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Half-a-Thousand Marched August 30 to &quot;Stop War on Iran&quot; in Melbourne, Florida

Miami, 04.09.2008 06:37

Half-a-Thousand Marched August 30 to "Stop War on Iran" in Melbourne, Florida

US Gov. takes NOVA Southeastern University to trial Nov 17 - Violation of Workers Rights

Miami, 04.09.2008 05:37

US Gov. takes NOVA Southeastern University to trial Nov 17 - Violation of Workers Rights

Miami: Have a Bicycle? Can you donate it to a Farmworker? (Repairable Bicycles fine)

Miami, 04.09.2008 05:37

Miami: Have a Bicycle? Can you donate it to a Farmworker? (Repairable Bicycles fine)

Movilización universitaria

Argentina, 04.09.2008 04:38

La UBA Marchó por el presupuesto

Movilización universitaria

Argentina, 04.09.2008 04:09

La UBA Marchó por el presupuesto

Video Dispatch: Seattle Indymedia Journalists Arrested

Seattle, 04.09.2008 03:38

This dispatch includes video about events that occurred on September 1st. (1) Pepperspray's Joe La Sac and Lambert were arrested. (2) The streets of the Twin Cities are filled with resistance.

Sami Al-Arian Released After 5.5 Years in Prison

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.09.2008 03:10

On Tuesday September 2nd, Palestinian professor and activist Sami Al-Arian was released from prison after more than five-and-a-half years behind bars. Immigration authorities released him on bail after they failed to explain his continued detention pending a trial for refusing to testify before a grand jury about a cluster of Muslim organizations in northern Virginia. But while he is out of prison, Sami Al-Arian is not free. He must remain under house detention at his daughter Laila's residence in Virginia, pending trial.

Breaking: RNC 8 Charged with &quot;Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism&quot;

NYC, 04.09.2008 01:38

Ramsey County Prosecutors have formally charged 8 alleged leaders of the RNC Welcoming Committee with Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism. Monica Bicking, Eryn Trimmer, Luce Guillen Givins, Erik Oseland, Nathanael Secor, Robert Czernik, Garrett Fitzgerald, and Max Spector, face up to 7 1/2 years in prison under the terrorism enhancement charge which allows for a 50% increase in the maximum penalty.

CUNY Faculty and Staff Approve New Contract

NYC, 04.09.2008 01:38

The Professional Staff Congress/CUNY, the union of 22,000 faculty and professional staff at the City University of New York, announced that its membership has ratified a new contract by a margin of 93% in a vote counted today by the American Arbitration Association.

Autogestiones, Feria Sin Patrones

Argentina, 04.09.2008 00:39

Feria Sin Patrones

Dissident Professor Angela Davis Urges Release of 'Omaha Two' Convicted with COINTELPRO Dirty Tricks in 1971

DC, 04.09.2008 00:10

University of California professor and internationally acclaimed political prisoner advocate Angela Davis will make another trip to Lincoln, Nebraska to meet with Ed Poindexter and Mondo we Langa, who are imprisoned in the state maximum security penitentiary…

Help Needed for RNC Arrestees from New York

NYC, 03.09.2008 19:08

After an exciting day of diverse actions against the RNC in St. Paul yesterday:( Several NYC Anarchists are facing trumped up felony charges. Bail will likely be set at around $8,000 (possibly more) for each person facing felony charges. We are asking people to help raise bail money for our comrades, the NYC Anarchist Black Cross will be collecting funds to send to those doing legal support in Minneapolis.

Batasuna-Sprecher aus dem Knast entlassen

Germany, 03.09.2008 18:10

Etwa 100 Freunde und Angehörige haben am Samstag den Basken Arnaldo Otegi vor dem Knast von Donostia-San Sebastian empfangen, nachdem er seine 15monatige Haftstrafe abgesessen hat. Der Ex-Sprecher der in Spanien verbotenen Partei Batasuna (Einheit) war das Gesicht des 2007 gescheiterten Friedensprozesses. Einst Gesprächspartner der sozialistischen Regierung wurde er sofort inhaftiert, nachdem die Untergrundorganisation ETA die unbefristete Waffenruhe im Juni 2007 abbrach. Dass er nicht sofort in U-Haft genommen wurde, wie die übrigen Genossen aus der Parteiführung hat wohl mit der Sorge in Madrid vor dem anstehenden Verfahren gegen das Verbot vor dem Straßburger Menschenrechtsgerichtshof zu tun.

RCN Day 2: Mass Arrests and Jail Resistance

United States, 03.09.2008 16:37

The second day of the RNC presented same repressive tactics of police and national guard and mass arrests. Arrests included at least 5 medics and hundreds at a concert on the Upper Landing Park.

According to the ColdSnap Legal Collective, there are reports of abuse of people in jail, including many civilians caught in mass arrests. At least 15 people are on hunger strike since this morning to protest their incarceration. Over a hundred people were charged with felonies on Monday. Most of these folks were charged with Felony Conspiracy to Riot. ColdSnap has gotten many reports that people are not getting proper medical attention, are being refused their medication, and/or have been separated from the rest of the group.

City, PPB to settle (FINALLY) with the family of Jahar Perez, to the tune of $350,000

Portland, 03.09.2008 14:38

On a Sunday in March of 2004, Jahar Perez looked in the rearview window of his car and saw something that surely caused his heart to beat faster. He saw a Portland police car cruising close behind his car. Perez had done nothing wrong. He had committed no crime, he had violated no ordinances, he had committed no traffic infractions. But there it was, just the same. Perez had reason to fear this sight even more than many of us in Portland: Jahar Perez was Black. And, as a Black man in Portland, he knew all too well that the police never need a reason to stop African Americans in this city. They never need a valid reason to search, harass, intimidate, beat, taser, and even kill Black people in Portland. They have done it over and over again. Not only have they gotten away with it; They've actually gotten medals for it. Again and again and again, the ridiculously inappropriate phrase, "I feared for my life," has gotten officer after officer off for murder.

And apparently, it was enough. Both officers were cleared by the obligatory secret grand jury. Although a toothless inquest later ruled the killing a homicide, no charges were ever filed. Both officers were allowed to keep their jobs and their guns. Sery later resigned, but is now carrying a badge and a gun out in Beaverton. Macomber is still prowling the streets of Portland. Yes, this is how it works. Again and again and again.

This week, word comes that the city of Portland will finally settle a lawsuit with Jahar Perez's family. They will hand the Perez family a check for $350,000, and business will go back to usual. I'm shocked by this "award." Although it is clearly an admission of guilt, it is way too little, way too late. The PPB should have changed its policies long ago, to prevent this kind of senseless killing. They should have disciplined Sery and Macomber severely. Both should have been stripped of their badges, and both should be serving lengthy prison sentences for the violent homicide which they committed. They should never be allowed to carry guns again. But none of this has happpened. I'm shocked that anyone could conclude that $350,000 is a fair price to pay for the taking of a life -- especially the predictable, repeated, savage taking of the life of yet another Black man on the streets of Portland.

Rent-a-Cops Expand to the Eastside

Portland, 03.09.2008 13:08

The marriage of private and public security forces and the Portland Business Alliance is threatening the organic infrastructure of the inner Eastside of Portland. Recent events point to gradual takeover... it's almost nostalgic, thinking of the days when PPI and Clean and Safe patrol and harassment were limited to Portland's Corporate Livingroom: Pioneer Courthouse Square and Pioneer Place. Then the Portland Business Alliance took advantage of unconstitutional, racist and fascist 'laws' like the Sit-Lie and Anti-Camping ordinances and Drug Free Zones in order to expand their control over most of downtown. In cooperation with the Sheriff, the Portland Police, Tri-met Security, Portland Patrol Services, Blackwater and others, they have even set up a fusion center (go see it yourself: the logos cover the windows) at the Old Town/Chinatown MAX stop, right next to the TopOff3 dirty bomb target: the Steel Bridge.

Now they're on the Central Eastside Industrial and Commercial area. With spreading gentrification, real-estate grabs and looming MLK/Grand Streetcar plans (where Blumenauer's business buddies are padding his PAC coffers and re-election plans), it appears that the PBA and their rent-a-cop thugs are reaching their tentacles into our dear neighbourhood. We stopped the big box development plans on the Burnside Bridge, but that wasn't a big enough hint. The other day they were seen rounding up ruffkins and later came into our shop to tell us we had nothing to be afraid of: we were safe now. What I want to know is which businesses asked them to come over here and "save us" in the first place? We're doing fine on our own, thank you very much. If there are any problems, it's the drunk Pearl District prowlers, getting their kicks at the Doug Fir and Union Jacks, vomiting and knocking over our plant boxes. That's no reason to call over private mercenaries and harass the homeless, now, is it?


Oost-Vlaanderen, 03.09.2008 10:38

Lappersfort opnieuw bezet. No pasaran!!!

Rossport - Update straight from the front line

United Kingdom, 03.09.2008 10:09

The week ending 31st August saw Rossport Solidarity camp reborn and the week of action against offshore pipeline work extended.

The week of action was called in anticipation of the arrival of the world’s largest pipeline ship, the Solitaire. However, due to bad weather conditions the ship’s arrival was delayed. Nonetheless, actions took place throughout the week against preparatory pipeline work, including disruption of dredging work designed to create the trench for the pipe, site invasions into Shell’s compound, and a visit by Shell to Sea kayakers to the Solitaire.

Friday the 29th of August saw better weather conditions and the arrival of the winching rig and cable and the return of the dredging machine into the bay.

The Navy also arrived (the first time the Navy has ever been used in an operation against a civil demonstration).

If the good weather holds, Shell will attempt to complete the near shore part of the pipeline in the next few days.

Believed to be booked up for the next 2 years, the Solitaire has a very short time frame to complete its part in the pipeline construction. Resistance now is crucial and the Rossport community have made a call out for people to come to the area to support the campaign. Check out feature additions and comments for regular updates.

Reports: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

The rest of the article outlines some of the recent history of the campaign...

Local activist candidate for Broward Election Supervisor denied access to ballot recount

Miami, 03.09.2008 08:07

Local activist candidate for Broward Election Supervisor denied access to ballot recount

Chicagoans Join Anti-RNC Actions, Decry Violent Crackdown

Chicago, 03.09.2008 07:08

The 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota, like other political conventions in recent years, has seen mass-protests against the RNC on a variety of issues and violent responses from police and other authorities.

The police violence began the weekend before the RNC began, when convergence spaces in the Twin Cities were raided to intimidate counter-convention attendees. Chicagoans were among those arrestees amid the raids, and other Chicagoans called for solidarity and decried the violent crackdown. [See Chicago Independent Television coverage of Chicago press conference: Video 1 | Video 2 ]

When the convention began, a massive march and a host of smaller actions enveloped the Twin Cities. Activists faced down a massive police presence, further repression, and hundreds of arrests. The additional repression extended beyond protesters and activists but also to journalists; Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now!, was among the arrestees.

Photos from RNC: Photo Set 1 | Photo Set 2 | Photo Set 3 | Photo Set 4

Additional Indymedia Coverage: Twin Cities Indymedia | Indymedia US: RNC Day 1

Additional Chicago-related coverage: Marching on the RNC | Statement of Solidarity with NO RNC Organizers in the Twin Cities | Superanne Twitter Feed at the RNC | Chi-town Daily News: Police Targetting Journalists at RNC

Additional Coverage: RNC 08 Twitter Feed | CodePINK Liveblogging | Radical Reference: RNC Raids | Democracy Now!

Cops Attack Sex Workers at 5th &amp;amp; K at Request of Condo Owners

DC, 03.09.2008 04:10

Those nearly finished condos at 5th and K have already triggered a vicious police crackdown on African-American transgender sex workers in the Mount Vernon Square neighborhood…

Cops Shut Down RATM Gig at RNC; 2,000 Take Rage to Convention Site

DC, 03.09.2008 04:10

On the evening of September 2, the cops foolishly chose to prohibit Rage Against the Machine from following several other bands at an existing concert, going backstage and shutting off power. This sent an infuriated crowd of 2,000+ marching on the RNC! WSQT Audio: Jay reports on Rage cancellation and resulting march API Oil Baron party disrupted-download Jay's report

Tenants Tell Deutsche Bank to Stop Putting Around

Boston, 03.09.2008 01:39

Bankers, brokers and other elites came together on Saturday, August 30th for a posh and pompous romp at TPC Boston in Norton, Massachusetts. The Deutsche Bank Championship featured world class golfers, thousands of spectators, and is sponsored by multinational Deutsche Bank. As it happens, Deutsche Bank is also the leader in home foreclosures in Massachusetts. Protestors from across Massachusetts and Rhode Island picketed outside the tournament, greeting each shuttle bus with their message to stop the evictions and stop the predatory lending that leads to foreclosure.

amy goodman - host of democracy now -arrested at rnc

DC, 03.09.2008 01:10

FMR2! FreeMix Radio is Back!

DC, 03.09.2008 01:10

The latest mixtape radio edition.

Through the Eye of Isis: Today's Mass Arrests at the RNC

DC, 03.09.2008 01:10

Don't follow leaders! Watch the parking meters! —Bob Dylan. Here are a few fotos of what was happening to activists during the RNC protests. Isis' Flickr site. (Complete Lyrics: Bob Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues)

Los Clinton y la Energía Renovable

Puerto Rico, 03.09.2008 01:10

Los Clinton y la Energía Renovable

24 trabajadorxs despedidxs

Argentina, 03.09.2008 00:39

LV2: radio tomada

VIDEO: Police Raid and Detainment of I-Witness Journalists in Minnesota

Seattle, 02.09.2008 22:38

Repeated attacks on the civil liberties of independent press and activists before and during the election process emerge as a pattern during the days leading up to the Republican National Convention. The FBI and Minneapolis police continue attacks on independent journalists in the days leading up to the Republican National Convention, obstructing coverage of important concurrent events. On Saturday morning an FBI officer and a chief deputy from the Douglas County Sheriff’s dept. along with approximately 30 St. Paul police officers bearing firearms, tasers, pepper spray and at least one AR-15 surrounded a house where members of I-Witness Video Collective and journalist Elizabeth Press from Democracy Now were meeting. National Lawyer’s Guild Legal Observer Sarah Coffey was detained in handcuffs outside the building while acting as a liaison with the police.

Video Dispatch: Labor Day 2008

Seattle, 02.09.2008 22:38

Submedia Special Report

It's the end of the world as we know it: 1. Rage in Saint Paulice, 2. Amy Goodman Arrested

Portland Street Medics Arrested at RNC

Seattle, 02.09.2008 22:38

Update from the streets, first aid stations and clinics at the protests.

Portland Street Medics Arrested at RNC

Portland, 02.09.2008 20:39

A number of Street Medics from Portland were arrested on Monday afternoon (Sep 1st) while tending to injured protesters. All of them belong to one affinity group which has been participating in the actions as a unit of Street Medics acting together.

About half were released by evening, while a few individuals among them are still being held. They have been singled out for "special procedures". Legal support and lawyers are trying to help out with their case as it seems to be a unique situation wherein the Street Medics might be charged with unusual (and outrageous) offenses.

If you have any funds to help with bail money and related expenses for the Street Medics, please email us at: Everything you give will go toward enabling us to continue doing much needed Movement work and providing essential community service.

Related:Please Support RNC Arrestees! | Amy Goodman arrested at RNC (she's out now)

lappersfort alarm

Oost-Vlaanderen, 02.09.2008 18:38

Lappersfort Alarm!

INCITE Update on Needs for Evacuation

New Orleans, 02.09.2008 18:10

INCITE Update on Needs for Evacuation

United Kingdom, 02.09.2008 16:38

On Friday, 15 activists held a visual and noisy demo outside the Bradford Council Head Office at Jacobs Well, because of their plans to return grouse shooting to Ilkley Moor.

Banners were tied up and held, and information given to all the members of staff and visitors going in through the main entrance. Members of public were very supportive and many made comments about the council not caring about the people of their town, never mind the animals to be killed if bloodsports return to the moor. The constant noise from the megaphone and chanting made sure that nobody could be unaware of why we were there.

The demo then moved onto the City Hall where campaigners went inside the office and put the West Yorkshire Sabs website on every computer screen. Outside the main entrance, activists climbed up the gates and tied a banner across, much to the annoyance of the security guards who begun shaking the gate whilst someone was still up it!

Other campaigners dropped banners off a nearby flyover to inform everybody coming into Bradford about council involvement in animal cruelty and bloodsports.

Then on Sunday, West & South Yorkshire Hunt Sabs joined forces to stop grouse shoots in the Holme Valley, near Holmfirth.

At the first shoot, over 25 sabs got between the beaters and the guns and then blocked the shooting butts resulting in most of the bloodsport enthusiasts cracking their guns and abandoning the first drive. Obviously angry at their 'sport' being stopped, members of the shoot assaulted one sab to try and get their video camera, rammed the sab van and the owner of the shoot decided it would be a good idea to put one of the front windows through on the vehicle. As per usual, the police couldn't care less and were more interested in getting rid of the sabs with laws they didn't even know themselves.

The next group of shooters, a bit further down the road, packed up straight away when they saw the sabs arriving; however poor communication meant that they couldn't tell the beaters who carried on driving the grouse towards guns that weren't there. Realising they had been made fools of, one of the head beaters began shouting at the police to enforce laws that didn't exist, to which they just told him the truth.

The days sabbing was a great success, with countless lives being saved and two shoots stopped from killing.

RNC Day 1: Category (A) Hurricane Hits Downtown St. Paul

United States, 02.09.2008 16:37

I am blogging now from what can only be called “The Occupied Twin Cities”. As the Minnesota National Guard marches through the streets of downtown St. Paul tonight in a display reminiscent of the old Soviet May Day parades, those who made it past the mass arrests of the day try to find a place to rest their weary heads and scrub the pepper spray off.... read more

The first day of the Republican National Convention opened in a scaled back version, ostensibly out of respect for the anticipated sufferings in the Gulf Coast Region. However, other factors seemed to have been in play. Outside the convention hall, protests against the Republican agenda overtook downtown St. Paul. First there was the “authorized parade route”, which drew thousands of protesters and was for the most part just another peace parade. However off the parade route and throughout the downtown area of St. Paul a very different kind of protest erupted. The sector tactic of “swarm, seize, stay” protest was meet with extreme police violence. There are reports of beatings, tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets being used on unarmed demonstrators, the arrest of legal observers, medics and journalists (including Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!), and mass arrests which included children and the elderly. Late reports indicate that over 250 arrests have been made, and that some arrestees being held without bail or hearing. Police have sealed off a 4 block zone around the convention hall and are blocking entrance and exit to entire regions of the city. Police also stormed a peaceful outdoor concert at Harriet Park and detained close to 300 people. No explanation has been given for this police action. There are also reports of arrests of Code Pink Women for Peace members who took part in civil disobedience actions against the war.

Today's events follow several days of house raids and arrests of activists and independent journalists in what amounts to a suspension of civil rights in the city. Personal items cameras, computers and equipment belonging independent media workers, has been confiscated. Folks from out of town have stepped in to help, including Portland Indymedia Radio, which maintained a webcast throughout the day.

More protests are planned for Tuesday including a 9am press conference at the The Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign's "Bushville" encampment.

Bay Area Katrina Commemoration

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.09.2008 15:39

On August 29th, more than two-hundred Bay Area residents demonstrated outside of developer Lennar Corp.'s Headquarters in San Francisco and then headed to Oakland to rally in front of the Oakland Police Department (OPD). The local chapter of the Right to the City Alliance, a national coalition of more than 35 social justice organizations, along with allies and supporters, aimed to bring attention to rouge developers, gentrification and criminalization of communities of color from the Bay Area to New Orleans.

Labor Day Picnic Report back: What the fuck is my union doing endorsing BRADWOOD LANDING??

Portland, 02.09.2008 15:39

I went to the labor day picnic at Oaks Park. Frankly, the free food and rides are about all I get from my union anymore. My wages have failed to keep up with inflation, I work longer hours than I think anyone should, and my health benefits have eroded, yet again. But I get this one bone, year after year. The union picnic. So I went. And I could not help but notice a few things... First, I have to say, it was a strange epiphany to look around and realize, while listening to the lyrics of "Which Side Are You On" by the band General Strike, that almost everyone there was a public employee. I saw almost no representation from the manufacturing or trade jobs, for example. Is that because so very few workers outside of the public sphere are represented by a union? There's some food for thought we should be chewing on along with our free potato salad.

I have to really, seriously question why my union, of all things, would allow Bradwood Landing to hold their PR stunt at MY LABOR DAY PICNIC. Is nothing sacred? Bradwood Landing is NOT EVEN A UNION SHOP! The best they can claim, as they do on their website, is that they "plan" to hire union construction workers to build the unwanted facility. Sorry, that's not union enough. Do you think, for one moment, that once the plant is built, the workers who labor there will be allowed to unionize? Think again. I can't imagine a more stark illustration of how far unions have come from representing the interests of working people, to representing the status quo. This was really despicable.

If you care about keeping LNGs off your river, by the way, you should probably realize that the company that wants to force it on us has obviously launched a very far-reaching PR campaign. It was bad enough to be hearing their ads on NPR, but finding them salaciously doling out free ice cream in exchange for good will and signatures at a UNION PICNIC was beyond words. So much for solidarity.

¡Exigimos justicia para el pueblo yukpa!

Venezuela, 02.09.2008 15:37

Acusados de coacción agravada y privación ilegítima de la libertad

Argentina, 02.09.2008 04:39

23 inquilinos presos en penales federales

Understanding the developing Braithewaite situation

New Orleans, 02.09.2008 04:09

Understanding the developing Braithewaite situation

As Hurricane Gustav Approaches, Blackwater Seeks Personnel to Deploy to Gulf Coast

New Orleans, 02.09.2008 04:09

As Hurricane Gustav Approaches, Blackwater Seeks Personnel to Deploy to Gulf Coast

One Day to Gustav

New Orleans, 02.09.2008 04:09

One Day to Gustav

The New Orleans Workers' Center for Racial Justice gains the assurances for safe passage.

New Orleans, 02.09.2008 04:09

The New Orleans Workers' Center for Racial Justice gains the assurances for safe passage.

Katrina &amp; Gustav : On Remembrances and Anniversaries

New Orleans, 02.09.2008 04:09

Katrina & Gustav : On Remembrances and Anniversaries

Gustav Approaches: Politics and consequences of the storm?

New Orleans, 02.09.2008 04:09

Gustav Approaches: Politics and consequences of the storm?

Listen to Live Reports from the Streets at RNC

NYC, 02.09.2008 03:38

Portland IMC Radio is providing live reports coming from citizen journalists in the streets at RNC

Amy Goodman Arrested covering Twin Cities

NYC, 02.09.2008 03:38

Amy Goodman arrested

From the Newswire

Perth, 02.09.2008 02:40

Subscribe: Think you know the whole story? Think again.

SEIU-UHW Stands for Justice

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.09.2008 23:09

Service Employees International Union - United Healthcare Workers West (SEIU-UHW) is under attack. This article is about the reasons behind the attack and how it will affect workers in Fresno.

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