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Katrina Remembered in front of FEMA s Gustav threatens New Orleans

DC, 01.09.2008 22:10

On Aug 29, the 3rd anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, people gathered in front of FEMA's DC office to remember Katrina-and to voice concerns that FEMA not repeat what they did after Katrina if Gustav does in fact blow up into a violent hurricane. Download audio:

Cops raid activist homes in Minn/St paul, Threaten to SHOOT activsts in van

DC, 01.09.2008 22:10

Police in Minneapolis/St Paul, where the RNC is being hosted, seem to have adopted a strategy of arresting protesters BEFORE any protest can take place-just like China at the Olympics. They have even threatened to SHOOT people in the street! WSQT Interviews Adam Eidinger and Jay Marx: 8/29 9:27pm (GMT) St Paul, MN. The RNC protestors convergence space is currently being raided. Police burst in and are using force against people. Everyone inside has been handcuffed. Estimates of people inside currently vary between 20-70. More

Reclamo por becas escolares

Argentina, 01.09.2008 18:39

La educación pública según Macri


Antwerpen, 01.09.2008 18:08

Het aftellen is begonnen

From the Newswire

Perth, 01.09.2008 17:40

STOP the WAR FAIR - Adelaide 11-13 Nov 08

Reclamo por becas escolares

Argentina, 01.09.2008 17:39

La educación pública según Macri

The Battle for the Soul of El Barrio

NYC, 01.09.2008 16:08

Carrying signs that said, “Harlem no se vende” (Harlem is not for sale), “We will not be moved” and “El Barrio will not be sold”, the protesters marched down Third Avenue to Viverito’s home. Mothers, fathers and young children held vigil outside the townhouse as activists spoke out against Viverito’s support of gentrification. Protesters spoke through a makeshift bullhorn - a rolled up sign - pointing out that, in addition to voting for the rezoning of 125th Street, Mark Vierito also voted for the Columbia University expansion into West Harlem. The announcement was met with jeers and boos.

Salmon-Scarfing Culprits: Caught in the Act

Portland, 01.09.2008 04:38

This photograph was taken on the Columbia river, at St Helens, just off of Sand Island, earlier this week. These are gill nets, my friends. Gill nets, plying the waters of the Columbia river, going after Chinook Salmon.
It was Monday, very early in the morning, just barely getting light. I just happened to spot the twinkling lights and reeling nets, creeping stealthily through the waters just off shore. I stopped in the watery, gray light of dawn and climbed a nearby cliff with my camera, because this is important. THIS is why the salmon are disappearing from the waters of Cascadia. This is what is happening to the Chinook. No, it is not sea lions that are killing off the last salmon in the Columbia, as we have been told by the corporate media and by silly NW politicians afraid to face the truth. It is this. Many people do not realize that nets like these are permitted on the river. When told about it, they often refuse to believe it, pointing out that nets like these are almost universally illegal on inland waters. "Why would we allow nets on the river," I was recently asked, "When more than a dozen species of fish on this river are threatened with extinction?" A very good question.

Portland Neo-Nazis “Out-ed” by Anti-Racists, August 29 &amp; 30

Portland, 01.09.2008 03:08

Nearly a year has passed since Portland anti-racists successfully shut down the main venue for the "Hammerfest" gathering of the white supremacist Hammerskin Nation, which was held in Sherwood, Oregon. The main hosts of the "Hammerfest" gathering were members of the Portland-based Volksfront International, a group that originated from Oregon and which is by far the most significant neo-Nazi organization in our state. Now Volksfront are on the move once again and we are called to respond.

Volksfront have small chapters nationally and internationally. This Labor Day weekend they are holding their annual organizational gathering, the "Althing," in Missouri. A clear and consistent message must be sent that Portland doesn't tolerate the maneuverings of violent racists, and we will continue to expose these hate-mongers as long as they continue to organize under the banner of white nationalism. We actively oppose them even when they have their events in other states.

Shar Vardi a Refusink, sentence to 7 days in jail

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.09.2008 02:09

On On August 25th, Sahar Vardi was sentence to 7 days in jail for refusing to join the IDF. Vardi is the first women among a group of Israeli high school seniors who are refusing to join the occupying Israeli military. The group has published and sent a letter to Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert saying "Our refusal comes first and foremost as a protest on the separation, control, oppression and killing policy held by the state of Israel in the occupied territories, as we understand that this oppression, killing and routing of hatred will never lead us to peace, and they are all contradictory to the basic values a society that pretends to be democratic should have."

Civil Rights Suspended in the Twin Cites

United States, 31.08.2008 18:07

MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL, August 31, 2008 - The crack down on free speech, free press, freedom to assemble peaceful is under way with raids and arrests going on throughout the area. The right to be secure in your own home from unreasonable search and seizure was violated all day long on Saturday. Civil rights have effectively been suspended in the Twin Cities in advance of the RNC next week. So far it is believed that there have been eight separate raids on homes and meeting centers. Close to a 100 people have been detained, questioned and released with no charges in the last two days. There are six known arrests from the raids. Those arrested are charged with conspiracy to commit a riot. Blanket warrants listing common household items have been used and reused by police. Law enforcement’s claims of a criminal conspiracy were openly laughed at press conference held yesterday in Powerhorn Park.

LINKS: More RNC News From Twin Cities IMC:
- Journalist detainments: Indymedia, Democracy Now
- Raids Unfolding Across the City
- More police raids on Saturday morning - same warrants used as last night
- Statement from I-Witness Video on Raids in St Paul - at LA-IMC
- TC-IMC Exclusive: Copy of Search Warrants
- Activists in Hiding
- Statement from I-Witness Video on Raids in St Paul
- TC-IMC Exclusive: Copy of Search Warrants
- Welcome to Minnesota: Out of town activists pulled over by police at gunpoint

EARTHDANCE MIAMI 2008 takes place inside Soho Studios in Wynwood September 13

Miami, 31.08.2008 09:07

EARTHDANCE MIAMI 2008 takes place inside Soho Studios in Wynwood September 13

Starbucks leaves bitter taste in Brighton

United Kingdom, 31.08.2008 06:09

FRAPPACINOS, that flipping ‘Friends’ sofa or how about smartening the street up? These are some of the top arguments in favour of the latest shiny, corporate addition to this city.

Starbucks, yes, shitty Starbucks! A scummy company no question about it.

A corporate vulture in fact, guilty of a friendly lil business practice known as cannibalisation where sister stores are opened to feed and compete with each others custom, slowly squeezing the local cafes out – there are worryingly now five SBs in this city alone and SB’s HQ have stated they plan to roll out another 100 stores in our lucky country this year; supplying coffee to Guantanamo Bay (to pour over the inmates no doubt); and of course, lovely homogenisation. One day we’ll all wake up to find out that blessed Brighton has overnight turned into one big shiny soulless commercialised consumer’s wet dream.

Katrina &amp; Gustav

Houston, 31.08.2008 05:39

Katrina & Gustav : On Remembrances and Anniversaries: Tears for the Gulf Coast & Immediate Concerns

Entrevista a Miguel A. Hernández

Venezuela, 31.08.2008 05:07

Trabajadores de IVIV Extrusiones continúan peleando un contrato justo

Venezuela, 31.08.2008 05:07

La doble cara del conflicto territorial yukpa

Venezuela, 31.08.2008 05:07

Por la derogación de concesiones mineras

Venezuela, 31.08.2008 05:07

Fundimeca y la alianza estratégica con la burguesía

Venezuela, 31.08.2008 05:07

Los Yukpa: Su democracia participativa y protagónica violada

Venezuela, 31.08.2008 05:07

Mandato de las Comunidades Yukpas

Venezuela, 31.08.2008 05:07

Denunciamos ante el país y la opinión pública

Venezuela, 31.08.2008 05:07

Acción Urgente! Violación de DDHH en el Zulia

Venezuela, 31.08.2008 05:07

Detenido ilegalmente comunicador popular

Venezuela, 31.08.2008 05:07

What is East of New Orleans ?

New Orleans, 31.08.2008 04:10

What is East of New Orleans ?

Prisoners of New Orleans need your help now (Hurricane Gustav)!!!

New Orleans, 31.08.2008 04:10

Prisoners of New Orleans need your help now (Hurricane Gustav)!!!

Witness to Scrubbing of Oil-Soaked Birds

New Orleans, 31.08.2008 04:10

Witness to Scrubbing of Oil-Soaked Birds

Across Twin Cities Police Move Aggressively Against Activists

San Francisco Bay Area, 31.08.2008 03:10

The 2008 Republican National Convention will be held in St. Paul, Minnesota, September 1st through September 4th. In the Twin Cities, the RNC Welcoming Committee and a number of ad hoc regional activist groups have been planning to demonstrate on the first day of the convention, September 1st. Local authorities have moved hard against the activists by raiding a convergence space and numerous houses, confiscating equipment, and making arrests.

RNC Protests in TC

Houston, 31.08.2008 02:39

Republican National Convention sees police raids and arrests - Texans greeted by cops with shotguns

Grannies to &quot;walk the planks&quot; for peace

NYC, 31.08.2008 01:39

Nearly 40 protesters gathered at the Times Square U.S. military recruiting center to spread a message of peace August 26 to commemorate Woman’s Equality Day and the second day of the Democratic national convention. The protest urged the Democratic Party to stand on a platform for peace and to take U.S. troops out of Iraq.

Critical Mass presents Rickenbacker Redux on September 13th

Miami, 30.08.2008 22:07

Critical Mass presents Rickenbacker Redux on September 13th

Critical Mass presents Rickenbacker Redux on September 13th

Miami, 30.08.2008 22:07

Critical Mass presents Rickenbacker Redux on September 13th

Multi-agency Raids Continue in St. Paul

United States, 30.08.2008 19:37

ST. PAUL August 30, 2008 – Multi-agency raids on activist’s homes and gathering places continued this morning with more raids at a number of locations around the city. There are reports of 10+ arrests this morning. 4 of the arrestees are being held without bail on charges of conspiracy. Food Not Bombs members had their home raided and items seized. They were detained and released, no arrests. Reports are still coming in of raids and arrests at other sites are still ongoing throughout the city.

The raids are thought to be part of a pre-convention crack down on the free speech of political dissenters and the planned protests against the Republicans and the president this week.

Sacco and Vanzetti Art piece

Boston, 30.08.2008 19:09

"Companion" piece to the news report from Boston about Anarchists marking the 81st Anniversary of the execution of Sacco and Vanzetti. That news piece was a straight-told story of the action. This program uses pre-recorded music about Sacco and Vanzetti along with actualities of the event, sometimes edited for the sake of political art. Some of the acts were not included in the original news piece.

Celebrating Black August: From the Streets to Prison Resistance

Boston, 30.08.2008 19:09

A Black Panther member and author of two books, Blood in My Eye and Soledad Brother, George Jackson was killed by prison guards while serving his term in San Quentin prison on August 21, 1971. A year earlier, his brother Jonathan Jackson was killed for taking hostage a courtroom to demand the freedom of his brother and five other San Quentin prisoners. Black August originated from these events to honor the fallen, and it spread into a practice of self-reflection and self-determination in the black resistance movement, particularly within prison. Following is an interview with Kazi Toure, ex-political prisoner and co-chair of the Jericho Movement about Black August history and the current struggles against the prisoner industrial complex. LISTEN TO AUDIO (from What's Left, on WMBR, 88.1FM):

RNC Convergence Center Raid

Portland, 30.08.2008 17:38

press statement from rnc welcoming committee after sheriff and sppd raid of convergence space

FRIDAY AUGUST 29 2008: Assitant Police Chief Bostrom has talked about the St. Paul Standard, and on the anniversary of last years' critical mass police riot, we saw its true face. The ramsey county sheriff's dept and the SPPD raided the RNC convergence space and detained over 50 people in an attempt to preempt planned protests of the rnc on Monday.

Looking for items found in any twin cities house like jars, paint, and rags, this attempt to portray us as criminals and destroy our credibility has already backfired as evidenced by the masses who have come to support us. We are now accused of a simple fire code violation -which is outside the scope of the sheriffs department and clearly not justified provocation for a forceful raid with guns being drawn. Children and elderly people were inside the convergence center when the police violently busted down the doors. The police may claim that the raid was executed according to protocol - however, the violence inherent in this action may only be a hint of the violence to be expected on Monday and beyond, and is only a hint at the violence perpetrated daily by the police.

The convergence center is simply a gathering place and is not used for illegal actions - it is a place for workshops and trainings. Tonight we were watching films and sharing food.

This action will not deter us from our plans to protest the RNC on September 1st. We want to invite all people who oppose this police oppression to join us on Septemeber 1st. See you in the streets.

Statement from RNC Welcoming Committee on the Convergence Center Raid

Seattle, 30.08.2008 15:38

Cops raid convergence center on bogus charges (haven't we seen this before?)

Illegal Police Raid on Anti-RNC Convergence Space in St. Paul

United States, 30.08.2008 10:37

At 9:15 Friday night, the Saint Paul Police entered all doors of the RNC Convergence Space in St. Paul, MN with guns drawn. The Space serves as a community center and organizing space for the upcoming protests against the Republican National Convention. At the time of the raid, people were sitting down to dinner and watching a movie. Read More & Updates from Twin Cities Indymedia | Audio Interview with with Ted Forsite from Rochester Indymedia

Breaking News Archive: 1, 2 | Statement from the RNC Welcoming Committee | Press Conference Info

Santa Cruz Resident Nathan Pope Arrested in Oceanside by the FBI

Santa Cruz, CA, 30.08.2008 09:38

On August 29th at approximately 2:00pm, an FBI agent posing as a neighbor knocked at the door of a home in Oceanside, CA, lured Nathan Pope from his mother's house, and arrested him. The only known charge at this point is felony perjury. He is being held on $100,000 bond. Nathan is a resident of the house on Riverside Avenue in Santa Cruz that has been raided twice in the past six months.

OCHI Again Stopped from Dumping Residents on Street

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.08.2008 03:09

On August 27th, an Alameda County judge made another ruling in favor of tenants at the California Hotel in Oakland, keeping in place a temporary restraining order preventing Oakland Community Housing Inc. (OCHI) from evicting residents or shutting off utilities at the historic hotel. The non-profit had abandoned its tenants and on July 15th threatened to turn off the utilities, but residents fought back, refusing to move and taking over management of the hotel.

VIDEO: DNC Dispatch # 4

Seattle, 30.08.2008 01:38

Last SubMedia dispatch until the RNC (but maybe one more over the weekend.)

For Labor Day: Boston-area workers finding new paths to rights and respect

Boston, 29.08.2008 22:08

Four examples of how workers in the Boston area have found new paths to organization and the power of a voice at work. A recent study by the U-Mass Donahue Institute documents how the gap between rich and poor has widened substantially in Massachusetts over the past two decades. It showed that only those earning the highest incomes benefited from gains in technology, productivity, and globalization, while working class earnings stagnated and incomes for poor families plunged 15 percent (

Santa Cruz McDonald's Attacked

Santa Cruz, CA, 29.08.2008 21:08

In the early morning of August 25th, three windows were broken and a surveillance camera knocked off the roof of the Ocean Street McDonald's in Santa Cruz. In a post on Santa Cruz Indymedia, not lovin' it writes, "The Beijing Olympics have ended, but the repressive apparatus set up for the Games remains in place: some 300,000 surveillance cameras, 400,000 informants, and a general tightening of government control. McDonald's, one of the major sponsors of the Olympics, also remains omnipresent and continues to reaps its profits with four new restaurants and a large share of the advertising spectacle."

DNC Day 4: Arrestees given court dates DURING RNC, MSNBC mall taken

DC, 29.08.2008 19:10

Here are phone reports from Denver, Day 4 of the DNC. REPORT 1-Jeff: DC area activist Jeff is out of Enemy hands-but he reports that ALL persons released after the mas arrest were given Sep 2 court dates-DURING the RNC! Download links:

Hotel workers again take to the streets to protest Columbia-Sussex

DC, 29.08.2008 19:10

The workers at the Hilton Crystal City, owned by the demon hotel corporation Columbia-Sussex have been under fire, and are fighting to retain the rights they've fought so hard for so many years to attain. Since their contract expired, management has ruthlessly tried to break the union and force the workers back into poverty and barbaric working conditions. Come stand with them on Thursday, the 28th at 4pm, right out in front of the hotel, to demand that Columbia-Sussex cooperate in negiotiations, agree to a fair contract, and stop taking away their rights!


Athens, 29.08.2008 15:09

Απάνθρωπη μεταγωγή μεταναστών στη Λάρισα

Festa contra o aumento do busão e abertura de novo espaço

Brasil, 29.08.2008 07:39


Border Wall Extinctions

Houston, 29.08.2008 06:09

U.S./Mexico Border Wall Risks Endangered Species Extinctions

Fotos of DnC from Isis

DC, 29.08.2008 03:10

Hey from Denver!!! I am here shooting away! **From WSQT Radio**** Jeff reports on arrest-and arrestees given Sept 2nd court dates, DURING RNC Audio Maria Luis on Immigrant march: Audio Jay Day 4: 9/11 truthers take MSNBC's plaza, shut down MSNBC's outdoor broadcasts from that site: Audio 8/27 3:36pm (MDT) Denver DNC Convention: IVAW march starts, I-70 is blocked. 300 cops at Rage Against Machine concert, Convergence center raided by Denver police. Colorado Indymedia Fotos of DnC || Rocking the Coliseum: 6,000 Youth March Through Denver || Police Block Veterans’ Access to DNC in Largest Protest to Date

Iraq War Vets Lead Anti-War March to Convention Hall

United States, 28.08.2008 19:07

DENVER Wed. August 27th - There were some tense moments at the Unconventional Denver convergence space this morning when police set up a perimeter around it and attempted to enter and search the building. Security at the space demanded a search warrant when police asked to enter the space. Legal aid was called to the scene immediately where video and written accounts were taken. Police were unable to obtain a warrant and left after some time, but not before arresting 2 activists outside the center. It is unclear what the charges were. Fears of a full scale raid were raised later in the day when police parked multiple SUVs and other vehicles with multiple detachments of riot police outside the center. But no raid occurred. At this time the center is open and operating.

In the afternoon a Rage Against the Machine concert concluded with fans marching to the Pepsi Center. Rage band members are said to have joined the march the march lead by Iraq Veterans Against the War. An Estimated 3,500 people took part in the march.

About 50 vets who have served in Iraq marched in full uniform to the Pepsi Center and demanded that the police let them in to speak to Obama. The stand off with riot police and uniformed veteran made for an ironic image. The vets stood their ground and there are reports that two of them were allowed into the convention and were able to deliver their list of demands to someone on the Obama campaign staff. The Iraq war veterans are demanding that Obama, if elected, order an immediate end to the war and bring all troops home.

There are unconfirmed reports of a few arrests of protesters during the march but no details on the charges. At a Critical Mass ride 3 people were arrested; it is unclear what the charges were. There have been no reports of police violence on the scale of Monday night's unprovoked police attack at the civic center park. About 120 known arrests of protesters have been made so far this week. Tomorrow is the last day of the convention and more protest actions are expected.

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