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Social Services - Keeping the Poor in Poverty Since 1935

Santa Cruz, CA, 16.07.2008 00:39

Tim Rumford writes, "Here in Santa Cruz we have our own county based health insurance providing healthcare for the poor, MediCruz. Although MediCruz has many problems, it has to be said that it is not a requirement of the City nor the County to provide such services. As of July 1st, MediCruz applicants have 30 days after applying to prove they filed their 2007 income taxes to be considered for eligibility. This additional layer of red tape is not designed to make the poor pay their fair share."

IOM Unwelcome in Birmingham

United Kingdom, 16.07.2008 00:38

The International Organisation against Migration, aka the International Organisation for Migration or IOM, held a 'conference' in Birmingham last month in preparation for opening a new regional office in the city. A handful of local activists did a banner drop at the four-star hotel where the event was held to unwelcome dodgy organisation. They also gave out leaflets to the delegates to tell them the truth about IOM, whose real mission is to help Western governments 'manage migration' and meet their deportation quotas.

Reports: IOM Unwelcomed in Birmingham | IOM's new Birmingham office | Inside the IOM Birmingham conference | IOM Bribing Asylum Seekers to Return Home | The So-Called Voluntary Return

Related: Shadowy deportation organisation opens office in London | New Home Office Scheme Against Asylum Seekers in Glasgow | IOM Picket in Bristol | No Platform for the IOM (Bristol) | No Border's IOM page

Naomi Klein Speaks in New York City

NYC, 15.07.2008 22:09

Naomi Klein is speaking at the Barnes and Noble at Union Square.

Check below for more information!

Antiwar Movement &quot;Freezes&quot; Grand Central, Debates Future at Brecht Forum

NYC, 15.07.2008 21:39

On a day when over 200 protesters took center stage at Grand Central to draw attention to increasingly heated relations between the United States and Iran, panelists at the Brecht Forum hosted a retrospective on the antiwar movement.

Obama Lays Out Plans for Continued War

Boston, 15.07.2008 18:39

In a July 14, 2008 New York Times Op Ed, Barack Obama says: "As I’ve said many times, we must be as careful getting out of Iraq as we were careless getting in. We can safely redeploy our combat brigades at a pace that would remove them in 16 months. That would be the summer of 2010 — two years from now, and more than seven years after the war began. After this redeployment, a residual force in Iraq would perform limited missions: going after any remnants of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, protecting American service members and, so long as the Iraqis make political progress, training Iraqi security forces." In other words, he does not plan to get all of the troops out of Iraq and he will only get most of the troops out in two years. And what does he explain he will do with these troops? Redeploy them. Redeployed where? His rhetoric has been clear: Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran.


Oost-Vlaanderen, 15.07.2008 18:37

De reis van een ongewenste doorheen de straat en de centra

SHAC Prepares For National March &amp; Rally

United Kingdom, 15.07.2008 16:38

On the 12th July, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) will be holding a national march and rally to show the mass opposition to the fraudulent vivisection industry and the vile 'experiments' at Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). SHAC is an international campaign aiming to close HLS, the largest contract testing laboratory in Europe.

The rally in the park will include info stalls and food/drink from Veggies before campaigners march through Peterborough. There will then be a demonstration in Alconbury to meet the animal abusers who kill 500 animals every day of the week to test products such as weed killer, food colourings and drugs.

Details: Webpage for the rally, march and demo - Info and times | Rally in the park - Map and meeting point

Reports from last demo in April: Pictures: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Video: 1 | 2

Newswire: HLS Largest Customers Fined For Overcharging Docters | Call for action at SHAC march x2 | Arson Attacks at HLS Animal Breeder | Video of AR Protesters Illegal Arrest at Arromight Hereford | Callout to any FIT watchers - SHAC rally July 12th | Action Alert: Largest HLS Investor: Part 1 & 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Dispatch from Andy Stepanian (SHAC 7) | HLS Supplier DHL trashed for Active Slaughter | Novartis Global Week of Action Roundup | Time For Action 4 - SHAC Need Your Footage + Trailer | Last Primate Lab in Austria to Close! | Staples lies and beagles die | Message from SHAC: May Raids Anniversary | SHAC May Raids Anniversary | ALF torch Staples trucks | PIA Stop Beagle Flights | Sciencelink animal lab has been abandoned | Novartis HQ painted and smashed (Video) | Previous march (Novartis): SHAC Report | Barriers dismantled

Previous features: Victory for animal rights campaigners | Activist Imprisoned for Shouting | Fisher Scientific Embarrassed Over Links with HLS | SHAC World Day for Lab Animals | Asahi Glass Protesters Harassed by Police | "March Against the Murderers"

Links: SHAC-UK | SHAC-UK Prisoner Support | Veggies | Antispeciesist Action | Animal Rights CopWatch | Indymedia UK SHAC topic page

Italy Passes Law To Fingerprint All Roma

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.07.2008 02:09

Seventy years ago this month, Mussolini's government published a "Manifesto of Race", which lead to racial laws persecuting Jews, Roma and members of other ethnic minorities groups. Now, the country's rightwing government has again stepped up special measures against an entire ethnic group. In late June, the Italian Interior Minister announced that a file is to be drawn up containing a DNA data base with digital fingerprints and photos of every Roma in Italy, irregardless of their citizenship. One popular Italian magazine, Famiglia Cristiana, denounced the move as "an indecent and racist proposal" reminiscent of "when Jewish children were identified with a yellow star on their sleeves".


Uruguay, 15.07.2008 01:09


Ayrým Duvarý 2008

Istanbul, 14.07.2008 23:40

Ayrım Duvarı: UAD kararının 4. yıldönümü... Baskı ve direniş şiddetleniyor

I-69 Protestors Shut Down Asphalt Yard Again!

Portland, 14.07.2008 22:09

This morning, over 20 people opposed to the construction of Interstate 69 shut down work at the Haubstadt Asphalt Yard belonging to Gohmann Asphalt & Construction, Inc. Five of the opponents locked themselves together in a circle at the yard's gate, accompanied by five others dedicated to keeping them as comfortable as possible in the face of summer heat and the threat of police violence. With construction slated to begin this week, opponents are demanding that Gohmann immediately drop their contract for work on I-69. Additionally they demand that Gohmann and their accomplices, Riverton Trucking, Inc., drop a spurious civil suit brought against the only I-69 opponent arrested at a previous lock-down at Gohmann Asphalt's Haubstadt facility.

Gohmann A&C is the primary contractor with the Indiana Department of Transportation for the construction of the first 1.77 miles of Section 1 of the proposed highway from Evansville to Indianapolis. Several weeks prior, five opponents chained themselves to a truck leaving Haubstadt Asphalt Yard belonging to Gohmann Asphalt & Construction, Inc.. The five, accompanied by twenty five supporters, demanded that Gohmann drop their contract with INDOT or face continued opposition and work stoppages. Until Gohmann drops its contract, opponents will continue to hold them accountable for the evictions of farmers, the disruption of communities, and the devastation of the environment caused by I-69.

Consent and Sexual/Intimate Violence Workshop on July 16

Santa Cruz, CA, 14.07.2008 21:40

Consensual Liberation through Intimate Tactics Collective (C.L.I.T. Collective) is a collective of folks who have come together to open dialog about Sexual/Intimate Violence. CLIT Collective is hosting a 6 week series of classes as part of Free Skool Santa Cruz from July through September. A workshop on consent and sexual/intimate violence will be held on Wednesday, July 16th at 6:00pm at the Zami! Co-op.

Community Dialogue on Race, Poverty, Equality and Justice

Santa Cruz, CA, 14.07.2008 20:38

On Tuesday, July 15th, a coalition planning meeting for a countywide community dialogue on race, poverty, equality and justice will take place at 4:30pm in the Santa Cruz City Council Courtyard Conference Room located at 809 Center Street. This listening and documentation session provides a special opportunity to share your stories about how you have experienced racism in the areas of education, housing, employment, law enforcement relations, health, or immigration. You can share your stories anonymously, if you choose.

The importance of unconventional actions

United States, 14.07.2008 18:37

Four years ago, between 500,000 and 800,000 people mobilized in New York City to protest the Republican National Convention. This year during the last week of August (the 25th-28th), and the first week of September (the 1st-4th), the 2008 Democratic and Republican National Conventions will meet again, and like four years ago, will be opposed.

This year, anti-authoritarian groups are organizing under the name “Unconventional Action” and "Bash Back" to nationally mobilize direct action during the DNC in Denver and the RNC in St. Paul. The Unconventional Action network, made up of autonomous groups in cities across the country, including Rochester (and Upstate, NY), unify under the following principles:

∑ Reject all forms of hierarchy including capitalism, party communism, patriarchy, white supremacy, colonialism, and so-called representational politics;
∑ Organize on a non-hierarchical, consensus-based basis that promotes autonomy, solidarity, grass-roots involvement, and the agency of those most affected by each decision
∑ Embrace a diversity of tactics
∑ Do not condemn any action on the grounds that it is illegal alone.

Additional Information: Unconventional Action | Unconventional Action - Rochester | Upstate Uprise Unconventional Action Faction | RNC Welcoming Committee | DNC Disruption '08 | Recreate '68 | Crash the Conventions | Obama Is Hot, Empire is Not!

Video: We're Getting ready! RNC Welcoming Committee trailer

Help Save Wensley Hillside Peak District National Park

United Kingdom, 14.07.2008 18:08

Glebe Mines, owned by INEOS (the multi-billion pound company that owns Runcorn chemical works) have put in an application to the Peak District National Park Authority (PDNPA) to build an open pit quarry on Wensley Hillside. The site, which is 6 miles from Bakewell, is within the Peak Park and is 2 miles away from the scene of the well-known Stanton Moor quarrying disputes.

INEOS/Glebe plan to extract 660,000 tonnes of fluorspar from the 12 hectare site over a 6 year period. In addition, there will be 50 lorry movements per day along the only access route, a narrow country lane.

Newswire: Help Save Wensley Hillside Peak District National Park | Park Authority halts quarrying at Backdale in the Peak District

Links: Friends of the Peak District | Glebe Mines | Peak District National Park Authority | Tearsall - The Proposals | Notts Indymedia Ecology topic page

Fellow swing state voters, convince me to vote Obama

New Hampshire, 14.07.2008 14:40

With the race for NH's 4 electoral votes likely to help swing the national election, it's time for the Obama people to convince us Granite State independents why we should support your candidate. So far, the Obama campaign has been extremely light on platform, and heavy on "hope." I don't care about vague campaign slogans. I could also care less about personality. I want to hear platform—things that actually matter. Trying to convince me that he is better than voting for McCain isn't going to move me to vote for Obama. Frankly, I am disgusted with both of the major parties. Voting for McCain would just continue the disastrous 8 years of Republican administration. But the Democrats have had the congress for 2 years now, and the political situation just keeps getting worse.

PHILIPPINES: Ban Endosulfan!

Boston, 14.07.2008 14:10

Philippines, Quezon City--Over 50 citizens’ groups and coalitions working for public health, environmental justice and sustainable development joined forces to press for a total ban on endosulfan, stressing that its continued use is akin to a ticking “toxic time bomb.”

Northwest APOC Regional Gathering

Portland, 14.07.2008 10:10

Five years ago 150 Anarchist and anti-authoritarians people of color from all walks of life gathered in Detroit to begin the process of interconnecting struggle and passion towards building a new world empowered from below. Five years on, and many struggles later this movement is being rejuvenated by many old and new comrades internationally!

Northwest APOC Regional Gathering
Portland, OR, August 16-17th

Lone Vet Reort---anniversary

Portland, 14.07.2008 10:10

This coming Thursday, the 17th of July will be our 1 year anniversary outside of the Earlman's office. We have met every Thursday at high noon to bear witness to the destruction of the Bill of Rights and our Constitution. We will remain until impeachment hearings begin or Bush and his Dick leave the WH in January of 09.

In the year that we stood with our signs, occupying Blumenauer's office, being arrested and threatened by the security force at 729 Oregon the following has happened:

  • Over five hundred soldiers have been killed in Iraq.
  • Tens of thousands of Iraqis have lost their lives, many of them children.
  • Many thousands have been injured to such a degree that families members must now take care of them for the rest of their lives. The casualties will not be known until we have a legitimate government in Washington.
  • Millions of people are now losing their homes.
  • Gas prices are through the roof.
  • The fourth Amendment has been so damaged by the politicians, both by NeoCons and democrats, that it is now just a piece of paper.

Red And Black Cafe Benefit Dinner

Portland, 14.07.2008 10:10

The Red and Black is having a beer-cooler benefit dinner! This Friday, July 25th, the Red and Black will be hosting a three course, fine dining, vegan dinner. Still on a tight budget from our move this last January, we hope to raise funds for a beer cooler, automated dish-washer, and other such exciting amenities. Doors open at 7:30 and serving commences at 8pm.

Sweatshop workers call on Governors

Rogue Valley, 14.07.2008 08:10

Delegates from Oregon's SweatFree Campaign join others in Philadelphia with a strong message at the Governors' National Convention. The delegation shares a special challenge for Governor Ted Kulongoski: "Stop supporting Sweatshops in Oregon. We have better uses for our tax dollars and now is the time to step up and commit to a SweatFree Oregon."

Philadelphia, July 12, 2008 — Representatives from human rights, religious, labor, and student groups gathered from around the country today outside with National Governors Association centennial meeting to welcome Governor Edward G. Rendell’s historic commitment to end tax dollar support for sweatshops and to encourage all other governors to follow suit.

Sweatshop workers call on Governors to follow Rendell’s lead in historic sweatfree commitment during National Governors’ Association meeting. First-in-the-nation commitment receives applause at rally with religious leaders, human rights groups, students and labor groups who invite other governors to follow suit...

Postal worker fired for union activity: Solidarity picket 16 July @Poczta Polska

Torun, 14.07.2008 02:07

Sentencia: Perpetua para Poblete

Argentina, 14.07.2008 00:09

Un paso contra la impunidad

Elecciones 2008

Puerto Rico, 13.07.2008 23:40

A Plena Voz 2008: ¡debate abierto!

FAQ: DCTV, Independent Media Block and Route Irish / Torture is Us on TV

Ireland, 13.07.2008 23:09

Media that doesn't have any other distribution.... ...

Kassiererin streikt - Kaiser's kündigt

Germany, 13.07.2008 23:09

Barbara E. beteiligte sich als eine von anfänglich acht Beschäftigten der Filiale Hauptstrasse in Berlin Hohenschönhausen am Streik im Einzelhandel, zu dem die Gewerkschaft ver.di aufgerufen hatte. Nach Einzelgesprächen der Distriktmanagerin und des Marktleiters mit den streikenden Kolleginnen hörten alle auf zu streiken - bis auf Barbara E. Daraufhin wurde sie am 22.02.2008 unter dem Vorwand gekündigt, sie habe zu Unrecht zwei Pfandbons eingelöst. Barbara E. bestreitet den Vorwurf. Streitwert: 1,30 Euro. Betriebszugehörigkeit von Barbara E.: 31 Jahre.

Sentencia: Perpetua para Poblete

Argentina, 13.07.2008 23:09

Un paso contra la impunidad

Money is a vice I wore

Portland, 13.07.2008 22:09

Money is a vice I wore
Taking over my mind
It negotiated its own results .
It had its own illogical sequences
Bad mathematic formulas that no one bothered to unravel
The sequences were not 'solvable"
And there fore pleasing to the economic
It made sense to me that money was power
And I had abdicated the throne.

Two Public Housing Activists to be tried on felony charges

New Orleans, 13.07.2008 19:49

Two Public Housing Activists to be tried on felony charges

Guest workers win major US human rights award; Hunger Striker fasts longer than Gandhi

New Orleans, 13.07.2008 19:49

Guest workers win major US human rights award; Hunger Striker fasts longer than Gandhi

Help Block New Nukes in Senate

New Hampshire, 13.07.2008 17:29

Please respond to this alert from the Friends Committee on National Legislation. You can fax Sen. Gregg at 202-224-4952 or call his DC office at 202-224-3324. Sen. Judd Gregg, who sits on the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee, has a chance to say no to new nuclear weapons, ending the administration's hopes of funding the Reliable Replacement Warhead (RRW). This week, the Senate Appropriations Committee will consider the Energy and Water Appropriations bill, which includes nuclear weapons funding. FCNL expects an amendment to be offered to fund the Reliable Replacement Warhead program (RRW). The vote will be close, and your senator's vote is key. Contact your senator today and urge him to vote "no" on funding for new nuclear weapons. The House has already eliminated all funding for this new warhead. If the Senate follows suit, the program will be dead. But if the Senate adds money for the new weapons into the bill, the program will have new life.

Ancora nucleare in Svizzera?

Switzerland, 13.07.2008 14:32

Vista la bocciatura popolare della moratoria proposta nel 2003, e il parere positivo del WEF, il 9 giugno scorso l'ATEL ha presentato la richiesta di autorizzazione per una nuova centrale nucleare da costruirsi a Niedergösgen nel canton Soletta.
Si tratterebbe della sesta centrale presente sul territorio elvetico, la richiesta è motivata dal continuo aumento dei consumi e dall'avvicinarsi della fine del ciclo produttivo delle centrali già presenti.

I principali punti critici della questione sono legati ai pericoli di incidenti e all'aumentata incidenza di malattie nella popolazione. Già oggi nel canton Soletta, dove si trova centrale di Gösgen, si riscontra un'inspiegabile frequenza di casi di leucemia.
Altro punto critico riguarda lo stoccaggio delle scorie, radioattive per centinaia di anni a cui non si è ancora riusciti a trovare una sede sicuro e definitiva.

Valide alternative all'energia nucleare sono tutt'ora presenti. Si tratta di una scelta politica, ma anche personale applicando quotidianamente la decrescita.

Call to Action: SDS Days of Action Against the War in Iraq

Asheville, 13.07.2008 04:37

ALL OUT FOR MARCH 20, 2008 Students for a Democrat ...

Indymedia now selling Slingshot Organizers at Rosetta's

Asheville, 13.07.2008 04:37

Do you keep missing meetings? Forget your dad's bi ...

UNCA Walked Out!

Asheville, 13.07.2008 04:37

UNCA SDS Walkout Against the Iraq War Over 60 stud ...

8 Arrested as North Carolina Residents Shut Down Construction at Cliffside Coal Plant

Asheville, 13.07.2008 04:37

At 6:30 this morning, North Carolina residents loc ...

You are invited to Mountain Justice Summer 4

Asheville, 13.07.2008 04:37

Mountain Justice Summer Camp 
May 17 - 23 
H ...

More Home Demos in the Piedmont

Asheville, 13.07.2008 04:37

protests against HLS customers and suppliers A num ...

Mischief and havoc in downtown Asheville for May Day

Asheville, 13.07.2008 04:37

At around 1pm, dozens of colorful celebrators gath ...

Home Demonstrations Against HLS Customers in Chapel Hill

Asheville, 13.07.2008 04:37

drop HLS! Protesters confront HLS customer Quintil ...

Pigs roll through PVA with assault rifles

Asheville, 13.07.2008 04:37

Pigs trying to intimidate people living in the pro ...

Asheville Rising Tide builds green power plant in Duke CEO's front yard

Asheville, 13.07.2008 04:37

May 25, 2008 - Charlotte, NC Today, activists with ...

Filipino Coalition Calls for End to G8 Domination at Tokyo Summit

DC, 13.07.2008 04:10

MANILA, Philippines — This year’s G8 summit in Japan, gathering the world’s most advanced industrial economies is happening amidst a global crisis on oil, food, poverty, and environment – a problem unequaled since the first G8 summit in 1973 concerning the oil crisis and the subsequent global recession.

Patronos mantienen intimidación judicial contra trabajador@s de Fundimeca

Venezuela, 12.07.2008 22:38

Explotación de El Yunque

Puerto Rico, 12.07.2008 17:09

El Yunque Nuestro

Complexo Hidrelétrico do Rio Madeira: não passará!

Brasil, 12.07.2008 16:08


Pitch Pipe Infoshop Under Surveillance

Seattle, 12.07.2008 16:08

The residents of the Pitch Pipe Infoshop in Tacoma report that they have discovered a hidden surveillance camera attached to a utility pole across from their house. Although the camera is inside a box resemblying a standard electrical box, there are no other similar on any of the nearby utility poles. More disturbing, there is a "camera-resembling-object" resting behind the transparent surface at the base of the box. Take a look at the pictures and see what you think.

August 2nd: Sizzling Sendoff Party for Local Activist

Seattle, 12.07.2008 16:08

Wish bon voyage to traveling organizer Luma Nichol, a feminist fascist-fighter, robust abortion rights defender and multi-talented mover and shaker who is relocating to San Francisco.

July 19th: Celebrate with the Newly Formed Tacoma Food Co-op

Seattle, 12.07.2008 16:08

Do you have a hunger for fresh, local, affordable food? Come celebrate the evolution of the Tacoma Food Co-op. Mingle with local farmers, musicians, restaurants, businesses and community organizations who share a common goal of providing healthy, affordable and fresh food for the residents of Tacoma.

When: July 19th, 4-9 p.m. Saturday, July 19th
Where: People's Park, South 9th & Martin Luther King Jr. Way.


Torun, 12.07.2008 11:07

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