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Acampada contra el TAV en Zaldibia (Gipuzkoa) del 24 de julio en adelante

Euskal Herria, 12.07.2008 06:38

La Asamblea Contra el Tren de Alta Velocidad organiza la XIII Acampada contra el TAV que tendr� lugar a partir del 24 de julio en la localidad gipuzkoana de Zaldibia [Video presentaci�n de la acampada]. Como cada verano en los �ltimos trece a�os, la Acampada bajo el lema �Ni lo queremos, ni lo necesitamos. Ahora es el momento: vamos a pararlo! contar� con un funcionamiento asambleario y autoorganizado para dinamizar un programa de actividades que incluir� marchas a las zonas afectadas por el TAV, acciones de protesta, charlas, debates, fiesta... |Ver programa completo|

Sin embargo, este a�o la acampada no tendr� una duraci�n limitada, puesto que nuestra intenci�n es la de impulsar con este encuentro de 10 d�as de acampada en Zaldibia la creaci�n un espacio de resistencia a las obras del TAV en una localidad de Goierri y mantener esta acci�n por lo menos durante todo el verano. De esta forma, la acampada de Zaldibia tendr� continuidad en un espacio de resistencia que proponemos llevar a cabo para reforzar y unirnos a las acciones que ya viene realizando los grupos opositores al TAV de Goierri para paralizar las obras de la Y vasca iniciadas en el tramo Ordizia-Itsasondo.

M�s informaci�n: Tlfno. 695715510 o escribeaqu�.

Ultimas noticias sobre el TAV: |10.07.2008: AHT gelditu Elkarlana se sienta con el enemigo!|, |09.07.2008: AHT Abadi�on / TAV en Abadi�o|, |08.07.2008: Italia: obras del Tunel del Brennero canceladas!!!|, |05.07.2008: Informacion y lucha contra el TAV y el cemento desde los Alpes |.

Longest Walk 2 needs YOUR Solidarity!

DC, 12.07.2008 05:10

This week, Native Americans arrive in Washington, DC. They have completed the Longest Walk 2 which began on February 11, 2008 when they left San Francisco. Traveling along a Northern and Southern route (total of 8,000 miles), they collected 8,000 bags of garbage and testimonies. This is a call for action to bring to fruition the message that "All Life is Sacred, Protect Mother Earth". photos and audio

Photos and audio from Longest Walk 2

DC, 12.07.2008 05:10

The Longest Walk arrived an Malcolm X park around 7 AM. By the time walkers departed for the White House(having started from as far away as Alcatraz Island off the coast of California!), the crowd had grown to many hundreds of mostly Native American walkers. Download Audio-Dennis Bans speaks: Download audio-Chairman of Okenishe nation speaks: Download Audio: A vision of healing for Turtle Island: Download Audio-march sound:

Youth protest State’s approval of coal gasification plant

Boston, 12.07.2008 02:09

Nearly fifty protesters gathered in opposition to a new coal project in Massachusetts. A delivery of coal was made by activists to the Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs at 100 Cambridge Street in Boston. The office has recently dismissed an appeal of the state’s approval for a coal gasification project in Somerset, MA. Protesters gathered with music, signs and chants such as "Clean Coal Is A Dirty Lie."

Corey Glass' Deportation Halted; Canadian Court Rules on Asylum Case

Boston, 12.07.2008 02:09

The day before he was scheduled for deportation, Corey Glass, a former sergeant with the National Guard, was granted a review of his case. Meanwhile, the pressure in Canada mounted to allow US war resisters seeking refuge to stay in that country, when Canada’s Federal Court ruled that the Immigration and Refugee Board should reconsider the asylum case of Joshua Key. The ruling was based on the right of soldiers to refuse improper orders that would violate the Geneva Conventions. A third war resister, Robin Long, was arrested that same day and is facing deportation Monday for failing to notify immigration officials of an address change. LISTEN TO AUDIO: Interview with Adam from Courage to Resist, an organization set up to support soldiers who refuse to fight in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Solidarity for US War Resisters In Canada, From L.A. To NYC

NYC, 11.07.2008 22:39

60 people gathered outside the Canadian consulate on Avenue of the Americas July 9 to call for the Conservative Party-led government of Canada to honor the House of Commons measure that calls for asylum and residency for United States war resisters living there.

Joe Horn No Billed

Houston, 11.07.2008 17:40

Houston, We Have A Problem! Grand Jury No-Bills Joe Horn

Rosa Clemente accepts Vice Pres. invitation from Green candidate Cynthia McKinney

NYC, 11.07.2008 15:39


NYC-based Activist, Community Organizer Gets Green Party VP Nod

NYC, 11.07.2008 15:39

Days before the Green Party is scheduled to announce their official nominees for the 2008 Presidential Election, Cynthia McKinney has selected NYC-based activist Rosa Clemente to be her Vice President. Clemente, born in the South Bronx, is a graduate of SUNY Albany and Cornell University.

Following the announcement, Clemente released the following statement: "I am honored and excited to accept this invitation to run with Cynthia McKinney. Cynthia McKinney is a hero to me and many others across this country and around the world for her courage in standing up to George Bush while the Democratic Party establishment caved.

"This campaign is the opportunity the Hip-Hop generation has been working for. This is our time to address the issues affecting our communities – rising unemployment, the high cost of food and housing, a lack of quality public education and access to higher education, the prison-industrial complex, and unaccountable corporate media. These issues are not being addressed by either the Republican or Democratic nominee. "I choose to do this, not for me, but for my generation, my community and my daughter. I don't see the Green Party as an alternative; I see it as an imperative. I trust that my Vice Presidential run will inspire all people, but especially young people of color, to recognize that we have more then two choices. Together, we can build the future we've been wanting."

For more information and past coverage of Rosa Clemente, see the links below:

Green Party || Cynthia McKinney's Presidential Website || Rosa Clemente's website || Indy Blog Post on Rosa Clemente || Press Release and link to Audio Discussion || Article from Independent Political Report

Solidariedado ao MST em Fortaleza

Brasil, 11.07.2008 13:38


Banquete y movilizaciones para terminar

Argentina, 11.07.2008 11:08


Against the G8 Summit 2008

United Kingdom, 11.07.2008 10:38

The G8 2008 took place in Hokkaido, Japan, from July 7th to July 9th. As in the past years, people from all over the world protested against this summit and the capitalist system it represents [Pics] both in Japan and in many places around the globe.

On Saturday the 5th of July, the International Day of Action Against the G8, there were protests worldwide against this year's G8 Summit. In Japan, around 5000 people took to the streets in Sapporo despite ongoing police repression [Photos | Videos 1 | 2 | 3 | 4] whilst hundreds of people had previously taken to the streets in Tokyo and Kyoto. International solidarity actions also took place in several cities, including Bilbao, Stuttgart [Video], Dordrecht, Nijmegen, Paris, Singapore, Berlin, Reykjavik and Lisbon.

Closer to home, a picket outside the Japanese embassy in London took place on Friday the 4th, and for Saturday the 5th, and despite previous harassment by the Metropolitan police, a London Fete Against the G8 was called by London No Borders and other groups to demonstrate in solidarity with the protests in Japan, for the Freedom of Movement, and against Fortress Europe. The Day of Action around the UK Borders Agency started with a Critical Mass bike ride from Brixton to Croydon, the nerve centre of the Home Office's UK Border Agency, where several protests unfolded [Report | Photos 1 | 2 | Video]

From Monday 7th to Wednesday 9th, further days of action and blockades continued around the Summit location next to the Lake Toya in Hokkaido [Videos 1 | 2 | 3] A final statement by international activists was issued on Wednesday 9th after hundreds of activists joined a march called by the Hokkaido's Ainu indigenous communities. This was the concluding event of ten days of anti-G8 protests in Japan. The Japanese 'No! G8 Legal Team' issued an international call for further solidarity actions during the week of blockades [Second Call]. In London, a daily NO!G8 cafe was organised at the Bowl Court Social Centre to coincide with the G8 mobilisations, showing daily footage from Japan, screening films, presentations and discussions.

Check the Ticker, the G8MediaNetworkTV and IMC-Japan [Timeline (Eng)] for updates of worldwide actions and protests.

Related Newswire Posts: Challenge to the G8 Governments | G8 summit marked by impotence and division | James Hansen's Appeal to the G8 on Climate Change | No! G8 Japan Info Tour Comes to UK | An update on Japan G8 repression - 40 people arrested! | Repression and Revolt in the run up to G8 Japan | Interview with Japanese anti-G8 activist | Preparation for the Japanese anti-G8 movements in 2008 | Japanese Government to Keep ‘Hooligans’ Away from Summit

Related Sites: No G8! Japan | G8 Action Network | | | WATCH (Watch Human Rights on Summit) |

G8 2007 | G8 2006 | G8 2005 | UK IMC G8 2005 Topic

Radical Labor Takes Action Against Coffee Giant

United States, 11.07.2008 10:37

Starbucks Coffee Company was the target of a coordinated day of action by unions and labor radicals on June 5. Protests took place in a dozen US cities, as well as in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Latin America.

The protests followed an announcement that it was closing 600 stores in the US and laying off approximately 12,000 workers. Demonstrators particularly called out the company's union busting practices. The global day of action was called jointly by the Confederacion Nacional de Trabajadores (CNT-AIT) in Sevilla, Spain and the Starbucks Workers Union (IWW) in Grand Rapids, Michigan in response to two recent anti-union terminations.

Reports from: Grand Rapids, MI: Report & Video New York, NY Philadelphia, PA Rochester, NY (video & pics) | | | More Coverage: Starbucks Gets Wobbly from In These Times | AUDIO from Uprising Radio (KPFK Pacifica) | | | Additional Information: IWW Starbucks Workers Union | Grand Rapids Starbucks Union (IWW) | Sección Sindical en Starbucks (CNT-AIT) | Industrial Workers of the World | Starbucks Union Statement on Closure of 600 Stores

Los manifestantes exigian carcel para el oficial que atropeyó a Miguel Angel Serrano

Argentina, 11.07.2008 10:08

Represión frente a la Comisaria tercera de Los Hornos

Feinstein, Piera-Avila oppose warehouse at South Central Farm

LA, 11.07.2008 09:40

Feinstein, Piera-Avila oppose warehouse at South Central Farm

Los manifestantes exigian carcel para el oficial que atropeyó a Miguel Angel Serrano

Argentina, 11.07.2008 06:09

Represión frente a la Comisaria tercera de Los Hornos

Homophobic Attack in West Queens

NYC, 11.07.2008 05:39

In aftermath of Monday’s assault on Father Braxton, Director of Carmen’s Place, a homeless shelter for LGBT youth, participants gather to discuss hostility they face daily in school and in the streets of Queens

4 Years After ICJ Ruling, Call to Bring Settlement-builder Leviev to Justice

NYC, 11.07.2008 02:40

Thirty human rights advocates held a spirited protest in the rain outside the Leviev jewelry store on Madison Avenue today, demanding that Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev be brought to justice for his companies' construction of Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land. Many protesters held signs featuring a large cartoon mug shot of Leviev emblazoned with the words, “Wanted, Lev Leviev, For Violating International Law.”


Uruguay, 11.07.2008 01:40

Actividad - Toke por derogación del actual nombre del liceo.

Mill Road Social Centre - the story so far...

United Kingdom, 10.07.2008 21:09

Most of know what happened since, but let’s start in the beginning. On Tuesday night 20 May 2008, the building that formerly housed Wilco's automotive parts, and that had been standing empty for over a year, was squatted. This is the selfsame building where Tesco plans to open a controversial Express store. More about that later.

The aim of the squat was to turn the building into a much needed social centre, a focal point for the local Romsey (and Cambridge) community. It should be pointed out that the social centre is not connected to the No Mill Road Tesco campaign.

Since it opened, the centre has hosted numerous events, from women's roller derby to tango lessons, graffiti workshops, an art exhibition, open mic nights and acoustic gigs.

Mill Road Social Centre website

Minneapolis City Council Endorses Rubber Bullets for Protesters; On the Table July 16

United States, 10.07.2008 19:38

Rubber bullets. Confiscation and destruction of cameras and film. Harassment of journalists and legal observers. Targeting of organizers and leaders for arrest. Compiling files on activists. Intentional delays in medical assistance. Until recently, Minneapolis had a policy prohibiting the above kinds of actions by police at political demonstrations. read more from Communities United Against Police Brutality

DC isn't just for cars

DC, 10.07.2008 19:10

Today on the intersection of Connecticut Avenue and R Street NW there was a memorial and press conference held by the Washington Area Bicyclist Association. It was to remember a bicyclist that was killed just yesterday. Her name was Alice Swanson and she was just twenty two years old


Colombia, 10.07.2008 19:09

La Trampa de las Planillas

Choice Ireland launch Month of Action against Rogue Agency

Ireland, 10.07.2008 19:09

Yesterday Choice Ireland picketed the WRC on Dorse ...

Hokkaido - das war der Gipfel

Germany, 10.07.2008 19:09

Vom 7. bis zum 9. Juli 2008 fand im am Toya-See liegenden Hokkaido in Japan das diesjährige Treffen der "Group Of Eight", dem sog. G8 statt. Die Proteste gegen den G8-Gipfel in Japan waren aus Sicht der Veranstalter ein Erfolg (eng). An der Demonstration am 5. Juli hatten sich 5000 Personen aus Japan und etwa anderen 50 Ländern beteiligt. Die Die Einschränkungen des Versammlungsrechts gelten als beispiellos in der Geschichte der G8.

Solidarisch zeigten sich AktivistInnen in Magdeburg, Lindau, Stuttgart und Berlin; mehr dazu im Ticker

Indymedia vor Ort, Gipfelsoli, Aufruf, No-G8-Action Japan, tv.g8medianetworks (mehr: 1, 2), Weitere Indys: Österreich und Japan, Bilder auf Flickr, Zoomer und, Anti-G8-Blog, No-G8-Forum, NGO- und Attac-Statements (auf Entwicklungspolitik Online)

Variaciones acerca de 78/08, una performance de irrupción

Argentina, 10.07.2008 17:11

Mundial del Silencio

Revolutionary Music Mini-Tour, Summer '08

Boston, 10.07.2008 14:09

The Music of Revolution: New England mini-tour of the Network of Revolutionary Musicians (NORM): July-August. The NORM is a new project of the Northeast Anarchist Network, striving to connect revolutionary community struggles with the songs of resistance. Below is the dates of the first ever NORM shows, representing the New England wing of the NORM tour 2008. All shows are sliding-scale donations, with half the money going to the tour costs and the other half to various local causes. Look for more shows in New England in August, as well as the rest of the Northeast.

Free Food in Nottingham

United Kingdom, 10.07.2008 13:38

The old adage holds that there is no such thing as a free meal. Over the last few months, campaigners in Nottingham have been trying to prove this wrong, dishing out free vegan food to shoppers. Several events have been held in the city centre to tie in with Vegetarian Week, the Day of Action on Food and Climate Change and the Viva! Veggie Roadshow, with a further activity planned for UN World Food Day on October 16th.

While everybody loves free stuff, there is also an important point to the exercise with campaigners promoting a vegan-friendly lifestyle. This is beneficial not only for the animals, who would otherwise suffer the horrors of factory farming, but also for the planet. Livestock accounts for something in the order of 18% of greenhouse gas emissions

Newswire: Free Vegan Food For All! 4/07/08* | The Incredible Veggie Roadshow comes to Nottingham | Nottingham: 'Food Not Bombs', Food & Climate Change Meeting | 3rd June Food Climate Change Day of Action in Nottingham | Ready Steady Skip: Trailer and website launched! | Free Foods Invades Nottingham

Links: Nottingham Animal Rights | Food Not Bombs | Veggies Catering Campaign | Viva! | Notts Indymedia Animal Liberation topic page

Steelworkers' Union's &quot;Toxic Trader&quot; Leads March to Bush-Backed &quot;Import Safety Summit&quot;

DC, 10.07.2008 12:09

Steelworkers confront import safety summit with Toxic Trader puppet, street theater, rally, and banner drop at Hyatt Hotel summit site.

Naziaufmarsch in Sempach 2008

Switzerland, 10.07.2008 09:37

 Am 28. Juni 2008 marschierten 241 Nazis durch Sempach. Sie beteiligten sich an dem vom Kanton Luzern organisierten Umzug zum Winkelriedstein. Via Presse wurde öffentlich eine offizielle Tolerierung ausgesprochen. Diese Einladung nahmen die Nazis gerne an und verkündeten, auch 2009 wiederkommen zu wollen.

Winkelried und Sempach | Sempach und Rütli | Rütli und Gewalt | Gewalt und Sempach | Sempach und Nazis | Ergænzungen

2nd tacoma anarchist bookfair: july 11-13

Portland, 10.07.2008 06:39

Tacoma is hosting its second anarchist bookfair, a fun get-together for anyone interested in or curious about anarchy. It is open to all! There are splendid workshops and skill-shares on a diversity of topics, discussions, friend-making, and a plethora of booksellers and distributors (featuring literature, music, crafts, etc), games, free food, and music and dancing in the park. Basically, the bookfair is a literary gathering of epic proportions.

2nd Tacoma Anarchist Bookfair.
Friday-Sunday, July 11-13, 2008 / King's Books in Tacoma, WA.
Admission: Free!

From the Newswire

Perth, 10.07.2008 04:10

Climate Camp Action Australia Begins!

G8: IMC activist arrested in Sapporo at Peace March

Torun, 10.07.2008 03:07


Uruguay, 10.07.2008 02:38

Actividad - Toke por derogacion del actual nombre del liceo.

G8: wolność prasy w Sapporo (G8 2008 - Japonia)

Torun, 10.07.2008 02:08

Júbilo por la liberación

Argentina, 10.07.2008 01:41

El rescate de Ingrid no rescatará a Uribe

Money for Thse Arrested at the World Economic Forum

DC, 09.07.2008 21:10

In late January and early February 2003, the World Economic Forum meetings were held in New York City. In a class action lawsuit later brought by demonstrators arrested at the meetings, it was alleged that the NYPD attempted to show the world it was in control by illegally arresting and detaining 215 persons.

Video: Seattle Pride Parade

Seattle, 09.07.2008 21:08

Footage and interviews taken at the Seattle Pride Parade.

July 19th: Tacoma IWW General Membership Meeting

Seattle, 09.07.2008 21:08

The Next General Membership Meeting of the Tacoma Industrial Workers of the World will be on Saturday July 19 at 7 PM at 764 Broadway (Tully's Coffee)in downtown Tacoma.

&quot;Anti-Islam-Kongress&quot; und Gegenaktivitäten

Germany, 09.07.2008 20:38

Für das Wochenende vom 19. bis 21. September 2008 lädt die extrem rechte Bürgerbewegung pro Köln die europäische Rechte zu einem "Anti-Islamisierungskongress" nach Köln ein.Erwartet werden nicht nur "Patriotische Gäste" aus der BRD, wie Harald Neubauer (Herausgeber der neurechten Zeitschrift Nation und Europa) oder der Bundestagsabgeordnete Henry Nitzsche (ehem. CDU), sondern auch VertreterInnen rechtspopulistischer und rassistischer Gruppierungen aus ganz Europa. Jean-Marie Le Pen vom französischen Front National (FN), die Lega Nord aus Italien, die Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs (FPÖ), Vlaams Belang aus Belgien, Die Freiheitlichen aus Südtirol sowie extreme Rechte aus dem ehemaligen Jugoslawien, Ungarn usw. haben ihre Teilnahme zugesichert. Es ist mit 1000 Kongressgästen zu rechnen.

Campanhas contra o PLC 89/03!!

Brasil, 09.07.2008 20:08


Feinstein, Piera-Avila oppose warehouse at South Central Farm

LA, 09.07.2008 19:40

Feinstein, Piera-Avila oppose warehouse at South Central Farm

'Welcoming Massachusetts' Launches to Celebrate Diversity and Inclusion in MA

Boston, 09.07.2008 15:09

Boston, MA - A diverse group of over 200 faith, labor, education, and immigrant community members and leaders gathered today at the Grand Staircase of the State House to officially launch the new Welcoming Massachusetts statewide initiative. Welcoming Massachusetts was founded on the belief that the people of MA remember, honor, and value its immigrant roots, and that the communities that make up the Commonwealth embrace the shared values that unite everyone. Sign the Pledge!

Be In The Streets! Hands Off The Poor!

Portland, 09.07.2008 06:39

Be in the streets July 9th at 5pm. Help end police harassment! Meet up in the North Park Blocks by the elephant for a brief rally, followed by a march. Police harassment of the poor and houseless has spiked as the city is cleansed for the summer festival season.

In response to the targeting of poor and houseless people in the community, a demonstration is planned for Wednesday, July 9th. It will start in the North Park Blocks at 5pm. "Hands Off the Poor," a demonstration organized by the Portland Coalition Against Poverty demands an immediate end to police harassment and arrest of poor and houseless people in the community.

Oil Enforcement Agency to bust oil worshiping cult at Portland City Council

Portland, 09.07.2008 06:39

In a comic act of political street theatre, the fictitious "Oil Enforcement Agency (OEA) will be operating a check point outside Wednesday's Portland City Council meeting. The OEA will attempt to ticket supporters of the Columbia River Crossing (CRC) for their advocacy of oil abuse. Also in attendance will be a cult; of pro-bridge oil-worshippers, complete with a 12 foot tall mock oil derrick.

When: Wednesday, July 9th, 2008, between 1 pm and 3 pm. Where: 1221 SW 4th Ave, outside the Portland City Council chambers.

Charla/Debate: Encuentros Nacionales de Mujeres

Argentina, 09.07.2008 03:09

Starbucks Union Demands Reinstatement of Fired Baristas

NYC, 09.07.2008 02:09

A dozen protesters gathered in front of the Starbucks on 17th and Broadway on Saturday July 5 to protest the termination of two union organizing baristas. The event was just one of dozens around the world, as part of an IWW-organized Global Day of Action.

2 Exciting Labor Events This Thursday (July 10)

Baltimore, 09.07.2008 01:09

UNITE HERE rally at Baltimore City Center Sheraton, Bill Fletcher Jr speaks on his new book Solidarity Divided at 2640

Global Day of Action Against Starbucks - Belfast, Dublin and Beyond!

Ireland, 08.07.2008 23:09

As part of the Global Day of Action against Starbu ...


Uruguay, 08.07.2008 20:09

Malvenida... mandataria

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