foreign correspondent for The Vermont Guardian and visited Brattleboro on his 2006 American speaking tour.

Student Activism Doesn't Make The Grade

Portland, 07.07.2008 18:39

I think it's important to seriously be able to step back and give ourselves a hard look. As an Anarchist I feel that is what I should always be doing. Lately I've seen a lot of attention focused on student activism. While this can be a great avenue to explore, I think its extremely important to be able to look at the situation in which you live and compare it with other situations. In more "Liberal" cities we do a very good job of creating a comfortable utopia of "resistance". These cities generally have a number of legitimate Anarchist projects going on and have health food stores and co-ops. The music scene is usually good and getting things for free can be easy. They can be great places to live.

Corvallis; LNG Public Forum w/ Bill Bradbury (7/8)

Portland, 07.07.2008 18:39

In preparation for the upcoming Climate Convergence, a public forum in Corvallis, OR on (7/8) will discuss the risks of locating LNG terminals along seismically active Cascadian subduction zone of coastal Oregon.

LUBA Board Has Ask for Another Extension: The Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) decision that was to come out today - June 26th, on the appeal of the Coos County Land Use Application approved by Coos County Commissioners on the Jordan Cove LNG Facility, has been extended or LUBA has requested that it be extended once again for an additional two weeks. This will make it July 10th when the final decision should come down from them.

Lots of news from Cascadia Rising Tide and the Climate Convergence

Portland, 07.07.2008 18:39

#3 We've got a **MAJOR EVENT** coming up NEXT FRIDAY in Portland on Friday July 11th! UNPLUG THE FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY - PLUG-IN TO THE CONVERGENCE FOR CLIMATE ACTION. Please be there if you want to help make the Climate Convergence a reality. The "plug-in" meetup is at 7pm at the Watershed Warehouse (5040 SE Milwaukie Ave).

Video: IVAW N.W. WINTER SOLDIER 2008 in Seattle

Portland, 07.07.2008 18:39

I spent the afternoon at the IVAW NW Winter Soldier event and made a half dozen video clips of that days events[.] Lots of veterans and independent media and a few hundred people in the audience[.] It was held in Seattle Washington on a Sunday afternoon[.] The protest that followed the testimonies, was through the streets of downtown[.] The forum was of a variety of people from veterans to activists to a mother of a lady soldier who was assaulted by a fellow

Cops wrecklessly endanger public with pit manuever during rush hour commute

Portland, 07.07.2008 18:39

Not even 24 hours after the Silverton police brutally shot and killed Andrew James Hanlon (who had been living with his mother in France and attending art school when he came to visit his sister in Silverton last year). The Clackamas police used a "pit manuver" on bank robbery suspect Mitchell Sean Coole and caused him to bounce off the 205 freeway wall at Sunnyside rd. and cross the medium into oncoming traffic and ended up hitting several vehicles injuring multiple people.

&quot;Tell It Like It Is&quot;: A Benefit for the Portland Grassroots Media Camp

Portland, 07.07.2008 18:39

WHAT: "Tell it Like it Is," Benefit Party for the Portland Grassroots Media Camp
WHERE: Kenton Firehouse. 8105 N. Brandon Street.
WHEN: JULY 12th 8pm - 12pm.
HOW MUCH: Suggested donation $5, Free before 9pm.

From the Newswire

Perth, 07.07.2008 11:09


From the Newswire

Perth, 07.07.2008 09:41

Protect the Kimberley

Теракт в Минске

Belarus, 07.07.2008 05:37

Врачи долечивают раненых, власти ищут "подозреваемых", совбелка призывает призвать к ответу "гнусных подонков!", оппозиционные партии "решительно осуждают". В общем, все как положено. - Собственно новость, как есть. - Подборка аналитики отЖЖстов. - передовица завтрашней Совбелки. Моральную ответственность уже возложили на оппозицию. Кто бы сомневался...

The Farce of July

LA, 07.07.2008 04:09

The Farce of July at Self-Help Graphics

global demonstrations against the church of Scientology

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.07.2008 01:39

On July 12th global demonstrations against the church of Scientology are planned. In San Francisco, demonstrators will meet in front of Horton Plaza, where they will wear masks to camouflage their identity, and march to 701 Montgomery Street where the Church of Scientology is located. Anonymous, the group who is organizing demonstrations is charging the Scientology Church for corruption, racism, homophobia, practices that cause death, abuse of their followers, and harassment of their critics.

L10nbridge illegally fires union rep. in Warsaw, unionists protest

Torun, 07.07.2008 01:07

Coordinadora contra el Cospelazo

Argentina, 07.07.2008 00:38


Ashland July 4 Parade: Lesson in Free Speech

Rogue Valley, 06.07.2008 21:40

Both the City of Ashland and its Chamber of Commerce were earlier charged with violations of the first amendment so the stage was set for a "civic lesson" at this year's Fourth of July parade. First came the ACLU parade entry featuring "Uncle Sam leading hooded & shackled prisoners", and behind them came Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice and their "controversial political entry."

For 2008 the City of Ashland's Fourth of July parade was an eye opener for the thousands of parade goers who applauded enthusiastically as the demonstrations of "free speech" marched down the main drag in Ashland, Oregon. We hope Ashland and its Chamber of Commerce were not sleeping during class.

Take a look at photos (click to make larger)...

Homeland Security Takes Computers From Pastors for Peace

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.07.2008 17:39

Federal agents seized 32 computers from Pastors for Peace as they attempted to cross the Pharr International Bridge early this morning at the US-Mexico border. The confiscated computers were donated by a Japanese-American group from the San Francisco Bay Area. As a result of this US seizure, 32 Cuban classrooms will not have a computer from this caravan.

Campaigners Celebrate Victory On EU Seal Ban

United Kingdom, 06.07.2008 17:38

There is good news for campaigners on the proposed EU ban on the import on seal products from Canada. The EU's Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas has just announced to EU ministers that legislation for a trade ban on all seal products from Canada will come into force in a matter of weeks.

The Canadian slaughter of over 350.000 baby harp seals takes place each year around March/April off the east coast of Canada in Newfoundland. The 'hunt' has been widely condemned around the world, but the Canadian government is ademend in its continued support. The new announcement is seen as a big victory for campaigners.

Audio: Interview With Captain Onboard Sea Shepherd Ship On Current Seal Hunt

Previous feature: Armed Canadian Coast Guard Storms Conservation Vessel

On the newswire: Sea Shepherd Moves In On Canadian Seal Slaughter | Seal Slaughter: contacts to protest | Canadian Seal Hunt: New attack by Brigitte Bardot and Franz Weber | Stop Canada's Seal Hunt | Biggest Seal Hunt in 50 Years Draws Protest | Stop Seal Hunt - Hunters Allowed To Kill 350,000 Young Seals This Year

Links: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society | Canadian Seal Hunt | | Wikipedia on Seal Hunt | Ocean Defence Topic Page

Starbucks Announces 600 Store Closures

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.07.2008 17:09

On July 1st, Starbucks announced that it will be closing 600 stores. Starbucks has been expanding for the past two decades and in many cases bought out other chains resulting in stores located within blocks or even on the same block as each other. Consumers in San Francico and New York have been vocal about the urban blight created by a Starbucks on every corner. The IWW Starbucks Workers Union responded to the closures saying they are deeply troubled that management's numerous missteps are resulting in more serious hardships for baristas, bussers, and shift supervisors. Starbucks has a history of anti-union activity and the IWW held a global day of action against Starbucks on July 5th.

The Farce of July

LA, 06.07.2008 16:09

The Farce of July at Self-Help Graphics


Uruguay, 06.07.2008 11:39

Día Mundial de Orgullo LGTB


Oost-Vlaanderen, 06.07.2008 10:07

De bevrijding van Betancourt was nep

Demonstrations against the apartheid wall in Palestine

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.07.2008 01:39

Demonstrations against the apartheid Wall are a daily occurrence in Palestine. On July 1, in Ni'lin, seven caterpillar bulldozers were destroyed during a demonstration. In Bil'in, three day later, three activists were injured and dozens of protesters were treated for tear gas inhalation. On June 5, Palestinians and other activist defy a curfew on the village of Ni'lin, demonstrated and blocked the Settler-road that runs by the village. In Ma'sra, live bullets and tear gas were used to dispersed a demonstration against the expropriation of Palestinian land, and to mark the 4th anniversary of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) decision, which declared the Wall illegal, called for it to be dismantled and those affected to be compensated for the damages.

Founding of Class Action Alliance

Portland, 05.07.2008 22:39

On June 7th, 2008 in Olympia Washington a new Northwest (Washington & Oregon) US based regional anarchist organization, Class Action Alliance, held our founding General Assembly. Preparation for this founding General Assembly had taken place over several months including meetings in locations throughout the Northwest and the sponsoring of a speaking tour.

City of Ashland Chamber of Commerce VIOLATES the First Amendement

Portland, 05.07.2008 22:39

Regarding Ashland's 4th of July Parade which is run by the Chamber of Commerce, here is the bottom line: "The ACLU and the SOJWJ, therefore, respectfully demand that, first, the Chamber alter its fee structure so as not to discriminate based on the content of entrants' message, and second, the Chamber refund the additional payment of $70 paid by SOJwJ for the 2007 Ashland Fourth of July Parade. If the Chamber fails to do both of these things, the ACLU of Oregon and SOJwJ are prepared to file a lawsuit to obtain this relief, plus the recovery of reasonable attorney fees."

The Portland Gun Show, Immigration, and the Turner Diaries

Portland, 05.07.2008 22:39

We're now witness to the largest wave of human migration the planet has ever seen. Driven by a new, truly international form of capitalism, human populations are alternately violently displaced, economically pressured, invited, coerced into relocation across the globe by civil wars, low intensity wars, high intensity wars, famines, droughts, hurricanes, floods, trade policies, austerity, other countless other economic and environmental catastrophies. This is globalized capitalism. We live in a time of threatened ecological collapse and the beginnings of capitalism's greatest tragedy-the possibility of a human created mass die-off of mamallian and other forms of life.

Anarchist Benefit Screening for RNC Convergence Center

Portland, 05.07.2008 22:39

Come hang at Black Rose Books this tuesday at 7:30, enjoy a feature film set amid the anarchist trenches of the Spanish Civil War and help raise money for the RNC Welcoming Committee's convergence center! The Republican National Convention is coming and anti-authoritarian activists in St. Paul like the RNC Welcoming Committee and Twin Cities Indymedia need funds to rent a convergence center. To that end UA Portland is throwing a benefit screening of Libertarias a rad film following the heroic exploits of several anarchist women in the Spanish Civil war. When: 7:30pm Tuesday 8th July. Where: Black Rose Books, 4038 N. Mississippi Avenue

To Act As Spectators Do

Portland, 05.07.2008 22:39

In the recent months I have heard rumors, some true while some are a bit far off, that the Northwest anarchists have their shit together. That we are "actually doing shit". Sometimes I can't help but feel that that is what it is: shit. Sometimes people allow their head to expand a bit, even sometimes anarchists attack fellow comrades over the silliest things as if they have all the answers as to how to "create real change" and that the "stupid anarchists" are just hot headed or adhere to some doctrine called "the politics of fun". But I grin a bit, maybe in an awkward way sometimes. Like during the times when I have heard excitedly "We have been on bombs and Shields two time in the last six months!" from fellow anarchists, from people who seem to think they are in a movie.

A verdadeira operacão de &quot;Resgate&quot; de Ingrid Betancourt e os Mercenários America

Brasil, 05.07.2008 18:08


Dick Cheney Met By Protesters on 4th of July

Boston, 05.07.2008 17:08

Anti-war and impeachment protesters met Dick Cheney as he visited Boston July 4th. The "president of vice" , Dick Cheney, came to Boston, MA this July 4th--he was present at a military re-enlistment ceremony aboard the revolutionary war era ship the USS Constitution ("Old Ironsides"). About 50 anti-Cheney and anti-war protesters greeted his motorcade entering the Charlestown Navy Yard with protest signs and jeers.

Sanfermines 78: ahora justicia

Euskal Herria, 05.07.2008 13:08

El 8 de julio se cumplen 30 a�os desde que una operaci�n policial en la plaza de toros de Iru�ea terminase en una tragedia que caus� la muerte de Germ�n Rodriguez y heridas a decenas de personas. Durante las protestas por aquellos hechos la polic�a mat� a otro joven en Orereta, Joseba Barandiaran.

La iniciativa Sanfermines 78 gogoan! pretende que no se olviden aquellos hechos y reclama Verdad, Justicia y Reparaci�n. Con este objetivo ha publicado un v�deo, ha compuesto una canci�n y organizado numerosas actividades, que culminar�n con las convocadas para el d�a 8 de este a�o. La iniciativa pretende que no se olvide esa parte de la historia de Iru�ea, pero tambi�n denunciar a quienes se beneficiaron de aquello y hoy en d�a imponen su voluntad en la ciudad y en las fiestas de Sanferm�n.

M�s informaci�n: |Art�culo de Sabino Cuadra: Sanfermines 1978 aqu� no se rinde ni dios|, Noticias pasadas de la lucha por el recuerdo de German |Estela de German, a debate en el Ayuntamiento de Iru�ea|, |La polic�a nacional impide protesta en favor de la estela de German Rodriguez|, |La comisi�n -Hilarria- Batzordea denuncia la actuaci�n de la polic�a y de UPN|.


Uruguay, 05.07.2008 09:39

Día Mundial de Orgullo LGTB

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