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Governor Patterson's Budget Cutting Machine

NYC, 12.11.2008 03:08

Left to his own devices, Paterson will continue to trumpet a message of cutbacks and the privatization of essential services such as the non-profit health insurers GHI & HIP. Though he asks for public input on the cuts, New Yorkers can see this as a blighty wound scenario.

Save Cascade People's Center!

Seattle, 12.11.2008 01:38

Cascade People's Center serves over 6,000 low-income residents in the South Lake Union region. The city of Seattle has decided to cut funding for this community-run, nonprofit family support center. All the services are provided at a SIGNIFICANT COST SAVINGS to the City of Seattle and free of barriers to the community.

Please make your voice heard and stop this closure!

Seomra Spraoi Is back

Ireland, 11.11.2008 22:09

They'd never gone away y'know Seomra Spraoi opens ...


Portland, 11.11.2008 20:08

david javier diaz guillen was wrongly convicted and falsely imprisoned for 30 years by the racist oregon injustice system for alleged vigilantism against two known serial rapists.

in hillsboro racist washington county judge gayle nachtigal gave david diaz 30 months in prison for an alleged act of vigilante justice against two known serial rapists who are still free and being protected by the state even though it is known they were both undocumented immigrants from guatamala and a female testified to being raped by one of them. both so called "victims" testified in court that david diaz was not the shooter and not one person could say they seen david diaz enter the apartment or pull the trigger. holly danks a racist reporter with the oregonian who has strong ties with anti-hispanic/latino hate groups has written numerous articles on david diaz misleading the public and trying to paint david diaz as the villain in this case. for example this was obviously not a gang related incident but she continually described david diaz in her articles as a "gang-leader" which he was not. the state of oregon has a long and horrid history of protecting rapists and framing innocent people. the state does not care about the safety of our women. please spread the word and keep david diaz and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Bundeswehr in den Hochschulen

Germany, 11.11.2008 19:39

Military Studies und Sonderforschungsbereich 700

Lehre und Forschung an den Universitäten stehen unter dem Einfluss der Bundeswehr. Unter Protest wurde an der Uni Potsdam der erste Studiengang in direkter Kooperation mit zwei Bundeswehr-Instituten (1|2) gestartet: Military Studies. Auch der Sonderforschungsbereich 700 federführend ist die FU Berlin, produziert Kriegs- und Herrschaftswissen für globale Interventionen. Eine erste Protestaktion sowie kritische Artikel (1|2) und Veranstaltungen sind entstanden. Beim Langen Tag des Antimilitarismus, 26.10.08 in Berlin, wurden weitere anstehende Initiativen vorgestellt (1|2).

Explosiones en Río Tercero: 13 años

Argentina, 11.11.2008 19:09

La enfermedad cobarde de la indiferencia

ELF Press Office to Obama: Protect the Environment or the ELF Will

Portland, 11.11.2008 19:08

The North American Earth Liberation Front Press Office (NAELFPO) challenged the incoming Obama Administration Tuesday to take immediate action to reverse the trend of global warming and environmental destruction.

"The incoming Obama Administration's plan for the environment, or lack thereof, may very well influence the activities of the Earth Liberation Front throughout the next four years," stated Lisa Nesbitt, one of four new press officers for the NAELFPO. "The $150 million in damages caused by the ELF in the last decade to environmentally destructive corporations was, in part, a direct response to the refusal of the U.S. Government to take necessary measures to stop environmental destruction."

"The U.S. Government has refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol, refused to permanently protect the Artic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), refused to stop the logging of national forests, and refused to heighten the Energy Act standards for light cars, trucks and commercial vehicles - the greatest contributor to global warming," Nesbitt continued. "We have one message for the incoming Obama Administration: act to protect the environment or the ELF will."

Terrorizing Dissent - the RNC 08 documentary

Portland, 11.11.2008 19:08

Glass Bead Collective, Twin Cities Indymedia, and other independent media activists have released a new film, 'Terrorizing Dissent', an expose of events at the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Featuring first-person accounts and footage from more than forty cameras on the streets, 'Terrorizing Dissent' focuses on the story of dissent suppressed. People charged with "conspiracy to riot in furtherance of terrorism" speak out against the government's campaign to manipulate media coverage and label civil disobedience and community organizing as terrorism.

'Terrorizing Dissent' shows the results of the $50 million dollars the Department of Homeland Security gave to local authorities for security & a large chunk of which went to weaponize the police & and the $10 million insurance policy contract between the RNC Host Committee and the City of St. Paul, which shattered Minnesota's civil compact between protesters and police.

Portland Anti-imperialists are proud to show Terrorizing Dissent at the Red and Black Cafe (400 SE 12th Ave) on November 11 at 7pm. After the video, stay for Q&A from those who were there

Explosiones en Río Tercero: 13 años

Argentina, 11.11.2008 18:39

La enfermedad cobarde de la indiferencia

Vets say stop the war

Houston, 11.11.2008 17:31

This Veterans Day, U.S. Soldiers Say 'Stop the War'

&quot;Die In&quot; at Justice Department

DC, 11.11.2008 15:10

On Monday, Nov. 10, 2008, 15 activists staged a “Die In” at the U.S. Justice Department in Washington, D.C. The protest action, which began at 12 noon, on the sidewalk, centered around a moral and legal demand, grounded in the Federal Criminal Laws, the U.S. Constitution, the Geneva Convention, the Natural and International Law, that President George W. Bush and V.P. Dick Cheney should be “indicted for War Crimes and Murder.” The demonstration was organized by the “National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance,” (NCNR). Video:

Fenty's School of Contemp-t-orary Dance

DC, 11.11.2008 15:10

On Friday, October 31, 2008, in front of the Wilson building, homeless residents and advocates had the opportunity to watch Fenty's latest dance program and awards ceremony. Video of Fenty's Dance Program HERE

Capitalism isn't in crisis; capitalism IS crisis!

Aotearoa, 11.11.2008 11:40

On 15 November, the 20 richest nations will convene in Washington DC to try to put the financial meltdown behind them and repair the international capitalist system. Protests are planned in the streets of Washington against capitalism. On the same day, the biggest Swiss trade unions, along with a coalition of left-wing groups, are moblising against the government's bailout of the United Bank of Switzerland. "Capitalism has existed for a few centuries and has again reached a historic point. Similar crisis in the last century ended in two world wars with millions dead. War as a way out of this crisis has once again come into the centre of capitalist politics. Capitalism, along with the bourgeois state, are to be abolished!"

Socialist Aotearoa (SA) writes: "The International Financial Crisis applies everywhere - in Ireland they're sacking teachers, cutting health care to the over 70s, introducing fees for 3rd Level. When it hits, this crisis is going to rip through NZ and the poor are going to be hammered by National-ACT - we're going to need hardcore fighters for the next 3 years of shit." With the election of a new government, SA calls on the radical left to join forces in the fight against Key and Hide. "What we need now is a combative, homegrown Anti Capitalist movement." [ More ]

Links: Global day of action November 15th | The biggest ‘october surprise’ of all: a world capitalist crash | UK Indymedia | schNEWS

�Refundaci�n del capitalismo?

Euskal Herria, 11.11.2008 09:39

El pr�ximo s�bado 15 de noviembre, convocados por George Bush, se reunir�n los dirigentes de los pa�ses m�s poderosos del planeta junto con los l�deres de los pa�ses denominados emergentes para seg�n sus propias palabras "refundar el capitalismo". Despu�s de a�os donde los capitalistas han engordado sus bolsillos con ingentes beneficios a costa del pueblo y construyendo una econom�a irreal y la crisis ha descendido sobre los mercados (por que el modelo sigue ahogando a l@s de siempre), los gobiernos han decido que sean los estados los que paguen sus excesos.

El poder nos vende esta reuni�n como una rectificaci�n del capitalismo para que este sea m�s bondadoso con las masas populares que sufren sus consecuencias. Pero nos tememos que s�lo se trata de cambiar algo para que todo siga igual. M�s control dicen, pero sin tomar ninguna medida en contra de la econom�a de la especulaci�n, de las subprime y de los para�sos fiscales.

Para responder a los poderosos y mostrar la indignaci�n que supone el tener que pagar los excesos de unos pocos, se han convocado concentraciones en muchas ciudades del mundo. Lo que surgi� como una convocatoria an�nima ha sido recogido por numerosas organizaciones (Plataforma contra el BBVA, G8 akatu!!) y en Hego Euskal Herria se han realizado las siguientes convocatorias para este d�a 15 de noviembre:

  • Bilbo: 17:00 Edificio La Bolsa (Casco Viejo)
  • Donostia: 17:00 Boulevard
  • Gasteiz: 17:00 Plaza de la Virgen Blanca
  • Iru�a: 17:00 Plaza Castillo

Como dec�a aquella convocatoria original: "Durante a�os se han forrado y ahora anuncian despidos, recortes salariales, cierres de empresas, aparcar el protocolo de Kioto... Privatizan los beneficios y socializan las p�rdidas. �Se creen que somos tontxs? �Lo vamos a permitir?".

Art�culos interesantes: |Alfredo Perez Esquivel: De la econom�a de la nada, a la ruina de todos|, |Santiago Alba Rico: La superioridad del capitalismo|, |Ignacio Ramonet: Impacto global|, |�ric Toussaint: Alternativas: el retorno|.

Street signs changed to honour Ken Saro Wiwa and Ogoni Eight

Ireland, 11.11.2008 08:39

Anniversary of Nigerian executions marked in Dubli ...

Prop 2 Passage Represents Landmark Victory for Animals in California

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.11.2008 06:39

On November 4th, 2008, California voters passed Proposition 2 by a 63% to 36% margin. The new "Standards for Confining Farm Animals" statute phases out some of the most restrictive confinement systems used by factory farms — gestation crates for breeding pigs, veal crates for calves, and battery cages for egg laying hens — affecting 20 million farm animals in the state by granting them space to stand up, stretch their limbs, turn around and lie down comfortably.

Racist, Homophobic Ass gets measure passed in Columbia County

Portland, 11.11.2008 05:22

A self righteous resident of Columbia County had two anti-immigrant measures added to the ballot out here. One would have required signs proclaiming Columbia County to be an "illegal worker-free zone." That one failed, thank goodness. A second measure, however, mandates a fine of $10,000 for anyone who hires a so-called "illegal alien." Apparently, it could also mandate that the sheriff's office check people's papers. This one passed.


Portland, 11.11.2008 05:22

We should begin to vision the world we want to live and work hard and fast to create it while there is still time. Soon the haters and naysayors will be trying to sap every bit of will, vision and strength we have. The time is now. Using the Indymedia network each progressive/radical community can begin this proces. Join me now if you will.

So this is an exercise that you can join in if you choose. I believe the roots of our reality is stored in what we think about. Our vision is essentially the driving force behind what we create. Our collective vision can be quite powerful - anything can happen.

In a perfect world we would have a neighborhood-up type of government. In a perfect world we would already have tribal councils in our neighborhoods that represented ALL the people. People in the neighborhoods would live healthy, prosperous lives and community and families would be intact.

What would change my mind about Mr Obama

Portland, 11.11.2008 05:22

This is the moment where we will see what Obama really stands for. it is the big test before being the president. I believe if we really wish to see change we need to push this administration towards the "left" in e-mails, phone calls, letters and rallies. he claims he wants to hear our voice... then make it loud and clear that we do not support corporatism. We do not want a Georgie Bush or a Billy Clinton in power ever again. After he is sworn in I believe the biggest test as president is to push an investigation and arrest of the war criminals currently in office.

But I am a realist and believe he will be another Clinton guiding the sheeple back into a quietly accepting the Corporatist Agenda

VIDEOS: Human Rights Commission in Portland Oregon _First Meeting 11.05.08

Portland, 11.11.2008 05:22

I went to the first meeting for the "Human Rights Commission" here in Portland on November 5th 2008[.] It was two hours and there was no microphone [.] I recorded 3 videos that afternoon(one short one and two longer ones) [.] The sound quality is rated poor / fair. (sorry)[.] The sound was modified (edited) to help in hearing this event. [.] I went to this meeting with out planning on filming. Many of the participants talked very quietly. The message is worth hearing so I am sharing this important groups first meeting with the PIMC community

From the Newswire

Perth, 11.11.2008 04:10

Whaling slaughter imminent

Weekend of Action Planned Around G20, WEF

DC, 11.11.2008 00:10

Hopscotch, a Peoples' Banquet, and a "Shadow Summit" are just a few of the events lined up for as the Gang Of Twenty (G20) and WEF meet right here in the Seat Of The Empire this weekend. More events will be added as the schedule fills out.

Polícia e reitoria ferem autonomia universitária e censuram grupo de estudos da internet

Brasil, 10.11.2008 20:09

Napak Tilas Tragegi Semanggi

Jakarta, 10.11.2008 19:08

10 tahun tragedi semanggi 9 November 2008. Ratusan aktivis melakukan aksi mimbar bebas dan napak tilas rute long march salemba-semanggi sebagai bagian dari peringatan 10 tahun Tragedi Semanggi. Aksi napak tilas dengan kendaraan bermotor ini dimulai dari  Tugu Proklamasi hingga Kampus Unika Atmajaya, melewati rute Tugu Proklamasi, Bundaran HI, Diponegoro, Salemba, Kampung Melayu, Casablanca, Sudirman, Semanggi. Setelah 10 tahun berlalu, kasus pelanggaran HAM yang menewaskan mahasiswa dan rakyat dalam kasus Trisakti, Semanggi I dan II tak kunjung ada penyelesaiannya. ...

Cycling In Ireland: The Time To Cycle Is Now!

Ireland, 10.11.2008 14:39

New National Cyclists Representative Groups Set up ...

Auckland Anarchist Assembly: Focus on Prisoners - Nov 13

Aotearoa, 10.11.2008 06:39

Auckland Anarchist Assembly -Focus on Prisoners They're in there for us - We're out here for them Thursday, November 13, 2008 6:30pm - 8:30pm City Side Church 8 Mt Eden Rd aspaceinside (at) It's too easy to forget the thousands of political prisoners across the planet. Ordinary people who stood up against injustice prepared to break the law and activists framed by the state. they deserve our support. This months Anarchist Assembly will focus on the plight of political prisoners such as Rod Coronado, Jeff Luers, Mumia Abu Jamal. Short films and presentations will be given followed by a letter writing session. Don't forget- They're in there for us - We're out here for them

RIP Steve Luke

Aotearoa, 10.11.2008 03:40

Steve Luke, an Otautahi / Christchurch based anarchist, has tragically passed away. He was 52 years old. Steve first got involved in anarchist politics and activism in the 1970s while at Massey University in Palmerston North. In more recent times, he has been a welcome presence at Otautahi / Christchurch protests and meetings, and has in the past year been involved in groups and projects like the Otautahi / Christchurch October 15th Solidarity group, the Otautahi Social Centre and the Otautahi Men's Hui.

Refugee Rights

Perth, 10.11.2008 01:40


Falls Church HQ of &quot;Hope and Change&quot; Candidate Shuts Out DC IMC Photographer

DC, 10.11.2008 01:10

"We're not trying to say you can't come in, but you can't come in," sez Obama campaign flunkie; McCain flunkie's excuse is bullshit, but certain and consistent bullshit Here we all are on Nov 4th 2008, the Election That Will Change The World, or so they say. Now, there are already a good many of our Indymedia readers and contributors who are way hip to the fact that one politician is not much different from the next, so those of you who know my work know that I don't cover too much of the mainstream political party circus. But, I try to keep my mind open with the thoughts of how maybe, just maybe the fact that there is an African American on the presidential ballot would make a difference to those of us who take pride in not following like soldiers in the mainstream…


DC, 10.11.2008 01:10

We have seen glimpses of another way to live and it's fucking beautiful. Barack Obama has run his entire campaign on hope and a promise of change. But there's only so much that one can do within this system. No president can save us—the political structure in the United States was carefully constructed to protect the interests of a privileged few. This whole rotten system needs to be razed so our hopes can grow from the ruins.

&quot;Office of the President-ELECT&quot;? WTF?

DC, 10.11.2008 01:10

Found on the front page of this morning's Warshington Post. "Office of the President-ELECT? And, what is that little familiar-looking dingus on the top of the podium card, there…?

Muestra fotográfica: “Expresiones de lucha y justicia para Carlos Fuentealba&quot;

Argentina, 10.11.2008 00:09

Gay-rights protests continue all over California

LA, 10.11.2008 00:08

Gay-rights protests continue all over California

Explosiones en Río Tercero: 13 años

Argentina, 09.11.2008 23:39

La enfermedad cobarde de la indiferencia

Die Ausland AG

Germany, 09.11.2008 22:39

Globalisierung ist aus einer Streitfrage zu einem Faktum geworden. Kapital- und Warenströme graben sich immer tiefere und breitere Kanäle rund um den Globus. Deutsches Kapital und Waren aus Deutschland sind in Mengen beteiligt. Bis vor kurzem konnte man meinen, nur ein paar "Global Players" wie Siemens oder Daimler-Benz drehten das große Rad der Weltwirtschaft. Inzwischen wissen wir, dass bis dahin unbekannte Kleinbanken in Deutschland und noch unbekanntere Stadtkämmerer an dem internationalen Finanzrad mitgedreht haben. Die wichtigsten deutschen Aktienunternehmen machen mehr Umsatz im Ausland als im Inland.
Siehe auch: Weltweiter Warenverkehr

Women Targeted for Prosecution in Non-Violent Olympia Port Protests

Seattle, 09.11.2008 22:08

Thurston County prosecutors have brought charges against twenty-six people arrested during a non-violent women's protest in November, 2007. Charges follow pressures from right wing editors of a small town sub standard McClatchy owned press, The Olympian.

A Solidarity March will take place in Olympia on Saturday, November 15th beginning at 1PM at Sylvester Park, located at Capitol and Legion.

One Year Anniversary Celebration at the UCSC Tree-Sit

Santa Cruz, CA, 09.11.2008 21:38

On November 7th, about 75 people turned out on Science Hill, the site scheduled for construction of a Biomedical Sciences Facility, to celebrate the one year anniversary of the UCSC Science Hill Tree Sit. The festivities featured speakers, spoken word, and musical performances, as well as laughter, storytelling and conversation. People also marked the occasion by sharing memories of November 7th, 2007, the day that hundreds of students, staff, faculty, and community members withstood the police in order to support the tree sit.

Border Wall on Hold

Houston, 09.11.2008 19:39

Border Wall Contruction on hold in 3 Texas Towns - Announcement Saved Untill After Election

Polunsky Lockdown Continues

Houston, 09.11.2008 19:39

Lockdown on Polunsky Unit continues - Abolition Movement plans protests to end human rights violations

Local war-mongering anti-immigrant NAFTA-pusher named White House Chief of Staff

Chicago, 09.11.2008 19:09

Rahm Emanuel, who since 2003 has been the Illinois' 5th district representative in Congress (on Chicago's north side), and has been the focus of repeated activist efforts and protests for many years, has been named White House Chief of Staff for the forthcoming Obama administration.

Emanuel has been stridently pro-war, and as chair of the Democratic Caucus in the U.S. House for two years has advocated for pro-war House Democrats for election (including the Illinois 6th district primary battle between Tammy Duckworth and Christine Cegelis). Emanuel also played a key role in the passage of NAFTA in the U.S. Congress, has sided with xenophobic Republicans on immigrant rights issues, and has been stridently pro-market, having been the top recipient of donations from hedge funds and private equity firms.

Past Chicago Indymedia coverage: Illinois Occupation Project: 2 arrested at office of Rahm Emanuel | Chicago Independent Television: Video of 2008 Protest at Rahm Emanuel's office

Additional coverage: 'History will be the judge:' Rahm Emanuel on the Iraq War and More | Photos of various anti-Emanuel actions | Israeli Media Claims That Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff Will Represent Israel in the White House | Rahm Emanuel's father offers commentary | Facebook: Rahm Emanuel - NOT the Choice for Change | The Real News Network: Obama recruits "Rahmbo" Emanuel | The Real News Network: Who is Rahm Emanuel?

Citizen Rips up the Rip-off

New Hampshire, 09.11.2008 18:40

Paul Pat Morse rips up his ballot at the Presidential election polls.

EEUU: después de las elecciones

Argentina, 09.11.2008 17:39

Obama, ¿qué cambio?

Mehmet Barýþý Seviyor &quot;hala&quot;...

Istanbul, 09.11.2008 11:39

Mehmet Barýþý Seviyor "HALA..."

Włochy: studencka rebelia - ciąg dalszy

Poland, 09.11.2008 10:40

W piątek, 7 listopada włoscy studenci po raz kolejny zrezygnowali z udziału w zajęciach i wyszli na ulice. Obietnica ministra Gelminiego odpowiedzialnego za reformę edukacji i ograniczenia wydatków na szkolnictwo i naukę, dotycząca przyznania dodatkowych pieniędzy uczelniom i sudentom "o odpowiednich zasługach", nie przekonała protestujących - mobilizacja strajowa trwa nadal pod hasłami "Żadnych cięć w edukacji, żadnej prywatyzacji, nie zamierzamy płacic za wasz kryzys!". Wg różnych źródeł, przedwczoraj na ulice Rzymu wyszło protestować w tej sprawie od 25 tys. do 30 tys. osób.

10,000 March in Silverlake for the Right to Marry

LA, 09.11.2008 05:23

10,000 March in Silverlake for the Right to Marry

Esperamos que los fiscales de Conatel metan en cintura a ULA TV

Venezuela, 09.11.2008 02:37

Washington County Peace Vigil 11-05-08

Portland, 09.11.2008 00:38

About 30 people celebrated the 2008 presidential election results while protesting our continued occupation of Iraq.Hopefully, the new administration will be starting the withdrawal of US forces after they take office January 20th.Gordon Smith's 95% backing of Bush of the last 8 years will not be missed either.Feel free to join the group every wednesday at 5th and Hall in Beaverton from 6:30 to 7:30pm.Show your support of the miltary by urging our elected officials to bring the armed forces home from Iraq.


Portland, 09.11.2008 00:38

Support Planned Parenthood! Support Choice! Support Women! On Sunday, November 9th, 2008, attend a rally for women's rights and affordable healthcare at the new Planned Parenthood site in North Portland.

The newly-formed Portland Feminist Action League invites you to attend a demonstration of support for affordable health-care and self-determination. PFAL came together as a response to the ubiquitous and offensive protest of the future site of a Planned Parenthood regional headquarters at the intersection of N. Beech and Martin Luther Kind, Jr. Blvd. Our intention is to bring people together to demonstrate to the community that support for Planned Parenthood is strong, present, and can be just as visible as opposition.

Environmental Analysis of Election

Portland, 09.11.2008 00:38

In this alert, Bark will assess how five races: President-elect Barack Obama, Senator-elect Jeff Merkley (claimed victory today!), Congressman-elect Kurt Schrader, Oregon treasurer-elect Ben Westlund, and Oregon Secretary of State-elect Kate Brown, could change the future of Mt. Hood and America's other National Forests.

Will timber continue to be primary goal of the Forest Service? Or will these new leaders begin the long-overdue reconstruction of the Forest Service to an agency that meets the needs of Americans and the land we depend on--protecting our drinking water, providing recreational opportunities, and restoring ecosystems?

Call for submissions for new queer anarchist zine!

Portland, 09.11.2008 00:38

Pink and Black Attack, a new queer anarchist zine, is looking for submissions! The project is based out of Olympia, WA and the first issued is planned to come out by January. This is a zine dedicated to anti-capitalist, anti-state, anti-assimilationist queer news, theory, and action. We're looking for essays, news, reportbacks, poetry, creative! We'd like to have submissions in by December 15th. Earlier is always better, though. E-mail submissions to pinkandblackattack[a*t]!

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