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Announcing... the Let Live Series!

Portland, 15.10.2008 01:38

Announcing the Let Live Series, a monthly series of speakers, workshops, and social events. These events are dedicated to promoting and improving animal rights activism and community in the Portland area throughout the year, culminating in the annual Let Live Conference. Let Live Series, Part 1: Monkey Business. October 26th, 2 pm, PSU Campus in the Smith Memorial Union, room SMU228

First Anniversary of the October 15 State Terror Raids

Aotearoa, 15.10.2008 01:10

This morning life-sized posters of Helen Clark dressed as a 'ninja cop' appeared throughout Wellington. Today is the one year anniversary of gun-toting and armoured police terrorising people around the country in the name of terror prevention. Around 60 houses were raided at dawn, an entire community was locked down, and 17 activists were arrested on firearms charges in the NZ police's failed first attempt to use anti-terror law. [Public Art in Remembrance of 15 Oct 2007] In Ruatoki, the community that was completely locked down and terrorised during the raids, there will four days of Stalls, Music, Movies, Activities, Art Display, Launching CD, Guest Speakers, Whakawhiti Korero, Krumping Competition, Photographs of the Raids at the Te Rewarewa Marae, Ruatoki, Te Urewera from 15th-18th October More Auckland Come down to Aotea Square from 5:30pm tonight (October 15) for some fun and games to contrast the trauma and oppression felt on this same day a year ago. Food Not Bombs will provide food and hot drink, there will be music, and there will be mega twister! Bring your friends, family, blankets to picnic on, and all your usual banners and things if you like. There will also be a solidarity picket outside Auckland District Court this Friday 17th October from 9.30am-10.30am. On Friday the Judge will be releasing his decision whether or not those arrested in the raids have to face trial. [More] In Melbourne there is a picket of the NZ Consulate taking place on Wednesday October 15th at 1pm. More

October 15: a Horror Story

Aotearoa, 15.10.2008 01:10

Today, Christchurch's paper, The Press has an interview with Awhitia Kohu and Moko Hillman, two Ruatoki residents terrorised by heavily armed Police during last year's October 15 raids. Neither Awhitia or Moko were arrested in the raids but they still had their house searched and were, along with their children, forced out of their homes whilst being 'painted' by rifle laser sights. The Police also searched their 15 year old daughter at gunpoint. To quote from the article: "At about five o'clock in the morning I heard a crash and a bang outside," said Kohu. "I went outside on my deck, through the sliding door … and I had all these little red spots all over me. "The police were yelling out: `put your hands up'." The red dots were the night-sights used by the police, who were armed with automatic weapons. The article continues: "Me and my children were escorted out onto the road. They already had dragged their father outside onto the road, and then the kids saw him getting cuffed, " Kohu said. "They had him up against the bank and the kids are crying, carrying on, freaking, we don't know what's happening." Hillman was taken to Rotorua for questioning. This article should be read by everyone. It succinctly and vividly describes the terror forced on the Tuhoe people by the NZ Police. [Full article]

New Profile, is Investigated for Helping Teens Avoid Israeli Military Draft

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.10.2008 01:09

On September 15th, the Israeli police started an investigation into whether an anti-military organization has violated the law by providing information to teens on how to avoid military service. The investigation was called by Israel's military advocate Avichai Mendelblit who also recommended prosecuting Mohammad Bakri, the maker of "Jenin Jenin" for libel. A few weeks later, Mendeblit was ordered by the Israeli High Court to reconsider a decision to give a general brigade and soldier who participate in shooting a bound Palestinian a light sentence.

Nuevamente el conflicto habitacional en Neuquén

Argentina, 14.10.2008 23:39

Brutal represión a toma del barrio confluencia

Openness in Government - Call to Action!

Rogue Valley, 14.10.2008 23:09

This is a call to action for those who want accountability in their police and openness in their city government. The Medford Communications Advisory Committee is meeting Wednesday, October 15th at 4:00 PM and people need to know about this.

Nuevamente el conflicto habitacional en Neuquén

Argentina, 14.10.2008 23:09

Brutal represión a toma del barrio confluencia

Caravan To Support The Struggle For Survival At Black Mesa, November 22-29

Portland, 14.10.2008 22:38

**Join Us For The Caravan To Support The Struggle For Survival On The Front Lines Of Resistance at Big Mountain, Black Mesa, AZ. November 22-29, 2008**

**Join Us For The Caravan To Support The Struggle For Survival On The Front Lines Of
Resistance at Big Mountain, Black Mesa, AZ. November 22-29, 2008**

Please Come to the Upcoming NW Regional Planning Meetings!!

The caravan is six weeks away and that time is going to go by fast!
We strongly urge ALL participants to attend ALL upcoming regional meetings
to ensure that people are really prepared.
*We are asking all interested participants to first pre-register to help
us estimate how many people to expect as well as to help us make necessary
To pre-register, please contact:

-- NW Regional Meetings: Sunday, 7 PM --
Oct. 19, Nov. 2nd, Nov. 9th, Nov. 16th
3 Friends Coffee House. 201 SE 12th Ave. Portland, OR 97214
Directions: link to

Nanon Williams Still in Prison

Houston, 14.10.2008 13:09

Nanon Williams Appeal lands in 5th circuit court

exploitation of immigrant workers in romania

Romania, 14.10.2008 10:37

This is a two-part investigation into the situation of immigrant textile workers in Bacau and Sibiu, Romania, and their organizing efforts as well as the larger context of exploitation of low wage immigrant labor by Romanian companies.

IMF delegates get late-night wakeup call

DC, 14.10.2008 06:09

At about 1:30 AM on the morning of Oct 12, delegates to the IMF and World Bank meetings got a noisy, pots and pans wakeup call from protesters! (audio pending)

ADC Shocked and Dismayed by Senator McCain's Response to 'Arab slur'

DC, 14.10.2008 06:09

Organization Calls on McCain and Obama to repudiate use of "Arab" as a "Slur" "I can't trust Obama. I have read about him and he's not, he's not uh… he's an Arab. He's not…," before McCain retook the microphone and replied, "No, ma'am. He's a decent family man [and] citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues and that's what this campaign's all about. He's not [an Arab]."

Ontruiming amsterdam 14 october

Netherlands, 14.10.2008 05:39

De eerste pand die vandaag ontruimd wordt is PS28.

7:34 - De stillen klimmen op de steiger voon de buren, om te zien of zij via het pand ernaast naar binnen kunnen komen.
7:33 - Bratra begint nu met een kettingzaag beneden binnen te komen.
7:29 - Een waterkanon en een aantal ME busjes rijden weg van het Biko-Plein.
7:19 - De politie breekt de beneden deur open.
7:15 - er is voor de tweede keer gevorderd
7:10 - 2 waterwerpers staan tegenover PS28, er zijn zo'n 10 ME bussen, de straat is door ME afgezet.
7:00 - De eerste groep van stillen staat tegenover PS28. De Helicopter hangt boven het pand.

People demand an end to raids and deportations

LA, 14.10.2008 05:08

People demand an end to raids and deportations

Se exige alto a deportaciones y redadas

LA, 14.10.2008 05:08

Se exige alto a deportaciones y redadas/People demand an end to raids and deportations

India Police Chief Challenged on Human Rights Record at U.C. Berkeley Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.10.2008 04:22

The Director General of Police of the Indian state of Chhattisgarh, Vishwa Ranjan, faced intense questioning at a Conference on Indian Democracy: Justice and the Law held at the University of California, Berkeley. He admitted that arresting documentary filmmaker Ajay T.G. may have been a "mistake," and signed a postcard supporting the release of imprisoned civil rights leader Dr. Binayak Sen.

Protests Demand Support For Filipino Veterans Rights

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.10.2008 04:22

On Friday, October 10th, in Los Angeles and San Francisco, hundreds of Filipino American students, youth and veterans and supporters held their rallies in front of the Federal Building in the both cities to demand Filipino veterans rights. Justice for Filipino American Veterans calls on all Filipino American organization and mainstream allies to push for recognition, justice and equity for 18,000 remaining veterans, their widows and relatives.

VIDEO: Report Back from SAWAC March

Seattle, 14.10.2008 03:08

The Seattle Antiwar Action Coalition (SAWAC) is a diverse and democratic coalition looking to turn the massive antiwar sentiment in Seattle and the Northwest into a vibrant movement with the power to end the war. On October 11th, the Coalition organized a march and rally to get the U.S. out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Womens Rights

Perth, 14.10.2008 02:39


Llevan 60 días de huelga de hambre

Argentina, 14.10.2008 02:09

Niegan asilo político a campesinos Paraguayos

Llevan 60 días de huelga de hambre

Argentina, 14.10.2008 02:09

Niegan asilo político a campesinos Paraguayos

Ashland Commuter Challenge Results!

Rogue Valley, 14.10.2008 00:09

The results are in on the first ever Ashland Commuter Challenge. Thanks to all who helped reduce vehicle miles traveled like the Ashland Comprehensive Plan mandated at least as far back as 1982. Lets do it again next year!

A 516 años

Argentina, 13.10.2008 22:08

Seguimos exigiendo libertad

Anti-War Sentiment in Boston Still Strong

Boston, 13.10.2008 22:08

Several thousand peace activists took the streets of Boston 10/11/08 to protest the 6th anniversary of Congress voting for war on Iraq. The rally started on Boston Common where are a large crowd on a sunny day heard anti-war speakers and musicians. The rally then marched south toward Copley Sq. and Newbury St. , back north through central Boston's downtown crossing shopping district, greeted by many interested onlookers. This action was one of many across the U.S. on Oct. 11.The rally started on Boston Common where are a large crowd on a sunny day heard anti-war speakers and musicians. The rally then marched south toward Copley Sq. and Newbury St. , back north through central Boston's downtown crossing shopping district, greeted by many interested onlookers. This action was one of many across the U.S. on Oct. 11. Video:

Neuquén sale a las calles por múltiples reclamos

Argentina, 13.10.2008 21:38

A 516 años

Argentina, 13.10.2008 21:38

Seguimos exigiendo Libertad

Ontruimingsgolf Amsterdam, 14 october,

Netherlands, 13.10.2008 16:09

Arrestantengroep: 06-42413496

Op de lijst staan - voor zoveer bekend - op dit moment:
- Barcelona in West
- Bonairestraat 90hs en 92hs
- van ostadestraat 54 een etage
- het pand van de studenten aan de jan steenstraat in de pijp: Steenbreek
- en Pretorius 28, Joe's Garage.
Albert-Cuyp-Straat 40/42: is blijbaar weer van de lijst gehaald

Clara Anahí Mariani, seguimos te buscando.

Brasil, 13.10.2008 16:09


Justice in Genova

DC, 13.10.2008 01:09

On July 15, after a three-year trial, verdicts were handed down by the Italian court. Fifteen officials were given sentences ranging from five months to five years. Thirty others were cleared of charges. Defendants will each receive 10,000 Euros and upwards in damages. The decision is considered an embarrassment to Silvio Berlusconi's right wing government, in power both then and now. In 2005, 29 officers were indicted for grievous bodily harm, planting evidence and wrongful arrest for the raid on the on the Diaz School. By 2003, all of the activists arrested that night had been cleared of all charges including resisting arrest.

Copyright Tira Blog do Ar

Brasil, 12.10.2008 23:09


Solidarity Picket for October 15th Arrestees on 17th October

Aotearoa, 12.10.2008 22:10

9:30am-10:30am outside the Auckland District Court Deposition hearings for the arrestees of the October 15th 'anti-terror' raids recently ended. On October 17th the judge will release his decision as to which charges will proceed to trial. The October 15th Solidarity group in Tamaki-Makaurau are calling for a morning picket to show support and solidarity for the arrestees. We have not forgotten the state surveillance, repression, and imprisonment of Maori sovereignty activists and anarchists. We have not forgotten the racist harassment of the residents of Ruatoki. We have not forgotten the long history of colonisation, violence, and confiscation. Nor have we forgotten the indigenous struggle for self-determinatoin and resistance to the colonial state that continues to this day. Come show your support for Tino Rangatiratanga and Te Mana Motuhake o Tuhoe. Stand in solidarity with the arrestees. Auckland District Court 9.30am-10.30am on Friday October the 17th. Please bring banners, placards and flags. Ka whawhai tonu matou, ake ake ake!


Athens, 12.10.2008 21:39

Ο πόλεμος της Ευρώπης σε μετανάστες και πρόσφυγες

Stock Markets Crash As Capitalism Falters

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.10.2008 20:39

The sub prime mortgage crisis has combined with the deregulation of the financial systems and new financial instruments called Credit Default Swaps to cause an international crisis in the capitalist system. As everyone tries to turn their money into cash and nobody knows which company will go under next, banks are unwilling to loan and stock markets around the world are crashing.

Memorial for Marcella &quot;Sally&quot; Grace Eiler on Sunday

Portland, 12.10.2008 20:38

5:00 to 7:00 PM
snacks and (non alcohol) drink will be provided.
7:00 to 9:00 PM
we will share our memories of Sally and talk about the struggles she was a part of.
9:00 PM

Capitalism isn't in crisis; capitalism IS crisis!

United Kingdom, 12.10.2008 20:09

As financial markets continue to slump around the world, several hundred people gathered in the City of London on Friday 10th to voice their anger over the British governments plan to commit over 50 billion GBP of public funds to shore up 'confidence' in British markets.

Following a series of calls [1 | 2] that had been circulated in different websites and forums, angry students and activists meet in the late afternoon outside Bank tube station at the heart of the City of London. The demonstrators soon moved on to the prestige shopping centre (The Royal Exchange) which they attempted to storm, and then moved towards the Bank of England but were quickly repulsed by police. They then went on a tour of nearby streets, often pushing through police lines that seemed to be quite unprepared for the unfolding protest. Eventually there was a sit-down as the protesters reached Bishopsgate, and finally a short rally with speeches on the corner of London Wall and Bishopsgate, after which the demonstrators slowly dispersed.

Newswire Reports: City of London clashes, Pictures | Anti-Capitalist Demonstration at Bank | Video

A similar demonstration has now been called in Edinburgh on the 24th of October.

Trabajadores del CONAC denuncian su despido arbitrario

Venezuela, 12.10.2008 17:37

Ocupação da Reitoria da UFRB

Brasil, 12.10.2008 16:09


ACLU Advises Md State Police Letter Recipients Not To Appear

DC, 12.10.2008 12:10

On Oct 11, ACLU attorney David Rocah appeared at a Washington Peace Center sponsored panel discussion on the MD State Police (MSP) spy scandal and the letters. He advised people who received the letters NOT to accept the MSP's offer to appear in person to "review" files but receive no copies.

another world is here (en)

Barcelona, 12.10.2008 10:39


A couple of years ago the climate change was denied, now it's even old-fashioned for the much it has been told. A couple of months ago spanish economy was still bragging of its situation and now, they suddenly start talking us about crisis. Maybe we're not well informed? Don't forget to enter on September 17 if you want to have the information that will let you to judge by yourselves.

I've robbed euro 492.000 to those who rob us more

[Sep 17] World blackout, to let the planet breath: from 21:50 to 22:00

[Sep 19] Friday Sept. 19 at 20h outside the Town Hall of your town or city. SAUCEPAN BANGING!!

CRISI magazine in catalan ::: spanish ::: english

related news ::: Total Crisis 2010 ::: Video denunciation about the global energetic crisis ::: You're surprised by the crisis?(article) ::: Imc Labour issues - Transport Strike ::: 10 days to Sept 17 ::: The capitalism crisis to debate in Ontinyent ::: Coming soon in your life: Energetic crisis

+info ::: Globalization :::: Decreixement :: :: Temps de Re-Voltes :::: 17-S CRISI

Lynching in Paris

Houston, 12.10.2008 07:39

10 years after James Byrds Death: a death by dragging in Paris Texas

Atropello Policial

Argentina, 12.10.2008 06:39

Entrevista a la dirigente estudiantil Carmen Pulido

Venezuela, 12.10.2008 03:37

Richmond Investors Plan to Cash in on Immigrant Detainees

DC, 12.10.2008 00:09

Community groups oppose a private corporation's plans to build a 1,000 bed immigrant prison in Farmville, VA.

October 25th: Seattle Veg Potluck &amp; Anarchist Discussion + Letter Writing Party

Seattle, 11.10.2008 21:38

Join us for a fun night of community building Saturday, Oct. 25th @ 7:30 PM on Capitol Hill.

Discuss current state of anarchist movement in Seattle and organize upcoming events/actions/projects such as: womyn's diy heal collective, protecting Seattle's 3 remaining urban forests, food not bombs, anarchist cafes, benefit shows/events.

Fairfax gets off, no surprises there.

Aotearoa, 11.10.2008 19:40

Fairfax was today judged not guilty of contempt of court by Wellington's High Court. Fairfax published leaked suppressed evidence in the Operation 8 trials late last year, in clear violation of a court order. The suppressed evidence published by Fairfax in the Dominion Post was only the most controversial portions of transcripts of recorded conversations between defendants. It was released shortly after the Police were denied the power to press terrorism charges and was no longer admissible under the comparatively minor arms charges which had to be pursued instead. In all probability, the evidence was leaked by the Police themselves to save face after their terrorism investigation fell over on its face.

Ernesto &quot;Che&quot; Guevara

Argentina, 11.10.2008 19:09

Merseyside Police Versus Freedom Of Speech

United Kingdom, 11.10.2008 18:39

An entirely legal demonstration in solidarity with international Freedom Not Fear day was disrupted and halted in Liverpool this afternoon, and two arrests were made.

This month in DIY Education: October

Portland, 11.10.2008 17:38

Fall is upon us and a with a new season comes a new monthly email we'll be sending out to inform you of the great workshops, classes, and other empowering educational opportunities in the Portland region. This calendar is also available online at our website: with more details and often with new or updates classes so make sure to check there too.

"How can I start a class" you ask? Well, its easy! You can teach something that you are passionate about, or maybe start a group to discuss something you'd like to learn more of. It can be in your living room, a park, or any other community space. We have lots more resources for starting a class and finding a space on our website. Read below for some fine examples of grassroots education happening this month, or you can also attend our...

Write to political prisoners potluck in eugene,oregon !

Portland, 11.10.2008 17:38

The Civil Liberties Defense Center presents the 1st of an ongoing event: wednesday, october 26th, 6pm - for the first monthly write to political prisoners potluck

where?- Apocalypse on Broadway (2100 W Broadway #1) eugene,oregon

join us for an evening of food, camaraderie, and letter writing as we show solidarity and support for eco defense/political prisoners. names and addresses of many prisoners will be provided, and you're welcome to come with your own list of names and addresses of prisoners.

VIDEO: Eyes Wide Open Holiday Park 2008

Portland, 11.10.2008 17:38

Here is an 82 minute video from Eyes Wide Open Holiday Park[.] Filmed in Portland Oregon on Sept 20 2008[.] The boots and shoes on display were to signify the people who have died in the Iraq war[.]

Eyes Wide Open Holiday Park 2008 [-] I went to this event and was able to film a lot of the ceremony and the exhibit. There were boots that were from Oregon US soldier who have died in this illegal occupation. There were boots form Oregon contractors who also have died in Iraq. And there were shoe that represented all the Iraqi's that have lost their lives for this occupation. There was a very long row of prayer flags that was on display as well, each containing a message or a name of a solider who has lost his life.

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