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US Finance and Global Capitalism

Ireland, 17.10.2008 19:09

The historical development of the global financial ...

SAS wins at UH

Houston, 17.10.2008 18:39

U of Houston affiliates with the Worker Rights Consortium!

Credit Crunch Hits Nottingham

United Kingdom, 17.10.2008 17:39

It has emerged that Nottingham City Council had £42 million invested in the Icelandic banks which last week collapsed as a result of the "credit crunch," putting this money at risk. While Nottingham was not the only council to invested in these banks, Nottingham's investments are notable when the city's population is taken into account. One commentator estimated that "the possible loss in Nottingham could be £150.69 for every woman, man and child in the city." (By comparison, the per capita figure in Kent which had around £50 million invested, is £35.85.)

There are concerns that the city council may respond to the loss through job cuts, cutting services and/or increasing council tax. Nottingham and Mansfield Trades Council organised a demo in Market Square on Monday 13th October, demanding that Gordon Brown bail the council out, rather than leaving city residents to pay the cost of their rulers' poor investments.

Newswire: Lending to Icelandic Banks | £42 million missing in Iceland | Addressing the Financial Crisis is not a distraction from Peak Oil/Climate Change

Previous Features: Local Government Workers in Notts Join National Strike | Nottingham City Council: Mired in Corruption

Military Recruitment Center Vandalized in Capitola

Santa Cruz, CA, 17.10.2008 17:38

On the night after Columbus Day 2008, eleven windows were vandalized at the Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marine Recruiting Center in Capitola with a paint and acid mix. The Recruiting Center was vandalized because, "The U.S. government has always waged a war of extermination against land-based ways of life in order to impose capitalist exploitation of the earth and its peoples."

Tre Arrow Update

Portland, 17.10.2008 16:38

Tre is in Herlong, CA, where he is likely going to be until at least May, 2009. Tre has transitioned from Oregon and is in the Sierra highlands of northern California, 50 miles northwest of Reno, NV, and about 30 miles southeast of Susanville, CA.

Herlong is located at the extreme Eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in the southeastern region of Honey Lake Valley. Herlong resides in Lassen County, which is one of the last counties in the west that is still considered "open range" land, so cattle are known to graze the community. Tre can have up to 5 adult visitors at one time. Feel free to make travel plans to visit Tre and some of the gorgeous California Sierras.

State of Hanford Site Meetings

Portland, 17.10.2008 16:38

The USDOE will endanger the Columbia River by delaying Hanford Cleanup by decades and shipping even more waste, traveling on highways through Portland and Hood River to Hanford.
Protect the River NOW! STOP shipments of waste!

Come join us at a State of the Site Meeting in Portland or Hood River!
State of the Site Meetings:

Hood River Meeting: Tuesday, October 21st
at the Best Western Hood River Inn, 1108 E Marina Way
Pre-meeting workshop with Heart of America NW at 6 pm
Public comment portion at 7 pm


Athens, 17.10.2008 13:09

Συνεχίζεται η αντίσταση των κατοίκων στους ΧΥΤΑ

Frente a la Crisis: Desobediencia civil y Expropiaci�n al Capital

Euskal Herria, 17.10.2008 08:09

Desde los Movimientos Sociales Catalanes y, m�s concretamente, de la parte de uno de sus activistas llamado Enric Duran, nos lleg� el 17-S la publicaci�n de la revista "Crisi" que destapaba una acci�n radical de desobediencia pac�fica y expropiaci�n bancaria que bien esperemos pueda servir de referencia para hacer frente, desde la auto-organizaci�n aut�noma de base, a la crisis sist�mica que se nos echa encima [Video de explicaci�n del origen y desarrollo de la acci�n]. A un mes de esta acci�n que ha servido para financiar a los movimientos sociales que crean alternativas de sociedad, desde Indymedia Euskal Herria recopilamos una peque�a s�ntesis de los contenidos de la revista (200.000 ejemplares distribuidos en los Paisos Catalans en un s�lo d�a) y de algunos materiales period�sticos aparecidos posteriormente.

La Revista "Crisi": Pocas publicaciones de un s�lo n�mero han llegado a tanta gente y con tanta fuerza y radicalidad. A lo largo de todo el n�mero, Enric y otros autores y autoras (algunas de ellas seud�nimos de activistas latinoamericanos muertos por la represi�n, 1, 2) van presentando diversos textos sobre los diferentes aspectos de la crisis y sus principales culpables, sus pr�cticas criminales y, finalmente, sobre los movimientos y alternativas que se ponen en pr�ctica como contrapoder al orden y la ideolog�a dominantes. |Descarga el PDF de la revista en catalan|, |N�mero completo en castellano y art�culos traducidos a otras lenguas|, |Enlaces de los Movimientos Sociales|.

Desde el grupo que da cobertura a la acci�n se hace un llamamiento a colaborar, entrando en contacto para poder trasmitir las formas de realizar este tipo de acciones y aspirar a una respuesta radical y coordinada a escala global frente a la crisis del capitalismo que en ning�n caso ser� resuelta por sus culpables entre los poderes econ�micos y pol�ticos. Tambi�n se pide que la gente colabore traduciendo a diferentes lenguas los art�culos de la revista para aumentar su difusi�n a los diferentes lugares del planeta. Por ahora s�lo dos de los art�culos han sido traducidos al euskera.

Repercusi�n period�stica posterior: |Entrevista a Enric en Mar de Fueguitos (Tas-Tas Irratia)|, |Entrevista en "Suelta la Olla" (Hala Bedi Irratia)|, |Entrevista a Enric en Diagonal|, |Entrevista a Enric en Sodepaz|, | Dossier especial|.

Operation 8 depositions hearing over - 1 defendant free

Aotearoa, 17.10.2008 04:10

The long depositions hearing for 18 of the the Operation 8 defendants has finally finished, with Judge Perkins today committing 17 of them to face trial.

1 of the arrestees, Rongomai Bailey, had all charges against him dropped. [ Video interview with Bailey from NZ Herald ]

The other 17 arrestees will all face trial, possibly in late 2009 or early 2010. A large number of the charges against the remaining defendants have been dropped. While previously the 18 collectively faced 343 charges under the Arms Act, all charges relating to the camps alleged to have been held in November, April and August have been dropped, heavily reducing the total number of charges.

Super Fund should clean out investments in nukes and plunder

Aotearoa, 17.10.2008 03:40

National leader John Key advocates that the Super Fund invests in up to 40% New Zealand companies. A good place to start would be by cleaning out deeply unethical international investments. The Super Fund currently invests in a plethora of companies involved with environmental destruction and the production of nuclear weapons and their delivery systems. “We have long been lobbying for the Fund to divest from US Corporation, Freeport McMoran Copper and Gold and its joint venture partner, Rio Tinto Inc because of the irreparable harm these companies are doing to the environment and the people of Indonesian controlled West Papua,” said Maire Leadbeater speaking for the Indonesian Human Rights Committee. More Previous indymedia stories: 18 September 2008 West Papuan Guerillas Demand Closure of Freeport Mine | 18 August 2008 Papuan tribal chief to sue mining giant Freeport | 4th August 2008 Report from Demo Against Superfund Investments in Freeport | March 21st 2007 Protest Against Superfund | December 2nd 2006 West Papuan independence day demo outside Superfund


Portland, 17.10.2008 03:38

Just got this from PETA. We're feeling like this might be a good chance for an anti-Primate Center campaign to pick up some steam. There seems to be a lot of potential energy in Portland right now and we're hoping a lot of you folks can join us out there. People can also meet up here at the mini-mall (12th and Stark) at like 11:00 to do some ride-sharing if you'd like.
"During a four month undercover investigation in 2007, a PETA investigator experienced firsthand the anguish that the animals at Oregon Health Sciences University's (OHSU) Oregon National Primate Research Center (ONPRC) endure every day. Animals were forced to eat food from their waste trays, were terrorized when they were chased and caught in group cages, and suffered severe psychological trauma.

ONPRC continues to confine more than 4,000 monkeys who are used in cruel taxpayer-funded studies in which monkeys are separated from their mothers to induce psychological damage; forced to eat lard in obesity experiments; exposed to nicotine, alcohol, and infectious diseases before they are ultimately killed; and more.

Monkeys don't belong in laboratories, nor do they deserve to needlessly suffer in the name of greed. Please join PETA next Tuesday to speak out in their behalf.

When: Tuesday, October 21, 12 noon-1 p.m.
Where: OHSU Marquam Hill Campus, 3181 S.W. Sam Jackson Park Rd., Portland, Ore.
Note: Please meet under the pedestrian bridge at the main OHSU hospital. We encourage carpooling and taking public transportation on Trimet bus #8, as parking is difficult.

Military recruiting Opt-Out deadline

Portland, 17.10.2008 03:38

I got this in a PPS school newsletter and thought I'd pass along the information.
Military recruiter opt-out:

School districts are required to provide the name and address of all junior & senior students to military recruiters, unless the parent or student informs the school that they do not want that information provided to recruiters. Students can make their own decision that they do not want their name and address provided to military recruiters. If you are a junior or senior & do not want your name and address released to military recruiters, please inform the school office no later than Friday, Oct. 17. Lists of those who have already opted-out and blank opt-out forms are available in the main office.

NW WINTER SOLDIER - Sat 10.18.08

Portland, 17.10.2008 03:38

PDXpeace, Veterans for Peace, IVAW, and others are hosting in Portland the
"Northwest Winter Soldier" on Saturday October 18 starting at 12 noon.
There are 3 speakers panels, and then poetry / music latter in the evening.
The topics are: Veterans' Voices from Iraq and Afghanistan, Human Costs of War and Building Resistance to War.
NW WINTER SOLDIER - Saturday 10-18-08
NW WINTER SOLDIER - Saturday 10-18-08
Here is the information that is being advertised by

Winter Soldier Northwest: "Eyewitness Accounts of War" is only days away!

BLM's “Whopper” is Here!

Portland, 17.10.2008 03:38

On October 9, 2008, the BLM released its Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Western Oregon Plan Revisions (WOPR). Since the Bush administration first announced it would revise the plans for 2.6 million acres of Bureau of Land Management forests in western Oregon, reactions have been fairly constant: the timber industry loves it, and everyone else hates it.
The Bush Land Management Legacy

When the BLM released the WOPR draft plan in 2007, 30,000 members of the public commented; over 90% asked the BLM to save the remaining older forests, protect clean drinking water, and concentrate forest management on restoration and thinning small trees to protect communities from wildfire. The BLM ignored this common ground, common sense approach to forest management.

More of the Same

The final plan will mirror the draft in most regards. It will: 1) remove BLM forests from the scientific framework of the Northwest Forest Plan; 2) ramp up clearcut logging across hundreds of thousands of acres; 3) remove streamside buffers that protect clean water and fish; and 4) log some of the last remaining older forests in western Oregon.
By The Numbers

The WOPR will increase logging by nearly 400% compared to current logging levels; get over 70% of the timber volume from clearcutting; shrink streamside reserves by 50%; add 180 million tons more carbon to the atmosphere compared to no logging (equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions from 1 million cars driven for 132 years) and result in 1,300 miles of new roads.

Take Action today!

23rd International Day of Action Against McDonalds, to mark World Food Day

Portland, 17.10.2008 03:38

We need your help! Please meet us at McDonald's, SW 6th & Main at noon sharp. We'll take inspiration from the UK's amazingly effective "Mc Ass" campaign.
JOIN US TOMORROW, OCT. 16TH, NOON, AT MCDONALD'S -- 1035 sw 6TH (& MAIN) -- TO KICK MCASS (PRETTY PLEASE)!!! You're encouraged to bring signs, and we'll have flyers to hand out. We'll also bring animal costumes...THANKS.

Mc Ass

The 16 October of every year the F.A.O. celebrates the "world food day" (just a stupid anniversary of the foundation of the Food and Agriculture Organization by the United Nations).
The sense of this day interests us because of the cruel exploitation and killing of sentient beings.
At the end of last century, London Greenpeace (not Greanpeace, the organization defending some animal rights in order to eat them then with the clean conscience) promoted, in concomitance with the date of the FAO, a world day of resistance against Mc Donald's, one of the multinationals mostly responsible for the hunger in this world.

Therefore tomorrow, October 16th 2007, we have planned a mini-protest in order to disturb the king of the bullies, Mc Donald's, with a business based on the systematic extermination of millions of animals.
We have done it in "smart mob" style because this type of rapid mobilization has allowed us to plan her on the fly, in two persons, just the day before.

A smart mob substantially consists of a rapid but spectacular grouping...In order to guarantee this second requisite we have taken inspiration from the Mc advertisement ("only fresh and genuine products" ahahah ): we have printed three photos of big flabby butts; we have stamped them "Mc Culo"& "Mc Ass", and appended them on our buttocks, for immediately suggesting the consequences of the Mc genuineness.

Tras siete años de gestión obrera

Argentina, 17.10.2008 03:08

Zanon no se vende ni se compra, SE EXPROPIA


Colombia, 17.10.2008 01:39

12 de octubre

Argentina, 17.10.2008 00:38

Intervención cultural contra la colonización termina con represión

As Capitalism Crashes the Resistance Gathers: Rally Against Low Pay

Aotearoa, 17.10.2008 00:10

The weekend before the election, join the rally for a decent minimum wage- $15ph NOW! Saturday November 1st. 2pm Aotea Square, Queen Street, Central Auckland In recent months, low paid people have taken strike action in casinos, banks, fastfood outlets, supermarkets and on the busses. Low pay is crippling a generation of workers who are now expected to bear the brunt of a vicious global recession. It's time the resistance gathered. We're not going to pay for their crisis. We're not going to endure low pay anymore. A new generation is going to resist the Global Recession and fight the greedy rich and their corporations. Join the Rally Against Low Pay, and if the numbers are there, join us on an anti capitalist tour of Auckland's meanest bosses and their lackeys. It's time to fight back as a class! [More info] Indymedia links: Locked Out Welly Bus Drivers Stand Strong | Workers across Auckland fight huge rats | Airport Foodcourt Workers Strike Against Medieval Conditions | McStrikes Spread to Hamilton | Low-paid workers strike and protest at multiple stores

Nine Demonstrators Arrested as Iraq Vets Try to Enter Final Presidential Debate

United States, 17.10.2008 00:07

Nassau County police trampled Iraq Veterans and supporters last night with horses and batons.

At least five members of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), a group of military veterans who are calling for immediate withdrawal from Iraq, were arrested, as well as at least four civilians, according to National Lawyers Guild observers. Nassau County police on horses trampled one member of IVAW, Nick Morgan, a veteran who served in Iraq for about a year. Morgan was knocked to the ground, and according to witnesses, the horse hooves slammed down on his face. A gash was visible on the side of his head as blood dripped down onto the pavement. Photo by Bill Perry

Read Full Story by Alex Kane | | | IVAW Press Release | | | Photos: by Jamie Lehane | by Bill Perry | | | VIDEO from DN! | | | Demands in full: IVAW Send Letter to Schieffer, Plan Protest at Hofstra Univ. Debate

Fast for Our Future: Immigrants Rights Encampment at La Placita

LA, 16.10.2008 22:39

Fast for Our Future: Immigrants Rights Encampment at La Placita

URGENTE! Solidaridad con Colombia

Venezuela, 16.10.2008 21:37

Novartis Knock Down Day

Boston, 16.10.2008 20:08

Novartis Knock Down Day is a call for actions against Novartis on Monday, October 27th for being one of Huntingdon Life Sciences’ (HLS’s) largest customers. Without customers of Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) there simply would be no Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). The customers pay Huntingdon to test products and carry out research. If Huntingdon lost all their customers then they would have no income and be forced to close. There are only ten companies which give Huntingdon Life Sciences 45% of their income; these include Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. Monday, October 27th is Novartis’ day.

Photos of Nassau County Police Attack on Iraq Veterans

NYC, 16.10.2008 17:39

Here are photos of the incident last night in which Nassau County Police used horses and batons to brutalize Iraq-war veterans.

Anti-War Sentiment Still Strong Six Years After Congressional War Vote

United States, 16.10.2008 17:07

Thousands of peace activists took to the streets on October 11 in cities across the United States to protest the 6th anniversary of Congress voting for war on Iraq, and the extension of war and the national war-making apparatus.

From Chicago: Hundreds of peace protesters gathered in the heart of Chicago's Pakistani community on Saturday to voice their opposition to escalating war in the region — including U.S. military attacks inside Pakistan's borders. Hundreds of thousands of internal refugees have been displaced in the wake of the new aggression, and hundreds of civilians have been killed. Read More, Video & Photos | Photo from Chris Geovanis/Chicago Indymedia

From Seattle: The Seattle Antiwar Action Coalition (SAWAC) is a diverse and democratic coalition looking to turn the massive antiwar sentiment in Seattle and the Northwest into a vibrant movement with the power to end the war. On October 11th, the Coalition organized a march and rally to get the U.S. out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Read More, Video & Photos

More Reports:Philadelphia | Boston | | | Related: Nationwide Protests Demand Support For Filipino Veterans Rights

Photos from IVAW

NYC, 16.10.2008 14:39


USA: aresztowanie 10 weteranów przed debatą Obama/McCain

Poland, 16.10.2008 14:10

Pod budynkiem Hofstra University w Hempstead w stanie Nowy Jork, gdzie odbyła się wczoraj debata między kandydatami na prezydenta Stanów Zjednoczonych, aktywiści antywojenni zorganizowali demonstrację.

Por uma mídia responsável e não-discriminatória CARTA ABERTA AO COLUNISTA HENRIQUE GOLDMAN E À REVISTA TRIP

Brasil, 16.10.2008 14:09


Honk! Festival Draws 25 Activist Street Bands to Somerville, MA

Boston, 16.10.2008 14:09

This year's third annual HONK! Festival from Oct. 10-12 was an exuberant street party and gathering of 25 activist street bands in Somerville. On Friday, October 10, Tufts University hosted a HONK! symposium on "Politics and Festival," as well as several hands-on workshops focussing on the challenges faced by honk bands.

Anti-Arms Protesters Shut ITT

United Kingdom, 16.10.2008 13:09

A mass protest against Brighton-based arms manufacturers EDO MBM/ITT took place on 15 October, 2008. Organised by the Smash EDO campaign, the event was called Shut ITT! and was the third such demonstration this year. Last June, Brighton saw the Carnival Against the Arms Trade, organised by Smash EDO too.

As the 400-strong march was prevented by police from reaching the EDO factory, 40 bottles of red paint were thrown over the back fence by a group of protesters who split off. The 'bomb factory' was reportedly shut down for the day. At least 10 people were arrested and some injured from police violence, including a photographer.

More: Full timeline | Press releases: 1 | 2 | Photos: 1 | 2

Amsterdam: fala ewikcji skłotów

Poland, 16.10.2008 12:10

W ciągu ostatnich kilku miesięcy władze zlikwidowały w Amsterdamie 6 skłotów. Takie fale eksmisji powtarzają się okresowo. Policja dokonuje wówczas ewikcji zaskłotowanych budynków z listy - jeden po drugim.

Is this what democracy looks like?

United Kingdom, 16.10.2008 12:08

On Tuesday evening, the University of Nottingham Students Union (SU) Council voted against a motion of no confidence in its Education Officer, Craig Cox. Cox held up a placard saying 'Bring Back Slavery' at a National Union of Students (NUS) event earlier in the year and was subsequently at the centre of a race hate investigation. The NUS has found Cox to be guilty of breaking equal opportunities guidelines and banned him from all non-democratic national events.

Cox has been allowed to stay in spite of a strong campaign by black and anti-racist students, who mobilised around 60 people to picket the meeting, and 2000 letters written to representatives. A fellow Conservative and personal friend of Cox's chaired the meeting and made the decision to close it to debate from all but voting Council members. Students have questioned the democracy of the system that has allowed Cox to remain in his post.

Newswire: Nottingham SU Council back racist | Riseup Radio: Say No to Racism Audio | Picket Nottingham Student Union | Students mobilise against racism on campus | Yet Another Racist at Nottingham Uni

Previous Features: Racist on Student Executive at Nottingham University | Nottingham and Slavery - A Hidden History

Links: University of Nottingham Students Union | NUS Anti-Racism/Anti-Fascism Campaign | Notts Indymedia Anti-Racism topic page

At Least Nine Demonstrators Arrested as Iraq Vets Try to Enter Final Presidentia

NYC, 16.10.2008 06:38

At least five members of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), a group of military veterans who are calling for immediate withdrawal from Iraq, were arrested, as well as at least four civilians, according to National Lawyers Guild observers. Nassau County police on horses trampled one member of IVAW, Nick Morgan, a veteran who served in Iraq for about a year. Morgan was knocked to the ground, and according to witnesses, the horse hooves slammed down on his face. A gash was visible on the side of his head as blood dripped down onto the pavement.

Peace Activists Take To Streets in Chicago's Pakistani Community

Chicago, 16.10.2008 06:08

Peace activists took to the streets on October 11, in cities across the United States to protest the 6th anniversary of Congress voting for war on Iraq, and the extension of war and the national war-making apparatus. Indymedia affiliates covered protests in Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle, and in Chicago.

From the newswire: "Hundreds of peace protesters gathered in the heart of Chicago's Pakistani community on Saturday [October 11] to voice their opposition to escalating war in the region — including U.S. military attacks inside Pakistan's borders. Hundreds of thousands of internal refugees have been displaced in the wake of the new aggression, and hundreds of civilians have been killed."

Photo essay | Video from Labor Beat | Indymedia.US coverage

Portland Passes Sweatshop Free Ordinance

Rogue Valley, 16.10.2008 04:09


Portland passes the First Sweatshop Free Ordinance in the Pacific Northwest
Proactive policy will help ensure taxpayer dollars are not spent on sweatshop labor

At today's Portland City Council meeting, Wednesday, October 15, at 9:30 a.m., the Portland Sweatshop Free Purchasing Policy passed unanimously. The policy requires city agencies to procure public employee uniforms and other apparel only from those companies that disclose the locations of their manufacturing facilities and abide by ethical sourcing practices. Portland is the first city in the Pacific Northwest to adopt an ordinance for sweatshop free purchasing.

TODAY'S VICTORY IS A POSITIVE PUSH FOR THE SWEATFREE CAMPAIGN IN SOUTHERN OREGON! Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice and its coalition partners have been preparing for the City of Ashland to take up similar procurement procedures with a resolution planned for an upcoming city council hearing.

*UPDATE* Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice has just been notified (same day as PDX news) by Ashland City Administrator Martha Bennett that the city council will take up a sweatshop free resolution at their Dec. 2, 2008 meeting!

The Tyranny Of Oil: An Interview With Antonia Juhasz About Her New Book

Santa Cruz, CA, 16.10.2008 01:08

George Cadman interviews Antonia Juhasz about her new book, The Tyranny of Oil: The World's Most Powerful Industry and What We Must Do To Stop It.

Powell's Burnside hires overzealous security guard to harass people

Portland, 15.10.2008 23:39

About a month and a half ago, I was sitting on a bench inside Powell's without my shoes on, reading a book. A female security guard came up to me and asked me to put my shoes back on, which I did. Several days later, I was reading at Powell's, again with my shoes off, and the same security guard approached me and explained the store's policy regarding shoes. I said I understood, and put my shoes back on. I thought the whole issue was settled, and everything was fine, until my most recent encounter with this same security guard.

On Wednesday, October 8th, at around 5:15 p.m., I was shopping for some books and needed to use the rest room. When I went into the rest room, that same security guard was also in the bathroom. Since I had my shoes on, I didn't think anything of it, and figured she would leave the rest room after she finished her business. I went into a stall, took my coat off, and used the toilet. Personally, when I use the toilet, I have a harder time going when I have my shoes on. I must take them off to concentrate. Since I was in a bathroom stall doing something so personal, I didn't think that taking my shoes off, while sitting on the toilet defecating, broke Powell's policy of having to wear shoes in the store. I put my shoes back on after I finished, flushed the toilet, picked up my coat and bag, and exited the stall. When I walked out of the stall, the security guard was standing outside of my stall, staring at me, with another Powell's employee standing next to her.

radical families and housing

Portland, 15.10.2008 21:39

is anyone interested in starting a radical family house?
i am currently living in santa cruz and moving to portland at the end of october. i have been searching for housing on craigslist (tee hee i typed craigslist and my automatic spell check changes it to capitalist) typing in kids and children ( to see which houses are down) only to find no kids no children allowed. i think it would be really awesome to rent a house ( got i wish i could own) with other radical parents and kids and people who wanna help out with kids or like kids etc. . i know how tough it is to find housing wehre people are down with kids and ok with them which sucks! so anyone interested? lets live together, have a garden, take our kids on trips, have a childcare collective etc. . .!

San Fernando Valley (A)narchist Federation Meeting

LA, 15.10.2008 20:08

School Master Plan Strongly Criticized, Needs More Public Input

New Orleans, 15.10.2008 19:40

School Master Plan Strongly Criticized, Needs More Public Input: Parts 1 - 3

Pie in the Sky: Downtown Development District Presents Land (and Sky) Use Plans

New Orleans, 15.10.2008 19:40

Pie in the Sky: Downtown Development District Presents Land (and Sky) Use Plans

Se exige alto a deportaciones y redadas

LA, 15.10.2008 17:38

Se exige alto a deportaciones y redadas/People demand an end to raids and deportations

Last Day of Work at the Social Forum of the Americas

Boston, 15.10.2008 16:08

Guatemala, October 11.- The Social Forum of the Americas is coming to an end. Today was the last day of workshops and events at the Universidad de San Carlos. The event will conclude on Sunday with a march and rally at the Plaza Central in the historical downtown area at noon. I started the day attending the "Globalization and migration: effects on indigenous peoples" organized by MIGUA, the Movement of Guatemalan Inmigrants in the U.S." Among the panelists were Elvira Arellano, Carlos Lopez from Casa del Migrante, Eliza Orozco, indigenous leader, and Eduardo Jimenez. They stressed the impact of migrations in the local communities and the need to correct through education a consumerist development in those receiving remittances from the U.S. For those who are left behind, believing that those who have left are successful materially, are left with a sense of worthlessness.

Primeira condenação das 502 denúncias de crimes e tortura

Brasil, 15.10.2008 13:09


Hasil Uji Publik RUU tentang Pornografi

Jakarta, 15.10.2008 10:38

Masyarakat Sipil Tolak Pengesahan RUU Pornografi yang terdiri dari berbagai organisasi perempuan dan hak asasi manusia Kamis 25 September 2008 menyatakan dengan tegas menolak pengesahan Rancangan Undang-Undang (RUU) Pornografi. Mereka memandang RUU ini cacat hukum karena tidak memenuhi syarat yuridis, filosofis dan sosiologis sebagai basis penyusunan perundang-undangan. Sejak awal RUU ini dibahas secara tertutup, terburu-buru dan dibuat dengan tidak berdasar pada asas partisipasi publik, serta keterbukaan. ...

Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Obama: Ineligible for the Presidency (Not Natural USA Born)

Miami, 15.10.2008 10:07

Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Obama: Ineligible for the Presidency (Not Natural USA Born)

Tijuana March In Commemoration of Student Massacre

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.10.2008 03:39

Several hundred protesters, mostly students, took to the streets of Tijuana, Mexico October 4 in remembrance of the 1968 massacre of leftist students in Tlatelolco Plaza. At that time hundreds, perhaps thousands of students were killed when troops opened fire on a demonstration protesting the Mexico City Olympics. In Tijuana, the demonstrators chanted "ni perdon, ni olvido" (no forgiveness, no forgetting).

DNC '68 &amp; RNC '08 Comparison/Contrast

Portland, 15.10.2008 02:38

The Democratic National Convention of 1968 was a police riot. Forty years ago, the pigs used pepper spray, tear gas, tanks, billy clubs, and arrest against its own citizens. The Republican National Convention was a police riot. The first week of September, 2008, the pigs used pepper spray, tear gas, tanks, billy clubs, percussion and concussion grenades, tasers, and arrest against its own citizens. In 1968, people sleeping in a park were tortured, brutalized, and arrested by the tools of the government for having the gall to gather together to end the war in Vietnam. In 2008, people eating and listening to speakers in a park were tortured, brutalized, and arrested for having the gall to gather together to end the war against the poor here and in other countries. They took to the streets in 1968. We took to the streets in 2008. In both decades, both actions were met with over zealous, egotistical, violent, police retaliation. In both decades, people did what they had to do to defend themselves.
"The Chicago 10"
Local historian and recent arrestees will speak, with a short Q&A session following the movie.
Tuesday, October 14th, 7pm
Red and Black Café, SE 12th Ave, Portland, Oregon
This showing is free, but donations will be accepted for those who survived the 2008 RNC protests.

516 de Resistência Indígena

Brasil, 15.10.2008 02:09


Remember Remember The Fifth of November

Portland, 15.10.2008 01:38

What?!?! You do not have your Guy Fawkes mask??? Okay this your chance to download and assemble one.
Well girls and boys that favourite holiday season is upon us again. It is time to gather the family and hang the pumpkins on the good old Halloween tree. Time to unbutton and zip down those over stuff pants after eating lots of tasty Vegan tofu turkey on Thanks Taking Day. Time to gather the neighbourhood kids in good cheer as we sing the traditional Election Fraud hymns. There is that great holiday called Bonfire Night to celebrate the rebellious actions of some guy. And who could forget that this Autumn season ends with an early Festivus. Hopefully this year there will be lots of "Airing of Grievances" followed by unusual amount of "Feats of Strength" to give us all that holiday joy and maybe even a "Festivus Miracle" or two.

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