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Catamarca: cortes y amenazas en Tinogasta

Argentina, 30.10.2008 19:09

Continúan los bloqueos contra Minera Alumbrera

Catamarca: cortes y amenazas en Tinogasta

Argentina, 30.10.2008 19:09

Continuan los bloqueos contra Minera Alumbrera


Colombia, 30.10.2008 19:08

Soacha: la punta del Iceberg
535 personas ejecutadas extrajudicialmente por la fuerza pública

Halloween Protest to Stop ICE

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.10.2008 18:39

This Halloween, Friday, Oct. 31, hundreds of Bay Area youth will gather with community members and families to denounce the atrocities committed against immigrant communities by Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE). The action is a response to ICE attacks against immigrant communities in so-called "sanctuary cities" like San Francisco and to a presidential election season that has seen neither major candidate substantively address the issues facing immigrant families.

Neue Linkspartei in Spanien?

Germany, 30.10.2008 18:39

Am Sonntag ist der Chef der Vereinten Linken (IU) Spaniens zurückgetreten. Lange hatten Teile der Koalition Gaspar Llamazares aufgefordert, nach den Wahldebakeln ( die „Koffer zu packen“ ( Er selbst hat stets eine besondere Lesart seiner Debakel gezeigt und sieht auch heute noch keine Schuld bei sich am Scheitern der IU ( Auf dem Regionalkongress der IU in der nordspanischen Region Asturien, wo seine Karriere einst begann, hat er den angekündigten Schritt umgesetzt. Nun schält sich heraus, dass er sein Projekt einer linksgrünen Partei, die an der Seite der Sozialisten (PSOE) unter seiner Führung agiert, nicht aufgibt. Deshalb bringt er die Neugründung einer Partei ins Gespräch.

Spanien erneut wegen Folter am Pranger

Germany, 30.10.2008 18:39

Wieder einmal wurde Spanien vor der UNO-Vollversammlung wegen der ständigen Folter angegriffen ( Völlig unbegreiflich ist für die Folterexperten, dass sich Spanien weiter weigert, sogar die 4-10 Tage, die ein Mensch in völliger Kontaktsperre verbringen muss, weil er nach dem Anti-Terror-Gesetz verhaftet wurde, nicht lückenlos per Video aufgezeichnet wird. Insgesamt forderte der Sonderberichterstatter für Menschenrechte erneut, die Kontaktsperre abzuschaffen, weil sie die Folter erst ermöglicht ( Gestern wurden wieder vier Basken verhaftet, die derzeit durch die Hölle gehen dürften ( Ausnahmegesetze und Sondergerichte ( würden dem Kampf gegen dem Terrorismus nur schaden.

Warszawa: Spotkanie związków zawodowych

Poland, 30.10.2008 16:40

W dniu 28 października w Warszawie spotkali się przedstawiciele związków zawodowych: WZZ „Sierpień 80”, KNSZZ „Solidarność 80”, Związek Rybaków Polskich, Komitet Protestacyjny Rybaków, ZZ Pracowników Ratownictwa Medycznego i OZZ Inicjatywa Pracownicza. Omówiono bieżącą sytuację w kraju nakreślając potrzebę podjęcia natychmiastowych działań w związku z planowanymi, niekorzystnymi zmianami ustawowymi.

US Activists protest on anniversary of Indymedia journalist's death

United States, 30.10.2008 16:37

On Monday, activists in several cities around the US and the Americas gathered in front of Mexican consulates to call for justice in the case of slain indymedia journalist Brad Will, who was killed in Oaxaca, Mexico on October 27, 2006, while filming the people's uprising. The protests marked the anniversary of Brad's death, as well as the recent arrests of Brad's friends and comrades for his murder, in direct contradiction to forensic evidence, video evidence, eyewitness reports and the Mexican government's own Human Rights Commission report.

Reports and photos: NYC | Houston | Portland | San Francisco | Mexico | Uruguay (en espanol)

Audio: FSRN report on New York hunger strike | KPFT radio news coverage in Houston

Proposition 2 – Great Concept, Horrible Implementation

Boston, 30.10.2008 16:08

As a fervent supporter of marijuana decriminalization, I looked at the actual text of the proposed legislature recently and was horrified by what I saw. Although the proposition delivers on decriminalization, as promised, it appears to open up a new way in which people can be charged and fined with possession of marijuana. With support for marijuana decriminalization gaining in momentum, and the national election less than a week a way, I had relatively high expectations that Massachusetts voters would be able to create some positive change in the state on Tuesday. However, this all changed recently when I read the actual text being introduced.

San Mateo Superior Court Rules Against East Palo Altans Seeking Fair Rents

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.10.2008 14:39

On October 27, San Mateo Superior Court Judge Beth Freeman ruled against East Palo residents seeking affirmation of their city's authority to enforce and implement its own Rent Stabilization Ordinance. Tenants and the City of East Palo Alto have been in a legal dispute with Page Mill Properties/Woodland Park Management since January 2008 over Page Mill's repeated violations of the city's Rent Stabilization Ordinance, raising tenant rents 2 or 3 times in one year totaling raises of 20%, 30%, and even up to 100%.

Escalada Represiva

Argentina, 30.10.2008 14:39

Atravesando lo áspero

UK: policja walczy z aktywistami prozwierzęcymi

Poland, 30.10.2008 14:10

Wysiłki brytyjskiego rządu zmierzające do rozbicia ruchu na rzecz praw zwierząt osiągnęły karykaturalne wymiary. Ostatnim celem rządowych represji stały się osoby wywieszające banery z hasłami przeciw torturowaniu zwierząt, a aktywiści organizacji ekologicznych nagłaśniający niehumanitarne procedury światowych korporacji otrzymują zarzuty o "szantaż".

12,000 rally in Dublin against Education Budget Cutbacks

Ireland, 30.10.2008 09:09

Thousands protested outside the Dáil against the g ...

Anniversary of Assassination of Israel's Minister of Tourism, Rehavam Zeevi

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.10.2008 07:09

On October 17th, seven years ago, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine assassinated Rehavam Zeevi the Israeli minister of tourism. The assassination was carried out in response to Israel's killing of Palestinian leaders, among them Abu Ali Mostafa, the head of the PFLP. Zeevi was the head of the Moledet Party that was advocating the expulsion of all Palestinians from occupied Palestine to Arab nations.

NGO's as the New Agents of Colonialism

Aotearoa, 30.10.2008 06:39

NGO's as the new agents of colonialism The last two decades has seen a dramatic increase of western non governmental organisations (NGOs) working in the global south. The results of this foreign penetration is resulting in greater criticism of the role such organisations have in the struggle for social justice. These big international NGOs or, BINGOs, are increasingly criticised for having foreign, often white "experts", ties to corporate and government money, and not supporting or collaborating in local solutions and resources. This has led some to claim NGOs as being a more public friendly means of implementing colonial policy. This criticism sometimes arises from those within the NGO industrial complex, but mainly it comes from the local population such organisations are supposed to be benefiting. Some examples given in this article are taken from interviews with various campesiños in Ecuador where a couple of specific NGOs are criticized: these specific cases can be compared to more broad practices elsewhere.

Vote Animal-friendly and Eco-Friendly

Rogue Valley, 30.10.2008 05:09

When you vote for candidates who want to limit how long dogs are tied at home, generally you're voting for the candidates who respect the environment and their human constitutents. So please vote animal-friendly. It's a litmus test of a candidates' virtues.

From the Newswire

Perth, 30.10.2008 04:10


One Week Before the NZ Election: Resist Low Pay and the Repression of Immigrants

Aotearoa, 30.10.2008 02:40

This Saturday Saturday November 1st. 2pm Aotea Square, Queen Street, Central Auckland. March against low pay. In recent months, low paid people have taken strike action in casinos, banks, fastfood outlets, supermarkets and on the busses. Low pay is crippling a generation of workers who are now expected to bear the brunt of a vicious global recession. Join the rally for a decent minimum wage- $15ph NOW! [More] Meanwhile in Wellington there will be a rally against the repressive Immigration Amenmdment bill, supported by both Labour and National. The Bill Bill would allow for arbitrary and indefinite detention. While in keeping with our history of Dawn Raids and the detention of Ahmed Zaoui, this is an atrocity, condemned by the Human Rights Commission and others. More The bill has not yet passed. In advance of the elections, time to make sure Labour & co know what we think of it. WELLINGTON 12pm, Sunday 2 November Parliament Buildings Molesworth Street

Romina Tejerina podría tener salidas laborales el año próximo

Argentina, 30.10.2008 00:39

"Tengo mucha expectativa en la rebaja"

Romina Tejerina podría tener salidas laborales el año próximo

Argentina, 30.10.2008 00:39

"Tengo mucha expectativa en la rebaja"

Italien: die fröhliche Revolte

Germany, 30.10.2008 00:09

Was sich in Italien derzeit abspielt ist eine Revolte der Jugend an Schulen und Hochschulen, die in diesem Umfang vielleicht noch nie dagewesen ist. Eine friedliche, fröhliche, bunte und laute Revolte, die bis in die hintersten Winkel des Landes reicht und deren Ende nicht absehbar ist.
Das Folgende ist ein Update zu diesem Artikel: La vostra crisi non la paghiamo noi. Diesen bitte zuerst lesen, da dort einiges was hier angesprochen wird erklärt wird.

Hintergrund: Ist ein anderes Italien möglich? | Interview mit Cossiga
Update: Neofaschisten greifen italienische Studentenproteste an | Massenproteste und Nazi-Riots in Italien

italy.indymedia. | Videos


NYC, 29.10.2008 22:39

New York City—Amidst global economic turmoil and the leadup to the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) held this week in the Philippines, about 60 domestic workers and their allies marched to the United Nations last Friday, October 24, to bring international attention to human rights abuse in the homes of UN diplomats.

State-Wide Prison Lock-Down

Houston, 29.10.2008 21:42

Report On State-Wide Prison Lock-Down from Behind the Walls

Auckland Take Back the Night Rally - November 1st

Aotearoa, 29.10.2008 20:10

Fight Against Rape and Violence! Reclaim the Streets! All women, children, takaatapui, fafafine, transgendered and intersexed persons are invited to join the Take Back the Night Rally this Saturday night, November 1st, in Aotea Square in Auckland at 7pm. This will be followed by a March to Basque Park. Unite to Take Back the Night! Past Auckland Take Back the Night Marches: 2005 | 2006

Spy Scandal Update: MD State Police throw in towel on hard copy ban

DC, 29.10.2008 17:10

On Oct 28, it was announced in the Washington Post that the MD State police are now permitting activists on the list(now they say 53 names)of people spied upon to receive copies of their file.This announcement was originally made just ONE HOUR before a planned protest at the MSP headquarters in Pikesville, MD.

From the Newswire

Perth, 29.10.2008 16:40

It’s a Gas: LNG in the Kimberley

photos from NYC Brad Will action

NYC, 29.10.2008 15:39

activists demand justice for Brad

Akcje upamiętniajace Brada Willa

Poland, 29.10.2008 15:11

27 października pod meksykańskim konsulatem w Nowym Jorku zorganizowano akcję upamiętniająca Brada willa - dziennikarza nowojorskich Indymediów zamordowanego w Oaxaca 27 pazdziernika 2006 r. Jego mordercy, zarejestrowani na materiale filmowym nakręconym przez Brada, do dziś pozostają bezkarni. Protestujący domagali się od władz Meksyku zaprzestania mataczeń w tej sprawie, uwolnienia więźniow politycznych z Oaxaca i zaprzestania wykorzystywania smierci Bradleya Willa do represjonowania aktywistów społecznych. Protestowali rownież przeciw przyznaniu przez Stany Zjednoczone pomocy finasowej skorumpowanemu meksykańskiemu rządowi.

Spread the Wealth of Wall Street, Big Oil, Tax-Evader Fox!

Boston, 29.10.2008 14:08

The fascist Fox News of Rupert Murdoch has been whipping up a mania and false fear against socialism, Marxism and “spreading the wealth” But it is protecting only its own tax evasion and the speculative profit, predatory lending and price-gouging of Wall Street and Big Oil. Led by rabid fascists Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, Fox News is conjuring up a false phobia and paranoia against socialism and Marxism. Frothing in the mouth, Fox right-wing commentators are spreading the false fear that socialism and Marxism will grab income from the working-class and middle-class.

Skillshare: Radical Botany #7 The Great Harvest

Portland, 29.10.2008 12:08

In the world of plants there is one time a year when all the elements conspire to bring on the harvest. At the time of harvest the plant is at its fullness for essential oils, fragrance, nutritional health and flavor. For most plants when the plant leaf, fruit, nut or root is mature... before the seed is formed, is when it is harvested by humans. There is only one way to know this. Study the plant. Then capture the plant in its prime.
"As you sow, so shall you reap"

There is great harvest going on in Cascadia and on the earth at this time. It is a time when we look at our gardens and wildlands and find food to eat and store away. We are reaping what we have sown.

The seeds of our actions are producing either healthy plants or plants without vitality. The way we humans have treated the earth, is creating either healthy plants or plants that are not regenerating.

Pics from protest at Mexican Consulate to call for justice in Oaxaca

Portland, 29.10.2008 12:08

These pictures are from Monday morning's protest at the Mexican consulate in Portland. The Friends of Brad Will in Portland, along with supporters of Oaxaca, gathered in front of the Mexican consulate to call for justice in the case of Brad Will's murder by Mexican paramilitaries, and justice for the people of Oaxaca.

This is the letter we submitted to the Mexican Consulate:

October 27, 2008

This letter is presented today on behalf of the Friends of Brad Will in Portland, Oregon.

Bradley Roland Will, a 36-year-old journalist-activist from New York, was killed on October 27th, 2006 while filming unrest in Oaxaca state, where protesters had been fighting for months to oust Gov. Ulises Ruiz for alleged electoral fraud. Will recorded video and wrote dispatches for

Radical Richard Taken To Jail!

Portland, 29.10.2008 12:08

Local activist jailed for smoking.
Radical Richard was cited for "offensive littering" while smoking on the opposite side of the street from Pioneer Square. He put his cigarette out on the ground and was immediately approached by police who announced that they were citing him for "offensive littering". Richard told them that many people put out their cigarettes on the street and that they (the cops) were only citing him because they targeted him as a potentially homeless person. Richard then told the cops that he would obtain a lawyer and fight his case if cited for this infraction. The cops then took him to jail, he spent several hours in Central Precinct. His court date is November 28th.
Richard needs our support, please contact Central Precinct (503)823-0097 and voice your concern about the obvious over handed jailing of a minor infraction offender.

RNC8: Petycja o wycofanie zarzutów o terroryzm

Poland, 29.10.2008 11:10

Apel o solidarność z uczestnikami protestów przeciw konwencjom partii demokratycznej i republikańskiej, których sprawy utkwiły w amerykańskich sądach.

UK: blokada Zakładu Broni Atomowej

Poland, 29.10.2008 10:09

Ok. 300 aktywistów pojawiło się wczoraj na Wielkiej Blokadzie Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) - Zakładu Broni Atomowej w hrabstwie Berkshire w Wielkiej Brytanii. Akcja została zorganiowana przez Trident Ploughshares i wsparta przez Kampanię na rzecz Rozbrojenia Nuklearnego(CND), Block the Builders i Pokojowy Obóz Kobiet Aldermaston i miała na celu zakłócenie prac nad głowicami nuklearnymi Trident oraz komponentami które umożliwią wyprodukowanie jescze nowoczesniejszych pocisków.


Houston, 29.10.2008 05:48

Nov 14 8pm

Bolt-cutters, road-blocks and tear-gas: Palestine/Israel short films screening in Poneke

Aotearoa, 28.10.2008 22:41

A screening of short films of recent direct actions and demos from Palestine/Israel against the occupation. Followed by an informal Q&A about the situation now, hosted by an Israeli anarchist. Monday 3/11/08 At 128 Abel Smith Street, Te Aro, Wellington from 7pm

Voter Caging in Northern California?

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.10.2008 22:40

The Republican National Committee has sent non-Republican voters in Northern California a letter identifying them as Republicans. The letters include a registration card with a fake voter ID number and a do-not-forward stamp on the outside of the envelope. Voting rights activists say the letters are part of a voter caging campaign and an attempt to undermine non-Republican voters in the November election.


Uruguay, 28.10.2008 21:39

Brad Will presente!!!

Consider Florida: The Great Vote Fraud Hoax

United States, 28.10.2008 21:37

Contrary to McCainian claims of major registration fraud, the greatest voter fraud in recent history occurred during the 2000 presidential election where a massive Bush/GOP conspiracy robbed over 50,000 folks in Florida of their right to vote by falsely listing them as felons ineligible to cast ballots. Remembering that George W. Bush won Florida by a mere 534 vote margin in 2000, simple math exposes that GOP disenfranchisement fraud as demonstratively more devastating than some (alleged) fudging on registration forms.

McCainian claims of ACORN actions possibly “destroying the fabric of democracy” are inaccurate, insulting and hypocritical compared to the legacy of GOP voter suppression assaults – directed mostly at minorities – destruction of democracy that McCain doesn’t complain about. Read More | Image from NAACP

SEE ALSO: DN!: Following Widespread Complaints, New Lawsuit Seeks Paper Balloting in Pennsylvania II Brave New Films: Help spread the truth about ACORN and Tell McCain to End the Politics of Hate

Brighton group Joins Olive Harvest Campaign in Palestine

United Kingdom, 28.10.2008 18:42

A delegation of eight people from Brighton arrived in the Tubas region of occupied Palestine last week. The delegation is part of the project by the Brighton-Tubas Friendship and Solidarity Group. The group's aims are to highlight Israeli war crimes against Palestinians in the region, raise awareness about life under occupation and create practical solidarity links between grassroots organisations in Brighton and Tubas region. Members of the delegation are currently visiting the threatened village of Al Masra to assist them with their olive harvest.

On Tuesday 28th the group was attacked by a group of Israeli settlers who proceeded to steal olives from the farmers the group was accompanying. One of the settlers was the same man who had murdered a teenage boy in the village earlier this year.

Press Releases from the Brighton-Tubas Solidarity Group:Brighton Delegation Arrives in Palestine|Sussex University Students make Links with Palestinians Under Occupation|Brighton Delegation joins Olive Harvest in Al Masra| Brighton-Tubas delegation and Palestinian farmers attacked by Israeli settlers| Links: Jordan Valley Solidarity| Palestine Solidarity Campaign | International Solidarity Movement in Palestine | Boycott Israeli Goods Campaign | Stop the Wall in Palestine

Youth Demonstrate Against Homophobic Proposition 8

LA, 28.10.2008 18:41

Youth Demonstrate Against Homophobic Proposition 8


Barcelona, 28.10.2008 18:09

Desalojo de los dos CSOA de Mataró

esta mañana del 28 de Octubre del 2008, a las 6 de la mañana, cuando todo el mundo está descansando y la ciudad está dormida, cuando nadie puede visualizar la violencia estructural, cuando se muestra con todos sus dientes, ha venido un ejercito de mossos a desalojar los dos Centros Sociales Okupados de Mataró: el CSOA La Fibra y el EO Acrata.[+]


4 detenidos cuando iban tanquilamente desde Acrata a La Fibra

+info :: >>>especulacióN + web de La Fibra


Barcelona, 28.10.2008 18:09

Desallotjament dels dos CSOA de Mataró

Aquest matí del 28 d'Octubre del 2008, a les 6 de la matinada, quan tothom està descansant i la ciutat està adormida, quan ningú pot visualitzar la violència estructural quan es mostra amb totes les seves dents, ha vingut un exèrcit de mossos a desallotjar els dos Centres Socials Okupats de Mataró: el CSOA La Fibra i el EO Àcrata. [+]


4 detinguts quan anaven tanquilament des d'Acrata a La Fibra

+info :: >>>especulació + web de La Fibra

United Workers Declare the Harbor a “Human Rights Zone”

Baltimore, 28.10.2008 18:09

In an unprecedented move in Baltimore labor union history, the United Workers declared the Downtown Inner Harbor a “Human Rights Zone.” The organization that last year won a living wage for its workers at Camden Yards announced on Saturday, October 25th at the Light Street Presbyterian Church they were in solidarity with the workers at the largest tourist venue in the city. “After securing the living wage at Camden Yards, we decided to extend and expand the victory to include more low-wage workers in the city,” said Bennie Witherspoon, a leader in the United Workers and cleaner at Camden Yards. “We learned that through talking with workers at the Inner Harbor that they were experiencing many of the same human rights violations that we experienced at the stadium.”

Raynesway Blockaders in Court

United Kingdom, 28.10.2008 17:44

Ten activists arrested following a blockade of the Rolls Royce Raynesway factory in Derby in April were in court last week. Eight were acquitted with two being found guilty. Seven of the eight found not guilty had been locked to concrete blocks outside the facility with the eighth having driven them there. The two found guilty had been locked onto the gates. All had been charged with aggravated trespass, seemingly an error on the CPS' part.

The court case comes shortly before Derby City Council is to hear a planning application from Rolls Royce to develop its site at Raynesway and a new campaign, dubbed Power Through Wind Not Weapons has been launched to coordinate protests against the factory which produces engines for nuclear submarines (which carry Trident missiles). Protests have been held outside the factory monthly, with one taking place immediately prior to the court case.

Newswire: Eight Acquitted After Rolls Royce Blockade | Some guilty some not at Derby court anti-nuclear defendants | Urgent update - 'power through wind not weapons campaign' needs you to get involved | Trident on trial: Judge defends nuclear proliferators Rolls Royce | Notts Indymedia Anti-militarism topic page

Previous Feature: Trident Activists Blockade Rolls Royce in Derby | Protesters take action at Derby nuclear plant | Derbyshire police go over the top again

Links: Power Through Wind Not Weapons | Trident Ploughshares


Uruguay, 28.10.2008 17:44

Brad Will presente!!!

Grand Opening of SubRosa, a New Community Space in Downtown Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 28.10.2008 17:44

SubRosa, a new community space in downtown Santa Cruz, will host its grand opening event on Saturday, November 1st starting at 4pm. The event will include an art show, spoken word, live music, food, and an exciting first look inside this vibrant new social space.

CCSO and Sandy PD: Another cover-up by the good old boys in blue

Portland, 28.10.2008 17:08

While I am grateful to have the local community newspapers because they have devoted more than just a few words to this issue as the Boregonian did, I must again take exception to the tone and lack of meaningful substance these articles nonetheless show.

A "voluminous," 500+ page report from the Clackamas County sheriff was released last Friday (October 17th) detailing "the sexual habits of a 14-year seasoned deputy who served the Mt. Hood Corridor communities." This is the report on the probe that led to Clackamas County Sheriff's Deputy Brandon Claggett resigning.

One article, the one I will critique here, states that the "report on that probe answered the questions that local residents have been asking..."

Sorry, but I beg to differ.

The report may indeed have answered the questions we've been asking, but I'm sorry, this article on the report does not.

Update on prisoner Jeff Free Luers

Portland, 28.10.2008 17:08

Dear Friends,

As beautiful autumn weather brings us closer to 2009, Jeff's release date in December 2009 seems all the more palpable. And all the friends and family that have visited Jeff these past few months have noticed a huge change in Jeff's demeanor as he too realizes he will once again enjoy the pleasures that we on the outside all take for granted

Please help us build a release fund for Jeff to help pay for his education and costs associated with rebuilding his life.

GP pres comes to TX

Houston, 28.10.2008 16:39

Green Party Presidential and VP nominees come to the Texas Gulf Coast

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