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New Jersey Regional Coalition Wins 3 Year Battle Against RCA Apartheid

NYC, 19.07.2008 16:39

The New Jersey Regional Coalition has won a 3 year battle to make it the law that even the wealthiest communities must build their share of affordable housing.

Local Government Workers in Notts Join National Strike

United Kingdom, 19.07.2008 15:38

On Wednesday 16 and Thursday 17 July, local government workers in Unison and Unite took part in a 48 hour strike. The action was in response to the "final" 2.45% pay offer made by the employers (which, given the current rate of inflation, constitutes a real terms pay cut) and part of a wider struggle being waged against the public sector against what the government call "pay restraint."

In Nottinghamshire there were picket lines at various council offices and 82 schools were shut as caretakers, teaching assistants, admin staff and midday supervisors walked out. There was a march from the Forest Recreation ground to a rally in the Market Square on the first of the two days.

Newswire: Local Government Strike: Day Two | Local Government Strike: Day One | Council workers to strike over pay

Previous Feature: Notts Workers Join National Strike

Links: Notts Unison | Unison | Unite: Amicus | T&G | Notts Indymedia Workers' Movements topic page

Supporters Mobilize as Mumia Abu-Jamal Appeals for New Trial

United States, 19.07.2008 14:07

Last week, death row journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal filed an appeal of a March 27 US Third Circuit Court ruling that rejected his bid for a new guilt-phase trial.

On the 4th of July in Philadelphia, over 75 supporters of Abu-Jamal gathered at the Liberty Bell, including Rebel Diaz, Sundiata Sadiq, and Pam Africa (View Photos and Video). Issue #3 of Abu-Jamal-News was released, spotlighting Freedom Archives, this fall's CR10 conference and NYC Jerchico march, as well as prisoners Ruchell Magee, Hugo Pinell, Leonard Peltier, the SF8, KC5, and Omaha 2 (View PDF).

RELATED: 4th of July report by Betsey Piette; photos by Joe Piette II New articles on The Framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal by Carolina Saldaña, Linn Washington Jr., and Dissident Voice II Philadelphia events for Mumia and the MOVE 9 on Aug. 8 & 9 II Online Video Series II

Shaw -- All out for BOLT Meeting 7/23/08

DC, 19.07.2008 00:09

Shaw residents are putting out the call to pack the Board of Library Trustees meeting on July 23, 2008.

A Grey Coast Cluster Adopts Sector 6

Seattle, 19.07.2008 00:08

Last Friday, the 11th of July, anarchists and anti-authoritarians from the around the Pacific Northwest met in beautiful Tacoma, Washington with the goal of adopting one of the 7 sectors of St. Paul, Minnesota, utilizing the handy map proposed by the RNC-Welcoming Committee and many others at the pReNC 5.3.

Cascadia: General Alert For Imminent Military Shipments

Seattle, 19.07.2008 00:08

Once again, we have received information from multiple sources pointing towards another shipment through a port in Cascadia. The genocidal machine known as the US military is attempting to re-oil its rusty gears and show the population of Cascadia that, despite all of our efforts, the murder and death will not stop and that none of us have the ability to change anything.

'Thank You' Letter From Pitch Pipe Infoshop

Seattle, 19.07.2008 00:08

To the anonymous ninjas,Thank you!

Us here at the Pitch Pipe Infoshop would like to thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for removing the surveillance camera that was pointed at our house. You are beautiful and amazing, whoever you are. We are all extremely grateful for your vigilance in defending our community from the onslaught of the police state.

July 22nd: Help Found a New Seattle Anti-War Coalition

Seattle, 19.07.2008 00:08

Whether this coalition will really be new very much depends on YOU helping shape it. The tired old "pressure the politicians" strategy (i.e., rely on them in the end) has become absurd, but will it seek to build and rely on a MOVEMENT of the oppressed?

Join us for a city-wide antiwar coalition meeting called by the Iraq Veterans Against the War:

WHEN: 7pm on Tuesday, July 22nd
WHERE: Seattle Central Community College, Room BE 1110

Prisoner of War Exchange between Israel and Lebanon

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.07.2008 23:09

On July 16th, a prisoner exchange took place between the governments of Israel and the Hezbollah. Israel has returned 199 bodies of Hezbollah fighters and five live soldiers to Lebanon in exchange for the bodies of two Israeli soldiers who were killed on an occupied territory on the border between Israel and Lebanon. The government of Lebanon stated that "the agreement marks a big failure to Israel's tactics and policies."

Toxic Polution From Lennar Corp In The Bayview

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.07.2008 23:09

At a public meeting held July 15th in San Francisco, Bayview residents and supporters accused the San Francisco Department of Public Health of turning a blind eye to Lennar Corp's toxic construction in the Hunter's Point Shipyard. Bayview community members said Lennar Corp, a housing redevelopment corporation based out of Miami, has been digging into asbestos-rich serpentine rock sending plumes of cancer-causing dust into nearby homes, recreation centers and elementary schools. Last November, The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) voted to fine Lennar for not accurately monitoring toxicity levels during construction.

Reportback from Anti-Racist Action on David Irving NYC Event

NYC, 18.07.2008 18:10

Initially canceled at its original venue due to a phone jam initiated by Anti-Racist Action, Holocaust revisionist David Irving was able to dupe yet another New York City venue into hosting his hateful speaking tour. thanks to the great investigative work of members of Anti-Racist Action and our friends, we were able to properly greet David Irving and his fascist guests when they arrived at their back-up location - St. Stephen of Hungary Parish, 414 East 82nd.

Inhoud feesten?

Oost-Vlaanderen, 18.07.2008 18:09

Inhoud op de Gentse Feesten?

autonoom centrum

Oost-Vlaanderen, 18.07.2008 15:09

Open brief over het voorstel autonoom centrum te Gent


Perth, 18.07.2008 09:09

Project for Palestine Fundraiser @ Hyde Park Back Bar

From the Newswire

Perth, 18.07.2008 08:40

Climate Camp wrap up and videos

Occupation du rectorat de l’ULG : les étudiants obtiennent un accord de diminution du minerval intermédiaire.

Liege, 18.07.2008 08:38

Le lundi 18 octobre, plus d'une centaine d'étudiants ont investi les locaux du rectorat de l'Université de Liège, place du XXAoût, avec pour revendication une entrevue avec sa majesté "Monsieur le Recteur" quant aux problématiques actuelles vécues dans l'enseignement en général. Après avoir campé jusque tard dans la nuit ils ont finalement réussi à voir le chef de l'établissement et une vingtaine de personnes sont restées la nuit sur place. Les augmentations fulgurantes du minerval sont devenues des conditions inacceptables pour un enseignement qui se veut démocratique. Notre ami le Recteur, Willy pour les intimes, accompagné de ses favoris (Fédé et étudiants administrateurs) a rencontré jeudi une délégation du Cecam ( Collectif contre l’augmentation du minerval ). La rencontre à débouché sur un accord ou Willy à daigner dégager 100 milles euros supplémentaires de « sa poche » pour financer une baisse du minerval intermédiaire. Il faut noter que cette diminution ne sera effective que pour cette année. Les étudiants doivent maintenant s’attaquer à la communauté française pour obtenir un refinancement global de l’enseignement.

N10: contre l'Europe forteresse !

Liege, 18.07.2008 08:38

Ce semestre la présidence européenne revient à la Hollande. Au cours de cette présidence les ministres en charge de l'immigration se réuniront ce 10 novembre à Groningue (Groningen). Ce sera également l'occasion pour un grand nombre d'altermondialistes de se réunir afin de faire savoir ce qu'ils pensent de l'Europe forteresse et de ses mesures de plus en plus répressives. Un grand nombre d'événements seront organisés pendant ces 3 jours de contre-sommet tels que des manifestations, des ateliers, des forums et un centre des média sera mis spécialement sur pied pour l'occasion.

[Palestine] Le village de Ni’ilin et ses alentours résistent

Liege, 18.07.2008 08:07

Depuis plus d’un mois et ce, quasiment quotidiennement, le village de Ni’ilin et ses alentours résistent à la construction d’un mur de « sécurité » qui annexerait près de 250 hectares de terres autour du village. Celles-ci seront données à la colonie voisine pour construire une zone industrielle et un cimetière.

KPAM breaks the law to get story about breaking the law

Portland, 18.07.2008 06:38

I was on my way into work today when I came across this at N. Flint and N. Broadway at 9:05am: A white car dangerously and illegally parked as the bike lane starts. As I rode my bicycle by the car I noticed a man in the car with a camera on the dash pointed at the stop sign. I went on to the sidewalk and noticed that he was taking pictures of bicycles and the stop sign. He also had a laptop propped up in the passenger seat and was typing on it.

I do question the validity of the data collected by the press as they very rarely share their mythology. What I find most appalling is that from my perception KPAM was willing to breaking the law in order to collect data on others breaking the law.

The reason that it is illegal to park the KPAM reporter and car was, is so that people can get to the bike lane to navigate this dangerous intersection.

Financial Crisis Deepens: Long Lines and Fearful Customers at Indymac Bank

LA, 18.07.2008 05:09

Financial Crisis Deepens: Long Lines and Fearful Customers at Indymac Bank

ACLU of Maryland Lawsuit Uncovers Maryland State Police Spying Against Peace and Anti-Death Penalty Groups

DC, 18.07.2008 03:11

"Approximately 20 people attended the meeting at the Electrik Maid activist center in Takoma Park. …After the meeting, [blacked out] set up a covert e-mail account, was accepted on the Maryland Campaign to End the Death Penalty Yahoo List Server and also contacted a man who attended the Takoma Park meeting about attending future meetings." - Supplement to Intelligence Report initiated by Analyst Sparwasser (Undercover Maryland State Police Homeland Security and Intelligence Division) BALTIMORE – The American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland today made public what it called "shocking" documents obtained through a Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA) lawsuit, revealing that the Maryland State Police (MSP) engaged in covert surveillance of local peace and anti-death penalty groups for over a year from 2005-2006. The organization expressed alarm at the incomprehensible spying revealed in 43 pages of summaries and computer logs, none of which refer to criminal or even potentially criminal acts, other than a few isolated references to plans for completely nonviolent civil disobedience.

Chicago Hosts 2008 Green Party Convention; McKinney, Clemente Win Nominations

Chicago, 18.07.2008 02:08

Besides the more famous connection, Chicago has forged another connection to the 2008 presidential election — hosting the 2008 National Convention of the Green Party of the United States, where former Georgia representative Cynthia McKinney won the 2008 Green Party presidential nomination.

McKinney chose New-York-based activist and journalist Rosa Clemente for vice-president; Clemente accepted the nomination. The McKinney / Clemente ticket has become the first all-female-of-color ticket in US history.

Additional Coverage: Chicago Defender: Cynthia McKinney runs for president | The Ministry of Truth: Interview with Cynthia McKinney | Democracy Now!

PacifiCorp Customers Petition the PUC

Rogue Valley, 18.07.2008 01:41

A group of PacifiCorp’s California customers has requested that the California Public Utilities Commission review the company’s spending on Klamath River Dams. They say the company has already spent too much to relicense dams that pose health risks to humans, salmon and the Klamath River. The customers believe PacifiCorp will try to pass these costs to its customers and that it would be cheaper - and better for the environment - if the dams come down.


Colombia, 18.07.2008 00:40


I-69 Protesters Blockade Asphalt Yard; 15 Arrested; Inhumane Treatment Reported

United States, 17.07.2008 23:07

Fifteen people were arrested Monday morning in a blockade at Gohmann Asphalt in Indiana, a contractor for I-69. There is a report that at least one woman of the group is being sexually harassed and refused food in jail

The arrestees are engaged in jail solidarity - refusing to cooperate with the booking process. Call the Gibson County Jail (you will need to get through their central dispatch) at 812-385-3496 to demand the release and fair treatment of all 15 people arrested.

The following is from read more

Teachers Occupation Defends Wembley Sports Ground From School Privatisation

United Kingdom, 17.07.2008 21:39

The Wembley 'Tent City' Occupation located on Wembley Park Sports Ground, is opposed to the plans for a privatised Wembley Park Academy school to be built on one of the few remaining green areas accessible to the local community for sports training. The campaign is in keeping with the wave of resistance [more] to new school academies up and down the country. The Wembley Ark Academy is an American and British educational charity sponsored and run by a group of millionaire merchant bankers and currency speculators, led by french/swiss and multimillionaire Arpad Busson. The Ark Academy is estimated to cost around £30 million of public money yet it would be privately run.

The re-establishment of the 'Tent City' started on the 30th of June, following last year's permanent occupation of the site that lasted six months, and which saw tree houses being built. The site was then only vacated when the protestors won a year’s extension on the lease. Wembley teachers and their local supporters argue that after more than two years of campaigning to keep the community sports grounds out of the private sector, they are now not going to give in without a fight, as the building of the planned Wembley Academy is part of Brent council's drive to privatise schools, turning education into a profit making business instead of a basic human right beyond the 'logic' of the market.

On Wednesday 16th, teachers and local people continued the occupation despite renewed threats of forced eviction and possible arrests. They took permanent positions on the roofs of the building next to the sports grounds, with at least one protestor locking on to the main mast. An earlier eviction had been set for Tuesday 15th, when around 50 local people turned up to show support. It is now expected that the eviction will happen soon and 'by surprise', and so they call for urgent solidarity and for people to go up there and show their support.

Reports and Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Hacendado de Machiques y sus sicarios arremeten contra la comunidad indígena Chaktapa

Venezuela, 17.07.2008 19:37

Queer Provocateurs Challenge Red Cross�s Homophobic Policies with Fierce Parody

Maine, 17.07.2008 18:38

Portland, ME � Over the last week radical queer provocateurs have plastered the community bulletin boards of downtown Portland with a satirical yet urgent poster campaign alluding to the blatantly homophobic policies, steeped in the AIDS paranoia of the 80s and 90s, of the American Red Cross.

From the Newswire

Perth, 17.07.2008 16:40

Veteran Group disgusted by Nelson's patronising rhetoric


Colombia, 17.07.2008 16:09

Freeway Banner Manifesto from Santa Cruz to Watsonville

Santa Cruz, CA, 17.07.2008 09:09

On July 11th, about 30 people, brought together by Youth Coalition Santa Cruz (YCSC), the Resource Center for Nonviolence, and the Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz, displayed a series of radical and contemplative statements to motorists on Highway 1 during rush hour. Dubbed, the "Freeway Banner Manifesto" by organizers, it was an attempt to display a different message on every overpass from Santa Cruz to Watsonville. 13 different banners were displayed for aproxiamately 45 minutes right in the middle of rush hour.

Outer SE Food not Lawns looking for more garden spaces and members

Portland, 17.07.2008 06:38

Reclaim the Commons!!

SE Portland Food not Lawns has tools and herb/veggie starters ready for use. What we need are more people and places to start more gardens in SE, especially outer SE. A lot of the starters I have really need to get into the ground ASAP.

Where my gardeners at!!!!! Looking for people that want to start garden outside of there personal gardens and community accessible. If you have space or know of spaces and want to learn, please contact us [Click on Read More Link]

Professor Calls CDFA LBAM Eradication Program a Fraud

Santa Cruz, CA, 16.07.2008 23:09

Glen Chase, a Professor of Systems Management, has released a report identifying the California Department of Food & Agriculture (CDFA) Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM) eradication program as a fraud. "CDFA claims the moth is an emergency and pretends that they can eradicate it in order to steal $100's of millions from taxpayer emergency funds, set aside for real emergencies."

Genua 2001: Niskie wyroki dla policji

Poland, 16.07.2008 22:39

Prawie 3-letni proces przeciw policjantom, lekarzom i personelowi więziennemu oskarżonym o poważne naruszenia praw demonstrantów przetrzymywanych w obozie Bolzanetto po aresztowaniach związanych z falą protestów przeciw szczytowi G8 w Genui w 2001 r. zakończył się wczoraj skazaniem 15 osob. Zarzucono im nadużycie władzy oraz brutalne, nieludzkie i poniżajace traktowanie (groźby gwałtu, pobicia, rasistowskie okrzyki) zatrzymanych w trakcie protestów i nalotu na centrum noclegowe aktywistów. Oskarżeni otrzymali kary pozbawienia wolności do lat 5. Wspólny pozew przeciw nim wniosło 300 osób i rodzin ofiar poszkodowanych w trakcie wydarzen w Genui; połowa z nich to cudoziemcy.

The Rand Study and CM David Catania Call for the Misuse of the Tobacco Fund / The Continuing Mortgage Lending Scandal

DC, 16.07.2008 22:09

Spirit in Action on WPFW Hosted by Peter Tucker Download, Burn, Rip, Enjoy Length: 59:05 Bitrate 128kbps Format: mp3

July 26th: Sparking an Antiwar Resurgence

Seattle, 16.07.2008 19:08

Eyewitness accounts from the National Assembly to End the Iraq War and Occupation held in Cleveland, Ohio, June 28-29.

When: Saturday, July 26, 7:30pm
Where: New Freeway Hall, 5018 Rainier Ave. S.(air-conditioned)
Door donation $3.00.

A fresh summer dinner will be served at 6:00pm for a $9.00 donation.

Successful Challenge to US Blockade of Cuba

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.07.2008 15:39

In response to international pressure, US officials returned to members of *Pastors for Peace* 32 computers bound for Cuba. Federal agents seized 32 computers from he humanitarian group as they attempted to cross the Pharr International Bridge early on July 3 at the US-Mexico border. The confiscated computers were officially released by US authorities early this week and are now en route to Cuba.

Bombodrom-Widerstandscamp vom 17.-21.7.2008

Germany, 16.07.2008 15:39

Die Bundeswehr will das Bombodrom in der Kyritzer Heide zum Krieg üben. Dagegen gibt es seit langem Protest. Auf dem Gelände soll das zielgenaue Abwerfen von Bomben geübt werden. Die Bevölkerung und viele UnterstützerInnen wollen das verhindern. Auch in diesem Jahr wird das Gelände probehalber in Besitz genommen werden, um den Protest zu organisieren und auch den Widerstand "für den Ernstfall zu üben". Geplant sind ein Camp und die Besiedlung des Bombodrom-Geländes als eine Aktion Zivilen Ungehorsams.

Policiais italianos são condenados por brutalidades durante o encontro do G8 em Gênova

Brasil, 16.07.2008 15:38



Oost-Vlaanderen, 16.07.2008 12:38

Eco-activisme in de zomer van 2008


Portland, 16.07.2008 11:39

On Sunday, July 27, 12 noon - 5 pm at Portland's Pioneer Square (701 SW 6th Ave.) take a stand with The Pitchfork Rebellion and other forest lovers for a rally in opposition to the Bureau of Land Management's WOPR plan to increase native and old growth forest logging by 700% and a free concert in celebration of the forests that give us life.

blackrose infoshop needs volunteers!

Portland, 16.07.2008 11:39

hey! the blackrose infoshop & freestore is looking for new volunteers!
a bunch of our existing collective members are off traveling, and the leftover volunteers are getting spread pretty thin. come help us out!

there's four main things that we do at blackrose, and you could help with any:
1. a bookstore with super cheap anarchist literature.
2. an anarchist lending library.
3. a freestore with clothes, books, house ware, and more -- all for free.
4. events! our events range from hosting national infotours to watching campy psuedo-political movies to a twice-monthly radical queer group, and much more.

Obama Lays Out Plans for Continued War

Santa Cruz, CA, 16.07.2008 10:09

In a July 14th, New York Times Op Ed, Barack Obama says, "As I've said many times, we must be as careful getting out of Iraq as we were careless getting in. We can safely redeploy our combat brigades at a pace that would remove them in 16 months. That would be the summer of 2010 - two years from now, and more than seven years after the war began. After this redeployment, a residual force in Iraq would perform limited missions: going after any remnants of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, protecting American service members and, so long as the Iraqis make political progress, training Iraqi security forces."

Residents In Oakland's California Hotel Threatened With Eviction

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.07.2008 09:40

Residents at the California Hotel are threatened with eviction. They received a letter on July 1, notifying them that the hotel will close on July 15. Some of the residents have lived in the affordable housing unite for 20 years. On July 14th, tenants at the California Hotel in Oakland and their supporters gathered at 3501 San Pablo Avenue Oakland to protest the attempt to illegally lock them out of their housing by their landlord Cahon Associates, and Oakland Community Housing Inc.

Global Food Crisis is More Than Meets The Eye

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.07.2008 09:10

In the past year the price of food has risen sharply, creating food crises and starving the global poor. Contrary to claims made by policy makers, the crisis has been caused by three decades of neo liberalism, American industrial agriculture, the World Bank with its structural adjustment policies, economic speculations on food and oil prices, and the diversion of arable land to bio-fuel production.

Сеть универсамов &quot;Рублевский&quot;: бизнесмены и закон против рабочих

Belarus, 16.07.2008 08:07

Сеть универсамов «Рублевский» в Минске имеет в своём активе больше двадцати магазинов. Компания «Супермаркеттрейд» строит свой бизнес, как видно, довольно успешно. Однако престижность таких мест таит в себе множество неприятных факторов. Начнём по порядку.

Деятельность компании ведется в сфере торговли. Структура некоторых универсамов «Рублевский», включает в себя кулинарные цеха. Как показывает практика, это одна из самых прибыльных и эффективных функций универсама. Ведь сейчас множество людей пользуется полуфабрикатами, или уже готовыми продуктами. А для магазинов это весьма выгодно, и почти покрывает некоторые убытки. Например, нереализуемые продукты с истёкшими сроками годности или потерявшие товарный вид, магазин может направить в кулинарный цех для переработки и изготовления продукции с двойной или даже с тройной наценкой, в других магазинах, где такого цеха нету, товары выбрасываются. Ещё кулинарный цех полезен тем что, продукты для него в большинстве случаев закупаются на о…

Sedition Books opens up

Houston, 16.07.2008 04:09

Sedition Books Grand Opening July 19th

Viacom Backs Off Demand for YouTube Viewers Histories

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.07.2008 02:09

A federal court earlier this month ordered Google's YouTube to hand over usernames, IP addresses, and viewing histories to Viacom sparking a controversy over Internet privacy. This week Viacom and the other litigants backed off their demand for YouTube user viewing histories and an agreement was reached with Google to anonymize the data. While some YouTube users say Viacom is now "off the hook" for intruding on people's online privacy, others question why Google was allowed to amass and use all this private data in the first place

Solidariedade aos/às Detentos/as

Brasil, 16.07.2008 02:08


Dos Americas: The Reconstruction of New Orleans

Santa Cruz, CA, 16.07.2008 01:09

Post-Katrina reconstruction is still in progress throughout the Gulf Coast, with much of the City of New Orleans still in ruins. Dos Americas: The Reconstruction of New Orleans is a documentary focused on those rebuilding the city through interviews with some of the estimated 100,000 Latino migrant laborers who have converged in the area over the past two and a half years. Despite terrible working conditions, massive fraud, a housing crisis, severe harassment by law enforcement, and very limited resources, New Orleans' Latino community has mushroomed since the storm and is establishing an infrastructure proportional to its size.

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