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Peace Fair 2008

Portland, 20.08.2008 17:39

On Saturday at Parkrose high school, right along side the Peace Labyrinth, there was an event called the Peace Fair, and the multi media Peacebubble café was there

sit lie survey

Portland, 20.08.2008 17:39

sit lie law survey / poll
Take the survey on Portland Business Journal

The link is for a poll on the sit lie ordinance

The Portland City Council will revisit the city's "sit-lie" ordinance in October. The ordinance, adopted last year, prohibits persons from sitting, either on the pavement or on a chair or stool, or lying down on public sidewalks. Supporters say the law makes for a safer, cleaner downtown, but opponents say it discriminates against the homeless.

Do you support Portland's sit-lie ordinance?
Yes No

Well it doesnt look encouraging from the results I seen today *most votes are from the suit n tie crowd I am wagering/thinking

(((I VOTED NO)))

The Wealthy Welcome the Free Trade Bus to Town!

Portland, 20.08.2008 16:38

Portland, OR — Affluent Traders of Oregon (ATO) helped welcome the "Corporate America Wins with Trade" tour during its visit to Triad Speakers, Inc in northeast Portland this morning. The bus tour, sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association, is traveling the United States to drum up support for the Bush administration's stalled free trade pacts with Colombia, Panama and South Korea.

釜ヶ崎〈暴動〉| resistance action against police in Kamagasaki

Japan, 20.08.2008 13:07

釜ヶ崎では、西成警察署員による労働者への暴行と拷問に対する抗議行動が続いている。これは90以来18年ぶりの「暴動」として記憶されることになるだろう。 12th June, just in the afternoon before the G8 Finance Ministers Meeting had began in Osaka with amount of guards and excessive security, one of daily labours in Kamagasaki tortured by police. From the next day 13th, many of daily labours and neighbourhood youth began to resist against the police repression &amp; violence. Most of Japanese mainstream media just copied the official announcements by the police and reporting this as a "riot" for the first time after 18 years from the last one in 1990.

The US, Mad Cow and Korea-Japan Consumers

Japan, 20.08.2008 13:07

by Paul Arenson


Regarding Mad Cow Disease and the push by the US government to force Korea to accept untested cattle, it has been very frustrating to read mainstream US reports which claim that Koreans are being irrational in the face of purported scientific evidence from the OIE (World Organisation for Animal health) that US beef represents a low risk.

The implied conclusion is that countries like Japan or Korea are unjustified or simply emotional in banning or restricting the import of beef. Our instincts tell us that something is being omitted. That either the OIE is not as impartial as it is made out to be, or that the report is being used by pro trade groups to justify the assertion that imports are ok.


Japan, 20.08.2008 13:07



Japan, 20.08.2008 13:07

Welcome to Japan! | [useful map] [Events Directory]
protest! one artivist of indymedia Japan was unjustly arrested. -> International call for solidarity actions against G8 repressions [watch video]
Protest statement against J5 police suppression / 7・5弾圧抗議声明
Indymedia Japan is one of the co-ordinating organizations for G8MediaNetwork, every indymedia activists can access to the CMC West18 (Nishi18choume). Please register online here preparatory | 事前登録 [日本語] | [locations]

Background / 背景: [Movements around the G8 Summit (2008) : the Situation in Japan] [G8サミット取材に関する緊急声明 / urgent statement protesting unreasonable detainment of independent media] [Questions and Answers: Legal information for temporary visitors to Japan]

Schedule / スケジュール: [Summary of the Anti-G8 Japan Action and Logistics|反G8活動のスケージュルとリソース] [NO! G8 Action Events Schedule|イベント・スケジュール] | July: [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11]

Online Media / ニューズサイト:[JANJAN G8 特集] [alt-g8] [Resources for 2008 G8 Summit|G8 報道に向けて] [G8MediaNetworkTV open!|G8メディアネットワークTV、本格稼働中!] [[тэйко:] teiko online|ウェブサイト抵抗]

Local Media Center / メディアセンター: [Symposium about the role of Citizens Media in G8 Hokkaido REPORT|G8洞爺湖サミットにおける市民メディアセンター関連シンポジウム] [IMC Sapporo? Don't bring out the toast yet…☆札幌メディアセンター現在準備中] [G8 Civil Media Center, Sapporo: CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS!] [Three Media Centers Announced] [CMC opening symposium @ Sapporo | CMCオープニングシンポ開催!] [Convergence Center] [Convergence center in Sapporo au culu | コンバージェンスセンター@アウクル]

Camp Site / キャンプ: [Camp Announcement on 27 May|5・27 G8キャンプ説明会] [Camp as Commons, Camp as T.A.Z.|続・キャンプ、キャンプ、キャンプ!!!] [Camp Camp & Football | キャンプ、キャンプ、ん? フットボール!?抵抗とサッカーの話をしよう!] [Two Camp Sites fixed! | キャンプ候補地決定!] [Sapporo International Exchange Camp = Tôbetsu | 当別(札幌近郊)決定詳細のご案内] [ Camp Bus from Sapporo TV-tower | 7月6日札幌から現地2カ所のキャンプ地まで直行便のバス] [INTERNATIONAL MEETING FOR VIDEO ACTIVISTS | ビデオアクティヴィスト・ミーティング]

Music / 音楽: [THE INFERNAL NOISE BRIGADE and FILASTINE - NO G8 ACTION JAPAN Benefit CD|反G8サウンドトラック] [Sound-Collective No-G8叛乱には音楽が必要だ!] [疑問を持つ人たちのためのパーティー | SOUND ACTION MOVEMENT - WHY!? G8 SUMMIT]

Events / イベント: [ Indigenous People's Summit 先住民族サミット ][G8対抗国際フォーラム|CounterG8InternationalForum] [ Alternative Media Gathering@remo|「もうひとつのメディア」のための集い 08 @remo ] [Anti-G8 Football Cup 2008 Japan!|反G8フットボール!] [Grrrl 8 - Go! G8 Night in Kichijoji|Grrrl 8 - Go! G8 Night in 吉祥寺] [ International Media Symposia in Tokyo | 国際シンポ:「環境・グローバリズム・メディア」東京 / in Sapporo | 札幌] [Alternative Media Gathering 08#1] [London NoBorders | ロンドン反G8祭] [G8MN VIDEO UNIT Workshop | ワークショップ+座談会] [1st Toyako Film Festival Manifesto | 第一回洞爺湖国際映画祭 開催宣言] [KIMONO * YUKATA / きもの*ゆかた ブロック workshop & let's do it! ]

Communications / 連絡: [Anarchist prisoner in Spain looking for international contacts/penpals|スペインのアナキスト在監者、国際的な連絡先/文通相手を求む] [Philipines: Aklas Laban sa G8G8に反対する声明:フィリピン] [ Feminist and Queer Unit against the G8 | フェミニスト&クイア・ユニット] ["FINAL G8" by BEEHIVE COLLECTIVE] [G8 Japan "Way to Hokkaido 1 - Landing and IRA"] [G8 Japon "way to Hokkaido 2 - noise in Narita"] [japanese activists against "The G8 University Summit" expelled by undercover police]

Pajelança e Manifestação Tribal no IBAMA-DF em defesa da Terra Indígena Bananal

Brasil, 20.08.2008 11:39

Resistência Indígena - Santuário Não se Move

Council Ignores Flood Victims.

Ireland, 20.08.2008 07:10

Wicklow County Council has no flood plan and it's ...

Peace Activists Literally Fenced In at 2008 Chicago Air And Water Show

Chicago, 20.08.2008 03:09

From the newswire: "In a brazen move against freedom of speech and against the Chicago peace movement, Chicago Police held peace activists at the 2008 Chicago Air and Water Show inside a fenced-off 'free speech zone', as one police officer termed it. The 'free speech zone', surrounded by a three-and-a-half-foot-high impromptu metal barrier serving as a makeshift fence, sat just south of eastern base of the North Avenue foot bridge, near the intersection of North Avenue and Lake Show Drive.

"Until recently, activists who assembled at the Air And Water Show could assemble and interact with other attendees unimpeded. However, in the 2008 Show, activists were ordered to remain within the confines of the 'free speech zone', roughly eight feet away from the sidewalk and on a hard-to-walk-on sandy surface. Police said that individuals who left the "free speech zone" would be arrested." Read more | See photos

Selected previous Chicago "free speech zone" incidents: McCormick Place, 2003 | Taste of Chicago, 2006 | CIMC Video: Taste of Chicago, 2006 | AFSC free speech restricted

Out of the Shadows - Underground Undergrads Speak Out

LA, 19.08.2008 22:38

Out of the Shadows - Underground Undergrads Speak Out

Vem aí a Pré-Flor da Palavra Floripa e Curitiba, dia 23 de agosto

Brasil, 19.08.2008 21:39


Anti-War Activists Win $2 Million Dollar Settlement from NYC

NYC, 19.08.2008 21:08

A group of 52 local activists today announced a $2 million settlement in their lawsuit against the City of New York. The activists were illegally arrested on April 7, 2003 while protesting against the Iraq war in front of a military contractor's
offices in midtown. The settlement in Kunstler et al v. New York City follows the dismissal in 2003 of all criminal charges brought against these individuals and four costly years of delays by the City in negotiating an end to the civil lawsuit.

Shutdown: The Rise and Fall of DASW Screens in San Francisco

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.08.2008 20:40

Shutdown: The Rise and Fall of Direct Action to Stop the War, a new documentary created by organizers from within DASW, chronicles the story of the March 20, 2003 shutdown of San Francisco's financial district, going behind the scenes for a look at the successes and pitfalls of mass organizing. The film screens in San Francisco on Friday, August 22 along with five shorts about oil, war and organizing.


Portland, 19.08.2008 18:38

Community residents and forest activists from the redwood region and far beyond Humboldt County in Northern California, were relieved and elated as news spread of an unprecented commitment by Humboldt Redwood Company (HRC) owners of what was Maxxam/PL land to spare the Nanning Creek and Fern Gully ancient groves where tree-sits have been keeping chain saws at bay. The message was delivered directly to tree-sitters and included a commitment to further protect from future cutting all old growth 250 years old or more.

"Old Growth now included in old PL timber harvest plans will be taken out of those plans", said HRC president and chief forester, Mike Jani, in an interview with KMUD radio in Garberville last week.

Clothesline Project Event on Women's Equality Day

Portland, 19.08.2008 17:08

The Clothesline Project is a visual display of shirts with graphic messages and illustrations that have been designed by women survivors of violence or by someone who loves a woman who has been affected.

The Portland Branch of WILPF will sponsor a continuation of this project on Women's Equality Day, which is Tuesday, August the 26th, at Terry Shrunk Plaza in downtown Portland from 10am until 3pm. This will be the 17th anniversary of Portland WILPF's participation in the project. The first Clothesline event in Portland was held in a member's backyard. Hundreds of shirts have been made and hung since then. Mayor Patter has declared, "this day to be memoralized to give every woman her voice for independence and freedom from violence." UN Resolution 1820 acknowledges rape as a war crime. Shirts will be made and hung for the many, many women who have suffered violent sexual crimes in conflicts and war. There will be speakers at noon.

Protesters Say No to Psychologists' Involvement in Torture

Boston, 19.08.2008 16:08

On Saturday, August 16, about one hundred protesters gathered in Boston to protest psychologists’ involvement in abusive interrogations and illegal detention. People gathered at the American Psychological Association Annual Convention to support a call to the APA to forbid their members from cooperating in any way in torture and reject our government's use of "enhanced interrogation techniques." Co-sponsors of this action included Psychoanalysts for Social Responsibility, the Coalition for an Ethical Psychology, and Psychologists for an Ethical APA. In the next month, APA members will be voting on a referendum that would make any participation in detainee interrogations a violation of their code of ethics. RELATED: Democracy Now! coverage of this event: Physicians for Human Rights Campaign Against: Torture

Tree Sitters Descend--Old Growth Won't Be Cut on Old Pacific Lumber land

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.08.2008 02:40

Eureka, CA-Community residents and forest activists from the redwood region and far beyond Humboldt County in Northern California, were relieved and elated as news spread of an unprecented commitment by Humboldt Redwood Company (HRC) owners of what was Maxxam/PL land to spare the Nanning Creek and Fern Gully ancient groves where tree-sits have been keeping chain saws at bay. The message was delivered directly to tree-sitters and included a commitment to further protect from future cutting all old growth 250 years old or more.

Condolences for Mahmoud Darwish

DC, 18.08.2008 22:10

Mahmoud Darwish gave a voice to the Palestinians through his writings and was able to define a country's collective spirit through his work. The Palestinians and the entire world revered Mr. Darwish as a literary icon, and as an artist whose voice will be forever missed. The PLO Mission will open a book of condolences to be signed beginning Monday August 18th thru Friday August 22nd from 12:30 - 4:00 pm. PLO Mission, 1320 18th Street, NW, Suite 200

Anti-fascists Prepare to Stop BNP &quot;Festival&quot;

United Kingdom, 18.08.2008 21:39

Between 15th and 17th of August, the fascist British National Party (BNP) is holding its annual Red, White and Blue 'festival' on a farm in Denby, Derbyshire. In previous years this so-called 'family festival' has brought together BNP members and white supremacists from across the world to enjoy Nazi marching songs and drunken glassings. The event has past off largely unremarked upon in previous years, with just a token response from the anti-fascist movement. Last year when the event was held in the same place, there was only one single protester. This time, however, local campaigners involved in Nottinghamshire Stop the BNP have been mobilising since late last year. The call has subsequently been taken up by Antifa England, Lancaster Unity, Hope Not Hate and Unite Against Fascism among others.

Details: Leaflet and maps | Antifa Callout | Google map of site | Photos of the area | Coaches: 1 | 2

Newswire: Will It Be All White On The Night? | The Alan Warner (BNP) Supporters Club | BNP Begin Arriving for Festival, While Anti-Fascists Leaflet Codnor | RWB toilet supplier targetted | BNP's Second Licence Application Rejected! | Protest against fascist BNP's Red, White & Blue | New paint job for the RWB's fascist farmer

Previous Features: BNP Withdraw Festival Licence Application in the Face of Protests | East Mids Campaigners Up The Anti as BNP Make Electoral Gains | Midlands and Yorkshire organise against the BNP

Links: Stop the BNP's RWB Festival | Smash The BNP's Scumfest! | Indymedia UK Stop RWB topic page

Cameron ambushed

United Kingdom, 18.08.2008 16:09

Cameron visited the Wirral on 14th August for a Q&A session and "faced a dozen protesters opposing (hunting) reintroduction on the way in, and one fierce questioner on the issue within the hall." - Liverpool Daily Post

We Are Here Prayer Pole desecrated

Rogue Valley, 18.08.2008 15:41

On the evening of Tuesday, August 12th a sacred feather was reported missing from the We Are Here Statue/Prayer Pole in downtown Ashland. This is a sculpture depicting and honoring the First Nations of this region. The eagle feather was taken and it its place was left a book about pirates, a garland of flowers, and a marijuana joint.

Student support

Perth, 18.08.2008 12:10

Demand Fair Student Income Support

XXIII Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres

Argentina, 18.08.2008 05:38

Multitudinaria y colorida marcha en Neuquén

XXIII Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres

Argentina, 18.08.2008 05:38

Multitudinaria y colorida marcha en Neuquén

XXIII Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres

Argentina, 18.08.2008 04:08

Multitudinaria y colorida marcha en Neuquén

U.S. Outta Old Towne-Presents: Protect/Know Your Protest Rights for the D.N.C. &amp; R.N.C.

Portland, 18.08.2008 04:08

Thursday, August 21st, 2008. @ 7:00P.M. Wanna know your rights, protect them, and use them ? Great come on down to Old Town/Chinatown's Neighborhood in N.W. Portland's River District. Training will be at 421 N.W. 3rd, in the U.S. Outta Old Towne Space. We will be covering at least 3-types of Police Interaction, doing some Role Plays, talking about searches & Search Warrants-person/car/house/office/warehouse space. Miranda Rights and how to Invoke them, some Constitutional Rights. Magic Words to use to help keep you safer. Minimum info to give to Law Enforcement- if you choose not to "remain silent". Info about Undercover Officers, Provocateurs, staying safe, what to bring and not bring to a protest.

Pentagon denies blockade

Portland, 18.08.2008 04:08

.... sources are saying that the Pentagon denies that it plans to blockade Iran (imminently): "As a matter of policy we do not discuss current or future ship's movements. However, I can tell you that reports of an alleged naval blockade of Iran are false," said Lt.-Col. Patrick Ryder, a spokesman for the assistant secretary of defense for public affairs."

Video: Impeachment Vigil August 14 2008 outside House Dist #3

Portland, 18.08.2008 04:08

The vigil was on its weekly course outside Earl Blumenauer's office in NE Portland (Thursdays @ noon - 2pm)

8.14.08 Impeach Vigil --- A 1/2 a dozen citizens from the vigil of Individuals for Justice, discuss current affairs outside Earl Blumenauer's office in the 100 degree weather. Of course the usual hot topics arise like, Earl doesn't want a circus (read "No Impeachment"), or about how or representative, Earl Blumenauer, is not holding Dick and George accountable and the discussion of him not representing the anti war constituents by demanding this war end and quit funding it.

Foie Gras Demo! A Call for Mercy

Portland, 18.08.2008 04:08

Foie Gras is a status symbol. Translated from French, it means Fatty Liver. To produce, ducks and geese MUST be force-fed by gavage (The French take the process so seriously that there is a law in place to preserve it). It is the epitome of oppression, of cruelty, of exploitation and of bourgeois privilege.

A quick summary of the process:
Gavage means that ducks and geese have a long metal pipe forced down their throats, often this act actually punctures their throats. Through the pipe pumps pounds of grain. This happens three times per day. The goal of this heinous act is to fatten the animal's liver 10-12 times its normal size. The result is a diseased and fatty liver.

Blue Hour has heard us for months and have managed to marginalize and ignore our cries for mercy. Chef and Co-Owner Kenny Giambalvo has decided to comfort himself with the profit-driven propaganda of his "humane" supplier, Sonoma Foie Gras, instead of listening to our arguments or watching the footage of Sonoma for himself. Foie Gras is featured prominently on the menu, and since the demos began, has become even more prominent.

Picket Outside the Smith/Schwarzenegger Fundraiser

Portland, 18.08.2008 04:08

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is headlining a $1,000-a-plate fundraiser for Gordon Smith. They call it "The BIG Event" -- and they're not kidding. This promises to be the biggest GOP event in Portland since President Bush's visit in 2002. Join us in saying "Hasta La Vista" to the Smith-Schwarzenegger-Bush agenda!

Picket Outside the Smith/Schwarzenegger Fundraiser
11:30 am * Thursday, August 21st
921 SW 6th Ave * Portland, OR

Higher Education, Progressive Change

Portland, 18.08.2008 04:08

This is a response to the article by Dante Armos titled "Student Activism Doesn't Make The Grade" ( Though I valued its attack on pretention and intellectual elitism, I have a few counter-points in defense of higher education, student organizations, and required community service.

Higher education in America is bullshit. Earning a college degree has become synomymous with earning a key into the middle class and (who knows, this is America, right!) beyond. Too often, education serves to elaborate on the tactics available to enter into and thus maintain systems and games of dominance.


Uruguay, 18.08.2008 03:38

A 40 años del asesinato de Liber Arce

Verizon Settlement Provides New Union Jobs, Protects Health Care

Boston, 18.08.2008 02:38

A new tentative three-year contract settlement with Verizon achieves union employees' major goals of promoting union jobs and expanding bargaining rights, providing good health care for both active and retired workers, and increasing wages and pensions for 65,000 workers from Virginia to Maine, the Communications Workers of America and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers reported.

DNC Protest, Split, and the Principled Stand of Cynthia McKinney

Boston, 18.08.2008 02:38

"As the United States activated Navy ships and the Air Force to begin an airlift of non-specified goods into the former Soviet state of Georgia, and military exercises began in the Persian Gulf near Iran, I received communications from certain individuals among the Colorado Greens who were organizing campaign support events there, suggesting that I not participate in an anti-war program being organized by other individuals in Colorado." -Cynthia McKinney In addition, the Green Party of Colorado has issued false statements to the press and all over the internet claiming that Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney will not be participating in the Recreate ’68 events. Here is one such statement from Dave Chandler, co-chair of the Colorado Green Party, Green Party candidate for U.S. Congress in the Seventh Congressional District, and supporter of a Denver ballot measure that would seize the vehicles of illegal immigrants: “Cynthia McKinney, Green Party candidate for President, and Rosa Clemente, Green Party candidate for Vice President are NOT participating in any Recreate ‘68 activities. Both candidates, and the Green Party of Colorado, are refuting this announcement and are stating that neither candidate, nor the Green Party of Colorado, are in any way associated with Recreate ’68, nor will any of their candidates be speaking at or attending any event, nor are they in any way associated with the group Recreate ’68.” This is a blatant lie. Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente will be speaking at the Recreate ’68 events.

Sacco and Vanzetti-The Case That Will Not Die, Nor Should It

Boston, 18.08.2008 01:09

DVD REVIEW of SACCO AND VANZETTI, a documentary film by PETER MILLER, 2006. Using documentary footage, reenactment and ‘talking head’ commentary by interested historians, including the well-known author of popular America histories Howard Zinn, the director Peter Miller and his associates bring this case alive for a new generation to examine.

Russia Georgia US NATO Ossetia

DC, 17.08.2008 23:10

Editorial cartoon regarding the Georgia-Russia armed conflict.

Cops Infest Dupont Circle; Homeless Among Targets

DC, 17.08.2008 23:10

For the past several weeks, cops have totally saturated the Dupont Circle area on Friday and Saturday nights. Homeless folks are reporting that cops in the circle itself had made it a point to wake up and drive off anyone who dares to sleep in the park at night!

Livermore Protest On 63rd Anniversary of Nagasaki

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.08.2008 22:09

On Saturday, August 9th, anti-nuclear protesters gathered at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory on the 63rd anniversary of the U.S. dropping the atomic bomb on Nagasaki. They were joined by Reverend Nobuaki Hanaoka, who survived that devastating attack and called for the "complete elimination of nuclear weapons from the face of the earth."

ÖSS Elemeye Devam Ediyor:

Istanbul, 17.08.2008 21:39

ÖSS Elemeye Devam Ediyor:


Brasil, 17.08.2008 21:38



Oost-Vlaanderen, 17.08.2008 15:07

Weiger de combitaks!

US and Poland ratchet up tension further

United States, 17.08.2008 11:07

In the aftermath of what appears to be a settling of the South Ossetian war between Russia and Georgia, the US and Poland ratcheted up tensions another notch by Poland agreeing to accept a US missile interceptor base on its soil.

Shell to Sea Pirates begin Week of Action against Shell's Solitaire.

Ireland, 17.08.2008 09:39

High Noon at Low Tide - Pirate Flotilla arrives at ...

March in solidarity with illegal immigrants

Asheville, 17.08.2008 08:07

On August 12, agents with the Department of Homela ...

Billionaire’s for Coal strike in Bank of America’s home state, 4 protests in 3 days

Asheville, 17.08.2008 07:37

Today Asheville Rising Tide’s billionaire bloc d ...

Southeast Climate Convergence occupies nuclear facility, Police set up checkpoints around camp

Asheville, 17.08.2008 07:37

Activists from the Southeast Convergence for Clima ...

Southeast Climate Convergence marches on Richmond climate criminals; Two lockdown at Bank of America

Asheville, 17.08.2008 07:37

August 11 Richmond, VA - Despite a massive police ...

Action Against HLS' Largest Investor

Asheville, 17.08.2008 06:37

Activists confront Raymond James & Eagle Asset Eag ...

Call Out For Tree Sitters

Asheville, 17.08.2008 06:07

Its been over two weeks since tree sits were set u ...

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