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Una nueva etapa en la lucha contra la mineria contaminante

Argentina, 01.10.2008 04:09

Por ahora las mineras no podrán contaminar en Córdoba

From the Newswire

Perth, 01.10.2008 03:40

Protest the Land Warfare Conference in Brisbane

Una nueva etapa en la lucha contra la mineria contaminante

Argentina, 01.10.2008 03:39

Por ahora las mineras no podrán contaminar en Córdoba

Stop SH20 PPP and Tolls: Public Meeting Oct 8

Aotearoa, 01.10.2008 02:40

Citizens Against Privatisation announce public meeting: 7pm, Wed October 8, Wesley Community Centre, Mt Roskill The government continues to ignore public rejection of road tolls and so-called road pricing, privatised roads, and commercialisation and privatisation of public infrastructure and services. National threatens massive spending on public private partnerships (PPPs) - for roads, schools, hospitals, prisons… "In 1996," Rose Hollins, co-spokesperson for Citizens Against Privatisation (CAP) says, "construction of the Mt Roskill/Waterview section of SH20 was costed at only $72 million. Now, the projected tunnel price is $1.89 billion, to be built by a PPP that's been decided over the heads of the public, and followed by up to 45 years of road tolls until it's handed back, probably in poor repair, to our great grandchildren. This is a massive rip off." Links: George Monbiot on PPPs: Private Affluence, Public Rip-Off | Private Public Partnerships

Grito de Lares

Puerto Rico, 01.10.2008 01:40

140 años del Grito de Lares

Marcella &quot;Sali&quot; Grace Eiler Raped and Murdered in Oaxaca

Santa Cruz, CA, 01.10.2008 01:09

Marcella "Sali" Grace Eiler, a solidarity activist with the struggle in Oaxaca and Chiapas, was found dead last week in a deserted cabin twenty minutes from the village of San Jose del Pacifico, Oaxaca, Mexico. She was brutally raped and murdered. On different occasions and to different people, Sali mentioned that recently she had suffered political persecution and surveillance in Oaxaca. Many people believe that her murder is part of the widespread repression against the social movement and directed particularly at international observers.

Battle in Seattle Draws Both Praise and Criticism from Activists

San Francisco Bay Area, 01.10.2008 00:39

The movie Battle in Seattle is based on real events that took place surrounding the demonstrations against the World Trade Organization Meeting in 1999. San Francisco Bay area activists were involved in the protest and contributed to the production of the film. Concerned for accurate portrayal of protesters, David Solnit worked with the film's director to give input for a more true-to-life depiction. Indybay contributed footage of subsequent demonstrations.

acciones en todo el pais

Argentina, 30.09.2008 21:39

Día por la despenalización del Aborto en América Latina y el Caribe

dzień wege w toruniu

Torun, 30.09.2008 21:37

Zapraszamy serdecznie na obchody Międzynarodowego Dnia Wegetarianizmu, który odbędzie się w środę 1-go października 2008 roku. O godzinie 16:30 zapraszamy Państwa pod pomnik Mikołaja Kopernika na happening, w którym, poza kwestiami etycznymi, chcemy przytoczyć dane informujące o poważnym kryzysie w środowisku naturalnym, który grozi naszej planecie i za który odpowiada również spożywanie mięsa.

Następnie o godzinie 18:00 zapraszamy na pokaz filmów i obejrzenie wystawy w Piwnicy Pod Aniołem. Dodatkowo dostępne będzie stoisko informacyjne oraz wegetariańskie frykasy.

Dzisiaj, 1-go października, w Dniu Wegetarianizmu, poza kwestiami etycznymi chcemy przytoczyć dane informujące o poważnym kryzysie w środowisku naturalnym, który grozi naszej planecie i za który odpowiada również spożywanie mięsa.

Chcemy przekazać, że na planecie, której 65% powierzchni stanowi woda, dostęp do wody pitnej w wielu rejonach świata jest niemożliwy i że woda CAŁEGO świata jest w mniejszym lub większym stop…

tutmondigo (eo)

Barcelona, 30.09.2008 21:09

G8a kunveno en Japanio

Inter la tagoj 7a kaj 9a de julio okazos en Japanio, en la insulo Hokkaido, la G8a kunveno, formata de la ŝtatestroj el Kanado, Franco, Germanio, Japanio, Italio, Usono, Britio kaj Rusio. Ili kunsidas alifoje por decidi nian estontecon laŭ siaj interesoj. Monda ekonomio, klimata ŝanĝo kaj Afrika disvolvado estos kelkaj el la prioritataj aferoj en la kunveno.

Rilataj Novaĵoj ::: Unua kroniko el Japanio, serĉante G8-n... :: 29an de Junio - Manifestacio en Tokio kontraŭ G8 :: Esperantaj anarĥiistoj persekutitaj ĉe G8 :: Arestitaj dum la pretigado :: [G8-2001] kontraŭhorloĝa kurado

Videoj pri G8 Japanio ::: G8 2008 Japan Trailer :: Clownsarmy in Heiligendamm -- Preparing for G8 2008 :: No G8 Japan 2008 - Lake Toya promo

+infoj ::: Kontraŭkunvena agendo :: Situo :: Novaĵreto :: tago post tago pri G8 :: NO G8 action Japan :: G8 Action Network :: Tutmondigo

Indigenous Rights – The Galdino Mural

Aotearoa, 30.09.2008 20:11

On Sunday 14 September in Waitangi Skate Park Wellington’s top graffiti crew Triple S (TS) painted a mural supporting indigenous rights. In the month when the 'October 15th' deposition hearing is taking place involving members of Tuhoe and other New Zealand activists who supported Maori indigenous struggle for self determination, this mural could not have come at a better time. Triple S Crew were approached to paint this mural by Dean Hapeta (Te Kupu – www. tekupu. com) on behalf of a USA-based activist music group, IR (http://onewatchman.wordpress. com), that uses music to support indigenous rights. This had been a worldwide call-out to help remember the horrific death of the Pataxo Indian Galdino Jesus dos Santos, an indigenous man who while he lay on the streets sleeping, was murdered by a group of rich children, who as a “joke” to poured gasoline on him and set fire to him. Their treatment in the justice system was privileged and they only received mild sentences, as the life of this indigenous man was not seen as that significant. It has been ten years since his death but Galdino’s murder will not be forgotten. Due to political pressure, none of the traditional murals that are painted in Brazil to represent such a loss in a community were allowed. This is why Triple S Crew decided that they would step up and honour this life.

What's Behind The Global Finance Crisis?

Ireland, 30.09.2008 20:10

An Analysis of what is happening Kieran Allen has ...

San Francisco Activist Killed in New Orleans

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.09.2008 18:39

The body of San Francisco activist Kirsten Brydum was found Saturday in New Orleans, where Kirsten had traveled as part of a popular education tour. Kirsten was known locally as an organizer of the monthly Really Really Free Market in Dolores Park. Kirsten's death follows closely after news of the murder of another young activist, Marcella "Sali" Grace Eiler, in Oaxaca.

Nowa informacja w sprawie sytuacji Rozbratu

Poland, 30.09.2008 18:11

Prawnik Rozbratu uzyskał informację, że komornik przesłał do sądu akta wraz z kompletną dokumentacją w celu wyznaczenia terminu licytacji.

Justice for Blanca Luna

Houston, 30.09.2008 16:10

Mother of Murdered Air Force Airman Blanca Luna Seeks Justice


Colombia, 30.09.2008 10:39

Asesinado el mayor Raul Mendoza liberador de la Madre Tierra

More FBI Visits and Grand Jury Subpoenas in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 30.09.2008 07:08

In Santa Cruz last week, at least three individuals were visited by FBI agents and compelled to give DNA samples. The agents possessed court orders for their DNA in investigation of a "violation of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act." Another individual was served with a subpoena for a federal grand jury hearing.


Rogue Valley, 30.09.2008 06:10

Sponsored by Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice
When: 6pm, Wednesday, Oct. 1
(Rain or Shine, Deal or No Deal)

Where: Medford's Main Library - 205 South Central Avenue

Several national groups and economists agree that we can and must push for a better deal for Main Street.

Following the rally outside the library there will be a "Jobs & the Economy" forum inside

An Anti-War Resurgence?

Boston, 30.09.2008 02:09

Toward the end of his 2007 essay The Shock of Victory, David Graeber points out that the US government has taken extraordinary steps to protest-proof the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Among other measures, the Pentagon forbids photographers from taking pictures of soldiers’ coffins returning to the US Military tactics are designed more to avoid US casualties than to win battles. Even in the face of excruciating labor shortages, with some soldiers returning for their fourth tour of duty, there has been no discussion of reinstating the draft, because even George W. Bush realizes that such a move would touch off massive demonstrations all over the country. RELATED: Join the anti-war rally on October 11th:

4 Women Lock Down in LURC Office to Oppose Recent Decision

Maine, 30.09.2008 00:38

"Why did you sell our future?" Group Asks LURC Act of Civil Disobedience a Way to be Heard When the System is Broken? Augusta, Maine�Today, in an act of civil disobedience, four women locked their necks together in the office of the Land Use Regulatory Commission (LURC). Last week, LURC signaled their approval for the controversial Concept Plan put forth by Plum Creek to rezone a large tract of the Moosehead Lake Region. The women, part of Maine Earth First!, refused to leave the office until the LURC staff could explain why they had recommended approval of the plan.

Breaking news: Carmel-Agrexco shut down

United Kingdom, 29.09.2008 22:39

Both gates to the Carmel-Agrexco depot in Hayes, Middlesex, have been blocked. Four protesters have locked themselves inside a cage blocking one gate, while another is D-locked to the other gate. The action in the early hours of Sunday morning was timed to coincide with a Week of Action called by the Boycott Israeli Goods campaign [Press Release] At about 3.30 on Saturday morning, activists with tipper trucks dumped builders rubble across both gates of the company headquarters in Hayes.

Previous Actions: Carmel Agrexco's Depot Shut Down in Commemoration of the Nakba | Fortress Carmel Agrexco breached by Peace Activists | Video - Carmel Agrexco protest during Camp for Climate Action | Weekend of Action Against Carmel Agrexco | Activists Blockade Carmel-Agrexco's UK Headquarters for the Third Time | International Actions against Israeli Apartheid

Further reading: Text of letter to Carmel-Agrexco | Report on Carmel's involvement in the Jordan Valley | War on Want's report: Profiting from the Occupation

Links: Palestine Solidarity Campaign | The Big Campaign


Athens, 29.09.2008 20:40

Ο αγώνας για την ζωή και την αξιοπρέπεια κορυφώνεται στον Αμερικάνικο νότο

Video: Impeachment Vigil 9.25.08

Portland, 29.09.2008 20:39

he weekly vigil continues outside House District 3 Portland Office on Thursdays at high noon till two. Here is a video-report back from 9.25.08. This 3 part video clip is primarily with Barbara who gives us some updates on her activism concerning the Democratic movement for Impeachment and what she has been involved with locally and nationally. She explains Article 5 and the failure of the DNC to pursue justice. This 3 part [..] video set was filmed outside Earl Blumenauer's Portland Oregon Office. The (on-going-over one year) Vigil is to bring attention to the need for justice and accountability and to encourage Earl Blumenauer to ask for hearings on Impeachment.

Portland Indymedia Presents: Videos From The Resistance

Portland, 29.09.2008 20:39

Oct 27th @ PSU Food For Thought Cafe 4pm: As a special treat, Indymedia and Glass Bead Media folks are working serious overtime under intensely oppressive conditions in St Paul right now to bring you a documentary about the recent RNC protests. Hopefully we will have Alex Lilly and others to present their experiences along with this video.

If you or someone you know have submissions for Videos From The Resistance you can email victory(at) for requirements and other details or come to the next Portland Indymedia General Meeting Saturdays 5pm(check website for location details).

Indymedia Journalist Raped and Murdered in Oaxaca

United States, 29.09.2008 20:07

Marcella "Sali" Grace Eiler, solidarity worker with the people's struggle in Oaxaca, was found dead last week with signs of a brutal rape and murder.

<<Photo by Sali: "You can not call somebody dead who fought for life." More of Sali's photos from Oaxaca

From the Newswire: Brother and sisters, Our hearts are full of sadness and rage because our sister Sali was brutally raped and murdered 20 minutes from San Jose del Pacifico... Sali mentioned that recently in Oaxaca she had suffered political persecution and surveillance. This makes us think that her cowardly murderer is related to the widespread repression against the social movement and directed particularly at international observers. Read More with Discussion: Justice for Sali | Marcela Sali Grace was killed by the State of Oaxaca | U.S. Citizen Raped & Murdered In Oaxaca | !Justicia para nuestra hermana Marcella Sali Grace!

From NarcoNews: On Friday night, Mexican police transferred Omar Yoguez Singu, 32, to the Oaxacan attorney general's custody for murdering 20-year-old Marcella "Sally" Grace Eiler... Yoguez Singu was captured thanks to the quick action of Oaxacan activists who publicized her murder internationally. Read Coverage by Kristin Bricker: Mexican Activists Turn Over Mexico City Man to Police in Sally Grace Eiler Murder Case | Hasta Siempre Sally Grace: Another US Activist Murdered in Oaxaca

More Stories & Photos by Sali, all from 2007: July30: Update on Oaxaca:news and photos | Aug2: Oaxacan Women´s March | Aug15: Oaxaca..In defense of the forest and community life | Nov4: Oaxaca, one year after the All Saints Battle | Nov8: October in Oaxaca

Leia e distribua o jornal PASSE, do Movimento Passe Livre de São Paulo

Brasil, 29.09.2008 19:39



LA, 29.09.2008 19:38

Moompetam Gathering of the Salt Water People


LA, 29.09.2008 19:38

Moompetam Gathering of the Salt Water People

Conviction Overturned After 36 Years in Solitary For 'Angola 3' Member Albert Woodfox

United States, 29.09.2008 10:07

In response to a federal judge's decision overturning the conviction of Albert Woodfox, one of the two 'Angola 3' members who remain in prison, lawyers for the men called on the State Attorney General's office to drop any further charges and release the men immediately.


Colombia, 29.09.2008 09:39

Olga Marina Vergara, dirigente feminista asesinada

NO MORE FOIE GRAS Double Demo: Fenouil and Blue Hour

Portland, 29.09.2008 07:38

What: Foie Gras Double Demo
When: Saturday, September 20th 6:30 pm
Where: MEET @ NW 10th and Davis (by Blossoming Lotus)
Why: No More Foie Gras!!!
Saturday September 20th - Raise Your Voice... No More Foie Gras!

This Saturday, join fellow activists in the resistance against Foie Gras. The night will be a tour through the cruelty of the Pearl District, as there will be two targets- Fenouil and Blue Hour

In case you haven't heard, the campaign to eliminate Foie Gras in Portland is heating up! Every Saturday, and many other days during the week, activists gather outside Bluehour to educate the public about foie gras and to protest business partners Kenny Giambalvo (yes that's Kenny G.) and Bruce Carey for the culinary cruelty they promote at their Pearl District restaurant. With the truth at their doorstep, the duo still refuse to make the ethical decision to remove foie gras from their blood-soaked menu... and the activists, armed with compassion, refuse to give up on the truth. Even recently, a group of autonomous individuals stink bombed the dining room in protest of Bluehour's support of animal cruelty ( link to

Harmeet Sooden Files Official Complaint Over Illegal Deportation

Aotearoa, 29.09.2008 07:10

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – Harmeet Singh Sooden, who was held hostage in Iraq for four months in 2005-2006, has filed an official complaint to the governments of Canada and New Zealand and the United Nations for human rights violations committed against him by the Government of Israel in the course of denying him entry to the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Mr Sooden travelled to Israel on 14 June 2008 to work as a human rights defender with International Solidarity Movement (ISM). ISM is an international human rights organisation composed of Palestinians, Israelis and internationals who monitor the human rights situation and protect human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. After declaring the purpose of his visit, Mr Sooden was assaulted and injured, threatened, held in solitary confinement, denied the right to legal counsel and consular representation as well as the right to appeal his deportation order in a court of law, and unlawfully deported on 18 June 2008—all in contravention of Israeli and international law. [More]

Are you Supporting Millionaires for Clark or Key?

Aotearoa, 29.09.2008 06:41

Danyl Strype takes a nervous look at the past record and likely future of a parliament controlled by either National *or* Labour, and proposes a drastic rethink of what democratic governence means in practice. Kia ora koutou I recently got an invite to a group on FaceHook called Vote With Both Eyes Open, which focuses on reminding voters in this year's New Zealand General Election about the past crimes of the National Party? Seems to me like they've just got the Other Eye Open to the One-Eyed, Helen-hating anti-Labour cheerleaders. If they really want people to have Both Eyes Open, they'd need to be critical of Labour as well - on point of policy and past actions, not shallow personal attacks (Helen is a bossy, nanny-statist, John is smarmy, corporate-raider etc). [More]

Wells Fargo Attacked in Unincorporated Area of Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 29.09.2008 05:38

On September 27th, four windows, a glass door and an ATM were smashed out at the Wells Fargo on the corner of Soquel Drive and Thurber Lane in the unincorporated area of Santa Cruz. Wells Fargo is one of the largest single stockholders in the GEO Group, a private prison outfit with prisons and detention centers spread across the world. Among many others, the GEO Group runs the ICE (Immigrations & Customs Enforcement) Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, WA. The Geo Group also operates a Migrant Operations Center in Guantanamo Bay, on the grounds of the Naval Base, adjacent to the more infamous "Gitmo".

Houston ABC needs your help

Houston, 29.09.2008 04:40

Houston ABC needs your help or will have to call it quits

From the Newswire

Perth, 29.09.2008 02:41

Anniversary Saffron Revolution

Dispatches from week 3 - Operation 8 depositions hearing

Aotearoa, 28.09.2008 23:40

The last five days of the depositions hearing has been endless, mysterious, boring, interspersed with nano-seconds of excitement. Unfortunately the suppression orders still stand so I can’t tell you about the nano-statements of excitement. Possibly they only seem exciting in comparison with read-back guy, who continues to mangle Te Reo in a way I didn’t was know possible. When a friend said his favourite readback-guy mispronunciation was: why-care-moan-a, I couldn’t figure out what the original word was supposed to be (waikaremoana). The big question people keep asking me is whether or not the crown will meet the prima facie case on all the charges, or whether some will be dropped. A couple of the lawyers are optimistic that a prima facie case won’t be met against their clients. [More]

Cascadian Raped &amp; Murdered In Oaxaca

Portland, 28.09.2008 21:39

Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca - Thursday, September 25 Brother and sisters, Our hearts are full of sadness and rage because our sister Sali was brutally raped and murdered 20 minutes from San Jose del Pacifico and up to this moment the Oaxacan Attorney General's Office, as is its custom, is not doing anything regarding the fact that there exist witnesses who have information to identify those responsible. read more >>!Justicia para nuestra hermana Marcella Sali Grace!

Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca. Jueves 25 de septiembre. Hermanos y hermanas, Nuestros corazones estan llenos de tristeza y rabia porque nuestra hermana Sali fue violada y asesinada brutalmente a 20 minutos de San Jose del Pacifico y hasta este momento la procuraduria de Oaxaca como es su costumbre no esta haciendo nada a pesar que existen testigos que dan indicios para identificar a los responsables.


Olympia, WA: Rowdy Critical Mass Turns Into Arrest

Portland, 28.09.2008 21:39

The ride started out on Red Square at the Evergreen State College at 5:00pm with many people joining in along the way. The mass shouted and cheered as they drove by, feeling the power they shared together. Many people were vocally opposed to the existence of cars and shouted insults and other words of anger at SUV's and expensive looking cars for the poison they spew and the lives they take. When the yuppies yelled back, some even pretended to shoot them.

Heartbreak in Roslindale: The Human Face to the Financial Crisis

Boston, 28.09.2008 17:09

CarShare comes to Ashland

Rogue Valley, 28.09.2008 04:39

Car sharing is a growing phenomenon that started in Switzerland back in 1987 and now has spread globally. Here in the United States there are car shares in places such as Boulder, Portland, San Francisco, and Eugene. The size of the carshare programs range from one car to a fleet of 100 cars. The idea of car sharing has now come to Ashland. Ashland CarShare is beginning to turn into a reality thanks to committed community members.

What is CarSharing?

Car sharing allows drivers to become members of a group that share a vehicle. This type of program is typically ideal for people who don't need to do a lot of driving, but still would like to use a car once and a while.

Carsharing programs allows one to break the chains of car ownership. It helps the community by reduces traffic congestion. It also helps the environment. People drive less and as a result less fossil fuel is burned.

The Library House

United Kingdom, 28.09.2008 04:09

Very near Myatts Fields and not far Laughborough Junction station, the Library House stands right behind Minet Library (and it looks like it used to be part of the library services but left empty?).

It is run by a group of local south londoners that are currently fixing it up and already dreaming and preparing events. It aims to be an open house for the local community, and right now lots of work is going on, specially to sort out the electricity.

Report on the occupation Opening Announcement

Olympia, WA: Rowdy Critical Mass Turns Into Arrest

Seattle, 28.09.2008 04:08

This Friday saw one of the largest Critical Mass bike rides Olympia has seen all year. With over 80 people celebrating anti-car culture the mass blocked all lanes of traffic, chanted things like, "Car bombs, not cars!", sang songs, harassed motorists, and spit on pro-war sign holders and anti-choice sign holders. One person, towards the end of the ride, was arrested for allegedly writing an anti pro-life message on a truck belonging to the anti-choicers.

Ativista norte-americana é estuprada e morta em Oaxaca

Brasil, 28.09.2008 03:39


Wellington Bus Drivers: The Fight is Still on

Aotearoa, 28.09.2008 01:40

The Go Wellington Lockout By Nick Kelly: Wellington Tramways Union President As most of you know on Monday the Tramways Union (who cover the Wellington Bus drivers) and the Manufactoring and Construction Union (who represent the workshop workers) voted to reject the latest company offer. We began limited industrial action on Wednesday morning with a 1 hour strike. However before this first strike had happened the company issued and indefinate lockout notice starting 5am Thursday September 25th. For the 1 hour strike we decided to hold a stopwork meeting at the Wellington Railway Station to discuss the lockout. Management tried to claim that the strike action we were taking was illegal. Drivers at Kilbirnie got on a couple of buses and drove to the station. The acting depot manager told me as Union President that I should tell the workers to get back to work, and that we weren't to take a bus to the rail. The workers ignored this threat and now I face some sort of retribution for disobeying "lawful instruction from my employer". The union now as a new claim that on settlement the company will drop all retribution against workers involved in the dispute. [More]

University of California Workers Protest Poverty Wages

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.09.2008 00:39

On Saturday. September 27th at 11: a.m. nearly a hundred workers from local UC campuses including members of UPTE converged in the Oakland hills to make pancakes for newly appointed president Mark Yufof at his Oakland Hills mansion on Woodmont Way. They demanded Yudof come out and explain how he intends to end poverty wages at the University of California.

SF State Students Protest Military and Border Patrol Recruiting

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.09.2008 00:09

On September 26th, San Francisco State students and members of the community marched and rallied outside and inside a campus career fair in order to oppose the presence of military recruiters and the Border Patrol.

Local DIY Wheat processing yields over 600 lbs.

Portland, 27.09.2008 17:38

As reported on this website a few days ago, a group of us went out and hand-harvested a bunch of wheat from a field outside town. We have since processed it, which involved threshing and winnowing. This took a few days, many people, and yielded over 600 lbs. of wheat berries! Now it is being distributed through a creative scheme that rewards monetary investors and worktraders alike.

We threshed it on tarps in the driveway under a fir tree in the Hawthorne district. We winnowed it in front of electric fans, pouring from bucket to bucket. One helper found that a basket with just the right holes in it worked well to sift off the straw and big pieces before bringing it to the fan. This discovery led to cleaner berries and less time in front of the fans.

The grand total for the harvest: 636 lb.!

Under an arrangement that was hatched this winter, 40% of that will be divided among the people who spent time helping

Suffragettes interrupt the Energy Minister in preparation for the Climate Rush

United Kingdom, 27.09.2008 17:09

Seven young women dressed as Suffragettes with red sashes that read: CLIMATE CODE RED and NO NEW COAL interrupted Energy Question Time at the Labour Party Conference on Saturday 20 September.

They challenged Malcolm Wicks MP, Energy Minister, to defend his decision to build a new coal-fired power station at Kingsnorth. They were asked to leve but confronted him again as he left the conference room.


Portland, 27.09.2008 15:38

Portlanders are protesting the bailout scheme in Portland. About 75 people showed up to the corner of the Hawthorne Bridge and MLK on Thursday, September 25 at rushhour to express their objections to the financial bailout scheme being debated in congress. Lots of honks in support. These protests will continue weekly. Code Pink sent out an email about it. But you can also probably check here at IndyMedia for news of next one.

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