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From the Newswire

Perth, 03.11.2008 17:11

Howards hideous legacy: deported asylum seekers killed

Celebrate Peace, Not Weapons of War

New Hampshire, 03.11.2008 17:11

On Saturday, Oct. 25 at 10 am, the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard will celebrate the launching of another nuclear-powered attack submarine, dubbed the "USS New Hampshire." Protesters plan to meet at the Memorial Bridge embankment outside of Prescott Park at 9 am.

The Candidates on the Issues: Dover Ward 4

New Hampshire, 03.11.2008 17:11

Below I analyze the Dover Ward 4 candidates based on their stances on the issues. Each race lists the libertarian, democratic, and republican candidates in that order, as appeared on my sample ballot. This analysis will appear on NH Making Waves, #208.

Hyatt Santa Clara Management Still Interfering with Workers' Right to Organize

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.11.2008 17:11

On October 30th, a Halloween-themed rally drew a large crowd of employees to the front doors of the Santa Clara Hyatt hotel where they demonstrated for a fair process to choose a union.  Despite intermittent rain, protestors and their supporters chanted and carried placards in Spanish, English and Tagalog. Some wore masks and doled out tiny Halloween candy treats, mocking management's attitude toward employees. Hyatt management has continually rejected its workers' request for the company to stay neutral while workers decide for themselves whether or not to have a union.

San Francisco &quot;Palinistas&quot; Lighten Pre-Election Jitters

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.11.2008 17:11

On October 30th, a gathering of Palin family look-alikes met under the rainbow flag on the Castro to the delight of tourists and locals alike. Mainstream media came out in force to photograph the group of men and women in Sarah Palin drag. A non-plussed Bristol Palin impersonator, appearing very pregnant, joined the entourage, helping to lift the spirits of San Franciscans nervous about election outcomes.

Civil Rights Activists Takeover Fresno City Hall

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.11.2008 17:11

On November 2nd, over 1,000 people came to downtown Fresno for a NO ON 8 rally. The rally at Fresno City Hall was followed by an impromptu march to the County Clerks office to demand marriage equality. The keynote speaker at the rally was Father Farrow, who was a priest at the Saint Paul Newman Center in northeast Fresno. . . until he came out (last month) against Proposition 8. For this courageous act, he was suspended as a priest and removed as pastor.

Is Schwarzenegger Terminating Salmon Surveys?

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.11.2008 17:11

A coalition of fishing and environmental groups is alarmed that an executive order by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger issued earlier this year could further threaten imperiled populations of Central Valley and Klamath River salmon. The order, made during the budget impasse between the Governor and Legislature, terminated temporary help positions from the state's payroll.


Athens, 03.11.2008 17:11

Απεργία Πείνας στις φυλακές-Νταχάου

&quot;Não pagaremos a crise de vocês!&quot;

Brasil, 03.11.2008 17:10


Halloween at the Glendale Peace Vigil

LA, 03.11.2008 17:10

Halloween at the Glendale Peace Vigil

Reportback from Deep Green Resistance

Portland, 03.11.2008 17:10

This October (2008) from the 24th through the 26th I had the pleasure of attending a convergence called "Deep Green Resistance" (DGR) just outside of Lincoln City, Oregon. Several previous DGRs have been held on the east coast and other locales.
In many respects, the works and theories of eco activist-turned-radical author (and Cascadian resident) Derrick Jensen have inspired these events, which are intended to accelerate the actuation of and preparedness for the collapse of civilization, as a means of halting current trends of environmental/biological disaster.


Portland, 03.11.2008 17:10

Outside of Earl Blumenauer's Office (House District 3) [who also is running as a incumbent that has spoken out against Bush yet does very little to hold Bush/Cheney accountable and allows them to violate the constitution] ... The Lone Vet (Joe Walsh) and about a dozen citizens gather for the weekly vigil that has been going weekly (Thursdays at high noon - 2pm) for well over a year.

The Lone Vet has in the hospital and has missed the past 7 week of protesting[.] Well he is back..... and sounds as "hot on the issues as ever"[.] This video is 10 minutes from the 10-30-08 vigil

Obama and the Unions

Portland, 03.11.2008 17:10

Bill Clinton's Presidency is a necessary place to start when trying to understand Obama's approach to the unions. Many workers were rightfully skeptical of Clinton the moment he announced his intentions to run for President he was Governor of a 'Right To Work' state and was notorious for siding with management on major labor disputes. Many unions refused to support him until he successfully secured the Democratic nomination, where he was mystically transformed into the "lesser of two evils".

But it's hard to imagine a greater evil to labor than Bill Clinton.

Международный День Вегана. 1 ноября, Минск.

Belarus, 03.11.2008 17:08

Начиная с 1 ноября 1994 года, каждый год в этот день во всём мире отмечается Международный день вегана.

Веганы – строгие вегетарианцы, полностью отказавшиеся не только от пищи животного происхождения, но и от одежды из шерсти, кожи, меха, выступающие против различных видов эксплуатации животных в развлекательной индустрии.

Именно поэтому сегодня около 17.00 в парке Горького, минскими веганами и вегетарианцами из различный движений, была проведена акция, посвящённая этой тематике.

Основной задачей акции являлась попытка заинтересовать людей в вег(етари)анском образе жизни, его полезности для организма, а также экологической и экономической выгоде такого питания.

Сама акция проходила в виде угощения приготовленной едой(пита с чечевицой, горячий зелёный чай), информирования путём раздачи листовок, касающихся как питания, так и жестокого обращения с животными, пушно-мехового производства, а также непосредственных бесед с прохожими.

Многие …

Halloween at the Glendale Peace Vigil

LA, 02.11.2008 22:39

Halloween at the Glendale Peace Vigil

Thurston County Prosecutor Vows No Deals

Seattle, 02.11.2008 21:38

The Thurston County Prosecutor has vowed to accept no deal during the prosecution of the Olympia 26.

[Castor08] für ein ganz anderes Kl!ma

Germany, 02.11.2008 20:09

Am Freitag, den 7. November startet in der Plutoniumfabrik La Hague ein Transport mit elf Atommüll-Behältern. Am Ziel der Fahrt,
im Wendland, wird das Leben bereits jetzt durch die bevorstehenden Aktionstage geprägt. Nicht nur
das öffentlich gewordene Desaster im "Versuchs"-Atommüll-Endlager Asse II hat die Aufmerksamkeit der Gesellschaft neu geweckt - die Versuche der Atomlobby, für ihre gewinnträchtigen Anlagen lange Laufzeiten durchzusetzen, tragen zu massivem Widerspruch bei.
Mit der Klima-Diskussion ist die Auseinandersetzung um Energie auch für radikale Linke wieder
zentraler Gegenstand der Politik

Rückblick Castor 2006 | Radio Freies Wendland | TagX-Live Ticker | Widerstandsnest Metzingen | Karten der Transportstrecke | Info-Tour und Aufruf

SnitchJacketing of Brandon

Houston, 02.11.2008 18:39

On rumors, governments and mouthpieces: The cases of Brandon Darby, grand juries and our movements

Nace página web al servicio de las luchas populares y obreras

Venezuela, 02.11.2008 13:37


Colombia, 02.11.2008 13:09

Minga vs Uribe: ¡Escuche Dachi Bedea!

Against Commercialism in Irish Education

Ireland, 02.11.2008 12:39

This is a brief essay regarding commercialism in I ...

People in Aotearoa Stand Up for Aboriginal Political Prisoner

Aotearoa, 02.11.2008 07:10

In Wellington yesterday: about twenty protesters braved gale force winds and rain to gather outside the Australian High Commission in Wellington today to demand the immediate release of Palm Island Aboriginal councilor, Lex Wotton. The accused man is facing a life sentence for 'rioting with destruction' following the announcement of the brutal killing of an Aboriginal man in police custody in 2004 [More] In Auckland a demonstration to free Lex Wotton will be taking place next Friday November 7th. Meet at 5pm outside Downtown Shopping Centre (next to Britomart) to march to the Australian Consulate on Quay Street. [More]


Andorra, 02.11.2008 03:51


ЕСФ в Афинах

Russia, 02.11.2008 03:50

С 4 по 7 мая в Афинах проходил четвертый Европейский Социальный Форум (ЕСФ). Заметки об ЕСФ | коротко о демонстрациях | Беглые заметки активистки с трубой

The Scariest Critical Mass Yet!

Aotearoa, 02.11.2008 01:10

Auckland's Halloween Critical Mass ride was a sight to behold. Around 50 cyclists, most sporting terrifyingly scary costumes took to the streets to scare some cars, then retired to the park to drink Chai and Murder Cookies.


Colombia, 01.11.2008 23:39


IVAW Protest Update: Shocking New Video Released as Nick Morgan Undergoes Surgery and First Court Date Set

NYC, 01.11.2008 16:09

Recently released photographs and video from the Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) protest outside the final presidential debate in Hempstead, NY on Oct. 15 clearly shows IVAW member Nick Morgan getting trampled on by Nassau County police on horseback, according to Emily Forman of I-Witness Video.

Video from Trick or Treating Jack Evans

DC, 01.11.2008 07:10

See if you can tell which person in this footage is the real Jack Evans (who's been spending his time closing down the Franklin homeless shelter - kicking homeless people to the street just in time for hypothermia season) and which are the activists who dressed up as him to show his neighborhood who the scariest monster in DC really is!

Lets make this coming Nov 5th be Evergreen Wednesday

Portland, 01.11.2008 07:08

Yes it will be Guy Fawkes Night and yes it will be Election Fraud (resoults) Wednesday, but why not add a little color to the season and wear green.
Yes Evergreen Wednesday. Like in Ukraine when they wore orange for their Orange Revolution. Like in Eurasian Georgia when they wore red during their Rose Revolution. Like Portugeese wore a carnation during their Carnation Revolution. Lets make that day colourful with green. Green for the Evergrren State of Washington. Green with envy. Green for a new green economic system. Evergreen for Cascadia!

Wear it as a scarf. Wear it as a tie. Wear it as a hat. Wear it as a coat. Wear it as hooded sweater. Wear it as what ever you want.

Last call for November skillshares

Portland, 01.11.2008 07:08

We're about to do the final printing of our November calendar so that means its time to pick a date for that skillshare or discussion group you've been wanting to get started.

Its easy!

Any questions? Contact us at or check out the how-to on our website:

homepage: homepage:

Beehive Collective Swarming Portland

Portland, 01.11.2008 07:08

Please join this empowering graphics collective on the eve of the election for a powerful and interactive story about empire, corporate globalization, resistance and sustainability.

The Beehive Collective and their "Dismantling Monoculture" graphics campaign will make a variety of free appearance around portland. The events will take place as follows:

Oct. 31st @ 3pm - PSU Smith Building, 1825 SW Broadway St. Hosted by Students for Unity and MECha
Nov. 2nd @ 7pm - Reed College Student Union. Hosted by Blue Heron Infoshop
Nov. 3rd @ 6pm - ILWU Local 5, 917 SW Oak Suite #206. Hosted by the ILWU Local 5, Independent Publishing Resource Center and Free School Portland
Nov. 4th @ 7pm - Red and Black Cafe, 400 SE 12th avenue (at Oak). Hosted by the Red and Black and Free School Portland

The Beehive Collective presents their three part narrative: Dismantling Monoculture - Mesoamerica Resiste: a visual exploration of the impacts of militarism, free trade, and corporate globalization in Latin America. The group's mission is to "cross pollinate the grassroots" through the creation of images as an effective medium for deconstructing and educating the public about complex geopolitical issues.

Shark Fin Company Exposed In Nottingham

United Kingdom, 01.11.2008 04:39

It has come to light that Nottingham is host to one of the few companies in the UK that sell shark fin. Not only is the finning of sharks barbaric, but their indiscriminate slaughter at an unsustainable rate is pushing many species to the brink of extinction. Since the 1970s the populations of several species have been decimated by over 95%. Horn Of Africa Traders Ltd, based at Kelvedon Gardens, Carlton, Nottingham buy and supply sharkfin originated from North Eastern Somalia. The company is said to have a factory based in Somalia and able to supply up to 1000 ton of dried shark fin a month.

The marine conservation action group Bite Back and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society have been working closely in the UK to get companies to ditch shark fin from their menus and shelves. As well as various restaurants in London's Chinatown, the health chain Holland & Barrett recently stopped selling shark cartilage capsules under pressure from the campaign.

On the newswire: Seven Year Ditch: Shark Fin Soup Off Hakkasan Menu | Sharkwater UK Release | Shark conservation film in Notts | Defending the Wild | UK Indymedia Ocean Defence Topic page

Links: Horn Of Africa Traders Ltd | Bite Back | | Sea Shepherd Conservation Society | Shark Trust

Election 2008: Propositions &amp; Races

San Francisco Bay Area, 31.10.2008 22:09

Tuesday November 4th, is election day in the United States. Most of the focus on the mainstream media has been on Obama and McCain, but several third party candidates are also running and there are many local and statewide races and propositions as well.

Crazy Colombian Mixup: &quot;Humanitarian Progress&quot; Turns Out to Be &quot;State Sponsored Murder Campaign&quot;

DC, 31.10.2008 20:10

You know all that awesome "progress" Colombia has been making in the war against insurgents? Turns out much of it has been faked through a government campaign of widespread civilian murder, paid for by U.S. tax dollars, and carried out by troops vetted by State Department human rights "contractors".

Solidarity Actions in the West Bank, Gaza and the UK

United Kingdom, 31.10.2008 19:39

On 29th October 2008, the 60th anniversary of massacres in the Palestinian villages of Safsaf, al-Dawayima and Kafr Qasim, British activists were aboard the Dignity which sailed into Gaza. The boat which set sail from Cyprus the day before, was the second succesful attempt by the Free Gaza Movement to break the siege of Gaza, which has been imposed since last year. Carrying a contingent of doctors and medicines ,including cough mixtures which are no longer available in Gaza, the activists are set to meet up with fellow activists who have been in Gaza since the first sailing in August 2008.

In the West Bank, a delegation from the Brighton Tubas Region Friendship and Solidarity Group had arrived in the Tubas Region of the Occupied West Bank a week earlier. Reports sent home from the delegation record incidents such as attacks by Settlers, continued land theft, and enforced water shortages. The group which aims to highlight Israeli war crimes against Palestinians in the region, raise awareness about life under occupation and create practical solidarity links between grassroots organisations in Brighton and Tubas region, is currently assisting with the olive harvest at the village of Al Masra.

links:Free Gaza Movement |News from the Brighton-Tubas Friendship and Solidarity Group in the West Bank| Jordan Valley Solidarity| Palestine Solidarity Campaign | International Solidarity Movement in Palestine | Boycott Israeli Goods Campaign | Stop the Wall in Palestine

Cythina at SHAPE

Houston, 31.10.2008 18:09

Green Party Presidential Nominee Cythina McKinney comes to Houston

N. Zelandia: kryminalizacja maoryskiego oporu

Poland, 31.10.2008 15:40

Prokuratura Nowej Zelandii przedstawiła wczoraj akt oskarzenia przeciw 18 osobom (wśród nich znajdują się członkowie nowozelandzkich indymediów)aresztowanym w trakcie policyjnych nalotow z 15 października 2007 na centra społeczne i domy rdzennych aktywistów w Ruatoki, Auckland, Hamilton, Whakatane, Palmerston North, Wellington i innnych miejscowościach. Policyjną operację przeprowadzono pod pretekstem walki z zagrożeniem terrorystycznym. Władzom nie udalo się jednak zebrać żadnych dododów na potwierdzenie zarzutów o dzialalnośc terrorystyczną wysuniętych wobec zatrzymanych.

War Veterans PTSD Study At Mass. General Hospital-A Sign Of The Times

Boston, 31.10.2008 15:09

Heres is a photo I took of an ad on the Boston subway. It's a medical study to find ways of treating combat PTSD in military veterans. A sign of the times-a generation of young people are being sent off to an insane war and the trauma of war has taken soldiers' sanity-hence the diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The Anarchist’s Guide to Mass. ’08 Ballot Questions

Boston, 31.10.2008 15:09

QUESTION 1 (by Adrienne) Ballot question 1 is the Small Government Act to End the Income Tax, which would cut income taxes in half for the tax year beginning 1 January 2009 and eliminate income taxes the following year. This ballot measure was made possible by a handful of libertarians calling themselves the Committee for Small Government [whose website is yellow, of all tasteless color schemes. You’ve been warned]. They are convinced that, following the passage of this act, every citizen in Massachusetts will pocket an additional $3,600 every year. They squawk that 41% of Massachusetts’ budget is ‘wasted,’ which number they derive from asking people how much of Mass’ budget they feel is ‘wasted.’

Injunction filed at Supreme Court to Stay Presidential Election (Obama not Qualified)

Miami, 31.10.2008 09:38

Injunction filed at Supreme Court to Stay Presidential Election (Obama not Qualified)


Argentina, 31.10.2008 05:09

La RNMA exige a la CNC y el COMFER la devolución inmediata de los equipos


Argentina, 31.10.2008 05:09

La RNMA exige a la CNC y el COMFER la devolución inmediata de los equipos

Ellos son las víctimas, delincuente es el sistema

Argentina, 31.10.2008 04:39

Marchamos por la seguridad... De los pibes!

November 7th &amp; 8th: 2008 Northwest Socialist Conference

Seattle, 31.10.2008 04:09

"Men make their own history, but they do not make it just as they please; they do not make it under circumstances chosen by themselves, but under circumstances directly encountered, given and transmitted from the past." -- Karl Marx, The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte

Building a Revolutionary Alternative
The 2008 Northwest Socialist Conference
November 7-8
Seattle Central Community College, BE 1110

Five people charged with participation in a 'organised criminal group'

Aotearoa, 31.10.2008 02:10

The Crown has issued an indictment today against 18 people arrested in the police raids of October 15th 2007 in Ruatoki, Auckland, Hamilton, Whakatane, Palmerston North, Wellington and elsewhere. Five of the 18 people have been charged with participation in a criminal gang under section 98A of the Crimes Act. These charges are a desperate attempt by the Government to save face after the Solicitor-General found ‘insufficient evidence’ to bring charges under the Terrorism Suppression Act. The Crown seeks to characterise political activists who support Tino Rangatiratanga and dissent from the Government as criminals. All 18 face charges under the Arms Act for possession of weapons and restricted weapons (Molotov cocktails). Although charges relating to 3 of the alleged ‘camps’ had been dismissed outright by Judge Mark Perkins due to lack of evidence following a month long depositions hearing, the Crown has also chosen to re-instate these charges. The raids and arrests continue a legacy of the brutal invasions of Parihaka, Maungapohatu, Takaparawha and Pakaitore. This is part of a systematic attack on Maori communities. The Government’s support of the ‘war on terrorism’ in the passage of a raft of anti-terrorism laws and expanded police and Security Intelligence Service budgets confirm their agenda to control the population through surveillence and brutal repression of any genuine dissent. [ More ] "Criminal gang" charges ludicrous (Global Peace and Justice Auckland) | | Aocafe

BAAM newletter Issue 14: Halloween Edition (spooky capitalism!)

Boston, 30.10.2008 23:08

For the end of October. This months articles: - Don't be Afraid, Just be ready by Jeff Reinhardt - Bailout the People, not the banks by anonymous - The Massachusetts Ballot questions: Adrienne, Jake Carman, and Cady - Jericho 10/10 weeked of resistance - by Molly RNC Legal Defense: AN Arestee-eye's view by Sublett - BIolab Panel Takes Flak from Locals by Jeff Reinhardt

The Greater Error: Voting for the Lesser Evil

DC, 30.10.2008 22:10

As the presidential election nears, we can be assured of being bombarded — probably more than ever — with a hackneyed argument aimed at prodding increasingly resistant members of the working class to trudge to their local election booths and cast yet another vote for “the lesser evil.” After all, if the working class collectively refuses to vote due to universal repulsion at the array of candidates, then the charade that the U.S. in fact represents a genuine democracy collapses. But as working people witness their economic position grow uncomfortably perilous, whether Democrats or Republicans are in power, their desire to participate in this sordid ritual declines proportionately. The argument, which is usually peddled by Democrats, since they directly profit from it, proceeds like this: Yes, both Democrats and Republicans have their flaws, but surely a difference separates them. For example, one candidate might speak loudly in favor of universal health care while the other remains silent.

Obama, McCain, Weatherman, the CIA, and Socialism in the US

DC, 30.10.2008 22:10

In his 2001 memoir, “Fugitive Days,” Bill Ayers writes: “I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough.” This is something very few Americans can accept, and I wouldn't even make the attempt to persuade them. But I personally didn't blame the Weathermen then, and I don't blame them now. The Vietnam War was in its eighth year of barbarity. I and the rest of the army of the powerless needed a few points up there on the scoreboard against the lords of the national-security corporate state. A bombing, with a suitably war-criminal target – like the State Department or the Pentagon – and taking care to prevent any casualties, told the bastards that we were still out there, that their impunity was not total, that this is how it feels to be bombed. Armed propaganda.

Unarmed Chicagoan Killed by Chicago Police Officer

Chicago, 30.10.2008 22:08

From the newswire: "An off duty police officer shot and killed another unarmed civilian last night on the city's West Side, making this one of the worst years in recent memory for such shootings [and prompting a press conference and march in protest.]"

"Over 100 community residents held a press conference followed by a march [on Wednesday, October 29] through the community on Chicago's West Side to protest the Monday night police shooting of 34-year-old Larnester Hull, father of five, in the back of the head by an off-duty Chicago police officer."

"Make no mistake about it," said Mark Carter, one of the protest leaders. "The Chicago Police do not like black people. It doesn't matter if they're [the police] white, black or whatever, they're all blue. They're police. This is the USA, and they're still killing black people." Read more / See photos | Press release

Escalada Represiva

Argentina, 30.10.2008 19:39

Atravesando lo áspero

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