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Justice demanded as Binyam turns 30

United Kingdom, 27.07.2008 11:38

Protesters gathered outside Downing Street on Thursday, 24th July, to hold a 'Birthday Party' for Britain's last Guantamo Detainee, Binyam Mohamed [Reports and pics 1 | 2 | 3]. The event was the culmination of a week long vigil which took place outside the US Embassy.

Previous reports: Binyam faces death penalty | Brown urged to act | Binyam sues British Govt. | New report details torture | Reprieve: 'Bring Binyam back' | Guantanamo's last Londoner
Previous actions: London: 1 | 2 | 3 | Sheffield | Nottingham

Other links: Cageprisoners | The National Guantanamo Coalition | Reprieve | Andy Worthington

S.O.S. Iru�ea! Solidaridad activa con Ian Tabarekin

Euskal Herria, 27.07.2008 10:39

Ian es un joven vecino de Aldezaharra, en Iru�a. Participa activamente en la vida social y cultural del barrio, como cuando a�n ten�amos el Euskal Jai. Desde su desalojo, el Ayuntamiento de Iru�ea mantiene una guerra abierta contra todas las iniciativas populares, especialmente contra la gente joven que sigue buscando espacios propios. Xabier Errea, que ha cumplido una condena de dos a�os y medio en la c�rcel de Iru�ea, fue la primera v�ctima de una venganza municipal que a�n contin�a: ahora Ian se enfrenta a un juicio porque una noche sali� a pegar carteles y fue detenido por la polic�a municipal bajo la acusaci�n de atentado a la autoridad (!?). Un nuevo montaje, el mismo sistema. No hay testigos, s�lo polic�as y el mismo juez: Ferm�n Otamendi. El destinatario del montaje: un joven de la Lista Negra del Jefe de la Polic�a Municipal. Si no hacemos algo para evitarlo, Ian ser� encarcelado.

No es un hecho aislado: en Iru�ea hay 76 personas procesadas, con peticiones de 2 a 4 a�os de c�rcel por tomar parte en actividades o acciones p�blicas y pac�ficas en defensa de los Gaztetxes. Y a pesar del riesgo real de c�rcel, se mantiene una din�mica de desobediencia y denuncia de la situaci�n. Por ello, pedimos ayuda, la necesitamos. Y os proponemos una concentraci�n de apoyo a Ian Tabar el d�a del juicio, 29 de Julio.:
CONCENTRACION (08:45 horas): frente a los Juzgados de Iru�ea
HERRIBAZKARIA: (al terminar el juicio): iremos a Aranzadi, junto al r�o y habr� concierto y espect�culo de circo.

AMP-Ohio Occupied by Earth First!

United States, 26.07.2008 23:37

From the Newswire: Earth First! activists demand cancellation of proposed coal-fired power plant in Meigs County, Ohio

On July 7 at 11:30am, about 100 Earth First! activists occupied the headquarters of American Municipal Power, an electric utility that provides statewide service to member communities. As part of an ongoing series of direct actions, activists confronted CEO Marc Gerken and demanded that AMP-Ohio cancel its plans for construction of a new and widely opposed coal-fired power plant in southeast Ohio. Read Full Report | Earth First Journal

The Desertification of Southern Oregon

Portland, 26.07.2008 21:39

Notes on the effect of excessive logging on a small watershed: Our forest farm is situated astraddle a narrow box canyon in the rugged Siskyou Mountains of Southern Oregon and sits less than a mile downstream from the headwaters of the creek that flows down our little canyon towards the mighty Rogue River. Our watershed covers about 400 acres of what used to be heavily forested steep terrain... In Southern Oregon, water is life and our creek brought life to this beautiful green canyon whose slopes were densely populated with tall Firs, Cedars and Sugar Pines interspersed with huge Oaks and Madrones that hadn't seen heavy logging since the late 1920's. It was our Eden and we worked hard over the years to improve and protect the riparian area along the creek, the wetland areas created by the many springs, and the health of our forest.

But we soon had a rude awakening when one of the three upstream private properties was purchased and heavily logged by timber speculators, leaving one face of the canyon denuded and damaged from running heavy equipment to drag the logs out. The springs dried up, the slope became a desert with only the hardiest of Oaks surviving... Our creek was clogged with sediment from erosion runoff in winter for several years and it's flow dropped by at least twenty percent in summer and never returned to past levels...

We once enjoyed the warm days of summer, falling asleep to the sound of the creek gurgling over the rocks and the scent of mockorange in bloom along its banks, but it is now with dread that we watch the days become hotter, baking the life force out of every living thing.

UK: Climate action activist super-glued to Prime Minister Gordon Brown!

Portland, 26.07.2008 18:41

A campaigner from the climate action group, Plane Stupid ... super-glued [himself] to Prime Minister Gordon Brown in the State Dining Room of 10 Downing Street.

Dan Glass, a 24 year old MSc student based in Scotland, gained access to the PM's official residence at 5pm this evening. He greeted Mr Brown and asked the Prime Minister why he and his ministers have refused to meet West London residents opposed to the construction of a third runway at Heathrow. He simultaneously put his super-glue covered hand onto Brown's polyester suit. When Brown went to turn away he found he had been super-glued by his clothing to Plane Stupid, and had no option but to listen to Dan.

Nuclear power station in the UK blockaded yet again

Portland, 26.07.2008 18:41

6am and nine anti nuclear power activists head to Sizewell for a day on the beach, well almost the beach, they actually stop at the entrance of Sizewell A and B nuclear power stations and lock themselves together with a number of things and seal the entrance for health and safety reasons.

Sizewell looks to be the next place for another new nuclear power station, with two reactors larger than the existing Sizewell 'B' reactor.

After two previous blockades in the last few months, security had been stepped up and they had put a land rover and two security guards at the gate, but must have decided that this was no longer needed as when we arrived they were not there and yet again we were not spotted.


Colombia, 26.07.2008 02:09

Coronel Plazas, el que reza y peca… no empata!

Ato público pela humanização do centro histórico de São Paulo

Brasil, 26.07.2008 02:09


Another big win at Camden Yards: Cleaners vote yes to AFSCME union

Baltimore, 26.07.2008 00:09

Despite an intense fight from the newest contractor (The Chimes), an overwhelming majority of cleaners voted to be recognized as a union. Since the union drive started on June 1st, over 190 workers have signed union cards.

Consent and Sexual/Intimate Violence Workshop on July 30

Santa Cruz, CA, 25.07.2008 22:10

Consensual Liberation through Intimate Tactics Collective (C.L.I.T. Collective) is a collective of folks who have come together to open dialog about Sexual/Intimate Violence. CLIT Collective is hosting a series of classes as part of Free Skool Santa Cruz from July through September. A workshop on consent and sexual/intimate violence will be held on Wednesday, July 30th at 6:00pm in the library of the Zami! Co-op.

Operation Bike Nation and The Sprockettes Hit Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 25.07.2008 21:08

The Sprockettes, Portland's all female mini-bike dance team, rolled their veggie oil powered bus into Santa Cruz to give two free performances at the Bike Church on July 22nd. Operation Bike Nation 2008, stopping in bike-friendly towns from Santa Cruz to Seattle, features sex-positive club music while The Sprockettes dance in hot pink and black clothing and do tricks on mini-bikes.

Miami Critical Mass: Saturday Morning July 26 Test Bike Ride to Miami Beach

Miami, 25.07.2008 19:09

Miami Critical Mass: Saturday Morning July 26 Test Bike Ride to Miami Beach


Argentina, 25.07.2008 18:38

Un triunfo popular: perpetua para Menéndez

25-J: Día da Galiza

Galiza, 25.07.2008 17:40

Desde a pasada fim de semana, diversos CCSS da Galiza como a Revolta e o Faísca de Vigo, ou o Madia Leva de Lugo começarom descentraliçadamente os eventos polo Día da Galiza.

Nesta fim de semana, as mobilizaçons começarom com eventos coma a cadeia humana de Ceivar e os actos da AMI em Compostela , e proseguem com a marcha de Causa Galiza , plataforma galega em favor da autodeterminaçom. homenagem de Ceivar a Josefa Seoane Vaz "Pepita" (

Bay Area News Group Journalists Fired for Union Organizing

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.07.2008 15:39

Within weeks of forming a union, employees of Bay Area News Group were shocked at the seemingly retaliatory firings of at least 20 journalists who had worked to form the East Bay bargaining unit. Last week, the Northern California Media Workers Guild filed unfair labor practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board. The 230-member Bay Area News Group East Bay bargaining unit includes the Oakland Tribune and other East Bay papers, as well as the San Mateo County Times on the peninsula.

Gardai Give Back Ploughshares Hammers to Activists

Ireland, 25.07.2008 14:39

Hammers back in the hands of anti-war activists. w ...


Athens, 25.07.2008 09:45

Μαζική δολοφονία εργατών στο Πέραμα

Dear Maryland Activists (from ACLU of MD)

DC, 25.07.2008 01:09


Argentina, 25.07.2008 00:38


Rod Coronado In Need of Fiction Novels

Portland, 25.07.2008 00:09

t's a rainy day where I sit, a little sultry and moody. The dark, heavy
clouds rolled up over a tangerine sky and no longer could the morning
light escape. It feels like a good setting for a story that could take you
out of a place you don't want to be. I think that is what Rod is in need
of, a good book to take him out of where he doesn't want to be.

Lone Vet Report---year 2 begins

Portland, 25.07.2008 00:09

We will return to the Earlman's office this Thursday because talk is cheap and action is needed. Our Congressman must get in front of this parade on accountability or be run over by it. People are leaving the Democratic Party because we see no action and the criminals in the White House will walk in January 09.

Registration of new democrats is up, but by 2010 that will all be gone. Pelosi and her gang will damage the party to such an extent that it will take years to recover. The Democratic Party is dying and may be dead.

Conservative Savage Slams Children with Autism

Portland, 25.07.2008 00:09

Conservative Hate Radio star Michael Savage is back at it again. And although he continues to become more and more hateful against everyone, he took the gloves off to Children with Autism. Michael Savage still aires in the Portland Area on 750 KXL. And although there was an outpouring of anger at Michael Savage for his parody of Senator Edward Kennedy's brain cancer diagnosis, KXL and Rose City Radio refuse to remove the "Savage Nation" from it's line-up. Contact information for KXL, it's General Manager and Program Director can be found below.

Village Free School offers opportunities for homeschoolers, unschoolers, teens, and more

Portland, 25.07.2008 00:09

Here is a summary of our upcoming events:

-One more week of camp left. Camp open to kids 4-18. The theme of the last week is Fairy School, July 28 to August 1, the entire week is dedicated to our fairy friends. Fairy wings, fairy stories, fairy houses, and a fairy ball on the last day. However, many other activities will be happening around campus, including a video game making group, and participants can choose any activities they'd like.

-open house: Aug 9. Open house will begin with a free cookie making class in the school[']s new commercial kitchen.

[See more events in Read More link]

SE Portland biker in Coma from collision

Portland, 25.07.2008 00:09

On Monday, July 14th 2008 Karl Hugo was in a serious bicycle collision with a truck in the intersection of SE 50th and Lincoln, a well traveled bike route for SE Portland cyclists. Karl was taken to the Intensive Care Unit at the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) in SW Portland where he arrived in a coma, with one collapsed lung, and severe trauma to the Thalamus region of his brain.

Injunction Reverses Gray Wolf Delisting and Halts State Hunts / WOPR Rally Sunday July 27

Portland, 25.07.2008 00:09

* Injunction Reverses Gray Wolf Delisting and Halts State Hunts
* Hike to Crabtree Lake Aug. 2, Wassen Creek Aug. 16
* Lawsuit Challenges GW Fire Clearcutting on the Deschutes NF
* Comments Needed on Wolf Pup Timber Sale (Medford BLM)
* Lawsuit Filed to Safeguard Tongass NF Old-growth Forests
* WOPR Rally in Portland, Sunday July 27

Parents and Politicians Battle NYC ACS Abuse

NYC, 24.07.2008 23:09

Human rights advocates attribute these findings to a substantial increase in children being seized by ACS from families on false or flimsy evidence of “abuse” and then being put into a traumatic and abusive foster care system. Parents of these children have taken a proactive stance in their fight to regain custody of their children and have begun to expose the systemic failure of ACS.


Argentina, 24.07.2008 18:38



Athens, 24.07.2008 11:39

Κάν΄ το κι εσύ... Μπορείς!

Carovana europea: L@s zapatistas no estan sol@s

Switzerland, 24.07.2008 08:37

Alcun* attivist* del Collettivo Zapatista di Lugano (CZL) parteciparanno alla Carovana di Solidarietà con le comunità zapatiste in Chiapas, che partirà da Città del Messico domenica 28 luglio verso il territorio zapatista nel sud del paese.

La carovana, appoggiata da vari collettivi di differenti nazioni europee e internazionali, è stata organizzata per portare solidarietà effettiva e tangibile alle comunità autonomi e ribelli zapatiste, sotto attacco da vari mesi da parte del governo e dell'esercito messicano.

L'ultimo grave episodio risale a poche settimane fa con un'incursione dell'esercito messicano nella comunità della Garrucha, uno dei 5 centri che ospitano le Caracoles zapatisti.
L'attacco, parte della sporca guerra a bassa intensità, è stato ostacolato in modo deciso e determinato da donne, uomini e anziani che armati solamente di bastoni e pietre hanno respinto l'esercito messicano.

La carovana si propone come ponte di solidarietà, come cammino per condividere resistenze e ribellioni, per alimentare sogni e speranze comuni dall'altra Europa anticapitalista all'altro Messico.

Per sensibilizzare anche la popolazione svizzera rispetto alla situazione in Chiapas, il 9 e 10 di agosto partirà da Lucerna una carovana di biciclette verso una rappresentanza messicana in Svizzera (sito).

CZL Il CZL, nato nel 1995, che oltre all'appoggio e solidarietà con le comunità zapatiste è attivo da sempre nell'esperienza di occupazione e autogestione del CSOA il Molino, parteciperà ad entrambe le carovane.

Vi chiediamo di diffondere l'informazione. Indymedia Svizzera e il blog del CZL aggiorneranno sull'andamento delle due carovane.

:: Collegamenti ::
EZLN | CAPISE | Collettivo Zapatista Lugano | Europa Zapatista | FZLN | Radio kehuelga | Radio Insurgente | Indymedia Chiapas | Indymedia Messico | Tutte le info in italiano | | La Jornada | I giornali messicani in rete | Comitato Chiapas Torino | Centro per i Diritti Umani Pro Juárez

CUAPB Activist Beaten and Arrested During Copwatch

United States, 24.07.2008 08:07

For the past several months, Communities United Against Police Brutality has been documenting the use of low level offense ordinances such as lurking, loitering, trespass and public urination ordinances against homeless people near shelters. Darryl Robinson of CUAPB heads up the project. At about 10:45 last night, Minneapolis police attacked Darryl, slamming him in the head and face and repeatedly choking him to the point of unconsciousness. He was allowed to go home from the emergency room early this morning after sustaining head, neck and jaw trauma along with other injuries. read more from Communities United Against Police Brutality

New Article Details Ongoing Injustice for Chicago Torture Victims of Infamous Burge Police Regime

Chicago, 24.07.2008 07:09

A new article by Chicago Indymedia contributor Jessica Pupovac posted originally on Alternet details the ongoing injustice of still-jailed victims of the infamous Jon Burge police torture regime.

Among the highlights of the article:

* "At least 24 African-American men that the People's Law Office in Chicago claims are still serving sentences for crimes they say they confessed to only after enduring hours of torture at the hands of Chicago police officers under Commander Jon Burge between 1972 and 1992."

* "Almost 20 years later, not a single police officer has been made to face charges in the massive scandal."

* "On July 18…members of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty, lawyers from the People's Law Office, religious and community leaders and relatives of the wrongfully imprisoned rallied in front of [Illinois Attorney General Lisa] Madigan's office", calling for prosecution against guilty parties and reparations for victims.

Read more

Additional coverageProgress Illinois: Burge Torture Victims Still Behind Bars | Gapers Block: Burge Victims Remain in Legal Limbo

Additional Resources: Police Torture in Chicago: The Chicago Reader's John Conroy Archive | Human Rights at Home: The Chicago Police Torture Archive | Summary of Amnesty International's Concerns on Police Abuse in Chicago

Robo de sueldo a Maestros

Puerto Rico, 24.07.2008 04:40

Declaración de la FMPR sobre el embargo de sueldo a los maestros

Aniversário da Ocupação Chiquinha Gonzaga

Brasil, 24.07.2008 01:38


Colonos marroquíes atacan a pescadores y comerciantes saharauis en Dajla causando 60 heridxs

Canarias, 24.07.2008 00:09

Fuentes de activistas de derechos humanos de la ciudad saharaui de Dajla, antiguo Villa Cisneros, informaron que en la localidad pesquera de Itereft a unos cien kilómetros al sur de Dajla, los pescadores saharauis establecidos en la zona sufrieron un salvaje ataque por miles de colonos marroquíes.

El incidente se registró el lunes 21 de julio de 2008 a las 19 horas GMT cuando los saharauis fueron atacados por grupos de pescadores marroquíes con todo tipo de armas blancas, arrojaron a un ciudadano saharaui al mar y provocaron decenas de heridos, 57 hasta el momento, cinco de ellos de extrema gravedad. Además quemaron diez vehículos todo terreno de propiedad saharaui y prendieron fuego al mercadillo de pescado de la localidad convirtiéndolo en cenizas.

Las autoridades de la administración no intervinieron hasta pasadas varias horas del ataque. La gendarmería marroquí y fuerzas auxiliares llegaron horas después al lugar una vez que se había destado la ira de los colonos contra lxs pescadorxs saharauis.

Unas 300 personas de la población saharaui al enterarse de los graves hechos acudieron al hospital de la ciudad con eslóganes y banderas saharauis para protestar y conocer el estado de los heridos. La policía marroquí intervino contra ellos para dispersarlos, siendo detenidos los ciudadanos saharauis Brahim Salem Neisuri y Rachid uld Esgayer.

Se trata de la agresión más grave contra civiles saharauis desarmados que protagonizan los colonos marroquíes en el Sáhara Occidental en un intento de Marruecos y sus colonos de expulsar a los saharauis del sector pesquero en la zona, a pesar de que éstos, según las propias Naciones Unidas, “son los únicos titulares de las riquezas pesqueras” del banco canario-sahariano.


Houston, 24.07.2008 00:09

Dolly Does South Texas: Breaking News / photos from the Eye of the Storm

Think Outside the Bomb 2008 Youth and Grassroots Conference for Nuclear Abolition

Boston, 23.07.2008 23:09

To take place in Boston August 14-17, the conference will provide a backdrop for nuclear abolitionists, peace activists, ecologists, and other advocates of social justice and a livable planet to learn in-depth about the threat of nuclear weapons, the destruction caused by the nuclear fuel chain, and current political opportunities to move toward nuclear disarmament.


San Francisco Bay Area, 23.07.2008 21:39

Short Version

Security at Christian Zionist event trys, fails to steal journalist's camera

DC, 23.07.2008 21:09

The so-called Christian Zionists are having an event at the Washington Convention Center as this is published on the evening of July 21. At a protest organized in front of the event by area peace groups, one of the security guards demanded an end to the use of bullhorns-and tried to confiscate my camera as I photographed him!

Declaração Final do Seminário Internacional sobre a Amazônia

Brasil, 23.07.2008 17:09


Bay Area Anti-Authoritarians Plan for Actions at RNC and DNC

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.07.2008 16:39

The RNC Welcoming Committee has come up with a "Swarm, Seize, Stay" strategy of dividing St. Paul, Minnesota into sectors to facilitate coordination of blockades and other creative resistance on September 1st, 2008, the first day of the Republican National Convention. On July 27th the next local organizing meeting will be held.

Berkeley Oaks: As Judge Rules For University, Protesters Demand Appeal

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.07.2008 15:39

On July 22nd, Judge Barbara Miller upheld U.C. Berkeley's plans for an athletic training center in the Memorial Oak Grove. The order will end an injunction that had blocked destruction of the grove. On Wednesday, July 23rd, the Berkeley City Council will likely make its final decision about whether or not to pursue an appeal. Supporters of an appeal plan to meet at the grove at 3:30pm, march to City Hall at 4pm before the 5pm public hearing.


Athens, 23.07.2008 15:09

Μεγάλη φωτιά στην Βαρυμπόμπη

At Oakland Port, Protesters Demand &quot;Good Jobs! Clean Air!&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.07.2008 15:09

On July 22nd, around 3,000 people rallied at the Port of Oakland to protest against pollution and poverty. After clearing expenses, many truck drivers at the port make as little as $8 an hour and receive no benefits. The port trucking system forces drivers to sit idle in their trucks for hours everyday while their trucks spew out toxic diesel emissions that the truckers and residents of the surrounding port communities are forced to breathe. Port diesel pollution is associated with high rates of cancer and asthma. Diesel pollution is five times higher in West Oakland than in other parts of Alameda county. As a result cancer and asthma rates are higher in West Oakland than other parts of the Bay Area.

Jueves 24 de julio Jornada contra la Impunidad

Argentina, 23.07.2008 15:08

La tierra no es para quien la trabaja

Argentina, 23.07.2008 15:08

Escrache al Juez Py por injusta condena a campesinxs

From the Newswire

Perth, 23.07.2008 08:39

Condoleeza Rice coming to Perth

ATMS Broken at Wells Fargo in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 23.07.2008 05:39

anonymous writes, "On July 21st all four ATMs were smashed at the River St Wells Fargo in Santa Cruz California. This minor act of sabotage was committed in solidarity with all those kidnapped, detained, and deported in the United States. Wells Fargo is one of the top five shareholders in the GEO Group, a private prison corporation that runs the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma Washington, where nearly 1000 people are imprisoned every day for the crime of being undocumented."

Sonnier Execution

Houston, 23.07.2008 01:09

7/22 Texas to Execute Derrick Sonnier

July 26th-27th: Spokescouncil for A Grey Cluster (Oly)

Seattle, 23.07.2008 01:08

This will be a tactical discussion centering around the call-out for a cluster of Northwest affinity groups to blockade Sector 6 in St. Paul (visit the map link below for the sector map). Please come with proposals and have affinity groups formed beforehand, so that we can better estimate our numbers and capabilities.

13 Arrested so Shell can continue illegal work

Ireland, 22.07.2008 23:08

In Glengad, today 13 people were arrested when the ...

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