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Woonstrijd optocht door Utrechtse binnenstad

Netherlands, 27.09.2008 13:09

De Woonstrijd! optocht voor een sociaal huisvestingsbeleid en tegen het kraakverbod trekt momenteel door de Utrechtse binnenstad.


13.45 - Bij het verzamelpunt werd een voordracht gehouden over het opkomende kraakverbod en de afbraak van sociale huisvesting.

14.00 - Een stoet van ongeveer 250 mensen is vanaf het zonnige Domplein te Utrecht vertrokken om hun onvrede over het woningbeleid te uiten.

14.30 - Inmiddels is de optocht gegroeid tot circa 500 mensen en is zij aangekomen bij het Vredenburg. Pal voor het voormalig gekraakte pand 'De Dump' wordt een toespraak gehouden door de Weggeefwinkel Utrecht, die hier begon.

Banks Get Bailed Out, People Get Thrown Out

Boston, 27.09.2008 12:09

The Esquivel family were evicted Thursday from their home in Roslindale. That same morning they had gone to the Boston Municipal Court in a last effort to stop the eviction. The judge did not rule in their favor. Raul and Anna Esquivel came back from court, tears streaming for their face, to find about 10 police officers on and around their property and another 40 people protesting the eviction. The picket was lively and emotional. Around forty people came out to support the Esquivels. The blockade was called by City Life/Urbana, and supported by many community groups, including Dorchester People for Peace, SEIU 615, the Boston No Eviction Network, the Boston Workers Alliance and others. At one point it appeared that the eviction was going to be called off. To this news, Anna Esquivel danced and people cheered. Yet about 30 minutes later, there was another call saying the eviction was in fact going to take place that same day at 2:30 pm.

Mayor Fenty Shuts Down Franklin Shelter

DC, 27.09.2008 06:10

In the early morning of Friday, September 26, 2008, Mayor Fenty shut down the only downtown Washington DC shelter for homeless men. These photographs document the process of shutting down the shelter between 6:30AM and 8:30AM.

Nicklesville --- Who owns the land?

Seattle, 27.09.2008 04:38

Nickelsville may be evicted at any moment. But on whose authority.

Clifton - Arrested - Assaulted - Tasered - re Arrested - Mockery of Justice -

Portland, 27.09.2008 02:38

A man who was assaulted on Belmont street as he was getting on a bus to go to work back in June 08
He calls for the police and waits ....only to get tasered and arrested.
Months latter while looking for his police report at the Central Precinct .... he is arrested again. Is this justice or a Mockery of Justice?
Mockery Of Justice - Stop Violence Now
Mockery Of Justice - Stop Violence Now
Follow up two video set for man that was tasered by the police when he was the victim of an assault. After being tasered, arrested and then appearing in court for the charges, Clifton found out the case was not being pursued at the time.

This was first reported here on Indy Media in June 2008 found at this link:

For the next four months he repeatedly was going to the police station to get his police report
He was never provided a copy of any report, always denied, and continuously told it was not available nor could it be located, week after week this was how he was acknowledged.

Four months latter which was just recently, when Clifton was back down at the Central Prescient here in Portland, looking for his copy of the police report ... .he was told to go to the main lobby desk. Upon checking in he was then ""ARRESTED" for a warrant stemming from the tasering incident.

Obviously the charges were reinstated and he was taken into custody for a second time.
Don't ask how to explain this.
For it makes no sense.
Its not about Justice, it's a mockery of justice.

I re-interviewed Clifton on 9.25.08 two block from where he was tasered, months ago.
In the follow up 2 part video clip Clifton explains what he has been going through.

He now has a trial date on 10.10.08 at the city courthouse.
The fact he was a crime victim and then later tackled and tasered by the police, is not what the trial is about.
Listen to the update and see how ass backwards Justice is being served here in Portland Oregon



Previously recorded video 4 part set - filmed at the time of the tasering in June 08

tape <1>
tape <2>
tape <3>
tape <4>

Points to consider:
· Clifton was assaulted by two drunk men on a city street while boarding Trimet bus 15
· A window was broken while the men attacked and fought with Clifton
· Clifton called the police and waited there on the corner for them to show up
· Clifton hit his hand on a nearby building, being stressed out and mad, he didn't realize it but his hand hit a mirror/window and it broke as he waited for the police
· In spite of the broken mirror/window Clifton still waited for the police
· When the police arrived they didn't ask him anything, nor get his statement
· When the police arrived they took him "down to the ground and then tasered him"
· Clifton never resisted nor threatened the police. He didn't even have a chance to speak
· Clifton was thus assaulted by the police, tasered and arrested, and taken to jail
· Clifton lost his job that night and had to walk home from downtown the next morning
· The two men who jumped him have never been found nor their crime investigated
· Charges were not being pressed when Clifton went to court, the DA had "no charges"
· He spent four months trying to get a copy of his police report, and it was never obtained
· Recently when at the police station looking for his arrest information, he was arrested a second time, without warning and lacking any respect
· Clifton was never notified of any change in his prosecution charges
· Clifton was never asked to report in to the courts or the police, nor informed of the new charges
· Clifton was finally given a lawyer and will speak with him/her with only 3 days before his trial comes up
· Clifton is a quit, soft spoken, and has a very "un aggressive" demeanor.
· Clifton is innocent and is being charged with a misdemeanor crimes
· Clifton was an assault victim, harmed by two drunks, as well as the Portland police
· Justice is not being served. This is a mockery and is shamefully disrespectful

Pall Mall protest in solidarity with National Physical Laboratory cleaners

United Kingdom, 26.09.2008 20:09

Activists picketed the Institute of Directors on Pall Mall this lunchtime to protest against the suspension of cleaners working for Amey PLC at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in Teddington.

Pots and pans, dustbin lids, whistles and voices created a wall of noise outside the ‘Nanofinance 2008’ event, held at the Institute and attended by representatives of the NPL, as activists handed out leaflets and talked to participants, including NPL staff, some of who expressed solidarity with the cleaners.

Franklin Shelter:Urgent Call To Action!

DC, 26.09.2008 18:10

The Mayor is closing The Franklyn School Shelter on Sept 26, ahead of the October 1 deadline and in violation of emergency legislation passed by the City Council on September 16. On Thursday, Sept 25, as part of the ongoing campaign to keep the shelter open, about 150 people protested and marched outside the building causing traffic disruptions in nearby street intersections. Despite some minor coverage in the corporate news media, community outrage against the Mayor's illegal and cruel actions has been minimal.

28 de setembro : aborto não é crime

Brasil, 26.09.2008 15:09


Bailout Bush (video)

Boston, 26.09.2008 14:09

About 25 protesters gathered at Park Street in Boston Thursday, Sept. 25 to protest Bush's bailout of Wall Street. As we look upon the demise of capitalism and its inherant greed, people all over the US Thursday held protests to say "Foreclose the CEOs-not our homes." A lame (very lame) duck president "Bailout" Bush(aka Markus) showed up at the Boston rally to panhandle passersby for a few spare billions to rescue Wall Street(or "War" Street--they finance and profit from US wars).

Marcha nacional educativa

Argentina, 26.09.2008 05:39

Estudiantes y docentes nacionalizan la lucha

II Jornada em Defesa das Áreas Verdes de Fortaleza

Brasil, 26.09.2008 05:39



LA, 26.09.2008 05:38

Moompetam Gathering of the Salt Water People

Marcha nacional educativa

Argentina, 26.09.2008 05:08

Estudiantes y docentes nacionalizan la lucha

&quot;Jobs &amp; the Economy&quot;, a community forum

Rogue Valley, 26.09.2008 04:39

"JOBS & THE ECONOMY" is a community forum brought to the Rogue Valley by Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice

October 1, 2008, 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Medford Library
205 S. Central
Medford, Oregon

Peter Buckley, Oregon State Representative
Barbara Byrd, Oregon AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer
Rich Rohde, Oregon Action
Guy Tauers, Economist, Oregon Employment Department

Protest on Wall St.

NYC, 26.09.2008 04:38

Photos from Todays Protest on Wall St.

City Says Homeless in Nickelsville To Be Evicted Today

Seattle, 26.09.2008 03:38

Nickelsville is an unauthorized homeless encampment in Seattle that has recently tried to setup more permanent shelter structures due to an increase in the number of homeless. There is somewhere around 100 people living at the location right now. The City of Seattle has issued an eviction notice (.pdf) which will expire today at 5:00PM, even though the camp is on government-issued tribal lands.

Protesters Demand No Bailout Of Bad Debts of the Financial Industry

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.09.2008 00:39

On Thursday September 25th, protests took place around the United States to oppose the proposed $700 Billion bailout of Wall Street firms. In San Francisco, a protest was held at the Federal Reserve at 4pm. The SF Labor Council has also come out strongly against the bailout.

&quot;Critical Resistance&quot; To The Prison Industrial Complex

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.09.2008 00:10

From September 26th - 28th, a national conference organized by Critical Resistance will take place at Lanny College. Critical Resistance is a group that has been fighting to raise awareness and abolish the prison industrial complex.

O. Chirino rechaza la injerencia de Human Rights Watch

Venezuela, 25.09.2008 23:37

Aborto Clandestino

Venezuela, 25.09.2008 23:37

KBOO Radio features 'Journalists for Mumia'

Portland, 25.09.2008 22:39

Prison Pipeline presented an interview between host, Ruth Kovacs and telephone guest, Hans Bennett—a Philadelphia-based independent journalist and co-founder of Journalists for Mumia. They reviewed updated information on pending appeals for Mumia Abu-Jamall and current recent stories about his case.

You can link to it here:

And be sure to watch the Dec. 6 Today Show referenced in the interview:

Self-organised factories - Zanon and Jugoremedija

Torun, 25.09.2008 22:07

  • Serbia
    • Jugoremedija
      • image 8529 news from January 2008 A year and a half ago, more than 60 prominent intellectuals and activists of the world supported the struggle of the workers-shareholders of Zrenjanin pharmaceutical factory Jugoremedija. That support was key to the most important victory of Serbia’s workers over the past eight years: on March 1st 2007, Jugoremedija became the first factory in Serbia controlled by its workers-shareholders. Today the Jugoremedija workers-shareholders are supporting the struggle of other Zrenjanin workers for their rights.
      • “news from December 200…

CALL TO ACT: Gustav Impact on Louisiana and Haiti

New Orleans, 25.09.2008 20:10

CALL TO ACT: Gustav Impact on Louisiana and Haiti

Rent Justice for Gustav Evacuees

New Orleans, 25.09.2008 20:10

Rent Justice for Gustav Evacuees

Petition Demands Extended Public Comment Period on NO School Plan

New Orleans, 25.09.2008 20:10

Petition Demands Extended Public Comment Period on NO School Plan

Healthcare Workers Union Threatened With Takeover

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.09.2008 19:09

On Sept. 26th and 27th, members of United Healthcare Workers West (UHW) will protest in San Mateo against an attempt by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) leadership to take over their local. SEIU President Andy Stern has called for a hearing at the San Mateo Events Center that could put the 150,000-member local under trusteeship. UHW supporters are condemning the move as an attempt to silence dissent and stifle union democracy.

Something stinks in Bundoran, and it ain't the sewage

Ireland, 25.09.2008 18:39

Having a background in planning and an interest in ...

Gambling Economy Goes Bust

NYC, 25.09.2008 18:09

The U.S. has faced one economic crisis after another this year from the foreclosure of millions of homeowners to soaring food and fuel prices to the implosion of the credit markets and Wall Street's demand for a $700 billion bailout. Throughout it all, The Indypendent has dug deeper to explain what is going on and why. For more, see below.

"How Wall Street Killed the Economy" by A.K. Gupta
February 4, 2008

From Bubble to Rubble: $10 Trillion Home Mortgage Debt Tanks Economy" by Max Fraad Wolff
February 4, 2008

"A Better Way to Stimulate the Economy" by Max Fraad Wolff
February 4, 2008

"The Republicans Have Already Won" by A.K. Gupta
February 4, 2008

"Inflation Nation: A Guide to Your Pocketbook Blues" by A.K. Gupta
April 14, 2008

"Bailing Out the Billionaires" by Max Fraad Wolff
April 14, 2008

"Tough Times in Queens" by Aman Gill and Sophie Forbes
April 14, 2008

"Subprime Color Line: Brooklyn Retiree on Verge of Losing Home as Sub-prime Lenders Target Cash-Poor Black Seniors" by Joseph Huff-Hannon
April 25, 2008

"Bloomberg Backed Banks in 2002" by Chris Anderson
April 25, 2008

"Oil Shock Offers Golden Opportunity" by A.K. Gupta
July 19, 2008

"Local Greenmarkets Wilt from High Prices" by Jonathan Shannon
July 19, 2008

"Street Vendors Speak Out" by Chris Cascarano
July 19, 2008

Look for more coverage of the economy by A.K. Gupta and Max Fraad Wolff in the October 3 issue of The Indypendent.

To subscribe to the Indypendent, click here.

To find out about The Indypendent's speakers bureau, call 212-221-0521 or email

La Plata: Varias jornadas culturales en la ciudad

Argentina, 25.09.2008 16:09

De cultura y de reclamo

Nunca olvidar

Argentina, 25.09.2008 15:39

Palestinos refugiados acampados em frente ao ACNUR-Brasil

Brasil, 25.09.2008 15:39


(UAC) en Catamarca

Argentina, 25.09.2008 15:09

7º Encuentro de la Union de Asambleas Ciudadanas

Reforma previsional en Córdoba

Argentina, 25.09.2008 14:39

Un balde de agua no apaga un incendio

Para la educación no hay plata

Argentina, 25.09.2008 14:39

Departamento de Policías

Welly Drivers Union: Dare to Struggle! Dare to Win!

Aotearoa, 25.09.2008 12:10

Go Wellington has ended it's lockout of Wellington union bus drivers and services will begin tomorrow. However there its no end in sight in this struggle and bus drivers will need your continued support.

The end of the lockout came at the end of the first day as solidarity actions began across the North Island and transport union members in Wellington refused to cross picket lines. $200 was raised in 45 minutes for Bus Drivers on Queen Street, Auckland today. [ New Zealand transport unions back Wellington Bus Drivers ]

The struggle continues, keep Infratil on the hop! Solidarity is a weapon!

Jornada Filiberto Ojeda

Puerto Rico, 25.09.2008 11:39

Jornada Filiberto Ojeda: El Patio de mi Casa es Particular

Finanzwirtschaft und Realwirtschaft anno 2008

Germany, 25.09.2008 11:39

Weltweit verlieren die Aktienmärkte an Wert. Globale "Finanzplayer" sind heilfroh, wenn sie für einen Apfel und ein Ei die Besitzer wechseln, statt wie die Großbank Lehman Brothers insolvent zu werden, während niemand sie übernehmen will. Prominente Kapitalvertreter rufen laut nach Staatshilfe, und die Regierungen tun, was von ihnen verlangt wird: In Deutschland wurde die IKB-Bank für gut 10 Milliarden Euro "sozialisiert" und der Verkauf der maroden SachsenLB an die LBBW mit 17 Mrd. Staatsknete "gefördert". In England zahlte die Regierung 34 Mrd. Euro für die Verstaatlichung der Pleitebank Northern Rock. In den USA kostet die Verstaatlichung der Hypothekenfinanzgesellschaften Fannie Mae und Freddie Mac mindestens 300 Mrd. US-Dollar. Dann war die größte Versicherungsgesellschaft der Welt, die AIG, an der Reihe, für die aus dem US-Steuersäckel 85 Mrd. Dollar fällig werden. Inzwischen gibt es Pläne für einen allgemeinen "Bail-out". Die US-Regierung will mit Steuergeldern wertlose "Sicherheiten" der Finanzwirtschaft im Wert von fast 500 Mrd. Euro aufkaufen, ihren Steuerzahlern aufbürden. Wo Märkte "versagen", hilft der Staat - alles wie gehabt?
Der Direktor des Hamburgischen Weltwirtschaftsinstituts warnte nach den jüngsten Finanz-Pleiten vor "falscher Panik" und meint, die Wachstumsprognose für die Wirtschaft in Deutschland müsse nur "um einzelne Zehntelpunkte" nach unten korrigiert werden. Neben solchen professionellen Gesundbetern sehen linke wie rechte Paniker das Ende der "Welt, wie wir sie kennen" und behaupten, der "Kapitalismus habe fertig" oder gebildet auf Englisch: "Game over".

Anti-war Action in Miami Saturday!!! September 27

Miami, 25.09.2008 10:37

Anti-war Action in Miami Saturday!!! September 27

From the Newswire

Perth, 25.09.2008 04:40

WA State election - a potential win for The Burrup?

Activists Disrupt Reception for Colombian Prez to Protest Free Trade Agreement

NYC, 25.09.2008 04:09

Two activists disrupted a reception for Colombian President Alvaro Uribe Velez to denounce Uribe’s support for a free trade agreement between the US and Colombia. Activists shouted, “No Free Trade Agreement with Uribe’s death squad government! Over 100 union organizers have been killed in the last 2 years in Colombia! Uribe is lying about demobilizing the death squads! The free trade agreement will mean more Afro-Colombian communities displaced for oil palm plantations and more indigenous people displaced for oil pipelines!”

Varias jornadas culturales en la ciudad

Argentina, 25.09.2008 03:39

De cultura y de reclamo

Foreclosures Protested

LA, 25.09.2008 03:39

Foreclosures Protested

Ike Blog round up

Houston, 25.09.2008 01:39

Blogging about Ike: a round up of blogs addressing social justice issues and Hurricane Ike

Galveston Reopens and Audio

Houston, 25.09.2008 00:40

Galveston reopens for residents, Reports from the Island

Jail Sentence Imposed in Virginia Climate Action Trial

DC, 24.09.2008 17:11

Three of six arrested on August 7th protesting plans to build a new nuclear reactor in central Virginia were found guilty yesterday. One received a jail sentence.

McCain classmate demonstrates against torture at USNA class reunion

Baltimore, 24.09.2008 17:09

McCain classmate and Maryland activists display anti-torture messages to his and McCain's Naval Academy 50th class reunion.

Reforma previsional en Córdoba

Argentina, 24.09.2008 16:40

Un balde de agua no apaga un incendio

In Nashua, Biden promises to enforce existing gun laws against Gregory W. Floyd.

New Hampshire, 24.09.2008 14:40

"I could walk from here to Manchester and doubt I'd find one person who would say the fundamentals are strong and the economy is roaring – unless I ran into John McCain," Biden said. I told him he and Senator Obama are the most formidable ticket in my 43 years and also appreciated the hug and his response to my question about enforcement of gun laws for people like Gregory W. Floyd, a multiple felon with a violent history.

Crise! Crise?

Galiza, 24.09.2008 13:11

Mentres o capital e os neogestores do presente lançam um berro mediático na búsqueda da histeria social sobre a crise diversas iniciativas começam a pular polo decrecimento como linha geral de actuaçom. Decrecimento , defessa do territorio, mobilidade, economía alternativa ... consciente ou inconscientemente, nessas linhas diferentes iniciativas estam-se a abrir nesse sentido no pais.

:: Massa crítica galega :: Redes troco Vigo :: R.T Corunha :: A cova da terra :: Reportagem sobre economía alternativa :: `As Chozas´ ::

Máis: :: "Robei 400.000 euros" :: "" :: Crise energética: :: Publicaçom crise ::

New York socialites dismayed by protest at Leviev-sponsored fundraiser

NYC, 24.09.2008 13:09

Manhattan’s elite were aghast to be greeted this evening by 25 chanting protesters when they exited their SUVs and limos to attend a glitzy fundraiser sponsored by Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev for the Museum of the City of New York. Leviev has been criticized for his businesses’ human rights violations and unethical practices in Palestine, Angola, Namibia and New York City. The Director of the Museum of the City of New York had failed to respond to phone calls and a September 16th letter from the New York rights coalition Adalah-NY, that is promoting a boycott of Leviev’s businesses. Adalah-NY’s letter informed the museum of the inconsistency of Leviev’s business practices with the museum’s mission, and with non-profit ethical standards.

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