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Zwierzęta potrzebują pomocy!

Poland, 24.09.2008 11:10

Schronisku dla zwierząt w Falenicy grozi przeniesienie. Przedstawiciele kampani "Ocal - Adoptuj" namawiają do adopcji przebywających tam psów i kotów. W jeszcze gorszej sytuacji znajdują się zwierzęta przebywające dotąd w nielegalnych schroniskach w Krężlu i Maciejowicach. Mieszkające w tragicznych warunkach psy potrzebują nie tylko domu, ale również leczenia. Środowiska związane z "Azylem pod Aniołem", Fundacją Emir oraz Pogotowiem i Strażą dla Zwierząt apelują o pomoc!

300 Welly Bus Drivers locked out - Stand strong, Fight back!

Aotearoa, 24.09.2008 06:10

Over 300 Go Wellington bus drivers who took industrial action to protest $12.72 poverty wages will be locked out from tomorrow unless they accept the companies offer. [ Lockout Notice ]

Indymedia Exclusive: The company is accusing Wellington Tramways Union President Nick Kelly of stealing a bus and taking it to a union stopwork meeting.

Manufacturing and Construction Union members have joined the fight by refusing to refuel buses.[ Dom Post Article ]

You can support these workers by raising money for them.

October 5th: Ground Noise and Static

Seattle, 24.09.2008 06:08

We'd like to invite you to a community report-back from the DNC/RNC protests this summer. Meet us at Seattle's Central Cinema (20th & Union) on Sunday October 5th 4-6 pm.


Seattle, 24.09.2008 06:08

Call to Self Organize this Thursday...

It’s socialism for the rich and dog-eat-dog capitalism for the rest of us.

Let’s take it to the heart of the financial district! Gather at 4pm, this Thursday, Sept. 25th at the Washington Mutual Blg - 1301 2nd Ave, downtown Seattle.

Llevan 41 dias en huelga de hambre

Argentina, 24.09.2008 05:39

Jornada por libertad de los seis presos políticos paraguayos

Plum Creek LURC Deliberations Sept 23 and 24

Maine, 24.09.2008 05:38

The Public is invited to LURC Deliberations on Plum Creek, starting: Tuesday, September 23, 12:30 Wednesday, September 24, 8:30 AM At the Ramada Inn on Odlin Rd in Bangor

Llevan 41 dias en huelga de hambre

Argentina, 24.09.2008 05:09

Jornada por libertad de los seis presos políticos paraguayos

Radio Viga

Argentina, 24.09.2008 05:09

Franklin Shelter Residents, Supporters Protest at 13th &amp;amp; K

DC, 24.09.2008 04:09

On the evening of Tuesday, Sep 23,a planned candle light vigil for Franklin Shelter morphed into something more aggressive. As one cop asked one protester to step off the K st centerline, most of the vigil swarmed out and joined him!

Call to Stop the Sept 23 Execution of Troy Davis

DC, 24.09.2008 00:10

Statement Read by Naji Mujahid at the 11th Annual Black L.U.V. Fest in Washington, DC 9-21-08: I would like everyone's attention. I have a very important announcement. What I am about to tell you is literally a matter of life and death! This is an emergency that requires all of our attention.

Day Labor Worker Centers: Protest and Counter Protest

Portland, 23.09.2008 23:38

The Oregon Minuteman were out in force on Monday, September 22, 2008, protesting the Portland Day Laborer Worker Center located on MLK Jr. Blvd and NE Everett. One of those protesting the Labor Center site said they had been there since 6:00 in the morning.

There were several people seeking employment on the site, both near the trailer and on the street, so I suspected that the dual protests might have taken its toll on their efforts to gain employment.
On inquiring about this possibility I was told that Monday's are usually slow and that the presence of the Minuteman may not be having much of an effect.

I was hoping to get some interviews with both sides, the Minutemen as well as those showing up to counter protest their presence at the site, but the Protesters refused to comment on camera.

Those who where there protesting the presence of the Minutemen were more forthcoming. One stated that he was there "to support the Day Laborers Center and the day laborers. I think that they are a real contribution to the Portland Community, and supporting day laborers is a way to support all American workers. It's not against American workers to have day laborer centers, it's for them; if we don't support the people at the very bottom of the work chain, then the top of the work chain isn't going to get any better either."

A few minutes earlier I heard one of the Minutemen stating that if these folks were truly looking for work they should be looking through more conventional, acceptable channels, denigrating the existence of these Day Laborer Centers. I asked one of the counter protesters his response to that point and he stated that "having a center is just a way of protecting both the employers and the employees. If they don't have a central place then people are going to take advantage of them much more. They have to have a place where they can come out of the rain, have a place to get work in a decent way. Standing on a street corner asking for work is not a dignified way to get work. We need to support the dignity of American workers, and the Day Laborer Center is doing that."

11th Annual Symposium on Environmental Affairs: 10/14--10/16

Portland, 23.09.2008 23:38

Information on the 11th Annual Symposium on Environmental Affairs hosted by Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR. Takes place October 14-16 at the Lewis and Clark campus.
The Eleventh Annual Symposium on Environmental Affairs: Scales of Sustainability
October 14-16, 2008
Lewis & Clark College

As colleges, corporations, and cities across the country scramble to embrace sustainability, it is worth asking what exactly we hope to achieve. The 11th annual Symposium on Environmental Affairs draws together students, practitioners, and community members to discuss sustainability in time and space. Does sustainability mean eternal equilibrium, or is there a role for destruction and restoration? Are local systems always more sustainable? What exactly would global sustainability look like in today's complex world? For a complete schedule of keynote speakers, panel sessions, and other activities, please visit the Symposium website:

All events are free and open to the public.

For more information, contact:
Peter Vidito
Environmental Studies Program
Lewis & Clark College

Siren Nation Workshops (free): Sunday, Nov. 9th

Portland, 23.09.2008 23:38

Come attend the fabulous free workshops of the Siren Nation festival.
Sunday, Nov. 9th from 11am-5pm
@the Kennedy School

Get Out the Pitchforks and Lighted Torches: Protest at Wall St. This Thursday at 4 p.m.

NYC, 23.09.2008 21:39

This week the White House is going to try to push through the biggest
robbery in world history with nary a stitch of debate to bail out the Wall
Street bastards who created this economic apocalypse in the first place.

This is the financial equivalent of September 11. They think, just like
with the Patriot Act, they can use the shock to force through the
“therapy,” and we’ll just roll over!

Carta de apelo do Povo Tupinambá de Olivença

Brasil, 23.09.2008 19:39


Two Protesters Arrested at Union Square Demonstration

NYC, 23.09.2008 19:39

Thirty-Forty protesters in chef costumes banged pot and pans to demonstrate their outrage over plans to turn the historic north end pavilion in Union Square Park into an upscale restaurant. The protest was led by preacher-activist Reverend Billy, who was arrested along with another protester.

Self Determination and the Defense of Community Rights in Oaxaca and Beyond

Santa Cruz, CA, 23.09.2008 19:08

Community based human rights film-maker Simón Sedillo, whose work has centered on placing skills, cameras and editing equipment in the hands of communities in resistance, is on a speaking tour with three events in the Monterey Bay area. Sedillo has spent the last six years practicing and teaching community based video documentation in indigenous communities in Oaxaca, Mexico, in immigrant communities in the US, and with youth of color across the US. In Watsonville on September 25th, Santa Cruz on the 26th, and Monterey on the 27th, Sedillo will share some experiences and perspectives on the local and global implications of the peoples' struggle in Oaxaca.

Protests Continue Against Immanent Execution of Troy Anthony Davis

United States, 23.09.2008 18:37

Troy Anthony Davis was convicted and sentenced to death in 1989 in the State of Georgia based exclusively on witness testimony. Evidence of his innocence emerged as most of these witnesses recanted their testimony, many alleging police coercion. He is scheduled to be executed TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 23rd at 7pm EST. Your help is needed to flood the Parole Board offices, the White House and the US Attorney's offices in Atlanta and DC. MORE: Innocent on Death Row and Prevent the Murder of Innocent from Atlanta Indymedia | 11th Hour Call to Action

From Atlanta Progressive News: Two anti-death penalty activists, Rev. Marvin Morgan, First Congregational Church, and Steve Woodhall, were arrested today at the Governor’s Office, after refusing to leave the office until speaking with the governor about tomorrow’s impending execution of Troy Davis. Read Full Report

From Amnesty International today urged the US state of Georgia to stop the execution of Troy Davis, who faces death by lethal injection tonight despite doubts over his conviction. Read Full Report

From Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Protests planned against Davis’ execution | Sharpton seeks clemency for Troy Anthony Davis

Prison Poster Project launches in Cleveland

Cleveland, 23.09.2008 14:38

Prison Poster Project launches in Cleveland

Arroyo Worse than Marcos Says BAYAN USA

Aotearoa, 23.09.2008 09:41

On the 36th anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law in the Philippines under the US-backed dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos, Filipino-Americans under BAYAN USA are vowing to support the current movement to remove the current "undeclared dictator" Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo from her presidential seat. "In many ways, she is worse than Marcos," states BAYAN USA Chair Chito Quijano. "While Marcos imprisoned his opposition, Arroyo's death squads just kill them in broad daylight in front of the civilian eyes. It is still an undeclared martial law in our country." According to the most recent reports from Philippine human rights monitoring group Karapatan, approximately 1000 extrajudicial killings of civilian dissidents have been documented as of June 2008 under the Arroyo administration, while an additional approximation of 200 abducted. [More] Recent AIMC features on the Philippines: US Military Committing Terror in the Philippines | UN says half a million displaced in Ramadan offensive against Moro people | Auckland Philippines Solidarity launch

Z32, a Musical Documentary is Restricted by The Israeli Censure.

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.09.2008 05:40

A new movie called "Z32" started to play last week in selected theaters in Israel. The movie documents the testimony of a soldier who was ordered with his unit to kill innocent Palestinians as revenge for the killing of 6 Israeli soldiers. Although it contains no violence or sex scenes, the movie has been restricted by the Israeli censure to people over the age of 14. The movie was chosen to compete at the Venice Film Festival.

From the Newswire

Perth, 23.09.2008 05:11

Town of Vincent debates tonight to remove Nuclear Free Zone signs

Forum: The Struggle in Burma

Aotearoa, 23.09.2008 01:41

Thursday, September 25, 6-7.30pm, Lecture Theatre 018, Clock Tower Building, 22 Princes Street Burma/Myanmar Update: Naing Ko Ko speaks on “The Struggle for Democracy in Burma” and Steve Green speaks on “Environmental Devastation in Burma”. Naing Ko Ko, Burmese political activist, student, and refugee in New Zealand since 2006. He was a student leader during the 1988 Burmese Democracy Uprising and a political prisoner for seven years. Steve Green, New Zealand environmental activist, who has lived in the Thai-Burma border area since 1989, working with ethnic and indigenous minority groups such as the Karen, Mon and Shan people. His recent research has focused on proposed Hydro dam projects on the Salween River in Burma, and in China, with potentially disastrous effects in this earthquake-prone area. Previous AIMC Burma feature: 1/10/07 Uprising Against Military Rule in Burma


Barcelona, 22.09.2008 23:10

Un altre hotel al Raval? NO EL VOLEM!

Envoltat d’un paisatge de pobresa i mancances estructurals, i situat just davant d’on els pistolers de la burgesia assassinaren l’anarquista Salvador Seguí, “el Noi del Sucre” –amb les noves oficines per a CCOO i UGT, els sindicats grocs, al costat–, l’hotel simbolitza els violents processos urbanístics, econòmics i polítics del poder per esclafar la vida, l’autoorganització popular i l’antiautoritarisme al Raval, a Barcelona i a Catalunya... amb l’objectiu de fer-ne, de tot plegat, el negoci especulador d’uns pocs a costa de la misèria de molts.

Si vols oposar-te a la contínua presa de pèl, vine el primer dia de funcionament de l’hotel: porta-hi confetis, cassoles, xiulets, i protestem-hi junts: divendres 26 a les 7 del vespre a la Rambla del Raval

Més - Hotel Barceló: la destrucció compleix vint anys :: Ciutat Vella ha concedido casi una licencia hotelera cada mes desde 2005 :: Convocatòria per a la concentració davant de l'hotel :: Altres barris - Esplugues: Programa de les festes populars 18-22 setembre :: Els animals rebels en contra del Pla Caufec :: Sant Andreu: Okupació i desallotjament a Sant Andreu :: Poblenou: La flaire de corrupció amara els plans urbanístics del 22@ :: Foc al 22@ :: Les Corts: Dessallotjament amb goril·les armats


Barcelona, 22.09.2008 23:10

¿Otro hotel en el Raval? ¡NO LO QUEREMOS!

Rodeado por un paisaje de pobreza y faltas estructurales, y situado justo delante de donde los pistoleros de la burguesía asesinaron al anarquista Salvador Seguí, “el Noi del Sucre” –con las nuevas oficinas para CCOO y UGT, los sindicatos amarillos, al lado-, el hotel simboliza los violentos procesos urbanísticos, económicos y políticos del poder para quebrantar la vida, la autorganización popular y el antiautoritarismo en el Raval, en Barcelona, en Cataluña... con el objetivo de hacer, de todo eso, el negocio especulador de unos pocos a cuesta de la miseria de muchos.

Si quieres oponerte a la continua tomadura de pelo, ven el primer día de funcionamiento del hotel: trae confetos, cacerolas, pitos, y protestemos juntos:viernes 26 a las 7 de la tarde en la Rambla del Raval

Más - Hotel Barceló: la destrucción cumple veinte años :: Ciutat Vella ha concedido casi una licencia hotelera cada mes desde 2005 :: Convocatoria para la concentración delante del hotel :: Otros barrios - Esplugues: Programa de las fiestas populares 18-22 septiembre :: Los animales rebeldes contra el Plan Caufec :: Sant Andreu: Okupación y desalojo en Sant Andreu :: Poblenou: La flaire de corrupció amara els plans urbanístics del 22@ :: Fuego al 22@ :: Les Corts: Desalojo con gorilas armados


Barcelona, 22.09.2008 23:10

Another Hotel in Raval district? NO THANK YOU!

Rounded by a landscape of poverty and structural deficiencies, and located just in front of where the bourgeois "pistoleros" killed anarchist Salvador Seguí -now on the side of the new built offices of CCOO and UGT, the pro-gobernamental unions-, the new hotel is the symbol of the violent urbanistic, social and politic processes meant to suffocate all forms of popular life, autoorganization, anti-authoritarism in Raval district, in Barcelona, in Catalonia... with the purpose of making, of this all, the business for a few in spite of the poverty of many.

If you want to oppose to this constant teasing, join us on the hotel inauguration friday 26th at 7pm in Rambla del Raval

More - Hotel Barceló: happy 20th birthday, miss destruction :: Ciutat Vella ha concedido casi una licencia hotelera cada mes desde 2005 :: Convocatòria per a la concentració davant de l'hotel :: Other neighborhoods - Esplugues: Programa de les festes populars 18-22 setembre :: Els animals rebels en contra del Pla Caufec :: Sant Andreu: Okupació i desallotjament a Sant Andreu :: Poblenou: La flaire de corrupció amara els plans urbanístics del 22@ :: Fuego al 22@ :: Les Corts: Dessallotjament amb goril·les armats


Colombia, 22.09.2008 21:09

Amenazan de muerte al secretario general de la CUT y a otros sindicalistas

PPRC Friday protest 9.19.08 Pioneer Square

Portland, 22.09.2008 20:38

20 minute video from the Friday No War Protest in Portland Oregon
No War 9.19.08 PPRC
No War 9.19.08 PPRC
This was filmed in Portland Oregon on Sept 19 2008 at the Friday gathering in Pioneer Square
Organized by the Portland Peaceful Response Coalition.

(The No War Protest March through downtown starts about 1/2 way through video)

-A message from Rob about:The banking mess and the need for laws and control to prevent this lawless that this administration has been engaging in.

-A message from Will: Reminder of of Oct 10 special protest rally (meet right here!)and he talked of the Glass Eagle Act and shared good information on the banking industry looting past and present.

-A notice about the upcoming OPB Monday radio-show regarding "the right to film the police"
Listen on OPB Radio Monday morning at 9am -10am Sept 22 2008 or 9pm for replay

-A drum led protest march through downtown Portland with a couple dozen sign carrying peace activists

Report from a DIY local wheat harvest

Portland, 22.09.2008 19:39

On Saturday, while the news was full of stories about a collapsing financial system and possible Greater Depression on the way, some of us spent the day out in a field harvesting wheat by hand. Our methodology was ad hoc and primitive; the harvest of "spikelets" -- the heads of the wheat containing the wheat berries -- was substantial. Much attention has been given over to growing vegetables and scoring fruit in the city, and many creative approaches tried out; yet those foodstuffs comprise only a small percentage of the typical human diet, which is heavy on grains augmented with proteins (the majority of it vegetarian). The less-than-an-acre plot we harvested on Saturday is part of one attempt to address this issue. Help is still needed winnowing, and wheat will be shared with those who put in time.

19th Boston Freedom Rally

Boston, 22.09.2008 14:09

Coverage of the 19th annual anti-drug prohibition rally. Listen to Keith Saunders, the current President of MassCann, the Massachusetts Cannibals Reform coalition, and sponsoring organization of this, the 19th annual Freedom Rally, which took place Saturday, September 20 on the Boston Common. Some people described it as a day of Utopia; beautiful weather, free eclectic music, food and culture vendors, and the ability to light up in public without paranoia. Although the Boston Globe reported 6 arrests, which is way down from years past. LISTEN TO AUDIO:

Community Members to Speak at Council Meeting and Return to Farmer's Market

Santa Cruz, CA, 22.09.2008 09:08

From SC-IMC's open-publishing calendar: "The police and the city council claim that the escalating issues at Wednesday's Farmer's Market are the result of complaints about the drummers. Instead of dealing directly with the complaints, they have turned the market into a police state. Please attend the City Council meeting this Tuesday at 3pm to support the request to rescind the poorly-written, ambiguous 15-minute parking lot law."

silencio k = impunidad

Argentina, 22.09.2008 05:10

Masiva movilización por los dos años de la segunda desaparición de Julio López

Long Haul Benefit Sun 9/21 @ Red and Black Cafe

Portland, 22.09.2008 02:39

Join us this Sun 9/21 at 7pm for a musical event benefiting the Long Haul Infoshop in Berkeley. On the morning of August 27th police raided the Infoshop, taking all their computers, and not letting infoshop members into the building. Long Haul is an intergral part of the East Bay community and houses projects such as the Slingshot Newspaper and Organizers, East Bay Prisoner Support Network, and Food Not Bombs.
Join us this Sun 9/21 at 7pm for a musical event benefiting the Long Haul Infoshop in Berkeley. Featuring music by Brenna Sahatjian, Stumptown Strugglers, and The Dapper Cadavers. $3-$300 no one turned away for lack of funds.

On the morning of August 27th police raided the Infoshop, taking all their computers, and not letting infoshop members into the building. Long Haul is an intergral part of the East Bay community and houses projects such as the Slingshot Newspaper and Organizers, East Bay Prisoner Support Network, and Food Not Bombs.

Can't Come To The Benefit?

Four things you can do to help the Long Haul

Message From Tre Arrow

Portland, 22.09.2008 02:39

The latest communique from Tre Arrow, environmentalist locked up in the Federal prison system.
A Blessed Autumnal Equinox to you all!

I am being held here at the Federal Detention Center (FDC) while the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) designates me to a Federal Corrections Institution (FCI).

(I'm not sure what they are correcting...)

I am on a unit with about 180 guys. They only let half the unit out at a time. It may take another month or two until I am designated (that is, until an FCI is selected for the remainder of my sentence) and then still longer until I am actually moved. There is no guarantee I'll be going next door, to Sheridan FCI. I might be moved literally anywhere in the country.

UC Santa Cruz Tree Sitters Prepare for the Return of Students

Santa Cruz, CA, 22.09.2008 01:38

After 10 months of occupying in 100-foot high redwood trees, tree sitters at UCSC's Science Hill are ready for students to return for school. The tree sitters say that their presence is more important than ever since the Santa Cruz City Council settled their lawsuit with the University. The settlement gives the City Council's blessing for UCSC to begin the first phase of their construction plan that will eventually destroy 120 acres of forest and add at least 4,500 new students to the area.

Dispatches for day 7 and 8 - once more into the breach of Operation 8 Depositions hearing

Aotearoa, 22.09.2008 01:11

After a week in Wellington and a whole different court case, I'm back in Auckland for the second stretch of the depositions hearing. Tomorrow morning the bus will come to take us to court, and we'll be back into the three ring circus which is the depositions hearing. On the last day of the last session the judge said that he would continue sitting until it was over. I'm not sure if that was a promise or a threat I know I skipped dispatches of the last few days of court. The suppression orders made it very hard to give an accurate impression of what's going on. I could tell quirky anecdotes, and keep pepole updated of various signs that have been put up around the place. But there comes a stage when telling those stories gives people the wrong impression of what's going on in court. While I suspect I will be telling some of the stories from court for the rest of my life, it's more than funny anecdotes. The challenge for me is to give an accurate impression of court, without saying anything that happened in the court room. [More]

Marchas por Jorge Julio López en todo el país

Argentina, 22.09.2008 00:10

Dos años de impunidad y encubrimiento

Marchas por Jorge Julio López en todo el país

Argentina, 22.09.2008 00:10

Dos años de impunidad y encubrimiento

RNC: Charges Dropped Against Amy Goodman + 2 DN Journalists – Investigation Needed

Miami, 21.09.2008 19:08

RNC: Charges Dropped Against Amy Goodman + 2 DN Journalists – Investigation Needed

LNG Battle Heating Up - Locals Say NO to Bradwood

Portland, 21.09.2008 18:39

The LNG battle on the Columbia River is heating up, to say the least. The Feds gave their approval to Bradwood this week, as expected. However, local voters turned out in droves to reject the project by voting No on a referendum over land use changes requested by Bradwood.

Video of the James Chasse Protest at Portland Central Precinct

Portland, 21.09.2008 18:39

Protest against Portland Oregon police Department, September 17, 2008, which is the second anniversary of the death of James Chasse, at the hands of the Portland Police.

Chasse, a mildly schizophrenic man died in the police car on the way to the hospital, after jail officials refused to book him due to his severe injuries.

Lightly attended but vibrant and energetic the gathering marched repeatedly around the entire block on which the Portland Central Precinct is located, moving several times past the front doors of the Justice Center.

Dia Mundial Sem Carro

Brasil, 21.09.2008 16:39


ESF Malmo: zamieszki i aresztowania

Poland, 21.09.2008 12:40

W piątek 19 września, wczesnym popołudniem, na dworcu głównym w Malmo szwedzka policja wspierana przez funkcjonariuszy zagranicznych aresztowała prewencyjnie 16 osób. Rzecznik policji wyjaśnił, że zatrzymanych pomylono z członkami antify, a po paru godzinach przesłuchań wypuszczono. Jednej osobie postawiono zarzut nielegalnego posiadania broni. Bronią tą okazała się igła do szycia skór. "Podejrzanego" zwolniono za poręczeniem.

Víctimas Invisibles

Puerto Rico, 21.09.2008 02:41

Las Víctimas Invisibles de la Mano Dura

Bashing Victim Dies, GLOV Meets Monday

DC, 21.09.2008 02:10

Tony R. Hunter died in the hospital from injuries sustained in attack outside of Bebar. Gays and Lesbians Opposed tot Violence (GLOV) reconvenes.

West Papuan guerrillas demand closure of Freeport mine

Aotearoa, 20.09.2008 23:10

West Papuan guerrillas are targeting the US-owned gold and copper Freeport mine with a bombing campaign against the mining infrastructure. The West Papua Liberation Army are targeting the mine because of the ongoing abuses of human rights of the local indigenous peoples, the destruction and pollution of the environment associated with the mines operation and the ongoing suppression of West Papuan self-determination.

Five New Zealand Crown Financial Institutions have over $64 million invested in Freeport McMoran and Rio Tinto, which has a 40% stake in Freeport.

Previous AIMC articles: 12/09/08 IHRC Calls for Taxpayer Money to be Divested from Freeport | 18/08/08 Papuan tribal chief to sue mining giant Freeport | 10/08/08 West Papuan Man Shot Dead at U.N. Indigenous Peoples' Day Celebration | 04/08/08 Demo Against Superfund Investments in Freeport | 22/07/08 Backgrounder on Freeport | 02/12/06 Auckland West Papua solidarity demo

Waihopai Ploughshares Depositions

Aotearoa, 20.09.2008 23:10

The three activists who successfully deflated a dome covering a satelite at Waihopai spy base earlier this year appeared in the Blenheim district court today for depositions. They were supported by a keen crowd of around thirty people who had come from all over the country to stand in solidarity with the actions of the ANZAC Ploughshares against militarism and government-led violence and terror.

The judge ruled that there was enough evidence to proceed to trial on the three charges that each of the defendants face - one of burglary and two of intentional damage. The defendants were not fazed and made it clear to the media that they do not regret their actions. Although they are only two humble gardeners and a friar, they will continue to resist war and violence and to stand on the side of the oppressed.

Links: ANZAC Ploughshares | Anti Bases Campaign | Support Album

Fairfax Contempt hearing closes

Aotearoa, 20.09.2008 23:10

Closing arguments from the Crown and the respondents in the Fairfax contempt trial were heard in the Wellington High Court today. The judges have retired to consider their decision which they will deliver in writing. The Solicitor-General (SG) closed his case against both Fairfax newspapers and the editor of the Dominion Post Tim Pankhurst by addressing all of the respondents’ defences. The Solicitor-General noted that the intercepted communications in the ‘Terror Files’ article published in the Dominion Post and on the website was 1. inadmissible 2. highly memorable 3. was in breach of section 312(k) of the Crimes Act and 4. breached High Court and District Court orders with the combined effect of interfering with the administration of justice and prejudicing the right to a fair trial. [More] 16/9/2008: Dispatches from Wellington 1a - Fairfax contempt trial | 5/5/2008: Tim Pankhurst and Fairfax New Zealand in court

West Papua: Lawyer arrested by Anti-terrorist squad for sending a txt

Aotearoa, 20.09.2008 23:10

On October 18th 2007 West Papuan human rights lawyer, Iwanggin Sabar Olif was arrested by members of Detachment 88, Indonesia's anti-terrorist squad. He was accused of forwarding a text message condemming the Indonesian military's treatment of West Papuan people. Ever since then he has been held in detention. A recent joint statement by several Papuan human rights organisations, calling for Sabar Olif's release, states that the anti-terrorist police have acted on the princple 'arrest him first, then get him to confess by whatever means necessary'. [Coalition of organisations demand the release of Sabar Olif Iwanggin] Links: Indonesian Human Rights Committee Statement | January 2008 Court Hearings | The spectre of terrorism in Aotearoa - drawing the parallels

22/09/08 Wgtn Meeting: In the Aftermath of the Urewera Raids: Discussing colonisation, courts and contempt

Aotearoa, 20.09.2008 23:10

Monday, 22 September, 6.30pm St Johns in the City, cnr Willis and Dixon Sts, Wellington Tena koutou, We warmly invite you to a evening Discussing colonisation, courts and contempt. Speakers: Steven Price (media lawyer, author of Media Law Journal) Speaking about media law and contempt of court October 15th Solidarity group panel Speaking on the broader issues around the state terror raids of 15th October 2007 and the Search and Surveillance Powers Bill introduced to Parliament last week. Followed by question and answer session and Open discussion. Stay for tea, coffee and biscuits. [More]

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