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Database Reveals Extent of Military Testing in High Schools

DC, 08.08.2008 02:09

FOIA Request nets huge database on high schools administering the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, (ASVAB)

Open Source Voting at LinuxWorld

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.08.2008 01:39

The Raging Grannies were outraged by the shenanigans that threw the US government to the Republicans in the stolen elections of 2000 and 2004. They teamed up with Open Voting Consortium to present open voting solutions at LinuxWorld, the largest single gathering of fans of open source solutions.

San Francisco Bay View Newspaper Forced To Stop Printing A Weekly Paper

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.08.2008 01:39

The San Francisco Bay View Newspaper was forced to stop printing a weekly paper due to financial strain. The last printed copy went out on July 2nd, marking the 697th issue the Ratcliffs have printed since starting the paper back up in 1992.

This Saturday!!! Blue Hour 7PM 13th &amp; Everett -No more Foie Gras in PDX Campaign!!

Portland, 07.08.2008 23:40

Join us for a demo against foie gras at Blue Hour restaurant in the Pearl! If you can't make it please call them anyway and ask them to take foie gras off the menu! A pre-demo uniformity and solidarity meeting is at 6:30 pm at NW 10th and Davis right near Blossoming Lotus. Then, at 7pm we will demo Blue Hour.

Email or call Blue hour and let head chef Kenny Giambalvo and owner Bruce Carey know that Portland wants foie gras gone! Their lunch starts at 11:30 am and we can call all day if needs be!

Blue Hour
250 NW 13th Ave

From Hiroshima to Hope

Seattle, 07.08.2008 22:38

Wed August 6 starting at 5:30 p.m., to begin lantern preparations, held on Green Lake's northwest shore, south of the former Bathhouse Theater.

Aug 9-11: Direct action at Naval Base Kitsap: no more nukes!

Seattle, 07.08.2008 22:38


All weekend: CAMP OUT!
Aug 9: Film festival and making connections
Aug 10: Nonviolence training, spokescouncil, and direct action planning
Aug 11: CD at Naval Base Kitsap, family-friendly vigil

Heathrow to Kingsnorth Climate Caravan 2008

United Kingdom, 07.08.2008 22:08

From Sunday 27th of July to Sunday 3rd of August, the 'Heathrow to Kingsnorth Climate Caravan' that traversed London by foot and wheels, made it's way to the Climate Action Camp 2008 near Kingsnorth power station in Kent. The 60 mile Caravan route that mostly followed the south side of the Thames, started near Heathrow Airport after a Climate Conference [Pics] had taken place on Saturday 26th in Harlington. The Caravan was hosted along its route by local communities who supported the participants with food and accommodation. A series of events took place every night to act as local outreach in the run up to the Camp, as well as to meet and share experiences with local people and groups taking collective action against the root causes of climate change in their communities.

The caravan, that was supported by the Bicycology cyclists' collective and the Notts Veggies, was joined by a group from Bristol, whilst other Caravans left Scotland and Nottingham for Kingsnorth too. A Little Peace Boat also sailed it's way to join the Climate Camp protesters before moving on to Westminster.

Newswire Caravan Reports: 29.07.08 Climate camp caravan - film stop | Climate & Capitalism, Climate Caravan Visits The City [Press Release] | News from the Climate Caravan | Caravan tour of Liverpool St | Climate Camp Caravan at Oxleas Wood 31-7-08 | No New Coal March - Rochester | Caravan and March to Climate Camp 3-8-08 [Video]

The War on Terror | Images of Reality

Ireland, 07.08.2008 15:38

If Those Who Support The War Saw These The mainstr ...

Santa Cruz Meeting to Defend El Balazo Workers

Santa Cruz, CA, 07.08.2008 00:39

On the heels of May Day marches for immigrant rights around the country, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers conducted raids targeting El Balazo Taqueria chain in the Bay Area on May 2. ICE officers stormed 11 different chain locations in at least six cities. The public is invited to a meeting on Thursday, August 7th at 7:00pm at the Beach Flats Community Center in Santa Cruz to hear El Balazo workers and movement activists talk about the impact of the raids and the progress of the defense campaign, and to discuss the way forward in the struggle for immigrant rights. Read More

Ni sumisas ni devotas...LINDAS LIBRES Y LOCAS

Argentina, 06.08.2008 23:40

Ni sumisas ni devotas...LINDAS LIBRES Y LOCAS


Argentina, 06.08.2008 22:38

Resistência global

Galiza, 06.08.2008 21:40

Assistimos inexoravelmente a umhas relaçons de dominaçom, opressom e exploraçom cada vez mais globalizadas. Mas, de maneira imparável, globalizam-se também as resistências, os afectos insurgentes e as relaçons de contra-poder. Também na e desde a Galiza: activistas galegas de diversos movimentos, levam tempo realizando um trabalho neste sentido em diversos pontos do planeta.

Nestas semanas várias companheiras galegas uniam-se à Caravana Internacional a Chiapas, que foi submetida a intentos constantes de boicote. Ao mesmo tempo outrx companheirx galegx despraçadx a Palestina sofria a repressom dos soldados israelitas junto a outros activistas internacionais e companheiros palestinos por participarem nas manifestaçons de Ni'lin ( o Muro. Durante estas manifestaçons produzia-se o assasinato ( em Ni'lin dum rapaz de 10 anos. Ao dia seguinte, outro jovem era ingressado com morte cerebral por disparos do exército. A repressom continua na vila palestina, co balanço de dous mortos e várias activistas internacionais e palestinas feridas de diversa consideraçom. Mas a luita segue ( O Muro, todos os muros, caerám. Editorias relacionados: `Caminhar preguntando´ `Contracimeira Rostock´ Zapatismo: e Palestina: e e Editoriais de outros IMC´s:

A Letter Of Encouragement To All Anarchists

DC, 06.08.2008 21:40

A short monologue on the state of our chains

Visiting Bolivia in turbulent times…

Miami, 06.08.2008 21:37

Visiting Bolivia in turbulent times…

Hiroshima-Nagasaki Vigil 2008

Rogue Valley, 06.08.2008 20:19

At 8 o'clock this morning dedicated peace advocates gathered in the plaza in downtown Ashland, Oregon to vigil for peace. The annual gathering takes place around the world. In Ashland this is the 23rd year in a row for this commemoration.

From the Newswire

Perth, 06.08.2008 20:18

Reclaim the Night Returns

Olympia Attorney LeGrand Jones in Tacoma Court Wednesday

Seattle, 06.08.2008 18:39

Courtroom support has been requested for LeGrand Jones, the first person arrested during this round of PMR activity in Tacoma. LeGrand, a local attorney from Olympia, was arrested for failing to provide ID. Washington State has no "stop and identify" law, so officers had no right to demand ID of someone not committing a crime. He will appear in Court at Tacoma's City-County building at 1:30PM Wednesday, and requests the pleasure of our company if we are able.

Port Update

Seattle, 06.08.2008 18:39

A summary of the events during the latest port protest.

Gaza Under Siege

Boston, 06.08.2008 13:39

After Hamas' January 25, 2006 electoral victory, Israel targeted Gaza oppressively. All outside aid was cut off. Sanctions and an economic embargo were imposed, and the democratically elected government was falsely called a terrorist organization and isolated. Stepped up repression followed along with repeated IDF incursions, attacks, killings, targeted assassinations, arrests, destruction of property and more in a pattern all too familiar to Palestinians for over six decades. Gazans are imprisoned in their own land and have been traumatized for months. In June 2007, things got worse after Israel placed the Territory under siege - described by some as medieval because of its extreme harshness.

Portland Climate Convergence Action

Portland, 06.08.2008 02:09

Today, August 4, 2008, in the final event of the Climate Convergence, about two dozen people participated in a multi faceted rally, street theater, and march to NW Natural Gas.

The first portion of the action took place along the Portland Waterfront, just north of the west side of the Hawthorne Bridge, where, amid chants and exhortations in favor of riding bicycles, tickets were given to mock automobiles by officers of the Oil Enforcement Agency. Replete with chants and signs, the event was mainly organized around resistance to the proposed 6 lane I-5 bridge over the Columbia River.

Leaving there the gathering marched along the Waterfront, where at the Morrison Bridge they came upon a young man locked down on an access ramp to the Morrison Bridge. As the group arrived, a young woman climbed the structure of the bridge and unfurled a banner which read, "6 More Lanes = More Sick People NO EXPANSION."

Check A Pig and Know Your Rights Training

Portland, 06.08.2008 02:09

August 10th 2pm--4pm at Liberty Hall (311 N. Ivy)

Know Your Rights and Check A Pig (how to Copwatch) Training
presented by NoPo CopStop

Learn your rights when dealing with the police and how to organize community pressure to check the pigs.

The not-so-secret 'guide to policing protest'

United Kingdom, 06.08.2008 01:08

Sometime during a busy day of policing the Camp For Climate Action, near Kingsnorth Power Station in Kent, an officer dropped a so-called 'Pocket Legislation Guide on Policing Protest'. The document, issued by the National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit (NETCU), gives an overview of legislation the police can use to stifle all forms of legitimate protest. The document, which is supposedly not for public consumption, was subsequently posted on Indymedia UK by a camper attending the Climate Camp.

NETCU describe themselves as "promoting a coordinated response to domestic extremism by providing tactical advice to the police service, and information and guidance to industry and government." According to NETCU Watch, an online initiative to monitor the service's activities, the main purpose of their existence is to monitor protest groups, especially related to animal rights campaigns. A further concern is that the police seem to be supporting commerce (especially the vivisection industry) beyond their remit of upholding the law.

Newswire: Police drop top secret NETCU guide to policing protest - Part 1 | Police drop top secret NETCU guide to policing protest - Part 2 | Download full document (PDF)

Links: NETCU Watch | Liberty | Freedom Of Information Act

&quot;A Union Man&quot; debuts on Television in Southern Oregon

Rogue Valley, 05.08.2008 22:11

"A Union Man:
The Life and Work of Julius Margolin"

On RVTV 6:00 p.m., Aug. 6, 13 & 20
Cable channel #15
Jackson and Josephine counties

Southern Oregonians Steve Ryan and Wes Brain are part of the documentary team.

Produced and Directed by George Mann
Edited by Steve Ryan and
Principle videography by Wes Brain, Renee Russell and Steve Ryan.

Julius Margolin, 92 on August 16th, is a living legend in the New York City labor movement. He's been active since the 1930s in the CIO, the National Maritime Union and Local 52 of the International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees, which he has represented in the NYC Central Labor Council for 34 years. A tireless fighter for justice, equality, and against war, Julius embarked on a new career in 1999, making music and CDs with George Mann while still hitting picket lines and organizing workers in New York and around the United States.

"A Union Man" is the story of his life through his eyes as well as those he's met along the way. Featuring guest appearances by Utah Phillips, Faith Petric and former NMU Vice President Joe Stack, as well as concert performances, it's an affectionate portrait of a rank-and-file activist still fighting for justice in his tenth decade on this planet.

15 Arrested during Anti-War protests at Port of Tacoma and Fort Lewis Army

Seattle, 05.08.2008 19:42

Anti-war demonstrations are ongoing at Port of Tacoma since Wednesday, July 30th. Protesters and observers have gathered at the port, despite harassment by law enforcement such as the demanding identification, arbitrary detention of pedestrians and use of physical violence. Six arrests have taken place at Port of Tacoma, all of which are unjustified and used to intimidate protesters from expressing their first amendment rights to oppose the occupation of Iraq.

Bilhete único: prorrogação ou enrolação?

Brasil, 05.08.2008 14:39


August 4th: Rally at the Port of Tacoma - 8pm

Seattle, 05.08.2008 04:38

Rally against port shipments and against police response

Forest Student Tased, Arrested at the Port of Tacoma

Seattle, 05.08.2008 04:38

Forest student was minding his own business when he was tased without warning by a police officer at the Port of Tacoma. Student, completely incapacitated as he was, was then arrested and charged with third degree felony assault, but not before a trip to the emergency room first.

El gobierno nacional permite la figura de cooperativas para la explotación laboral

Venezuela, 05.08.2008 00:07

No War in Iran Protest

Houston, 04.08.2008 22:39

Protest Against war in Iran at Federal Building

Argentina, 04.08.2008 18:39


Mineradora ameaça vida de 52 famílias

Brasil, 04.08.2008 17:08


From the Caravan of Observation and Solidarity with the Zapatista Communities

NYC, 04.08.2008 15:09

A report from the Solidarity Without Borders delegation of the National and International Caravan of Observation and Solidarity with the Zapatista Communities.

Investor Landlord Fights City Built on Rent Control

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.08.2008 14:39

East Palo Alto's rent stabilization program, established by voters in the early 1980's, was designed to help tenants know the maximum their future rent increases could be, and enable them to plan family budgets with a measure of certainty. But in 2005 Page Mill Properties started to buy up residences on East Palo Alto's west side and disputes first with tenants and then with the city brewed.Apartment residents are now seeing multiple rent hikes in a year, often in the range of 30 to 40%. One group of tenants has particular reason to be outraged. Many East Palo Alto residents are public employees and their retirement system, CalPERS, has Page Mill Properties in its portfolio of investments. CalPERS is the pension fund for California public employees and is one of the largest financial institutions in the US.

The Dangerous Logic of Blocking Protests in the Name of Electing Obama

NYC, 04.08.2008 04:40

"The choice we face is not really between Obama and McCain. Our choice is between accepting the ruling class spectrum of Obama to McCain as the limits of what is possible—or—rejecting this whole framework and instead waging meaningful mass political resistance to the whole fascist direction they are dragging things in."

El Partido Socialista no difunde las cifras que justificarían la medida

Argentina, 04.08.2008 01:39

Aumento de boleto y represión

El PS no difunde las cifras que justificarían la medida

Argentina, 04.08.2008 01:38

Aumento de boleto y represión

Counter Military Recruitment Action in Boston

Boston, 04.08.2008 01:09

About 200 anti-war activists picketed in front of the Boston armed forces recruitment center on Tremont Street. Protesters had a picket line directly in front of the center on the sidewalk. Across the street info tables were set up from Troops Out Now, Veterans For Peace, IrawqVeterans Against the War, and other peace groups. There was a small pro-war counter demonstration there with no incidents. The picketers shouted spirited chants against the wars and the recruiting center. This action was part of a series of local actions across the country to stop a war against Iran. For more photos go to: for video go to:

Home, Auto of UC-Santa Cruz Vivisectors Set Ablaze

Santa Cruz, CA, 04.08.2008 00:38

Animal Liberation Press Office writes, "The home of one UC Santa Cruz vivisector and the automobile of another were burned early Saturday [August 2nd], in what local authorities are calling attacks by animal liberationists. No communiques claiming the actions have yet been received by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office as of Sunday afternoon. According to a San Jose Mercury News reporter, the automobile of a vivisector whom police refused to name was completely destroyed, while the damage to the home of animal abuser David Feldheim was limited to a door frame and smoke damage."

RogueIMC now running on new machine!

Rogue Valley, 03.08.2008 22:39

The new server is up and running. You're looking at it !!

Resistence Building at Fort Lewis and Strykers Being Shipped NOW

Portland, 03.08.2008 18:39

Friday: The first time convoys have been blocked at Fort Lewis! At 8:00 p.m. demonstrators numbering 15-20 converged on Puyallup and East D. Estimates counted 30 police cars. Several convoys left the port beginning at 11:20 p.m.; last reported convoy at 3:30 a.m. A group of 25-30 demonstrators met the first convoy at Exit 122 at 11:45 p.m. A soft blockade on the overpass disrupted the transport for approximately 15 minutes. Estimates counted 20 police cars...

Saturday: Strykers and Hecklers ... At 12:00 p.m. demonstrators converged at Exit 119 for a "No War on Iran" protest. Usual counter-protesters arrived at 11:30 a.m. At approximately 1 p.m. one demonstrator was arrested on the overpass and charged with "depositing trash on the highway" and resisting arrest. His car was searched and photographed. The demonstrator is being released on PR. As of 4:00 nine Strykers have come thru this exit today!!!! 20-25 demonstrators are here now. We need you and more! Get out here!!!!!

[ Read More ]

From the Newswire

Perth, 03.08.2008 18:10

$400 Million Christmas Island MANDATORY Detention Centre

Political Violence Increases in El Salvador

Boston, 03.08.2008 16:08

As student groups prepare to commemorate the anniversary of an infamous massacre of students by government forces on July 30, 1975, political violence continues in El Salvador 33 years later. In the last two years, social organizations, human rights monitors, community groups and the Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional (FMLN) political party have publically denounced the alarming increase in politically-motivated assassinations of their members and leadership.

Widerstand gegen Bundeswehrgelöbnisse

Germany, 03.08.2008 16:08

Das erste öffentliche Gelöbnis seit fast 30 Jahren fand amMittwoch, 30. Juli, in Nürnberg statt [Bilder]. Zu Protesten hatten das Friedensforum, die Organisierte Autonomie und die Ärzte für Frieden und soziale Verantwortung aufgerufen.

VIDEO: Port of Tacoma Militarization Resistance

Seattle, 03.08.2008 16:08

Port of Tacoma, July 30th 2008

Two Arrested at Port of Tacoma Late Thursday Night

Seattle, 03.08.2008 16:08

Two activists, K-Tee-O (Katherine Olejnik) and Kelly Beckham, were arrested for crossing a police line at the Port of Tacoma late Thursday night. Both women were thrown to the ground and treated roughly. K-Tee-O was pulled across the line by her hair. They are being held at Pierce County Jail in Tacoma, each on two charges.

PMR in the Local Corporate Press

Seattle, 03.08.2008 16:08

The Tacoma News Tribune (TNT) has a strategy for superficial reporting that works in the same way most corporate media works. Last night Ian and Drew from the TNT focused on what was peculiar and humorous 'about' the activists, neglecting to take notice of what was peculiar and humorous 'to' the activists. This is perhaps the single most annoying tactic of the bourgeois media, since it is not only a "superficial" excuse for reporting, it is also a way to characterize any action in a way that seems like real reporting but is essentially degrading.

Where do the Convoys Go?

Seattle, 03.08.2008 16:08

See the pwetty pitchers. WSDOT Rocks

Photos Of Vandalized Tacoma Recruitment Center

Seattle, 03.08.2008 16:08

Photos taken on 8/2/08


Oost-Vlaanderen, 03.08.2008 12:37

Kampen in augustus

Critical Mass Rides Again

DC, 03.08.2008 12:09

August 1 was the first Friday of the month, so one again well over 50 cyclists took to the road for Critical Mass…

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