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WBAI Station Board Approves Budget Cuts as Pacifica’s Financial Crisis Deepens

NYC, 20.09.2008 21:08

After starting the meeting 45 minutes late and sparring for 20 minutes about amendments to the agenda, the Board settled into a discussion about reducing the annual budget by more than 20 percent from $3.99 million to $3.17 million with several hundred thousand dollars being cut from staff salaries and benefits.

Reverend Billy Leads Protest Against Union Square Privatization

NYC, 20.09.2008 18:39

On Thursday, September 18, a group of about 35 people dressed in chef’s uniforms, banging pots and pans, and led by Reverend Billy made their way through Union Square in protest of the privatization of the Children’s Pavilion.

Earth Spirit Action Roadshow 2008

Rogue Valley, 20.09.2008 14:40

Earth Spirit Action Road Show 2008

On Sunday, September 21st at 7:30pm Earth Spirit Action Roadshow 2008 will be at Peace House in Ashland, Oregon. Peace House will be hosting Ruth Rosenhek as she makes a stop in Ashland. There will be a showing of Earth Spirit Action a new short film produced and directed by Ruth Rosenhek, Director of the Rainforest Information Centre in New South Wales Australia.

A dos años de su desaparición en democracia

Argentina, 20.09.2008 06:39

Movilizados por Jorge Julio López

Ike Montage

Houston, 20.09.2008 03:11

Instead of a Radio Show.. An Indymedia Montage of Voices from Across Houston

BAAM newsletter Issue 13 September

Boston, 19.09.2008 19:09

our 13th issue

Galveston after Ike: The Real Story

Houston, 19.09.2008 17:40

Galveston after Ike: The Real Story - A Libertarian take

BAAM newsletter Issue 13 September

Boston, 19.09.2008 17:08

our 13th issue

El ayuntamiento de Iru�ea contra las fiestas de San Fermin Txikito

Euskal Herria, 19.09.2008 09:10

El ayuntamiento de UPN y Yolanda Barcina ha prohibido todos los actos de las fiestas de San Ferm�n Txikito, las fiestas del casco viejo de Iru�ea. Desde 1973 el barrio ha organizado las fiestas de forma popular, a trav�s de su Comisi�n de Fiestas: un espacio abierto, donde participan muy diferentes colectivos, as� como comerciantes y numerosos vecinos y vecinas.

El ayuntamiento se arroga la potestad de organizar estos eventos, prohibiendo los actos del programa elaborado por el vecindario. No es dif�cil descubrir en este asunto un nuevo escal�n en la estrategia de UPN para acabar con toda iniciativa que surja al margen de las instituciones.

El vecindario del Casco Viejo apoya a la Comisi�n de Fiestas, que unos d�as atr�s invit� en rueda de prensa a participar en San Ferm�n Txikito.


Athens, 19.09.2008 07:40

Kαμία δίωξη στους αντιρρησίες συνείδησης!

Southern CA Afghan Americans protest the US bombing of Afghan civilians

LA, 19.09.2008 07:39

Southern CA Afghan Americans protest the US bombing of Afghan civilians

October 11th: Jim Page Night of Acoustic Resistance to Benefit IVAW Coffeehouse

Seattle, 19.09.2008 04:46

The famous, Jim Page, and the not so famous, Patrick Edelbacher, will be preforming a set of acoustic resistance on October 11th at Kings books in Tacoma. There is a $5 cover charge to benefit Iraq Veterans Against the War and GI Voice in their quest to open a GI Coffeehouse at Ft. Lewis.

September 20th: STOP the CHECKPOINTS! Rally &amp; March (Port Angeles)

Seattle, 19.09.2008 04:46

STOP the CHECKPOINTS Rally & March
Saturday, Sept. 20 at 1:00pm
In Port Angeles, Washington
At the Federal Building
First & Oak Streets

This protest has been called by a newly-formed “Stop the Checkpoints” Committee made up of residents from across the Olympic Peninsula who are launching a campaign to stop the escalation of Border Patrol roadblocks, raids and detentions in the region.

Para la educación no hay plata

Argentina, 19.09.2008 03:40

Departamento de Policías

Basta Ya

Argentina, 19.09.2008 03:40

Actos de repudio a la represión

Two Arrested in Parking Lot #4 Alongside Santa Cruz Farmer's Market

Santa Cruz, CA, 19.09.2008 03:08

On September 17th, Jack and Wes were arrested at a gathering in Parking Lot #4 alongside the Santa Cruz Farmer's Market. According to reports published on Santa Cruz Indymedia, police initially went after and arrested Jack, a Food Not Bombs volunteer. Some people followed the police while drumming and demanding that Jack be released. Police reacted by arresting Wes, a drummer with Santa Cruz Trash Orchestra.

Local Activists Drop Banner in Solidarity with Klamath Justice Coalition

Portland, 19.09.2008 00:39

This morning at 8:20 local activists hung a banner over Interstate-84 in solidarity with tribes of the Klamath River, who have called for a Day of Action against Pacificorp, which has stalled the removal of its four outmoded dams, which are choking life from the waters and communities of the Klamath Watershed.

Warren Buffet, the owner and wealthiest person on the planet, has repeatedly refused to remove the dams—disregarding indefensible costs to the environment, as well as the cultural, physical, and economic wellbeing of indigenous, agricultural, and other local communities in Southern Oregon and Northern California. Not only do the dams prevents salmon from spawning upriver, but they have also brought about large growths of algae toxic to fish, plants, and humans.

Berlin: Luxus-Auto-Lofts in Kreuzberg

Germany, 18.09.2008 21:40

Zum Jahreswechsel soll 2009/09 es soweit sein: die sogenannten "Car-Lofts" in der Reichenberger Straße sollen von den ersten Bewohner_innen bezogen werden. Was hat es eigentlich mit diesen "Car-Lofts" auf sich - und was bedeutet die Eröffnung für Kreuzberg 36?

Neue Verbotsrekorde gegen Basken in Spanien

Germany, 18.09.2008 21:09

Die spanische Sonderkammer am Obersten Gerichtshof brauchte nur 24 Stunden, um erneut eine baskische Partei Traditionspartei "Baskisch Patriotische Aktion" (EAE ANV) zu verbieten. In den nächsten Tagen wird das zweite Verbot in Rekordzeit folgen, daran zweifelt niemand. Am Mittwoch wurden auch die Mitglieder der Antirepressionsorganisationen als "terroristisch" eingestuft. Auch sie wurden per Definition nun zu "Mitgliedern der ETA" gestempelt, wie schon die Angeklagten im Massenprozess 18/98, weil sie ebenso wie die für ein sozialistisches und unabhängiges Baskenland eintreten. Sie erhielten Haftstrafen zwischen 8 und 10 Jahren.

EFF Files Lawsuit Against NSA, Bush, Cheney to Halt Dragnet Surveillance

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.09.2008 19:39

On Sept. 18th, the San Francisco-based Electronic Frontier Foundation filed a lawsuit in federal court against the NSA on behalf of five AT&T customers to stop the ongoing surveillance of their telephone and internet communications. The plaintiffs are also suing the President, Vice President and other officials who ordered or participated in the warrantless wiretapping.

Shell says Solitaire to leave Irish waters today

Ireland, 18.09.2008 17:40

In the last hour Shell has announced that the Soli ...

Caravan To Support The Struggle For Survival On The Front Lines Of Resistance at Big Mountain

Portland, 18.09.2008 16:39

Indigenous nations are disproportionately targeted by fossil fuel extraction & environmental devastation and Black Mesa is no exception. At this moment Peabody Coal Co. is planning to seize tribal lands and massively expand dirty coal strip-mining operations. In 30 years of controversial operation, Peabody's Black Mesa Mine has been the source of an estimated 325 million tons of CO2 that have been discharged into the atmosphere.* If expansion plans are permitted, ... Coal from the Black Mesa mine could contribute an additional 290 million tons of CO2 to the global warming crisis!*

Institutional racism has fueled neglect and abandonment of public needs such as water, maintenance of roads, health care, and schools. Daily life for Big Mountain residents hasn't changed too much over the years, except that more of them have become elderly and now struggle with daily chores. Due to lack of local job opportunities and federal strangulation on Indian self-sufficiency, extended families are forced to live many miles away to earn incomes and have all the social amenities which include choices in mandatory American education. On behalf of their peoples, their sacred ancestral lands, and future generations, residents of Black Mesa continue their staunch resistance to the efforts of the US Government, which is acting in the interests of the Peabody Coal Company to devastate whole communities & ecosystems, and de-stabilize our planet's climate for the profit of an elite few. We are at a critical juncture and must take a stand in support of communities on the front lines of resistance now! By assisting with direct, on-land projects with the Sovereign communities of Big Mountain, Black Mesa you are helping families resist an illegal occupation and to stay on their lands, who serve as the very blockade to coal mining! Projects include chopping wood, water catchment, health care, corral, roof, & home repairs.

** There is a caravan heading out from Portland. If you want to participate, we will be having weekly organizing meetings in October
For more information, or to help, please contact the Portland Coordinator at:

A film about infant loss to play at HSDFF

Arkansas, 18.09.2008 14:10


UK: sąd aprobuje akcje bezpośrednie w obronie środowiska

Poland, 18.09.2008 13:40

Brytyjski sąd uniewinnił przedwczoraj 6 aktywistów Greenpeace oskarżonych o próbę zamknięcia elektrowni węglowej w Kent, uznając że mieli oni ku temu "uzasadniony prawnie powód", gdyż elektrownia ta powoduje ogromne straty dla środowiska przyczyniając się do globalnego ocieplenia, a z kolei szkody te przewyższają znacznie straty spowodowane przerwaniem pracy zakładu. Ławnicy Maidstone Crown Court podjęli taką decyzję po wysłuchaniu zeznań eksperta NASA ds. klimatu Jamesa Hansena, innuickiego przywódcy z Grenlandii i doradcy ds. środowiska brytyjskiej Partii Konserwatywnej. Biegli zeznali, że elektrownia Kingsnorth Power Plant emituje codziennie do atmosfery 20 000 ton CO2 - taką sama ilośc jak 30 najmniej zatruwających atmosferę państw świata, oraz że brytyjski rząd ma przygotowane już plany budowy nowej, zasilanej węglem elektrowni obok tej funkcjonującej już na półwyspie Hoo w Kent.


Rogue Valley, 18.09.2008 05:09



September 20/21, Noon to evening each day
Beginning with a Women's Circle 10 a.m. Saturday
Briscoe ArtWing
265 N. Main, Ashland, Oregon


In honor of our third annual First Nations Day and Native EcoSymposium, Red Earth Descendants invites the community to share a weekend committed to the issue of SALMON SURVIVAL along the Klamath and Trinity Rivers. In accordance to the vision and commitment R.E.D. has to make positive and healing relations with the indigenous peoples of this region--the Karuk, Hupa, Yurok, Takelma, Shasta, Klamath, Calapooya, Modoc and Yahooskin Tribes--we understand the survival of salmon in their homelands is a CORE CULTURAL ISSUE of survival for the Indigenous People. We intend to let this be our platform for education and discussion at our EcoSymposium this year. We've asked some of these tribal connections to take the lead on the subject matter. Also a core commitment for R.E.D. is the honoring of youth and elder projects. It was the Native American Student Union (NASU) youth from Southern Oregon University who inspired this subject matter to gain attention in our group as a small contingency of Karuk/Hupa/Yurok/Klamath students have worked as activists on the salmon crisis most of their lives and want to participate in the EcoSymposium, bringing the community their perspective as Native youth, holding on to the survival of their way of life--with salmon being at the center of their existence.

A dos años de su desaparición en democracia

Argentina, 18.09.2008 05:09

¿Y Julio López?

A dos años de su desaparición en democracia

Argentina, 18.09.2008 05:09

¿Y Julio López?

Por uma Psicologia da Libertação: Congresso Internacional em Chiapas

Brasil, 18.09.2008 03:39

Karl Rove detained for crimes against humanity in Claremont

LA, 18.09.2008 01:38

Karl Rove detained for crimes against humanity in Claremont

Policies for Repression

Baltimore, 17.09.2008 20:09

Although it's unclear to what extent the mass media (or as I, turning their own equivocations against them, have now taken to calling them, the 'self-described journalists' embedded in the national newspapers and networks) accurately relayed the events, anyone paying attention to the alternative press during the Republican National Convention knows the extent to which the city of St. Paul did everything in its power to violently and preemptively squash any manifestations of dissent. Most spectacular, perhaps, was the arrest of Democracy Now!'s Amy Goodman along with her producers Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Nicole Salazar, and most troubling are the arrests of the RNC 8, members of the RNC Welcoming Committee, a group which did not plan a single protest itself, but who, due in part to the tales told by paid informants, are facing charges of 'Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism.'

Of course one could (and should) argue that this repression is the predictable extensions of the illegal and inhumane policies perpetrated as central components of the War on Terror, the new 'standards' for the use of torture and extrajudicial detainment from Abu Ghraib to Guantanamo coming home to roost. And, on the other hand, as anyone who's been involved in direct action activism for a while should recognize, the police in St. Paul were dishing out the latest variation on an old theme —- the practice of how to shut down a counter-summit protest in the United States having become something of a cottage industry for consultants like John Timoney, who cut his police state teeth during the 2000 protests against the RNC in Philadelphia, and went on to formulate what's been called 'The Miami Model' during the anti-FTAA protests in 2003.

Nevertheless, the recent events in St. Paul have brought to light a new element in this distressing constellation of surveillance, midnight raids at gunpoint, preemptive detention, and an ever expanding political expediency of the charge of 'terrorism'. While it's one thing for activists to suspect that the suppression of dissent is becoming a standard operating procedure, it's another thing entirely to see cities and police departments themselves recognizing this explicitly. The city of St. Paul was proud to announce that taxpayers would not bear the brunt of any lawsuits leveled against the city and its police response —- for it had had the foresight to compel the Republican Party itself (in other words, it's corporate sponsors) to take out an insurance policy which would indemnify the city against whatever claims the rabble might bring against it, to the tune of $10 million in coverage. Apparently, at least since the 2004 RNC protests in NYC, where settlements so far have run to at least $2 million, this kind of 'forward thinking' has become de rigeur for the host city of a convention wanting to make sure that the temporary elimination of civil liberties doesn't come at too high a cost.

El pueblo boliviano exige carcel a los golpistas

Venezuela, 17.09.2008 19:37

Szwecja: polska delegacja na ESF zatrzymana przez policję

Poland, 17.09.2008 17:10

Delegacja Polaków jadąca na Europejskie Forum Społeczne w Malmö (ekolodzy ze Szczecina i prawdopodobnie grupa socjalistów z W-wy) została dziś rano zatrzymana przez policję. Zniszczono im bagaże, obrażano i zastraszano, odmówiono również podstawowych praw. Powody działania policji pozostają niejasne.

Stop Walmart Traffic Nightmare in Medford, OR

Rogue Valley, 17.09.2008 13:40


7 PM, Thursday, Sept. 18, 2008
Medford City Council Chambers
Medford City Hall (next to Post Office)

Radio Viga

Argentina, 17.09.2008 09:09


Radio viga

Argentina, 17.09.2008 08:39

September 27th: Iranian American Activist Speaks On &quot;Iran Today&quot;

Seattle, 17.09.2008 04:09

On Saturday, September 27, Mazda Majidi, Iranian American ANSWER activist, will present about his recent trip to Iran, the continued US-European aggression against Iran and the danger of a new war. Event starts at 7 pm at 1423 10th Ave in Seattle.

September 24: Sarah Palin in Bellevue, South King County

Seattle, 17.09.2008 04:09

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republican vice president candidate, will be in Bellevue next week hosting a $1,000-a-plate fund raiser. In addition, she is the featured attraction at a rally somewhere in South King County. The Bellevue fundraiser is open to anyone who is willing to part with some discretionary income. The rally photo op is free as a reward for a McCain-Palin volunteers.

Palin is an anti-environment and pro-war politician who wants to ban abortion even for victims of rape and incest. She needs to see a large showing of women and men from our area who say, "Hell, no."

Pelosi Deserts WWII Filipino Veterans

Seattle, 17.09.2008 04:09

The Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) coordinator Arturo P. Garcia expressed this stand and say they are seriously disappointed with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congressman Bob Filner, head of the House of Representatives Veterans Committee who said that "S. 1315 is dead because the Democrats do not have the 2/3 majority votes needed to pass it."

The Battle Of The River

Seattle, 17.09.2008 04:09

A Fiction

Lauren Regan (CLDC) on Marie Mason's plea agreement

Portland, 17.09.2008 00:38

Lauren Regan of Eugene's Civil Liberties Defense Center says in regard's to Marie Mason's plea agreement: "I state with unequivocal confidence and knowledge that Marie has been absolutely stalwart in her commitment to not cooperate with the government, and to do no act that would damage the larger environmental movement in any way."

Marie has not received any favors or special treatment by the US Attorneys prosecuting her in Michigan; in fact, it is despicable that Marie may do more time then any other Green Scare defendant to date as a result of her choice to not snitch. Marie joins Jonathan Paul, Daniel McGowan, Sadie, Exile, Briana Waters, Tre Arrow, Rod Coronado, Eric McDavid and several others I am probably forgetting to mention --these folks are wholeheartedly deserving of our support as activists that have maintained their integrity in the face of political persecution by the federal government. They will do extra days or years in prison as a result of their refusal to give information to the feds used to prosecute others. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with Marie's situation. If you are able to contribute financially, I'm sure they would deeply appreciate it, and if not, please show solidarity for Marie as she goes through the process of being yanked away from her children and family for a long time.

Marie Mason, Stephanie Fultz, Aren Burthwick All Plead Guilty in ELF Case

Picket &amp; Rally Outside the Smith/Schwarzenegger Fundraiser

Portland, 17.09.2008 00:38

Speak Out During the Governator's Visit to Oregon!

Picket & Rally Outside the Smith/Schwarzenegger Fundraiser
Oregon Convention Center
11:00 am * Friday, September 19th
777 NE MLK Blvd * Portland, OR

This promises to be the highest-profile GOP event in Portland since President Bush's visit in 2002. Join us in saying "Hasta
La Vista" to the Smith-Schwarzenegger-Bush agenda!

The ongoing assault on working people led by Gordon Smith, Arnold
Schwarzenegger, George Bush and John McCain has been about:

* dismantling essential public services like health care and education
* outsourcing family-wage jobs through expanded "free trade"
* short-changing public employees and busting unions
* giving tax cuts to the rich, while ignoring the needs of ordinary people

un altre món és aquí (ca)

Barcelona, 16.09.2008 22:10


Fa un parell d'anys es negava el canvi climàtic, ara fins i tot està passat de moda de tant que se n'ha parlat. Fa un parell de mesos l'economia espanyola encara fatxendejava de la seva situació i ara, de cop, ens parlen de crisi. No serà que no estem ben informades? Reserveu-vos el 17 de setembre per entrar a si voleu tenir la informació que us permeti jutjar per vosaltres mateixes.

[17-S] Apagada Mundial, per deixar respirar el planeta: de 21:50 a 22:00

notícies relacionades ::: =>Crisi Total 2010 ::: Vídeo denuncia sobre la crisi energètica global ::: T'extranya la Crisi?(article) ::: Imc Laboral - Vaga Transportistes ::: A 10 dies del 17-S ::: La crisi capitalista a debat a Ontinyent ::: Proximament en la teva vida: Crisi Energètica

+info ::: Globalització :::: =>Decreixement :: => :: =>Temps de Re-Voltes :::: =>17-S CRISI

otro mundo es aquí (es)

Barcelona, 16.09.2008 22:10


Hace un par de años se negaba el cambio climático, ahora hasta ha pasado de moda de tanto que se ha hablado. Hace un par de meses la economía española ahún fardaba de su situación y ahora, de golpe, nos hablan de crisis. No será que no estamos bién informadas? Reservaros el 17 de septiembre para entrar en si queréis tener la información que os permita juzgar por vosotras mismas.

[17-S] Apagada Mundial, para dejar respirar el planeta: de 21:50 a 22:00

noticias relacionadas ::: =>Crisis Total 2010 ::: Video denuncia sobre la crisis energética global ::: Te extraña la Crisis?(articulo) ::: Imc Laboral - Huelga Transportistas ::: A 10 días del 17-S ::: La crisis capitalista a debate en Ontinyent ::: Proximamente en tu vida: Crisis Energética

+info ::: Globalitzación :::: =>Decreixement :: => :: =>Temps de Re-Voltes :::: =>17-S CRISIS

Empower DC, Unions,Franklin Shelter Supporters Disrupt Council Session

DC, 16.09.2008 20:10

On the morning of September 16, Empower DC, public sector unions, and Franklin Shelter residents attended the DC Councils' first session since the summer break-delaying the start by singing a song in unison until they were expelled. (photos, audio pending)

PacifiCorp Day of Action Demanding Dam Removal- THIS THURSDAY!

Portland, 16.09.2008 19:39

- Portland, Or -
September 18th, 2008

Come support the largest dam removal project in the history of the
world alongside Klamath community members and Native people!
Come support the largest dam removal project in the history of the
world alongside Klamath community members and Native people!

We will assemble at Holladay Park at the corner of NE Multnomah and
11th Street in Portland at 12 noon. From there we will march to
PacifiCorp's headquarters for a press conference and rally featuring
speakers from Tribal, fishing, and conservation communities. Please
bring your Un-Dam the Klamath signs, salmon costumes, and lots of
friends! There will be no business as usual for PacifiCorp as long as there is no business as usual on the Klamath River.
Un-Dam the Klamath!

More info on Klamath dam removal:


32 años después

Argentina, 16.09.2008 19:09

Los lápices siguen escribiendo

32 años después

Argentina, 16.09.2008 19:09

Los lápices siguen escribiendo

PHILIPPINES: Suspend US Military Deployments to Mindanao

Boston, 16.09.2008 17:39

A broad coalition of NGOs, social movements, and political parties from Mindanao and the rest of the country today called for all US military deployments in Mindanao suspended pending the conclusion of a fair and thorough probe by lawmakers. The Citizens’ Peace Watch, a group formed to monitor what it fears as the growing and permanent US military presence in the South, reiterated its recommendations from a fact-finding mission it conducted in Zamboanga City and Sulu last February. Members of the mission claim to have seen with their own eyes — and to have pictures of — the US’ military structures inside Camp Navarro in Zamboanga City.

Our Last-ditch EffortsTo Save Franklin School Shelter

DC, 16.09.2008 17:10

On the following morning, 9/11, I noticed dozens of people sitting in the dining area of Franklin. At a glance, I figured at least a dozen of them to be DHS employees. I proceeded to enter the room, but was quickly escorted out by Catholic Charities employee Harry Martinez. I left and returned an hour later to find Pat Handy getting out of a UPO (United Planning Org.)van, the vans used to transport the homeless during hypothermia. As we spoke, she informed me that she had not been to bed since the previous day. She entered the building and I went to get breakfast. Later that evening I would learn that many of the people whom I'd seen were homeless people from other shelters who'd been brought to Franklin early that morning. They were signed up for housing and given keys, as were some Franklin residents. Rumor has it that the number of non-residents who were brought to Franklin Shelter that morning was eventually added to the number of actual residents who were housed, so as to make it look as if they ALL had come from Franklin. If this proves to be true, it is essentially dishonest. On the Clock with Eric Sheptock, Streats Tuesday, Sept. 16th, City Council will vote on a bill that would keep Franklin open 9 AM: Rally Outside; 10 AM: Residents Pack the Council Chamber (5th floor), Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Peaceful Protesters Lock their Bodies to Dominion Power Plant

DC, 16.09.2008 17:10

Wise County, VA— Around 50 peaceful protesters entered the construction site of Dominion Virginia’s (NYSE: D) Wise County coal-fired power plant. Almost twenty protesters locked their bodies to eight large steel drums, two of which have operational solar panels affixed to the top that illuminated a banner reading “renewable jobs to renew Appalachia.”

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