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Youth Demonstrate Against Homophobic Proposition 8

LA, 28.10.2008 15:39

Youth Demonstrate Against Homophobic Proposition 8

Justicia por Brad

Argentina, 28.10.2008 14:41

10th Annual United Families &amp; Friends Remembrance procession

United Kingdom, 28.10.2008 12:10

On Saturday 25th October 2008,several hundred people attended the 10th Annual United Families & Friends Remembrance procession which was led by many family members of those who have died in suspicious circumstances in police custody, prison and 'secure' mental health facilities.

In customary tradition the procession made its way in dignified silence from Trafalgar Square down Whitehall to Downing Street in dutiful respect to those who mourn the loss of loved ones and to invoke their memory and the collective injustices that their deaths represent. In the past year 182 such deaths have been recorded recorded, and a banner carried in the march listed over 2500 who have died.

photos: 1 | 3
Previous UFF processions: 2005 | 2006 |2007
External links: Inquest | Injustice the file 1 | 2 | Online petition against the Shoot to Kill Policy

15th Annual Peace and Unity March in Watsonville

Santa Cruz, CA, 28.10.2008 05:38

The 15th annual Peace and Unity March takes place Saturday, November 1st starting with a rally at 2:30pm in the Watsonville Plaza. For the last 15 years, the Watsonville Brown Berets, along with families of fallen victims and other community members, have organized the Peace and Unity March. In this time, more than 80 residents of the Watsonville community have lost their lives to violence.

Pro-Africa protest at mercenary/AFRICOM event

DC, 28.10.2008 05:10

On Oct 27, protesters showed up at the Liason Hotel to protest the "International Peace operations Association"(IPOA) a MERCENARY group backing the establishment of AFRICOM, the US military's African Command that is just starting up. (audio pending)

Troy Davis, Political Prisoner on Death Row

DC, 28.10.2008 05:10

Troy Anthony Davis has been a political prisoner on Death Row for more than half his life. His death by lethal injection sentence, which has been scheduled and stayed (put on hold) three times in the last year and a half, has most recently been stayed by the US Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit. And yes, he is a political prisoner… “I am Troy Davis” has become a popular mantra of Davis’ supporters. This is reminiscent of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous quote: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” That being said, I am Troy Davis, a political prisoner on Death Row. I have been locked up for the majority of my life, but I remain hopeful. I do not deserve to die for a crime I DID NOT COMMIT.

DC Metro Transit Police begin UNCONSTITUTIONAL bag inspection program

DC, 28.10.2008 01:10

Metro Transit Police begin unconstitutional bag inspection program to 'prevent terrorism' but will also arrest people for drugs and weapons and who knows what else.

4ª Semana de Luta pelo Passe Livre

Brasil, 28.10.2008 00:38



Barcelona, 28.10.2008 00:09

els oxcars: els primers premis per la cultura lliure

Ja no hi ha marxa enrera. La creativitat i el desig de compartir lliurament s'estan imposant sobre l'avaricia d'uns pocs. Des de fa anys aquesta societat revoluciona per poder compartir informacions i creacions lliurement d'una forma decidida. El programari lliure es desenvolupa de forma creixent, les llicències lliures es ramifiquen, les jornades per la cultura lliure es reprodueixen...Fa poc s'ha creat l'exgae per defensar els interessos de ciutadan@s i creador@s davant els abusos dels "grans" de l'entreteniment. Ara neixen els oXcars, els primers premis per la cultura cultura es multiplica i es reparteix...

[28oct] 20.30h. Sala Apolo-Bcn. Els oXcars

notícies relacionades: De quan van imposar el canon ::: L'SGAE també demanda a la CNT ::: atacs policials durant el festival de cinema de Roma ::: Bcn Thematik Park ::: 2009: l'any del "contumismo" ::: No al canon: la cançó de la xarxa ::: Arte Libre reivindica el robatori d'una peça de Goya

+info : >>>artivisme + exgae

artivismo (es)

Barcelona, 28.10.2008 00:09

Los oxcars: los primeros premios por la cultura libre

Ya no hay marcha atrás. La creatividad y el deseo de compartir libremente se estan imponiendo sobre la avaricia de unos pocos. Desde hace años esta sociedad revoluciona para poder compartir informaciones y creaciones libremente de una forma decidida. El software libre se desarrolla de forma creciente, las licencias libres se ramifican, las jornadas por la cultura libre se reproducen...Hace poco se ha creado la exgae para defender los intereses de ciudadanos y creadores frente a los abusos de los "grandes" del entretenimiento. Ahora nacen los oXcars, los primeros premios por la cultura cultura se multiplica y se reparte...

[28oct] 20.30h. Sala Apolo-Bcn. Los oXcars

noticias relacionadas: De cuando impusieron el canon ::: La SGAE también demanda a la CNT ::: Ataques policiales durante el festival de cine de Roma ::: Bcn Thematik Park ::: 2009: el año del "contumismo" ::: No al canon: la canción de la red ::: Arte Libre reivindica el robo de una pieza de Goya

+info : >>>artivismo + exgae

27 de outubro - Contra As Prisões Arbitrárias Do Governo Mexicano!

Brasil, 27.10.2008 23:39


fobw meet with consulate

Houston, 27.10.2008 22:54

Friends of Brad Will Meet with Mexican Diplomat

Ohio Palin rally brings out overt racists

DC, 27.10.2008 22:24

Al-Jazerra has posted this shocking video(available on Youtube) of racist remarks by Palin supporters at an Ohio GOP rally. WSQT is running this extracted audio with commentary:


Athens, 27.10.2008 22:23

Νέα κρατική δολοφονία μετανάστη

Ralph Nader Marathon Campaign Tour-Boston (Video)

Boston, 27.10.2008 21:09

Ralph Nader, independent candidate for president, did a marathon 21 city campaign tour in Massachusetts all in one day Oct. 25, 2008. He is the only candidate to visit all 50 states. He spoke in front of the Federal Reserve Bank on his Boston visit, talking about the Wall Street bailout, the war, and the election. To see 2 videos of Ralph Nader's speech in Boston, go to:

¡Brad Will presente. Ahora y siempre!

Argentina, 27.10.2008 18:40

“Recuerdo, recordemos hasta que la justicia se siente entre nosotros.”

Stop the War activist in court

United Kingdom, 27.10.2008 18:10

On Thursday 23rd October, Nottingham Crown Court rejected the appeal against the conviction of Henry Twigger. Henry was found guilty of Criminal Damage in July, for painting anti-war slogans on the Army Careers Office at the Victoria Centre, in Milton Street, Nottingham.

Thursday’s hearing was about appealing this conviction. Henry's main plan was to point to the 'lawful excuse' provided for in 5.2.B. of the Criminal Damage Act 1971. The idea, as it is contained within a number of pieces of law, is to claim necessity or committing a crime to prevent a greater one. Mr Chris Coverdale from the Campaign to Make Wars History had turned out to assist Henry, but his evidence was disallowed.

Henry says he won't pay the fines and costs because it 'aids and abets' the system he's protesting about.

Aldermaston AWE is blockaded

United Kingdom, 27.10.2008 17:12

Some 300 activists turned out for the Big Blockade of Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment. Organised by Trident Ploughshares and supported by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), Block the Builders and the Aldermaston Women’s Peace Camp, the blockade was an attempt to disrupt work on existing Trident nuclear warheads and the facilities that will enable the development of their successors at Britain’s nuclear weapons research laboratory.

More than 30 people were arrested. Several people mounted a tripod which blocked the A340 for two hours; several others, who were locked together with arm tubes, blockaded the construction gate for five hours. People came from far and wide for the blockade - there were representatives from Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Scotland, Wales, Bradford and Plymouth, as well as a Buddhist monk and nun who walked to Aldermaston from London.

The blockade of Aldermaston comes in the wake of several other campaigns against arms manufacturers in the UK. In Brighton, on 15th October, a mass protest took place against EDO MBM/ITT. Meanwhile, last week in Bristol, a number of protesters mounted a roof-top protest against Raytheon. Two of the protesters stayed on the roof for some 38 hours.

Report and photos from Aldermaston:1
Background on Aldermaston: UN disarmament week | Recent safety problems | CND PR on Trident replacement | Chronology of Trident replacement

Reports from Bristol: 1 (with pics) | 2 | 3 (Video from youtube)
Background on Raytheon: 1 | 2 | 3

Włochy: eskalacja protestów pw reformie edukacji

Poland, 27.10.2008 15:40

Masowe protesty przeciw ograniczeniom wydatków na szkolnictwo i badania naukowe, wprowadzeniu ocen z zachowania dla studentów i separowaniu zagranicznych uczniów w oddzielnych klasach - czyli filarom reformy szkolnictwa wprowadzonej przez rząd Silvia Berlusconiego rozlały się na całe Włochy. W kilkunastu miastach organizowane są masowe demonstracje uliczne, od ponad roku studenci i kadra naukowa okupują tez szkoły i uniwersytety.
W demonstracjach uczestniczy coraz więcej osób, w sobotę do strajku przyłączyli się też uczniowie i kadra szkół podstawowych.

Oświadczenie kolektywu redakcyjnego imc-pl

Poland, 27.10.2008 15:40

W związku z zarzutami redakcji CIA dotyczącymi rzekomego oskarżania przez
redaktorów imc-pl tamtejszego portalu o łamanie praw autorskich, pragniemy
wyjaśnić, iż kolektyw redakcyjny Indymediów nigdy nie zarzucał CIA łamania
praw autorskich.

XP voter Registration Problems

Houston, 27.10.2008 15:39

Houston, We Have A Voter Registration Problem

Protesty w Islandii

Poland, 27.10.2008 15:10

W ogarniętej kryzysem finansowym Islandii od trzech tygodni dochodzi do protestów mieszkańców tego kraju. W soboty po południu przed parlamentem oraz obok banku centralnego odbywają się protesty przeciwko polityce obecnego rządu. Z tygodnia na tydzień pojawia się coraz więcej demonstrantów.

Dania: zamieszki w trakcie protestów ws. uchodźców

Poland, 27.10.2008 15:10

Duńska policja zatrzymała przynajmniej 43 osoby i użyła przeciw demonstrantom gazu łzawiącego w trakcie zamieszek, jakie wybuchły po próbie przedarcia się przez protestujących przez ogrodzenia obozu dla uchodźców pod Kopehnagą. Przeciw nim policja wystawiła kilkuset uzbrojonych funkcjonariuszy i helikopter.

Iran: ponowne uwięzienie przywódcy związku

Poland, 27.10.2008 14:43

Mansoor Osanloo, aktywista związkowy od 2 lat przebywa bez oficjalnego wyroku sądu i bez prawa do obrońcy w więzieniu, pod zarzutem zorganizowania pierwszego niezależnego związku zawodowego teherańskich kierowców autobusów. Przetrzymywany jest na silnie strzeżonym oddziale w zakładzie karnym Rajayi Shahr, w ktorym siedzą osoby oskarżone o najcięższe zbrodnie. Przez wiele miesięcy po tym,, jak stan zdrowia Mansoora znacznie się pogorszył (jest poważnie chory na serce) władze więzienia odmawiały mu pomocy medycznej.

vottem geblokkeerd

Oost-Vlaanderen, 27.10.2008 13:07

70 activisten bezetten gesloten centrum voor vluchtelingen in Vottem

It'll Be a Winter of Discontent - The Old and the Young Arrived at the Dáil

Ireland, 27.10.2008 12:09

Today thousand of protesters, young and old, march ...

Two Victories for Advocates of Life

United States, 27.10.2008 04:08

On Thursday, the Texas Criminal Court of Appeals stopped the scheduled execution of Bobby Woods because of overwhelming evidence that he is mentally retarded. The following day in Atlanta, a federal appeals court granted a stay to Troy Davis, who was set to be executed on Monday night. Davis's case, which has garnered international attention, will now return to litigation for at least another 25 days.

From Houston IMC: On Saturday, more than a hundred death penalty abolitionists gathered in Houston's Third Ward to march and protest the use of capitol punishment in the State of Texas and everywhere. The march was led by Texas’s newest abolition organization, Kids Against the Death Penalty, formed by the family of Jeff Wood, an innocent man sent to death row under the Law of Parties. Read More: Texans March in Third Ward Against Executions

From DC IMC: Davis's stay came just after hundreds of signature demanding from the State Board of Paroles to stop the execution of Troy Davis were gathered on the Howard University campus, and a campaign to boycott Coca Cola and Delta Airlines who make their money down in Georgia was initiated by the Nat Turner Rebellion. Read More: by Ryme Katkhouda, and Bill Rankin, Rhonda Cook, Death Penalty Focus | | | Past Coverage: Oct21 | Sept23 | Sept4 | | | Updates: Amnesty International

Lucha de Vega Baja

Puerto Rico, 27.10.2008 02:40

Vecinos de Vega Baja Denuncian Enorme Proyecto

9th march to end executions

Houston, 26.10.2008 23:39

Texans March in Third Ward Against Executions

The Indypendent Issue #127: The Rule of Impunity

NYC, 26.10.2008 23:39

Two years after the murder of Brad Will on the streets of Oaxaca, Mexico, justice has still not been served. About a week ago, Mexican authorities arrested Oaxacan activists and charged them in the death of Brad Will. In a IndyBlog post, editor John Tarleton writes, “Will’s family and friends as well as Mexican human rights groups have long denounced the Mexican government’s theory that Will was killed by protesters and contend instead that he was murdered by local paramilitaries who were filmed in the street that day firing their weapons in Will’s direction. Nonetheless, Mexican authorities have refused to pursue any other lines of inquiry. With the second anniversary of Will’s death approaching, it appears as if the Mexican government is determined to use the investigation as a club with which to attack the social movement that Brad Will gave his life to cover.”

John Gibler, a Global Exchange media fellow, has an in-depth investigative piece on the Brad Will murder as the feature story for this issue of the Indypendent. Also in this issue: more analysis of the bailout of the financial industry; coverage of Craig Schley, who is challenging representative Charlie Rangel in a congressional race; and more excellent Election 2008 coverage. See below for much more!

City Carves Up E. 125th St. for Developers || Taking on Rangel: Underdog Candidate Challenges Goodtime Charlie || Waiter Woes Hit Tipping Point || ‘Obscene Monument to War’ Returns to NYC || Antiwar Vets Injured, Arrested || Foreclosure Fight || Community Calendar || Reader Comments || /a> || O Canada || American People Betrayed by Both Parties || Voting is a Cop Out || Why Voting Matters || Third Party: An Alternative Vote || Bailing Out Bankrupt Ideology || “They Need It More Than I Do” || Galveston Pushes Gentrification by Hurricane || Dreams From My Mothers || Local Projects Lure Workers Away from System: DIY Trumps the Vote || Ruling Through Mismanagement || Progressives in Flyover Land || The Signs They Are A-Changin’ || “Changeling” You Can Believe In: Eastwood’s Recipe for Moral Dillemna

Nigerian Direct Action Activists Put Chevron on Trial

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.10.2008 22:09

October 27th is the first day of a landmark jury trial against Chevron in San Francisco. A protest is planned Monday afternoon at noon at the Chevron gas station at the corner of 9th and Howard in San Francisco in solidarity with Nigerian plaintiffs who are in Federal court nearby.

Bay Area Protests Against ICE Raids

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.10.2008 22:09

This Halloween, Friday, October 31st, hundreds of high school and college age youth, from around the Bay Area will gather with community members and families to denounce the atrocities committed against the immigrant communities by Immigration Custom Enforcement (ICE). On Wednesday October 22nd, a San Francisco immigrant family, reportedly all U.S. citizens, was raided and harassed at gunpoint by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency - and by the end of the day, 17 Bay Area residences were raided and several people detained.

The New Indymedia London Website Ready For Action!

United Kingdom, 26.10.2008 21:40

It is now almost five years since Indymedia London came to life as part of the United Kollectives network of IMC's throughout the UK. Now, in 2008, things have moved on; the reality in the streets is very different from that of 2003, and so there has also been a change in the way people experience the internet. The kollective in London has been working hard for the last few months to adapt Indymedia London to these new realities, and now we are very happy to announce that the New Indymedia London website is ready for action!

The new Site, that was launched with a presentation at the Anarchist Bookfair 2008, aims to include more political events and media alongside the direct action reporting from the streets, and a better method of video uploading. Note: If you went to check out the new site and you were put off by a security warning in your browser, please try again. More information about Security Certificates here. Click at the 'Full article' link to know more ....

Public Hearing about LNG Pipeline in Medford

Rogue Valley, 26.10.2008 20:41

Public Hearings on Southern Oregon LNG Pipeline - October 27th-30th

Meeting times and dates are below, ore information on the terminal and pipeline can be found at: Citizen's Against LNG and No California Pipeline and LNG Pollutes.

Monday, October 27, 2008 North Bend Community Center
6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. (PST) 2222 Broadway Street
North Bend, Oregon 97459
Telephone: 541-756-8500

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 Umpqua Community College
6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. (PST) Campus Center Dining Room/Timber Room
1140 Umpqua College Road
Roseburg, Oregon 97470
Telephone: 541-440-4600

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 Red Lion Inn
6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. (PST) Rogue River Ballroom
200 N. Riverside Avenue
Medford, Oregon 97501
Telephone: 541-779-5811

Thursday, October 30, 2008 Oregon Institute of Technology
6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. (PST) College Union Auditorium
3201 Campus Drive
Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601
Telephone: 541-885-1000, 1032

Laboro (eo)

Barcelona, 26.10.2008 19:10

Labori 65 horojn? Neniamaniere!

Manifestacio kontraŭ la 65 horoj antaŭ la ejo de la Eŭropa Unio, la 7an de oktobro je la 18:30a en Passeig de Gràcia, apud strato Provença

La modifo de la Eŭropa Komisio pri la labortempo estas granda agreso kontraŭ la laborisma klaso. Ili volas ke ni antaŭeniru unu jarcenton, denove devinganta nin en "permesitaj" labortagoj de 10 aŭ 12 horoj kaj ses tagoj semajne. La Unuiga Kampanjo kontraŭ la 65 horoj kunvokas la 7an de oktobro je la 18:30a en Passeig de Gràcia apud strato Provença, (ĝuste apud 'la Pedrera', Metro Diagonal). Ĝi estos la unua faro de diversaj agadoj ĝis ke tiu Kapistalisma Eŭropa Komisiio nuligu la proponon. Elŝutita la flugfolio ĉe Kataluna lingvo - Kastiliana lingvo

Rilataj novaĵoj: Manifestacia Kunvoko :: Ligiloj pri la video kontraŭ la 65 horoj :: Especiala 65 horoj ĉe Kaosenlared :: Listo de aliĝitaj entoj al tiu kampanjo ĝis la 31a de aŭgusto :: Informoj de la unuaj asembleoj kunvokitaj dum la kampanjo :: Komencaj informoj de la Kampanjo kontraŭ la Eŭropa Komisio de la 65 horoj :: Alifoje, pli ol 100 jaroj poste ::: Komunikoj el CGT 1 kaj 2 ::: Komuniko de la PCE

Novemeber 22nd &amp; 23rd: IWW Organizer Training 101: How to organize your workplace!

Seattle, 26.10.2008 19:08

The Tacoma General Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World is hosting a FREE two-day organizer training this November 22nd and 23rd.

This training is for anyone interested in better understanding the process and value of Unions and Union organizing. You do not have to be a member of the IWW to attend this training.

Tacoma: Wells Fargo Attacked In Solidarity With Detainees

Seattle, 26.10.2008 19:08

October 25, 2008 - During the morning of October the Twenty Fifth, a group of people smashed out five of the six windows of a Wells Fargo Home Mortgage office in Tacoma, Washington. The office was located in Old Town Tacoma, one of the city's wealthiest areas.

Shallow Graves in Unfamiliar Terrain (Revolutionary Potentials)

Seattle, 26.10.2008 19:08

The Revolution is Just an Old Saying

We are conscious of the need for a social revolution. Everywhere the degradation seems to deepen as our distance from our relation to it widens. We are conscious of the need to engage seriously in a war of appropriation against a society of dispossession, withdrawal, and exhaustion. As with any goal of social transformation, the process of anarchist revolution requires an understanding of the social context we live in, the barriers against class solidarity, and our strategy for getting what we want.

November 1st: Give Peace a Dance! 12 Hour Dance Party To Benefit the GI Coffeehouse!

Seattle, 26.10.2008 19:08

12 hours of dancing to benefit the GI Coffeehouse, Coffee Strong.
Saturday, November 1, 2008 5pm to 5am!

University of Puget Sound Club Rendezvous (Basement of the Student Union Building)in Tacoma.

--> A $5 donation gets you 12hr of dancing
--> Free snacks and yerba mate provided by wee'ours and Mad Hat Tea Co.
--> Eric Anderson & Charlie Bevis (aka More & Honey from KUPS) will be DJing from 1 am to 3 am

100% of donations go to GI Voice & the local chapter of Iraq Veterans Against the War

October 26th &amp; 27th: Green Party Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney in Seattle

Seattle, 26.10.2008 19:08

The Washington Power to the People Campaign is bringing Cynthia McKinney to Seattle Sunday Oct. 26 and Monday Oct. 27. Ms.McKinney will speak on the “Vote…Then What? From The Day After The Election Onward: Strategies for Community Organizing, Greening & Reconstruction” on Sunday, October 26, 2008 at the Umojafest Peace Center in Seattle. The following day she will speak on “The Power of Student Movements: How to Use Your Campus as a Tool to Change the World!” at the Broadway Performance Hall on the south end of the Seattle Central Community College campus.

Demand Justice for Brad Will

Portland, 26.10.2008 07:08

On the Second anniversary of Brad's murder by security forces in Oaxaca, demand justice for his companeros charged with his murder!

Juan Manuel Moreno Martinez and other companeros are currently in danger of being convicted on these baseless charges. Activists in Oaxaca are presenting demands that the government reverse this injustice, and have called for international solidarity actions this Monday at 10:30am (see call below). Join Oregonian friends of Brad, Oaxaca solidarity
activists, and traveling Oaxacan journalists at the Mexican Consulate to demand:

1 - Free companero Juan Manuel Moreno Martinez.
2 - Cancel arrest warrants for all companer@s of the movement.
3 - Punish the real murderers: Manuel Martinez Feria, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, Felipe Calderón!

Injustice in Australia: Aboriginal leader found guilty while killer cop walks free

Aotearoa, 26.10.2008 06:40

Last Friday an all white jury found Lex Wotton, an Aboriginal man from Palm Island, guilty of 'rioting with destruction' for his involvement in the 2004 Palm Island uprising. On November 26th 2004 the people of Palm Island set fire to the local police station, court house and police barracks after a pathologist's report claimed that the death of Mulrunji Doomadgee, a 36 year old local, in police custody a week earlier was an 'accident'. Mulrunji died in a police cell, one hour after he had been arrested for being drunk. He suffered massive internal injuries, including a ruptured spleen, four broken ribs and a 'liver that had been 'almost cleaved in two' from a huge compressive force.' The officer who arrested him, Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley, claimed that Mulrunji had fallen on stairs. A coroner's inquest found that Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley was responsible for Mulrunji's death, as the injuries were consistent with a beating. However, a court found Hurley not guilty for manslaughter. He has since been promoted and is an Inspector on the Gold Coast. In comparison Lex Wotton is now facing a life sentence in prison. He is being held in prison until his next court appearance in the Townsville District Court on November 7. Links: National Indigenous Times Article | Facebook group Free Lex Wotton Now! | Police Terror Follows Death in Custody

Catamarca: cortes y amenazas en Tinogasta

Argentina, 26.10.2008 01:39

Continuan los bloqueos contra Minera Alumbrera

Carta de Andrea Caraballo, compañera de Brad Will

Argentina, 26.10.2008 00:39

Brad Will por justicia... justicia por Brad!!!

International Indigenous Solidarity Gathering Underway on Wurundjeri land

Aotearoa, 26.10.2008 00:10

Over the past three days an International indigenous solidarity gathering has been underway in Melbourne, Australia. The gathering has featured speakers from Latin America, Asia and the Pacific. This Gathering is taking place on Wurundjeri land. We give our respects to the Wurundjeri elders, past and present. The Gathering aims to build bridges connecting our struggles, and strengthen solidarity, friendship and collaborations between indigenous and non-indigenous grassroots organisations throughout various regions of the world, especially where multinational corporations and military interventions severely impact on indigenous lands and poor and exclude people and communities. [more] Photos from the gathering available here | Video Ati Teepa's speech

Catamarca: cortes y amenazas en Tinogasta

Argentina, 26.10.2008 00:09

Continuan los bloqueos contra Minera Alumbrera

Photographers' Demonstration of Support for Freedom of the Press and for Arrested Photographer, Nancy Shia

DC, 25.10.2008 23:10

A group of photographers and civic activists has formed the Red Ribbon Brigade and planned a demonstration of support for Nancy Shia, a local freelance photographer and elected Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner who was arrested early on the morning of Sunday, October 12th while photographing police conduct during the chaotic bar closing hours of a crime plagued area of Adams Morgan. Photographers wearing red ribbon armbands will be in Adams Morgan this weekend to photograph the nightlife, including police contact with civilians.

Carousel of Hope Ball signals collapse of settlement-builder Leviev PR strategy

NYC, 25.10.2008 21:08

In a stunning reversal, Israeli billionaire and settlement-builder Lev Leviev will not be sponsoring the Children’s Diabetes Foundation’s (CDF) 2008 Carousel of Hope Ball in Beverly Hills this Saturday evening. Alexis Stern of Adalah-NY explained that, “The developments with CDF, Oxfam, UNICEF and various stars appear to signal the collapse of Leviev and BluPRint’s cynical public relations strategy. The message is that no amount of deception, branding and PR can make a businesses’ human rights abuses acceptable.”

No More War! 50 Years Later

Rogue Valley, 25.10.2008 20:09

Southern Oregonian Linda Richards is attending graduate school in Corvallis Oregon where she is studying at Oregon State University. Our peace activist friend who has worked so long to end the threat of nuclear war recently wrote an article that appeared in an OSU publication. Learning about her writing we asked Linda if we could post it to the Rogue IMC so that others could see her work. Linda responded:

"thanks for the suggestion of posting my piece, sometimes I feel like the points I am trying to make get lost and I look like a shameless self promoter but what I want is to keep nuclear news in the news, it so easily slips out of view. (the article) was actually much stronger originally but it was edited.... so I wasn't sure it was so cool anymore, but the picture alone makes me happy and is a way for the people who helped me here know I am still doing my peace work, just in a different way..."

Continue for first Linda's introduction and then her article "No More War! 50 Years Later"

Desocupação de extrema violência na cidade ''modelo'&quot;

Brasil, 25.10.2008 16:39


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