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What the Economic Crisis Means for Us and How to Defend Ourselves

Portland, 09.11.2008 00:38

Gloom and Doom-----The pillars of the U.S. capitalist economy are crumbling and falling all around us while the federal government frantically races from one crisis to another, throwing money at them as if throwing water on a fire. It could well turn out that the money represents only a few drops of water thrown on threatening flames that will soon billow into an out-of-control wildfire so that nothing President-elect Barak Obama has proposed will succeed in averting the disaster.

Update on political prisoner Ruchell Cinque Magee

Portland, 09.11.2008 00:38

"All right gentlemen, hold it right there.we're taking over!" Armed to the teeth, Jonathan Jackson, 17, George's, younger brother, had raided the Marin Courtroom and tossed guns to prisoners William Christmas and James McClain, who in turn invited Ruchell to join them. Ru seized the hour spontaneously as they attempted to escape by taking a judge, assistant district attorney and three jurors as hostages in that audacious move to expose to the public the brutally racist prison conditions and free the Soledad Brothers (John Clutchette, Fleeta Drumgo, and George Jackson).

Tribes &amp; Fishermen Speak Out Against Dirty Water Permit for Klamath Dams

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.11.2008 18:40

People from the Klamath Basin and throughout California are urging the State Water Resources Control Board to not grant Warren Buffett-owned PacifiCorp a clean water permit because of the degradation of water quality resulting from the operation of company's dams on the river.

City Life Activists Help Find Temporary Shelter for Evicted Mattapan Family

Boston, 08.11.2008 15:09

BOSTON/Mattapan - Less than twelve hours after Barack Obama spoke to the nation, following his historic election as the first black president, an African American family in the Mattapan neighborhood of Boston was evicted from their home. Overcome by emotion, co-owner Frances Louis found it difficult to answer reporter’s questions. But housing and tenants rights activist James Brooks, part of a group of about 25 people protesting the eviction, said “it’s a bittersweet time, you know, because Obama’s theme was ‘yes we can, we can fight against injustice” and the banks are saying ‘no, you can’t.’”

Thousands Protest Proposition 8; Lawsuit Filed to Prevent Implementation

United States, 08.11.2008 15:07

On Tuesday, Californians approved a proposition to amend the state constitution to ban same sex marriage. by 52.5 per cent. Similar bills also passed in Arizona and Florida. Since then, protests against the measure have surged.
» In Los Angeles, outrage over Prop 8 spilled into the streets on Wednesday night and continued all day Thursday and well into the night. The main focus of Thursday’s protests was the Mormon Church in Westwood, which is believed to have funded up 40% of the Yes on 8 campaign. Several women were reportedly assaulted by counter-protesters yelling anti-gay slurs. [ Photos, Audio & Video ]
» In San Francisco, thousands gathered on Friday at the UN Plaza for a No On 8 rally. Crowds filled Market St. for blocks as the march moved up into the Castro and then down 18th to end in Dolores Park. [ Photos: 1 | 2 ]

Lambda Legal Defense, The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) have filed the writ petition on behalf of Equality California and six same-sex couples to block the implementation of the measure. Read More

Pre-Election Protests: Los Angeles Area | Fresno | | | Protest 8

9 noiembrie - zi de actiuni impotriva fascismului si a discriminarii : Bucuresti, Iasi, Timisoara, Cluj

Romania, 08.11.2008 11:07

La data de 9 Noiembrie 2008, cu ocazia zilei internationale impotriva fascismului si antisemitismului in diverse orase din Romania se organizeaza, actiuni, demonstratii si manifestatii.

Queer Anarchist Zine-Call for Submissions

Seattle, 08.11.2008 04:38

A call-out for submissions for a new queer anarchist zine.

Fuera de control

Argentina, 08.11.2008 02:09

Feroz golpiza a vecinos que luchan contra la contaminación

Cascadia Rising Tide asks Governor Kulongoski to say NO to the WOPR

Portland, 08.11.2008 01:38

The Western Oregon Plan Revision (WOPR) will increase logging by 436% on BLM land and the only thing between the plan and our public forests is governor Kulongoski. Cascadia Rising Tide delivered a letter to the governor asking him to stand up for Oregon's future. Here's a quick video about it.

On Monday, members of Cascadia Rising Tide delivered a letter to Governor Kulongoski asking him to stand with the group against the WOPR and publicly announce his opposition to the BLM's plan. The Western Oregon Plan Revision (WOPR) would increase logging by 436% on BLM land in western Oregon. 70% of that would be clear cut and 100,000 acres would be old growth.

Rising Tide and the WOPR and Beyond Coalition will be holding a rally on the capitol steps in Salem on Friday November 14th at noon in an effort to move the governor to oppose this plan. Buses will be leaving from Portland and Salem.


Saturday, 11/8 7:30 PM PSU 5th Ave cinema &quot;A Sealed Fate&quot; Movie Benefit for Portland ADL

Portland, 08.11.2008 01:38

"A Sealed Fate" movie benefit for Portland Animal Defense League, stop by to view a short movie and help raise some money for your local animal rights group!
*November 8th AR Movie Night!*
*What:* Special Screening of *A Sealed Fate?*
*Where:* PSU's 5th Avenue Cinema
*When:* Doors Open 7pm / Movie Starts 7:30pm

*About A Sealed Fate?: *A film by Nigel Barker—professional photographer and one of The HSUS's top spokespersons—that chronicles Nigel's two trips to Atlantic Canada this year with his team and with HSUS staff—the first before the hunt started where he showed the world through his pictures this open-air nursery and the majesty of the seals and the seascape, and the second to broadcast images of the hunt itself.

*About Portland Animal Defense League:* The Portland Animal Defense League is an animal rights group based in Portland, Oregon. We are a grassroots organization that conducts hard-hitting campaigns designed to eliminate all forms of animal exploitation. We advocate veganism: an end to animals as food, entertainment and clothing, and ending animal testing in favor of modernized, ethical methods of research.

Protesting the deployment of Oregon's National Guard members.

Portland, 08.11.2008 01:38

The other day I met a lady at the capitol building, she's protesting the deployment of the Oregon National Guard in Iraq and Afghanistan. She's on a hunger strike and camping on steps of the capitol building and collecting signatures on her petition. Here's a copy of her Open Letter.
If you happen to be in the area, I encourage you to stop by show your support and sighn her petitition

Global Action Day for Education

Germany, 07.11.2008 20:39

Am 5. November fand der globale Aktionstag für eine freie und emanzipatorische Bildung statt. Eine internationale Vernetzung von Studierenden rief dazu auf (Video-Call), heute gemeinsam gegen die Kommerzialisierung vorzugehen.
Es kam zu reger internationaler Beteiligung, unter anderem in Bangladesh, Deutschland, Kanada, Kolumbien, Kroatien und Liberia. (Zur Zeit liegen leider noch keine genaueren Details vor.) In Deutschland gab es kleinere Aktionen in Heidelberg, Hamburg, Frankfurt und Marburg; in Düsseldorf und Mannheim gab es Demonstrationen.

Artikel: Frankfurt Übersicht, Feldforschung | Hamburg | Heidelberg | Kroatien (1, 2) | Mannheim

Videos: Kanada 1, 2

Sanitarios Maracay es propiedad de personas ligadas al maletinazo

Venezuela, 07.11.2008 19:37

Right to Marry Protests Rock West LA

LA, 07.11.2008 18:39

Right to Marry Protests Rock West LA


Houston, 07.11.2008 18:10

HIMC Presents: Deserter Nov 14 at Rice Cinema

Fuera de control

Argentina, 07.11.2008 18:09

Feroz golpiza a vecinos que luchan contra la contaminación

Criminalización de la pobreza

Argentina, 07.11.2008 17:09

Cuando en las calles se pide por la seguridad

Criminalización de la pobreza

Argentina, 07.11.2008 17:09

Cuando en las calles se pide por la seguridad

New Studies of LBAM Spray Inadequate, Reveal More Violations of the Law by CDFA

Santa Cruz, CA, 07.11.2008 05:32

Just a few days before the one-year anniversary of the aerial spraying for Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM) in Santa Cruz, the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) released two studies about the pesticide applications in Monterey and Santa Cruz counties. While CDFA claims that these reports prove the safety of the eradication program, environmental groups and citizen advocates say that statement is misleading and point out fundamental shortcomings of both reports. Rather, they argue, they reveal another breach of the law by CDFA.

Violência da Polícia Federal contra os Tupinambá*

Brasil, 07.11.2008 03:39


Audiência Pública do projeto Azeredo

Brasil, 07.11.2008 03:09


Manifestacion de los pueblos afectados por la Mineria

Argentina, 07.11.2008 00:09

Ayuno en Contra de la Mineria Contaminante, Secante y Saqueante

III Encuentro Latinoamericano de Mujeres por la Soberanía Alimentaria

Argentina, 06.11.2008 23:39

La ruta de la soja es la ruta de la trata

Cortadores de cana em greve na usina Decasa

Brasil, 06.11.2008 23:39


Santa Cruz screening of &quot;Terrorizing Dissent&quot; on November 8

Santa Cruz, CA, 06.11.2008 23:08

The brand new documentary "Terrorizing Dissent: Election Cut" will be screened on the evening of Saturday, November 8th at the Resource Center for Nonviolence. Independent media activists from Twin Cities Indymedia and other groups have released a new film which chronicles the events at the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota. The documentary shows exclusive footage of the criminalization of dissent in St. Paul, interviews organizers now charged as terrorists under the Minnesota PATRIOT Act, and uncovers who ordered the violence against demonstrators.

N.Zelandia: eskalacja strajków w McDonald's

Poland, 06.11.2008 22:40

McDonald's - największą na świecie korporację "fast-food" czeka w Nowej Zelandii gorący okres strajków, pikiet i bojkotów. 1300 jej pracowników zrzeszonych w związku zawodowym Unite zapowiedziało nasilenie rozpoczętej we wrześniu kampanii protestacyjnej po tym, jak na wczorajszej konferencji szefowie McDonald's zdecydowali się odrzucić postulaty związku dotyczące podwyżki płac lub zrównania zabezpieczeń godzinowych z tymi jakie przysługują członkom związku w konkurencyjnych Restaurant Brands (KFC, Starbucks i Pizza Hut)

Lambda and ACLU File Lawsuit to Stop Proposition 8

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.11.2008 22:39

Proposition 8 appears headed for approval. The Proposition would amend the California constitution to specify that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California. Lambda Legal Defense, NCLR and the ACLU have urged the California Supreme Court to invalidate Proposition 8. The groups argue that Prop. 8 is invalid because it improperly attempts to undo the constitution's core commitment to equality and deprives the courts of their essential role of protecting the rights of minorities.

On Friday November 7th in San Francisco there will be a No On 8 rally at 5:30 pm at Civic Center, followed by a march to Dolores Park.

Corporate Media Targeted in Actions Across US

NYC, 06.11.2008 22:38

On the morning after election day. Hundreds of newspaper boxes had their covers changed and contents augmented with anarchist news and opinion, a small payback for the election media blitz and near media blackout that followed militant conflict at the conventions.

Obama Elected First Black President as NYC Residents Celebrate

NYC, 06.11.2008 22:38

New York City was alive on election night as thousands poured into the streets in celebration of the nation’s first elected African-American for President, Barack Obama. Citizen Journalists were out in real force. See below for a collection of the coverage that folks from around the city produced! NYC Election Night! Union Square, by MK Britton || Election Night 2008 in Rockefeller Center || More Election Night Photos from 125th St. by Stanley W. Rogouski || Election Night Photos from Around NYC by Alex Nathanson || Obama Victory Celebration in Williamsburg by Jacob Scheier || Corporate Media Targeted in Actions Across the U.S. by Signore Gattacio || Deciphering Barack: Obama’s Mama Drives His Desire to Redeem by Nicholas Powers || The Illusion of Post-Racial America by Aman Gill

Tree Sit Anniversary Celebration at UCSC on November 7

Santa Cruz, CA, 06.11.2008 22:38

At 1:00pm on Friday, November 7th, students and other community members will gather on Science Hill at UCSC to celebrate one year of occupying trees in resistance to the UC's plans to develop 120 acres of forest in Upper Campus, home to the threatened Burrowing Owl, and a vital watershed area. Tree-sit supporters assert, "Only by coming together can we make an impact on the choices that will affect all of us living in this landscape."

Critical Mass Miami- November Meetup, Saturday Nov. 8 (10 am)

Miami, 06.11.2008 22:37

Critical Mass Miami- November Meetup, Saturday Nov. 8 (10 am)

Bike Miami - Miami's First Cyclovia, Sunday Nov. 9 (10am - 3pm)

Miami, 06.11.2008 22:37

Bike Miami - Miami's First Cyclovia, Sunday Nov. 9 (10am - 3pm)

New Portland Collective Focusing on Creating Communities of Care Hosts 1st Event

Portland, 06.11.2008 15:39

"When Language Run Dry" (Cuando el Lenguaje Se Seca) zine release and discussion about the experiences of those with chronic pain, their allies, and the inter-related issues of care, support, and how we deal with these issues in our community. Presentation by the editors and contributors of When Language Run Dry, fellow zine writer, Emiko Badillo, followed by a community discussion on chronic illness, and finally a mini-workshop on practical care tools.

Thursday November 20th
6 PM at the Red and Black Cafe
400 SE 12th Ave. at Oak

Local Nazis on Display (3 Parts)

Portland, 06.11.2008 15:39

Rose City Antifa is pleased to bring you this album containing photos of local members of Volksfront, the most significant neo-Nazi organization in our state. The vast majority of these photos are from 2008 events in Oregon which occurred after the release of Volksfront prospect "Red" (AKA "Big Red") from prison.

Those who have been following the Volksfront organization will see plenty of familiar faces in this collection. It should be noted that Randal and Abbie Krager?pictured in many of these photos?no longer seem to live in Portland. Our deep condolences go out to the state of Florida, especially those people living near Lakeland...

Photos 1| Photos 2 | Photos 3

Eric McDavid - Update and Writing from Eric

Portland, 06.11.2008 15:39

We just wanted to give you a quick update on Eric and then pass along a piece that he recently wrote. After enduring a month and a half with no access to phones or email, Eric finally got his phone access back on October 17 (and email soon after that). He had a hearing about the infraction he was being charged with - unpermitted contact with the media - on October 15, and due to Eric's determination to fight the charges based on errors made with the filing of the charges, the prison expunged the record and gave him his "privileges" back. This was a huge relief to Eric and his loved ones.

We also just want to remind everyone that Eric's appeal is still moving forward, and he continues to need your support during this time. Eric has been standing his ground since the day of his arrest, refusing to give in to the ridiculous charges against him - even in the face of a 20 year prison sentence. Please do not forget about him - there are still things you can do.

Freeschool Fundraiser and Peace Communities Event with over 5 bands!

Portland, 06.11.2008 15:39

a multi-media gender-euphoric one-person performance[.] Other-wise, by Sunny Drake (Australia) & a solo dance performance by Chane Gilbert (Portland) & spoken word/ open heart magic surgery, by franciszka fierce (Portland) & slightly desperate, thoughtful musical folkishness by tin tree factory (Seattle) & SoundArt, SoundScapes & Songs by Annah. (Oakland) & spoken word by Emily Van Kley (Olympia) for the Freeschool Community of Olympia's Emergency Relocation! See

Targeting Aristide in Exile

Boston, 06.11.2008 15:09

Elected Haiti's president in 1990. Its first ever democratically chosen one. By a sweeping two-thirds majority. Took office in February 1991. Deposed by an army-led coup in September with all the earmarks of being made-in-Washington. Returned to office in October 1994. Served until February 1996. According to Haitian law, he couldn't succeed himself. Reelect in November 2000 with 90% of the vote. Took office in February 2001. Served until February 29, 2004 when, in the middle of the night, US marines deposed him and forced him into exile.

Vichy: protesty przeciwko szczytowi antyimigracyjnemu

Poland, 06.11.2008 14:41

3 i 4 listopada w Vichy zebrali się ministrowie spraw wewnętrznych i sprawiedliwości Unii Europejskiej pod przewodnictwem szefa francuskiego Ministerstwa Imigracji debatując nad kształtem europejskiej polityki imigracyjnej i metodami uszczelniania granic Unii Europejskiej. Tematem szczytu było też wdrożenie niesławnej "dyrektywy o powrotach" pozwalajacej na deportację "nielegalnych" uchodźców z calej Unii.

Three Years and Sixty Nine Days: Obama's Victory As Seen from New Orleans

New Orleans, 06.11.2008 05:23

Three Years and Sixty Nine Days: Obama's Victory As Seen from New Orleans


NYC, 06.11.2008 04:38

A parade beginning in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn ends up in Union Square. Organized by Julian Barrett and Kyra Raskin, the parade was the result of only a few days of planning and was publicized via Facebook and e-mail lists. A 130 x 65 foot flag was procured by an e-mail correspondent. The flag, an impressive effort of several people over the course of a week, provided a centerpiece for the Union Square gathering. Dancers, musicians, and Obama supporters collected underneath the flag in celebration of the election.

Election Night 2008 in Rockefeller Center

NYC, 06.11.2008 04:38

Outside the Rockefeller Center hundreds of people gather and listen quietly as Obama gives his acceptance speech.

And Yet More Election Night Photos: 125th Street

NYC, 06.11.2008 04:38

Several thousand people gathered at the corner of 125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. to watch the election returns.

Obama Elected First African American President

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.11.2008 03:09

On Tuesday November 4th, Barack Obama beat John McCain to become the first African-American President of the United States of America. Obama won many traditionally Republican states, including Virginia, New Mexico, Colorado, and probably both Indiana and North Carolina. As Obama's win became clear, celebrations broke out around the Bay Area.

Resultados Elecciones 2008

Puerto Rico, 06.11.2008 01:10

Nota del Comando Betances ante toma del poder de la derecha asimilista

A Letter To The People Regarding The Election

Portland, 06.11.2008 01:08

appreciate greatly the meaning of this moment. An african american has been elected to a highly respected position in a landslide victory. This sort of popular display of respect, dignity, and equality for a person of color in a nation with such a LONG and vile history of racism and human rights violations is tremendously noteworthy and a long, hard time coming(to put it lightly).

The effects were immediately noticeable. As soon as the election was called the diversity of news staff was suddenly corrected. The faces of respected african american people were everywhere. Issues facing people of color were given their proper place in the spotlight. May you all take full due advantage of that. However, like Obama said in his acceptance speech, he is only one man. He cannot possibly live up to all that is expected of him.

This Saturday! Black Mesa NW Caravan Film Screening Benefit

Portland, 06.11.2008 01:08

Please join us for a film screening to help raise funds for the NW Caravan To Support The Struggle For Survival On The Front Lines Of Resistance at Big Mountain, Black Mesa, AZ. November 22-29, 2008

Here, we will have literature and a film describing some of the elements of the struggle of resistance to brutal colonialism, coal mining, and environmental devastation from the indigenous residents on Big Mountain. We will also have applications available if you want to participate in this year's Caravan.

Saturday, November 8th, 7p, Red and Black Cafe , Corner of SE 12th & Oak, FREE, Donations greatly appreciated

Mult Co election being hacked to Smith?

Portland, 06.11.2008 01:08

Right now under our noses, the Multnomah County Elections is ...implying... that 150,000 ballots, which would deliver the election to (D) Merkly, are spoiled by "basement water" Here is a cut-and-paste of my letter to

Dear Beverly & Crew[,] I am Theresa Mtichell, public affairs volunteer broadcaster at KBOO Community Radio in Portland, OR. I noticed earlier today that Oregon is one of the few States that has yet to report more than 90% of its precincts. It would appear that 150,000 ballots, which would easily decide the Smith/Merkly Senate race in favor of (D) Merkly, have yet to be counted at the crucial Multnoma (liberal Portland) County elections division.

McDonald's workers escalate campaign - Hot summer to begin

Aotearoa, 05.11.2008 23:40

The world's biggest fast food corporation McDonald's is facing a summer or strikes, pickets and a boycott as union members escalate their campaign in the wake of yesterdays conference of McDonald's bosses refusing to lift pay rates or offer the same security of hours that Restaurant Brands union members get. Unite has set up a web page for workers to share stories of work at McD's.

As company bosses met at the Hyatt Hotel, around 100 strikers from across Auckland and Hamilton rallied outside Queen Street McDonald's before marching on the conference. Angry workers clashed with cops and security guards until a bus parked in front of the protest was moved. 'Ronald' was spared burning after the company agreed a delegation could address the conference. After the delegation entered the Hotel, a breakaway march headed back to Queen Street, where the door was blocked for half-an-hour by a rowdy crowd of workers and a security guard attacked picketing workers.'Ronald' will now accompany workers on picket-lines over the summer.

More: Unite Media Release | Maori Party-Do you want wages with your fries? | Company Profits vs. Wages Photos: 1 | 2 Video: 1 | 2

III Encuentro Latinoamericano de Mujeres por la Soberanía Alimentaria

Argentina, 05.11.2008 23:39

La ruta de la soja es la ruta de la trata

Police State Declared October 1st, 2008

Cleveland, 05.11.2008 23:38

Police State Declared October 1st, 2008

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