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Ativista do MPL é preso em Joinville

Brasil, 10.09.2008 04:09


Urgent Call Out! Escalation in Erris as Solitaire arrives - solidarity needed

Ireland, 09.09.2008 22:09

Solitaire arrives, local woman goes on hunger stri ...

HIMC General Meeting

Houston, 09.09.2008 16:39

September 13: Houston Indymedia General Meeting

East Palo Alto Rent Control Battle Gains Ground on Two Fronts

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.09.2008 15:08

A San Mateo County Superior Court Judge ruled on September 5th that East Palo Alto is entitled to crucial evidence they need in their fight against Page Mill Properties. This win for renters comes on top of a Rent Stabilization Board Hearing on August 27 that found in favor of the tenants.

On September 2nd, tenants supported by rent control activists from Youth United for Community Action and the Raging Grannies demonstrated their displeasure with Page Mill's continued legal attempts to flout the Rent Stabilization Ordinance, staging a sit-in and street demonstration at the landlord's office.

Demonstrators Do It with Humor at Republican National Convention

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.09.2008 15:08

During protests at the Republican National Convention in Minnesota, performance artists from the San Francisco Bay Area rolled around in "Oily Dollars" symbolizing the dirty connection between Big Oil and elected officials. Not all convention attendees were amused. Ed Matthews, Republican candidate for Minnesota's 4th Congressional district, took after Jeff Grubler of the performance group Ronald Reagan Home for the Criminally Insane and grabbed Grubler's McCain mask. When Grubler tugged on Matthews' credentials, he was thrown to the ground by a uniformed officer who cuffed him while keeping his knee on the back of his neck. Grubler was then arrested and released after being detained for close to an hour.


Colombia, 09.09.2008 14:09


Свободная ярмарка (самиздата) в Лошицком парке

Belarus, 09.09.2008 13:37

В рамках Минского фестиваля самиздата 14 сентября 2008 года в Лошицком парке пройдёт свободная ярмарка (начало в 15:00). На ней будут представлены издания - участники фестиваля, а также множество нужных в хозяйстве вещей и полезных услуг. Одна маленькая деталь - на ярмарке всё будет бесплатно!

В капиталистическом лексиконе "свободный рынок" есть экономическая система, где правит бал конкуренция между производствами и людьми. Слово "свободный" в этом словосочетании - лишь насмешка; мы прекрасно знаем, что люди в такой системе несвободны и ресурсы не находятся в свободном доступе.

На по-настоящему свободной ярмарке царит экономика дара, в которой ничто не подлежит продаже, но всем делятся. У тебя на балконе завалялся футбольный мяч, хотя ты давно бросила играть в футбол? Твой ребёнок вырос из одежды, не успев ни разу её надеть? На твоей полке стоят книги, прочитать которые всё равно руки не дойдут? Приноси и дари! И не забудь найти что-нибудь для себя.

Если у тебя нет лишних вещей, т…

Remember, Remember The 3rd Of September

Ireland, 09.09.2008 11:09

'Singing Dirges In The Dark' Remember the 3rd of S ...

Franklin Shelter residents protest impending closure

DC, 09.09.2008 06:10

on Sep 8, residents of Franklin Shelter, reinforced by residents of other shelters and the activst community, held a rally outside the shelter to demand the cancellation of the Mayor's planned Oct 1 closure. Download Audio: WSQT coverage of rally: Download "Slippery Eel song (about Fenty):

McKinney-Clemente On Ballot in NY-Celebrate and Organize THIS WEDNESDAY

NYC, 09.09.2008 02:39

Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard all summer long to get us on
the ballot. Now we have to hit the ground running to make the most of the 8
weeks left until Election Day.

Two Poems for the 21st Century

Baltimore, 09.09.2008 02:09

Two new poems explore cultural and technological issues in America at the dawn of the 21st century.

47 Million People Can’t Wait!

Baltimore, 09.09.2008 02:08

On Sept. 8, 2008, a symposium entitled, “The US Healthcare System in Crisis: Achieving Universal Coverage,” was held at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, in Baltimore, MD. One of the speakers was attorney Joel Segal. He is the Senior Health Legislative Assistant to the Hon. John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI). Rep. Conyers is chair of the House Judiciary Committee and a champion in the U.S. Congress of a universal health care system. See: Mr. Segal said: “The 47 million [uninsured] people [in this country] can’t wait anymore...There is money in the system...We just have to have the political will” to get the job done. “The people have demanded it.” The event was the initiative of the Students Promoting Healthcare Reform (SPHERE), and was cosponsored by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, among other groups and institutions. For more information about SPHERE’s initiative, please contact

OLIN STUDY GROUP This Monday! The New Phase of the Plan Puebla Panama in Chiapas

Portland, 09.09.2008 01:09

Join us on Monday, September 8, at In Other Words Women's Books & Resources (8 NE Killingsworth) from 6-8pm. We'll be reading for discussion "The New Phase of the Plan Puebla Panama in Chiapas" by CIEPAC (go to or pick up a copy at either In Other Words or the Red & Black Cafe).

"The CIEPAC released this bulletin in three parts on the Plan Puebla Panama (PPP) in Chiapas, in large part responsible for the militarization of the state and aggressions against the Zapatistas." (

Olin hosts a study group the 2nd Monday of every month at In Other Words*. Each month we choose a different theme and read an article for discussion.

Support Krzysztof killed at Vobro chocolate factory! 11 Sep 2008, 9:00, Brodnica

Torun, 09.09.2008 01:07

Meet “VOBRO” in the kitchen! Come to the picket! 11 Sep 2008, 9:00, Brodnica

image 6209 While a young man covered in chocolate was bleeding on the floor, the work team busied itself cleaning the chocolate machine, thinking up a credible account of what happened that would not damage the company’s “repuation”. The company’s policy is based on marketing, where profit counts more than the health of a human being. Workers’ rights don’t exist, let alone any humanitarianism or ethics. Given this sort of company policy, it’s difficult to expect any sort of reaction from the owner of the “Vobro” sweet factory in Brodnica

It’s strange all the same that other workers, residents in the town and even local media are stunningly silent about the tragedy, sticking to the “nothing happened” version. But something did happen – a young p…

<p>Liberaron a los 10 Presos políticos</p>

Argentina, 08.09.2008 22:09

IMC linksunten ins Indynetzwerk aufgenommen

Germany, 08.09.2008 20:38

 Am 5. September 2008 endete der New-IMC-Prozess für Indymedia linksunten mit der Aufnahme ins globale Indymedia-Netzwerk. Am Aufbau der Website wird bereits gearbeitet, sie soll noch 2008 online gehen. Am 3. und 4. April stehen dann die Proteste gegen den NATO-Gipfel 2009 in Strasbourg und Kehl anlässlich des 60. Geburtstags des Militärbündnisses auf der Agenda. Make media, make trouble!

Indymedia linksunten approved | welcome | launched | Bisher | Ergænzungen

Cet article est disponible en français.

IMC linksunten intègre le réseau Indymedia

Germany, 08.09.2008 20:38

 Le 5 septembre 2008 s'est terminé le processus New-IMC pour Indymedia linksunten avec son admission au sein du réseau global Indymedia. Le site est déjà en construction et devrait être mis en ligne avant la fin de l'année 2008. Le 3 et le 4 avril 2009 les activités et manifestations contre le sommet de l'OTAN, qui se tiendra à Strasbourg et à Kehl pour son 60ème anniversaire, seront à l'ordre du jour. Make media, make trouble!

Indymedia linksunten approved | welcome | Jusqu'à présent | Commentaires

Dieser Artikel ist auch auf deutsch verfügbar.

Reaktionäre Abtreibungsgegner_innen

Germany, 08.09.2008 20:38

Sich selbst nennen sie "Lebensschützer". Hinter diesem Begriff verbergen sich organisierte Abtreibungsgegner_innen die mit ihrer reaktionären Ideologie dafür sorgen wollen, dass Frauen das Recht am eigenen Körper nicht anerkannt wird.

Eco terrorismo en Río Piedras

Puerto Rico, 08.09.2008 19:10

Eco terrorismo en Río Piedras: Santini implementa el plan Río 2012

Cesare Battisti prestes a ser Julgado pelo Conare

Brasil, 08.09.2008 17:09


RNC Wrapup

Houston, 08.09.2008 16:40

RNC Wrapup: Conventions are over, ramifications still unclear

San Jose Hotel Workers Call for Liveable Wages and Humane Workloads

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.09.2008 14:39

On September 4th, nearly 300 hotel workers of the labor union Unite Here! Local 19 rallied in front of the San Jose McEnery Convention Center to draw public attention to the daily struggles of hotel service employees. They then marched to three downtown hotels that are currently undergoing contract negotiations - the Marriott, the Hilton and Towers, and the Crowne Plaza.

Diez trabajadores detenidos

Argentina, 08.09.2008 14:09

Ajuste y represón para lxs trabajadorxs

24 trabajadorxs despedidxs

Argentina, 08.09.2008 14:09

LV2: radio tomada

Un día de lucha de lxs trabajadorxs

Argentina, 08.09.2008 14:09


Argentina, 08.09.2008 14:09

En Córdoba las leyes se aprueban con represión


Argentina, 08.09.2008 14:09

Paro y Movilización en Defensa de las Jubilaciones

UHW Marches In San Jose To Protest SEIU Leadership

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.09.2008 14:09

On Saturday, September 6, 2008 thousands of leaders from the United Healthcare Workers and allies marched through the streets of San Jose to maintain a strong, member-controlled union and a labor movement accountable to the rank-and-file. The march, held after UHW's annual Leadership Conference, denounced the threatened trusteeship of UHW by SEIU International President Andy Stern and Secretary-Treasurer Anna Burger.

Despite 21 Month Tree-Sit Berkeley Oaks Cut Down

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.09.2008 14:09

Starting on Friday September 6th, U.C. Berkeley's Memorial Oak Grove started being cut down. As of Sunday, all of the trees that the University plans to cut were down except for a redwood that still has four tree sitters in it. Five people were arrested as they peacefully pleaded with arborists not to destroying the trees .

Diez trabajadores detenidos

Argentina, 08.09.2008 13:09

Ajuste y represón para lxs trabajadorxs

From the Newswire

Perth, 08.09.2008 05:09

WA Election Update - Monday

Cordel do Software Livre

Brasil, 08.09.2008 04:39


Asambleas y movilizaciones durante la semana

Argentina, 08.09.2008 04:09

UBA: Sigue la lucha por el conflicto edilicio en Sociales

Asambleas y movilizaciones durante la semana

Argentina, 08.09.2008 04:09

UBA: Sigue la lucha por el conflicto edilicio en Sociales


DC, 08.09.2008 01:10

The Fernandez Family will remove the wall by their decision. Mr. Gaudencio Fernandez express: “ We decide to remove our wall as a prove of our good voluntee with the entire community, our sign, Liberty wall successfully complete the goal to denounce the persecution and the racist policies against the Latino community, that was been promoted for the extremist racist groups and adopted by the authorities of Prince William County and Manassas City, we celebrate with our community the removal of the Wall, as part of our family contribution of the struggle for civil rights and liberties, and for immigrant justice and dignity” Friday September 5, 2008 is the court date for Delia Fernandez, the owner of the property where is located the sign know as Liberty Wall on Manassas City .

Critical Mass rides again!

DC, 08.09.2008 01:10

On Friday, Sep 5, over 50 riders participated in Critical Mass. This is despite the approach of Tropical Strom Hannah, whose first rains dampened the tail end of the ride.


DC, 08.09.2008 01:10

Thursday, September 4, 2008 Dear comrades: A Georgia state judge signed a new death warrant for the execution of Troy Anthony Davis on or after September 23, 2008, but by no later than September 30, 2008. In other words, this death warrant gives Troy Anthony Davis no more than 19 to 26 days to live.

suicide among US troops

DC, 08.09.2008 01:10

Suicides among serving US soldiers are on course to hit a new record this year and could exceed the rate among the general population for the first time since the Vietnam War, according to Army officials. (Source: Telegraph)

Hintergründe zum &quot;Fest der Völker&quot; &amp; &quot;BnH&quot;

Germany, 07.09.2008 23:39

Blut,Ehre, Volksgemeinschaft und Rechtsrock: Hintergründe zumneonazistischen „Fest der Völker“

Ein an den Außengrenzen abgeschottetes Europa reicht ihnen nicht: Die europäischen Neonazis fordern die geschlossene nationale Volksgemeinschaft. So weit – so alt. Seit einigen Jahren fordern sie durch transnationale Events ein „Europa der Vaterländer“.

laboral (ca)

Barcelona, 07.09.2008 22:09

9 Setembre: Assemblea Unitària Contra la Directiva de les 65 hores

La modificació de la Directiva europea sobre el temps de treball és una enorme agressió contra la classe treballadora. Ens volen fer retrocedir un segle, posant-nos novament en jornades "legals" de 10 a 12 hores i sis dies per setmana. És precisa una resposta contundent, que cal organitzar de la manera més àmplia, unitària i democràtica. Amb la finalitat d'acordar un pla d'acció unitari, moviments socials i persones lliures convoquem:

El pròxim 9 de setembre a les les 19 hores a la casa de la Soli

(C/ Vistalegre nº 15, metro St. Antoni)

La modificació de la Directiva europea sobre el temps de treball que van aprovar els ministres de Treball de la UE i que ara ha de passar pel parlament europeu per a la seva aprovació definitiva, és un atac brutal contra la classe treballadora.

La nova Directiva proposada autoritza als estats membres a canviar les seves lleis per a permetre l'allargament de la jornada setmanal de treball fins a les 60 hores (65 en el cas de col·lectius com el sanitari o bombers, els descansos dels quals en les guàrdies deixen de considerar-se temps de treball).

També permet fixar per llei que la jornada setmanal "normal" (la de fins a 48 hores) sigui considerada com "una mitjana anual", de manera que el treballador estaria permanentment a la disposició de l'empresa i les hores extra o festius passarien a ser considerats com hores ordinàries.

notícies relacionades:llista d'ahessions ::: Primeres Assemblees Populars Contra les 65 Hores :::Campanya Contra la Directiva de les 65 Hores Setmanals::: Una altra vegada, més de 100 anys després ::: Comunicats de la CGT 1 i 2 ::: Comunicat del PCE

+info: >>>laboral ::: xarxacontratancaments

laboral (es)

Barcelona, 07.09.2008 22:09

9 de Septiembre: Asamblea Unitaria Contra la Directiva de las 65 horas

La modificación de la Directiva europea sobre el tiempo de trabajo es una enorme agresión contra la clase trabajadora. Nos quieren hacer retroceder un siglo, poniéndonos de nuevo en jornadas "legales" de 10 a 12 horas y seis días a la semana. Se precisa una respuesta contundente, que hay que organizar de la manera más amplia, unitaria y democrática. Con la finalidad de acordar un plan de acción unitario, movimientos sociales y personas libres convocamos:

El próximo 9 de septiembre a las les 19 horas en la casa de la Soli

(C/ Vistalegre nº 15, metro St. Antoni)

La modificación de la Directiva europea sobre el tiempo de trabajo que aprobaron los ministros de Trabajo de la UE y que ahora ha de pasar por el parlamento europeo para su aprovación definitiva, es un ataque brutal contra la clase trabajadora.

La nueva Directiva propuesta autoriza a los estados miembros a cambiar sus leyes para permitir la ampliación de la jornada semanal de trabajo hasta las 60 horas (65 en el caso de colectivos como el sanitario o los bomberos, los descansos de los cuales en las guardias dejan de considerarse tiempo de trabajo).

También permite fijar por ley que la jornada semanal "normal" (la de hasta 48 horas) sea considerada como "una media anual", de manera que el trabajador estaría permanentemente a disposición de la empresa y las horas extra o festivos pasarían a ser considerados como horas ordinarias.

noticias relacionadas:lista de adhesiones ::: Primeras Asambleas Populares Contra las 65 Horas :::Campaña Contra la Directiva de las 65 Horas Semanales::: Otra vez, más de cien años después ::: Comunicados de la CGT 1 i 2 ::: Comunicado del PCE

+info: >>>laboral ::: xarxacontratancaments

VIDEO: RNC Welcoming Committee Unmasked Press Conference, 9/4/08

United States, 07.09.2008 19:07

The RNC Welcoming Committee held a joint press conference with the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign regarding the charges announced the day before against eight Welcoming Committee members, the violent tactics of the police to suppress dissent in St. Paul and across America, and the media's role taking the word of the police without question and largely ignoring those who are denied basic resources in our society. One person who had been arrested testifies about having been tortured in the Ramsey County Sheriff's Jail. read more

RELATED: VERY Disturbing Reports From Prisons In MN(Severe Torture being used)
AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL: Use of Force Against RNC Protesters “Disproportionate,” Charges Amnesty International

Prominent PDX Activist Arrested For Bogus Charge At Anti-Foie Gras Demonstration!

Portland, 07.09.2008 17:38

Mike D, a prominent Portland activist (AR, Human Rights, Earth, Labor) was arrested at the Anti-Foie Gras demonstration Saturday night. Police say that he was arrested for using a tiny 99-cent plastic toy cone while chanting. This is a total Bogus charge - and an example of the PPB serving the desires of business over the rights of human beings!

The PPB and Blue Hour are working hand in hand to oppress the small number of dedicated AR activists that demonstrate every weekend to end Foie Gras cruelty in Portland. There will be a full report soon. SHAME on the PPB and Blue Hour for your oppression!!!!

Budryk Miners appeal for support!

Torun, 07.09.2008 16:07

image 4956

Budryk coal miners have been on strike since 17 December 2007 and appeal for your help. The miners are fighting for equal pay with other miners. Miners in Poland have for a long time been legally recognised as doing work "which is significantly harmful to one's health or onerous" (pl) (many miners die in accidents or die young due to the long term health effects of mining). They are compensated for this (with early retirement etc.), in line with the participatory economics (parecon) principle of "remuneration according to effort and sacrifice". Because the miners' situa…

anti-missile protest in Slupsk - live report

Torun, 07.09.2008 16:07

anti-missile protest in Slupsk – live report

source (polish), by Czytelnik CIA, Czw, 2008-03-27 17:33:

translation – wikified

On Saturday 29 March in Slupsk, demonstrators from around Poland went to protest against the installation of parts of the u.s.-american so-called “Anti-missile Shield” in Redzikowo

LIVE REPORT – all times are GMT+1

  • 19.00 – the person detained after 17.00 was given a fine of 650 zł [160 euro, a little under one month’s minimum wage] “for loitering and swearing”.
  • 19.30 – Our reporter informed us that at the end of the protest in front of the main gate in Redzikowo another two people were detained. One of them was taken as a result of what happened at the gate. Both people have already been freed.
  • 17.15 – on Tuwima Street in Słupsk one person was detained, according to witnesses, the person b…

Brutal detentions of sleeping activists in Słupsk after anti-missile shield protests

Torun, 07.09.2008 16:07

image 5461


Brutal detentions of sleeping activists in Słupsk after anti-missile shield protests

Early morning, Sunday 30 March 2008, the day after protests against the US anti-missile missiles (en) (pl) to be placed in Słupsk, Poland, about 23-25 activists were detained (pl) in Słupsk, from several cities including Szczecin and Poznań. It appears that the police raided a private home while people were sleeping and that the human rights activists were brutally treated and beaten. Police used tear gas and one person has a broken hand. Please telephone to the police station…

Dirty hands in Bydgoszcz

Torun, 07.09.2008 16:07

The [Polish] Minister of Foreign Affairs Radosław Sikorski and the German Minister of Foreign Affairs today [7 April 2008] gave a common press conference at the Kujawsko-Pomorskie regional governmental office [in the town of Bydgoszcz 45km downriver from Toruń]. A single person picket welcomed them with the statement “Politicians to the [war-]front – soldiers home”. The person picketting was photographed by BOR and twice had his identity taken by police. The guests laid flowers in front of the statue to victims of fascism, which soon will be removed from the Town Square based on an initiative by the political party [in government] PO.

Close Frontex! - FRONTEXplode - protest Fri 6 June 2008 in Warsaw against the border policy of the European Union

Torun, 07.09.2008 16:07

image 5606

Close Frontex! FRONTEXplode – protest Fri 6 June 2008 in Warsaw against the border policy of the European Union


Common Call for a Transnational Chain of Migration-related Actions In the “heart of the monster”: Amsterdam, Sevilla, Torino, Bamako, London, Athens, Warsaw, Hamburg, Malmoe, Ceuta …

Between February and October 2008 a series of events, protests and actions will take place in various cities and countries all over Europe and beyond : against the border regime, against detentions and deportations, against the exploitation of migrant labour and for legalization of all migrants. This transnational chain of struggles builds on the three action days for freedom of movement and the right to stay, which happened in previous years. But with this chain of events we are aiming for someth…

Indymedia Journalists Targeted in Ecuador, Five Arrested

Torun, 07.09.2008 16:07

image 5695

Indymedia Journalists Targeted in Ecuador, Five Arrested

Ecuadorian police detained five journalists associated with Ecuador Indymedia late Tuesday night, May 6th. Four of the five were released from custody on Wednesday afternoon. The government says that the four activists were detained because of their relationship with the fifth detainee, Ecuadorian resident and Colombian national Antonio Alcívar.

The government at first refused to issue a statement on the matter or inform the detainees of the reason for their arrests. The Regional Foundation for Assistance in Human Rights (INREDH) noted that this was a violation of the detainees’ constitutional right to be clearly informed of the reason for their detention along with the identities of th…

ABC POZNAN REPORT: The arrest and charges against the participants of the demonstration against U.S. missile base in Poland, Słupsk, 29-30 March 2008

Torun, 07.09.2008 16:07

ABC POZNAŃ REPORT: The arrest and charges against the participants of the demonstration against U.S. missile base in Poland, Słupsk, 29-30 March 2008

source in html format

The Demonstration

On the 29th March a demo against U.S. missile base in Poland took place in Slupsk (northern Poland). More about the demo: and

Huge police forces were mobilized before the demo. Few days before the demonstration, policemen intruded on the demonstration organizers asking about the details of the protest and were trying to intimidate them. During the demo itself, where from 500 to 800 people took part, the police was not offensive. The police units were not visible, that’s why the demonstration was peaceful. At the square where the hydepark took place, there was a big police car with video cameras.

The atmosphere got more tense when some of the activists (100-200 people) went …

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