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Fue en 600 e/ 5 y 6, Barrio Aeropuerto.

Argentina, 14.08.2008 00:09

La única presencia del Estado en Barrio Aeropuerto es la policial.

Mariposas con lenguas

Argentina, 14.08.2008 00:09

Transmisión en vivo desde el Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres

LA Philippine Community Protests US Backed Military Offensive in Mindanao.

LA, 13.08.2008 19:39

LA Philippine Community Protests US Backed Military Offensive in Mindanao.

5 people arrested at Trident nuclear submarine base at Bangor

Seattle, 13.08.2008 19:38

45 people were present at the demonstration against Trident nuclear weapons at the Bangor nuclear submarine base. Five demonstrators were arrested while trying to display a banner on the freeway overpass near the main gate of Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor.

Hundreds of Chicagoans Protest Against Possible War on Iran

Chicago, 13.08.2008 17:08

On August 2, 2008, more than two hundred protesters assembled in downtown Chicago to rally outside the State of Illinois Building, and marched against a possible bombing of Iran — in the face of belligerent policy remarks by the U.S. government and strong hints of possible future military actions.

After the half-hour-long rally, the participants marched from the State of Illinois Building. They headed first to a nearby Republican campaign office. The marchers then headed north on Wells Street up to Wacker, then East just past Michigan Avenue to the Israeli Consulate. The marchers then proceeded south on Michigan Avenue to Randolph Street to a nearby Democratic Party campaign office, to join up with a second protest already underway on behalf of single-payer health care.

Read account | Watch video | See Photos

Additional Resources: Stop War on Iran | No War on Iran Coalition — Chicago


Belarus, 13.08.2008 10:37

Вчера 25 июля 2008 года в Минске в клубе РЕАКТОР компанией BOOM SOUND был организован и проведен концерт, в ходе которого состоялось выступление нацистской метал группы INTERIOR WRATH из Витебска. Администрация BOOM SOUND заранее была проинформирована о нацистском характере «творчества» данной группы. Тем не менее, администрацией BOOM SOUND не были предприняты меры по пресечению публичного выступления неонацистов. Компания BOOM SOUND несет полную ответственность за организацию массового мероприятия, в ходе которого звучали призывы к расовой розни. В данный момент, фото и видео документы, произведенные на концерте, анализируются на предмет предоставления в прокуратуру с целью возбуждения уголовного дела. Призывы к расовой розни на общественном мероприятии все еще являются уголовно наказуемым преступлением в нашей стране.

Мы, антифашисты города Минска, призываем всех, кому не равнодушна проблема поднимающего голову неонацизма, к всестороннему бойкоту компании BOOM SOUND. Если вы музыка…

В открытом доступе градостроительный проект по части Партизанского района

Belarus, 13.08.2008 10:37

До 8 августа по ул. Захарова 53 с 9 до 18 часов (по будням) можно ознакомиться с градостроительным проектом детальной планировки территории в границах улиц Захарова-Платонова-Козлова-граница ландшафтно-рекреационной зоны.

Можно подать свои предложения и замечания.

Тел. (017) 294-66-61, 294-60-13 (отдел архитектуры администрации Партизанского района Минска).

Именно на этом этапе эффективнее всего сражаться с возможной уплотнительной застройкой и планируемой вырубкой зелёных насаждений.

From the Newswire

Perth, 13.08.2008 07:09

Jim Beam misogynist marketing strategy


Colombia, 13.08.2008 04:39

Murió Orlando Fals Borda

Freedom Fantasy

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.08.2008 03:39

California based (Chowchilla in the Central Valley) political prisoner Sara Olson was released from prison on March 17, 2008 and re-arrested 4 days later. What was behind this bizarre incident which played out in the mainstream media? Some commentators speculated that it was behind the scenes maneuvering by right wing politicians that forced her re-arrest. Other analysts speculated that it was the incompetency of prison staff to properly calculate her release date. It was also suggested that this was a cruel hoax played on her by prison staff. The truth might be something even more sinister.
For the first time anywhere, Sara tells her story about what was behind her release and re-arrest. The article, on the link below, tells you the real reason why she and many other prisoners get released and re-arrested.

Come to Denver when the Democrats Meet: Protest August 23-28

Portland, 13.08.2008 01:39

Caravan, carpool, get to denver and protest at the DNC convention!

Only you -not your government- can bring any of this to a halt. The only realistic course is for the people of the U.S. to taking meaningful and independent political action to resist the machinery of war and the fascist direction that has emerged. Come to Denver for a week of protest that includes marching to stand with immigrants under assault and counter-protests to the week of anti-abortion actions of the Christian right. Join in contingents, film showings, street protests, strategy sessions, and more.
Why Go to Denver?

counter recruitment

Houston, 13.08.2008 01:39

Houston Army Recruiters Illegally Threatened High School Students with Jail Time. Story broke through grassroots efforts.

Trade Agreements Cost Oregon Over 10K Forest Jobs

Rogue Valley, 12.08.2008 23:39

Medford, Oregon--Aug. 8, 2008


Trade Agreements Cost Oregon Over 10,000 Forest Products Jobs

Southern Oregon Is Hardest Hit with Over 3,500 Forest Products Jobs Lost

Labor leaders and local elected officials discussed the impact of this job loss on the region, and Congress' role in creating the problem.

Press Conference in Medford reveals the newest research



Contra a tortura animal, contra as touradas

Galiza, 12.08.2008 22:39

O movimento antitaurino está a aportar na Galiza, novos jeitos de luita e pontos de vista ao redor do triste temática das touradas. Em Ponte-vedra, a Plataforma antitaurina está levando umha intensa campanha contra as touradas na cidade. A repressom de baixa intensidade nom deixa de acosar a este movimento popular.

Outros movimentos ou colectivos estám a difundir a consciencia antitaurina por outros espaços da Galiza: A Corunha 1 e 2 ou Ferrol acolherom palestras e acçons contra umha festa da tortura de máis que duvidavel arraigo na Galiza.

Videos de GZ-Vídeos: |Documentario | | Reportagem da mani de Pontevedra|

Derbyshire Coal Mine Occupation - Eviction Happening Now

United Kingdom, 12.08.2008 18:38

It is now confirmed that the police have launched a full eviction attempt at the Bodge House squat in Shipley, Derbyshire. The house is located on the site of a proposed open cast coal mine.

Update Sunday 10th August: Eviction is still ongoing at Bodge House, in Derbyshire. This is the 4th day of the operation and 4 people were arrested earlier today. The house is very heavily barricaded and 2-3 people are still reported to be inside. 4 vans of police and bailiffs still in attendence.

Update Friday 8th August: (added comment by Jane) - We were there today to give support to those still in the house. We arrived about 11.00am. There were loads of police as would be expected and 3 people were taken out of the house while we were there and taken to Ripley police station. We were not allowed near so could not see who it was. Around 3.00 in the afternoon a chap in a suit and 2 women in inappropriate shoes turned up. We think they were from the bailiff teams. They spoke to the chief inspector in charge and went to the house. All the time the bailiffs on site had been cutting down the trees surrounding the house and trying to get in the front door of the house. They succeeded just before the 'suits' arrived. We left around 4pm to run some film to ITN but I heard later that the bailiffs had started up a generator to get air to the people in the tunnel under the house but left the site around 5.30. they are due back tomorrow (Saturday) to get the 2 people in the tunnel out. Anyone who can get there, please get there to give support.

Update Thursday 7th August: Around 7.45am about 60 police and 50 bailliffs arrived at the house. Throughout the day the police have been trying to get through the barricades and defences. Local people and media have been at the scene. So far 3 people have been removed from lockons and a cargo net outside the house and have been arrested. 7 people are still inside and are heavily barricaded in, included being hidden in tunnels under the house. The bailiffs have put up security fences and although they have managed to enter part of the building, the eviction attempt has been stopped for today. It is estimated the eviction will take at least another couple of days.

Newswire: Short audio - Bodge House eviction | Eviction Of Coal Mine Protest Site (Bodge House) - pictures

Go there: Directions to the site (PDF)

See feature articles: Derbyshire Opencast Mine Squatters: Eviction Imminent | Coal On Hold - Derbyshire Coal Mine Site Occupied | Campaigners Trespass on Proposed Coal Mine Site

Mainstream coverage: Bailiffs 'just eight feet' away from underground eco-protesters at Smalley | Arrests at Smalley coal mine protest | Protesters evicted from Smalley site

Ten-Year Anniversary of Minnehaha Free State

United States, 12.08.2008 16:07

August 10 marks the 10-year anniversary of the Minnehaha Free State, the first urban anti-road occupation in U.S. history. On August 10, 1998, the occupation of the condemned corridor of the reroute of highway 55 through Minnehaha Park began, and would last for another 16 months. Although highway 55 desecrates the land in south Minneapolis today, the sacred Coldwater Spring continues to flow.

Below is a history of the Free State, from The Struggle is Our Inheritance: A History of Radical Minnesota. read more

Rochester Walks for Peace Week 2: Firsthand Accounts

United States, 12.08.2008 16:07

This Saturday about 35-40 activists walked from Norton St. and Clinton ave. to Cafe Underground Railroad on W. Main st. as part of the second out of four walks for Rochester Walks for Peace. The march slowly winded its way through the city, with walkers stopping frequently along the way to engage local residents.

The aim of the march was to forge connections between the Anti-war community and communities in the city. The march was truly inspiring and well received. There will be 2 more walks this month, the next one will happen Saturday the 16th, 1:30pm, starting at the corner of Hudson Ave. and North St.

Along the way I talked with folks marching about where the idea came from, what were the goals, what connections they saw between the war and our city communities and finally what the response was to the walk. Overview of the Walks: Audio Interviews: Background and Goals (mp3) | Audio Interviews: Background and Goals (ogg vorbis) | More audio, pictures and commentary from the march

Climate Camp - Quick Links

United Kingdom, 12.08.2008 13:08

Latest news: SMS text alerts | IMC UK Climate Camp 2008 topic | up-to-date timeline

Coverage: Climate Camp Radio | Vision On TV daily news shows | Envirospeak uploads and ongoing discussion.

Links: Camp for Climate Action website | Network for Climate Action | Days of Climate Action

Brigadas 2008: cr�nicas

Euskal Herria, 12.08.2008 11:09

Un a�o m�s las organizaciones internacionalistas Askapena, Euskadi-Cuba y Komite Internazionalistak (KI) han organizado brigadas que en estos meses de verano visitan muchos pa�ses como Palestina, Kurdistan, Sardinia, Pa�sos Catalans, Irlanda, Mexiko, Panam�, Kuna Yala, Kuba, Ekuador, Venezuela, Kolonbia, Bolivia, Wall Mapu, Argentina, Uruguay y Brasil.

Las cr�nicas de las y los internacionalistas ya han empezado a llegar:

Komite Internazionalistak: |Palestina|, |Colombia|, |Venezuela|.

Askapena: |Uruguay|, |Bolivia|, |Cuba|, |Pueblo Mapuche|, |Palestina|.

Finaliza en Chiapas, la Caravana Nacional e Internacional de Solidaridad con las comunidades zapatistas, coincidiendo con el V Aniversario del nacimiento de los Caracoles.

Tree-Sitters Maintain Their Perch As UCSC Settles Lawsuit

Santa Cruz, CA, 12.08.2008 06:38

LRDP-Resistance Media writes, "It comes as no surprise to us that the city council and the Coalition to Limit University Expansion (CLUE) have settled their lawsuit with UCSC over the campus expansion under the 2005 Long Range Development Plan (LRDP). But, despite the city's capitulation and Chancellor Blumenthal's speculation that the Tree Sitters "have accomplished their goals," we will not be coming out of the trees. The city does not speak for us, nor do they speak for the Coast Redwoods, the Mountain Manzanita, Burrowing Owls, Red-legged Frogs, Bobcats, Coyotes, Gray Foxes, California Myotis or any of the other living creatures who call the exceptional habitat of North Campus their home."


Colombia, 12.08.2008 04:39

Pueblo Nasa confronta campaña de terror

Berkeley Police Charging Anti-War Activist with Obstruction of an Officer

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.08.2008 01:39

On August 4, a partial hearing on Stephanie Tang took place in Alameda County Court. Tang, a long time organizer with World Can't Wait (WCW), is facing up to one year in jail and $1000 in fines, stemming from an ongoing effort by WCW to shut down the Marine Recruiting Station in Berkeley. This specific charge is connected to a demonstration on Feb. 22, in which Tang, although assaulted by Berkeley Police, was charged with obstruction of an officer.

Lucha Contra proyecto Windmar

Puerto Rico, 12.08.2008 00:10

Exitosa Marcha Contra Proyecto Windmar

Daily Video Reports From Camp For Climate Action

Ireland, 11.08.2008 22:09

Video of Climate Camp 2008 at Kingsnorth This is a ...

Medea blog # 2: Bolivia Racked by Political Divisions on the Eve of a Recall Vote

Miami, 11.08.2008 18:07

Medea blog # 2: Bolivia Racked by Political Divisions on the Eve of a Recall Vote

Why We Challenged Barack Obama

DC, 11.08.2008 12:09

On Friday, August 1st I led a contingent of the Uhuru Movement into Barack Obama’s town hall meeting in St. Petersburg, Florida to raise the question, “what about the black community, Obama?” Without the benefit of a big media budget, our organization attempted to bring the serious issues experienced by African working class people across this country into the national political debate.

FEIC Activist Arrested at Raytheon

Ireland, 11.08.2008 09:39

Art for peace sake is a dangerous business in Derr ...

In Reply to &quot;The Nation&quot;: an Open Letter from Barack Obama

DC, 10.08.2008 23:09

Dear friends on the left, Hobgoblins, small minds and stupid consistency go together, as Locke reminded us, so I suppose it shouldn't have come as a surprise that a cast of "progressive leaders" has again assembled locust-like at the waning stages of the electoral cycle to "urge me to listen to the voice of the people" and not "to retreat from the stands that have been the signature of (my) campaign…"

Radio Trabajadora- Segundo Episódio

Santa Cruz, CA, 10.08.2008 19:39

Radio Trabajadora escribe, "Este es un show de radio en Radio Libre Santa Cruz, escuchen a 101.1 FM o todos los martes de 6-7:30 pm. Durante este show hablamos sobre AFSCME Local 3299 y las ultimas noticias de la pelea por un contrato. Tambien hablamos de los trabajadores de la union UNITE HERE! en Oakland y la accion que el 8 de Agosto van a tener en el aeropuerto de Oakland."

Interview with Muhammad Ahmad (Max Stanford) 3-30-08

DC, 10.08.2008 01:09

Naji Mujahid of the DC Radio Co-op interviewed Muhammad Ahmad, formerly known as Max Stanford, in Jackson, Mississippi 3-30-08, while attending the reunion of members of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement. He has recently authored a book, 'We Will Return in the Whirlwind', which is a history and critique of several of the most influential Black Liberation groups from the period of 1960-1975.

Radical History Series at Laughing Horse Books

Portland, 09.08.2008 22:38

A new weekly event, at Laughing Horse Books! Radical History Series


* 8/12: P.-J. Proudhon and "Property is theft!" (Theme and Variations)
A survey of the uses to which Proudhon put his famous phrase.
* 8/19: Panarchy and Pantarchy: Hierarchy in a free society
P. E. Depuydt and Stephen Pearl Andrews push the envelope of anarchy.
* 8/26: Anarchists as Inventors:
From desk-top publishing 1830-style to the Lysander Spooner's "elastic bottom."

Tre Arrow's sentencing hearing, Aug 12th

Portland, 09.08.2008 18:39

Please come out in support of Tre. His sentencing hearing is set for Tues, Aug 12th at 2:30 p.m. in downtown Portland (1000 S.W. 3rd). Judge Redden's courtroom is #1527. Please dress and act appropriately, and arrive early to make it through the metal detectors. See you there!

Neuer Krieg im Kaukasus

Germany, 09.08.2008 18:39

Krieg im Kaukasus - In Südossetien liefern sich Einheiten der georgischen Armee, ossetische Separatisten, sowie russische Soldaten schwere Kämpfe. Nach vermutlich mehr als 1500 Toten binnen 48h scheinen sich die Kämpfe nun auch auf Abchasien auszudehnen. Während Georgien den Kriegszustand ausgerufen hat, betont die russische Regierung, dass man sich nicht in einen Krieg verwickelt sehe.

Telepolis: Erster Nato-Krieg im Kaukasus | Blogs: Geschichte wiederholt sich - Über die Paralellen zum Kosovo | Das Prinzip Kosovo | Georgian.blogspot
Aktuelle Informationen auch unter: Ria - Novosti Staatliche Nachrichtenagentur Russlands in deutscher Sprache | Agenturmeldungen


Climate Camp: Day of Mass Action

United Kingdom, 09.08.2008 12:09

Saturday August 9 is the Climate Camp Day of Mass Action, when "the climate camp will go beyond talk and culminate in a spectacular mass action to shut down Kingsnorth. Permanently!"

Campaigners intended to try and shut down the power station by land sea and air, with four main colour-coded "blocks." The Blue Block (or Great Rebel Raft Regatta) intended to approach Kingsnorth power station by water along the River Medway. Not wanting to be outdone, the Silver Block intended to approach from above. The Green Block meanwhile focused on making its way through the undergrowth, with the Orange Block completing the set with a children-friendly march to the main gates.

Newswire: Na href="/en/2008/08/406072.html">Photos of protestors at Kingsnorth fences | Pics Orange Bloc / Kids March leaving camp | Climate Camp Radio, day of mass action. Listen to live stream 1pm and 7pm. | Green Bloc Heading Towards Kingsnorth | Children's Revolution March From Climate Camp on Kingsnorth Day of Mass Action | Rebel Regatta and Section 21 of the Medway Ports Byelaws | Climate Camp Silver Group- Call Out For Flying Devices | Children's Revolution at the Camp for Climate Action Plans Peace Campaign

Links: Climate Camp website | Great Rebel Raft Regatta | Full Climate Camp 2008 Coverage | the very latest: Climate Camp timeline

Climate Camp: How The Police Radicalized An Entire Generation

United Kingdom, 09.08.2008 10:08

Mass harrassment, terror tactics, theft, lies and propaganda, excessive force: the relentless campaign of intimidation by police at this years Climate Camp that started with raiding the camp and confiscating essential equipment, has also now included the premeditated political use of blanket stop and search, night-time terrorising of the climate camp site, confiscating pushbikes, blockading food supplies, and harrassment of media and legal observers.

El Gasoducto

Puerto Rico, 09.08.2008 03:39

El Gasoducto es un Asunto de Seguridad

Muestra fotográfica

Argentina, 09.08.2008 02:41

"Ayer, Hoy y Siempre

Providence Nurses in Medford Say: UNION YES!

Rogue Valley, 09.08.2008 01:12

August 8, 2008 - - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


Medford, OR - After nearly a year of efforts to achieve an election, nurses at Providence Medford Medical Center voted overwhelmingly yesterday to join the Oregon Nurses Association, the state's largest professional association and labor union for nurses. The vote, which was held on site at the hospital, was attended by more than 80% of the nurses employed at PMMC. 121 nurses voted in favor of forming a union

Police Raid House on Riverside Avenue in Santa Cruz, Again

Santa Cruz, CA, 08.08.2008 20:39

On August 7th, police raided a home on the 700 block of Riverside Avenue in Santa Cruz. It is the same home that was raided on February 24th, 2008. In the February raid, police assert that the home, or the people who were inside of it, were somehow connected to what they proclaim are animal rights activists that held a protest that allegedly ended with a scuffle at a UC Santa Cruz researcher's house. The raid on August 7th was apparently carried out by at least the Department of Justice, FBI, and UCSC police.

Climate Camp: Down With the Eastside

United Kingdom, 08.08.2008 18:38

From 3rd-11th August 2008, the Camp For Climate Action is being held in Kingsnorth, Kent near the proposed site of the first coal-fired power station in the UK since 1984.

Notingham residents are amongst those participating in the camp, organising themselves as part of the Eastside "neighbourhood" which also includes the good citizens of other Eastern parts of the country including Derby, Cambridge and Norfolk. Unfortunately, a Nottingham man is among those who have fallen victim to overzealous policing and was arrested, accused of "possession of a bladed article" (hardly an unusual situation for a camper).

Newswire: Riseup! Radio #7 August Show – Climate Camp Special | Climate Camp Location & Route (from Nottm or Anywhere) | Nottingham Riders Set Off For Climate Camp | Sumac Climate Action Garden Party: The Pictures 2 | Sumac Climate Action Garden Party: The Pictures 1 | Sumac Garden Party | Climate Camp Jingle

Notts climate features since last camp: Derbyshire Opencast Mine Squatters: Eviction Imminent | Free Food in Nottingham | Coal On Hold - Derbyshire Coal Mine Site Occupied | Campaigners Trespass on Proposed Coal Mine Site | New Old Coal for Notts | Fossil Fools Take On E.ON In Nottingham | Convictions For Activists - Climate Criminals Walk Free | 'Clean' Coal On Trial | Biofuels Conference Disrupted At Concerns Over Multi-National 'Greenwash' | Nuclear No Answer To Climate Change | DIY V3 Wind Turbine Workshop

National features: Climate Camp Ready For Action | Climate Camp Day 6: Action Spreads Across South East | Heathrow to Kingsnorth Climate Caravan 2008 | The not-so-secret 'guide to policing protest' | Climate Camp: Site Taken

Links: Climate Camp | Climate IMC | Eastside Climate Action | Network for Climate Action | Days of Climate Action | Workshop programme | Notts Indymedia Climate Camp 2008 topic page

Miami Critical Mass bike ride Saturday August 9th to Miami Beach

Miami, 08.08.2008 17:37

Miami Critical Mass bike ride Saturday August 9th to Miami Beach

Anoka Arrestee Intimidated by Saint Paul Police in Connection with RNC

United States, 08.08.2008 14:07

One of the nine people arrested at the ATK weapons manufacturing facility in Anoka, Minnesota last month came home Monday afternoon to find the business card of Saint Paul Police Department Sergeant Scott Duff left in his mailbox with a note written on the back reading “Please call when you have time, thanks.” The individual immediately contacted an NLG lawyer who then contacted Sergeant Duff inquiring about the nature of the request. read more

Climate Camp Day 6: Action Spreads Across South East

United Kingdom, 08.08.2008 10:08

On the sixth day of the Climate Camp, people took action at sites across the South East. Climate activists shut down the Vopak fuel depot in Thurrock, the biggest holder of biofuels in the South of England. At Gatwick Airport, activists dropped banners at the main concourse of the airport and at the trainstation while others locked themselves to railings. In London, 15 students staged a die-in in front of the Royal Bank Of Scotland HQ while lying in a pool of oil. Eon’s replica of the Kingsnorth coal-fired power station at the Legoland park in Windsor was occupied by one inch tall climate change campaigners.

Meanwhile, police saw their opportunity to move in to evict Bodge House, a disused farmhouse on the proposed site of an open cast coal mine, which was occupied in June. The site, near Shipley, Derbyshire is now the scene of hordes of police and bailiffs as they try make their way through the house's defences. With people hidden in tunnels and locked in lock-ons, the eviction is estimated to last 2-3 days. Bowl Court social centre in London was also evicted by police, who were reported saying 'we're not stupid, we knew you'd all be at the Climate Camp'.

Also see: Climate Camp Media Review For 7th August | Tons more beautiful images of Climate Camp Life published | Climate camp - talking to locals | Climate Camp: Police Extend Stop & Search Powers | Climate Camp Radio - Thursday lunchtime show for download | Camplife - Pics from Climate Camp and Onsite TV Studio | Some random snaps from site | Hoo Section 60

Links: Climate Camp website | Full Climate Camp 2008 Coverage | the very latest: Climate Camp timeline

two executions

Houston, 08.08.2008 09:09

Texas Violates International Law Twice in Same Week

Argentina: Críticas a la Ley de Emergencia

Argentina, 08.08.2008 08:38

Persisten los desalojos y no comenzaron los relevamientos

queer rights

Perth, 08.08.2008 07:40

National Day of Action - rally against Homophobia

Bicyclists Decorate Failed Businesses With Seeds, Art

Santa Cruz, CA, 08.08.2008 07:39

"We don't need another parking lot" read one of over 30 stenciled cardboard signs erected on the evening of August 1st across the fences of various failed businesses in Santa Cruz by a group of bicyclists as part of a "Going Out of Business & Green Futures" community ride. Part protest against car culture, part living art project, and part prank, the bicyclists visited the sites of former gas stations, drive thrus, auto-dealerships, and more, planting wild flower seeds, and other decorations depicting a deteriorating economy and hopes for a greener, wilder future.

Climate Camp: Site Taken

United Kingdom, 08.08.2008 07:08

The site for this year's Camp for Climate Action was taken four days ahead of the official start on Wednesday 30th July , just a few fields from the Kingsnorth Coal Power Plant. In a flurry of activity around 100 campaigners began setting up the camp at 3pm erecting tripods to prevent police from moving them and a banner which reads 'No New Coal' See Report and Pics | Gallery 1, 2 | Video: Camp is Open

Thurs 31st July: In a much criticised move, Police raided the Climate Camp on Thursday evening, under the guise of searching for items which could be used for criminal Damage. Although police claimed to be searching for materials that could be used on the 9th August day of action, their search focused on items such as guy-ropes for safely securing marquees, radios used in medical emergencies, and building materials essential for the construction of compost toilets as well as water piping. The seizures went as far as the confiscation of such ridiculous items as a bicycle repair kit, three board games and a pack of children's crayons. Other items taken included kitchen equipment and computer cables. Other equipment including construction wood was saved from confiscation by campaigners taking direct action. By the end of the day there had been 6 arrests, but the setting up continues and campers even found time to play a game of football with local residents. See Photos and Report | Camp Press Release | Report 2, 3 | Footie report

Friday 1st August: Construction of the camp continues apace. The local council has instructed the water board to install a water supply at the entrance of the camp. Today was also the first day for the media to come on site and be shown around. The temporary Field IMC at the Camp for Climate Action, is on-line and up and running. Meanwhile this morning 20 activists successfully blockaded the only access gate to Cargill's European regional head office in Cobham, Surrey. 8 activists locked on to the gates closing the site down completely. Agrobusiness giant Cargill are being targeted by the protesters for their role in rainforest destruction and land-grabbing as well as for profiteering from the food crisis. See Report | Pics | Feature

Saturday 2nd August: Police continue to confiscate essential camp infrastructures from people arriving, while the main marquee cannot be set up as Police still have key parts which they took on Thursday. After negatiations some of the items seized today were returned later in the evening, including materials for disabled access and toilets. The Police Forward Intelligence Team made a foray onto the field today but were ejected from the field by campers - see report. Meanwhile campaigners in the High Peaks area staged a demonstration to call for the re-opening of the Woodhead Tunnel and the Manchester to Sheffield rail line - see report. People arriving for the camp are being searched thoroughly by Police, but numbers are swelling.

Anarchopunk show Saturday; goodbye to Noah B.

Rogue Valley, 08.08.2008 05:39

This Saturday the 9th, there will be a concert featuring anarcho-punk legends Mischief Brew, local anarcho-punk band the Bad Habit Bandits, Clint Clark of Pater Familias, and the up-and-coming Octones. This is also the bon voyage event for Noah Balloon, local activist who will be representing (and reporting for) the Rogue Valley at the upcoming DNC/RNC protests.

San Francisco Protest Against Army Child Recruitment

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.08.2008 04:09

On August 6th, around 50 anti-war activists in San Francisco targeted the video game maker Ubisoft to "help stop the Army's child recruitment program" in the form of the free "America's Army" game. Organizers noted that the game "targets children as young as 13" while San Francisco game companies Ubisoft, Gameloft, and Secret Level were profiting from the illegal recruitment program.

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