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September 21st Indybay Orientation

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.09.2008 03:08

On Sunday September 21st, Indybay will have an orientation in Oakland for those interested in learning about the site and getting involved in media production and editorial work. The orientation will be at 4pm at 570 14th St Suite #3.

Habrá cena-fiesta en el club Unión Ferroviaria

Argentina, 13.09.2008 02:09

Radio Estación Sur festeja mañana sus tres años


Argentina, 13.09.2008 02:09

Homeland Security Sets up Suspicionless Checkpoints Along Roads in Washington State

Seattle, 13.09.2008 00:08

Homeland security has setup up 3 internal checkpoints on the Olympic Peninsula. These checkpoints are in addition to checkpoints at Washington Ferry docks and highway border crossings. According to the U.S. Border Patrol, it has a jurisdiction of about 100 miles from the border. This puts most of Washington state in an area where border checkpoints are authorized, including Seattle.

Portland Grassroots Media Camp Opening Party/International Art Show @ Liberty Hall

Portland, 12.09.2008 20:38

At Liberty Hall [8pm Friday September 12th].

Four artists collectives from around the world will be presenting their art. Music will include the Underscore Orkestra, David Rovics and DJing will be Aircrash2000.

Here is some more information on the artist collectives.

Portland Grassroots Media Camp Opening Party/International Art Show @ Liberty Hall

Portland, 12.09.2008 20:38

At Liberty Hall [8pm Friday September 12th].

Four artists collectives from around the world will be presenting their art. Music will include the Underscore Orkestra, David Rovics and DJing will be Aircrash2000.

Here is some more information on the artist collectives.

Miami Critical Mass presents Rickenbacker Redux on September 13th

Miami, 12.09.2008 14:07

Miami Critical Mass presents Rickenbacker Redux on September 13th

Miami Critical Mass presents Rickenbacker Redux on September 13th

Miami, 12.09.2008 14:07

Miami Critical Mass presents Rickenbacker Redux on September 13th- Then on to EARTHDANCE

EARTHDANCE MIAMI 2008 takes place inside Soho Studios in Wynwood September 13

Miami, 12.09.2008 14:07

EARTHDANCE MIAMI 2008 takes place inside Soho Studios in Wynwood September 13

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet St.

Rogue Valley, 12.09.2008 13:40

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, In Concert

A Worst Nightmare Productions Produces Sondheim's Masterpiece As A Benefit For Southern Oregon Humane Society

Performances: September 12, 13, & 14th 2008
Press Night: September 11, 2008 7:00 p.m.

Where: RCC's H Building, the Warehouse, 8th Street and Bartlett Avenue, Medford.


Venezuela, 12.09.2008 07:37

Duelo nacional y movilización permanente en Bolivia por masacre de campesinos en Pando y Beni

Venezuela, 12.09.2008 07:37

De la Asonada regional al golpe de Estado

Venezuela, 12.09.2008 07:37

From the Newswire

Perth, 12.09.2008 07:10

Cockburn Structure Plan: bush and coast under threat

GMKI Jakarta Kembali Diserang Satpol PP Tengah Malam

Jakarta, 12.09.2008 06:08

Tengah malam tadi (10/9), lewat jam dua belas, saya menerima pesan singkat lewat telepon genggam dari Carles, Ketua GMKI Jakarta. Isinya, “Ru, barusan kami diserang Satpol PP dan mereka ambil spanduk Bubarkan Satpol PP!, mereka 150 orang”. ...


Argentina, 12.09.2008 05:39

Agresiones a indígenas y campesinos: nueve muertos y decenas de heridos


Argentina, 12.09.2008 05:39

Agresiones a indígenas y campesinos: nueve muertos y decenas de heridos

Black Agenda Report: Heroes and Heroines of Community Organizing

NYC, 12.09.2008 01:38

Community organizers are our best defense against the likes of Rudolph Giuliani and Sarah Palin. "In this age of Disaster Capitalism, it is the rich that sow the seeds of ethnic cleansing in the heart of urban America," while the community organizer fights to stabilize America's cities.

San Javier, Traslasierras

Argentina, 11.09.2008 23:39

Juicio al violador de Eli Diaz, Arturo Benavides

The Rude Activist

Portland, 11.09.2008 22:39

Last weekend started with a meeting Thursday to start the planning for the presentation of the Trial of George W. Bush, it ended by getting into a confrontation with Willy Smith and Mac Prichard about our protest outside of Prichard's house. I have not seen Willy so upset, he was almost foaming at the mouth, telling me I had crossed the line by protesting at a private home. Willy told me in very clear language that if we blocked people coming in he would have us arrested. Prichard was angry about me upsetting his wife and ruining their fundraiser for the Earlman. I was kind of taken aback by their reaction, there were only three of us and we were not going to disrupt the party, just silently witness the continuation of the "Cocktail Liberals" telling themselves what peacemakers they are and how they want the war to end. Blumenauer after all, voted against the war! (He continues funding the occupation.)

De-toxing the RNC

Portland, 11.09.2008 22:39

Returning to "real life" after the intensity of St. Paul is challenging. So many people there used the word "surreal" to describe the conflicting mix of violence/kindness- brutality/courage- despair/committment. It will matter so much to learn from this, process the experience and not allow our grief and rage to leave lasting scars and diminish our intent to survive and prevail. It will not be easy.

Forest Advocates Demonstrate Home Protection from Wildfire

Portland, 11.09.2008 22:39

Native Forest Council, Eco-Advocates and other volunteers will help protect a Pleasant Hill home from wildfire on Sunday, September 21 at 36483 Starr Rd. between 2pm and 8pm (carpools leaving from Eugene's Grower's Market on 4th/Willamette at 1pm).

Volunteers will work with homeowner Randy Nowell by taking firesafe precautions 100 feet around his home - such as mowing high grasses, creating fuel breaks, moving wood piles away from the home and pruning low hanging dead tree branches - to create defensible space according to information from, as an alternative to logging forests. Please call 541-688-2600 or email to sign up!

Video: PPRC friday protest 8.22.08 Pioneer Square

Portland, 11.09.2008 22:39

Filmed on August 22 2008. More than a dozen people, listened to a book review, networked, held signs, listened to speakers from the PPRC, and gathered signatures, all at Pioneer Square, at the No War 5pm Protest. This peace group and citizens of Portland meet every week at 5pm on the SW corner of the square.

Two 9/11 Videos to be shown this Thursday on 9/11

Portland, 11.09.2008 22:39

2 9/11 videos will be shown on 9/11, one of them is brand new and is making some news in Europe and around the world. Zero: 911 An Investigation and David Ray Griffin "Let's Get Empirical" to be played this Thursday on 9/11!

Laughing Horse Books 12 NE 10th Ave.
7 PM - Zero: An Investigation Into 9/11
9 PM - 9/11 Let's Get Empirical - David Ray Griffin

Eyewitness: Police Brutality at the RNC - Street Medics

Portland, 11.09.2008 22:39

"... the pair of Portland Medics came across a man running backwards, wrapping a woman's cut open and bleeding hand while they both yelled for a medic. The medics took over the patient and the man disappeared into the crowd. The 20-second pause to attempt an evaluation of the patient's hand resulted in the police behind gaining ground and having a chance to deploy more chemical weapons. The medics began running again, patient in tow, one medic guiding her while the other finished the wrapping job on her hand. While doing this, the medics came upon a young man limping and yelling for help, 'I can't run! Help!'"

Olympia City Council Repeals Nuclear Free Zone Ordinance

Portland, 11.09.2008 22:38

Olympia's Councilmember Rhenda Strub declared, "we live in a republic, not a democracy" a few weeks ago. Well, she got the republic part wrong but there was little that reflected a representative democracy tonight (9/9/08)at Olympia's City Council meeting, which quickly voted to repeal Olympia's Nuclear Free Zone Ordinance.

Hurricane Ike info

Houston, 11.09.2008 21:39

Hurricane Ike Info and Resources

Indypendent Reader No. 9

Baltimore, 11.09.2008 14:09

Beneath the Payment: The Garden! Indypendent Reader No. 9 with articles on "Green Hope or Green Hype" * "Who Owns Environmental Quality?" * "Office of Sustainability" * "The Future of Sustainability in Baltimore" * "Oases in the Food Desert" * *Keeping it in the Community: Land Trusts in Baltimore" * "Vital Plots: Converting a Vacant Lot into an Urban Farm and Social Space"

Free Mix Radio: Marshall &quot;Eddie&quot; Conway: An Interview with a Political Prisoner

Baltimore, 11.09.2008 14:09

Wednesday September 3, 2008, along with attorney Thomas Ruffin, we paid a visit to the Jessup Correctional Facility where we interviewed former member of the Black Panther Party and current political prisoner Marshall "Eddie" Conway. We heard his story, history of the BPP, the Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) and discussed the continuing struggle for human rights.

MP3 Download:
Part 1
Part 2

Rossport update - Thursday morning

Ireland, 11.09.2008 12:39

Latest from Rossport ...

Marcha universitaria

Argentina, 11.09.2008 08:39

"Que no nos bicicleteen más"

Marcha universitaria

Argentina, 11.09.2008 07:39

"Que no nos bicicleteen más"

Affidavit Discloses UCPD &quot;Cause&quot; for Raid on Long Haul Infoshop

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.09.2008 04:09

Following last month's raid of the venerable Long Haul Infoshop in Berkeley, UCPD is still holding the computers and data storage devices seized from the computer lab, Slingshot newspaper and other tenants for analysis by a forensics team. The San Francisco chapter of the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) says it is working with EFF on a legal response on behalf of the Long Haul.

Blue Hour Gets Stink Bombed In Protest of Foie Gras

Portland, 11.09.2008 02:39

Around 8pm on Monday, Sept. 08, Blue Hour received a foul alert of protest when an autonomous group entered into the restaurant and 16 stink bombs were set off inside, right next to the kitchen. This action was taken during dinner hours in order to disrupt business because this restaurant refuses to take the cruel and grotesque foie gras off of their menu.

Days of Action, September 15, 16, 17

Portland, 11.09.2008 02:39

PCAP is hosting 3 days of action in September, on the 15th, 16th, and 17th. The 15th is a Housing Forum, the 16th is a Know Your Rights training, and the 17th will be a protest at Central Precinct, downtown.

All Are Welcome

Portland Coalition Against Poverty

All Power to the Poor!

ALF releases hundreds of mink from oregon fur factory farm

Portland, 11.09.2008 02:39

More Captive Mink Released in Oregon; Animal Liberationists Raid Third Fur Farm in as Many Weeks...

Scio, Oregon - According to a communique received by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office this week, 100-150 captive mink were released from S and N Mink Farm in Scio, Oregon. The raid is the third in as many weeks, with thousands of captive wild animals given the chance for freedom from profit-hungry breeders.

The communique reads in full:
"Inspired by the recent liberations in Utah and British Columbia; we released between 100 and 150 mink from S&N Fur Farm (40499 Oupor Drive) in Scio, Oregon. Though thousands more mink remain imprisoned on this farm, crammed sometimes 6 and 7 at a time into filthy feces encrusted cages, at least some will have a chance at a free natural life. Also in the sheds of torture were the cages of furious foxes, yearning to be free, rattling their own cages with vengeance. This is our path through this chaotic and frustrating world. Our wisdom will appear to you long before we will. Till the last cage is empty, till all beings are free. ALF

Fight LNGs of the Basis of Inadequate Safety Precautions

Portland, 11.09.2008 02:39

Safety Issues are being totally ignored as power companies and Bush's Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) push through crazy proposals for huge new (LNG) Terminals & Pipelines in Oregon,


The safety of the populace is dependent on the FERC's proper
assessment of the hazards and risks associated with Liquid Natural Gas (LGN)facilities. Therefore, you might think that the FERC would be a good source of information about the properties of LNG and whether citizens should be concerned when an energy developer targets their community to host an LNG terminal.

Unfortunately, you'd be wrong...

Bradwood Landing: What's Wrong With LNG?

Portland, 10.09.2008 21:39

As you likely know, Northern Star Natural Gas is planning to build a Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) terminal on the banks of the Columbia river, at Bradwood Landing. They have launched a relentless PR campaign to convince us all that this is a good thing for the region. "Jobs." "Growth." "Clean." These are some of the words they are using right now, on every billboard, on every radio station, on television commercials, and even, apparently, at union picnics ( But it's worth looking into their claims a little closer. Indeed, it's worth taking the time to really understand what is at stake.

Police Corruption Case Study: Arrest the Latest in Months of Bluehour/PPB Opression

Portland, 10.09.2008 21:38

Is the two-foot area on the street next to walls (often blocked by vehicles) in the Pearl warehouse district the only legal public walkway? Is to illegal to use a rolled up piece of paper or plastic to speak through if you can be heard within 100 feet? Should the First Amendment be curtailed if it is simply inconvenient to a business? Should 6-10 officers not direct their attention toward violent crime (in progress or unsolved) on a Saturday night? Are these tactics symptoms of a larger failure by the PPB to consider the rights of citizens equally to those of business?

Jovén desaparecida en La Pampa

Argentina, 10.09.2008 20:39

“Andrea está viva”

Jovén desaparecida en La Pampa

Argentina, 10.09.2008 20:09

“Andrea está viva”

No NAFTA for the Northeast. No Atlantica for ME

Maine, 10.09.2008 18:38

Don't want to lose local communities to multinational corporations? Then you don't want to live in Atlantica. Get involved, Learn more, and Let the Governors know what you think at the: Conference of New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers. Hosted by Governor Baldacci. September 15 &amp; 16, Bar Harbor, Maine

Detectado fraude en elección sindical en Sidor

Venezuela, 10.09.2008 15:37

Coddling of Palin is False Feminism, Disguised Sexism, and Right-Wing Anti-Working-Women Thatcherism

Boston, 10.09.2008 15:08

The call of so-called feminists to coddle Palin is really disguised sexism and based on a medieval, male-chauvinist mentality that women are weak and fragile and should be protected. We don’t need an American Margaret Thatcher, an icon and poster child for right-wing policies that harm poor and middle-class working women, the majority of women. It’s time to expose Palin for what she really is.

pobles (ca)

Barcelona, 10.09.2008 13:09

La gent d'aquest país no abandona el desig de llibertat

Algun dia la gent d'aquest país podrà descansar dels seus esforços per recuperar l'ús d'una llengua en comptes de ser atacada per intentar que sobrevisqui. Algun dia, la gent d'aquest país podrà decidir si vol símbols, tributs, banderes, reis o presons en comptes d'haver de viure aquestes imposicions espanyoles. Algun dia, la gent d'aquest país podrà celebrar el seu dia de llibertat en comptes d'haver de recordar que encara està sotmesa.

[11set] Barcelona: 10h. C. Ferran: Homenatge a Gustau Muñoz + 13h. al Born: Presos lliures per una terra lliure + 17h. Urquinaona: Manifestació Unitària + 19h. Acte Polític al Fossar + 19.30h. P. Lluís Companys: Festa per la llibertat

La diada Arreu: 11set al Camp: Manifestació a Reus + Diada al Baix Llobregat + La diada a Sants + La diada a Gràcia + Festa per la independència a Salt + Actes arreu CAJEI + Encesa de Torxes a Vilanova i la Geltrú + Marxa de Torxes a l'Anoia + La diada a les corts + Acte unitari del Barcelonès + Actes a Vilafranca

notícies relacionades: l'espanyolisme treu l'artilleria + detinguts per retirar un símbolo nacional vexatori: el toro del bruc ::: Penjada d'estelades a Vilafranca ::: el nacionalisme espanyol és el més excloent ::: El contramanifest: escriptors catalans, gallecs i bascos defensen la llengua pròpia ::: La escuela moderna ::: d'anarquisme, allibertament nacional, llibres i debats::: Sahara occidental: el verb saharaui conjugat en el present ::: Despreci de l'idioma del poder a l'idioma del contrapoder

+info : >>>pobles + >>>criminalizació i repressió + negres tempestes + +

peoples (en)

Barcelona, 10.09.2008 13:09

The people from this country do not abandon their wish for freedom

Someday the people from this country could rest from their efforts to recover the use of the language instead of being attacked for trying to let it survive. Someday, the people from this country could decide if they want symbols, tributes, flags, kings or prisonsinstead of having to live with this spanish impositions. Someday, the people from this country could celebrate their day of freedom insteod of having to remember that they are subjugated.

[11set] Barcelona: 10h. C. Ferran: Homage to Gustau Muñoz + 13h. al Born: Free prisoners for a Free Country + 17h. Urquinaona: Unitarian Demonstration + 19h. Politic Action al Fossar + 19.30h. P. Lluís Companys: Party for Freedom

La diada Everywhere: 11set al Camp: Reus Demonstration + Diada in Baix Llobregat + La diada in Sants + La diada in Gràcia + Party for Independence in Salt + Everywhere CAJEI + Torches in Vilanova i la Geltrú + Torches March in Anoia La diada a les corts + La diada in el Barcelonès + La diada in Vilafranca

related news: spanish nationalism brings out their artillery + Arrested for retiring a vexatius national symbol: "el toro del bruc" ::: "estelades" in Vilafranca ::: spanish nationalism is the most excludent ::: The countermanifesto: catalan, galician and basc writers defend their own language ::: La escuela moderna ::: anarquism, national liberation, books and debates::: Western Sahara: The Saharian verb to the present ::: A depreciation of the Language of the Power to the language of the Counterpower

+info : >>>peoples and cultures + >>>criminalisation and repression + black storms + +

pueblos (ca)

Barcelona, 10.09.2008 13:09

La gente de este país no abandona el deseo de libertad

Algun dia la gente de este país podrá descansar de sus esfuerzos por recuperar el us de una lengua en lugar de ser atacada por intentar que sobreviva. Algun dáa, la gente de este país podrá decidir si quiere símbolos, tributos, banderas, reyes o prisiones en lugar de tener que vivir estas imposiciones españolas. Algun día, la gente de este país podrá celebrar su día de libertad en lugar de tener que recordar que aún está sometida.

[11sept] Barcelona: 10h. C. Ferran: Homenaje a Gustau Muñoz + 13h. al Born: Presos libres por una terra lliure + 17h. Urquinaona: Manifestación Unitária + 19h. Acto Político en el Fossar + 19.30h. P. Lluís Companys: Fiesta por la libertad

Celebraciones de la diada: 11 sept al Camp: Manifestación en Reus + Diada en el Baix Llobregat + La diada en Sants + La diada en Gracia + Fiesta por la independencia en Salt + Actos de la CAJEI + Encendido de Antorchas en Vilanova i la Geltrú + La diada en les corts + Acto unitario del Barcelonès + Actes en Vilafranca

noticias relacionadas: El españolismo saca la artillería + detenidos por retirar un símbolo nacional vejatorio: el toro del bruc :::Colgada de estelades en Vilafranca ::: El nacionalismo español es el más excluyente ::: El contramanifiesto: escritores catalanes, gallegos y vascos defienden la lengua propia ::: La escuela moderna ::: De anarquismo, liberación nacional, libros y debates::: Sahara occidental: el verbo saharaui conjugado en el presente ::: Desprecio del idioma del poder en el idioma del contrapoder

+info : >>>pueblos + >>>criminalización y represión + negres tempestes + +

Carnival Against Vivisection

United Kingdom, 10.09.2008 13:09

In solidarity with Sean Kirtley, who was imprisoned by the state for supposedly organising legal demonstrations against Sequani's vivisection laboratories, activists will be making a stand for the animals with a march and rally against Sequani labs on September 6th in Ledbury, Herefordshire.

Since campaigning against vivisection labs has been criminalised under Section 145 of the SOCPA legislation, such as operating a website critical of a company like Sean did, the event has been organised without organisers and is not an authorised event.

Hereford Police have already shown concern for the day of action by contacting NETCU Watch and are appealing for organisers to identify themselves, in the hope of finding somebody responsible. Despite this, the call for mass action has been promoted by various groups including Antispe Britain, West Midlands ALF, Stop Sequani Animal Testing, SHAC, and the Western Animal Rights Network.

Details: About | March, Maps + Important Police Information | Routes | Programme/Newsletter | Antispeciesist Action Press Release | Poster Translations | Hereford Police | Police want the organisers | Transport | Other Targets in Herefordshire! | SEQUANI Site plan with building information | Promo video | Webpage for the Carnival

Sequani newswire: Sean Kirtley Moved Prison | The tormented and the witness: Inside Sequani Limited EXCLUSIVE REPORT! | ALF Support The Carnival | why come to the carnival | GSK and Mars vending machines sabotaged | Sean Kirtley's Appeal Launched | Independent: Judge who sentenced animal rights activist was fan of blood sports | AR Protesters Illegal Arrest at Arromight Hereford [Videos: 1 | 2] | Activist arrested for writing in the ground | ALF Chickin' Nickin' For Sean | Sequani Trial Talk | Law-lord ruling to free Sean Kirtley? NETCU on the run | Felix Says "Free Sean Kirtley" | Solidarity actions for Sean Kirtley | Serious Implications for Freedom of Speech as Activist Jailed for 4.5 years | NETCU and Judge Ross crucify civil liberties | Response to state crackdown on peaceful protest | Support Freedom of Speech - Support Sean!

Related links: Free Sean Kirtley | Stop Sequani Animal Testing | Antispeciesist Action | Animal Liberation Front | Bite Back | NETCU Watch | Western Animal Rights Network

Indymedia UK topic pages: Stop Sequani Animal Testing | SHAC

Solidarity For Political Prisoner Sean Kirtley

United Kingdom, 10.09.2008 13:09

On Saturday 6th September two hundred activists made it to Ledbury, Herefordshire, for the Carnival Against Vivisection in solidarity with political prisoner Sean Kirtley. The day of action was called by various groups in resistance to the imprisoning of peaceful campaigners under SOCPA legislation, and as a stand for the animals suffering inside vivisection laboratories.

Protesters met on the grass verge, where the police held them allowing a maximum of 15 at a time to demonstrate outside Sequani labs. Shortly after campaigners made a spontaneous break for the labs, with police responding by blocking the bridge to push back the crowd, creating minor scuffles. Multiple attempts were also made to access the labs using various pre-planned routes, meeting police each time, some of which had dogs. Protesters then regrouped at the grass verge to march the original route around town.

Pictures: 1 | 2 | Videos

Newswire: Sequani demo | Carnival Against Vivisection - Arrest Witnesses Appeal | Carnival Against Vivisection - some thoughts | Carnival Against Vivisection - Latest

Previous features: Carnival Against Vivisection | Sequani Besieged by Surprise Action

Related links: Free Sean Kirtley | Stop Sequani Animal Testing | Antispeciesist Action | Animal Liberation Front | Bite Back | NETCU Watch | FIT watch | Western Animal Rights Network | Indymedia UK Stop Sequani topic page

Raging Grannies and Trash Orchestra to Defend Drummers from SCPD

Santa Cruz, CA, 10.09.2008 05:38

On September 3rd, police preempted the weekly gathering in parking lot #4 alongside the Santa Cruz Farmer's Market by occupying the space under the trees usually used by the drum circle and Food Not Bombs. Invitations have been posted to Santa Cruz Indymedia calling for people to participate on Wednesday, September 10th at around 3:00pm in solidarity with drummers, other musicians and friends playing music together.

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