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fs e-voting

Cleveland, 05.11.2008 23:38

Improving the Democratic Process With Free Software e-voting

dvd vote

Cleveland, 05.11.2008 23:38

Hacking Democracy

Midwest Wobfest

Cleveland, 05.11.2008 23:38

IWW Midwest Wobfest November 8-9

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Cleveland, 05.11.2008 23:37

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Climate Camp NZ

Aotearoa, 05.11.2008 23:12

National organising hui to be held Nov 22/23 in Wellington at Newtown Community Centre This is a call out and invitation to all those who want to get involved in planning a Climate Camp in Aotearoa New Zealand. The sense of urgency is upon us and the time is ripe for a grassroots mobilisation to stop those responsible in their tracks and demonstrate that a sustainable alternative is both possible and necessary. PLEASE EMAIL to confirm your attendance or interest in further communications about the camp. Read the full call out by clicking on the More link…


Uruguay, 05.11.2008 22:08

Todas tenemos derecho a decidir.

Defend the RNC8! Dismiss the Charges!!!

DC, 05.11.2008 20:10

Please show solidarity with those still trapped within the St. Paul courts... Below is a petition to dismiss the charges against the RNC 8. Once it reaches 100,000 signatures it will be sent to the Ramsey County Attorney, Susan Gaertner.

Can We Talk About the REAL Barack Obama now?

DC, 05.11.2008 20:10

Over the past few weeks I've been a good boy. I've placed everything having to do with the real Barack Obama into a futures file and spent my time on the far grimmer matter of the real John McCain and Sarah Palin. Now the party is over and it's time for people to put away their Barack and Michelle dolls and start dealing with what has truly happened… Other Commentary: Which Candidate Supports Petraeus, the Bailout, the Death Penalty, Nuclear Power, the Occupation, the Cuban Embargo? "Civilian National Security Force" || Video IT'S EPOCHAL! IT'S TECTONIC! Bourgeois Buppie Wins Four-Year Lease on Big White Massuh's House

Palestinian Rights Win on Question #4

Boston, 05.11.2008 20:08

In Somerville and Cambridge, a little-talked about ballot question supporting the right of Palestinians to "live free from laws that give more rights to people of one religion than another" passed in both cities. This was an effort launched by the Somerville Divestment Project (SDP) last year who have worked in coalition with organizations such as, Cambridge Residents for Human Rights (CRHR) and Jamaica Plain Residents for Human Rights (JPRHR), to highlight the needs of Palestinians to live free of intimidation on their lands.

Open Mic on Thursdays at SubRosa

Santa Cruz, CA, 05.11.2008 19:39

SubRosa, the new community space and anarchist infoshop in Santa Cruz, will host a weekly open mic on Thursdays at 8:00pm. The event is an opportunity to connect with friends and showcase creative music, poetry, and performance. SubRosa - a community space is located at 703 Pacific Avenue in downtown Santa Cruz.

Oregon Convention Center!

Portland, 05.11.2008 18:38

FYI-I've been participating tonight at the Oregon Convention Center, headquarters to the Democratic Party of Oregon's Election night 2008, where Barack Obama was announced our new President of the USA. Shook hands with several elected officials in tow. People by the hundreds trickled out into the streets thereafter, waving blue signs and untold numbers of cars honking with a huge media presence.

From there, I then proceeded to Pioneer Courthouse Square, where a night-time rally of a few hundred people gathered to sing "Star Spangled Banner" and chants of "No More Bush", "Yes We Can", and so forth. A fantastic drum played beautifully. A conga line of a few dozen temporarily was formed, with joyous dancing and glee. Again, huge media presence.

Learn about Rocket Stoves! and Canning! and the Green scare!

Portland, 05.11.2008 18:38

FREE WORKSHOPS are this Sunday, Nov. 9th, at the Kennedy School from 11am-5 pm.

There are 12 workshops to choose from, including rocket stoves, canning, burlesque, an analysis of the green scare, women's herbal allies, and more!

black helicopters urban warfare exercises in Portland follow 9-11 preparations

Portland, 05.11.2008 18:38

Is urban warfare planned for Portland, Oregon with the past and current months of rent-a-cops and black helicopters and Homeland Security on the Eastside of Portland and the DoD/Army and Navy contract with the Portland Police Bureau and Portland Mayor Tom Potter? This connects with military intelligence analysts Lt. Col. Guy S. Razer, Maj. William B. Fox, Dr. James H. Fetzer, Capt. Eric H. May, SFC Donald R. Buswell who state: "Since Houston, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, and Phoenix have already been "prepared" in prior exercises, they remain especially vulnerable... ." The public is encouraged to gather the facts and unite in preventing and countering it, holding public servants and the media accountable, while also preparing for emergency mutual aid and survival under martial law.

catre clubul fire: contra complicitatii la sexism si violenta

Romania, 05.11.2008 15:37

pe 30 decembrie, clubul fire din bucuresti a gazduit un concert al rapper-ului necro, cunoscut pentru versuri ultra misogine si violente. mai multi clienti au intampinat acest concert cu reactii de protest printre care o scrisoare deschisa si o actiune de boicot, criticand clubul fire pentru complicitatea in promovarea atitudinilor degradante fata de femei cat si pentru tacticile de intimidare practicate de bodyguarzi.


Uruguay, 05.11.2008 15:09

Todas tenemos derecho a decidir.


Uruguay, 05.11.2008 12:09

...Violado por el estado, policias, ministerios, jueces y patrones.

Международный День Вегана. 1 ноября, Минск.

Belarus, 05.11.2008 11:37

Начиная с 1 ноября 1994 года, каждый год в этот день во всём мире отмечается Международный день вегана.

Веганы – строгие вегетарианцы, полностью отказавшиеся не только от пищи животного происхождения, но и от одежды из шерсти, кожи, меха, выступающие против различных видов эксплуатации животных в развлекательной индустрии.

Именно поэтому сегодня около 17.00 в парке Горького, минскими веганами и вегетарианцами из различный движений, была проведена акция, посвящённая этой тематике.

Основной задачей акции являлась попытка заинтересовать людей в вег(етари)анском образе жизни, его полезности для организма, а также экологической и экономической выгоде такого питания.

Сама акция проходила в виде угощения приготовленной едой(пита с чечевицой, горячий зелёный чай), информирования путём раздачи листовок, касающихся как питания, так и жестокого обращения с животными, пушно-мехового производства, а также непосредственных бесед с прохожими.

Многие …

Solidarity with Starbucks Workers Ends with Arrest

New Orleans, 05.11.2008 07:40

Solidarity with Starbucks Workers Ends with Arrest

PSWI Reaches Plea Agreement with Anoka County

United States, 05.11.2008 07:07

Project to Stop the War Industry (PSWI) has accepted a plea agreement with Anoka County. All 8 remaining arrestees from the July 2nd lockdown across the driveway of the ATK weapons manufacturing facility have plead guilty to one misdemeanor count of Public Nuisance in a deal that will allow the conviction to be reduced to a petty (and therefore not a crime) in a year's time pending no same or similar convictions, and with the completion of 20 hours of self-reporting community work service. Read More | Past Coverage: Lockdown against Weapons Manufacturer in Anoka

Related: Thurston County Prosecutor Vows No Deals in Port Resistance Prosecutions

2008 Election Results

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.11.2008 03:09

Tuesday November 4th, was election day in the United States. Barack Obama appears to be headed to beat John McCain to become the next President. The Democratic party looks likely to gain a larger majority in the House and Senate but it is not clear if they will gain enough seats to override filibusters. California state and local results will not be available until after polls close at 8pm. PST

Justicia para Eli. Cárcel al Violador

Argentina, 05.11.2008 03:09

Incertidumbre sobre la condena a Benavidez

Climate Change Action

Perth, 05.11.2008 02:40

Collie Power Station shut down - Activists lock-on

Justicia para Eli. Cárcel al Violador

Argentina, 05.11.2008 02:09

Incertidumbre sobre la condena a Benavidez

XVII Marcha del Orgullo

Argentina, 05.11.2008 02:09


Uruguay, 05.11.2008 01:39


Record Turn Out and Long Lines at Polls

LA, 05.11.2008 00:39

Record Turn Out and Long Lines at Polls

Supreme Court &quot;Berg vs Obama&quot; - Injunction to stay election denied/ Writ is in

Miami, 04.11.2008 23:37

Supreme Court "Berg vs Obama" - Injunction to stay election denied/ Writ is in

Election Party at Movies

Houston, 04.11.2008 21:39

Election day Comes to Houston: Election Watching Party in Montrose

No More Clear Cuts!

Rogue Valley, 04.11.2008 20:10

On October 9, 2008, the BLM released its Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Western Oregon Plan Revisions (WOPR). The BLM’s final proposal would clearcut 74,000 acres of stands over 80 years old in the first decade and 27% of the remaining old growth across 96,200 acres of BLM lands over the next 100 years. The WOPR will increase logging by nearly 400% compared to current logging levels; get over 70% of the timber volume from clearcutting; shrink streamside reserves by 50%; add 180 million tons more carbon to the atmosphere compared to no logging and result in 1,300 miles of new roads.

The final plan will mirror the draft in most regards. It will: 1) remove BLM forests from the scientific framework of the Northwest Forest Plan; 2) ramp up clearcut logging across hundreds of thousands of acres; 3) remove streamside buffers that protect clean water and fish; and 4) log some of the last remaining older forests in western Oregon.

Studs and Me

United States, 04.11.2008 19:37

I only met the master interviewer Studs Terkel, who died Friday at 96, once but that occasion remains a high point of my 35 years as a journalist...He was completely conversational. He never cut me off, allowing me to answer questions fully, and if he wanted more, he knew exactly what he wanted and was able to gently ask a leading question that sent me in the right direction without my ever feeling steered, pressured or manipulated into answering. Most important, he was genuinely interested in what I had to say. It really was like he said, that we were two guys relaxing on the back porch conversing.

And that, I believe, not just his incalculable contribution to the understanding of America, is what was Studs Terkel’s greatness as a journalist. Read more & VIDEO/strong> by Dave Lindorff | RELATED: Studs Terkel, the passing of an icon

MD State police send heavily censored &quot;files&quot; to spy scandal targets

DC, 04.11.2008 17:13

On Halloween, I received my file from the MD State Police spy program. The first page of the file was 100% redacted(except for calling me a terrorist), and other pages little better. THIS is in the face of legal demands for full accountability and letting people examine their files!

Cartoon by Carlos Latuff: Obama Pulls &quot;Excalibur&quot; From The Stone

DC, 04.11.2008 17:13

Brasil's Carlos Latuff scores again with this piece about the true intentions of Barack "Timberlake" Obama and the US "elections". To be published in the alternative Swedish paper Läsarnas Fria Tidning: (ED. NOTE: Shame, though, that so many of our readers, being products of the US public education system, will fail to get the ancient British mythological allegory here. —mf)

Herri Mugimendua 2.0

Euskal Herria, 04.11.2008 17:12

Con el objetivo de que los movimientos sociales se apropien de las posibilidades de internet y con el de acercar algunos elementos para poder utilizarlas, la Fundaci�n Joxemi Zumalabe ha organizado el curso gratuito Herri Mugimendua 2.0.

�C�mo utilizar internet para las din�micas de comunicaci�n de los movimientos sociales? �Qu� herramientas hay? �Se conocen todas las posibilidades? El programa del curso servir� para tener un conocimiento b�sico, ser� pr�ctico en general y al final, se habr� aprendido a hacer un blog. Se realizar� en Gasteiz, en Saregune el 14 y 15 de noviembre. El 12 de noviembre ser� el �ltimo d�a para inscribirse.

Holandia: re-skłoting Van Boetzelaerstraat

Poland, 04.11.2008 16:53

1 lisptopada skłotersi zajęli ponownie dwa opuszczone domy (nr 2 i 20)przy ul. Van Boetzelaerstraat w Amsterdamie.

Afganistan:zamordowano deportowanego azylanta

Poland, 04.11.2008 16:11

Afgański uchodźca, który ubiegał się o azyl w Australii i nie otrzymał go, gdyż władze tego kraju uznały, że będzie w ojczyźnie bezpieczny i deportowały go do Agfanistanu, został kilka tygodni temu zamordowany przez Talibów na oczach swojej rodziny. Przed śmiercią był torturowany.


Perth, 04.11.2008 16:11

Regarding the US Elections


Argentina, 04.11.2008 15:09

"Comunicación, el fin que justifica los medios, alternativos"

NYC Election Night Party Preview: Activists Ready to Celebrate, Then Agitate

NYC, 04.11.2008 13:38

Long before Bush-bashing became commonplace, radicals were speaking out from Day One and protesting against the policies of the most reactionary administration in modern U.S. history. Now, after eight long years, America stands on the verge of electing a charismatic, highly intelligent, moderate-to-liberal African-American president. So, who doesn’t want to party even if there are many reasons to be wary of Obama’s agenda and the people who are backing him?
Here’s a sampling of a few of the parties going on around town Tuesday night.


Oost-Vlaanderen, 04.11.2008 13:08

top van de schaamte: vichy

maldegem squat ontruimd

Oost-Vlaanderen, 04.11.2008 12:39

ontruiming van kraakpand in Maldegem

I Encontro Libertário : Anarquismo e Movimentos Sociais [Fortaleza-CE]

Brasil, 04.11.2008 12:09

Anarquismo e Movimentos Sociais

Student Detained after Refusing to Shake Hand with Israel's President

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.11.2008 10:40

On November 2, Hebrew University student Ali Bahar was detained for three hours after refusing to shake hands with Israeli president Shimon Peres. Upon approaching Bahar, the student refused to shake Peres's hand and stated "I will not shake hands with murderer of kids." Immediately following the encounter, Bahar was detained by university security personal and his student ID was confiscated.

Protests continue at Shipley open cast site

United Kingdom, 04.11.2008 10:40

Protesters from Earth First! have invaded the Derbyshire site of the open cast mine twice in the last fortnight. On Monday a number of people climbed onto diggers and machinery, stopping work for over two hours. This was preceded by a highly policed picnic that took place on the site last weekend. On Saturday, local environmental group Erewash and Amber Valley Environment Network (EAVON) held a demonstration of 40 people at the site entrance.

These protests are the latest in a campaign that saw Shipley Lodge, a house on the site, squatted during the summer. The squatters used tunnels and tree houses and it took bailiffs and police an entire week to evict them, at the cost of £58,000 to Derbyshire police. The first court case arising from the eviction collapsed last Monday due to lack of evidence.

Newswire: Local residents protest at Lodge Farm open cast site | Shipley Bodge court case collapses | Protestors stop work at Shipley open-cast | Picnic in the Park - Photos Shipley Open Cast Site, Derbyshire | Picnic In The Park - The Sequel | Notts Indymedia Climate Chaos topic page

Previous Feature: Derbyshire Opencast Mine Squatters: Eviction Imminent | Coal On Hold - Derbyshire Coal Mine Site Occupied | Campaigners Trespass on Proposed Coal Mine Site

Links: Derby Earth First! | Leave it in the Ground | Lodge House blog


Argentina, 04.11.2008 10:40

"Comunicación, el fin que justifica los medios, alternativos"

Green Dissent: Why I Won't Vote for California Dems

LA, 04.11.2008 10:39

Green Dissent: Why I Won't Vote for California Dems

Video: Excerpts from Northwest WInter Soldier

Portland, 04.11.2008 10:39

Two of the Iraq Veterans who spoke at the Northwest Winter Soldier event in Portland on October 18, 2008. These two spoke at Panel One, "Voices of Veterans form Iraq and Afghanistan." Video is about 22 minutes in length.

Both are members of Iraq Veterans Against the War.The first, Christopher Arent, was a member of c 1-119 field artillery from 2001 - 2007. He deployed with charlie battery from 2004 - 2005 to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where he was a block guard and the escort control for 11 months. While deployed he co-founded the short lived radical G.I. Resistance group Motorcycle Awesome. He is a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) Chicago.

The second speaker is Josh Simpson, who spent six years in the US Army as a counterintelligence agent, including a one year tour in Mosul, Iraq.
He is now involved with the GI Voice Project, Port Militarization Resistance and making Olympia a sanctuary city for war resisters and undocumented workers.
Josh is a member of IVAW Olympia.

Defend The RNC8! Dismiss the Charges!

Portland, 04.11.2008 10:39

Please show solidarity with those still trapped within the St. Paul courts... Below is a petition to dismiss the charges against the RNC 8. Once it reaches 100,000 signatures it will be sent to the Ramsey County Attorney, Susan Gaertner. Please take a couple minutes to fill it out.

["]We the undersigned call for the dismissal of the charge of "Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism," which you have filed against the RNC 8, activists involved in organizing protests at the 2008 Republican National Convention. This use of a conspiracy charge seeks to punish political speech and thought. Labeling these members of our community as "terrorists" sets a dangerous national precedent for persecuting political activists, threatens political dissent, and greatly distorts the concepts of violence and terrorism. We demand the dismissal of these charges and condemn the use of police state tactics of infiltration, surveillance, and militarization of our streets and community to suppress demonstrations and dissent.["]

2008 Election Coverage: Share Your Voting Experiences

Santa Cruz, CA, 04.11.2008 10:39

On Tuesday, November 4th, Free Radio Santa Cruz 101.1 FM will put callers (831-427-3772) live on the air from 10am - 12pm to report their voting experiences. FRSC will also broadcast and stream Democracy Now! at 8am and 12pm, as well as DN!'s Election Night Special for seven hours starting at 4pm.

Zaproszenie na Zjazd Obrońców Praw Zwierząt

Poland, 03.11.2008 17:11

Organizatorzy zapraszają osoby zainteresowane walką o prawa i wyzwolenie zwierząt do uczestnictwa w III Ogólnopolskim Zjeździe Ruchu Walczącego o Prawa i Wyzwolenie Zwierząt, który odbędzie się w dniach 9-12.11.2008 w Warszawie.

STRIKE THE INERTIA! A zine on electoralism.

Rogue Valley, 03.11.2008 17:11

Below is the e-zine version of a print-zine double feature, the bulk of which was written in late July by Washington, DC anarchist Spoonboy. The second part is a brief analysis of the Rogue Valley and where it stands in the days leading up to, and the aftermath of, the electoral spectacle, as written in late October by Ashland anarchist Noah Balloon.

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