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Protests greet Delegates in Denver - Convention hall fenced off

United States, 24.08.2008 17:37

DENVER, August 24, 2008 - Protests have already begun in advance of tomorrow’s opening day of the DNC. At this time, Sunday morning, over 1,000 people are rallying at the state capitol building for an anti-war march to the convention hall. The convention hall has been completely surrounded with an 8 foot high steel fence. There are hundreds of scheduled events by a wide range of groups. A full spectrum of political ideology will be on display throughout the city of Denver next week. Selected articles about the DNC from the IMC network

Report and photos from DNC in Denver by Marcus
VIDEO: Saturday protest events
Welcome to Donkeyland! by John Tarleton
Martial Law by Default: Police ban every item and everyone is a ‘violent protester’ by Evan Herzof
Syracuse, New York: Report on Anti-Election Events by Sissy
Bay Area Activists Heading to Denver to Protest the DNC
DNC in DNV Dispatch #2 - LA IMC reporter denied access at center fence gates.

Rally Against Police Murders in Oakland and Berkeley

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.08.2008 15:40

Family and friends of Anita Gay, the 51-year-old grandmother gunned down by the Berkeley Police on February 16, held a two-hour street rally at the corner of Ashby and Martin Luther King Drive in Berkeley to draw attention to the large number of murders by police in the East Bay.

U.C. Increases Attacks On Berkeley Tree-Sit

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.08.2008 15:40

On Thursday August 21st, the University of California cut off branches from trees used by tree-sitters. Limbs were cut off of two or more oak trees in the middle of the grove. The extractors then used a large crane with four people in a basket and cut down two five gallon jugs of water, several bags of food, other gear. They almost succeeded in cutting down one of the platforms but were prevented from doing so by those in the trees.

Sacco and Vanzetti Memorial Day

Boston, 24.08.2008 14:09

Boston, MA--On Saturday, August 23rd, Boston remembered the 81st anniversary of the execution of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, two Italian immigrants and committed anarchists whose trial is widely regarded as one of the greatest miscarriages of justice in American history. This is the third rally organized by the Sacco and Vanzetti Commemoration Society in Boston. LISTEN TO AUDIO:

Free Gaza Boats Break the Siege of Gaza; International Support Crucial to Success

Boston, 24.08.2008 14:09

Two small boats carrying 42 human rights activists broke the siege of Gaza. They sailed from Cyprus in defiance of Israeli threats to intercept the boats to enforce its blockade of Gaza. The arriving boats were greeted by thousands of jubilant Gazans and former Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh. Intense international support was crucial in persuading Israel to allow the boats through.

High school kids can opt out of military recruiting

Portland, 24.08.2008 00:39

Section 9528 of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires schools to release our family's private
information to military recruiters unless parents (youth in some cases) "opt out" in writing.

You can get a copy of the form here:

If the youth is already in the database, they can send this form: to get removed from the Pentagon's recruiting and marketing database.

I believe parents and youth have until the end of September to file the first form with the school district so they don't pass along the student and family's personal information.

While Mayor Coonerty Hammers Away at Civil Liberties, the ACLU Awards Him

Santa Cruz, CA, 23.08.2008 21:09

On Sunday, August 24th, the ACLU of Santa Cruz County will hold their 2008 Summer Awards Celebration and Fundraiser at the Long Marine Lab's Seymour Center. The local ACLU plans to present Santa Cruz Mayor Ryan Coonerty with the 'Hammer of Justice' award. Meanwhile, homeless rights advocates hope to educate ACLU members about what they say is the true nature of Mayor Coonerty.

Chamado para reocupação da reitoria da UnB

Brasil, 23.08.2008 16:39

Movimento Estudantil

A Knight in Oily Armour: Tony O’Reilly and Exxon Mobil

Ireland, 23.08.2008 16:09

That the production wing of global energy corporat ...

Bitter death in a chocolate factory

Torun, 23.08.2008 11:37

Is there a word

Portland, 23.08.2008 00:39

Something clicked when reading about Spain's basketball team doing the Chinese eye thing. My mind wondered back to The story a couple years ago of the German solders making derogatory comments about Harlem and black People. Both of these stories highlight socially unacceptable behavior being committed in an environment of different social norms. At first I thought the word was hypocrisy, where always doing things here In America that would be considers socially abhorrent elsewhere.

1st Annual Watsonville Pride Celebration

Santa Cruz, CA, 23.08.2008 00:39

The 2008 Watsonville Gay Pride Parade Committee, a group of diverse volunteers, is bringing the first ever pride parade to Watsonville on Sunday, August 24th. The celebration begins at 10:30am in the Watsonville Plaza. A pride march through town will return to the plaza for a rally at noon, followed by a party with music, poetry, food, community booths, and dancing until 5pm.

Gerry Condon's ltr in support of AWOL soldier

Rogue Valley, 23.08.2008 00:11

Statement of Gerry Condon, Project Safe Haven on the occasion of the U.S. Army's court martial of Robin Long, August 22, 2008.

(Allen's note: Gerry Condon, director of Project Safe Haven in Seattle, has long helped AWOL soldiers, sailers and airmen who conscientiously realize that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are morally wrong and want to avoid being sent back there. He spoke at a special dinner meeting of Citizens for Peace & Justice here in Medford in October 2007. He wrote the letter below last night at my home where he was staying on his way to California to attend his niece's wedding. The letter is addressed to the lawyer who is defending Robin Long, an AWOL soldier being court-martialed at Ft. Carson, CO, after he was arrested by Canadian authorites and handed over to US authorities at the border. He's the first of the Iraq War-era vets who sought asylum in Canada to be deported.)


DC, 22.08.2008 23:10

Forty-six international human rights workers are now sailing to Gaza through international waters with one overriding goal: to break the Israeli siege that Israel has imposed on the civilian population of Gaza.

One-Year Anniversary of the Kidnapping of Haitian Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine

LA, 22.08.2008 20:39

One-Year Anniversary of the Kidnapping of Haitian Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine

Gatumba Memorial in Houston

Houston, 22.08.2008 19:10

Congolese Refugees converge on Houston to memorialize Gatumba Massacre

Tucumán sede para el 24 encuentro de mujeres

Argentina, 22.08.2008 18:39

"Por la alegría. Por la rebeldía. Por los encuentros"

Tucumán sede para el 24 encuentro de mujeres

Argentina, 22.08.2008 18:39

"Por la alegría. Por la rebeldía. Por los encuentros."

Japan issues arrest warrant for Nottingham activist

United Kingdom, 22.08.2008 18:09

Japan has issued an arrest warrant for a Nottingham-based activist, alleging that he damaged the country's whaling fleet. Warrants have been issued for Daniel Bebawi, a member of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and two American volunteers and the Japanese government has sought to have the three placed on the Interpol wanted list.

The three all participated in the Sea Shepherd Whale Defense Campaign: Operation Leviathan in December 2006 and January and February 2007. The charges apparently stem from an icollision between Japanese whaling vessel Keiko Maru rammed the Sea Shepherd ship Robert Hunter. The incident was investigated by the Australian Federal police at the time, with forensic evidence demonstrating that it was the Kaiko Maru that rammed the Robert Hunter.

Interviews with Dan: Back in Nottingham (audio) | On board the ship (text)

Reading: Sea Shepherd press release | Evening Post article

Previous feature: Nottingham Activist Returns From Whale Saving Mission In Antartica

Links: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society | Operation Leviathan website | Wikipedia on Japanese Whaling | Indymedia UK Ocean defence page

Ashland Car Free Day Commuter Challenge

Rogue Valley, 22.08.2008 17:10

Ashlanders join together to promote sustainable transportation starting September 22

One-Year Anniversary of the Kidnapping of Haitian Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine

LA, 22.08.2008 15:38

One-Year Anniversary of the Kidnapping of Haitian Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine

Former Indymedia Journalist Among Ten Foreigners Detained in China

Boston, 22.08.2008 15:09

Former Boston Indymedia journalist and media activist, Bryan Conley, founder of grassroots media videoblog Alive in Baghdad, is one of six US citizens detained in China for covering actions of Students for Free Tibet during the Olympics. The other five pro-Tibet activists are Jeffrey Rae, Jeff Goldin, Michael Liss, Tom Grant, and James Powderly. On Thursday, the Chinese government handed them and four other European activists a 10-day detention sentence.

Shell halted as Shell to Sea '8' are illegally detained.

Ireland, 22.08.2008 09:39

Shell digger used disgracefully to assist Gardaí i ...

Want to kill women and children? Join the army!

Torun, 22.08.2008 08:37

ARISE! Call for article submissions/suggestions

New Orleans, 22.08.2008 05:10

ARISE! Call for article submissions/suggestions

Youngest ever British person visits longest serving men in solitary at Angola Prison.

New Orleans, 22.08.2008 05:10

Youngest ever British person visits longest serving men in solitary at Angola Prison.

Franklin Shelter Residents March on Mayor Fenty's Home

DC, 22.08.2008 02:10

Franklin Shelter residents are fed up by daily dismantling of beds at Franklin Shelter, and fed up with Fenty's plan to close the shelter by Oct 1, flip-flopping on earlier promises. Therefore, Shelter residents marched on Fenty's HOME at 4712 17th st NW on August 21 (audio pending)

Voters Sue Madera Unified School District

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.08.2008 00:10

The Lawyers' Committee filed a lawsuit today on behalf of Latino voters against the Madera Unified School District (MUSD), charging that the school district's at-large method of election is racially polarized and violates the California Voting Rights Act of 2001 (CVRA). The suit challenges the school district's discriminatory voting system and seeks to protect the Latino community against vote dilution.

Brookland Rally Sat.9/23

DC, 21.08.2008 20:10

In effort to affect the development planned by DC Dept of Transportation, Brookland residents have taken to organizing a rally, march and press conference. Gather 9am 12th and Rhode Island NE, March to 10am rally at 12th and Monroe NE.

Youngest ever British person visits longest serving men in solitary at Angola Prison.

DC, 21.08.2008 20:10

An 11 year old from London has become the youngest ever British person to visit two prisoners in Louisiana State Prison, who are the longest serving inmates in solitary confinement. Herman Wallace and Albert Woodfox have spent over 35 years held in 6ft x 9ft cells for crimes even a federal judge has overturned.

Monday 3-5PM Ungar Furs Outreach Demo - Their Only Voice is YOURS!

Portland, 21.08.2008 19:39

What: Anti-fur demo and outreach
When: 3-5PM
Where: Ungar Furs 12th & Yamhill (downtown, right off the max)
Why: A purely fur store in downtown PDX???? Really??? WHY???
Portland made history with the shutting down of schumacher furs but there is still much more work to be done. We must continue the fight and let others know that we will not tolerate fur stores in our city. Nicholas Ungar Furs, you are next...

Join us for the new weekday campaign to get fur out of PDX!

Educate the public and the proprietors of Ungar on the cruelty of fur.

Also - Call Nicolas Ungar and ask them to remove fur from their store!!!

Nicholas Ungar Furs
1137 SW Yamhill St Portland, OR 97205
M-F 9-5

Jeff Woods Stay, Breaking News

Houston, 21.08.2008 18:40

Breaking News: Jeff Woods execution stayed - appeal in process

Protests greet BNP &quot;festival&quot;

United Kingdom, 21.08.2008 18:39

Between the 15th and 17th August, the BNP held their annual Red, White and Blue (RWB) "festival" in Denby, Derbyshire. This is the second year that the event has been held in this location. Last year there was little organised resistance, with only a single protester in attendance. This year saw more significant and diverse mobilisations against the event.

A rally was held in Codnor, by Nottinghamshire Stop the BNP and Unite Against Fascism (UAF). Despite people attending from as far afield as Brighton and Lancaster, this demonstration was relatively small and never came close to the 700 people limit imposed by Derbyshire Police. Elsewhere, activists associated with Antifa made their way cross country and attempted to barricade the road in order to prevent access to the site, resulting in clashes with police.

Local feeling against the RWB has been strong and many residents of Codnor, Denby and Amber Valley attended the demonstrations against it (some of them members of the recently formed Amber Valley Stop the BNP group).

Newswire: Anti-RWB Protests, A Very Successful Failure. | Sunday Photos | Demonstration against the BNP Event in Derbyshire : The March | Demonstration against the BNP Event in Derbyshire : Designated Protest Point! | Demo at BNP festival. Pics & report. | Protestors at RWB | R,W,B Festival Denby/codnor | Britain's Racist Police

Previous Features: Anti-fascists Prepare to Stop BNP "Festival" | BNP Withdraw Festival Licence Application in the Face of Protests | East Mids Campaigners Up The Anti as BNP Make Electoral Gains | Midlands and Yorkshire organise against the BNP

Links: Stop the BNP's RWB Festival | Smash The BNP's Scumfest! | Unite Against Fascism | Indymedia UK Stop RWB topic page

Rossport: The Time is Now

United Kingdom, 21.08.2008 18:39

Saturday saw the start of a week of action in Rossport, County Mayo, as Shell attempt to push forward with the next stage in the Corrib gas development. In late July Shell commenced preparatory pipeline work and built a compound on Glengad beach, former home of the Rossport Solidarity Camp. There were heart breaking scenes as the company began their destruction of this once pristine bay. Tens of locals resisted, many were arrested and one hospitalized. This week, the world’s largest pipeline ship, the Solitaire, is expected to enter the bay to begin work on the offshore pipeline. Believed to be booked up for the next 2 years, the Solitaire has just 2 weeks to complete its part in the pipeline construction. On Saturday, a crew of boat activists, fresh from the Climate Camp’s Rebel Regatta, reclaimed Glengad beach. Occurring on the day the Solitaire was due to arrive in the area, this is the first in a series of actions aiming to stop pipeline work. The Rossport community have made a call out for people to come to the area to help them resist at this crucial time.

Newswire: Rossport: The Time is Now | Rossport update | Urgent Call Out: Mayo Needs You! Now Is The Time

Previous features: Rossport: Another Season of Resistance | Shell to Sea campaign intensifies as work on refinery begins | Community under siege in Mayo

Video: Locals resist Shell’s occupation of Glengad | Shell to Sea campaign video

Links: Shell to Sea | Rossport Solidarity camp | Indymedia ireland Mayo page | Indymedia UK Rossport Solidarity page

Another Murdering Portland cop gets his job back

Portland, 21.08.2008 18:39

Yet another Portland cop (who was fired from the bureau after a deadly shooting) has been reinstated following a review of the case by an arbitration judge. Lt. Jeffrey Kaer was fired by Mayor Tom Potter after he shot and killed Dennis Young in January of 2006.
This is the one from 2006 where this cops sister called him and said someone was sitting in a car outsider of her house. Portland cop "Lt. Kaer" decided he was going to check it out himself and confront the person in the car without telling dispatch what he was doing.

When Kaer got there, he found Dennis Young asleep in the car. Kaer tapped on the window and could not wake the guy up, so he

Fouad Kaady's killer under investigation again

Portland, 21.08.2008 18:39

Sandy P.D.'s own Bill Bergin is on administrative leave and under investigation yet again. This is the third time that Bergin, one of the cops involved in the horrendous slaying of Fouad Kaady, has been put on leave in less than three years.
The Sandy Post is reporting that Bill Bergin has been on administrative leave from the Sandy P.D. since Friday, July 25th after some new information was revealed in the ongoing investigation of Clackamas County Sheriff's Deputy Brandon Claggett.

Claggett has been on paid leave since early July after the Department of Justice passed along complaints and allegations made against him by a Sandy resident.

Beijing: Citizen Journalists, Videoblogger, Activists Detained

DC, 21.08.2008 18:10

UPDATE AUGUST 20 1pm Eastern: No new information at this point. Based upon our experience, it can take up to three days for formal notification of detention by the Chinese government. We will continue to post the latest information here, including ways you can help. Beijing - Brian Conley, creator of the well-known videoblog, Alive in Baghdad, was detained with his friend, Jeffrey Rae, early Tuesday, August 19th in Beijing. Their detention appears to have taken place at the same time as that of international artist James Powderly, whose detention was reported Tuesday. Three other bloggers and activists, Jeff Goldin, Michael Liss, and Tom Grant, have also been missing since Tuesday morning. Conley, 28, Rae, 28, Goldin, 40, Liss, 35, Grant, 39 are all American citizens.

Santa Cruz City Council May Fund Designs for 5-story Garage at Cedar/Cathcart

Santa Cruz, CA, 21.08.2008 06:08

At their meeting on September 9th, the Santa Cruz City Council will decide whether to fund the initial design for a 5-story garage at Cedar/Cathcart. The garage will displace the Downtown Farmer's Market. The Campaign for Sensible Transportation is proposing that the City implement less costly and greener alternatives to building the garage. On September 3rd, City Council candidates will face the garage issue at a Candidate Night on Sustainable Transportation, at Louden Nelson Center, 7-8:30pm.

Professor Releases Second Report Exposing the Fraud of the CDFA LBAM Eradication Program

Santa Cruz, CA, 21.08.2008 02:39

Glen Chase, a Professor of Systems Management, has released a second report identifying the California Department of Food & Agriculture (CDFA) Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM) eradication program as a fraud. Professor Chase's first report revealed the falsehoods the CDFA delivered after June 19 when courts and public pressure stopped the CDFA from aerial spraying synthetic pheromone based pesticides directly on cities. This second report reveals the fraud and misinformation delivered by the CDFA from the fall of 2007 until June 19, 2008.

Povos indígenas realizam ato em Fortaleza

Brasil, 21.08.2008 02:09

Resistência Indígena

Santa Cruz Beach Rally for a Better La Bahia Hotel Plan

Santa Cruz, CA, 21.08.2008 02:08

Union laborers, community representatives, and neighbors of La Bahia Hotel in Santa Cruz want to upgrade the distressed beachfront site with a hotel. But they all demand something better--and smaller--than the plan currently being proposed by Barry Swenson Builder and the Seaside Company. The public is invited to Main Beach, right across from La Bahia, on Thursday, August 21st at 5:30pm for a rally.

DNC call for action

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.08.2008 01:40

Many activist groups are intending to leave the bay area in the coming week and go protest the Democratic National Convention. Indybay will be featuring reports by activists who will be at the DNC, on the ground, protesting the Democrats. We encourage all people who are going to the DNC to submit photos, videos, and reports for Indybay.

PR en Beijing, 2008

Puerto Rico, 21.08.2008 00:10

Que quede meridianamente claro al pueblo de Puerto Rico...

Pelosi's Book Promotion Disrupted

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.08.2008 23:09

On Thursday, August 12, anti-torture and anti-war activists came to disrupt Pelosi's book promotion at the San Francisco's Cowell Theatre. Pelosi was promoting her new book "Know Your Power- a Message to America's Daughter." While speaking, activists yelled and disrupted Pelosi's talk, calling her "traitor" and yelling "torture," "impeach." Two people were escorted out by security personnel, and arguments erupted between Pelosi supporters and the activists.

FBI Agents Visit Individual's Workplace in Oakland

Santa Cruz, CA, 20.08.2008 21:38

According to a post by Stop Cal Vivisection, FBI agents showed up unannounced at an individual's workplace in Oakland. They seemed more obsessed with who they think her friends might be than anything. They made mention of Santa Cruz and some type of flyer. They wanted to know if she could lead them to two individuals.


Colombia, 20.08.2008 20:38


jeff wood protest in austin

Houston, 20.08.2008 19:40

8/16 Capital X and Texans March at the Capital Against Capital Punishment

Nationwide Protests Planned at ICE Detention Centers this Friday

LA, 20.08.2008 19:08

Nationwide Protests Planned at ICE Detention Centers this Friday

Corporate America Wins With Trade

Rogue Valley, 20.08.2008 18:10

"America Wins With Trade Tour" was going to be in Medford but the day we had a successful "Fair Trade Press Conference" ( 8-8-08, ) we learned that the Free Trade Tour couldn't find a free trade venue in Southern Oregon and so these corporate cronies were heading on up to Portland....

GOOD to see the WELCOME WAGON was Rolled Out in STUMPTOWN!

Check out the video from our fun action on Monday morning outside of Triad Speakers, Inc. in northeast Portland: (from the Oregon Fair Trade Campaign)...

From the Newswire

Perth, 20.08.2008 18:10

US Spy Base for Geraldton - West Coast Pine Gap

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